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In preparing this edition, extreme care has been taken to make a thorough revision of the book, the main features of which are:--
     (a) Over a thousand new words frequently occurring in the English literature but not given in the previous editions have now been added with their appropriate Sanskrit equivalents.
     (b) In some cases, Sanskrit equivalents of words in senses other than those given in the earlier editions have been supplied.
     (c) Words similar in form but different in sense, and also their derivatives were mixed u in the earlier editions to save space. But as this was found to interfere greatly with clearness and facility of reference they have now been separately given in some cases to remedy the inconvenience.
     (d) The feminine forms of adjectives ending in t n and s which are regularly formed by the simple addition of ī were given in the previous editions in the case of the first three letters, and then discontinued. They have now been deleted throughout.

In making these changes, the original plan of the learned author has been strictly followed.

These additions and alterations will be found to have considerably added to the usefulness of the book, and it is hoped that in its present form, it will be more helpful to the student world.


When I prepared "The Student's Hand-Book of Progressive Exercises", Part II., I thought of adding to it a glossary of difficult words and expressions in the Exercises. When this was done, an idea occurred that the Glossary should be made to include all words of ordinary occurrence, such as are given in small School-Dictionaries. When the revision of the sheets thus written out commenced, and when they were put to a practical test, it was found that several words and expressions had still been left out. I, then, resolved to prepare an English-Sanskrit Dictionary as complete as possible, and the following pages are the result. The Dictionary has thus passed through different stages, and has assumed this form, far exceeding the limits which I had first assigned to it.

Much need not, I think, be said with regard to the necessity of a work like this. In these days of literary activity, when the attention of students is drawn more and more to the study of Sanskrit, it is necessary that all appliances should be ready before them to facilitate this study. There are one or two small Sanskrit-English Dictionaries, though not quite adequate to meet the wants of advanced students of Sanskrit, but there is no English-Sanskrit Dictionary such as will be within their easy reach. The Dictionaries of this description that I know of, are two in number:-one by Professor Monier Williams, and another by Mr. Anundoram Borooah of Calcutta. Both these Dictionaries, though valuable in themselves, are not accesible to the student, the prices being prohibitively high. But there are other considerations which make these works not quite adapted to his wants. Professor Monier Williams' Dictionary, having been compiled nearly 35 years ago, chiefly by inverting the then existing Sanskrit-English Dictionaries, is naturally open to the fault of being often not practical. As he says in the Preface to his Dictionary, he proceeded to translate Webster's Dictionary systematically into Sanskrit, omitting words, phrases &c. of which no classical equivalent could be found or suggested. The result has been that many of his synonyms appear more as coined words than classical expressions used by standard Sanskrit authors. With regard to words collected in Lexicons, such as Amarakosha, Medini, Sabdakalpadruma, there is no difficulty; but in the case of those words and expressions which can only be suggested by a careful study of the usage of the best authors, the work, in my humble opinion, falls short of one's expectations. Mr. Anundoram Borooah's work is eminently practical: it abounds with quotations from several standard authors; the renderings are generally happy, and the work has, at least, a classical appearance. The fondness for giving quotations has induced the writer to give several quotations for illustrating such words as gama iti tatra vada &c., of the meanings of which there is no doubt nor is any confirmation needed. But one great defect of his otherwise very useful work is that it gives too few equivalents. He has pursued the course of referring one word to another, but this is, in some cases, carried to such an extent, that when a word, as directed, is referred to another, that again is referred to some other word of a synonymous nature, which in its turn is referred to another till the reader returns to the original word, apparently without having his labours rewarded. A study of Mr. Borooah's work is a good treat for an advanced Sanskrit scholar, but will not, I believe, satisfy the student. From considerations like these I thought I should be doing some service to the Sanskrit reading public, if I compiled an English-Sanskrit Dictionary adapted to the wants of the student. The foregoing remarks are made not with the view of detracting from the high and acknowledged merits of the two works but solely to indicate the line I have followed, and the object I have had in compiling this work.

Some words are now necsesary as to the plan and scope of the Dictionary. When I resolved to make this Dictionary as complete as possible, consistently with its aim of being useful for the student, I took the latest edition of Webster's Complete Dictionary, and taking that as my basis, proceeded with the work of compilation. As I advanced, I found that several words, phrases and expressions and several senses of single words, could not be adeqately represented in Sanskrit, so as to appear like Sanskrit, either because the words &c. were purely technical and referred to specific ideas in subjects, such as Chemistry, Botany, Medicine, Psychology, Law, Engineering &c., or were such as had no corresponding ideas in Sanskrit and were peculiar to the English language. Words of this nature are numerous in Webste's Dictionary, and I have omitted them, including also obsolete and rare words or senses of words. Several words of obvious signification, 'such as those formed by the prefixes' 'in' 'mis' 'pre' 'un,' are also omitted, as they may be easily formed from their second member. But the general terms of all sciences have been included, and of technical terms such as could be duly represented by Sanskrit equivalents actually existing in the language of by short, wieldy new combinations of words have been inserted. Of this description are words like Telegram, Democrat, Society, Literature, Address (of a letter) and several other words which have a peeuliar sense in English and have to be translated by inventing equivalents. English. like many other languages, has so many expressions and idioms peculiar to itself, so many shades and nice distinctions of meaning, and so many new formations of words, progressing with the progress of the language, that it would be impossible to embrace them all in an English-Sanskrit Dictionary, even if it were the most comprehensive work, much more so, in a work designed principally for students. Take the words Line, Pass, Strong. Webster gives 21 senses under 'Line' '13 under' Pass (v. i.) 'and 20 under' Strong' Some of these are technical' and some are not different senses as such, but shades of meaning or particularities of use; most of which may be translated by the words given for. the general sense' (see the words)' I have not thought it desirable, like Professor Monier Williams, to insert words the English explanation of which has to be systematically translated, in order to give some idea of their meaning. 'Indian-rubber' is translated by atisthitisthāpakaviśiṣṭo bhāratadeśīyavṛkṣaniryāsaḥ; 'Shuttle cock' by laghugulikāviśeṣaḥ yo vinodārthaṃ daṃḍāhato bhūtvā itastataḥ prakṣipyateḥ and many others of this nature, which can be translated by viśeṣaḥ 'a kind of tree' flower, fruit' &c. Such words may be retained by the student in their English form, or their meaning may be translated if he desire to have them in a Sanskrit garb. spaṃjaḥ 'Sponge, 'dyukaḥ' Duke, 'sāvanaṃ' Soap,' lāṭinaṃ 'Latinity' (as given by Mr. Borroah) may, I think, be very safely omitted even in a comprehensive Dictionary.

To turn now to the plan and arrangement of the work. The most striking feature of the arrangement is that a word in its different parts of speech, compound words derived from it, derivatives formed from it either regularly, by means of terminations (e. g. ed, ing, ly, ness &c.) or irregularly, have been given together, the derivatives being arranged in order under the root or primitive word, by means of small black dashes. The dashes are intended to at once strike the eye and to direct it to the word after it; and when the "directions to the student" are remembered, there, will, I believe, be no difficulty in referring words to the Dictionary. The principle of the arrangement is to give words according to the root-system; words regularly derived will, of course, be referred in their proper places; but words formed from the radical irregularly should also be referred under that radical. 'Abstemious.' should be referred under 'Abstain,' 'Perception' under, 'Perceive, 'Death,' 'Dead,' under 'Die,' 'Strength' &c., under 'Strong,' 'Would,' under 'Will,' and so on; where it is not likely for the student to know where such words are given, reference is made to those places; e. g. see Material, Sight. One of the greatest advantages of the system has been practically, (whatever it may be theoretically) to effect a very large saving of space. To give the reader an idea of the vast saving effected by this system, it may be stated that, if the words in their different parts of speech and their compounds and derivatives were separately given, as in Monier Williams' Dictionary, they would cover nearly 800 pages of this size, or 1, 000 of the size, style of printing, &c. of Monier Williams' Dictionary. Besides, by giving the words 'Dead' 'Death' under 'Die, 'a considerable repetition of words is avoided. About 20 equivalents are given for 'Die,' and only a few are given for 'Dead; the rest can be formed in the same way from the roots immediately above; if it were given in its usual place, all words would have to be given or a reference made to 'Die.' My chief aim has been to give a good deal of matter in a small space, and this object is, I believe, considerably secured, as shown by the figures given above; and I have thus been enabled to give this book to the public at a cheap price.

The next point to be noticed is the number of equivalents that are given for a word. I believe that in an English-Sanskrit Dictionary, it is sufficient to give such words only as are of very frequent occurrence in Sanskrit authors. It cannot include all words in the language, and even if it could, it would be of no great use, since many of the words would be found to be very rarely used. The word 'Gold' has over 50 synonyms given for it in the different lexicons; 'Sun' has nearly a hundred. But it will easily be seen that, excepting some, the synonyms are either combinations of simple words, or are descriptive epithets. Of this class are the words vakrapucchaḥ lalajivhaḥ rātrijāgaraḥ for 'Dog.' Mr. Borooah in his Dictionary has given only a few equivalents, in some in stances, only one, where there were 5 most commonly used; Prof. Williams has very often given too many equivalents, grouping together common and rare, synonyms proper and epithets. In the former case the student will hardly have any room left for choosing his word, while in the latter, he will be at a loss to see which to choose. In giving equivalents in this Dictionary, whether for Substantives, Adjectives, Adverbs or Verbs, I have endeavoured to strike a middle course between these two courses, and, have kept one principle steadily in view: to give such words as are found frequently used in the works of standard authors. The equivalents are arranged in the order of their frequency of use; and the students, in his ordinary prose composition, would do well to make his selection from the first few equivalents enumerated. In the case of Verbs it has not been possible to maintain this principle with perfect accaracy in every case, but it is generally maintained. It is only in a few cases of substantives that I have gone the length of giving all words enumerated in the Amarakosha; and in the case of names of material substances, names of plants and trees that have been identified, and in a few others, all the words given in the Amarakosha have been here incorporated. care being taken to arrange them in the order of their usefulness. Similarly such Genders, Padas or Conjugations are given as will be found generally used; I have very rarely given all possible ones. It has not been thought necessary to give the 3rd person singular, Present tense, nor all possible derivatives from simple words; they will have, if necessary, to be made up according to the "Directions" afterwards given. In giving equivalents for a word in its different senses, it has also not been thought necessary to give the meanings in English, except where it was necessary to note a particular sense. One word in Sanskrit often represents several meanings in English, and to render them into Sanskrit, the Sanskrit word has to be repeated. This accounts for the repetition of some Sanskrit words under different meanings.

In will be noticed that there are several sentences given to illustrate the meanings of words, some of which are quotations from standard authors, as will be readily seen from the references given after them; but many of the phrases and sentences that are translated, and are not supported by any authority, are taken from the "Student's Hand-Book of Progressive Exercises," Part II. I deemed it essential to illustrate, in some cases at least, the construction of the equivalents given, wherever it was peculiar in Sanskrit; and I thought I could do this better if I gave sentences from classical authors instead of framing them myself. The quotations have become quite necessary in those cases where equivalents have been here suggested for the first time; I thought I should produce my vouchers for a particular word that I suggested rather than leave the reader in doubt as to its genuineness. In a few cases the English or Sanskrit sentences are closely translated; in a few others only such parts of the Sanskrit sentences are translated as are sufficient to illustrate the word intended to be illustrated, while in several cases, Sanskrit sentences alone are given which might be readily understood by the student On a reference to the names of works or authors drawn upon for quotations, it will be found that the list is not very comprehensive; several large and useful works have been left out, and works falling in the range of classical literature excluded. But my principal aim in giving quotations has been to supply the student with good expressions from works within his easy reach so that he might study, if necessary. the particular places referred to. Kalidasa's works and Bana's Kadambari are more frequently drawn upon than the Ramayana, the Mahabhharata, the Naishadha or the Mahāviracharita.

An attempt has been made to avoid as much unneccessary repetition as was possible, without marring the usefulness of the work. A Dictionary is necessarily a work of repetition; several words have to be unavoidably repeated, howsoever unwilling one might be to do so. I have thought it necessary to make reference under some words to preceding or succeeding parts of the Dictionary, chiefly with the view of avoiding repetition; but in such cases a few equivalents are given, and the student is told to follow out the reference, if he want to know more about the word. Take, for instance, the words, Beguile, Cheat, Deceive, Delude, Defraud, Impose upon, Take in; or Blame, Censure, Reprove, Reproach, Scold, Reprimand, Reprehend; or Path, Road, Way: these words, whatever be their shades of meaning in English, are, when represented in Sanskrit, almost synonymous, and may be conveniently represented by the same words. If ten or fifteen equivalents under one of these words, say, Cheat. Censure, or Way, are given, it would be unnecessary to repeat all of them again under the synonymous words. In all such cases, therefore, references have been made to some general word under which are given all the equivalents. In a few cases the reference has been made, not for any equivalents, but for any expressions, phrases, idioms &c. that may have been given under the principal word. In no case will the student have to refer to the Dictionary more than twice.

In a work which professes to deal with the phrases and expressions of the English Language, the writer cannot afford to disregard the several small useful proverbs, mottoes, or other expressions which have become proverbial. I have, with this view, inserted, under some principal word therein, such proverbs &c., and have given exact or approximate equivalents, wherever they existed in Sanskrit, and have in a few cases given my own translation of them. Of this nature are proverbs given under Bush, Handsome, Make, Oil Race, Something, Suffer, Touch &c.

With regard to the method of writing the Sanskrit equivalents, an objection might possibly be raised. Throughout the work the usual practice of representing every anusvara in the body of a word by its corresponding nasals has been rejected and the anusvara sign is invariably used, where usually a nasal would stand. I have not been able to understand the principle on which scholars reject this system and betake themselves solely to the other; though the anusvara system is most convenient in printing, and occasionally saves much misunderstanding. Besides, it is a practice generally followed in our old Manuscripts, and is sanctioned by Panini as being optional. For these reasons I have scrupulously followed it in this Dictionary, but more especially because it is very convenient in printing. The rules of Sandhi, to make the words clearly intelligible, are not in all cases strictly observed.

It now remains for me to do the grateful duty of acknowledging my obligations to those that have assisted me in the preparation of the Dictionary in one form or another. Foremost among them stand the works of Mr. Borooah and Prof. Williams, both of which I have most frequently consulted. Monier Williams' Dictionary, though inferior in several respects to Mr. Borooah's, has several happy renderings of short words and expressions, especially where ideas, purely English, have to be clothed in a Sanskrit garb, and I have freely consulted his Dictionary for such renderings. I have also frequently referred to the learned Professor's valuable Sanskrit-English Dictionary; for both of which my sincere thanks are due to him. But my acknowledgments are chiefly due to Mr. Borooah, from whose work I have derived much substantial assistance, in the suggestion of equivalents for words or phrases, more particularly from his numerous quotations, and therein again, quotations from such works as were not accessible to me, or being accessible, I had no time at my disposal sufficient to go through them. I have also had to keep constantly by my side, the useful Sanskrit Lexicon-the Kosha of Amarasimha-made more useful by the edition published by the Department of Public Instruction, Bombay. In giving illustrative sentences from classical Authors, I have used annotations or translations wherever they existed, and have derived hints from them and have occasionally adopted their translation. My thanks are due to all annotators, editors or translators of such works. I have to thank' sincerely Prof. R. G. Bhandarkar, M. A. Deccan College, Poona, who kindly proposed suitable equivalents for some difficult words and phrases which were referred to him. I have also to thank my friend, Mr. Ganesh Krishna Garde. L. M. & S., for having supplied me with accurate equivalents for some knotty and technical terms in Medicine, from books and sources which I had no time to reach, and which even if I had time to reach and use, I could not, unaided by him, turn to much practical account. Lastly, my thanks are due to several kind and obliging friends who assisted me either in collecting materials for the Dictionary, or in carrying it through the Press.

In conclusion, I trust that the Dictionary will be useful not only to those for whose use it is principally prepared, but to the general public also who may wish to avail themselves of appliances calculated to help the study of Sanskrit. It is my belief that, except for the translation of passages from purely technical subjects, such as Chemistry, Botany, Medicine, Philosophy etc., this Dictionary will be useful to all readers of Sanskrit for translating any passage dealing with ordinary subjects. None is more conscious than myself of the defects of the book, and of the mistakes or inaccuracies that might have crept into it, in spite of my vigilance; and when a second edition is prepared, I shall endeavour, to the best of my ability, to make the Dictionary complete in itself. I shall be very happy to receive any suggestions that readers may have to make and shall be but too willing to adopt them, if I find them useful. With these prefatory remarks I leave the work to the indulgent judgment of the public.

Poona, June 11th, 1884. V. S. A.


The Publisher had hoped that the learned author would write a preface to this Edition; but unfortunately it was not to be. He was snatched away suddenly from amongst us by the cruel hand of death to the sincere regret of all lovers of Sanskrit learning. Therefore the present edition has had to suffer along with other works of his, the want of his finishing touch. However it is in some respects a consolation to think that Mr. Apte found time before his death to go carefully through the first Edition and to make the necessary corrections in it in the light of his riper studies.


1. Words and their derivatives are arranged in the following order: first the radical or primitive word, in all its different parts of speech; then compound words, arranged in alphabetical order; (in the case of verbs, such words as Break off, Turn out, are given as -off, -out); and then the derivatives which are always distinguished by a black dash; those formed regularly being given first, and the irregular ones, written fully, after them (see Ambition, Humble, Young.)

Note. -- This order is not regularly observed in the first three letters, compound words and derivatives being, in a few cases, both distinguished by black dashes.

2. In giving the terminations by which derivatives are formed, the changes which the final and initial letters undergo, e. g. the dropping. doubling or assimilation of letters are assumed; the terminations being always given in their original form; see Cut, Hurry, Mature.

3. (a) A small black dash (-) marks the commencement of a new derivative.
     (b) A word preceded by a large black dash (-) indicates that the derivatives given after it, are from that word and not from the radical or primitive word; see Die, Dead.
     (c) A hyphen used in the middle of Sanskrit words indicates that each of the members separated by the hyphen is to be repeated with the word after it; or that the word after the hyphen is to be taken as an alternative for the word immediately before it (to be, in some cases, decided by the context), e. g. in HAVE, l. 9, yathākāmaṃ-svarucyā-vṛt means yathākāmaṃ vṛt svarucyā vṛt; in PRACTICE, l. 3, nityavṛttiḥ-caryā anuṣṭhānaṃ means nityavṛttiḥ nityacaryā nityānuṣṭhānaṃ.
     (d) A hyphen followed by a comma (-,) indicates that the word after it may stand by itself or may be joined with the word before it; e. g. in PLACE l. 1, pra- deśaḥ means the word is either deśaḥ or pradeśaḥ;
     (e) A comma followed by a hyphen (,-) indicates that the word after it may be compounded with the word preceding it; e. g. in STAGE l. 1, raṃgaḥ- śālā means the word is either raṃgaḥ or raṃgaśālā.
     (f)° denotes that the word immediately before it which is separated by a comma, may be compounded with the words which it connects; e. g. PREVENT, l. 1 vṛ c.. ni-vini- means the root is also nivṛ c. and vinivṛ c.

4. In the case of substantives, the nominative case, wherever it could at once indicate the gender, has been given; the visarga thus indicates masculine gender, and anusvāra neuter gender. Where the nominative is not indicative of the gender, it is given as m., f., n., as the case may be. All substantives ending in consonants have their genders specified as m., f., or n.

5. In the case of adjectives, the simple base only is given. The feminine of the majority of adjectives in a ends in, and adjectives ending in i u have generally the same base for all genders. In all such cases the simple base is given, the genders being formed regularly according to similar substantive bases. Irregular feminines are denoted in brackets. (f.) Bases ending in t n s form their feminine regularly in tī nī sī

6. (a) In the case of verbs, the Arabic figure denotes the conjugation to which the root belongs; Pdenoting Parasmaipada, A Atmanepada, and U Ubhayapada (P & A.) Roots of the tenth conjugation belong to both Padas, theoretically at least; and hence 10 is used for all roots of this conjugation, though the Parasmaipada, unless where otherwise specified, should be generally preferred for use.
     (b) c. denotes causal, and is formed from roots by making the same changes as in the 10th conjugation. Wherever it cannot be formed by this general rule, it is shown in brackets.
     (e) D. means Denominatives; here the 3rd pers. singular Present tense is given throughout.

7. All the derivatives from a word are not always given when they may be easily supplied; more especially, in the case of potential passive participles, formed by tavya ya anīya past participles, present participles, verbal nouns, abstract nouns from adjectives, and adverbs from adjectives. Where there was any peculiarity in the formation of these derivatives, they are given; but in many cases the student will have to supply the forms, according to rules given in grammars.



A, An (As an article) not ex.; 'a man' naraḥ.
     (2) (One) eka.
     (3) (Indefinite) kiṃ with cit cana or api.
     (4) With part., ex. by dat. or inf.; 'set out a hunting' mṛgayāyai or mṛgayāṃ kartuṃ pratasthe; 'fell a-weeping' kraṃdituṃ pravṛttaḥ.
     (5) (Every) prati in comp., or by repetition of word; '100 Rs. a day' pratidinaṃ or dine dine śatarūpakaṃ.
     (6) (Species) viśeṣaḥ bhedaḥ in comp.; 'dog is an animal' śvā prāṇiviśeṣaḥ.

Abandon, v. t. tyaj 1 P, 3 P, vi-ut-sṛj 6 P, ujjh 6 P, apās 4 P, rah 1 P, 10, muc 6 P.
     -ed. a. tyakta hīna mukta &c.
     (2) pāpātman bhraṣṭacarita; 'he was a. to his fate' daivādhīnaḥ kṛtaḥ yadbhāvi tadbhavatu ityuktvā sa parityaktaḥ.
     -ment, s. tyāgaḥ utsargaḥ; 'a. of worldly connections' saṃnyāsaḥ virakti f.

Abase, v. t. abhibhū 1 P, svasthānāt nipat c., apakṛṣ 1 P, laghūkṛ 8 U.
     -ment, s. apakarṣaḥ abhibhavaḥ mānabhaṃgaḥ avajñānaṃ.

Abash, v. t. lajj c., hrī c. (hrepayati) trap c. (trapayati.)
     -ed. a. lajjita trapita vilakṣa vrīḍita hrīparigata; 'with an a. countenance' trapādhomukha (khī f.).

Abate, v. t. hras c., laghayati (D.), śam c. (śamayati).
     (2) (price) nyūnīkṛ 8 U; avasad c. -v. i. kṣi pass., hras 1 P; praupa-śam 4 P.
     -ment, s. nyūnīkaraṇaṃ; hrāsaḥ kśayaḥ.

Abbacy, s. maṭhādhīśa-padaṃ-tvaṃ.

Abbey, s. vihāraḥ maṭhaḥ.

Abbot, s. maṭhādhyakṣaḥ vihārasya pradhānapuruṣaḥ.
     -Abbess, s. maṭhādhyakṣā vihārapālinī.

Abbreviate, v. t. saṃ-pratisaṃ-hṛ 1 P, saṃkṣip 6 P, samas 4 P, hras c.
     -ion, s. saṃkṣepaḥ- paṅaṃ.

Abdicate, v. rājyaṃ or padaṃ tyaj 1 P or apās 4 P or kṣip 6 P.
     -ion, s. padatyāgaḥ adhikāratyāgaḥ svecchayā parityāgaḥ.

Abdomen, s. udaraṃ kukṣi m.

Abduct, v. t. apahṛ 1 P.
     -ion, s. apaharaṇaṃ apahāraḥ.

Aberration, s. bhraṃśaḥ cyuti f., bhreṣaḥ pathabhraṣṭatā; 'a. of mind' citta or mati-bhramaḥ.

Abet, v. t. pravṛt c., protsah c.
     (2) upakṛ 8 U, sāhāyyaṃ kṛ.
     -tor, s. pravartakaḥ protsāhakaḥ.

Abeyance, s. vilaṃbaḥ vyākṣepaḥ.

Abhor, v. t. gup desid. (jugupsate) badh desid. (bībhatsate), (with abl.) garh 1, 10 A, vidviṣ 2 U.
     -rence, s. jugupsā bībhatsā garhā vidveṣaḥ.
     -rent, a. jātavidveṣa.
     (2) viruddha ayukta viparīta.

Abide, v. i. vas 1 P, sthā 1 P, vṛt 1 A. -v. t. (Wait for) pratīkṣ 1 A, pratipāl 10.
     (2) (Endure) sah 1 A, kṣam 1 A, 4 P, tij desid. (titikṣate); 'a. by' sthā (loc.), anuvṛt; kasyānyasya vā vacasi mayā sthātavyaṃ (Ka. 156); 'Ishall a. by your decision' tava nirṇayamanuvartiṣye nirṇayānurodhena vartiṣye nirṇaye sthāsyāmi; 'a. s by his promise' pratijñāṃ-abhisaṃdhāṃpālayati.
     -ing, a. sthāyin; anuvartin.

Abject, a. adhama apa-ni-kṛṣṭa kṛpaṇa nīca tiraskārya See Mean. -ness, s. adhamatā kārpaṇyaṃ.

Abjure, v. t. saśapathaṃ tyaj 1 P.
     (2) pratyākhyā 2 P.
     -ation, s. saśapathaḥ tyāgaḥ.

Ablative, s. paṃcamī vibhakti f.

Ablaze, a. jvalat ujjvala pradīpta.

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Able, a. samartha kṣama śakta; karmakṣama alaṃkarmīṇa.
     (2) prabala balavat śaktimat.
     (3) paṭu nipuṇa; 'to be a.' śak 5 P, pṛ c., or pār 10 U, utsah 1 A, prabhū 1 P, with inf.; alaṃ with inf. or dat. of noun; 'a. to protect' rakṣituṃ-rakṣaṇāya-alaṃ prabhavati &c.
     -Ability, s. śakti f., balaṃ sāmarthyaṃ.
     (2) pāṭavaṃ vaicakṣaṇyaṃ; karmakṣamatā.
     (3) dhīśakti f., matyutkarṣaḥ mati f., buddhi f.; 'to the best (utmost) of one's a.' yathāśakti yāvacchakyaṃ sarvaprayatnaiḥ.
     -Ably, adv. nipuṇaṃ kuśalatayā.

Ablution, s. prakṣālanaṃ dhāvanaṃ; snānaṃ majjanaṃ.

Abnegation, s. pratyākhyānaṃ saṃyamaḥ nigrahaḥ; 'self-a.' ātmasaṃyamaḥ iṃdriyanigrahaḥ.
     (2) apa-ni-hnavaḥ.

Abnormal, a. aniyata niyamaviruddha apūrva vilakṣaṇa.

Aboard, adv. adhiru; 'go a.' nāvamadhiruh 1 P.

Abode, s. gṛhaṃ veśman n., nivāsaḥ nilayaḥ ālayaḥ vasati f., See House. 2 padaṃ āspadaṃ sthānaṃ bhājanaṃ; 'riches are the a. of calamities' saṃpadaḥ padaṃ (āspadaṃ) āpadāṃ.

Abolish, v. t. vilup c., niras 4 U; khaṃḍ 10.
     (2) naś c., utsad c., ucchid 7 P.
     -Abolition, s. lopaḥ.
     (2) nāśaḥ ucchedaḥ nivartanaṃ khaṃḍanaṃ.

Abominate, v. t. dviṣ 2 U, garh 1, 10 A; See Abhor. -ion, s. garhā vidveṣaḥ.
     (2) aśuddhadravyaṃ kutsāspada.
     -Abominable, a. dveṣya garhaṇīya garhita.
     (2) jugupsākara (rī f.).

Aboriginal, a. ādya ādima pūrvakālīna.

Aborigines, s. ādimavāsinaḥ (pl.).

Abortion, s. garbhasrāvaḥ -pātaḥ; 'to cause a.' bhrūṇahatyāṃ kṛ 8 U. 'causing a.' bhrūṇahatyā.
     -Abortive, a. garbhasrāvin apūrṇakāla.
     (2) akālakṛta niṣphala mogha vyartha (as an attempt.).

Abound, v. i. (with, in) sakṝ-pṝ pass., or by bahu bhūyiṣṭha in comp.; bhūyiṣṭhavṛkṣaṃ vanaṃ; bahukautukaḥ sa deśaḥ 'a. s in curiosities.'
     -ing, a. āḍhya saṃkīrṇa ākula prāya in comp.
     -Abundant, a. bahula prabhūta pracura vipula bhūri.
     -ly, adv. bahuśaḥ anekavāraṃ vipulaṃ.
     -Abundance, bahulyaṃ prācuryaṃ.

About, prep. pari; pari-i 'go a.' &c.
     (2) deśīya (with numerals); 'a. five years old' paṃcavarṣadeśīyaḥ.
     (3) (Regarding) ādhikṛtya prati uddiśya; saṃbaddha-anuviddha gata-viśaye in comp.; 'I ask a. my friend' mitragataṃ pṛcchāmi; parājayānuviddhā ālāpāḥ &c.
     (4) kṛte arthe arthaṃ hetoḥ.
     (5) paritaḥ abhitaḥ (acc.); samīpaṃ samīpe pārśvataḥ nikaṭe (gen.).
     (6) (Nearly) with numerals upa āsanna adūra in comp; upacaturāḥ 'a. four'.
     -adv. (Showing prospective fut.) ex. by fut. part., unmukha (khī f.), udyata āsanna or desid.; anuyāsyan munitanayāṃ (S. 1) 'a. to follow' &c.; jighāṃsyamāno naraḥ 'a. to be killed'; āsannamaraṇaḥ 'a. to die'; āsannarājyanāśaḥ 'a. to lose the realm'.
     (2) prāyakalpa in comp.; 'it is a. noon' madhyāhnaprāyaḥ-kalpaḥ samayaḥ; 'what are you a.' kiṃ kartumudyatosi kiṃkāryavyagrosi kimāraṃbhastvaṃ.
     (3) paritaḥ abhitaḥ.
     (4) itastataḥ sthānātsthānaṃ.

Above, adv. adhi or abhi pr.; upari upa-riṣṭāt ūrdhvaṃ; 'just a.' uparyupari (acc.) -a. prāgukta pūrvanirdiṣṭa. -prep. upari (gen.); ati pr; adhika uttara viśiṣṭa (abl.); 'a. calculation' atisaṃkhya; 'he stands a. all' sa sarveṣāṃ mūrdhni tiṣṭhati; 'a. mentioned' pūrvokta prāgukta; 'to be a.' ūrdhvaṃ sthā 1 P, abhibhū 1 P, See Excel.

Abrade, v. t. gharṣaṇena kṣi 1 P.
     -Abrasion. s. gharṣaṇena kṣayaḥ.

Abreast, adv. pārśvāpārśvi.

Abridge, v. t. saṃkṣip 6 P, samas 4 P, saṃgrah 9 P.
     -ment, s. saṃkṣepaḥ sāraḥ saṃgrahaḥ &c.

Abroad, adv. videśe deśāṃtaraṃ.
     (2) bahiḥ (abl.).
     (3) (Widely) sarvatra dūraṃ; 'casting a. his rays' dūraprasāritakaraḥ (sūryaḥ); 'live a.' pravas 1 P; 'go a.' prasṛ 1 P, bahulībhū 1 P, prakāśatāṃ gam 1 P, prakāśībhū 1 P, nirgam 1 P; 'the dreadful vow became known a.' sā dāruṇā pratijñā loke prasiddhābhūt loke prakāśatāṃ gatā.

Abrogate, See Abolish.

Abrupt, a. viṣama (prapātaḥ).
     (2) ākasmika (kī f.), asaṃbaṃdha akāṃḍa.
     -ly, adv. ekapade sahasā akasmāt.

Abscess, s. vidradhiḥ; sphoṭaḥ vraṇaḥ-ṇaṃ.

Abscond, v. i. pracchanna a. bhū 1 P, ātmānaṃ guh 1 U or pracchad 10, aṃtardhā pass.
     (2) palāy 1 A, vyapasṛp 1 P, apakram 1 U, 4P.

Absent, a. avartamāna avidyamāna anupasthita sthānāṃtaragata.
     (2) proṣita.
     (3) (In mind) hṛdayena asannihita śūnya-hṛdaya-mānasa; 'to be a.' sthānāṃtare vṛt 1 A, na upasthā 1 U.
     -ee, s. anupasthitaḥ pravāsin m. proṣitaḥ.
     -Absence, s. anupasthiti f., asannidhi m. parokṣaṃ parokṣatā.
     (2) (Non-existence) abhāvaḥ.
     (3) virahaḥ viyogaḥ; 'in one's a.' parokṣe; 'a. of mind' śūnyamanaskatā śūnyahṛdayatvaṃ anavadhānaṃ vigatacetanatvaṃ.

Absolute, a. saṃpūrṇa paryāpta.
     (2) nitya parama.
     (3) (Not relative) kevala mātraka ananyasaṃbaddha.
     (4) parama uttama śreṣṭha.
     (5) aniyata niryaṃtraṇa svādhīnaḥ 'a. king' samrāj m., adhirājaḥ.
     -ly, adv. sarvathā sarvaśaḥ kevalaṃ ekāṃtataḥ.

Absolve, v. t. (pāpāt &c.) muc 6 P or c., uddhṛ 1 P, 10; pāpaṃ-aparādhaṃ-kṣam 1 A.
     -Absolution, s. pāpamukti f., kṣamā.
     (2) mukti f., mokṣaḥ niḥśreyasaṃ apavargaḥ nirvāṇaṃ śreyas n., kaivalyaṃ.

Absonant, a. visaṃvādin virodhin.

Absorb, v. t. ut- śuṣ c., nigṝ 6 P, ācam 1 P, ni-ā pā 1 P.
     (2) gras 1 A, ātmādhīna a. kṛ 8 U; vyāpṛ c., āsaṃj c.
     -ed, a. ni- magna āsakta nirata līna vyāpṛtapara parāyaṇa in comp.
     (2) nipīta.
     -sorption. s. nipānaṃ śoṣaṇaṃ; 'a. into the supreme soul' mokṣaḥ nirvāṇaṃ; brahmaṇi layaḥ īśvarasāyujyaṃ.

Abstain, v. i. nivṛt 1 A (abl.), pari-vi-vṛj 10 (acc.); 'has a. ed from eating flesh' nivṛttamāṃso janakaḥ (U. 4).
     (2) viram 1 P (abl.); 'a. from food' upavas 1 P.
     -Abstinence, s. nivṛtti f.
     (2) upavāsaḥ alpāhāraḥ āhāraniyamaḥ
     (3) saṃyamanaṃ jiteṃdriyatvaṃ.
     -Abstinent, a. upavāsin.
     (2) jiteṃdriya saṃyatātman; vaśin.

Abstemious, a. mitāhāra alpāhārin alpāśana mitabhuj.
     -ness, s. mitāhāraḥ mitabhojanaṃ alpāhāraḥ.

Abstersion, s. śuddhīkaraṇaṃ.

Abstract, v. t. saṃkṣip 6 P, saṃhṛ 1 P.
     (2) ādā 3 A, apa-ava-kṛṣ 1 P, apahṛ 1 P. -s. sāraḥ saṃgrahaḥ saṃkṣepaḥ. -a. vibhinna; kevala; amūrta.
     (2) ānvīkṣika (kī f.), nigūḍha
     -edly, -ly, adv. viviktaṃ.
     (2) kevalaṃ mātraṃ.
     -ion, s. samādhiḥ praṇidhānaṃ dhyānaikāgratā.
     (2) apaharaṇaṃ ādānaṃ.
     (3) vibhedaḥ pṛthakkaraṇaṃ.

Abstruse, a. gūḍha pracchanna.
     (2) nigūḍha durjñeya gūḍhārtha asubodha durbodha gahana.

Absurd, a. anarthaka ayukta nyāyaviruddha anupapanna.
     -ness, -ity, s. ānarthakyaṃ anu-papatti f., asaṃgati f.; sometimes ex. by śaśaviṣāṇaṃ gaganapuṣpaṃ &c.
     -ly, adv. avi-cāreṇa anupapannaṃ; 'do not talk so a.' kṛtametādṛśena asaṃgatena-anarthakena-pralāpena.

Abuse, v. t. vṛthā-mṛṣā-anyāyataḥ pra-vini yuj 7 A, 10 or vyay 1 P.
     (2) adhi-ākuts 10, bharts 10 A, ā-adhi-kṣip 6 P, abhiśaṃs 1 P, apavad 1 U, abhiśap 1 U, apabhāṣ 1 A. -s. ākrośaḥ apavādaḥ upālaṃbhaḥ apabhāṣaṇaṃ niṃdā adhikṣepaḥ vākpāruṣyaṃ paruṣokti f.
     (2) kuprayogaḥ apavyayaḥ anyāyopayogaḥ.
     -Abusive, a. niṃdaka ākṣeparūkṣa niṃdāgarbha; 'a. word' niṃdātmakavacaḥ ākṣepavacanaṃ.

Abut, v. i. avalaṃb 1 A, ādhā 3 U (Pass.).

Abysm, s. See Abyss.

Abyss, s. gabhīragartaḥ agādhabilaṃ atalasparśaṃ khātaṃ.

Academy, s. vidyālayaḥ-yaṃ.
     (2) vidvatpariṣad f.

Accede, v. i. anuman 4 A, aṃgī-svī-kṛ 8 U, anujñā 9 U. 2 saṃ-i 2 P, saṃmil 6 P, saṃ-abhi-gam 1 P.

Accelerate, v. t. tvar c. (tvarayati) āśu saṃpad c. or pravṛt c.

Accent, s. svaraḥ.
     (2) āghātaḥ uccāraṇacihnaṃ; 'human a. s' mānuṣī gir f. -v. t. sasvaramuccar c.
     -ed, a. svarita. udātta.

Accept, v. t. pratigrah 9 P, ādā 3 A, prati-pad 4 A, prati-iṣ 6 P, svīkṛ 8 U.
     -able, a. grahaṇīya ādeya.
     (2) rucira manorama priya.
     -ance, s. pratipatti f., pratigrahaḥ ādānaṃ svīkāraḥ.
     -ation, s. arthaḥ; āśayaḥ; 'usual a. of a word' śabdasya nirūḍhārthaḥ.

Access, s. praveśaḥ upasarpaṇaṃ abhi-upa-gamaḥ; 'wishing to gain a. to the king' rājānaṃ draṣṭukāmaḥ.
     -ible, a. sulabha sukhopasarpya abhi- gamya sugama upasarpaṇīya; avasaropasarpaṇīyā rājānaḥ (S. 6.), sulabhadarśana; 'nothing is in a. to desires' manorathānāmagatirna vidyate (K. v. 64).
     -ion, s. yogaḥ upagamanaṃ milanaṃ.
     (2) (to power) rājapadāvāpti f., rājyaprāpti f., siṃhāsanārohaṇaṃ.
     (3) āgamaḥ vṛddhi f., upacayaḥ.
     -ary, -ory, s. sahakārin m., pravartakaḥ pāpasahāyaḥ. -a. adhika; sahita saṃyukta.

Accident, s. samāpatti f., daivayogaḥ-gati f., daivaghaṭanaṃ yadṛcchā; 'seen by a.' samāpattiyadṛcchā-dṛṣṭa.
     (2) āpad-vipad f.; atyāhitaṃ upaplavaḥ.
     (3) apakṛti f., asahajo guṇaḥ vikṛti f., 'life is but an a.' vikṛtirjīvitamucyate (R. VIII. 87); 'by a.' akasmāt daivena daivāt daivagatyā.
     -al, a. yādṛcchika-ākasmika (kī f.) kākatālīya daivāyatta.
     (2) aprakṛta asamavāyin; asahaja āhārya.
     -ally adc. daivāt devayogena yadṛcchayā vidhi-daiva-vaśāt samāpatyā. akasmāt.

Acclamation. s. dhanyavādaḥ praśaṃsāghoṣaḥ. jayaśabdaḥ.
     (2) niḥsvanaḥ praṇādaḥ uccairghoṣaḥ.

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Acclivity. s. utsaṃgaḥ.

Accommodate, v. t. yuj 10, See Adapt; 'a. oneself to the will of' bhāvamanu-praviś 6 P (svāmino bhāvaṃ bhṛtyo'nupraviśet.)
     (2) vasatisthānena upakṛ 8U, upakaraṇadravyāṇi upakḷp c
     (3) saṃdhā 3U, praśam c., (dispute &c.).
     -ion, s. saṃyojanaṃ saṃdhānaṃ.
     (2) upa-karaṇadravyopakalpanaṃ &c.

Accompany, v. t. anu-i 2 P, anuyā 2 P, parivṛ
     5 U or c.; saṃyuj 10; saha car or vraj 1 P, saṃ-i anusṛ 1 P, sahacaro bhū 1 P.
     -ed, a. sahita anuṣakta sameta parivṛta parivāra in comp. by Bah. comp with sa or word indicating 'companionship'; vasaṃtasahāyaḥ-savasaṃtaḥ-vasaṃtadvitīyaḥ kāmaḥ 'Cupid a. by Spring.'

Accomplice, s. anuṣaṃgin; See Accessory.

Accomplish, v. t. sādh 5 P or c., sidh c. (sādhayati); pūr 10; samāp c., anuṣṭhā 1 P, saṃpad c., nirvṛt c.
     -ed, a. siddha saṃ- pūrṇa saṃpanna.
     (2) viśārada nipuṇa guṇavat kṛtin.
     -ment, s. siddhi-samāpti f., nirvṛtti f., niṣpatti f.
     (2) kṛtārthatā kṛtakṛtyatā
     (3) guṇitvaṃ nipuṇatā vaicakṣaṇyaṃ guṇaḥ.

Accord. v. i. saṃvad 1 P, saṃyuj pass.
     (2) ekacittībhū 1 P, ekamanībhū. -v. t. See Give. -s. saṃmati f., svīkaraṇaṃ.
     (2) aikamatyaṃ ekacittatā; 'with one a.' ekacittībhūya.
     (3) ekatālaḥ (in music); 'of one's own a.' yadṛcchayā svayaṃ svecchātaḥ kāmataḥ.
     -ance. s. anusāraḥ sādṛśyaṃ anurodhaḥ; 'in a. with his words' tadvacanānusāreṇa-rodhena; oft, by the instr. or abl. of the noun itself; sacivājñayā madādeśāt &c.
     -ing, prep. yathā anurūpaṃ anu in comp.; 'a. to seniority' anujyeṣṭhaṃ; 'a. to desire' yatheṣṭaṃ yathābhimataṃ; 'a. to one's power,' yathāśakti.
     -ingly. adv. itthaṃ tadanurodhāt tadanusāreṇa tathāca.

Accost, v. t. saṃ-abhi-ā-bhāṣ 1 A. abhidhā 3 U. samāmaṃtr 10 A. saṃbudh c.

Accouchement, s. prasūti f. prasavaḥ.

Accoucheur, s. prasava-sūti-vaidyaḥ.

Account, s. gaṇanā saṃkhyānaṃ vigaṇanaṃ; 'balancing a. s' gaṇanāṃ samīkṛtya.
     (2) mūlyaṃ arghaḥ.
     (3) gaṇanā mātrā 'of what a. is a king' rājeti kā mātrā or gaṇanā
     (4) vṛttāṃtaḥ kathā kathanaṃ upākhyānaṃ; 'to turn to a.' hitaṃ sādh c., hitānukūla a. kṛ 8 U; 'take into a.' samīkṣ
     1 A, gaṇ 10, tejasāṃ hi na vayaḥ samīkṣyate (R. XI. 1).
     (5) kāraṇaṃ hetuḥ nimittaṃ; 'on a. of' ex. by the abl. or instr.; hetoḥ nimittena arthaṃ-rthe; 'on this a.' ataḥ ataḥkāraṇāt; 'on no a.' na kathaṃcana; 'on one's a.' kṛte (gen.); 'on all' a. s' sarvathā. -v. t. man 4 A.
     (2) gaṇ 10; 'a. for' kāraṇaṃ-nimittaṃ-dṛś c. (with gen.).
     -able, a. ciṃtyahetuka pratisaṃkhyeya.
     (2) parānuyogāyatta.
     -ant, s. gaṇakaḥ lekhakaḥ gaṇanākṛt m.

Accoutre, v. t. saṃnah 4 P or c.
     -ment, s. saṃnāhaḥ alaṃkāraḥ bhūṣaṇaṃ prasādhanaṃ sajjā.

Accredit, v. t. viśvāsapatraṃ dā 3 U.
     (2) See 'Believe'.
     (3) See 'Ascribe'.
     -ed, a. mata saṃmata svīkṛta.

Accrescent, a. See 'Increasing' under 'Increase'.

Accretion, s. See 'Increase,s'.

Accrue v. i. utpad-jan 4 A, prāp pass.
     (2) prativṛt 1 A, gam 1 P; 'the fruit a. s to the agent' kartṛgāmi phalaṃ.

Accubation, s. saṃveśaḥ adhiśayanaṃ.

Accumbent, a. saṃviṣṭa ādhiśayāna.

Accumulate, v. t. saṃ-pra-ci 5 U, saṃgrah 9 P, rāśīkṛ 8 U, ekatra kṛ. -v. i. upaci pass., vṛdh 1 A, rāśībhū. 1 P.
     -ion, s. saṃcayaḥ rāśīkaraṇaṃ.

Accurate, a. yathārtha sūkṣma satya yathāvṛtta; viśuddha See Exact. -ly, adv. yathārthataḥ-rthaṃ sūkṣmataḥ tattvataḥ samyak satyaṃ.
     -Accuracy. s. yāthārthyaṃ satyatā yathārthatā sūkṣmatā.

Accurse, v. t. See 'Curse'-ed, a. ex. by hataka apasada at the end of nouns, or by dagdha pr.; 'the a. fate' daivahatakaṃ dagdhadaivaṃ: 'a. man.' narāpasadaḥ.
     (2) niṃdya garhaṇīya; śāpagrasta abhiśapta ākruṣṭa.

Accusative, s. dvitīyā vibhakti f.

Accuse, v. t. abhiyuj 7 A, 10, apavad 1 A, abhiśaṃs 1 P, adhikṣip 6 P, duṣ c. nārhasi kāmāparādhairdevaṃ dūṣayituṃ (Ka. 235); ghātakaḥ ayaṃ iti tamabhiyuyujire 'they a. ed him of murder.'
     -ation, s. abhiyogaḥ apavādaḥ adhikṣepaḥ abhiśaṃsanaṃ dūṣaṇaṃ.
     -er, s. abhiyoktṛ m., abhiyogin m.

Accustom, v. t. abhyas 4P, abhyāsaṃ or vyava-hāraṃ kṛ 8 U; 'to be a. ed' abhyasta-pari-cita -a. bhū 1 P.

Ace, s. ekabiṃduḥ
     (2) aṇuḥ lavaḥ 'within an a. of' āsanna a.

Acerb, a. tuvara kaṭu amla.
     -ate, v. t. amlīkṛ 8 U.
     -ity, s. kaṭutā amlatā; 'a of temper' svabhāvaparuṣatā rukṣatā.

Acetic, a. See 'Acid, a.'

Acetify, v. t. amlīkṛ 8 U.

Ache, s. vedanā pīḍā vyathā; 'head-a.' śirovedanā; ':I have a strong head-a.' balavatī śirovedanā māṃ bādhate; 'tooth-a.' daṃtavedanā -v. i. pīḍ pass., vyath 1 A. See Pain.

Achieve, v. t. samāp c., saṃpad c., nirvṛt c., See Accomplish. 2 prāp 5 P, labh 1 A. See Get. -ment, s. niṣpatti f., sādhanaṃ.
     (2) parākramaḥ vikramaḥ avadātaṃ karmaceṣṭitaṃ vikrāṃtacaritaṃ.

Acicular, a. tīkṣṇāgra sūcyagra.

Acid, s. amlaḥ. -a. amla śukta.
     -ify, v. t. amlīkṛ 8 U.
     -ification, s. amlīkaraṇaṃ
     -imetre, s. amlamāpakaḥ.
     -ity, s. amlaśukta-tā or -tvaṃ.
     -ulate, v. t. amlīkṛ 8 U.
     -ulous, a. iṣadamla.

Aciform, See 'Acicular.'

Acknowledge, v. t. abhyupagam 1 P, abhyupa-i 2 P, pratipad 4 A, aṃgīkṛ 8 U, svīkṛ; grah 9 P.
     -ment, s. svīkāraḥ abhyupagamaḥ aṃgī-svī-kāraḥ pratipatti f.
     (2) (receipt) abyupagamalekhaḥ-patraṃ nistāralekhaḥ.

Acme, s. parā kāṣṭhā-koṭi f.

Acoustic, a. śrutiviṣayaka śravaṇasaṃbaṃdhin.
     -Acoustics, s. dhvanividyā-śāstraṃ.

Acquaint. v. t. budh c., jñā c. (jñāpayati) nivid c, (with dat.), gṛhītārtha or pari-gṛhītārtha a. kṛ 8 U; 'the queen was made a. ed with your immodesty' bhavato'vi-nayamaṃtareṇa parigṛhītārthā kṛtā devī (M. 4),
     (2) paricayaṃ kṛ. abhyas 4 P.
     -ance, s. pari-jñānaṃ; paricayaḥ jñānaṃ.
     (2) mitraṃ paricitaḥ; 'old a.' ciraṃtanaṃ mitraṃ ciraparicitaḥ
     (3) saṃsargaḥ saṃstavaḥ
     -ed, a. paricita abyasta; abhijña abhyaṃtara; anabhyaṃtare āvāṃ madanagatasya vṛttāṃtasya (S. 3).

Acquiesce, v. i. anuman 4 A, anujñā 9 U, saṃmatiṃ dṛś c.
     -ence, s. saṃ-anu-mati f.

Acquire, v. t. arj 1 P, labh 1 A, samāsad c., avāp 5 P, pratipad 4 A, 5 A, adhigam 1 P. See Get. -ment, -Acqui-
     -sition, s. arjanaṃ prāpti f., lābhaḥ adhigamaḥ.
     (2) guṇaḥ jñānaṃ.

Acquit, v. t. (pāpāt-doṣāt) muc c., vi-muc c., nistṝ c., śudh c.; 'he was a. ted' sa nirdoṣaḥ kṛtaḥ pāpavimukto'manyata; 'a. oneself' karma nirvah c., ācar 1 P; 'they a. ted themselves well' te svakarma sādhu niravāhayan-ācaran
     -al, s. mukti-śuddhi f., mocanaṃ.
     -ance, s. nistāraḥ 'a. of debt' ṛṇaniryātanaṃ-pariśodhanaṃ.

     Acrimonious, a. kaṭu ugra tīkṣṇa-aruṃtuda.
     -Acrimony, s. kaṭutā tīkṣṇatā
     -Acritude, s. kaṭutvaṃ.
     (2) vākpāruṣyaṃ.

Acrobat, s. kalāyanaḥ sūtrāyaṇaḥ.

Across, prep. pāraṃ tīrāṃtaraṃ in comp.; 'a. the ocean' sāgarapāraṃ.
     (2) vyatyasta a.; 'with legs a.' vyatyastapāda a.; 'to come a.' labh 1 A, adhigam 1 P. See Get.

Act, v. i. vṛt 1 A āryo'smin vinayena vartatāṃ (U. 6), vyavahṛ 1 P, ācar 1 P, (with loc. of person); ayamācaratyavinayaṃ tapasvikanyāsu (S. 1) 'a. s rudely towards' &c.
     (2) ceṣṭ 1 A, vidhā 3 U, kṛ 8 U.
     (3) sthāne'dhikāraṃ kṛ.
     (4) phal 1 P, guṇaṃ āvah 1 P; kāryaṃ kṛ; 'fire a. s like water' agnirjalāyate; sa kṛṣṇāyate &c.; 'a. up to' anuvṛt 1 A; anurudh 4 A, sthā 1 P, śāsane tiṣṭha bhartuḥ (V. 5). -v. t. naṭ 10, nirūp 10, abhinī 1 P; prayuj 10; oft. by denom.; 'a. ing the part of Lakshmi' lakṣmībhūmikāyāṃ vartamānā (V. 3); nṛpāyate 'a. s the king'; 'a. the part of a dear friend towards your rivals' kuru priyasakhīvṛttiṃ sapatnījane (S. 4.). -s. karman n., kṛti f, kriyā caritaṃ ceṣṭitaṃ.
     (2) aṃkaḥ.
     (3) vyavasthā vidhiḥ.
     -ion. s. kriyā vyāpāraḥ ceṣṭitaṃ &c.; pravṛtti f.; kāraṇaṃ.
     (2) abhiyogaḥ vyavahārakāryaṃ kāryaṃ arthaḥ.
     (3) saṃgrāmaḥ yuddhaṃ See Fight. 4 aṃgavikṣepaḥ hastādyabhinayaḥ 'in a., thought and speech' karmaṇā manasā vācā manovākkāyakarmabhiḥ.
     -ionable, a. abhiyojya vyavahārya.
     -Active, a. udyogin karmodyukta analasa sodyoga sotsāha vyavasāyin.
     (2) kṣiprakārin ataṃdra kṣiprakarman
     (3) vyāyāmaśīla vyāyāmin.
     (4) utthānayogya utthānayogyaṃ vapuḥ (S. 2); 'a. voice' kartṛvācyam.
     -ity. s. udyogitā vyavasāyaḥ kṣiprakāritā.
     (2) utsāhaḥ.
     (3) utthānayogyatā.
     -ly, adv. sodyogaṃ sotsāhaṃ.
     -or, s. kartṛ m.; kārin m.; kārakaḥ in comp.
     (2) naṭaḥ nartakaḥ kuśīlavaḥ abhinetṛ m, śailūṣaḥ.
     -Actress, s. naṭī nartakī.
     -Actual, a. vāstavika (kī f.), tathya satya vāstava (vī f.), yathārtha paramārtha.
     -ly, adv. sākṣāt pratyakṣaṃ.
     (2) pathārthataḥ paramārthataḥ vastutaḥ arthataḥ vastuvṛttena; 'what a, took place' yadyad vṛttaṃ; oft. ex. by eva only.

Actuate, v. t. prer 10, protsah c., pravṛt c., praṇud 6 P; See Prompt.

Acumen, s. matisūkṣmatā vidagdhatā.

Acute, a. ni- śita tīkṣṇa; 'a-pain' dāruṇatīvra-vedanā.
     (2) sūkṣmamati vidagdha.
     -ly, adv. tīvraṃ tīkṣṇaṃ.
     -ness, s. tīkṣṇatā tejas n.
     (2) vidagdhatā; 'a. of intellect' kuśāgrabuddhi f.

Adage, s. sūtraṃ vacanaṃ vākyaṃ ābhāṇakaḥ.

Adamant, s. vajraḥ-jraṃ.
     (2) hīrakaḥ maṇiḥ hīraṃ.
     -ine, a. vajramaya (yī f.), vajra in comp.

Adapt, v. t. yuj 10, saṃdhā 3 U; 'a. your conduct to circumstances' yathākālaṃ vyavahara kālānuvartī bhava; 'has a. ed a portion of it to the stage' tasyaikadeśaḥ abhineyārthaḥ kṛtaḥ (U. 4).
     -ation, s. saṃyojanaṃ saṃvidhānaṃ.
     -ed, a. yukta yogya paryāpta.

Add, v. t. saṃkal 10 (kalayati) parigaṇ 10, parisaṃkhyā
     (2) P, saṃ-samā-yuj 10; 'he a. ed his army to the general's' senāpateḥ senayā svabalaṃ saṃyojayāmāsa; samāci 5 U, saṃmil c.
     (2) anyacca brū 2 U, or kath 10 or abhidhā 3 U; 'a. to' vṛdh c., puṣ 4 P, tan 8 U; malinamapi himāṃśorlakṣma lakṣmīṃ tanoti (S. 1) 'a. s to her lustre'; there is this also to a. to my (grounds of) anger' etadapi me dvitīyaṃ saṃtāpakāraṇaṃ (Mr. 5); 'this is another evil to a. to the first' gaṃḍasyopari piṭikā saṃvṛttā (S. 2), ayamaparo gaṃḍasyopari visphoṭaḥ (Mu. 5).
     -ition, s. saṃmelanaṃ saṃyojanaṃ saṃyogaḥ.
     (2) parigaṇanaṃ parisaṃkhyā saṃkalanaṃ.
     (3) (Something added) ādhikyaṃ; 'he is a valuable a. to our side' asmatpakṣe'yamanarghyaḥ sahāyaḥ saṃjātaḥ.
     -itional, a. apara adhika adhikatara.

Addict, v. t. (oneself) ā-ni-sev 1 A; bhaj 1 U; āsaṃj pass., āsakta-nirata -a. bhū 1 P, (loc.).
     -ed, a. āsakta. prasakta nirata niviṣṭa parāyaṇa in comp.
     -ion, s. āsakti-prasakti f., niṣevaṇaṃ vyasanaṃ nirati f., parāyaṇatā.

Addle, a. asaṃpūrṇa naṣṭa duṣṭa; 'a. headedpated' mūḍha naṣṭadhī durmati.

Address, v. t. āmaṃtr 10 A: saṃ-abhi-ābhāṣ 1 A, abhidhā 3 U, saṃbudh c., ālap 1 P; 'a. ed his mind to Surya' sūryaṃ manasādhyāyat; 'a. me as is wont with you' (māṃ prati) yathābhyastamabhidhīyatām (U. 1.)
     (2) nāma grah 9 P, nāmagrāhaṃ vad 1 P or āhve 1 P
     (3) prahi 5 P, preṣ 10. -s. abhi-saṃ-bhāṣaṇaṃ saṃbodhanaṃ &c.
     (2) vacanaṃ ālāpaḥ; 'inode of a.' āmaṃtraṇapadaṃ; saṃśayite pariṇaye naiṣa samudācāraḥ (S. 5). 'not the proper mode of a.'; 'of agreeable a.' madhurālāpa priyaṃvada.
     (3) paṭutā dakṣatā naipuṇyaṃ.
     (4) (Of a letter) bāhyanāman n.; adattabāhyanāmānaṃ lekhaṃ (Mu. 1) 'a letter without any a. upon it'; 'send the letter to my a.' datta-likhita-madbāhyanāma (māmuddiśya) patraṃ preṣaya.
     (5) (Place of residence &c.) nāmadhāmaviśeṣāḥ.

Adduce, v. t. (proof, witness &c.) nirdiś 6 P, upanyas 4 P, upakṣip 6 P, upānī 1 P; 'a. ing proofs' pramāṇopanyāsaḥ.

Adept, a. nipuṇa kuśala pravīṇa abhijña.

Adequate, a. paryāpta samartha kṣama tulya yogya anurūpa.
     -ly, adv. paryāptaṃ.
     -quacy, s. kṣamatā sāmarthyaṃ &c.

Adhere, v. i. saṃj pass., sajj 1 P, saṃsakta-anuṣakta -a. bhū saṃlag 1 P, (loc.); anubaṃdh 9 P.
     (2) avalaṃb 1 A, pāl 10, rakṣ 1 P; 'a. s to his promise' pratijñāṃ pālayati-rakṣati.
     -ence, s. āsakti f., āsaṃgaḥ anuṣaṃgaḥ avalaṃbanaṃ.
     -ent, s. pakṣīyaḥ pakṣyaḥ sapakṣaḥ.
     (2) anuṣaṃgin m., sahāyaḥ anugāmin m.
     -Adhesion, s. saṃsakti f., āsaṃgaḥ āsakti f. avalaṃbanaṃ; saṃlagnatvaṃ.
     -Adhesive, a. saṃlagnaśīla.

Adieu, adv. svasti (dat). -s. āmaṃtraṇaṃ āpracchanaṃ; 'to bid a.' āpracch 6. A, āmaṃtr 10 A; āmaṃtrayasva sahacaraṃ (S. 3).

Adjacent, a. āsanna samīpa samīpavartin sannikṛṣṭa sannihita nikaṭavartin nikaṭa pārśvastha

Adjective, s. viśeṣaṇaṃ.

Adjoin, v. t. lag 1 P, samīpe-nikaṭe-vṛt 1 A or sthā 1 P; See Adjacent above.

Adjourn, v. t. vyākṣip 6 P, vilaṃb c.; vyavahāraṃ tyaj 1 P.

Adjudge, v. t. c. (dāpayati).
     (2) nirṇayaṃ kṛ 8 U, nirṇīya samāp c.

Adjudicate, v. t. nirṇī 1 P. See above.

Adjunct, a. saṃyukta sahita. -s. anubaṃdhaḥ.

Adjure, v. t. saśapathaṃ samādiś 6 P, śap c.
     -ation, s. saśapathaṃ samādeśaḥ śapathaḥ.

Adjust, v. t. samīkṛ 8 U, samā-pratisamā-dhā 3 U, samāyuj 10, vyavasthā c. (sthāpayati); (accounts) ekīkṛ saṃmil c.
     -ment, s. samādhānaṃ samāyogaḥ ekīkaraṇaṃ.

Adjutant, s. sahāyaḥ sahakārin m.

Admeasure, v. t. See '

Administer, v. t. praśās 2 P, nirvah c., nirvṛt c.; 'a. justice' dharma-nyāya-vivecanaṃ kṛ nyāyaṃ praṇī 1 P, or pravṛt c.; 'a. an oath' śap c.
     (2) 3 U, pratipad: c.
     -Administration, s. śāsanaṃ pravartanaṃ nirvāhaḥ; rājyadhurā; 'during his a.' tasmin rājyaṃ (prajāḥ) śāsati. 2 dharmavivecanaṃ.
     (3) prakṛti f., sacivāḥ.
     (4) sācivyaṃ maṃtritvaṃ.
     -Administrative, a. śāsanadakṣa kāryani-rvāhakuśala.
     -Administrator, s. śāsitṛ m., rājyadhuraṃdharaḥ.
     (2) pravartakaḥ praṇetṛ m.

Admiral, s. nausādhanādhyakṣaḥ.

Admire, v. t. praśaṃs 1 P, ślāgh 1 A, stu 2 U.
     (2) vismayena dṛś 1 P.
     -able, a. ślāghya adbhuta praśaṃsanīya anupama.
     -ably, adv. ślāghyaprakāreṇa sādhu adbhutaṃ.
     -ation. s. praśaṃsā ślāghā.
     (2) vismayaḥ āśvaryaṃ.
     -er, s. praśaṃsakaḥ ślāghin m.; 'a. of ladies.' kāmin m., kāmukaḥ.

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Admit, v. t. praviś c., abhyaṃtarīkṛ 8 U; 'should be a. ed to all confidential matters' sarvaviśraṃbhedvabhyaṃtarīkaraṇīyā (Ka. 101).
     (2) aṃgī-svī-kṛ abhyupagam 1 P, abhyupe 2 P; grah 9 P; 'a. of' ex. by adj. or noun denoting 'capability'; 'his remark a. s of no doubt' tasya vacanaṃ na saṃdehāspadaṃ; 'her illness a. s of no delay' tasyā vikāro vilaṃbākṣamaḥ.
     -Admission, s. praveśanaṃ praveśaḥ.
     (2) abhyupagamaḥ aṃgīkāraḥ pratipatti f.
     -Admissible, a. upādeya svīkaraṇīya grāhya.
     -Admittance, s. praveśaḥ-śanaṃ.

Admix, v. t. saṃmiśr 10, saṃyuj 7 U, 10, saṃkṝ 6 P.
     -ture, s. miśraṇaṃ saṃkaraḥ.

Admonish, v. t. upadiś 6 P, anubudh c., vijñā c. (jñāpayati) anuśās 2 P.
     (2) nirbharts 10 A, upālabh 1 A, See Censure.
     -er, s. upadeśakaḥ anubodhakaḥ.
     -tion, s. anubodhanaṃ upadeśaḥ anuśāsanaṃ upālaṃbhaḥ.

Ado, s. śramaḥ dīrghāyāsaḥ.

Adolescence, s. yauvanadaśā yauvanaṃ.
     -dolescent, a. yuvan (yūnī f.), prāptayauvana.

Adopt, v. t. parigrah 9 P, putrīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) grah svī-aṃgī-kṛ anuvṛt 1 A.
     -ed, a. parigṛhīta svī-aṃgī-kṛta; 'a. son' kṛtakaḥ putraḥ datrimaḥ sutaḥ dattakaḥ; 'a. daughter' kṛtikā duhitā apatyakṛtikā.
     -ion, s. parigrahaḥ putrīkaraṇaṃ.
     (2) aṃgī-svī-kāraḥ anuvartanaṃ.

Adore, v. t. ārādh c, namasyati (D), namaskṛ 8 U, arc 1 P, or c. pūj 10, upasthā 1 U, upās 2 A.
     -ation, s. pūjā arcanaṃ namaskāraḥ.
     -er, s. pūjakaḥ upāsakaḥ ārādhakaḥ bhaktaḥ arcakaḥ.

Adorn, v. t. vi- bhūṣ 10, alaṃkṛ 8 U, pariṣkṛ saṃskṛ maṃḍ 10, prasādh c., śubh c.
     -ing, s. alaṃkāraḥ bhūṣaṇaṃ prasādhanaṃ maṃḍanaṃ.

Adrift, adv. itastataḥ plavamāna a.
     (2) aśaraṇa-anātha-nirālaṃba. a.

Adroit, a. nipuṇa dakṣa dhūrta catura.
     -ly, adv. sanaipuṇyaṃ caturaṃ &c.
     -ness, s. naipuṇyaṃ dakṣatā &c.

Adry, a. See 'Thirsty'.

Adulate, v. t ślāgh 1 A, stu 2 U, anunī 1 P.
     -ion, s. cāṭūkti f, atipraśaṃsā ślāghā stutipūrvakaḥ anunayaḥ stavokti f., atistuti f.
     -ory. a. cāṭūktipūrṇa praśaṃsāgarbha atipraśaṃsāyukta.

Adult, s. prauḍhaḥ prāptayauvanaḥ prāptavyavahāradaśaḥ yuvan m.

Adulterate, v. t. apadravyeṇa saṃmiśr 10, aśuddhī kṛ 8 U.
     -ion, s. dūṣaṇaṃ miśraṇaṃ.

Adultery, s. vyabhicāraḥ; pāradāryaṃ parabhāryālaṃghanaṃ; (of a woman) parapuruṣasaṃgati f., pati-laṃghanaṃ.
     -Adulterer, s. parastrīgāmin m. pāradārikaḥ bhujaṃgaḥ viṭaḥ jāraḥ.
     -ess, s. vyabhicāriṇī jāriṇī puṃścalī parapuruṣasaṃgatā baṃdhakī.
     -Adulterine, s. jārajaḥ.

Adumbrate, v. t. pāṃḍulekhyaṃ-praticchāyāṃcitrāraṃbhaṃ-kṛ 8 U.
     -tion, s. praticchāyā pratibiṃbaṃ.
     (2) pāṃḍulekhyakaraṇaṃ.

Adust, a. dagdha bhasmī-bhūta or kṛta.

Advance, v. i. pra-ut-cal 1 P, pra-abhi-yā 2 P, abhimukhaṃ yā or -gam vraj 1 P, pragam prasthā 1 A; śatrorabhimukhaṃ yāti 'a. s against the enemy.'
     (2) vṛdh 1 A, pra-upa-ci pass. unnatiṃ-utkarṣaṃ-yā; 'a. ed some steps to receive' sādaramabhimukhadattāvi-ralapadaḥ (Ka. 95); 'a. ed in age' pariṇatavayas vayovṛddha pravayas; 'a. ed in knowledge' jñānavṛddha. -v. t. uccal c., puraskṛ 8 U, agre nī 1 P.
     (2) vṛdh c., paripuṣ 4 P
     (3) upakṣip 6 P, upanyas 4 P, puro nidhā 3 U.
     (4) prāk dā
     (3) U. -s. uccalanaṃ pragamanaṃ prayāṇaṃ.
     (2) unnati f., kramaśo vṛddhi f., utkarṣaḥ vardhanaṃ; 'price of a book in a.' pustakaprakāśanātpūrvaṃ dattaṃ mūlyaṃ.
     -ment, s. utkarṣaḥ unnati f., abhyudayaḥ vṛddhi f., āgamaḥ upacayaḥ 'a. in knowledge' vidyāgamaḥ; 'a. of learning' jñānotkarṣaḥ.

Advantage, s. lābhaḥ hitaṃ guṇaḥ phalaṃ arthaḥ.
     (2) avasaraḥ avakāśaḥ.
     (3) ādhikyaṃ utkarṣaḥ; 'taking a. of my weak point' mama chidreṇa labdhāvakāśaḥ; 'show or set off to a.' lakṣmīṃ-śobhāṃ-tan 8 U, See Add. 'They had an a. over their enemy in bravery' śaurye te śatrubhyo'tyaricyaṃta. -v. t. upakṛ 8 U, anugrah 9 P, lābhāya bhū.
     -ous, a. phalada hitāvaha lābhakara hitakara (rī f.).
     -ously, adv. saphalaṃ salābhaṃ.
     (2) sāvakāśaṃ.

Advent, s. āgamanaṃ pravṛtti f.; 'a. of spring' vasaṃtasamayāvatāraḥ madhupravṛtti f.
     -itious, a. bāhya aupādhika-āgaṃtuka (kī f.), āhārya.

Adventure, s. sāhasaṃ adbhutaṃ karma.
     (2) daivādhīnaṃ karmaceṣṭitaṃ.
     (3) vṛttāṃtaḥ caritaṃ ceṣṭā ceṣṭitaṃ kriyā. -v. i. daivādhīnaṃ karma kṛ 8 U.
     (2) sāhasena vyavaso 4 P, or prayat 1 A.
     -er. s. sāhasikaḥ sāhasavyavasāyin m.
     -ous. a. sāhasika (kī f.), pragalbha nirbhaya.
     (2) saṃdigdha daivāyatta.

Adverb, s. kriyāviśeṣaṇaṃ avyayaṃ.

Adverse, a. pratikūla vipakṣa vairin viparīta vāma viruddha parāṅmukha (khī f.).
     -ary, s. śatruḥ ariḥ. See Enemy. -ative, a, virodha-darśin-darśaka.
     -ity, s. vipad f., āpad f, vipatti f., āpatkālaḥ vyasanaṃ duḥkhaṃ.

Advert (to). v. i. udāhṛ 1 P, anulakṣ 10, adhikṛtya-uddiśya-vad 1 P or vac 2 P.
     (2) ava-saṃ-īkṣ 1 A, manaḥ samādhā 3 U, avadhā avadhānaṃ dā 3 U.
     -euce, s. avadhānaṃ ava-hitatā manoyogaḥ avekṣā.

Advertise, v. t. vijñā c. (jñāpayati) nivid c., prakāś c., budh c., vi-ud-ghuṣ 10.
     -er, s. prakāśakaḥ jñāpakaḥ.
     -ment, s. vijñāpanā ghoṣaṇā.

Advise, v. t. upadiś 6 P, anuśās 2 P.
     (2) budh c., nivid c., jñā c. (jñāpayati). -v. i. vicar c., āloc 10.
     -able, a. ucita yogya yukta.
     (2) upadeṣṭavya.
     -edly, adv. suvicārataḥ jñānataḥ bodhapūrvaṃ.
     (2) sāvadhānaṃ avadhānena.
     -er, s. upadeśakaḥ upadeṣṭṛ m.
     (2) sacivaḥ amātyaḥ maṃtrin m.
     -Advice, s. upadeśaḥ anuśāsanaṃ bodhanaṃ.
     (2) samācāraḥ vārtā.

Advocate, v. t. parārthaṃ vad 1 P, pakṣaṃ samarth 10 or rakṣ 1 P. -s. parārthaṃ vaktṛ m, pakṣasamarthakaḥ vaktṛ m.
     (2) āśrayaḥ rakṣakaḥ pratipālakaḥ.

Adze, s. kuṃṭhārikā takṣaṇī.

Aerial, a. See under Air.

Aeroplane, s. ākāśayānaṃ vimānaṃ.

Aery, a. ādhyātmika.
     (2) amūrta.
     (3) manaḥsṛṣṭa-kalpita.

Afar, adv. dūrāt ārāt; dūre-raṃ; 'a. off' dūrastha a.

Affable, a. sujana suśīla.
     (2) madhurālāpa priyavādin.
     -Affability, s. madhurālāpatā suśīlatvaṃ saujanyaṃ praśrayaḥ.
     -Affably, adv. cāṭūktyā mṛduvacanena sujanavat sapraśrayaṃ.

Affair, s kāryaṃ vyāpāraḥ karman n., arthaḥ.

Affect, v. t. (To act upon) abhibhū 1 P, ākulīkṛ 8 U, upahan 2 P, vikṛ upasṛj 6 P, saṃskṛ; kleśaleśairabhinnaṃ (S. 2) 'not a. ed by the slightest fatigue'; 'a. ed by a devil' vetālopahata; 'a. ed with many diseases' anekavyādhyupasṛṣṭa; 'our position is not in the least a. ed (it does not a. us in the least)' na naḥ kiṃcicchidyate (S. B. 345).
     (2) (Pretend) Ex. by chadma-chalaṃ kṛ mithyā in comp., by kṛtaka-kṛtrima -a. kṛ; 'a. ing a quarrel or anger' kṛtakakalahaṃ-kopaṃ-kṛtvā.
     (3) ākulīkṛ ārdrīkṛ dru c.; avakāśaṃ-padaṃ-grah 9 P; 'my words a. ed his heart' mama vacasā tasya hṛdayaṃ dravībhūtaṃ mama vacastasya hṛdaye dṛḍhaṃ padaṃ lebhe.
     (4) man 4 A; 'he a. s learning' paṃḍitamanyosau.
     -ation, s. ahaṃkāraḥ āṭopaḥ mithyāgauravaṃ.
     (2) chadman n. See Pretext. 3 vilāsaḥ abhinayaḥ hāvaḥ.
     -ed, a. ākula abhibhūta upahata vikṛta.
     (2) mithyā in comp.; kṛtaka kṛtrima; 'by an a. courage' mithyāpratāpamātmanyāropya.
     (3) ahaṃkārin mānin saṃdarpa.
     -edly, adv. sāhaṃkāraṃ sāṭopaṃ.
     -ing, a. karuṇaṃ marmabhedin.
     -ingly, adv. karuṇa.
     -ion, s. preman m. n., anurāgaḥ snehaḥ praṇayaḥ prīti f., vātsalyaṃ (with loc.).
     (2) dharmaḥ saṃskāraḥ vikāraḥ anubhāvaḥ vṛtti f., bhāvaḥ vikriyā rāgaḥ.
     -ionate, a. snigdha snehaśīla praṇayin sapraṇaya sānurāga vatsala.
     -ionately, adv. sapremaṃ sasnehaṃ snigdhaṃ sānurāgaṃ.

Affiance, v. t. pratiśru 5 P, vācā dā 3 U. -s., vāgdānaṃ.
     (2) viśvāsaḥ śraddhā.

Affidavit, s. śapathapatraṃ saśapathaṃ likhito lekhaḥ.

Affiliate, v. t. saṃśliṣ c., saṃyuj 10.

Affinity, s. saṃbaṃdhaḥ saṃparkaḥ yogaḥ.
     (2) baṃdhutā tvaṃ sādṛśyaṃ sāmyaṃ.

Affirm, v. t. pratijñā 9 A, vad 1 P, vac 2 P upakṣip 6 P, upanyas 4 P.
     (2) saniścayaṃ vad tatheti dṛḍha brū 2 U.
     (3) dṛḍhīkṛ 8 U, ni-ścita a. kṛ pramāṇīkṛ.
     -ation, s. ukti f. dṛḍhavacanaṃ pramāṇīkaraṇaṃ saniścayaṃ vacanaṃ.
     (2) pratijñā pakṣaḥ.
     -ative, a. svīkāra or aṃgīkāradyotaka or sūcaka; 'two negatives make one a.' dvau nañau prakṛtārthaṃ gamayataḥ.
     (2) pakṣānukūla

Affix, s. āgamaḥ. -v. t. anubaṃdh 9 P, saṃ-āyuj 7 U, 10.

Afflict, v. t. kliś 9 P, du 5 P, pari-saṃtap c., vyath c. (vyathayati) pīḍ 10, bādh 1 A, āyas c.
     -ed a. ārta duḥkhita abhibhūta pīḍita ātura. 'to be a. for' tam 4 P. paryutsuka a. bhū 1 P.
     -ion, s. kleśaḥ bādhā pīḍā kaṣṭaṃ vyathā duḥkhaṃ.
     -ing, -ive, a. kleśāvah vyathākara (rī f.).

Affluence, s. samṛddhi f., sadhanatā dhanabāhulyaṃ.
     -Affluent, a. samṛddha dhanāḍhya bahu-mahādhana; 'a. circumstances' sadhanatā susthiti f.
     (2) ekasthānaṃ prati pravāhaka.
     -Afflux, s. ekasthāne pravāhaḥ.

Afford, v. t. 3 U.
     (2) (To be able) śak 5 P, samartha-kṣama -a. bhū 1 P.

Affray, s. kalahaḥ dvaṃdvaṃ yuddhaṃ.

Affright, v. t. saṃtras c., bhī c. (bhāpayate bhīṣayate) udvij c. -s. bhayaṃ saṃ- trāsaḥsādhvasaṃ.

Affront, s. avajñā nikṛti f., apamānaḥ tiraskāraḥ mānabhaṃgaḥ. -v. t. (saṃmukhaṃ-pratyakṣaṃ) avajñā 9 U, avaman 4 A, adhikṣip 6 P, tiraskṛ 8 U.

Affusion, s. āsekaḥ.

Afire, Aflame, a. dahyamāna.

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Afloat, a. plavamāna; 'a rumour :is a.' vārtā prasutā.

Afoot, adv. padbhyām; 'set a.' prārabh 1 A, See Begin; 'the army is a.' pracalitaṃ sainyaṃ; 'going a.' pādaga pādacārin.

Afore, adv. agre puraḥ saṃmukhaṃ.
     (2) pūrvaṃ purā gatakāle; 'a. said,' pūrvokta prāgukta. 'a. thought.' s. pūrva-prāk-saṃkalpitaṃ; 'a. times,' adv. purā.

Afraid, a. bhīta bhayānvita śaṃkānvita; 'to be a.' tras 1, 4 P, bhī 3 P, (with abl.).
     (2) ā-śaṃk 1 A, man 4 A.

Afresh, adv. punarapi abhinavaṃ.

After, prep. anu pr. to roots, paścāt; 'to go a.' anugam anusṛ 1 P.
     (2) (of time) paraṃ anaṃtaraṃ ūrdhvaṃ (with abl.); 'a. that' tasmātparaṃ tataūrdhvaṃ; 'a. one another' ānupūrvyeṇa anupūrvaśaḥ. 'a. 10 years' daśavarṣe vyatīte; 'a. eating' bhojanānaṃtaraṃ; paścāt (gen.), anu in comp.; 'a. a few days' dineṣu gacchatsu; by gerund, or pūrvakaṃ in comp.; anāmayapraśnapūrvakaṃ (S. 5); 'he waters tree a. tree' vṛkṣaṃ vṛkṣaṃ siṃcati; 'in a. time' āgāmikāle uttarakāle.
     (3) anu-sāreṇa-sārataḥ anurūpaṃ; 'you write a. his hand' lekhane tasyānukaroṣi; 'he is called a. his grandfather' sa pitāmahanāmnā'bhidhīyate-āhūyate; See Name. In comp. e. g. 'a. ages,' ex. by uttara; 'a.-ages' uttarakālaḥ; putrapautrāḥ; 'a. all' aṃte śeṣe; 'a. birth,' s. jarāyu n. 'a.-crop' śasyasya dvitīyasaṃgrahaḥ; 'a. glow' s. sāyaṃ-saṃdhyā-ekāśaḥ. 'a.-inquiry,' uttarajijñāsā; 'a.-life' āyuḥśeṣaḥ uttaravayas n.; 'a. noon' s. aparāhṇaḥ parāhṇaḥ vikālaḥ; (a.) aparāhṇatana (nī f.), vaikālika (kī f.); 'a. pains,' prasavottaravedanā. 'a. thought,' uttaraciṃtā anubodhaḥ. 'a. wards' paścāt anaṃtaraṃ tataḥ paraṃ para.

Again, adv. punaḥ bhūyaḥ; 'a. and a.' bhūyo bhūyaḥ vāraṃvāraṃ; 'as much a.' dviguṇa a.
     (2) aparaṃ ca anyacca api ca.
     (3) (With verbs) by prati pr.

Against, prep. prati-ābhi pr. to nouns; prativātaṃ 'a. the wind' &c.
     (2) abhimukhaṃ pratimukhaṃ saṃmukhaṃ in comp. or with gen.
     (3) viruddhaṃ pratikūlaṃ or by atikramya; 'a. my order' mama śāsanasya viruddhaṃ śāsanamati-kramya-ullaṃghya; 'assist him a. his brother' bhrātari baddhavairasya tasya sāhāyyaṃ kuru.
     (4) arthe arthaṃ; āpadarthe dhanaṃ rakṣet 'should lay by wealth a. (as a provision for) calamities.'

Agape, a. jṛṃbhamāṇa; 'with eyes a. with astonishment' vismayotphullalocana.

Agastric, a. jaṭharaśūnya.

Age, s. yugaṃ kālaḥ samayaḥ.
     (2) vayas n.; 'a. of the world' kalpaḥ; 'old a.' vṛddhatvaṃ vārdhakyaṃ vṛddhabhāvaḥ pariṇataṃ vayas n. 'come of a.' prāptavyavahāra; 'of the same a.' samakālīna samānavayaska; 'of age' ex. by varṣīya a. varṣātmaka a.; '5 years of a.' paṃcavarṣīya-varṣātmaka; 'about 8 years of a,' aṣṭavarṣadeśīya; 'a. of majority' yauvanadaśā yauvanāvasthā; vyavahārajñatādarśakavayas n. 'he reached the 16th year of his a.' ṣoḍaśavarṣavayovasthāmaspṛśat.
     -ed, a. vṛddha. jīrṇa purāṇa.

Agenda, s. kāryakramapatraṃ.

Agent, s. pratihastaḥ pratinidhiḥ.
     (2) (in grammar) kartṛ m.; kārakaḥ kāraḥ in comp.
     (3) hetuḥ kāraṇaṃ sādhanaṃ; śakti f.
     -Agency, s. kartṛtvaṃ nirmātṛtvaṃ; 'the action was done through his a.' tatkartṛkā kriyā tasya sāhāyyena saṃpāditā kriyā.
     (2) kāraṇaṃ.
     (3) ni-yogipadaṃ niyojyatvaṃ.

Agglomerate, v. t. saṃci 5 U, ekatra-rāśīkṛ 8 U.

Agglutinate, v. t. saṃyuj 10., saṃśliṣ c, saṃlagna a. kṛ 8 U, saṃsaṃj c.

Aggrandize, v. t. vi-saṃ-pra-vṛdh c., āpyai c., edh c., sphāy c. (sphāvayati) utkṛṣ 1 P, upaci 5 U.
     -ment, s. vivṛddhi f., unnati f., abhyudayaḥ utkarṣaḥ upacayaḥ udayaḥ.

Aggravate, v. t. vṛdh c., upaci 5 U, pravṛddhiṃ nī 1 P.
     (2) prakup c., saṃkṣubh c., uddīp c.
     -ion, s. vṛddhi f., upacayaḥ.
     (2) prakopanaṃ-ṇaṃ uddīpanaṃ.

Aggregate, s. saṃgrahaḥ samāhāraḥ rāśiḥ sa mūhaḥ samudāyaḥ. -v. t. saṃgrah 9 P, rāśīkṛ 8 U, saṃci 5 U, ekatra. kṛ.
     -ed, a. ekīkṛta samudita saṃcita samāhṛta.
     -ion, s. saṃgrahaṇaṃ rāśīkaraṇaṃ.
     (2) samūhaḥ See (s) above.

Aggress, v. i. (prathamaṃ) ākram 1 U, 4 P, laṃgh 1 A, 10, hiṃsāraṃbhaṃ kṛ 8 U.
     -ion, s. ā-ati-kramaḥ laṃghanaṃ.
     (2) prathamāpakāraḥ. hiṃsā raṃbhaḥ.
     -ive, a. prathamāpakārin 'a. step' hiṃsāraṃbhaḥ prathamākramaḥ.
     -or, s. prathamāpakārakaḥ ākrāmakaḥ.

Aggrieve, v. t. ard 1 P or c., duḥkhākulīkṛ 8 U, See Afflict.

Aghast, a. sasādhvasa bhayābhibhūta.
     (2) vismayākula āścaryacakita.

Agile, a. laghu capala laghuśarīra.

Agitate, v. t. saṃ-vi-pra-kṣubh c., ākulīkṛ 8 U, udvij c.; dhū 5, 9 U, pramaṃth 9 P, viluḍ c. (water).
     (2) Discuss. q. v.
     -ed, a. kṣubdha vihvala ākula viklava pāriplava.
     (2) pramathita viloḍita; 'to be a.', kṣubh 4, 9 P, 1 A, vihvala &c. bhū.
     -ion, s. saṃkṣobhaḥ udvegaḥ upaplavaḥ ākulatvaṃ.
     (2) viloḍanaṃ.
     (3) vi-cāraṇā vādānuvādaḥ.
     -or, s. kṣobhakaḥ.

Aglow, a. agnitapta.

Agnate, a. saṃbaṃdhin saṃbaddha.

Agnostic, s. anīśvara-nirīśvara-vādin m.

Ago, adv. pūrvaṃ prāk (with abl.); 'long a.' purā; 'not long a.' nāticirātprāk anatipūrvaṃ.

Agony, s. vyathā yātanā vedanā saṃtāpaḥ; 'in the a. es of death' mṛtyuvedanābhibhūta; 'sharp a.' tīvrayātanā-vedanā &c.
     -ize,- v. i. vyath 1 A. -v. t. Afflict, q. v.

Agrarian, a. bhūmiviṣayaka kṣetrasaṃbaṃdhin.

Agree, v. i. saṃman 4 A, tathā-evaṃ-man; 'I don't a. with you' naivamahaṃ manye.
     (2) ekacittībhū ekamata a. bhū; 'birds in their nests ad snehabhāvenaikatra vasaṃti; 'they all a. on this point' asminviṣaye sarveṣāṃ teṣā- maikamatyam.
     (3) grah 9 P, svīkṛ 8 U, anuman 4 A, anujñā 9 U.
     (4) saṃkḷp c., samayaṃ-saṃvidaṃkṛ pratipad 4 A, abhyupa-i 2 P or gam 1 P, pratiśru 5 P.
     (5) ārogyāya kḷp 1 A, hitāya bhū hitamāvah 1 P; '(living in) Bombay does not a. with my nealth' muṃbāpuranivāso mamārogyāya na kalpate.
     (6) Resemble, q. v.
     -able, a. ramya sukha in comp. sukhasparśatā śilāviśeṣasya (M. 4); manojña priya sūnṛta abhimata subhaga.
     (2) anurūpa yogya tulya sadṛśa (śī f.).
     -ably, adv. yathāsukhaṃ.
     (2) anurūpaṃ anusārataḥ; 'a. to one's nature' sattvānurūpaṃ.
     -ment, s. samayaḥ saṃvid f.
     (2) aikyaṃ saṃmati f, aikamatyaṃ.
     (3) sādṛśyaṃ saṃvādaḥ.
     (4) abhyupagamaḥ svīkāraḥ pratipatti f.

Agrestic, a. asabhya grāmya kṣetrika.

Agriculture, s. kṛṣi f., karṣaṇaṃ; 'science of a.' kṛṣikarmavidyā.
     -Agriculturist, s. kṛṣīvalaḥ karṣakaḥ kṛṣijīvin m., kṣetrin m.
     (2) vaiśyaḥ viś m.

Agronomial, a. kṣetrakarmaviṣayaka kṛṣikarmasaṃbaṃdhin.

Aground, adv. taṭastha a., uttīraṃ saikatasthaṃ.

Ague, s. kaṃpa-śīta-jvaraḥ viṣamaḥ; 'tertian a.' tryāhikaviṣamaḥ; 'quartan a.' cāturthikaviṣamaḥ.

Aguerried, a. yuddhaparicita yuddhābhyasta.

Ah, interj. āḥ haṃta hā aho ahaha.

Ahead, adv. agne purataḥ puraḥ.

Aheap, adv. saṃkalitaṃ.

Aid, v. t. upakṛ 8 U, sāhāyyaṃ kṛ (with gen.). -s. sāhāyyaṃ upakāraḥ.
     (2) sahāyaḥ upakārakaḥ.
     -less, a. asahāya. See Help.
     Aid-de-camp, s. āsannasahāyaḥ.
     (2) senāpatisahāyaḥ.

All, v. t. pīḍ 10; du 5 P, tap c.; 'what a. s thee' kiṃ tvāṃ vyathayati or kā te pīḍā
     -ing, a. pīḍita kṣudrarogapīḍita.
     -ment, s. pīḍā ātaṃkaḥ.
     (2) kṣudrarogaḥ vyādhiḥ

Aim, v. t. lakṣīkṛ 8 U, uddiś 6 P, saṃdhā 3 U; 'well a. ed arrow' sādhukṛtasaṃdhāna śaraḥ (S. 1.).
     (2) āp desid. (īpsati) ākāṃkṣ 1 P, labh desid. (lipsate); 'a. ed at the crown' rājapadaṃ lipsāṃcakre &c.
     (3) lakṣyaṃ prati kṣip 6 P or as 4 P. -s. lakṣyaṃ-kṣaṃ śaravyaṃ.
     (2) saṃdhānaṃ; 'taking a.' śarasaṃdhānaṃ kurvan.
     (3) abhiprāyaḥ āśayaḥ vāṃchā kāṃkṣā hetuḥ cikīrṣitaṃ; 'friend, where are you going without any detimite a.' halā kvānirdiṣṭakāraṇaṃ gamyate (V. 2).

Air, s. vyoman n., ākāśaḥ śaṃ nabhas n., vihāyas n.; 'to take the a.' vātamāsev 1 A; 'take a.' prakāśatāṃ gam 1 P.
     (2) vāyuḥ vātaḥ samīraṇaḥ.
     (3) tālaḥ rāgaḥ mūrchanā.
     (4) rūpaṃ ākāraḥ mudrā; 'with a dignified a.' sagauravākāreṇa; 'a. of conceit' avalepamudrā; 'with the a. of one who is offended' nikṛtamivātmānaṃ saṃdarśya.
     (5) gati f., vidhi m., prakāraḥ rūpaṃ; 'through a.' vihāyasā nabhovartmanā; 'to build castles in the a.' gaganakusumāni ci 5 U; 'a. balloon' ākāśayānaṃ vyomayānaṃ; 'a. bladder' vāyukoṣaḥ; 'a. hole' vātāyanaṃ gavākṣaḥ jālaṃ; 'a. born,' 'aerial,' ākāśaja; ākāśastha nabhaḥstha.
     -y, a. vāyava (ghī f.), vāyumaya (yī f.).
     (2) suvāta pravāta; 'a. place' pravātaṃ; pravātaśayanaṃ 'a bed in a. place (in the current of wind)'.
     (3) asāra phalgu khapuṣpavat ind.
     -Aeronaut, s. vaimānikaḥ.

Ait, s. pulinaṃ antarīpaṃ.

Ajar, adv. ardhavivṛta a.

Akin, a. sagotra sanābhi sajātīya.
     (2) sadṛśa (śī f.), samāna saṃbaṃdhin.

Alack, See Alas.

Alacrity, s. autsukyaṃ utsāhaḥ.
     (2) śīghratvaṃ kṣipratā avilaṃbaḥ.

Alar, a. sapakṣa.

Alarm, s. trāsaḥ śaṃkā bhayaṃ sādhvasaṃ.
     (2) sānnahanikaṃ.
     (3) bhayadhvaniḥ bhayākraṃdanaṃ; 'a. bell' bhayasūcako ghaṃṭānādaḥ.
     (4) prāgbhayasūcanā. -v. t. prāk sūcanāṃ dā 3 U.
     (2) bhī c., saṃtras c., udvij c.
     -ed, a. bhīta udvigna bhayāta cakita.
     -ing, a. bhayāvaha udvegakara (rī f.), trāsajanana (nī f.), bhayaprada
     -ist, s. bhayotpādakaḥ.
     -Alarum, s. sānnahanikaṃ bhayadhvaniḥ prabodhanaghaṃṭā.

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Alas, interj. kaṣṭaṃ hā haṃta hā dhik ahaha aho bata.
     (2) atyāhitaṃ abrahmaṇyaṃ.

Alate, a. See 'Alar'.

Albeit, adv. yadyapi.

Albescent, a. īṣatśveta śvetaprāya.

Albugineous, a. aṃḍaśuklāṃśopama.

Albugo, s. śuklaṃ; cakṣūrogaḥ.

Albumen, s. aṃḍaśuklāṃśaḥ.

Alchemy, s. rasavidyā rasasiddhi f.
     -Alchemist, s. rasāyanavid m., rasajñaḥ.

Alcohol, s. madyasāraḥ.

Alcoran, s. mahaṃmadīya dharmagraṃthaḥ.

Alcove, s. kuṃjaḥ parṇaśālā nibhṛtasthānaṃ.

Alderman, s. purādhyakṣaḥ; vṛddha-guru-janaḥ.

Ale, s. yavasurā-raṃ madyaṃ; 'a. house' śuṃḍā pānāgāraṃ; 'keeper of an a. house' śauṃḍikaḥ.

Aleatory, a. yadṛcchādhīna.

Alert, a. jāgarūka dakṣa sāvadhāna avahita ataṃdra udyamin udyogin.
     -ness, s. jāgarūkatā avadhānaṃ dakṣatā.

Alias, adv. anyathā (abhihita a.); ex. by iti aparanāmadheya a.

Alibi, s. anyasthānavartitvaṃ.

Algebra, s. bījagaṇitaṃ.
     -ical, a. bījaviṣayaka.

Alien, a. videśīya anyadeśīya.
     (2) virakta; viruddha bhinna aprastuta
     -ate, v. t. (affection) vidhaṭ c, viśliṣ c., vinaś c., vibhid 7 P or c., vicchid 7 P or c.
     (2) (person) viraṃj c., vi-apa-rakta a. kṛ 8 U.
     (3) parādhīna a. kṛ parasvatve pratipad c.
     -ation, s. vighaṭanaṃ virāgaḥ virakti f.

Alight, v. i. avatṝ 1 P, upaviś 6 P, ava-nipat 1 P.

Alight, a. pradīpta.

Alike, a. sadṛśa (śī f.), tulya samāna sama.

Aliment, s. āhāraḥ bhojanaṃ.
     -Al, -Ary, a. poṣaka puṣṭiprada śaktivardhaka.
     -ation, s. poṣaṇaṃ bharaṇaṃ

Alive, a. jīvat (ntī f.), sajīva sacetana; 'I caught him a.' jīvagrāhamagrahīṣaṃ (D. K. II. 4).
     (2) abhijña (with gen.), or vid
     (2) P, See Know.

Alkali, s. kṣāraḥ sarjikā See Natron. a.
     -fy, v. t. kṣārīkṛ 8 U.
     -ne, a. kṣārasvabhāva kṣāraviśiṣṭa.

All, s. sarvaṃ akhilaṃ sākalyaṃ. -a. sarva-viśva pron. a., akhila sakala kṛtsna nikhila samasta; 'not at a.' na kimapi na manāgapi 'at a. times' sarvadā; 'a. but' prāya kalpa in comp.; 'a. but dead.' mṛtaprāya; chinnaprāya 'a. but cut'; 'a. of a sudden' akasmāt sahasā sapadi ekapade; 'this is not a.' etāvatāpi doṣo &c. na samāpyate; 'a. I can' yathāśakti yathāsāmarthyaṃ; 'this is a. I can do to serve you' etāvānme vibhavo bhavaṃtaṃ sevituṃ (M. 2); 'by a. means' sarvathā; 'a.-in-a. of one's life' jīvitasarvasvaṃ; 'a. at once' yugapat; 'a. round,' sarvataḥ sarvadikṣu samaṃtataḥ; 'in a.' sākalyena piṃḍīkṛtya militvā; 'give me 20 rupees in a.' evaṃ piṃḍīkṛtya mahyaṃ viṃśatiṃ rūpakāndehi sarve militvā sapta vayaṃ 'we are 7 in a.'; 'a - bearing' sarvaṃsaha; 'a.-conquering' sarvadamana sarvaṃjaya sarvaṃdama; 'a.-destroying' sarvaṃkaṣa; 'a.-knowing' sarvajña sarvavid; 'a.-pervading' sarvavyāpin viśvātman sarvagata; 'a. powerful' sarvaśaktimat.

Allay, v. t. pra-upa-śam c. (śamayati). niyam c., nirvā c. (vāpayati); 'a. ing of heat' nirvāpaṇaṃ.
     (2) sāṃtv 10, tuṣ c.
     -er, s. śamakaḥ śāṃtidaḥ-karaḥ.
     -ment, s. praśamanaṃ sāṃtvanaṃ; 'a. of hunger' kṣutpratīkāraḥ.

Allege, v. t. pratijñā 9 A, vad 1 P, dṛḍhaṃ brū 2 U; 'the charges a. ed against me' mayi samāropitā doṣāḥ.
     (2) chadma kṛ 8 U, vyapadiś 6 P, mithyā vad.
     (3) udāhṛ 1 P.
     -ation, s. pratijñā ukti f., vacanopanyāsaḥ.
     (2) doṣāropaḥ mithyābhiyogaḥ.
     (3) vyapadeśaḥ chadman n., vyājaḥ.

Allegiance, s. niṣṭhā bhakti f. anurāgaḥ; 'a. to the king' rājaniṣṭhā.

Allegory, s. rūpakaṃ dṛṣṭāṃtaḥ.
     -ical, a. lākṣaṇika (kī f.), rūpakamaya (yī f.).
     -ically, adv. dṛṣṭāṃtataḥ dṛṣṭāṃtena.
     -ize, v. t. dṛṣṭāṃtayati (D.), rūpakeṇa dṛś c.

Alleviate, v. t. upa-pra-śam c., niyam c., sāṃtv 10; nirvā c. (vāpayati) laghayati (D.), laghūkṛ 8 U.
     -ion, s. upa-pra-śamaḥ nirvāpaṇaṃ; 'a. of sorrow' duḥkhanirvāpaṇaṃ.
     -lve, u. śāṃtida śamaka.

Alley, s udyānapathaḥ vīthi-thī f.
     (2) durgamamārgaḥ saṃbādhapathaḥ.

Alligate, v. t. saṃ-anu-baṃdh 9 P.
     -ion, s. saṃbaṃdhaḥ saṃyojanaṃ.

Alligator, s. nakraḥ grāhaḥ.

Alliteration, s. anuprāsaḥ.

Allocate, v. t. sthānaṃ dā 3 U.
     -ion, s. sthānadānaṃ.

Allot, v. t. parikḷp c., 3 U, vibhaj 1 U.
     -ment, s. vibhāgaḥ vibhajanaṃ.
     (2) aṃśaḥ bhāgaḥ.

Allow, v. t. anujñā 9 U, anuman 4 A, anu-mud
     (1) A.
     (2) Give, q. v.
     (3) grah 9 P. See Admit. 4 upa-īkṣ 1 A, viṣah 1 A; sa kasmādāryeṇāpakrāmamupekṣitaḥ (Mu. 3); 'I a. my feet to be burnt' dahyamānāvapi caraṇāvupekṣe.
     (5) (for) nyūnīkṛ 8 U, na gaṇ 10,
     -able, a. anujñeya anumodya; 'a, mistake, kṣamārhoparādhaḥ; 'not a.' prati-ni-ṣiddha.
     -ance, s. anujñā anumati f., anumodanaṃ.
     (2) vetanaṃ nirūpitamūlyaṃ vṛtti f.
     (3) svīkāraḥ; nyūnīkaraṇaṃ.

Alloy, s. miśraṇaṃ doṣaḥ nyūnatā.
     (2) apadravyaṃ kupyaṃ miśradhātuḥ.
     -ed, a. miśrita dūṣita; 'un-a. pleasure' kevalaṃ-duḥkhāsaṃbhinnaṃ-sukhaṃ.

Allude, v. t. uddiśya-adhikṛtya vad 1 P or vac 2 P or abhidhā 3 U; uddiś 6 P, sūc 10, lakṣīkṛ; anusaṃdhā; 'this story a. s to myself' iyaṃ kathā māmeva lakṣīkaroti (S. 7).
     -Allusion, s. uddeśaḥ udāharaṇaṃ kīrtanaṃ; iṃgitaṃ sūcanaṃ; 'in a. to' adhikṛtya samuddiśya.

Allure, v. t. hṛ 1 P, ākṛṣ 1 P, vi-pra-lubh c.
     -ing, a. pralobhaka hārin ākarṣaka; 'a. things' pralobhanavastūni.
     -ment, s. pra-vi-lobhanaṃ; vaṃcanaṃ vikārahetuḥ ākarṣaṇaṃ.

Alluvium, s. pulinaṃ nadīrayasamāhṛtā mṛttikā.
     -Alluvial, a. pulinamaya (yī f.).

Ally, s. mitraṃ sahāyaḥ pakṣyaḥ sahakārin m. -v. t, saṃbaṃdh 9 P.
     (2) saṃdhā 3 U; saṃyuj 10, saṃśliṣ c.
     -Alliance, s. saṃdhiḥ; 'friendly a.' sakhya maitrī. 2 saṃbaṃdhaḥ saṃparkaḥ; 'matrimonial a.' vivāhasaṃbaṃdhaḥ.

Almanac, s. paṃjikā paṃcāṃgaṃ.

Almighty, a. sarvaśaktimat amitaujas; sarvaśak sarvasamartha.

Almond, s. vātāmaphalaṃ.

Almonry, s. bhikṣādānagṛhaṃ bhaikṣyaśālā.
     -Almoner, s. bhikṣādāne adhikṛtaḥ.

Almost, adv. prāya bhūyiṣṭha kalpa affixed to adj.; 'a. dead' mṛtakalpa mṛtaprāya; 'when the night had a. worn away' kṣīṇabhūyiṣṭhāyāṃ kṣapāyāṃ; 'it is a. dawn now' adhunā prabhāta-prāyā-kalpā śarvarī.
     (2) prāyaḥ prāyaśaḥ 'a. all' prāyaḥ sarve.
     (3) (With num.) ex. by āsanna upa in comp.; upa-āsanna-daśāḥ &c.

Alms, s. bhakṣya bhikṣā bhikṣādānaṃ; 'beg a.' bhikṣāṭanaṃ kṛ 8 U, bhikṣ-yāc 1 A; 'a.-giving' bhikṣādānaṃ tyāgaḥ; 'a. house' anāthagṛhaṃ bhikṣāgehaṃ; 'a. man' bhikṣukaḥ bhikṣāśin m.

Aloe, s. sahā; kumārīrasodbhavo bolaḥ.

Aloft, adv. ūrdhvaṃ upari; 'a. in the air' vihāyasā vyomavartmanā.

Alone, a. eka advitīya ekākin.
     (2) eva kevalaṃ mātra in comp.

Along, prep. anu in comp. or with acc.; or by instr.; 'a. the way' anumārgaṃ 'a. the city of Ayodhyā' ayodhyānagarīmanu 'a. a road' mārgeṇa.
     (2) puraḥ agne purastāt; 'a. with' saha sārdhaṃ See With; 'all a.' āprathamaṃ prathamāvadhi; 'a. side' pārśvataḥ; samīpaṃ-pe.

Aloof, adv. dūre aṃtare pṛthak; 'standing a.' dūrastha; 'keep a.' pṛthak nidhā 3 U, na gaṇ 10.

Alopecia, s. akeśatā keśahīnatvaṃ.

Aloud, adv. uccaiḥ ucca-tāra-svareṇa.
     (2) prakāśaṃ pra-ut-muktakaṃṭhaṃ (weep a.), 'call a.' śabdāyate (D.).

Alphabet, s. varṇamālā.
     -ical, a. varṇakramānusārin.
     -ically, adv. varṇakrameṇa varṇānusāreṇa.

Already, adv. pūrvaṃ purā prāk with eva; sometimes by eva alone; 'the moon has a. risen' udita eva himaraśmiḥ.

Also, adv. api ca.
     (2) aparaṃca punaśca apica.
     (3) tadvat.

Altar, s. vedi-dī f., caityaṃ sthaṃḍilaṃ.

Altar, v. t. anyathā kṛ 8 U, viparyas 4 P, viparyāsaṃ nī 1 P, parivṛt c.
     (2) vikṛ virūp 10, 'a. ed in appearance' bhinnāṃkāra iva lakṣyamāṇa. -v. i. parivṛt 1 A, anyathā-anyarūpa a. bhū; viparyāsaṃ yā 2 P;
     -ation, s. pari(rī) vartaḥ vikāraḥ vikṛti f., viparyāsaḥ.

Altercate, v. i. vivad 1 A, kalahāyate (D.)
     -ion, s. vivādaḥ kalahaḥ vāgyuddhaṃ.

Alter-ego, s. liṃgadehaḥ sūkṣmaśarīraṃ.

Alternate, a. Ex. by paryāya in comp.; 'a. service' paryāyasevā. -v. t. parivṛt c.; ex. by a verb with paryāyeṇa.
     -ion, s. viparyayaḥ parivṛtti f., paryāyaḥ.
     -ive, s. vikalpaḥ pakṣaḥ pakṣāṃtaraṃ; gen. ex. by words like gatiḥ śaraṇaṃ &c.; 'there is no other a.' anyā gatirnāsti anyaccharaṇaṃ nālokyate (Ka. 152)
     (2) vikalpaḥ vibhāṣā (in grammar).
     -ly, adv. paryāyeṇa yathākramaṃ.

Although, conj. yadyapi api.

Altimeter, s. uccatvamāpakaṃ yaṃtraṃ.

Altitude, s. uccatvaṃ ucchrāyaḥ utsedhaḥ.

Altogether, adv. sarvathā sarvataḥ aśeṣataḥ sākalyena.
     (2) sahita-saṃhata-ekīkṛta -a.; samaṃ ekīkṛtya.

Alum, s. sphaṭī tuvarī saurāṣṭrī sphāṭikī.

Alveary, s. madhukoṣaḥ;
     (2) karṇaśaṣkuli f.

Always, adv. sadā sarvadā aniśaṃ satataṃ sarvakālaṃ niraṃtaraṃ anavarataṃ.

Amain, adv. prasabhaṃ prasahya balāt savegaṃ javena.

Amalgam, s. kāṃsyaṃ miśradhātuḥ pāradasaṃsṛṣṭadhātuḥ.
     -ate, v. t. saṃmiśr 10.
     (2) saṃyuj 10, ekīkṛ 8 U, saṃśliṣ c.
     -ation, s. dhātusaṃmiśraṇaṃ.
     (2) saṃyojanaṃ saṃyogaḥ saṃmelanaṃ.

Amanuensis, s. lekhakaḥ lipikāraḥ.

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Amaranth, s. amlānapuṣpaṃ.
     (2) amlānaḥ mahāsahā.

Amass, v. t. saṃci 5 U, saṃgrah 9 P, saṃbhṛ 3 U, rāśī-ekī-kṛ 8 U.
     -ment, s. saṃcayaḥ saṃgrahaḥ &c.

Amatory, a. kāmin premaśīla śṛṃgārapriya.

Amaze, v. t. vismi c. (vismāyayati vismāpayate) vismayākula-sāścarya -a. kṛ 8 U.
     -ed, a. vismāpita vismita vismayākula sāścarya.
     -ment, s. vismayaḥ āścaryaṃ vi-smayākulatvaṃ.
     -edly, adv. savismayaṃ; sāścaryaṃ.
     -ing, a. vismayakārin vicitra adbhuta.
     (2) atirikta; ati pr.

Ambages, s. vakrokti f.

Ambassador, s. dūtaḥ rājadūtaḥ praṇidhiḥ saṃdeśaharaḥ.
     -ship, -Ambassage, s. dautyaṃ praṇidhikāryaṃ.

Amber, s. tṛṇamaṇiḥ.

Ambidextrous, a. ubhayahastakuśala.
     (2) asarala ubhayapakṣapātin.

Ambient, a. vyāpaka; nipātin gāmin in comp.
     (2) veṣṭaka pariveṣṭaka.

Ambiguous, a. dvyartha saṃdigdhārtha avyakta aspaṣṭa saṃdigdha.
     -ly, adv. aspaṣṭaṃ vakroktyā dvyarthataḥ.
     -ness, -Ambiguity, s. vakrokti f., saṃdigdhārthatā saṃdehārthaḥ.

Ambit, s. maṃḍalaṃ cakravālaṃ vartulaṃ.

Ambition, s. spṛhā ākāṃkṣā.
     (2) kīrtispṛhā aiśvaryākāṃkṣā uccapadavāṃchā; 'a. o get a throne,' rājyalobhaḥ-tṛṣṇā.
     -Ambitious, a. saspṛha sākāṃkṣa aiśvaryaprepsu yaśaskāma; 'who, a. of your throne, has roused your envy' kenābhyasūyā padakāṃkṣiṇā te janitā (K. III. 4).
     (2) (Of hopes) dūrādhirohin utsarpin.
     -ly, adv. aiśvaryākāṃkṣayā &c.

Amble, v. i. lalitaṃ valg 1 P, plū 1 A; dhor 1 P. -s. dhoritaṃ.
     -er, s. dhoritagāmin m.

Ambrosia, s. amṛtaṃ sudhā pīyūṣaṃ.
     -al, a. amṛtamaya (yī f.), amṛtatulya (s.) in comp.

Ambulate, v. i. vicar 1 P, parikam 1 U, 4 P, itastataścar.
     -ion, s. parikramaḥ paryaṭanaṃ.

Ambush, Ambuscade, s. (parāvaskaṃdanārthaṃ) nibhṛte sthānaṃ; nibhṛtāvasthiti f.; 'they all lay in a.' sarva eva te nibhṛtaṃ tasthuḥ.

Ameliorate, v. t. vṛdh c., śreyas-sādhīyas kṛ 8 U, samunnatiṃ nī 1 P, See Improve.
     -ion, s. vardhanaṃ samunnati f., śreyastvaṃ.

Amen, adv. om bhavatu evamastu tathāstu.

Amenable, a. parānuyogādhīna anuvidhāyin ājñākara (rī f.), āyata vaśaṃ yāta; 'a. to another's power' parādhikāravaśaḥ.

Amend, v. t. saṃ-vi-pari-śudh c., samā-prati-samā-dhā 3 U; 'a. one's life' pāpānnivṛt 1 A, pāpaṃ tyaktvā dharmamācar 1 P. -v. i. śudh 4 P; samādhā pass., bhadratara a. bhū.
     -ment, s. saṃśodhanaṃ; pratisamādhānaṃ.
     (2) doṣaśodhanaṃ &c.
     -Amends, s. pramārjanaṃ nistāraḥ niṣkṛti f., śodhanaṃ; 'to make a. for' pramṛj 2 P, śudh c.; See Atone.

Amenity, s. ramyatā manojñatā.

Amerce, v. t. See Punish.

Amiable, a. suśīla supriya sujana.
     (2) priyadarśana ramaṇīya.
     -ness, s. saujanyaṃ sadbhāvaḥ suśīlatvaṃ.
     -Amiably, adv. suśīlatayā prītyā snehabhāvena.

Amicable, a. maitra (trī f.), hita snehaśīla; mitrabhāvena; 'a. setilement' mitrabhāvena nirṇayaḥ.
     -ness, s. mitratvaṃ sakhyaṃ sauhārdaṃ.
     -Amicably, adv. mitravat mitrabhāvena sauhārdena.

Amid,-st, prep. madhye aṃtare abhyaṃtare (with gen.); madhyagata-sthita a. 'a. these thoughts he was pierced by an arrow' evaṃ vicārayan-evaṃ vicāranimagnaḥ san-bāṇena hataḥ.

Amiss, a. doṣin aparādhin.
     (2) anucita ayogya. -adv. anucitaṃ ayuktaṃ; 'take a.' See Misunderstand.

Amity, s. maitrī snehabhāvaḥ sakhyaṃ saṃdhiḥ.

Ammunition, s. yuddhasāmagrī yuddhopakaraṇāni.

Amnesia, s. smṛti-bhraṃśaḥ-nāśaḥ.

Amnesty, s. (rājakṛtā) doṣakṣamā doṣādvi-mocanaṃ.

Among,-st, prep. madhye abhyaṃtare (with gen.); ex. by loc. or gen. of noun; 'a. cows the black one gives much milk' gavāṃ goṣu vā kṛṣṇā bahukṣīrā (S. K.) kāvyeṣu nāṭakaṃ ramyaṃ &c.

Amoretto, s. Lover, q, v.

Amorous, a. kāmuka premaśīla rasika śṛṃgārapriya.
     (2) savilāsa savibhrama lalita; 'a. sport' savilāsakrīḍā.
     -ly, adv. sakāmaṃ sānurāgaṃ; savilāsaṃ savibhramaṃ lalitaṃ.

Amount, v. i. upaci-saṃkhyā -pass.; saṃpad 4 A; 'a. ing to' saṃkhyāka in comp.; 'a. to 100' śatasaṃkhya-saṃkhyāka; 'they a. in all to 24 men' evaṃ piṃḍīkṛtya caturviṃśati-rnarāḥ saṃpadyaṃte; 'thus the families a. to 14' evametānyekatra caturdaśa kulāni (Ka, 136); 'your whole speech a. s to this' etāvatā-evaṃca; eṣa tava vacaso niṣkarṣaḥ-piṃḍitorthaḥ; 'your exertions do not a. to even a hundredth part of mine' tava vyavasāyo mamodyogasya śatatamīmapi kalāṃ na spṛśati. -s. rāśiḥ parimāṇaṃ samudāyaḥ saṃkhyā samuccayaḥ; 'by any a. of labour' mahatā śrameṇāpi; 'to the a. of 100' śatasaṃkhyaṃ.

Amphibious, a. sthalajalacara.
     (2) dvidhāgati.

Amphibiology, s. saṃdigdhavacanaṃ śleṣaḥ.

Amphitheatre, s. raṃgaḥ raṃgabhūmi f., raṃgāṃgaṇaṃ.

Ample, a. viśāla vipula bṛhat vistīrṇa vistṛta.
     (2) pracura prabhūta bahula yatheṣṭa.
     -ness, s. viśālatā.
     (2) prācuryaṃ.
     -Amply, adv. savistaraṃ pracuraṃ yatheṣṭaṃ; 'he was a. rewarded' tasmai prabhūtaṃ pāritoṣikaṃ dattaṃ.
     -Amplify, v. t. savistaraṃ-vistareṇa-varṇ 10.
     (2) tan 8 U, vṛdh c., vistṝ 9 U.
     -Amplification, -Amplitude, s. vi-stāraḥ vṛddhi f.
     (2) mahattvaṃ prācuryaṃ.

Amputate, v. t. aṃgaṃ chid 7 P or nikṛt 6 P.
     -ion s. chedaḥ kartanaṃ.

Amulet, s. rakṣākaraṃḍaḥ.

Amuse, v. t. vinud c., ram c., naṃd c.; 'a. oneself' vihṛ 1 P, vilas 1 P, kīḍ 1 P.
     -ment, s. vinodaḥ vinodanaṃ krīḍā keli f., vilāsaḥ kautukaṃ.
     -ing, a. vinodin vinodanaśīla hṛdayaṃgama ramya.

Anachronism, s. kālagaṇanāyāṃ pramādaḥ or bhramaḥ.
     (2) kālanirdeśapramādaḥ.

Anaesthetic, a. saṃvedanānāśaka.

Anagogy, s. gūḍhārthaḥ.

Anagraph, s. varṇanaṃ.
     (2) parigaṇanāpatraṃ.

Analogy, s. sādṛśyaṃ samānatā saṃbaṃdhaḥ.
     -ous, a. sadṛśa (śī f.), tulyarūpa samāna anurūpa saṃbaṃdhin ānuṣaṃgika (kī f).
     -ly, adv. sādṛśyena aupamyena.

Analphabete, s. nirakṣara anakṣara.

Analyze, v. t. vyākṛ 8 U, vibhaj 1 U, vicchid 7 P, vibhinna a. -khaṃḍaśaḥ-pṛthak-kṛ viśliṣ c.
     -Analysis, s. vibhāgaḥ vyava-cchedaḥ vibhedaḥ vyākaraṇaṃ.
     (2) sāraḥ.

Anaphrodisiac, a. kāmaśāmaka.

Anarchy, s. aśāsanaṃ anīśvaratā rājavi-plavaḥ arājakatā; 'when the country is in a.' arājake janapade.
     Anarch, Anar-
     -chist, a. arājakatāpratipādaka

Anathema, s. abhiśāpaḥ śāpaḥ ākrośaḥ.
     -tize, v. t. śap 1 U, ākruś 1 P.

Anatomy, s. pṛthakkaraṇaṃ vicchedaḥ.
     (2) śarīravyavaccheda-vidyā-śāstraṃ.
     -ize, v. t. (śarīraṃ) vyavacchid 7 P, pṛthak kṛ.
     (2) vivṛ 5 U, vyākhyā 2 P.
     -ist, s. vyavacchedakaḥ.

Ancestor, s. pūrvapuruṣaḥ; a. s pūrvajāḥ (pl.), pitaṃraḥ (pl.), pitṛloka.:
     -Ancestral, a. pitṛka paitṛka (kī f.); 'a. property' pitryaṃ rikthaṃ.
     -Ancestry, s. pitaraḥ pitṛ.

Anchor, s. naubaṃdhanakīlaḥ-laṃ lāṃgalaṃ. -v. t. kīlena baṃdh 9 P, sthirīkṛ gatiṃ nirudh 7 U or pratihan 2 P.

Anchorite, s. yatiḥ āraṇyakaḥ saṃnyāsin m., vanavāsin m., vānaprasthaḥ.

Ancient, a. purāṇa purātana (nī f.), pūrva prākkālīna prāktana prācīna. -s. (a. s) vṛddhāḥprācīnapuruṣāḥ (pl.).
     (2) dhvajaḥ patākā.
     (3) patākin m.
     -ly, adv. purā pūrvaṃ pūrvakāle.
     -ness, s. prācīnatā purātanatvaṃ &c.

Ancipital, a. dviśīrṣaka.
     (2) saṃdigdha.

And, conj. ca repeated after each word joined, or after all. In the case of nouns, ex. by Dvandva comps.; 'the Sun and the Moon' ādityacaṃdrau.
     (2) (With adjectives) gen. ex. by Karm. comps.; alasalulitamugdhāni aṃgakāni; (with numerals) by a comp. with adhika uttara; '100 a. 8' aṣṭādhikaṃ-aṣṭottaraṃ śataṃ.
     (3) (In the case of verbs) ex. by the use of gerunds; 'go a. tell him' gatvā tasmai kathaya; sometimes by in questions; jāta asti te mātā smarasi vā tātaṃ (U. 4).
     (4) api ca anyacca kiṃ ca. 'A. then' atha tadanu tataḥ; 'a. yet,' tathāpi or ex. by ca-ca; asulabhā sakaleṃdumukhī ca sā kimapi cedamanaṃgaviceṣṭitaṃ (V. 2).

Androgynous, a. dviliṃgaviśiṣṭa.

Aneal, v. t. tailena abhyaṃj 7 P.

Anear, adv. prāyaḥ
     (2) prep. saṃnidhau sakāśaṃ.
     (3) v. t. abhigam 1 P, abhyupa-i 2 P.

Anecdote, s. kathā upākhyānaṃ ākhyāyikā.

Anemograph, s. vāyuvegadigdarśakaṃ yaṃtraṃ.

Anemometer, s. vāyuvegamāpakaṃ yaṃtraṃ.

Anent, prep. uddiśya adhikṛtya viṣaye in comp.

Anew, adv. punaḥ punarapi.
     (2) abhinavaṃ.

Angel, s. devadūtaḥ īśvarapreṣyaḥ svargadūtaḥ 'you are my a.' tvaṃ me priyatamā prāṇapreyasī.
     -ical, a. divya devadūtopama amānuṣa (ṣī f.).

Anger, s. krodhaḥ kopaḥ amarṣaḥ roṣaḥ manyuḥ. -v. t. prakup c., krudh c.
     -Angry, a. jātāmarṣa ruṣṭa sāmarṣa saroṣa kopin kupita kruddha samanyu; 'to be a.' kup -krudh-ruṣ- 4 P, (with dat.).
     -Angrily, adv. sakopaṃ saroṣaṃ kopāt &c.

Angle, s. asraḥ koṇaḥ. -v. i. baḍiśena matsyān grah 9 P, uddhṛ-hṛ 1 P.
     -er, s. matsyavedhakaḥ.
     -ing, s. matsyagrahaṇaṃ.
     -lar, a. koṇaviśiṣṭa asropeta.

Anguish, s. paritāpaḥ pīḍā bādhā vedanā yātanā ātaṃkaḥ; 'a. of mind' manastāpaḥ.

Anhelation, s. ucchvasanaṃ hṛdayakaṃpaḥ vepathuḥ.

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Animadvert, v. i. niṃd 1 P, upālabh 1 A; See Censure. 2 parīkṣ 1 A, carcāṃ kṛ.
     -Animadversion, s. niṃdā upālaṃbhaḥ.
     (2) parīkṣaṇaṃ carcā.

Animal, s. jaṃtuḥ prāṇin m., jīvin m., jīvaḥ janmavat m.
     (2) paśuḥ mṛgaḥ tiryac m. -a. prāṇisaṃbaṃdhin &c.
     (2) cetana; 'a. food' māṃsāhāraḥ; 'a. pleasures' viṣayāḥ viṣayasukhāni; 'a. passions' (carnal) ṣaḍripavaḥ-iṃdriyāṇi; 'a. kingdom' prāṇivargaḥ.
     -cule, s. kṣudrajaṃtuḥ.

Animate, v. t. jīv c., samā-ā-śvas c., prāṇ c.
     (2) protsah c., jīvaṃ saṃcar c., uttij c., udyuj 10, parāṇud c.
     -ed, a. sajīva cetana cara prāṇin.
     (2) protsāhita āśvāsita.
     (3) praphulla protsāhanāprerita sāravat; 'a. by passion' madollāsita samada.
     -ion, s. jīvasaṃcāraṇaṃ jīvapradānaṃ.
     (2) protsāhanaṃ praphullatā ullāsaḥ.
     -or, s. prāṇadaḥ protsāhakaḥ &c.

Animosity, s. dveṣaḥ vairaṃ virodhaḥ mātsaryaṃ.

Animus, s. codanā uddeśaḥ.

Anise, s. chatrā sāleyaḥ.

Ankle, s. gulphaḥ ghuṭikā.

Anklet, s. nūpuraḥ-raṃ maṃjīraṃ.

Annals, s. vārṣikavṛttāṃtaḥ vārṣikavṛttetihāsaḥ.
     (2) purāvṛttakathā caritrākhyānaṃ.
     -Annalist, s. caritralekhakaḥ.

Annex, v. t. saṃyuj 10, anubaṃdh 9 P, upādhā 3. U; 'Oudh was a. ed to the Eritish territory' avadhadeśa āṃglarājyāṃgaṃ kṛtaḥrājyena saṃyojitaḥ.
     (2) aṃte nirdiś 6 P; 'a list of names is a. ed' nāmāvalī lekhāṃte dattā nāmāni lekhāṃte nirdiṣṭāni.
     -ation, s. saṃyojanaṃ anubaṃdhanaṃ; 'a thing annexed' anubaṃdhaḥ.
     -ed, a. saṃyojita upāhita.

Annihilate, v. t. ut-samut-chid 7 P, unmūl 10, ava-ut-sad c., naś c., vilup c.
     -ion, s. ucchedaḥ kṣayaḥ avasādanaṃ vilopaḥ vināśaḥ; pralayaḥ (of the world).

Anniversary, a. sāṃvatsarika-vārṣika (kī f.). -s. sāṃvatsariko vidhiḥ; 'a. of birth' janmadivasaḥ; 'a. of death' mṛtatithiḥ.

Annotate, v. t. ṭīkāṃ-bhāṣyaṃ-likh 6 P (with gen.), vyākhyā 2 P, vyācakṣ 2 A.
     -ion, s. ṭīkā vyākhyānaṃ bhāṣyaṃ ṭippanī.
     -or, s. ṭīkākāraḥ ṭīkā-bhāṣya-kṛt m.

Announce, v. t. ākhyā
     (2) P or c., nivid c., vighuṣ 10, prakāś c.
     -er, s. ākhyāyakaḥ saṃdeśaharaḥ.
     -ment, s. khyāpanaṃ nivedanaṃ vighoṣaṇā.
     (2) vārtā samācāraḥ saṃdeśaḥ.

Annoy, v. t. bādh 1 A, pīḍ 10, du 5 P, See Afflict. -ance, s. pīḍā vyathā kleśaḥ bādhā duḥkhaṃ; 'a source of a.' kaṃṭakaḥ.
     -er, s. pīḍā-vyathā-karaḥ.
     -ing, a. bādhaka duḥkhaprada.

Annual, a. vārṣika-sāṃvatsarika-ābdika (kā f.); prati-.
     -ly, adv. prativarṣaṃ pratisaṃvatsaraṃ varṣe varṣe.

Annuity, s. vārṣikaṃ vetanaṃ.

Annul, v. t. vi-ava-lup c., niras 4 U, nirarthaka a. kṛ.
     -ment, s. lopaḥ.

Annular, a. maṃḍalākāra valayākāra.

Annulet, s. kṣudravalayaḥ-yaṃ.

Anodyne, s. śūlaghnaṃ.

Anoint, v. t. lip 6 P, dih 2 U, aṃj 7 P, samālabh 1 A.
     (2) abhiṣic 6 P; 'a. ed as king' rājyebhiṣiktaḥ.
     -er, abhiṣecakaḥ vi-lepakaḥ.
     -ing, s. vilepanaṃ abhyaṃjanaṃ abhiṣekaḥ-ṣecanaṃ samālaṃbhaḥ.

Anomaly, s. vidhi-niyama-virodhaḥ aniyamaḥ vyabhicāraḥ.
     -ous, a. vidhi-niyama-viruddha avidhi.
     -ously, adv. aniyamataḥ vidhiviruddhaṃ.

Anon, adv. sapadi śīghraṃ jhaṭiti; 'ever and a.' muhurmuhuḥ.

Anonymous, a. avidita-anirdiṣṭa-lekhakanāman; nāma-saṃjñā-hīna.
     -ly, adv. nāma vinā nāmanirdeśaṃ vinā.

Another, a. anya-itara-para-apara pron. a.; or aṃtaraṃ in comp.; nagarāṃtaraṃ 'a. city;' 'in a. place' anyatra; 'in a. manner' anyathā; 'at a. time' anyadā; 'a. day' anyedyuḥ paredyuḥ; 'one after a.' anupūrvaśaḥ ekaikaśaḥ.

Answer, v. i. uttaraṃ dā 3 U or pratipad 4 A, prativac 2 P, pratibhāṣ 1 A.; 'he a. ed in the affirmative' bāḍhaṃ-tathā-iti sa pratyuvāca.
     (2) saṃvad 1 P, anurūpa-tulya-bhū.
     (3) pratibhūḥ sthā 1 P, prātibhāvyaṃ svīkṛ 8 U, uttaraṃ dā 3 U. -v. t. (a question) kath 10, brū 2 U, uttaraṃ dā (with gen.); 'a. my letter' mama lekhasyottaraṃ prahiṇu-preṣaya.
     (2) Refute, q. v.
     (3) klap 1 A (dat.), upa-yukta a. bhū 1 P; 'this will a. my purpose' anena me prayojanaṃ bhavet idaṃ me iṣṭasiddhaye kalpeta. -s. uttaraṃ prativacanaṃ pratyukti f, prati-vāc f., pratyuttaraṃ.
     -Able, a. parānuyogādhīna praṣṭavya.

Ant, s. pipīlikā.
     -hill, s. valmīkaḥ-kaṃ vāmalūraḥ kūlakaḥ.

Antagonist, s. pratipakṣaḥ vipakṣaḥ śatruḥ vairin m., See Enemy. -ic, a. viruddha virodhin.
     Antagonism, s. virodhaḥ vairaṃ.

Antarctic, a. dakṣiṇakeṃdrīya. -s. dakṣiṇakeṃdraṃ.

Antecedent, a. pūryagāmin pūrvagata. -s. pūrvacaritaṃ-vṛttaṃ.
     (2) pūrvagāmī śabdaḥ-śabdasamūhaḥ.

Antechamber, s. Sec

Antedate, v. t. prāktanadinaṃ likh 1 P.

Antediluvian, a. viśvapralayāt prāg vartamāna. atipurāṇa.

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Antelope, s. kṛṣṇasāraḥ hariṇaḥ eṇaḥ mṛgaḥ kuraṃgaḥ.

Anterior, a, prāktana (nī f.), pūrva.

Anthem, s. īśvarastuti f., stutirūpaṃ gītaṃ.

Anthropology, s. mānavajātiśāstraṃ.

Anthropophagi, s. kravyāśinaḥ (pl.) rākṣasāḥ.

Antic, s. bhaṃḍaḥ vaihāsikaḥ. -a. bhaṃḍasadṛśa (śī f.), ayogya asaṃgata.

Antichamber, s. upaśālā.

Anticipate, v. t. pūrvaṃ prāgeva-jñā 9 U or ni-rūp 10 or grah 9 P.
     (2) agrataḥ anubhū 1 P or bhuj 7 A, pūrvāsvādanaṃ kṛ.
     -ion, s. pūrvameva jñānaṃ pūrvabhukti f., pūrvāsvādanaṃ.

Antidote, s. viṣaghno'gadaḥ prativiṣaṃ; 'a. against anxiety' ciṃtāviṣaghno'gadaḥ 'dealer in a. s' viṣavaidyaḥ. jāṃgulikaḥ.
     (2) pratikāraḥ.
     -al, a. viṣaghna (ghnī f.).

Antimony, s. srotoṃjanaṃ yāmunaṃ sauvīraṃ.

Antipathy, s. virodhaḥ vairaṃ dvaṃdvabhāvaḥ vidveṣaḥ; 'natural a.' śāśvatiko virodhaḥ.

Antiphony, s. pratidhvaniḥ pratigānaṃ.

Antipodes, s. pratilomaṃ; 'living in a.' pra-tilomāḥ.

Antipyrin (e), s. jvaraghnaṃ auṣadhaṃ.

     -rian, s. prākkālīnaviṣayakovi-daḥ-paṃḍitaḥ. -a prākkālīna prāktana (nī f.)

Antiquated, Antique, a. prācīna purātanaprāktana (nī f.), purāṇa; (style) apracalita luptaprayoga (bhāṣāsaraṇiḥ).
     -Antiquity, s. Ancients, q. v.
     (2) prākkālaḥ pūrvakālaḥ.
     (3) purātanatvaṃ prākkālīnatvaṃ.

Antiseptic, a. pūtināśaka.

Antithesis, s. pratipakṣatā virodhaḥ arthavaiparītyaṃ.

Antitype, s. mūlamūrti f., ādarśaḥ.

Antler, s. hariṇaśṛṃgaṃ mṛgaviṣāṇaṃ.
     -ed, a. śṛṃgavat viṣāṇin.

Anus, s. gudaṃ apānaṃ pāyuḥ.

Anvil, s. śūrmaḥ-rmī sthūṇā.

Anxiety, s. ciṃtā utkaṃṭhā autsukyaṃ vyagratā manastāpaḥ cittodvegaḥ; ākulatvaṃ utkalikā raṇaraṇakaḥ.
     -Anxious, a. vyākulita udvigna utkaṃṭhita ciṃtāpara vyagra.
     (2) utsuka īpsu sakāma; 'he thus passes a. nights' evamudvignasya yāṃti rajanyaḥ; 'to be a. (for)' utkaṃṭh 1 A, utsukāyate (D.), uttam 4 P; 'he is a. to see you near' utkaṃṭhate yuṣmatsannikarṣasya (U. 6.).
     (3) ciṃtāprada udvegakara (rī f.).
     -ly, adv. sodvegaṃ sotkaṃṭhaṃ saciṃtaṃ.

Any, a. Ex. by cit cana or api with the forms of kim; 'a. man' kopi naraḥ; 'a. woman' kācitstrī &c., 'at a. time' kadācit.
     (2) (Any whosoever) Ex. by forms of yat with the above; yaḥ kaścanāgacchatu 'let a. come'; 'I may be a. one' yo vā ko vā bhavāmyahaṃ; 'a. how' kathaṃcit yena kena prakāreṇa yathā kathaṃcit; 'a. longer' punaḥ itaḥ-ataḥ-paraṃ 'a. where' kutrāpi kvacidapi; 'a. thing' īṣadapi stokamapi.

Apace, adv. satvaraṃ śīghraṃ See Quickly.

Apart, adv. pṛthak; vi-pra-gata a.; 'having knees a.' prajñuḥ.
     (2) nibhṛtaṃ rahasi vijane ekāṃte vivikte.
     (3) dūre.
     (4) svagataṃ janāṃtikaṃ. 'a. from this consideration', 'this consideration a.' idaṃ kāraṇaṃ vihāyatyaktvā etadarthabhinna a.; 'excellence of virtues a., a woman must have modesty at least' guṇasaṃpatstriyā mā nāma bhavatu śālīnatā punaravaśyaṃ syādeva.
     -ment, s. koṣṭhaḥ śālā kakṣā āvāsaḥ saudhaṃ; 'inner a. s' aṃtaḥpuraṃ aṃtarveśman n.

Apathy, s. audāsīnyaṃ udāsīnatā vairāgyaṃ.
     -etic, a. udāsīna.
     (2) vītaspṛha-rāga niḥspṛha nirīha nirapekṣa.
     (3) nirutsāha.

Ape, s. vānaraḥ kapiḥ plava (vaṃ) gaḥ.
     (2) anu-kārin m. -v. t. vānaravat anukṛ 8 U. (gen.).
     -Apish, a. kāpeya (yī f.), vānaropama.

Apepsy, s. ajīrṇaṃ.

Aperient, s. recakaṃ recanaṃ.

Aperture, s. chidraṃ raṃdhraṃ sūkṣmaṃ dvāraṃ.

Apetalous, a. dalahīna niṣpatra nirdala.

Apex, s. śikhā cūḍā agraṃ; śiras n., mastakaṃ.

Aphorism, s. sūtraṃ vacanaṃ.

Apiary, s. madhumakṣikā-karaṃḍaḥ -ādhāraḥsamudgakaḥ.

Apiece, adv. ekaikaśaḥ pṛthak pṛthak ekaikaṃ.

Apocryphal, a. saṃdigdhapramāṇa.

Apologue, s. upakathā upākhyānaṃ.

Apology, s. kṣamāprārthanā kṣamāyācanā svadoṣasvīkāraḥ.
     (2) vyapa-apa-deśaḥ chadman n.
     -ist, s. svadoṣasvīkārin m., vyapadeṣṭṛ m.
     -ize, v. i. kṣamāṃ yāc 1 A. or prārtha 10 A, svadoṣaṃ svīkṛ-aṃgīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) vyapadiś 6 P, vyapadeśaṃ-chadma-kṛ.
     -Apologetic, a. vyapa-deśaka.

Apophlegmatic, a. kaphanāśana (nī f.).

Apophthegm, s. sūtraṃ vacanaṃ nītivacanaṃ.

Apoplexy, s. aṃgavikṛti f., saṃnyāsaḥ.

Apostate, s. svadharmatyāgin m., svadharmabhraṣṭaḥcyutaḥ patitaḥ.
     -Apostacy, s. svadharmatyāgaḥ dharmabhraṃśaḥ paradharmāśrayaḥ.
     -Apostatize, v. i. svadharmāt bhraṃś 1 A, 4 P or pat 1 P, paradharmamāśri 1 U.

Apostle, s. īśvarapreritaḥ īśvaradūtaḥ.

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Apostrophe, s. saṃbodhanaṃ.
     -ize, v. t. saṃbudh c., āmaṃtr 10 A.

Apothecary, s. auṣadhānāṃ vikretṛ m., bheṣajavikrayin m.

Appall, v. t. saṃ-vi-tras c., bhī c., udvij c., vyākulīkṛ 8 U; 'he was a. ed with fear' bhayena vivarṇībhūtaḥ; 'a. ing sight' mahātrāsajanakaṃ sthānaṃ or darśanaṃ.

Apparatus, s. upakaraṇaṃ sāmagrī.

Apparel, s. veśaḥ-ṣaḥ vastra paridhānaṃ ābharaṇaṃ. -v. t. vas c., prāvṛ 5 U, saṃvye 1 P.

Apparent, a. vyakta abhivyakta sphuṭa spaṣṭa pratyakṣa prakāśa āvirbhūta.
     (2) mithyā ind., avāstava (vī f.); 'a. praise' vyājastuti f.
     (3) bāhya bahiḥ in comp.; 'to make a.' āviṣkṛ spaṣṭī-prakaṭī-kṛ.
     -ly, adv. vyaktaṃ spaṣṭaṃ &c.
     (2) bahiḥ; 'a wise man acts a. agreeably' vidvān jano bahī ramaṇīyaṃ vyavaharati (Mal. 1).

Apparition, s. ābhāsaḥ chāyā ākāraḥ.
     (2) vetālaḥ piśācaḥ.

Appeal, v. i. punarvicāraṃ prārth 10 A.
     (2) pramāṇīkṛ 8 U, pramāṇayati (D.); or by pramāṇaṃ; '1 a. to your lordship in this case' atra viṣaye'trabhavaṃtaṃ pramāṇīkaromi atrabhavān pramāṇaṃ. -s. punarvicāraprārthanāḥ; pramāṇīkaraṇaṃ.

Appear, v. i. udi 2 P, udgam 1 P, prakāś 1 A, prādurbhū 1 P, āvirbhū.
     (2) upasthā 1 U, sannidhā pass.
     (3) pratibhā 2 P, avabhās 1 A, dṛś pass., lakṣ pass.; 'so as to a. dead' mṛtamivātmānaṃ saṃdarśya; 'the witness did not a.' sākṣī nopatasthau.
     -ance, s. udayaḥ prādurbhāvaḥ āvirbhāvaḥ.
     (2) upasthiti f.
     (3) ākāraḥ ākṛti f., rūpaṃ; 'good in a.' śobhanākṛti sudṛśya prekṣaṇīya.
     (4) ābhāsaḥ chāyā ābhā; 'your story has an a. of truth' tava kathā satyeva pratibhāti-avabhāsate.
     (5) anumānaṃ.

Appease, v. t. sāṃ (śāṃ) tv 10, pra-upa-śam c. (śamayati) tuṣ c., prasad c., anunī 1 P; 'to be a. ed' prasad 1 P, paśam 4 P.
     -ing, s. sāṃtvanaṃ pra-upa-śāṃti f., prasādanaṃ anunayaḥ.

Appellation, s. See Name.-Appellative, a. abhidhāyin.
     (2) sāmānya.

Append, v. t. anubaṃdh 9 P, upādhā 3 U, āsaṃj c.
     -age, s. anubaṃdhaḥ; upāhitabhāgaḥ.
     (2) upakaraṇaṃ.
     -ed, s. saṃyojita upāhita.
     -ix, s. pariśiṣṭaṃ śeṣasaṃgrahaḥ.

Appertain, v. i. See Belong. -Apper-
     -tenance, s. anubaṃdhaḥ; upakaraṇaṃ upaskaraḥ sāmagrī.

Appetite, s. kāmaḥ rāgaḥ abhilāṣaḥ icchā ruci f.
     (2) bubhukṣā kṣudhā-dh f.; 'sensual a.' viṣayaruciḥ viṣayoparāgaḥ.

Applaud, v. t. praśaṃs 1 P, ślāgh 1 A, abhinaṃd 1 P, stu 2 U.
     (2) upagai 1 P.
     -Applause, s. praśaṃsā ślāghā stuti f.
     (2) praśaṃsāvācaḥ (pl.). dhanyavādaḥ; 'he rese to speak amidst loud a.' uccaiḥ praśaṃsāvāca udīrayatsu śrotṛṣu sa vaktumudatiṣṭhat.
     -Applausive, a. ślāghānvita; stutimaya (yī f.).

Apple, s ātāvṛkṣaḥ-phalaṃ.
     (2) (Of the eye) tārā kanīnikā; 'a. of discord' bhedakalaha-bījaṃ.

Apply, v. t. saṃyuj 10, nyas 4 P, c. (arpayati) niviś c., nidhā 3 U, āruh c.; 'a. yoar shoulder to the wheel' cakramaṃsena uttaṃbhaya; 'a. ing the hand to my shoulde' aṃse hastaṃ niveśya &c.
     (2) vidhā 3 U; prayuj 7 A, 10; 'they do not a. the word viṣaya to happiness' sukhārthe viṣayaśabdaṃ na prayuṃjaṃte -śabdasya prayogo na dṛśyate.
     (3) āśri 1 U; yāc 1 A, arth 10 A.
     (4) (Oneself to) anuṣṭhā 1 P, manaḥcittaṃ-samādhā or baṃdh 9 P, abhiyuj pass (ete vayaṃ svakarmaṇyabhiyujyāmahe Mu. 3). -v. i. lag 1 P, saṃ-anu-baṃdh 9 P.
     (2) prayuj pass., upapad 4 A; oft. by gam 1 P, i
     (2) P; 'this our title does not a. to any one else' dvitīyagāmī na hi śabda eṣa naḥ (R. III. 49); rāma ityayaṃ śabda uccarita eva māmagāt (R. XI. 73.); viṣaya in comp.; 'the word īśvara not a. ing to anybody else' īśvara ityananyaviṣayaḥ śabdaḥ (V. 1).
     (3) (to, for) yāc 1 A, pra-abhi-arth 10 A; 'a. ed for further orders' koparo niyogonuṣṭhīyatāmiti prārthayāmāsa.
     -Appliance, s. upāyaḥ upakaraṇaṃ sāmagrī.
     -Application, s. yojanaṃ vidhānaṃ prayogaḥ saṃprayogaḥ niveśanaṃ nyāsaḥ arpaṇaṃ.
     (2) manoniyogaḥ cittāsakti f., abhyasanaṃ adhyavasāyaḥ abhiniveśaḥ āsakti f., anuṣṭhānaṃ.
     (3) upayogaḥ prayojanaṃ.
     (4) saṃbaṃdhaḥ; 'a. of this speech to Rāma' asya vacanasya rāmagāmī saṃbaṃdhaḥ.
     (5) prārthanā.
     -Applicable, a. lagat. (ntī f.), prayojya.
     (2) saṃgata saṃbaddha.
     -cant, s. prārthayitṛ m., arthin m., yācakaḥ praṇayin m.

Appoint, v. t. yuj 7 U, 10, sthā c. (sthāpayati) nidhā 3 U.
     (2) adhikṛ niyuj 7 A (with loc.) ya imāmāśramadharme niyuṃkte (S. 1); vyādiś 6 P.
     (3) nirdiś 6 P, nirūp 10; 'a. ed lesson' nirdiṣṭapāṭhaḥ; 'a. ed time' kṛtaḥ kālāvadhiḥ kṛtasaṃketaḥ samayaḥ.
     -ment, s. niyogaḥ adhikāraḥ padaṃ.
     (2) niyamaḥ vidhiḥ ājñā śāsanaṃ.
     (3) upakaraṇaṃ.
     (4) nirūpaṇaṃ sthāpanaṃ.
     (5) samayaḥ saṃketaḥ; 'keep your a.' samayamanurudhyasva-vartasva; 'Queen, let us keep (to) our a.' devi sāmayikā bhavāmaḥ (M. 1.).

Apportion, See Divide.

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Apposite, a. yukta yathārtha saṃgata.
     -ly, adv. sthāne yathārthataḥ.

Apposition, s. samānādhikaraṇaṃ ekānvayaḥ.

Appraise, v. t. (goods) (mūlyaṃ) nirūp 10, nirdhṛ 10.
     -er, s. mūlyanirūpakaḥ.

Appreciate, v. t. (guṇāguṇaṃ) jñā 9 U, avagam 1 P, grah 9 P, vivic 7 P; 'appreciator of merits' guṇagrahītṛ m.; guṇajñaḥ marmajñaḥ.
     (2) bahu man 4 A.
     -ion, s. guṇagrahaṇaṃ guṇāguṇajñānaṃ-vivecanaṃ.

Apprehend, v. t. grah 9 P, parāmṛś 6 P, āsidh 1 P, ākram 1 U, 4 P, dhṛ 1 P.
     (2) ā-vi-pari-śaṃk 1 A.
     (3) man 4 A, śaṃk 1 A; tark 10, ūh 1 U, anumā 3 A.
     (4) ava-adhi-gam 1 P, upalabh 1 A.
     -sion, s. grahaṇaṃ āsedhaḥ; ā-vi-pari-śaṃkā anumānaṃ tarkaḥ mati f., buddhi f.; 'of quick a.' tīkṣṇamati; 'of dull a.' maṃdadhī sthūlabuddhi.
     -Apprehensive, a. āśaṃkamāna śaṃkita; 'a. of danger' bhayamāśaṃkamānaḥ.

Apprentice, s. śilpavidyāśiṣyaḥ aṃtevāsin m., śiṣyaḥ.
     -ship, s. sevākālaḥ śiṣyatvakālaḥ.

Apprise (of), See Inform.

Approach, v. t. upa-samupa-abhi-gam 1 P, -i-yā 2 P, -sṛ-sṛp 1 P; samīpaṃ-nikaṭe-gam (with gen.). -v. i. upa-samupā-sthā 1 U, -gam; pratyāsad 1 P. -s. āgamaḥ avatāraḥ upasthiti f.; 'a. of night' doṣāgamaḥ rajanyupasthitiḥ.
     (2) saṃnikarṣaḥ āsannatā.
     (3) praveśaḥ upasarpaṇamārgaḥ.
     -ing, a. āsanna; 'his death a.' āsannamaraṇe tasmin saṃni-kṛṣṭa samupasthita.
     -able, a. upasarpaṇīya samupagamya

Appropriate, v. t. ātmasāt kṛ 8 U, svādhīnasvāyatta. -a. kṛ.
     (2) pra-vini-upa-yuj 7 U, 10, upakḷp c. -a. upapanna saṃgata ucita yukta; 'a. to the occasion' prastāvasadṛśaṃ.
     (2) svakīya.
     -ly, adv. upapannaṃ yuktaṃ sthāne yathārthataḥ.
     -ion, s. ātmasātkaraṇaṃ; viniyogaḥ upakalpanaṃ.

Approve, v. t. anumud 1 A, anu-saṃ-man 4 A, praśaṃs 1 P, abhi-prati-naṃd 1 P, ruc 1 A; etayorvivāda eva me na rocate (M. 1) 'I do not a. of their very quarrel'; 'I do not a. of your speech' na te vaco'bhinaṃdāmi (S. 2)
     (2) pramāṇayati (D.), vibhū c.
     -al, s. anumodanaṃ abhinaṃdanaṃ; saṃmati f., praśaṃsā; 'he got the a. of his mother' mātrānumoditaḥ.
     -ed, a. saṃmata praśasta &c., parīkṣita
     -Approbation, s. saṃ-anu-mati f
     (2) sādhu-dhanyavādaḥ praśaṃsā.

Approximate, v. t. upanī 1 P, upasthā c. sthāpayati). -v. i. samīpaṃ-nikaṭaṃ-vṛt 1 A, āsanna a. bhū See Approach. 2 Resemble, q. v. -a. samīpa āsanna saṃnikṛṣṭa; 'a. to 10' āsannadaśāḥ.
     -ion, s. āsannatā upagamaḥ &c.

April, s. caitraḥ madhumāsaḥ vaiśākhaḥ.

Apron, s. (malanivāraṇārthaṃ) kaṭipracchadaḥ malavastraṃ.

Apropos, adv. anurūpaṃ yathā in comp.

Apt, a. ucita yogya yukta.
     (2) Ex by śīla in comps., prāyaḥ with pot. pass. part.; 'youths are a. to forget' yuvāno vismaraṇaśīlāḥ; 'lazy boys are a. to be bad boys' alasairbālakaiḥ prāyo durvṛttairbhavitavyaṃ; 'over-affection is a. to suspect evil; atisnehaḥ pāpaśaṃkī (S. 4); ālu in comp.; 'a. to take pity' dayālu; 'a. to break' bhaṃgura.
     (3) dakṣa kuśala abhijña See Skilful.
     (4) tvarita capala udyukta.
     -itude, s. yogyatā pātratā aucityaṃ.
     (2) -śīlatā svabhāvaḥ śīlaṃ.
     -ly, adv. yathocitaṃ yathopapannaṃ sthāne cāturyeṇa sakauśalaṃ.
     -ness, s. yogyatā; kauśalaṃ pāṭavaṃ.
     (2) śakti f., sāmarthyaṃ.

Aquarium, s. jalacaraprāṇisaṃgrahaḥ-palvalaṃ.

Aquatic, a. jala in comp., jalodbhava vāricara; 'a. animal' jalajaṃtuḥ yādas n.
     (2) jalacara jalaja vārija.

Aqueduct, s. jalapraṇālī jalamārgaḥ parīvāhaḥ.

Aqueous, a. jalamaya (yī f.), ammaya sajala anūpa.

Aquiline, a. garūḍacaṃcusadṛśa (śī f.); vakra kuṃcita; 'having an a. nose' garuḍanāsaḥ.

Arable, a. karṣaṇīya kṛṣiyogya.

Arbiter, s. madhyasthaḥ; nirṇetṛ m., pramāṇapuruṣaḥ.
     (2) īśaḥ prabhuḥ.
     -Arbitrate, v. vicar c., nirṇī 1 P; madhyasthatāṃ gṛhītvā nirṇī or paricchid 7 P.
     -ion, s. madhyasthakṛtanirṇayaḥ; vicāraṇaṃ nirṇayaḥ.
     (2) mādhyasthaṃ.
     -or, s. See Arbiter.

Arbitrary, a. svecchācārin kāmacārin svacchaṃda svairavṛtta.
     (2) aniyaṃtraṇa uddāma.
     (3) capala avihita
     -ly, adv. svecchayā svakāmataḥ svaira niryatraṇaṃ.

Arbour, s. latāgṛhaṃ kuṃjaḥ nikuṃjaḥ-jaṃ parṇaśālā.

Arc. s. vṛttakhaṃḍaṃ dhanus n.

Arcade, s. ācchāditapathaḥ-mārgaḥ.

Arcadian, a. grāmya grāmīṇa.

Arch, s. khaṃḍamaṃḍalaṃ vṛttakhaṃḍaṃ; 'a. of heaven' nabhomaṃḍalaṃ.
     (2) toraṇaḥ -ṇaṃ. -v. t. maṃḍalīkṛ toraṇarūpeṇa nirmā 3 A, golākāreṇa ācchad 10, 'a. ed' satoraṇa nyastatoraṇa; bhugna kuṃcita vakra toraṇākāra. -a. vidagdha dhūrta catura; mukhya śreṣṭha uttama pradhāna agraṇī; 'a. fiend' piśācāgraṇīḥ; 'a angel' pradhānadevadūtaḥ; 'a. bishop' mukhyo dharmādhyakṣaḥ.

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Archaic, a, ārṣa prācīna.

Archaism, s. prācīna-ārṣa-prayogaḥ.

Archaeology, s. purāṇavastuśāstraṃ.

Archer, s. dhanvin m., dhānuṣkaḥ iṣudharaḥ niṣaṃgin m., dhanurdharaḥ.
     -y, s. dhanurvidyā śarābhyāsaḥ dhanurvedaḥ.

Archetype, s. mūlarūpaṃ ādarśaḥ.

Archipelago, s. dvīpasamūhaḥ.
     (2) dvīpacitārṇavaḥ.

Architect, s. sthapatiḥ śilpin m; 'man is the a. of his own fortune' loke gurutvaṃ viparītatāṃ vā svaceṣṭitānyeva naraṃ nayaṃti (H. 2).
     -ure, s. śilpaṃ vastunirmāṇakauśalaṃ nirmāṇaśilpaṃ.

Archives, s. graṃtharakṣāgāraṃ.
     (2) purāvṛttaṃ.

Arctic, a. uttara udīcīna uttarakeṃdrīya.

Ardent, a. uttapta pracaṃḍa utkaṭa utsuka kutūhalin utsāhin vyagra; 'a. love' nirati-śayonurāgaḥ; 'a. looks' satṛṣṇā dṛṣṭiḥ.
     -ly, adv. utkaṭaṃ satṛṣṇaṃ sānurāgaṃ.
     -Ardour, s. uttāpaḥ atyaṃtatā niratiśayaḥ atirekaḥ utkaṭatā utsāhaḥ vyagratā kutūhalaṃ autsukyaṃ.

Arduous, a. duṣkara yatnasādhya duḥsādhya su-ati-duṣkara.
     (2) prāṃśu durāroha ucca.

Area, s. phalaṃ; 'a. of a field' kṣetraphalaṃ.
     (2) aṃgaṇaṃ-naṃ; 'inner a' prakoṣṭhaḥ.

Arena, s. raṃgaḥ raṃgabhūmi f., mallabhūḥ.

Argent, a. rājata (tī f.), raupya (pyī f.).

Argue, v. i. tark 10, ūhāpohaṃ kṛ 8 U, vicar c., vivecanaṃ kṛ.
     (2) vivad 1 A, vāde uttaraṃpratyuttaraṃ kṛ. -v. t. pramāṇena-tarkeṇa sidh c.; (sādhayati) pramāṇayati (D), yuktivādena sidh c., yuktyā tark 10. ūh 1 A.
     -er, s. tarkin m., vicārakaḥ vādin m.
     -Argument, s. yukti f., upapatti f.
     (2) pakṣaḥ pramāṇaṃ hetuḥ nyāyaḥ vitarkaḥ; 'a wrong a.' pakṣābhāsaḥ hetvābhāsaḥ.
     (3) vādānuvādaḥ vivādaḥ vākkalahaḥ.
     (4) viṣayaḥ anukramaṇikā.
     -ative, a. tārkika (kī f.), tarkānubaddha. nyāyānusārin upapattimat.
     (2) vādaśīla vivādapriya.
     -ly, adv. sopapattikaṃ savitarkaṃ yuktivādena.

Arid, a. śuṣka ātapākrāṃta; 'a. soil' maruḥ marusthalaṃ-lī.

Aright, adv. yuktaṃ yathātathaṃ yathāsthānaṃ samyak yathārhaṃ.

Arise, v. i. utthā 1 P; utpadū 4 A, ut-pra-saṃ-bhū 1 P, prajan 4 A, pravṛt 1 A; udi 2 P, udgam 1 P; āvi-prādu-rbhū viniḥ-pra-sṛ 1 P, 'a. ing from' ex. by ja bhava udbhava prabhava in comp.; smarajā pīḍā 'torment a. ing from love'; yauvanaprabhavaṃ tamaḥ &c.; oft. by uttha samuttha; nayanasamutthaṃ jyotiḥ Flash arising from the eye.

Aristocracy, s. kulīna-viśiṣṭa-janāḥ.
     (2) śiṣṭajanasattākaṃ rājyaṃ.
     -Aristocratic, a. kulīna abhijāta.

Arithmetic, s. aṃkavidyā-gaṇitaṃ parikarman n.
     -ian, s. aṃkavidyājñaḥ gaṇakaḥ.

Ark, s. nau f., taraṇī potaḥ.
     (2) ādhāraḥ koṣaḥ.

Arm, s. bāhuḥ bhujaḥ bhujā dos m. n.; 'fore-a.' prakoṣṭhaḥ.
     (2) śākhā.
     (3) nadīvaṃkaḥ vakraṃ.
     (4) śakti f., balaṃ vīryaṃ; 'got by one's own a.' svabhujavīryeṇa labdhaṃ bhujopārjitaṃ -v. t. sannah c., sajjīkṛ 8 U, astraiḥ saṃyuj 10, sāyudha a kṛ. -v. i. sannah 4 U. sajjībhū 1 P. -s astraṃ śastraṃ āyudhaḥ-dhaṃ śastrāstraṃ.
     (2) vigrahaḥ raṇasamayaḥ saṃgrāmaḥ yuddhaṃ; 'taking up a.' yuddhāraṃbhaḥ; 'passage of a.' astravidyā.
     -ed, sāyudha sannaddha sajja; 'a. with a sword' sakhaṅgaḥ.
     -less, a. abhuja aśastra anāyudha.
     -pit, -hole, s. kakṣākṣaḥ vāhumūlaṃ bhujakoṭaraḥ-raṃ dormūlaṃ.
     -let, keyūraḥ-raṃ aṃgadaḥ-daṃ.
     (2) kṣudrabāhuḥ upaśākhā.

Armada, s. bṛhannausādhanaṃ.

Armament, s. balaṃ sajjīkṛtaṃ balaṃ yuddhopakaraṇāni.

Armistice, s. yuddhavirati f., saṃdhiḥ yuddhanivarttanaṃ (niyatakālaṃ yāvat).

Armorial, s. kāvacika āyudhīya āyudhika.
     (2) kulacihnasaṃbaṃdhin.

Armour, s. varman n., kavacaḥ-caṃ kaṃcukaḥ sannāhaḥ tanuvāraṃ tanutraṃ-trāṇa. 'a. for the head' śirastrāṇaṃ.
     -er, s. śastrakāraḥ astrakāraḥ.
     -y, s. āyudhāgāraṃ śastragṛhaṃ.
     (2) śastrasamūhaḥ.

Army, s. senā sainyaṃ balaṃ vāhinī camūḥ anīkaṃ pṛtanā daṃḍaḥ-ḍaṃ; 'full a.' caturaṃgaṃ balaṃ akṣauhiṇī.

Aroma, s. gaṃdhaḥ āmodaḥ parimalaḥ.
     -tic, a. surabhi sugaṃdhi.
     (2) surabhita; a. s sugaṃdhidravyāṇi.
     -tize, v. t. vās 10.

Around, prep. paritaḥ amitaḥ (with acc.). -adv. samaṃtataḥ sarvataḥ viṣvak samaṃtāt.

Arouse, v. t. (Frem sleep) jāgṛ c., prabudh c.
     (2) ut-prot-sah c., uttij c., utthā c. (utthāpayati); udbudh c., jan c. (janayati).

Arraign, v. t. See Accuse.

Arrange, v. t. rac 10, ghad c., vi-ūh 1 U; saṃ-vidhā 3 U, vini-as 4 U, sthā c. (sthāpayati); 'well a. ed' sughaṭita; 'a. in order' yathākramaṃ rac saṃvidhā c. &c.
     (2) (Settle) upakḷp c., nirṇī 1 P; 'I have a. ed to pay his debts' tasya ṛṇaṃ kathaṃ pratideyamiti mayā nirṇītaṃ-ālocitaṃ.
     -ment. s. racanā vinyāsaḥ saṃvidhā vyūhanaṃ krameṇa sthāpanaṃ paripāṭi-ṭī f., kramaḥ; 'a. of plot' vasturacanā saṃvidhānakaṃ; saraṇi-ṇī f.
     (2) nirṇayaḥ; 'all a. s for his reception are complete' sarvāstatsaṃbhāvanāsaṃvidhā upakalpitāḥ.

Arrant, a. atyaṃta bhṛśa ati pr.
     (2) atiniṃdya atiduṣṭa nikṛṣṭa.

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Array, s. vyūhaḥ racanaṃ vinyāsaḥ kramaḥ śroṇiṇī f., paṃkti f.
     (2) veṣaḥ ābharaṇaṃ paricchadaḥ. -v. t. krameṇa rac 10, sajjīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) bhūṣ 10, alaṃkṛ; vastreṇa ācchad 10; 'he was richly a. ed' sa mahārghavastrabhūṣitaḥ -vastrāṇi paryadhatta.

Arrear, s. avaśiṣṭadeyaṃ ṛṇaśeṣaṃ aśodhito bhāgaḥ; 'clear up all a. s' sarvamavaśiṣṭadeyaṃ pariśodhayaḥ kāryapariśeṣaṃ samāpayaḥ 'hip pay remained in a. s' yathāvasaramadattatvāttasya vetanaṃ samuccitaṃ.

Arrest, v. t. nirudh 7 U, grah 9 P, āsidh 1 P, baṃdh 9 P, dhṛ 1 P, 10; ṛṇahetoḥ rājājñayā dhṛ 10.
     (2) nivṛt c., staṃbh 9 P or c. (nivartayāmāsa nṛpasya dṛṣṭiṃ) (R. II. 28); 'the Chitra kuta mountam a. s my eye' badhnāti me cakṣuścitrakūṭaḥ (R. XIII. 47); 'a. attention' ananyamanas a. kṛ 8 U, ananyacitta a. kṛ. -s nirodhaḥ āsedhaḥ grahaṇaṃ dharaṇaṃ baṃdhanaṃ.

Arrive, v. i. pra-saṃpra-anupra-āp 5 P, ā-samāsad 1 P, abhi-upā-gam 1 P, upasthā 1 U, prapad 4 A (yauvanadaśāṃ prapede).
     -al, s. āgamanaṃ upasthiti f. &c.

Arrogance, s. auddhatyaṃ darpaḥ abhimānaḥ ahaṃkāraḥ garvaḥ madaḥ avalepaḥ prāgalbhyaṃ utsekaḥ āṭopaḥ.
     -Arrogant, a. uddhata dṛpta ahaṃkārayukta pragalbha samada garvita avalipta. utsikta mānin; 'a. lady' māninī pramadā.
     -ly, adv. uddhataṃ sāvalepaṃ sadarpaṃ &c.

Arrogate, v. t. sagarvaṃ-anyāyena-grah 9 P or svāyattīkṛ 8 U or ādā 3 A.
     -ion, s. anyāyagrahaṇaṃ upadhā.

Arrow, s. śaraḥ bāṇaḥ sāyakaḥ iṣuḥ kāṃḍaṃ bhallaḥ nārācaḥ mārgaṇaḥ śilīmukhaḥ viśikhaḥ.
     -y, a. bāṇavat &c.; bāṇākāra.

Arsenal, s. āyudhāgāraṃ śastragṛhaṃ.
     (2) śastrāstrasamūhaḥ.

Arsenic, s. phenāśman m.; manaḥśilā.

Arson, s. gṛhadahanāparādhaḥ.

Art, s. śilpaṃ śilpavidyā kalā vyavasāyaḥ nāṭyakalā a. of dancing'.
     (2) kalpanā vidyā (science).
     (3) nipuṇatā yukti f., kauśalaṃ; sādhanaṃ; 'a. s of line' jīvanasādhanāni.
     (4) vyājaḥ kapaṭa māyā vaidagdhyaṃ cāturyaṃ.
     -ful, a. catura; māyāvin 'a. look' caturo dṛṣṭikṣepaḥ; vidagdha māyāvat.
     (2) śilpena kṛta. 3 nipuṇa kuśala.
     -fulness, s. cāturyaṃ vaidagdhyaṃ &c
     -less, a. ṛju amāya akṛtaka akṛtrima avyāja; 'a. ly lovely body' avyājamanoharaṃ vapuḥ (S. 1).
     -ness, s. saralatā amāyitā akṛtakatā ārjavaṃ
     -Artifice, s. upāyaḥ chalaṃ chadman n., vyapadeśaḥ kapaṭaṃ vyājaḥ.
     -Artificer, s. śilpin m., karma-śilpa-kāraḥ.
     (2) kartṛ m., nirmātṛ m.
     -Artificial, a. kṛtrima kṛtaka; savyāja.
     (2) śilpanirmita; 'a. mountain' krīḍāparvataḥ.
     Artist, s. śilpin m., citrakaraḥ.
     (2) paṃḍita; nipuṇaḥ.

Artery, s. dhamanī raktavāhinī.

Article, s. dravyaṃ vastu n, sāmagrī.
     (2) viṣayaḥ padaṃ bhāgaḥ.
     (3) samayaḥ samayapatraṃ 4 vṛttapatralekhaḥ.

Articulate, a. spaṣṭa parisphuṭa vyakta. -v. t. spaṣṭaṃ-sphuṭaṃ-uccar c. or udīr 10.
     (2) graṃth 9 P, saṃyuj 10, saṃdhā 3 U,
     -ness, s. spaṣṭatā sphuṭatā; 'a. in uttering syllables' varṇoccāraṇe spaṣṭatā 'utters articulate sound's parisphuṭākṣarāṃ giramudīrayati (Ka. 13).
     -ion, s. uccāraṇaṃ &c.
     (2) saṃdhānaṃ.

Artillery, s. agnyastrāṇi; yuddhāstrāṇi.

As, conj., adv. Ex. by vat iva; mātṛvatmātaramiva-paradārān paśya.
     (2) yathā yadvat anu-rūpaṃ-peṇa; yathā in comp. (yathoktaṃ kathaya); 'as-so' yathā-tathā with or without eva 'as-as' yathaiva-tathaiva (yathaiva śāṃtā tathaiva sītā daśarathasya priyā (U. 4). 'as since-therefore' tathā-tathā yataḥ-tataḥ yat-tat; 'as for instance,' yathā (yathā mahānase), or tathāhi.
     (2) (On account of) ex. by abl. orinstr. of noun.
     (3) (While) yāvat-tāvat; or by pres. part.; 'as he was going, he thought' gacchan sa itthaṃ manasi cakāra; 'as high as' daghna (ghnī f.), mātra in comp.; 'water as high as the knee' jānudaghnaṃ jalaṃ; ūrumātrā bhittiḥ &c; 'as soon as' yāvat-tāvat; or loc. abs. constr. with mātra or eva; 'as he had spoken' uktava-tyeva tasmin; 'as before,' yathāpurā yathāpūrvaṃ pūrvavat; 'as far as' yāvat with acc., ā with abl. or in comp (āsamudrakṣitīśānāṃ) 'as if,' 'as it were' iva; oft. by man 4 A; 'as if the city had been a large tank' nagaraṃ mahākāsāraṃ manyamānaḥ; 'as follows' iti (iti vaktaṃ pracakrame), or ex. by yathā-yat at the beginning of narratives; 'it is as follows' tadyathā; 'as to,' 'as for' tu tāvat iti adhikṛtya uddiśya; 'as for ments, he has none' guṇāstāvattasya naiva vidyate; 'as for doing it quickly it is easy' śīghramiti sukaraṃ (nibhṛtamiti tu ciṃtanīyaṃ S. 3), 'as well as' ca-ca; 'as many as' 'as much as' yāvat-tāvat; 'as yet' adyāpi adya yāvat.
     (4) (Connecting words in apposition) ex. by iti; sa baṃdhuriti mataḥ baṃdhurmataḥ 'as a father he respects me' piteti māṃ sa mānayati.

Ascend, v. i. udi 2 P, udam 1 P. -v. t. ā-adhi-ruh 1 P, ā-adhi-kram 1 U, 4 P, (with acc.); 'a. ed the throne' rājapada-mavāpa siṃhāsanamāruroha.
     -ant, a adhirohin
     (2) pradhāna prabala uttama. -s. uccatā ucchrāyaḥ.
     (2) prādhānyaṃ prābalyaṃ prabhutvaṃ; 'his stars are in the a.' tasya janmagrahāḥ uccasaṃśrayāḥ.
     -ancy, s. prabhutvaṃ. prādhānyaṃ prābalyaṃ.
     -Ascent, s. ārohaṇaṃ udgamaḥ udayaḥ samutthānaṃ adhirohaṇaṃ.
     (2) adhirohaṇamārgaḥ sopānaṃ; 'difficult of a.' durāroha.

Ascertain, v. t. jñā 9 U, jñā desid. (jijñāsate) nirūp 10, upalabh 1 A.
     (2) nirṇī 1 P, ava-nir-dhṛ 10, niści 5 U, dhyavaso 4 P; 'I shall a. accurately (the truth) about her' tattvata enāmupalapsye (S. 1); 'for a. ing time' velopalakṣaṇārthaṃ (S. 4);
     -ment, s. nirūpaṇaṃ ava-nir-dhāraṇaṃ nirṇayaḥ.

Ascetic, s. yatiḥ yogin m., tāpasaḥ tapa-svin m. muniḥ vānaprasthaḥ saṃnyāsin m.
     -ism, s. vairāgyaṃ saṃnyāsaḥ.

Ascribe, v. t. nikṣip 6 P, adhyā-ā-ruh c., (ropayati) kāraṇatvena saṃbaṃdh 9 P; 'a. the defeat to my weakness' mama daurbalyāt parājayaḥ saṃbhūtaḥ daurbalyaṃ parābhavasya kāraṇaṃ iti vadaṃti; 'a. every thing to Fate' daivāyattaṃ sarvamiti vadaṃti; 'to whom shall 1 a. the blame' kasmin doṣaṃ nikṣipāmi kaṃ doṣapakṣe sthāpayāmi; pāpaṃ karma ca yatparairapi kṛtaṃ tattasya saṃbhāvyate (Mr. I) 'is a. ed to him' &c.

Ashamed, a. hrīṇa hrīta lajjamāna trapānvita lajjita vrīḍita trapita (with instr.); 'to be a.' lajj 6 A, hrī
     (3) P, trap 1 A.

Ashes, s. bhasman n., bhasitaṃ pāṃśuḥ bhūti f.; 'to reduce to a.' bhasmāvaśeṣa a. kṛ 8 U, bhasmībhasmasāt-kṛ; 'to be reduced to a.' bhasmī-bhū 1 P; 'reducing to a.' bhasmīkaraṇaṃ.
     -Ashy, a. pāṃśuvarṇa dhūsara; 'a. pale' vivarṇavadanaḥ.
     (2) bhasmalipta bhasmīkṛta.

Ashore, adv. tīre taṭe uttīraṃ taṭastha a.

Aside, adv. ekapārśve; pārśvataḥ.
     (2) nibhṛte ekāṃte; janāṃtikaṃ apavārya 'a. to one's self' ātmagataṃ svagataṃ.

Ask, v. t. yāc 1 A, arth 10 A, bhikṣ 1 A.
     (2) anuyuj 7 U pracch 6 P, (all governing two acc.)
     -ing, s. prārthanā yācanā.
     (2) anuyogaḥ pṛcchā.

Askance, Askew, Aslant, adv. tiryak sāci; 'looking a.' sācivilokinapāṃgadarśin.

Asleep, a. supta śayita nidrita nidrālasa; 'he fell a.' sa nidrāvaśaṃ gataḥ; 'fast a.' gāḍhasuptaḥ gāḍhanidrāvaśaṃ gataḥ.

Aslope, adv. pravaṇa a.; pravaṇaṃ.

Asp, s. sarpaḥ bhujaṃgaḥ.

Aspect, s. rūpaṃ ākāraḥ ākṛti f.; 'a gloomy a.' viṣaṇṇākṛtiḥ; 'he had a eheerful a.' tasya vadanaṃ harṣotphullaṃ babhau.
     (2) avasthā daśā; "all things wore a different a.' sarvaṃ vibhinnāvasthāyāmavartata viparyāsaṃ yātaṃ.
     (3) avasthānaṃ; 'my house has a northerly a.' udagabhimukhaṃ me gṛhaṃ.
     (4) darśanaṃ nirīkṣaṇaṃ saṃbaṃdhaḥ.

Asperity, s. tīvratā raukṣyaṃ karkaśatā.
     (2) vi-ṣamatā asamānatvaṃ.

Asperse, v. t. adhikṣip 6 P, parivad 1 U. See Censure, 2 sic 6 P, ukṣ 1 P.
     -ion, s. ākṣepaḥ niṃdā &c.
     (2) sekaḥ prokṣaṇaṃ.

Aspire, v. i. spṛh 10 (with dat.), ā-abhi-kāṃkṣ 1 U, āp desid. (īpsati) prārth 10 A, abhilaṣ 1, 4 P.
     -ing, a.
     -ant, s. ākāṃkṣin abhilāṣin īpsu; 'a, to the throne' rājapadābhilāṣī; 'a. to the fame of a poet' kaviyaśaḥprārthī (R. I. 3.); janoyamucaiḥ padalaṃghanotsukaḥ (K. V. 64).
     -ation, s. spṛhā ākāṃkṣā īpsā abhilāṣaḥ lālasā; 'high a.' mahākāṃkṣā; 'these are, indeed, high a. s' dūrārūḍhāḥ-dūrādhirohiṇyaḥ khalu etā ākāṃkṣāḥ.

Aspirate, s. mahāprāṇaḥ.

Ass, s. gardabhaḥ kharaḥ rāsabhaḥ 'a. headed' maṃdadhī kharabuddhi.
     -Asinine, a. rāsabhīya kharasaṃbaṃdhin.

Assafoetida, s. hiṃgu n., jatukaṃ bāhlīkaṃ rāmaṭhaṃ sahasravedhi n.

Assail, v. t. See Attack, 'the character of the thing is a. ed' doṣairnṛpaḥ spṛśyate (Mr. 9).
     -ant, s. abhiyoktṛ m., ākrāmakaḥ.

Assassin, s. ghātakaḥ haṃtṛ m., upāṃśughātakaḥ prāṇahārakaḥ.
     -ate, v. t. han c. (ghātayati) mṛ c., vyāpad c., nibhṛtaṃ han 2 P, vadhaṃ-hatyāṃkṛ (with gen.)
     -ation, s. vadhaḥ ghātaḥ upāṃśu-nibhṛta-vadhaḥ.

Assault, v. t., s. See Attack.

Assay, s. parīkṣā nikaṣaḥ.
     (2) prāraṃbhaḥ prathamāpravṛti f. -v. t. parīkṣ 1 A, 2 prayat 1 A, See Attempt.

Assemble, v. i. samāgam 1 P, saṃmil 6 P, samud-samā-samabhi-i 2 P, saṃnipat 1 P, saṃgam 1 A, ekībhū ekatra i saṃkulībhū. -v. t. c. of roots above; samā-samupā-hṛ 1 P, ekatra kṛ 8 U.
     -Assembly, s. sabhā sadas f. n., samājaḥ saṃsad f., pariṣad f.; 'a. house' sabhāgṛhaṃ goṣṭhīsthānaṃ; 'a. hall' āsthānamaṃḍapaḥ-gṛhaṃ āsthānī-naṃ; 'a. room' iṃdrakaṃ āsthānaṃ.
     -Assemblage, s. samūhaḥ saṃghātaḥ samāhāraḥ samuccayaḥ vṛṃdaṃ cayaḥ samudāyaḥ nivahaḥ samavāyaḥ gaṇaḥ oghaḥ saṃghaḥ grāmaḥ in comp.; 'a. of kings' rājakaṃ.

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Assent, v. i. anujñā 9 U, anuman 4 A.
     (2) grah 9 P, aṃgīkṛ 8 U, svīkṛ abhyupa-gam 1 P, i 2 P. -s saṃmati f., anumati f., anu-jñā anumodanaṃ.
     (2) aṃgīkāraḥ abhyupagamaḥ.

Assert, v. t. pratipad c., See Affirm. -ion, s. vacanaṃ; pratijñā pūrvapakṣaḥ.

Assess, v. t. deyaṃ karaṃ nirūp 10 or nirdhṛ 10 or c. (dāpayati).
     -ment, s. karanirdhāraṇaṃ; rājasvagrahaṇaṃ.
     (2) karaḥ baliḥ śulkaḥ-lkaṃ rājasvaṃ.
     -or, s. sabhyaḥ sabhāsad m.
     (2) karaśulka-grāhin m.

Assets, s. vibhavaḥ saṃpatti f.

Asseverate, v. i. sapratijñaṃ-saśapathaṃ-vad 1 P.
     -ion, s. śapathapūrvakaṃ vacanaṃ dṛḍhokti f.

Assiduity, Assiduousness, s. vyavasāyaḥ udyamaḥ tatparatā abhiyogaḥ udyogaḥ manoyogaḥ prasakti f.
     -Assiduous, a. udyaminvyavasāyin-udyogin; tatpara sodyoga prasakta parāyaṇa abhiyogavat.
     -ly, adv. tatparatayā sābhiyogaṃ sodyogaṃ avirataṃ prasaktaṃ prayatnataḥ.

Assign, v. t. nirūp 10, nirdiś 6 P.
     (2) pra-up-kḷp c., nirṇī 1 P.
     (3) niyuj 7 U, 10, sthā c. (sthāpavati).
     (4) 3 U, c. arpayati).
     (5) Ascribe, q. v.
     -ation, s. dravyasamarpaṇaṃ-dānaṃ.
     (2) saṃketaḥ abhisāraḥ; 'place of a.' saṃketasthānaṃ.
     -ee, s. pratinidhiḥ prati-puruṣaḥ niyogin m.
     -ment, s. nirdeśaḥ samarpaṇaṃ dānaṃ upakalpanaṃ.

Assimilate, v. t. sadṛśī-ekī-kṛ 8 U; 'a. food' paripākaṃ nī 1 P, pariṇam c. (ṇamayati)
     -ion, s, samīkaraṇaṃ.
     (2) samatā sāmyaṃ aikyaṃ.
     (3) paripākaḥ pariṇāmaḥ pakvatā.

Assimulate See Pretend.

Assist, v. t. upakṛ 8 U, sāhāyyaṃ-upakāra-kṛ (gen.); anugrah 9 P.
     -ance, s. upakāraḥ; sāhāyyaṃ sāhityaṃ.
     -er, -ant, s. sahāyaḥ upakṛt m., upakārin m., sāhāyyakartṛ m.
     (2) upa in comp.; 'a. master' upaguruḥ.

Assize, s. nyāyasabhā.
     (2) arghaparimāṇaṃ. -v. t. arghaṃ-mūlyaṃ-nirūp 10 or saṃkhyā c. (khyāpayati)
     -er, s. mūlyanirūpakaḥ.

Associate, v. i. saṃsargaṃ-saṃmatiṃ-samāgamaṃ-kṛ 8 U; saṃvas 1 P, samil 6 P, sahavāsaṃ kṛ saṃgamanuvraj 1 P; 'deer a. with deer' mṛgā mṛgaiḥ saṃgamanuvrajaṃti. -v. t. saṃyuj 7 U, 10, saṃśliṣ c., saṃgam c. (gamayati). -s. vayasyaḥ mitraṃ sahacaraḥ anuṣaṃgin m., sajuṣ m., sahavāsin m.
     -ion, s. saṃgamaḥ saṃsargaḥ saṃgaḥ samāgamaḥ sāhacaryaṃ saṃyogaḥ saṃśleṣaḥ; 'a. of the good with the good' satāṃ sadbhiḥ saṃgaḥ (U. 2).
     (2) sabhā samājaḥ paṃkti f., pariṣad f.

Assort, v. t. yathākramaṃ sthā c. (sthāpayati) or rac 10 or vinyas 4 P; pṛthak kṛ 8 U.
     -ment, s. vinyāsaḥ pṛthakkaraṇaṃ racanā.

Assuage, v. t. pra-upa-śam c. (śamayati) tuṣ c.; śāṃ (sāṃ) tv 10. -v. i. pra-upa-śam 4 P.
     -Assusive, a. śāṃtiprada śāmaka.

Assume, v. t. grah 9 P, dhṛ 10, ādā 3 A.
     (2) Arrogate, q. v.
     (3) grah siddha a. man 4 A; pramāṇaṃ vinā vad 1 P; 'a. ing to be true' tatsatyamiti gṛhītvāpi; 'a. ed silence' kṛtakaṃ-mithyā-maunaṃ.
     -ing, a. See Arrogant,
     -Assumption, s. grahaṇaṃ dhāraṇaṃ.
     (2) kalpanā 'on the a. that he is a fool' sa mūrkha iti matvā.
     (3) pratijñā; prameyaṃ.

Assure, v. t. prati-i c., pratītiṃ kṛ 8 U, vi-śvas c.
     (2) dṛḍhīkṛ saṃstaṃbh 9 P or c., suni-ścita a. kṛ. (Oneself) prati-i 2 P,; viśvas 2 P, niścayena kath 10; saniścayaṃ-dṛḍhaṃ-vad 1 P.
     -ance, s. viśvāsaḥ pratyayaḥ dṛḍhaḥ pra-tyayaḥ pratyāśā.
     (2) sāhasaṃ prāgalbhyaṃ.
     (3) vi-śvāsakāraṇaṃ pratyayahetuḥ.
     (4) yogakṣemaḥ abhayavacanaṃ.
     -ed, a. asaṃdigdha suniścita asaṃśaya dṛḍha.
     -edly, adv. niyataṃ nūnaṃ khalu asaṃśayaṃ 'I a. feel,' 'I feel a. ed' iti me niścayaḥ dṛḍhaṃ manye.

Asterisk, s. tārakācihnaṃ.

Asterism, s. nakṣatraṃ tārā tārakaṃ-kā.

Astern, adv. naupaścimabhāgaṃ prati.

Asteroid, s. laghugrahaḥ.

Asthenia, s. daurbalyaṃ kṣīṇatā.

Asthma, s. śvāsaḥ śvāsarogaḥ.
     -tic, a. śvāsarogapīḍita.

Astonish, v. t. vismi c. (vismāyayati vi-smāpayate) vismayaṃ jan c. (janayati) vi-smayākulīkṛ 8 U, cakita a. kṛ.
     -ed, a. vismita vismayākula cakita; 'to be a.' vismi 1 A, vismayavaśaṃ gam 1 P.
     -ing, a. vismaya- kara (rī f.), adbhuta sāścarya.
     -ment, s. vismayaḥ āścaryaṃ camatkāraḥ.

Astound, v. t. vimuh c., vismayākula a. kṛ 8 U, vyākulīkṛ jaḍīkṛ; 'a. ed with fear' sādhvasajaḍīkṛtaḥ.

Astray, adv. utpathaṃ; 'who goes a.' unmārgagāmin pathabhraṣṭa bhrāṃta vipathagāmin; 'to lead a.' utpathaṃ unmārgaṃ-nī 1 P.

Astride, adv. pragatajaṃghaṃ sthita a., pādau pṛthak kṛtvā sthita a.

Astringent, a. rūkṣa kaṣāya.
     (2) saṃkocanaśīla. -s. staṃbhakaṃ.

Astrology, s. jyotiṣaṃ nakṣatravidyā daivajñavidyā.
     -er, s. gaṇakaḥ daivajñaḥ jyotiṣikaḥ kārtāṃtikaḥ daivaciṃtakaḥ mauhūrtikaḥ sāṃvatsarikaḥ.
     -ical, a. jyotiṣa (ṣī f.), nakṣatra in comp.

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Astronomy, s. jyotiḥśāstraṃ jyotiṣaṃ khagolavidyā.
     -er, s. jyotirvid m., jyotiḥśāstrajñaḥ jyotiṣikaḥ khagolavidyābhijñaḥ.
     -ical, a. jyotiṣa (ṣī f.), nākṣatrika (kī f.), khagolavidyāviṣayaka.

Astute, a. vidagdha catura nipuṇa kāryadakṣa.

Asunder. adv. pṛthak viralaṃ vigata-pragata a.; oft. by vi; 'throw a.' vikṣip 9 P, 'burst a.' vidīrṇa &c.

Asylum, s. āśramaḥ.
     (2) āśrayaḥ śaraṇaṃ saṃśrayaḥ gati f.; 'seek a. with' ā-samupāśri 1 U.

At, prep. (Denoting time or place) by loc. of noun; 'a Kasi' kāśyāṃ; 'a that time' tasminkāle.
     (2) In other senses, by instr. or abl.; oft. by gerund, or loc. abs.; 'a. this' idaṃ śrutvā; 'a. his arrival' saṃprāpte tasmin; 'a. his advice' tasyopadeśena; 'a. what price' kiyatā mūlyena; 'a. first' prathamaṃ; 'a. last' aṃtataḥ 'at once' yugapat samaṃ; 'a. all' manāgapi kimapi.

Atelier, s. citrakarmagṛhaṃ.

Atheist, s. nāstikaḥ anīśvaravādin m., nirīśvaraḥ.
     -ical, a. nāstikavṛtti.
     -Atheism, s. nāstikyaṃ īśvaraniṃdā.

Athlete. s. mallaḥ mallayoddhṛ m.
     -Athletic, a. malla bāhuvīra balavat saṃnaddhaśarīra; 'a exercise, sports' vyāyāmaḥ.

Athwart, prep. vilomaṃ; vyatyastaṃ; pāraṃ prati pr.

Atlas, s. deśālekhyasaṃgrahaḥ.

Atmosphere, s. gaganaṃ ākāśaḥ. śaṃ aṃtari(rī) kṣaṃ nabhas n
     (2) śūnyaṃ.
     -ical, a. āṃtarīkṣa (kṣī f.), vāyava (vī f.), ākāśīya.

Atom, s. paramāṇuḥ aṇuḥ kaṇaḥ lavaḥ leśaḥ; 'a. ic theory' paramāṇuvādaḥ.
     -ical, a. paramāṇumaya (yī f.), sūkṣma.
     (2) aṇuviṣaya aṇuviṣayaka.

Atone, v. i. prāyaścittaṃ kṛ 8 U, niṣkṛtiṃ kṛ prāyaścittena pariśuc c.; pramṛj 2 P; upacārātikramaṃ pramārṣṭumayamasmākamāraṃbhaḥ (M. 4) 'to a. for the slighting of prostration' &c.
     (2) anunī 1 P, saṃdhā
     (3) U, praśam c. (śamayati)
     -ment, s. prāyaścittaṃ niṣkṛti f.
     (2) pramārjanaṃ.

Atonic, a. agnināśaka atejasvin.

Atrabilious, a. durmanas vimanaska.

Atramentous, a. See Black.

Atrocious, a. ghora bībhatsa (of things); atipāpin atidurvṛtta pāpiṣṭha nṛśaṃsa.
     -ness, -Atrocity, s. nṛśaṃsatā bībhatsatā ghoratā.
     (2) atipāpaṃ ghorakarman n.

Atrophy, s. kṣayaḥ kṣayarogaḥ agnyabhāvaḥ.

Attach, v. t. āsaṃj c., anuraṃj c., saṃbaṃdh c., a. great importance to public censure' lokāpavādo balavānmato me (R. XIV. 40) 'a. friends to you by virtue' sadācaraṇenātmani mitrāṇyāsaṃjaya-anuraṃjaya.
     (2) āsidh 1 P, ākram 1 U, 4 P, dhṛ 10. 3 Ascribe, q. v. -v. i. saṃbaṃdh 9 P, anuṣakta a. bhū 1 P.
     -ed, a. anurakta āsakta saṃ-pra-sakta.
     (2) bhaktimat sānurāga avirakta (with loc.);
     (3) āsiddha ākrāṃta. 'to be a.' āsaṃj-anuraṃj -pass.; 'subjects are firmly a. to the king' deve sudṛḍhamanuraktāḥ prajāḥ. (Mu. 1); 'fondly a.' baddhagāḍhānurāgaḥ
     -ment, s. anurāgaḥ abhiniveśaḥ āsakti f., prīti f., bhakti f., prasakti f., āsaṃgaḥ (all with loc.).
     (2) āsedhaḥ grahaṇaṃ.

Attack, v. t. abhidru 1 P, avaskaṃd 1 P, ākram 1 U, 4 P, abhiyuj 7 A; āpat 1 P, abhiprayā 2 P, pratiyudh 4 A; āsad c.
     (2) ā-parā-han 2 U; (an opinion &c.) parā-mṛś 6 P, pratyavasthā 1 A (with loc.); 'a. ed by a disease' vyādhigrastaḥ rogākāṃtaḥ. -s. abhiyogaḥ avaskaṃdaḥ-danaṃ āpātaḥ ākramaḥ.

Attain, v. (to) prāp 5 P, prati-pra-ā-pad 4 A, labh 1 A, adhigam 1 P, ā-samā-sad c. 5 A; 'easy to a.' sulabha a.; difficult to a.' durāpa a., duṣprāpa a.
     -ment, s. adhigamaḥ lābhaḥ avāpti f., prāpti f., samāsādanaṃ.

Attainder, s. kalaṃkaḥ apayaśas n.
     (2) ādharṣaṇaṃ abhiyogaḥ.

Attaint, v. t. ādhṛṣ c., abhiyuj 7 A.
     (2) Stain, q. v.

Attemper, v. t. yathāṃśataḥ miśr 10 or saṃyuj 10.
     (2) niyam 1 P, śam c. (śamayati)

Attempt, v. t. prayat 1 A, ghaṭ 1 A, upakram 1 A, ārabh 1 A, udyam 1 P, pravṛt 1 A, ceṣṭ 1 A, vyavaso 4 P (śamīlatāṃ chettuṃ vyava-syati S. 1).
     (2) Attack, q. v. -s. yatnaḥ prayatnaḥ udyamaḥ āraṃbhaḥ prayāsaḥ upakramaḥ pravṛtti f., udyogaḥ.

Attend, v. t. upasthā 1 U, saṃnidhā
     (3) U, ā-samā-gam 1 P; 'a. the meeting' saṃsadi saṃnihito bhavaḥ 'a. school' śālāṃ gaccha.
     (2) anu-i-yā 2 P, parivṛ c., saha gam; 'good luck a. s our lord in every respect' sarvathā spṛśaṃti naḥ svābhinamabhyudayāḥ. (Rat. 1.)
     (3) (on, upon) upa-paryupa-sthā 1
     A upa-ās 2 A, upacar 1 P, upasev 1 A, śru desid. (śuśrūṣate), (with acc.).
     (4) (to words) śru 5 P, ākarṇ 10; 'a. to me' madvacanaṃ śṛṇu; 'a. now' sāvadhāno bhava avadhīyatāṃ; (duty &c.) avadhā 3 U, manaḥ-dā nidhā 3 U, mano yuj 10, (with loc.); avekṣ 1 A.
     (5) vilaṃb-pratīkṣ 1 A.
     -ed, a. sameta parivṛta samanvita anu-yāta sahita sa in comp.; 'a. by maid-servants' sakhīgaṇaparivṛtā sakhīparivārā.
     -ance, s. upasthānaṃ saṃnidhānaṃ; śuśrūṣā upa-cāraḥ upāsanaṃ sevā.
     -ant, a. ānuṣaṃgika (kī f.), sahagāmin. sahacārin -s. anucaraḥ sevakaḥ anuyāyin m., paricaraḥ; 'a group of a. s' anuyāyivargaḥ paricchadaḥ parivāraḥ paribarhaḥ.
     -Attention, s. āsakti f., abhiniveśaḥ avadhānaṃ manoyogaḥ avekṣā apramādaḥ apramattatā.
     (2) anuṣṭhānaṃ upasevanaṃ parāyaṇatā; 'a. to one subject' ekāgratā niviṣṭacittatā 'pay a.' avadhānaṃ dā (with loc.)
     -tive, a. avahita sāvadhāna dattāvadhāna samāhita apramatta āsakta abhiniviṣṭa; 'closely a.' ekāgra ananyavṛtti ekatāna sādara dakṣiṇa (to ladies), 'in-a. to household &c.' gṛhadāranirapekṣa; a. ly adv. sāvadhānaṃ avahitaṃ &c.

Attenuate, v. t. kṣai c. (kṣapayati) tanūkṛ 8 U, kṣīṇī-kṛśī-kṛ.
     -ed, a. kṛśa kṣīṇa tanu kṣāma apacita (apacitaṃ gātraṃ).
     -ion, s. kṛśatā kṣāmatā kṛśāṃgatvaṃ.

Attest, v. t. sākṣyaṃ dā 3 P; (sākṣyeṇa) pramā ṇīkṛ 8 U, vyaṃj 7 P, prakaṭīkṛ diś 6 P.
     (2) sākṣiṇaṃ kṛ sākṣye āhve 1 P.
     -ation, s. sākṣyaṃ pramāṇaṃ pratyakṣapramāṇaṃ.

Attic, s. kṣaumaḥ-maṃ aṭṭaḥ.

Attire, s. veṣaḥ veśaḥ vastraṃ paridhānaṃ ābharaṇaṃ paricchadaḥ nepathyaṃ alaṃkāraḥ; 'richly attired' gṛhītamahārghaveṣaḥ udāra-ārya-nepathyaḥ. -v. t. (vastreṇa) ācchad 10, veṣṭa 1 A, saṃvye 1 P.
     (2) bhūṣ 10, See Adorn, 'a. oneself' vas 2 A; a. ing business' nepathyavidhānaṃ.

Attitude, s saṃsthiti f., saṃsthitaṃ bhāvaḥ ava-sthā vṛtti f., ākāraḥ 'hostile a.' vairabhāvaḥ vipakṣavṛttiḥ.

Attorney, s. parakāryasādhakaḥ pratipuruṣaḥ -hastakaḥ.

Attract, v. t. ā-samā-kṛṣ 1 P, anukṛṣ (in grammar); āvṛj 10, abhipraṇī 1 P, vimuh c., vi-pra-lubh c.
     -ion, s. ā-samākarṣaṇaṃ āvarjanaṃ; anukarṣaḥ-rṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) pra-vi-lobhanaṃ.
     -ive, a. ākarṣaka ākarṣaṇaśīla manohara citta-apahārin-hārin.
     (2) mohaka pralobhaka.

Attribute, v. t. See Ascribe; 'a ing to themselves false grearness' ātmanyāropitālīkābhimānāḥ (Ka. 108). -s. dharmaḥ upādhiḥ guṇaḥ.
     (2) viśeṣaṇaṃ.
     -ive, a. vācya viśeṣaka-ṇa.

Attrition, s. gharṣaṇaṃ peṣaṇaṃ kṣayaḥ.
     (2) anutāpaḥ anuśayaḥ.

Attune, v. t. tālopeta a. kṛ 8 U.
     (2) ekatālaṃ kṛ tulyasvaraṃ-tauryatrikaṃ-kṛ.

Auburn, a. piśaṃga (gī f.), gaura (rī f.), kapiśa pāṃḍuvarṇa.

Auction, s. ghoṣaṇapūrvako dravyavikrayaḥ.
     -eer, s. saghoṣaṇaṃ vikretṛ m.

Audacious, a. pragalbha nirbhaya.
     (2) sāhajika nirlajja dhṛṣṭa pratibhānavat;
     -ness. -Audaci-
     -ty, s. dhṛṣṭatā prāgalbhya sāhasaṃ pratibhānaṃ.
     (2) nirlajjatvaṃ.

Audible, a. sphuṭa śravaṇakṣama śrāvya karṇagocara śrotragrāhya
     -Audibly, adv. sphuṭaṃ; 'in a.' asphuṭaṃ niḥśabdaṃ; 'began to sobi.' niḥśabdaṃ roditumārebhe (Ka. 135)

Audience, s. samākarṇanaṃ śravaṇaṃ niśamanaṃ.
     (2) darśanaṃ; 'have an a.' darśanaṃ labh 1 A; (rājadarśanaṃ lebhe); 'I wish to be favoured with an a.' darśanānugrahamicchāmi (M. 4); 'give a.' karṇaṃ dā 3 P, See Attend, (to).
     (3) prekṣakāḥ śrotṛvargaḥ śrotāraḥ.
     (4) sabhā pariṣad f., raṃgaḥ (ālikhita iva sarvato raṃgaḥ S. 1); 'a. chamber' darśanagṛhaṃ.

Audit, v. t. (gaṇitaṃ) śudh c., anusaṃdhā 3 U, parīkṣ 1 A. -s. gaṇitaśodhanaṃ-parīkṣaṇaṃ &c.
     -or, s. śrotṛ m.
     (2) gaṇitaśodhakaḥ-parīkṣakaḥ.
     -ory, s. See Audience.

Aught, s. kimapi kiṃcana kiṃcit.

Augment, v. t. vṛdh c., edh c., āpyai c., pracurīkṛ 8 U. upaci 5 U. -v. i. vṛdh-edh 1 A, upaci pass., pyai 1 A. -s. vṛddhi f.
     (2) āgamaḥ.
     -ation, s. vṛddhi f., vardhanaṃ.
     (2) upacayaḥ ṛddhi f., samunnati f.

Augur, s. śakunajñaḥ nimittajñaḥ pūrvalakṣaṇajñaḥ. -v. i. śubhāśubhaṃ parīkṣ 1 A or ālāc 10.
     (2) anumā 3 A, śaṃk 1 A: 'this does not a. well forth success of your undertaking' tava kāryasiddhernaitacchubhalakṣaṇaṃ.
     -y, s. nimittajñānaṃ śakunajñānaṃ.
     (2) śakunaṃ ajanyaṃ pūrvalakṣaṇaṃ nimittaṃ.

August, a. mahanīya atyutkṛṣṭa atimahat mahāmahiman; aiśvara (rī f.), pratāpavat; 'a. queen' ārūḍhapratāpā rājñī. -s. śrāvaṇaḥ nabhasyaḥ nabhas m.
     -ness, s. mahāpratāpaḥ īśvaratvaṃ.

Aunt, s. pitṛsva (ṣva) sṛ f, mātṛsva (ṣva) sṛ f., pitṛvyā mātulānī mātulā-lī.

Aural, a. v.
     Auricular, q. v.

Auricle, s. karṇaśaṣkulī.
     -Auricular, a. kārṇika (kī f.), śrāvaṇa (ṇī f.).
     (2) karṇe-upakarṇaṃ kathita japita gupta.

Auriferous, a. suvarṇamiśrita.

Aurist, s. karṇavaidya.

Aurora, s. uṣas f., aruṇaḥ.

Auspice, s. śakunaṃ nimittaṃ pūrvalakṣaṇaṃ; a. s anugrahaḥ āśrayaḥ prasādaḥ.
     -Auspicious, a. śiva śubha śivaṃ-śubhaṃ-kara māṃgalika (kī f.), kalyāṇa (ṇī f.), maṃgala bhadra; 'a. time' lagnavelā śubhalagnaṃ.
     (2) śrīyukta saubhāgyavat.
     (3) prasanna anugrāhin.
     -ly. adv. śubhakṣaṇe. saubhāgyena kṣemeṇa.
     -ness, s. kalyāṇaṃ maṃgalaṃ māṃgalyaṃ saubhāgyaṃ bhadraṃ kṣemaḥ-maṃ śubhaṃ.

Austere, a. tīvra ugra (tapaḥ) niṣṭhura karkaśa kaṭhora nirdaya kaṭhina; (in taste) śukta rūkṣa kaṭu.
     -ity, s. ugratā kaṭhoratā &c. 'religious a.' tapas n., kṛcchraṃ.

Austral, s. See 'southern.'

     -al, a. akṛtrima tathya pramāṇayukta; akalpita satya.
     -ate, v. t. sapramāṇa a. kṛ 8 U, pramāṇīkṛ.
     -ity, s. sapramāṇatā satyatā prāmāṇyaṃ.
     -ally, adv. sapramāṇaṃ pramāṇānusāreṇa.

Author, s. kāraḥ-kṛt in comp.; 'a. of Gadādhari' gadādharīkāraḥ- kṛt; graṃthakāraḥ.
     (2) kṛt m., praṇetṛ m., lekhakaḥ.
     (2) pravartakaḥ āraṃbhakaḥ utpādakaḥ janakaḥ saṃpādayitṛ m.
     -ship, kartṛtvaṃ pravartakatā.

Authority, s. prabhutvaṃ prabhāvaḥ śakti f.
     (2) adhikāraḥ prabhutvaṃ.
     (3) aiśvaryaṃ ādhipatyaṃ ājñā śāsanaṃ niyogaḥ.
     (4) pramāṇaṃ āptavacanaṃ nidarśanaṃ; 'Panini is an a. in this respect' atra viṣaye pāṇiniḥ pramāṇaṃ.
     (5) prāmāṇyaṃ vi-śvasanīyatā.
     (6) gurutvaṃ gaurava.
     (7) adhikārin m., niyogin m., adhikṛtaḥ puruṣaḥ prabhuḥ.
     -ative, a. sapramāṇa śāsanānurūpa vaidhika (kī f.); a. ly, adv. śāsanena; sapramāṇaṃ.

Authorize, v. t. pramāṇīkṛ 8 U, sapramāṇa a. kṛ.
     (2) adhikṛ niyuj 7 A, 10.
     (3) anujñā 9 U, anuman 4 A; 'a. ed person' adhikṛtaḥ puruṣaḥ.

Autobiography, s. ātmavṛttakathanaṃ ātmacaritaracanaṃ.

Auto-car, s. svayaṃpreritavāhanaṃ-śakaṭaḥ-rathaḥ.

Autocrat, s. samāj m., adhirājaḥ aniyaṃtritaśāsanaḥ.
     -Autocracy, sāmrājyaṃ ādhirājyaṃ.

Autograph, s. svahastalekhaḥ. -a. svahastalikhita.

Automatic, a. svayaṃprerita.

Automaton, s. svayaṃ-calad yaṃtraṃ.

Automobile, s. See 'Auto-car'.

Autonomy, s. svayaṃśāsanādhikāraḥ.
     -no-mous, a. svayaṃśāsita.

Autopsy, s. svayaṃnirīkṣaṇaṃ (śavaparīkṣaṇe).

Autumn, s. śarad f.
     -al., a. śaratkālīna śāradīya śārada (dī f.)
     (2) śaradija.

Auxiliary, a. sahāyabhūta upakāraka sahakārin. -s. sahāyaḥ. upakārakaḥ sahakārin m.

Avail, v. t. upakṛ 8 U, anugrah 9 P; gen. ex. by instr. with artha guṇa &c.: 'what a. s thy weeping, child' vatsa kiṃ ruditena.
     (2) pra-upa-yuj 7 A, 10; 'a. ing himself of the opportunity' gṛhītāvasaraḥ. -v. i. saphala a. bhū hitāya-phalāya. bhū; lābhāya-bhū. -s. prayojanaṃ upayogaḥ guṇaḥ.
     (2) phalaṃ hitaṃ lābhaḥ arthaḥ; 'of no a.' niṣphala vyartha &c.
     -able, a. prayojya.
     (2) saphala hitāvaha.
     (3) prāpya labhya; 'not a' durlabha asulabha anu-palabhya.

Avalanche, s. giriśikharaskhalat himarāśi m.

Avant guard, s. senāmukhaṃ raṇaśiras n.

Avarice, s. lobhaḥ lālasā jighṛkṣā vittehā.
     -Avaricious, a. lobhin dhanalubdha arthapara mitaṃpaca lubdha kṛpaṇa.
     -ly, adv. atilobhena kṛpaṇavat.
     -ness, s. kṛpaṇatvaṃ kārpaṇyaṃ atilobhaḥ lubdhatā.

Avaunt, interj. apehi apasara.

Avenge, v. t. pratikṛ 8 U, prati(tī)kāraṃ kṛ (with gen.); vairānṛṇyaṃ gam 1 P (with loc. of offender).
     (2) niryat 10, śudh c.; 'a. a wrong' vairaniryātanaṃ-vairasādhanaṃ-kṛ.
     (3) daṃḍ 10, pratihiṃs 7 P.
     -er, s. pratikartṛ m., pratihiṃsakaḥ vairaśodhakaḥ.

Avenue, s. dvāraṃ mārgaḥ; vīthi f.; tarupaṃktivṛkṣa-śreṇī f.

Aver, v. t. sapratijñaṃ-saśapathaṃ vad 1 P, dṛḍhaṃ vac 2 P.

Average, a. sāmānya madhyama. -s. madhyamāvasthā madhyasthatā; 'on an a.' sāmānyataḥ sthūlapramāṇena.

Averse, a. parāṅmukha (khī f.), virakta pra-tikūla viparīta dveṣin
     (2) ananukūla vāma; 'fate being a.' pratikūlatāṃ upagate vidhau; 'a. to giving intelligence' pravṛttidānaparāṅmukhaḥ; 'to be a.' (to) apāvṛt 1 A, viraṃj pass.
     -ness, Aversion, s. virāgaḥ aprīti f., dveṣaḥ vimati f., pratikūlatā virakti f., parāṅmukhatā (with loc.).
     (2) trāsaḥ bhayaṃ.

Avert, v. t. saṃ-pari-hṛ 1 P, vini-apa-ni-vṛ c., ni-vyā-apa-vṛt c., apānud 6 P;' with the face a. ed' vimukha-parāṅmukha (khī f.).

Aviary, s. paṃjaraṃ vītaṃsaḥ viṭaṃkaḥ pakṣiśālā.

Aviation, s. ākāśagamanaṃ.
     -Aviator, s. ākāśagāmin m.

Avidity, s.
     Avarice, q. v.
     (2) atispṛhā kautūhalaṃ.

Avocation, s. kāryaṃ vyāpāraḥ vṛtti f., karman n.
     (2) ākarṣaṇaṃ.

Avoid, v. t. parihṛ 1 P, vi-pari-vṛj 10, projjh 6 P, 3 P, tyaj 1 P.
     -Ance,-ing, s. tyāgaḥ varjanaṃ parihāraḥ -haraṇaṃ.

Avouch, v. t. saniścayaṃ-saśapathaṃ-vad 1 P.
     (2) parārthaṃ vad nirvyūh 1 U.

Avow, v. t. prakāśaṃ-spaṣṭaṃ-vad 1 P.
     (2) svīkṛ 8 U, aṃgīkṛ abhyupagam 1 P.
     -edly, adv. spaṣṭaṃ prakāśaṃ prakaṭaṃ.

Await, v. t. prati-īkṣ 1 A (tavāgamanaṃ pratīkṣate) pratipāl 10, uddṛś 1 P
     (2) pratyāsad 1 P, lagna a. upasthā 1 U, āpat 1 P, (with gen.); 'destruction' (death) a. s those that are born' vipadutpattimatāmupasthitā (R. VIII. 83).

Awake, v. i. vi-pra-budh 4 A, nidrāṃ tyaj 1 P, vinidra a. bhū jāgṛ 2 P. -v. t.
     Awaken, jāgṛ c., budh c., nidrāṃ bhaj 7 P.
     (2) jan c. (janayati) uttij c., utthā c. (utthāpayati) -a. jāgrat (tī f.), unnidra prabuddha prajāgara jāgarūka.

Award, v. t. . 3 P.
     (2) c. (dāpayati). -s. nirṇayaḥ; vicāraḥ ājñā.

Aware, a. vijñāpita sāvadhāna.
     (2) vedin-jña in comp.; or by jñā 9 U, See Know.

Away, a. parokṣa avidyamāna anupasthita; dūrastha. -adv. alaṃ kṛtaṃ (instr.).
     (2) apehi apasara.

Awe, s. sādhvasaṃ bhayaṃ trāsaḥ ādaraḥ saṃbhramaḥ ādaraprayuktaṃ bhayaṃ; 'I approach the king with a.' cakitaṃ nṛpasya pārśvamupaimi (M. 1); 'Stand in a. of' bhī 3 P. tras 1, 4 P. -v. t. bhī c., tras c. saṃbhrameṇa ākulīkṛ 8 U; 'a. ed., struck with awe' saṃbhrāṃta vismayākula; bhayākula bhayavipluta sasādhvasa.
     -Awful, a. ghora dāruṇa bhīṣaṇa bhairava (vī f.) (of things).
     (2) atitejasvin mahātejas ādaraṇīya pūjya; 'how a. is royal greatness' aho durāsado rājamahimā (M. 1).
     (3) praśāṃtagaṃbhīra (araṇyaśrīḥ).
     -ly adv. sabhayaṃ atyaṃtaṃ.
     -ness, s. tejas n.; dāruṇatā ghoratā.

Awhile, adv. kiṃcitkālaṃ muhūrtaṃ kṣaṇa yāvat.

Awkward, a. akuśala adakṣa akṣipra apaṭu.
     (2) (Manners) grāmya; virūpa sthūla.
     -ness, s. adakṣatā; grāmyatā &c.

Awl, s. ārā carmaprabhedikā.

Awn, s. śūkaṃ kiṃśāruḥ.

Awning, s. vitānaṃ ācchādanaṃ.

Awry, adv. tiryak sāci jihmaṃ.
     (2) viparītaṃ pratilomaṃ pratikūlaṃ.

Axe, s. ṭaṃkaḥ paraśuḥ kuṭhāraḥ paraśvadhaḥ.

Axiom, s. tattvaṃ siddhāṃtaḥ
     (2) vacanaṃ sūtraṃ.
     -atic, a. svayaṃsiddha.

Axis, s. akṣarekhā akṣaḥ dhruvaḥ.

Axle, s. akṣāgraṃ.

Ay, adv. tatheti evaṃ ām nūnaṃ

Ayah, s. upamātṛ f., dhātrī āsannaparicārikā.

Aye adv. sadā sarvadā ajasraṃ.

Azure, a. nīla nīla-ākāśa-varṇa.


Babble, v. i. jalp 1 P, pralap 1 P.
     (2) rahasyabhedaṃ kṛ 8 U.
     -ing, s. jalpaḥ pralapitaṃ.
     -er, s. jalpakaḥ vācāṭaḥ vācālaḥ pralāpin m., vāvadūkaḥ.

Babe, Baby, s. śiśuḥ śāvakaḥ dārakaḥ (rikā f.), stanaṃdhayaḥ.
     -hood, s. bālyaṃ śaiśavaṃ bālabhāvaḥ.
     -ish, a. bāliśa bāleya.

Babel, s. saṃkaraḥ kolāhalaḥ saṃkīrṇanādaḥ.

Baboon, s. vānaraḥ kapiḥ markaṭaḥ.

Bacchanal s. madyapānāsaktaḥ madyapriyaḥ pānarataḥ.

Bacchanalian s. madyapānāsaktaḥ madyapriyaḥ pānarataḥ.

Bachelor, s. akṛtadāraparigrahaḥ akṛtodvāhaḥ avivāhitaḥ.

Bacilli, s. (Pl.) rogajaṃtavaḥ.

Back, s. pṛṣṭhaṃ pṛṣṭhadeśaḥ; 'lying on the b.' uttānaśayaḥ; 'behind one's b.' parokṣe-kṣaṃ. -adv. prati apā ni parā with verbs; punarnivṛt 1 A 'come b.' 'give b.' pratidā 3 U. -prep. See Before. -v. t. anumud 1 A, samarth 10, rakṣ 1 P.
     (2) (horse), ā-adhi-ruh 1 P.
     (3) parāṇud 6 P, See Drive. -bite, -v. t. parokṣe adhikṣip 6 P, pari-vad 1 U, asūyati (D.) with dat.; pṛṣṭhamāṃsaṃ ad 2 P or khād 1 P (with gen.).
     -ter, s. piśunaḥ pṛṣṭhamāṃsādaḥ parivādarataḥ.
     -biting, s. paiśunyaṃ pari (rī) vādaḥ
     -bone, s. pṛṣṭhavaṃśaḥ kaśerukā.
     -door, s. pakṣadvāraṃ pakṣakaṃ.
     -gammon, s. carmapaṭṭikākrīḍā.
     -ground, s. paścādbhūmi f.; 'throw into the e.' (nt.) dṛṣṭipathānnivār 10, nibhṛte sthā c. (sthāpayati); (fig.) 'Urvas 'I throws Lakshmi into the b.' urvaśī pratyādeśaḥ śriyaḥ (V. 1); raterapi hrīpadamādadhāti (K. III. 57).
     -room, s. aṃtargṛhaṃ aṃtaḥ-upa-śālā.
     -side, s. pṛṣṭhabhāgaḥ-deśaḥ.
     -side, v. t. svadharmāt bhraṃś 1 A, 4 P or cyu 1 A.
     -stairs, s. upa-pracchannaṃ- sopānaṃ; 'b. influence' pracchanna-sāmarthyaṃ-guṇaḥ.
     -ward, a. parāṅmukha (khī f.), atītakāla.
     (2) maṃdadhī- mati maṃda (of a boy).
     (3) anicchu pratīpa.
     -wards, adv parā prati with verbs; pṛṣṭhataḥ pṛṣṭhabhāge-deśe.
     (2) paścāt pratīpaṃ; gatāgataṃ; 'move b. and forward' gatāgataṃ-gamanāgamanaṃ kṛ 8 U.

Bacon, s. śūkaramāṃsaṃ.

Bacteria, s. (Pl.) rogajaṃtavaḥ.

Bad, a. niṃdita garhya.
     (2) aśubha abhadra.
     (3) asāra nirguṇa ahita;
     (4) sadoṣa aśuddha; gen. ex. by duḥ vi ku kiṃ kat apa prefixed; 'a b. man' durjanaḥ; durdaivaṃ &c.; kupathaḥ 'a b. way;' kumatiḥ; kiṃsakhā 'a b. friend'; 'b. coin,' kūṭanāṇakaṃ; 'b. debts,' apratilabhyaṃ ṛṇaṃ apayaśaḥ 'b. fame', infamy; kadaśvaḥ 'a b. horse.'
     -ly, adv. Gen. Ex. by dur; ku; 'b. prepared' kunirmita; 'smells b.' durgaṃdhaḥ asya; 'b. bitten' tīvraṃ-balavatasukhaṃ-daṣṭa; 'b. off' duḥsthita kaṣṭāpanna durgata.
     -ness, s. Ex. by (a.); 'b. of result' kupariṇāmaḥ; durācāraḥ.
     (2) durjanatā duṣṭatā.
     (3) niḥsāratā nirguṇatā abhadratā.
     (4) aśuddhatā sadoṣatā.

Badge, s. cihnaṃ lakṣaṇaṃ.

Badinage, s. upahāsaḥ laghūkti f., ṭaṭṭarī narman n.

Baffle, v. t. vyarthī-moghī-kṛ 8 U, khaṃḍ 10, bhaṃj 7 P, prati-vi-han 2 P.
     (2) parābhū 1 U, parāji 1 A; 'b. ed in efforts' bhagnodyamaḥ; 'the scene b. s description' varṇanaviṣayātikrāṃtaṃ tatsthānaṃ.
     -ed, a. khaṃḍita bhagnāśa moghāśa; parājita.

Bag, s. puṭaḥ-ṭaṃ prasevaḥ syūtaḥ koṣaḥ; 'leather b.' carmabhastrikā. -v. t. syūte nidhā 3 U. 'to let the cat out of the b', guhyaṃ sphuṭ c., guhyasphoṭaṃ kṛ 8 U.

Bagatelle, s. kṣudraviṣayaḥ agurvarthaḥ.

Baggage, s. sāmagrī upakaraṇaṃ sādhanaṃ; 'bag and b.' sarvamapi gṛhītvā. kimapi nāvaśeṣya.

Bagnio, s. snānāgāraṃ.
     (2) veśavāsaḥ veśyālayaḥ.

Bah, interj. ahaha dhik.

Bail, s. pratibhūḥ lagnakaḥ prātibhāvyaṃ; 'admited to b.' pratibhūdānena muktaḥ. -v. t. lagnakaṃ dā 3 U. dattvā muc c.
     (2) potaṃ nirjalī kṛ 8 U.

Bailiff, s. āseddhṛ m., grāhakaḥ.

Bairn, s. See Babe.

Bait, s. āmiṣaṃ; 'b. fixed to a fish-hook' baḍiśayutaṃ piśitaṃ.
     (2) pra-vi-lobhanaṃ.
     (3) pravāsopahāraḥ. -v. t. pra-vilubh c.
     (2) āmiṣaṃ dā 3 U (with dat.); āmiṣaṃ baḍiśe nidhā 3 U or yu 2 P or niviś c.; 'this is surely a b. to catch me' māṃ vaśīkartuṃ nūnamidamāmiṣaṃ prakalpitaṃ. 3 (horses) viśram c.; bhuj c.
     (4) See 'Harass.'
     (5) (pravāse) mārge upahāraṃ kṛ 8 U. -v. i. bhojanārthaṃ viśram 4 P.

Bake, v. t. (kadau) pac 1 P, tap c., bhrasj 5 P.
     -ed, a. pakva; 'b. brick' pakveṣṭakā; kaṃdupakva.
     -er, s. kāṃdavikaḥ; āpūpikaḥ.
     -house, s. āpākaḥ; kaṃdu m. f.

Balance, s. tulā māpanaḥ; 'beam of a b.' tulādaṃḍaḥ-yaṣṭi f.
     (2) śeṣaṃ avaśeṣaḥ 'what is the b. against me' mayā deyaḥ (dravya-) śeṣaḥ kiyānvartate.
     (3) vivecanaṃ; vigaṇanaṃ samatolanaṃ.
     (4) tulyatā samānabhāratā. -v. t. tul 10 (tulayati); 'b. accounts' samī kṛ 8 U, śudh c.
     (2) (In thought) vivic 7 P; vikḷp c. -v. i. dolāyate (D.)
     -ed, a. tulita.
     (2) tulyabhāra; samīkṛta; 'b. sheet', s. saṃkṣiptagaṇanālekhaḥ deyādeyaśeṣadarśakaṃ gaṇanāpatrakaṃ.

Balcony, s. varaṃḍaḥ pragrīvaḥ vitardi-rdī f.

Bald, a. vi-a-keśa (śī f.), muṃḍa khalati.
     (2) anāvṛta nagna asaṃskṛta.
     (3) asabhya aśiṣṭa alaṃkārahīna.

Baldrick, s. mekhalā kāṃcī rasa (śa) nā.
     (2) rāśimaṃḍalaṃ jyotiścakraṃ.

Bale, s. bhāṃḍaṃ bhāraḥ; dravyapoṭalikā.
     (2) kleśaḥ vināśaḥ. -v. t. jalaṃ utkṣip 6 P.
     -ful, a. saśoka kleśārta duḥkhita.
     (2) prāṇahara (rī f.), vināśin See Deadly.

Balk, v. t. See Baffle. -s. setuḥ setubaṃdhaḥ.

Ball, s. kaṃdukaḥ (for playing); golaḥ-la vartula maṃḍalaṃ; 'eye b.' tārā.
     (2) nṛtyakrīḍā; 'b. room' nṛtyasthānaṃ.

Ballad, s. gītaṃ gīti f., gānaṃ; 'b. singer' gāyakaḥ.

Ballast, s. potasthairyadravyaṃ.

Balloon, s. vimānaṃ ākāśa-vyoma-yānaṃ.

Ballot, s. guṭi (li) kā.

Balm, s. guggulaḥ vṛkṣaniryāsaḥ.
     (2) praśamaḥ śāṃtiḥ f.
     -y, a. surabhi.
     (2) tāpahara (rī f.), śāṃtida upaśamaka.

Balsam, s. vilepanaṃ abhyaṃjanaṃ.
     -ic, a. snigdha cikkaṇa.

Baluster, s. laghustaṃbhaḥ.

Balustrade, s. laghustaṃbhapaṃkti f.

Bamboo, v. veṇuḥ vaṃśaḥ kīcakaḥ (sounding b.).

Bamboozle, See Cheat.

Ban, s. ghoṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) abhiśāpaḥ ākrośaḥ.
     (3) ni-prati-ṣedhaḥ. -v. t. abhiśap 1 U, pratiṣidh 1 P.

Banal, a. kṣudra laghu tuccha.

Banana, s. kadalī tṛṇasārā gucchaphalā.

Band, s. baṃdhaḥ pāśaḥ baṃdhanaṃ.
     (2) samūhaḥ śreṇī.
     (3) dalaṃ gulmaḥ-lmaṃ (of troops).
     (4) tūryasamūhaḥ vāditragaṇaḥ. -v. samil 6 P, saṃyuj 10 See Assemble.

Bandage, s. baṃdhaḥ baṃdhanaṃ paṭṭaḥ āveṣṭanaṃ.

Bandit, s. dasyuḥ coraḥ stenaḥ.

Bandy, v. t. itastato vikṣip 6 P.
     (2) vini-me 1 A; 'b. words' vācā uttaraṃ dā 3 U.
     -legged, a. prajñu pragatajānu. -s. vakrāgrayaṣṭi f.

Bane, s. garaḥ-raṃ viṣaṃ.
     (2) (fig.) nāśa-anartha-mūlaṃ kṣayakāraṇaṃ vināśahetuḥ ādhiḥ; vāmāḥ kulasyādhayaḥ (S. 4.) 'are a b. to the family.'
     -ful, a. viṣānvita saviṣa vināśin vināśana.

Bang, v. t. prahṛ 1 P, taḍ 10, abhi-prati-han 2 P. -s. āghātaḥ prahāraḥ karāghātaḥ.

Bangle, s. valayaḥ-yaṃ kaṃkaṇaṃ.

Banian, See '

Banish, v. t. vi-nir-vas c., pravraj c.
     (2) ni-rākṛ 8 U, niḥ-ut-sṛ c., apānud 6 P, niras 4 P; 'the thought was b. ed from his mind' sā ciṃtā manaso nirastā.
     -ment s. vivāsanaṃ nirvāsanaṃ pravrā (vra) janaṃ.
     (2) ni-rākaraṇaṃ nirasanaṃ.

Bank, s. tīraṃ kūlaṃ taṭaṃ-ṭī rodhas n., kacchaḥ; 'the other b.' pāraṃ; 'sand b' saikataṃ.
     (2) dhanāgāraṃ. -v. t. kūlena pariveṣṭ 1 A or c.
     -er, s. dhanāgārapatiḥ; śreṣṭhin m., kusīdikaḥ.

Bankrupt, s. ṛṇadāna-ṛṇaśodhana-akṣamaḥ sarvasvacyutaḥ parikṣīṇaḥ nirdhanaḥ.
     -cy, s. pari-kṣīṇatā ṛṇaśodhanākṣamatā &c.

Banner, s. dhvajaḥ patākā ketanaṃ vaijayaṃtī ketuḥ.

Banns, s. vivāhaghoṣaṇā.

Banquet, s. viśiṣṭabhojanaṃ svādvannabhojanaṃ. -v. t. miṣṭānnaiḥ bhuj c. or saṃtuṣ c. -v. i. viśiṣṭānnaṃ bhuj 7 A or bhakṣ 10; 'the horses were b. ing upon the grass' aśvāstṛṇaṃ yatheṣṭaṃ bhakṣayaṃta āsata.

Banter, v. t. bharts 10 A, niṃd 1 P, adhikṣip 6 P.
     (2) ava-vi-upa-has 1 P. -s. niṃdā adhikṣepaḥ avahāsaḥ &c.

Bantling, s. See Baby.

Banyan, s. vaṭaḥ nyagrodhaḥ.

Bar, s. argalaṃ-lā argalābaṃdhaḥ.
     (2) pratyūhaḥ aṃtarāyaḥ.
     (3) śalākā (of a cage).
     (4) daṃḍaḥ; 'iron b.' lohadaṃḍaḥ lohapiṃḍaḥ.
     (5) saikataṃ.
     (6) nyāyasabhā. -v. t. ni-pati-rudh 7 U, ni-prati-ṣidh 1 P, nirākṛ 8 U, niras 4 P, nivṛ c. or nivār 10.
     (2) argalena baṃdh 9 P.

Barb, s. karṇaḥ śūlāgraṃ.
     (2) aśvatanutraṃ.
     -ed, a. karṇin

Barbarian, s. grāmyaḥ asabhyaḥ.
     (2) mlecchaḥ; yavanaḥ kirātaḥ.
     (3) videśin m., vaideśikaḥ.

Barbarous, a. vaideśika (kī f.).
     (2) aśiṣṭa asabhya aślīla.
     (3) niṣṭhura krūra nirdaya.
     -ly, adv. krūraṃ niṣṭhuraṃ nirdayaṃ śvāpadavat paśuvat.
     -Barbarity, s. niṣṭhuratā nṛśaṃsatā kauryaṃ asabhyatā aśiṣṭatā.

Barber, s. nāpitaḥ kṣaurikaḥ kṣurin m.; 'b.' s wife' nāpitī; 'b.' s business' nāpityaṃ.

Bard, s. vaṃdin m., vaitālikaḥ.

Bare, a. anāvṛta. śūnya.
     (2) kevala mātra in comp.; 'on the b. ground' avyavadhānāyāṃ bhūmāveva (Ka. 151).
     (3) vivastra; 'b. footed' pādukāhīna anāvṛtapāda; 'b. headed' anāvṛtaśiras; 'b. faced' nirlajja dhṛṣṭa; 'thread b.' (clothes). jīrṇāni vāsāṃsi. -v. t. nagnīkṛ 8 U, vivastrīkṛ; ucchad 10.
     (2) utkṛṣ 1 P.
     -ly, adv. mātraṃ kevalaṃ.
     (2) kathamapi kaṣṭena kṛcchreṇa.
     -ness, s. śūnyatā vivastratā.
     (2) kṣīṇatā dainyaṃ.

Bargain, s. saṃvid f., samayaḥ abhyupagamaḥ 'a b. was struck' iti samayaḥ kṛtaḥ; 'buy the horse, it is a good b.' stokamūlyena labhyateyamaśvaḥ krīṇīhi tāvadenaṃ; 'in the b.' api aparaṃca
     (2) paṇaḥ vipaṇaḥ krayavikrayaniyamaḥ. -v. t. paṇ 1 A, vyavahṛ 1 P.

Barge, s. kelinaukā.
     (2) tarāluḥ vahitraṃ.
     -man, s. nāvikaḥ potavāhaḥ.

Bark, v. tvac f., valkaṃ valkalaḥ-laṃ.
     (2) potaḥ kṣudranauḥ tarīḥ. -v. i. bukk 1 P, 10; 'dogs b. at the moon' śvānaḥ śaśinaṃ vīkṣya bukkayaṃti; bhaṣ 1 P. -v. t. tvacaṃ-valkaṃ-apanī 1 P. or niṣkṛṣ 1 P.
     -ing, s. bukkanaṃ bhaṣaṇaṃ.
     -y, a. vālkala (lī f.), tvaṅmaya (yī f.).

Barley, s. yavaḥ praveṭaḥ; 'b. broth' yavasurāraṃ; 'b. corn' yavaḥ; 'unripe b.' kulmāṣaṃ; 'b. water' udamaṃthaḥ.

Barm, s. surā-madya-maṃḍaḥ.

Barn, s. kuśūlaḥ dhānyāgāraṃ dhānyasaṃgrahasthānaṃ.

Barometer, s. ākāśatolanayaṃtraṃ.

Barrack, s. sainyāvāsaḥ sainyāgāraṃ. -v. t. sai- nyāgāre sthā c. (sthāpayati) or nivas c.

Barrel, s. dīrghagolākāraṃ kāṣṭhapātraṃ.
     (2) (Of guns) nāḍi-ḍī f., nāli-lī f.

Barren, a. vaṃdhya (lit. and fig.).
     (2) vyartha mogha niṣphala.
     (3) (Ground) anurvara a- śasyaprada marusthalaṃ-lī.
     (4) śūnya rikta.
     -ness, s. vaṃdhyatvaṃ.
     (2) vaiyarthyaṃ śuṣkatā.

Barricade, s. prākāraḥ vapraḥ-praṃ prācīraṃ. -v. t. vi-prati-rudh 7 U, See Obstruct.

Barrier, s. vṛti f., vapraḥ-praṃ prākāraḥ.
     (2) sīman f., sīmā paryaṃtaḥ-taṃ.
     (3) vighnaḥ pratyūhaḥ aṃtarāyaḥ vyāghātaḥ.

Barrister, s. uttaravādin m., parārthaṃ vaktṛ m.; smṛtiśāstrakuśalaḥ.

Barrow, s. śūkaraḥ.
     (2) unnatabhūbhāgaḥ.
     (3) śakaṭikā.

Barter, s. vinimayaḥ pratidānaṃ pari (rī) vartaḥ. -v. t. vini-me 1 A, parivṛt c.; 'b. ed for 5 cows' paṃcagu (gṛhaṃ &c.). -v. i. bhāṃḍavi-nimayena vāṇijyaṃ kṛ 8 U, vyavahṛ 1 P.

Base, a. nīca anārya khala duṣṭa kadarya jaghanya adhama ni-apa-kṛṣṭa.
     (2) vijāta hīnajāti anabhijāta akulīna.
     (3) kṛpaṇa.
     (4) (Notes) dhīra gaṃbhīra; 'b. metal' kupyaṃ. -s. adhobhāgaḥ mūlaṃ talaṃ upaṣṭaṃbhaḥ.
     (2) mūrdhan m., bhūmi f.
     (3) vāstu n.; poṭaḥ; 'based on' ex. by mūla in comp.; 'delusion b. ed on ignorance' ajñānamūlakā bhrāṃtiḥ.
     -ly, adv. nīcatayā adhamaṃ &c.
     -less, a. nirmūlaka nirādhāra amūla.
     -ness, s. adhamatā anāryatā nikṛṣṭatā; akulīnatā vaijātyaṃ; gāṃbhīryaṃ.

Bashful, a. hrīmat lajjāvat savrīḍa trapita salajja śālīna satrapa vinīta bhīru.
     -ly, adv. salajjaṃ satrapaṃ savrīḍaṃ; 'his face b. bent down' lajjāvanatamukhaḥ trayādhomukhaḥ.
     -ness, s. lajjā trapā hrīḥ; vrīḍā śālīnatā vinayaḥ bhīrutā.

Basil, s. tulasī kuṭherakaḥ parṇāsaḥ.

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Basin, s. bhāṃḍaṃ droṇī.
     (2) jalāśayaḥ taḍāgaḥ kāsāraḥ.
     (3) ālavālaṃ ādhāraḥ āvāpaḥ āvālaṃ.
     (4) khātaṃ.
     (5) sarittaṭapradeśaḥ rayapathaḥ.

Basis, s. mūlaṃ; yoni f.; ādhāraḥ.

Bask, v. t. sūryātapaṃ ni-ā-sev 1 A; 'b. s in the morning sun' bālātapaṃ niṣevate.

Basket, s. maṃjūṣā pi (pe) ṭakaḥ karaṃḍaḥ kaṃḍolaḥ.
     -maker, s. vaiṇavaḥ vaidalakāraḥ.
     -work, s. vaidalaṃ.

Bass, s. See Base 4. 2. kaṭaḥ; 'b. relief' praticchāyā.

Bastard, a., s. jāraja kuṃḍa kulaṭotpanna; kaulaṭeya kānīna vijanman dāsīputraḥ (trī f.), vijāta.

Baste, v. t. laguḍena taḍ 10 or prahṛ 1 P or āhan
     (2) U.
     (2) siv 4 P.
     -Bastinade, s. laguḍāghātaḥ gadāprahāraḥ tāḍanaṃ.

Bastile, s. prākārayuktaṃ durgaṃ.

Bastion, s. vapraḥ-praṃ.

Bat, s. jatukā ajinapatrā paroṣṇī tailapāyikā.
     (2) yaṣṭi f., gadā laguḍaḥ.

Batch, s. gaṇaḥ saṃghaḥ samūhaḥ.

Bate, See Abate.

Bath, s. snānāgāraṃ snānakuṃḍa avagāhanasthānaṃ.

Bathe, v. i. snā 2 P, masj 6 P (loc.); gāh 1 A, vi-ava-gāh (with acc.). -v. t. snā c. (snā-sna-payati); prakṣal 10, dhāv 10; abhiṣic 6 P, nimasj c. (majjayati).
     -ing, s. snānaṃ nimajjanaṃ avagāhanaṃ abhiṣekaḥ. -a. snānīya; 'b. cloth' snānīyavastraṃ.

Bathos, s. nīcatā.
     (2) gāṃbhīryaṃ.

Bating, prep. See Except.

Batlet, s. rājakaprayuktaḥ kāṣṭhamudgaraḥ.

     Batoon, s. daṃḍaḥ gadā yaṣṭi f., laguḍaḥ.

Battalion, s. gulmaḥ-lmaṃ vāhinī sainyadalaṃ.

Batten, v. i. āpyai 1 A, sphāy 1 A; 'the wolf b. s on the lamb' ajā (māṃsa) bhakṣaṇenātmānamāpyāyayati; udaraṃ bhṛ 3 U. -v. t. pyai c., saṃvṛdh c. pīna a. kṛ 8 U.

Batter, v. t. mṛd 9 P, cūrṇ 10, maṃth 9 P, ni-ṣpiṣ 7 P., prabhaṃj 7 P.
     -y, s. mardanaṃ peṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) kāmānaśreṇī.

Battle, s. yuddhaṃ raṇaḥ-ṇaṃ samaraḥ saṃgrāmaḥ saṃkhyaṃ pradhanaṃ āhavaḥ āji f. samiti f., yudh f., 'b. array' vyūhaḥ sainyavinyāsaḥ; 'b. axe' paraśuḥ; 'b. cry' siṃhanādaḥ kṣveḍitaṃ; 'b. field' raṇa-samara -&. bhūmi f., raṇāṃgaṇaṃ. -v. i. yudh 4 A.
     -ment, s. sacchidraḥ prākāraḥ bhitti f.

Battue, s. saṃkulavadhaḥ-niṣūdanaṃ.

Bauble, s. alpamūlyaṃ ābharaṇaṃ alpārdhaṃ krīḍanakaṃ.

Bawd, s. kuṭṭinī dūtī śaṃbhalī.
     -ry, s. dūtīkāryaṃ; kuṭṭinīkarman n.
     -y, a. garhita aśuddha avinīta nīca 'bawd-house' veśyāśramaḥ veśaḥ.

Bawl, v. i. ā-ut-kruś 1 P, uccaiḥ-tārasvareṇa śabdāyate (D.); rad 1 P, nad 1 P, udghuṣ 10.
     -er, s. ā-ut-koṣṭṛ m., udghoṣakaḥ.
     -ing, s. utkrośaḥ udghoṣaṇaṃ.

Bay, a. piṃga piṃgala. -v. i. See Bark, -s. khātaṃ vaṃkaḥ; 'turn to b.' 'stand at b.' śatrorabhimukha sthā 1 P; 'b. salt.' samudralava-ṇaṃ saiṃdhavaṃ.

Bayonet, s. nistriṃśaḥ gulikāprakṣepaṇīsaṃsaktā churikā.

Bazar, s. āpaṇaḥ-ṇaṃ paṇyavīthikā-vīthī vi-paṇi-ṇī f., haṭṭaḥ niṣadyā.

Be, v. i. bhū 1 P, as 2 P, vṛt 1 A, vid 4 A; 'b. it so' bhavatu evaṃ-tathā-astu.
     -Being, s. bhāvaḥ avasthā vṛtti f., astitvaṃ sattā.
     (2) bhūtaṃ sattvaḥ- tvaṃ; 'rational b.' sacetanaḥ prāṇin m.; 'corporal b.' śarīrin m., dehin m.; 'Supreme B.' parameśvaraḥ paramātman m.
     (2) janman n., saṃbhavaḥ utpatti f. -a. sat vartamānaḥ 'b. that' yataḥ yasmāt; ex. by abl. or instr. of nouns.

Beach, s. (samudra-) tīraṃ kūlaṃ velā taṭaṃ-ṭī.
     -y. a. taṭayukta kūlamaya (yī f.).

Beacon, s. ākāśadīpaḥ maholkā.

Bead, s. gulī guṭikā; 'a string of b. s' mālā; hāraḥ; 'a rosary of b. s;' japa-akṣamālā; 'telling b. s' japamālāṃ gaṇ 10.
     -man, s. japakaraṇe niyukto janaḥ.

Beadle, s. daṃḍadharaḥ.

Beak, s. caṃcu f., caṃcūḥ mukhaṃ tuṃḍaḥ-ḍaṃ.
     -ed, a. caṃcumat tuṃḍayukta.
     -er, s. kācapātraṃ.

Beam, s. tulā sthūṇā; 'of a balance' daṃḍaḥ yaṣṭi f.; 'of a carriage' dhur f.
     (2) kiraṇaḥ aṃśuḥ; See Ray. -v. i. prot-vi-las 1 P, sphur 6 P; 'a face b. ing with joy' mudā vilasadānanaṃ.
     -less, a. niṣprabha nistejas.
     -y, a. bhāsvat bhāsura dedīpyamāna aṃśumat.

Bean, s. māṣaḥ śiṃbikaḥ.

Bear, v. t. vah 1 P, 1 P.
     (2) dhṛ 1 P, ālaṃb 1 A, bhṛ 3 U (rājyabhāramuvāha-babhāra)
     (3) sah 1 A, mṛṣ 4 P, 10, kṣam 1 A. 4 prasū 2 A; utpad c., jan c. (janayati); 'Satyavati bore two sons to the king' nṛpeṇa satyavatyāṃ putrau jātau -utpāditau nṛpaḥ satyavatyāṃ putrāvajījanat; the same sense ex. in sa naiṣadhasya sutāyāṃ putramutpādayāmāsa (R. XVIII. 1) 'he had a son by the daughter' &c.
     (5) (Cherish) bhṛ 3 U, dhṛ
     1 P; 'I b. no malice to you' tavopari dveṣaṃ na dhārayāmi or na tvaṃ mama dveṣapātraṃ-sthānaṃ; 'he bore himself bravely on the occasion' tasminnavasare tena sādhu ācaritaṃ dhīraṃ vikāṃtaṃ; 'b. witness' sākṣyaṃ dā 3 P (with gen.); 'b. company' sahacaraḥ (rī f.) bhū 1 P; 'b. name' nāma bhṛ 3 U, or dhṛ 10; vyapadeśaṃ bhaj 1 A; (evaṃvyapadeśabhājinaḥ U. 6); 'b. fruit' saphalībhū phal 1 P; 'b. in mind' citte avadhṛ 10, manasi kṛ anusmṛ 1 P, -s. ṛkṣaḥ bhallūkaḥ bhālukaḥ.
     -Born, a. jāta utpanna prasūta saṃbhūta; 'to be b.' jan 4 A; utpad 4 A; prasū pass., udbhū 1 P, saṃbhū; 'was b. in the form of a dwarf' vāmanarūpeṇa jātaḥ-avatīrṇaḥ.
     -back, v. i. parā-prati-ni-vṛt 1 A.
     -down, v. t. apākṛ 8 U; parāji 1 A, nipat c.; 'bore down all opposition' sarvamaṃtarāyamapākurvan.
     -on, v. i. See Apply. -out v. t. (fig.) dṛḍhayati (D.); samarth 10.
     -up, v. udvah c., uttaṃbh c., as in jhaṭiti ghaṭanottaṃbhitamiva (U. 3).
     (2) sah 1 A; 'b. under grief' duḥkhapratikāraṃ kuru śokavaśaṃ mā gamaḥ.
     -er, s. vāhaḥ haraḥ vāhakaḥ in comp. vārtāharaḥ 'b. of news'
     -ing, s. avasthānaṃ sthiti f.
     (2) vṛtti f., vartanaṃ ācaraṇaṃ rīti f.

Beard, s. śmaśru n., kūrcaṃ; mukharoman n; 'wearing long b. s.' dīrghakūrcāḥ (pl.).
     (2) śūkaṃ kiṃśāruḥ.
     (3) phalaṃ karṇaḥ. -v. t. nyakkṛ 8 U, samakṣaṃ avajñā 9 U or nirbharts 10 A or adhikṣip 6 P.
     -ed, a saśmaśru; śmaśrula kūrcadhara &c.
     -less, a. śmaśruhīna; ajāta-anudbhinnaśmaśru.
     (2) aprāptavyavahāra.

Beast, s. paśuḥ mṛgaḥ jaṃtuḥ; 'b. of prey' śvāpadaḥ; 'b. of burden' dhuryaḥ dhurīṇaḥ; 'b. in the form of man' narapaśuḥ.
     -ly, a. paśutulya; jaghanya paśuśīla.

Beat, s. āghātaḥ prahāraḥ; tāḍanaṃ.
     (2) spaṃdanaṃ sphuraṇaṃ. -v. t. taḍ 10, prahṛ 1 P, tud 6 P, abhihan 2 P, āhan 2 A, (āhatāyāṃ payāṇabheryāṃ).
     (2) (defeat) vidhvaṃs c., bhaṃj 7 P, parāji 1 A, parābhū 1 U.
     (3) āluḍ c., cūrṇ 10: -v. i. spaṃd-kaṃp-vep 1 A, sphur 6 P; 'b. very fast' dhamadhamāyate (D.).
     -down, nipat c.; (price) nyūnīkṛ.
     -into, tāḍanena kṛ or nirmā 3 A; 'I shall b. thee into a good boy' tāḍayitvā tāḍayitvā tvāmahaṃ vidvāṃsaṃ kariṣyāmi.
     -off, vidru c., pratihan.
     -about the bush, (lit.) vanaṃ grah 9 P or āluḍ 10; (fig.) aprastutamālap 1 P. See Bush.

Beatify, v. t paramānaṃdaṃ dā 3 U.
     (2) amareṣu gaṇū 10, svargīyalokamadhye āruh c.
     -ic, a. apavargada mokṣaprada.

Beatitude, s. mokṣaḥ mukti f., niḥśreyasaṃ apa-vargaḥ nirvāṇaṃ paramā gatiḥ kaivalyaṃ 'desirous of b.' mumukṣuḥ.

Beau, s. suveśaḥ subhagaṃmanyaḥ.

Beauty, s. sauṃdaryaṃ cārutā lāvaṇyaṃ śobhā kāṃti f., rūpaṃ ramaṇīyatā abhikhyā manojñatvaṃ śrīḥ lakṣmīḥ.
     -Beautify, v. t. śubh c., bhūṣ 10, alaṃkṛ 8 U.
     Beauteous, a. suṃdara (rī f.), ramya ramaṇīya kāṃta manojña surūpa lāvaṇyavat rucira śobhana cāru (rvī f.), maṃjula oft., by su in comp.; sumukhaṃ-susthalaṃ.
     -ly, adv. sādhu suṃdaraṃ suṣṭhu su in comps.

Beaver, s. śirastrāṇabhāgaḥ.

Becalm, v. t. nirvāta a. kṛ 8 U, praśam c. (śamayati); See Calm.

Because, conj. iti hi (not at the beginning of a statement); yataḥ yat; more oft. ex. by kutaḥ kasmāt with abl.; by abl. or instr.; 'b. he is liable to the charge of inequality and cruelty' (neśvaro jagataḥ kāraṇamupapadyate) kutaḥ vaiṣamyanairghūṇyaprasaṃgāt 'b of' ex. by instr. or abl.; hetoḥ kāraṇāt; 'b. of this' iti hetoḥ.

Beck, s. saṃjñā; saṃketaḥ.
     -on, v. t. śirasā-hastena saṃjñāṃ-saṃketaṃ dā 3 U.
     (2) saṃjñayā āhve 1 P.

Become, v. i. bhū 1 P, saṃpad 4 A; vṛt 1. A, jan 4 A; in majority of adjectives ex. by nouns with gam prāp &c.; 'became dejected' viṣādaṃ gataḥ viṣaṇṇo babhūva; 'b. s hated' dveṣyatāṃ yāti; 'became amazed' vismayamāpede; 'b. ing curious' samupajātakutūhalaḥ; 'what became of the queen Sita' sītādevyāḥ kiṃ vṛttaṃ (U. 2), kimabhavat. -v. t. yuj pass., upapad 4 A, (with loc.); gen. ex. by anurūpa sadṛśa (śī f.), ucita upapanna (all with gen.): 'does this b. thy matted hair' kimidaṃ jaṭānāmanurūpaṃ yukta-sadṛśaṃ &c.
     -ing, a. ucita anurūpa yukta upapanna; 'it is b.' sāṃprataṃ.
     -ingly, adv. yathocitaṃ yathārhaṃ yuktaṃ anurūpaṃ.

Bed, s. śayyā śayanaṃ talpaḥ-lpaṃ sastaraḥ śayanīyaṃ; 'leave the b.' muṃca śayyāṃ; 'confined to b.' 'b. rid' śayyāgata śayyāgrasta; 'polluter of other's b.' pāratalpikaḥ paratalpagaḥ; 'go to b.' svap 2 P, śī 2 A; 'b. chamber,' 'b. room' śayanāgāraṃ śayanagṛhaṃ vāsagṛhaṃ; 'b. clothes' śayyopaskarāḥ; 'b. sheet' śayanāstaraṇaṃ uttaracchadaḥ; 'b. stead' paryaṃkaḥ khaṭvā maṃcaḥ.
     (2) (of a river) madhyaṃ rayapathaḥ.
     (3) phalakaḥ.
     -Bedding, s. śayyopakaraṇaṃ śayanasāmagrī.

     Bedaggie, See Stain.

Bedaub, See Daub.

Bedeck, v. t. vibhūṣ 10, See Adorn.

Bedew, v. t. ārdrīkṛ 8 U, klid c., prokṣ 1 P, sic 6 P.

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Bedim, v. t. malinīkṛ 8 U, kaluṣīkṛ; 'eyes b. ed with tears' bāṣpaprakarakaluṣāṃ dṛṣṭiṃ (S. 6).

Bedizen, v. t. pariṣkṛ 8 U. See Adorn,

Bediam, s. unmattānāṃ nivāsaḥ vātulālayaḥ. -a.,
     -ite, unmatta vātula.

Bee, s. aliḥ bhramaraḥ dvirephaḥ śilīmukhaḥ bhṛṃgaḥ madhukaraḥ ṣadpadaḥ; 'honey b.' saraghā madhumakṣikā; 'b. hive' madhukoṣaḥ; 'bees wax' madhujaṃ śikthaṃ.

Beef, s. gomāṃsaṃ.

Beer, s. yavasurā-raṃ yavamadyaṃ.

Beetle, s. piṃgakapiśā.
     (2) mudgaraḥ. -v. i. See Jut.

Befall, v. t. ā-samā-pat 1 P; 'such incidents b. worldly persons' āpataṃti hi saṃsārapathamavatīrṇānāmete vṛttāṃtāḥ (Ka. 175); upasthā 1 U, upanam 1 P (with gen.); kasyātyaṃtaṃ sukhamupanataṃ duḥkhamekāṃtato vā (Me. 109) saṃpad 4 A, ghaṭ 1 A.

Befit, v. t.

Befool, v. t. vyāmuh c. vibhram c. (bhramayati).

Before, prep. (Time) prāk pūrvaṃ arvāk (with abl.).
     (2) (Place) puraḥ purataḥ agre agrataḥ purastāt (with gen.); samakṣaṃ sākṣāt pratyakṣaṃ. -adv. (place) See above.
     (2) (Time) pūrva in comp.; 'not heard b.' aśrutapūrva. -conj. yāvat na-tāvat; 'study your lesson b. he comes' yāvadasau nāgacchati tāvatpāṭhamadhīṣva; ekasya duḥkhasya na yāvadaṃtaṃ gacchāmi tāvadadvitīyaṃ samupasthitaṃ me; 'b. hand' prāgeva pūrvameva; prathamameva agre; 'b. mentioned' pūrvokta prāgukta; 'as b.' yathā purā yathāpūrvaṃ; pūrvavat 'in times gone b.' purā gatakāle.

Befoul, v. t. duṣ c. (dūṣayati); See Stain.

Befriend, v. t. anugrah 9 P; upakṛ 8 U, sāhāyyaṃ kṛ (with gen.),

Beg, v. i. bhikṣ 1 A, bhikṣāṭanaṃ kṛ 8 U, bhikṣāṃ yāc 1 A. -v. t. aṃjaliṃ baddhvā-pādayoḥ patitvā vijñā c (jñāpayati) or nivid c.
     (2) yāc 1 A; abhi-pra-arth 10 A; 'b. s. to say' khijāpayati; 'b. favour of' prasad c., anunī 1 P.
     -ging, s. yācñā prārthanā.
     (2) bhikṣā bhikṣāṭanaṃ.
     -Beggar, v. t. daridrī kṛ 8 U sarvasvaṃ hṛ 1 P; 'b. s description' varṇanātīta. s. -prārthakaḥ arthin m., bhikṣuḥ yāvakaḥ daridraḥ.
     -ly, a. nirdhana kṛpaṇa.
     (2) nīca apakṛṣṭa.
     -y, s. dainyaṃ kārpaṇyaṃ dāridyaṃ bhakṣyaṃ.

Beget, v. t. jan c. (janayati); utpad c.; prasū 2 A, sṛj 6 P.
     -ter, s. janakaḥ utpādakaḥ janayitṛ m.

Begin, v. t. ā-prā-rabh 1 A; pra-upa-kam 1 A, prastu 2 U, (prastūyatāṃ bhoḥ) pravṛt 1 A; 'the wind began' vātogresarobhūt.
     -ner, s. ārabdhṛ m., navacchātraḥ.
     -ning, s. āraṃbhaḥ upakramaḥ.
     (2) ādi m.; 'having no b.' anādi.
     (3) mūlaṃ yoni f., prabhavaḥ; 'b. with' ādi-ādya- in comp.; 'in the b.' ādau; 'from the b.' āmūlāt āditaḥ; 'God has neither b. nor end' anādyanaṃta īśvaraḥ.

Begird, v. t. pariveṣṭ 1 A or c., avarudh 7 U, ā-pari-vṛ 5 U; valaya rasanā in comp,; samudrarasanā-udadhivalayā-pṛthvī 'earth begirt by sea'.

Begone, interj. apehi apasara apayāhi.

Begrease, v. t. vasayā lip 6 P, or sni-gdhīkṛ 8 U.

Begrime, See Soil.

Begrudge, See Envy, v. t.

Beguile, v. t. vinud c., ativah c. (of time) (kathābhirdivasamatyavāhayat).
     (2) vyāmuh c., vaṃc 10, vipralabh 1 A, ākṛṣ 1 P; pra-vi-lubh c.

Behalf, (on or in) arthaṃ arthe hetoḥ kāraṇāt kṛte (with gen).

Behave, v. i. ācar 1 P, vṛt 1 A, vyavahṛ 1 P; See Act. 2 vṛttiṃ kṛ 8 U, anuṣṭhā 1 P; 'well b. ed' sadācāraḥ.
     -Behaviour, s. ācāraḥ vṛtti f., vyavahāraḥ ceṣṭitaṃ caritaṃ ācaraṇaṃ.

Behead, v. t. śiraḥ (n.) chid 7 P or kṛt 6 P.
     -ing, s. śiracchedaḥ; worthy of b.' śīrṣacchedyaḥ.

Behest, See Command (s.)

Behind, prep. paścāt pṛṣṭhataḥ (with gen.) anu (with acc.); 'concealing his body b. the creepers' latāṃtarita-latāvyavahitavigrahaḥ; 'he is far b. (back ward)' maṃdaḥ maṃdadhīḥ; 'b. the scenes' nepathye. -adv. pṛṣṭhataḥ; 'from b.' paścādetya pṛṣṭhenāgatya
     (2) avarataḥ adhastāt.
     (3) dūre dūrataḥ; 'b. part' paścāddeśaḥ pṛṣṭhaṃ nitaṃbaḥ.

Behold, v. t. dṛś 1 P, īkṣ 1 A; See See.
     -en, a. upakṛta kṛtopakāreṇa parādhīna.
     -er, s. prekṣakaḥ darśakaḥ draṣṭṛ m.

Behoof, s. arthaḥ phalaṃ vṛddhi f., lābhaḥ.

Behove, v. t. Ex. by pot. pass. part. pot. mood, or arh 1 P; 'it b. s thee to assist me' tvayā mama sāhāyyaṃ kartavyaṃ sāhāyyaṃ kartumarhasi &c., See Become, v. t.

Belabour, v. t. See Beat.

Belate, v. i. cirāya or ciray D.

Belay, v. t. prati-upa-rudh 7 U.

Belch, v. i. udvam 1 P, udgṝ 6 P.
     -ing, s. udvamanaṃ udgiraṇaṃ udgāraḥ.

Beleaguer, See Besiege.

Belie, v. t. asatyaṃ āruh c. (ropayati); mithyābhiyogaṃ kṛ 8 U; pari-apa-vad 1 A.

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Believe, v. t. viśvas 2 P, (with loc.). śraddhā 3 U (with loc. of person and acc. of thing); prati-i 2 P. (with acc.).
     (2) saṃbhū c., tark 10, man 4 A.
     -er, s. viśvāsin m., śraddhāluḥ śraddhānvitaḥ.
     -Belief, s. viśvāsaḥ viśraṃbhaḥ pratyayaḥ
     (2) śraddhā āstikyabuddhi f.
     (3) mati f., buddhi f., 'it is my b.' iti me matiḥ or mataṃ ityahaṃ manye.

Belike, adv. api nāma kiṃsvit.

Belittle, v. t. laghūkṛ 8 U.

Bell, s. ghaṃṭā; 'small b.' kiṃkiṇī; 'b. metal' kāṃsyaṃ pītalohaṃ; 'b. clapper' ghaṃṭāvādakaḥ.

Belladonna, s. kaṃṭakārikā.

Belle, s. suṃdarī rūpavatī strī; subhagaṃmanyā.

Belles letters, s. vāṅmayaṃ.

Bellicose, a. kalahapriya -śīla raṇotsuka yuyutsu.

Belligerent, a., s. baddhasamara; yodhanaśīla yuyutsu.

Bellow, v. i. nad 1 P, ninad garj 1 P, ras 1 P, raṭ 1 P, nard 1 P.
     -ing, s. garjita ninādaḥ garjanaṃ rasitaṃ.

Bellows, s. bhastrā dṛti f., bhastrī carmaprasevikā.

Belly, s. udaraṃ jaṭharaṃ tuṃdaṃ kukṣiḥ; 'b. ache' udaraśūlaḥ-laṃ; 'n. full' ākaṃṭhaṃ; udarapūraṇaṃ (s.); 'b. bound' ānaddha; baddhodara; 'b. god' udaraṃbhariḥ audarikaḥ; 'b. worm' krimiḥ; kṛmiḥ.

Belong, v. i. as 2 P, vid 4 A, bhū 1 P, with gen.; or by an adj. from noun; 'this book belongs to me' mamedaṃ pustakaṃ or madīyametat pustakaṃ 'b. ing to spring' vāsaṃtika (kī f.); 'b. ing to the king;' rājakīya.
     (2) saṃbaṃdh pass.; 'this does not b. to you' nāyaṃ tava vyāpāraḥ.

Beloved, a. priya iṣṭa dayita vallabha; 'b. person' dayitajanaḥ &c.

Below, prep. adhaḥ adhastāt tale (with gen.).
     (2) ūna in comp.
     (3) ayogya anarha ananurūpa asadṛśa (śī f.;); 'the gods are b. Hari' anu hariṃ surāḥ (S. K.). -adv. adhaḥ adhastāt; adhobhāge loke (in hell).
     (2) nīce avarataḥ.
     (3) iha iha loke.

Belt, s. mekhalā rasa (śa) nā kāṃcī. -v. t. mekhalārūpeṇa parivṛ 5 U or pariveṣṭ 1 A.

Bemangle, See Mangle.

Bemire, v. t. paṃkena malinayati (D.). or duṣ c. (dūṣayati).

Bemoan, See Lament.

Bench, s. pīṭhaṃ; phalakaḥ; 'b. of justice' dharmāsanaṃ vyavahārāsanaṃ.

Bend, v. t. nam c. (na-nā-mayati) ava-ānam c. (namayati) namrīkṛ 8 U, āvṛj 10, vakrīkṛ bhuj- vi-ā-- 6 P; 'bent under the load of breasts' kucabhārānamitā stanabhareṇa namratāmānītā stanabhāreṇāvajiṃtā; 'b. the brow' bhrūbhaṃgaṃ kṛ; he 'bent his mind again to his task' sa punarapi sva- kārye manonyadadhāt-babaṃdha-nyaveśayat; 'b. to one's will' vaśīkṛ. -v. i. ā-ava-pra-nam 1 P, namra-līna- a. bhū 1 P, 'trees b. down under the load of fruits' bhavaṃti namrāsta- ravaḥ phalāgamaiḥ (S. 5)
     -Bent, a. ānamita; nā-na-mita ābhugna; pravaṇa prahva āvarjita; 'b. on' kṛtaniścaya suniścaya kṛtasaṃkalpa vihitapratijña; 'eagerly b. on killing each other' parasparavadhodyatau. -s. nati f., vakratā jihmatā.
     (2) vaṃkaḥ puṭabhedaḥ.
     (3) śīlaṃ vāṃchā niśrayaḥ pravṛtti f., abhiniveśaḥ
     -ing, s. nati f.; namanaṃ avanamanaṃ.

Beneath, prep., adv. See Below.

Benedict, s. navoḍhaḥ navapariṇītaḥ.

Benediction, s. āśis f., āśīrvādaḥ; nāṃdī (in dramas); āśāsyaṃ f. dhanyavādaḥ.
     (2) stavaḥ stuti f.
     -Benedictory, a. māṃgalika (kī f.); 'b. stanza' nāṃdīślokaḥ; nāṃdī.

Benefaction, s. upakāraḥ upakṛtaṃ hitaṃ.

Benefactor, s. upakartṛ m., upakārin m., hitakṛt m., upakārakaḥ hita-priya-karaḥ.

Benefice, s. dharmaśikṣakavṛti f.

Beneficence, s. upakāraśīlatā paropakāraḥ; upakāraḥ hitaṃ dayā kṛpā tyāgitā.

Beneficent, a. dāna-tyāga-śīla paropakārin upakārapara.
     (2) (thing) hitakara (rī f.), hitakārin hitāvaha.

Beneficial, a. hita hitāvaha upakāraka lābhajanaka; kalyāṇakāraka sukhapradaṃ.

Benefit, s. upakāraḥ hitaṃ anugrahaḥ.
     (2) phalaṃ lābhaḥ; 'for public b' janahitārthaṃ. -v. t. upakṛ 8 U, anugrah 9 P, hitaṃ kṛ lābhaṃ dā 3 U.

Benevolence, s. parahitecchā paropakāritā dayā kṛpā udāratā
     -Benevolent, a. hitaiṣin upakārapara paropakāraśīla dayālu parahitecchu.
     -ly, adv. parahitecchayā kṛpayā dayāpūrvaṃ.

Benight, v. t. tamasā ācchad 10.
     -ed, a. tamovṛt naiśatamasākrāṃta; (fig.) ajñānatamovṛta.

Benign, Benignant, a. dayālu premapara sadaya sukhaprada kṛpālu.
     -ity, s. dayā prīti f., kṛpā anugrahaḥ dayālutvaṃ.

Benison, s. āśis f., āśīrvādaḥ.

Benumb, v. t. jaḍayati (D.), jaḍīkṛ 8 U, staṃbh 9 P.

Bequeath, v. t. mṛtyusamaye icchāpatreṇa dā 3 U or c. (arpayati), or pratipad c.
     -quest, s. rikthapradānaṃ.

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Bereave, v. t. vinākṛ 8 U, viyuj 10, (with instr. for 'of'); 'b. ed of Madana' madanena vinākṛtā.
     (2) apanī 1 P, bhraṃś c., 'to be b. ed' parihā pass., viyuj pass.
     -ed, Bereft, a. rahita hīna viyukta hṛta-gata in comp.
     -ment, s. viprayogaḥ viyogaḥ; virahaḥ.

Berry, s. gulī guṭikā.

Berth, s. śayanāgāraṃ vāsagṛhaṃ (naukāyāṃ).

Bescatter, See Scatter.

Beseech, v. t. anunī 1 P, prasad c., vinayena yāc 1 A or prārth 10 A.
     -er, s. prārthakaḥ yācakaḥ arthin m.

     -ly, See Become.

Beset, v. t. rudh 7 U, ākulīkṛ 8 U, ākram 1 U, 4 P, saṃbādh 1 A, upapīḍ 10, abhibhū 1 P. -a. ākula abhibhūta; 'b. with difficulties or dangers' saṃkaṭākula anarthasaṃbādha vipadabhibhūta.

Beshrew, v. t. amaṃgala prārth 10 A, śap 1 A.

Beside, prep. pārśve samīpaṃ -pe; abhitaḥ paritaḥ (acc.); nikaṭaṃ-ṭe (gen).
     (2) asaṃbaddha a.; 'b. oneself with joy' ānaṃdaparavaśaḥ ānaṃdena vigatacetana iva bhūtvā; 'this is b. the question' aprāstāvikaṃ-aprāsaṃgikaṃetat aprakṛtaṃ.

Besides, prep. Ex. by bhinna vyatirikta apara itara in comp., or with abl. -adv. aparaṃca anyacca kiṃca apica adhikaṃ.

Besiege, v. t. rudh 7 U, ava-upa-rudh pariveṣṭṛ 1 A or c., ākram 1 U, 4 P
     -er, s. ava-upa-rodhakaḥ.
     -ing, s. upa-ava-rodhaḥ rodhanaṃ.

Beslave, v. t. vaśīkṛ 8 U, dam c. (damayati).

Besmear, a. t. vi-ā-anu-lip 6 P, aṃj 7 P. dih 2 U.
     -ed, a. lipta akta digdha; viṣadigdhaḥ śaraḥ 'b. with poison;' raktāktaḥ 'b. with blood'

Besmirch, v. t. See Besmear. 2 malinī kṛ 8 U.

Besom, s. mārjanī śodhanī.

Besort, v. i. yuj pass., upapad 4 A.

Besot, v. t. muh c., jaḍīkṛ 8 U.
     -ted, a. mūḍhabuddhi mūḍhātman.

Bespangle, v. t. nakṣatrākārarbhūṣaṇaiḥ anuvyadh 4 P or upa-śubh c. or bhūṣ 10.

Bespatter, v. t. malena sic 6 P, malinayati (D.), kaluṣayati (D.).

Bespeak, v. t. sūc 10, dṛś c., kath 10, See Indicate; ākṛtirevānumāpayatyamānuṣatāṃ (Ka. 132) 'b. s its being superhuman.'

Bespeckle, Besprinkle, See Speckle,

Best, a. praśastatama uttama śreṣṭha parama parārdhya; 'to the b. of one's capacity or power' yathāśakti yāvacchakyaṃ; 'to the b. of one's belief' yathāmati; 'b. of' ex. by ratna or vara in comp.; strīratnaṃ munivaraḥ.

Bestain, See Stain.

Bestead, v. t. lābhāya bhū 1 P, hitāya kḷp 1 A.

Bestial, See under Beast.

Bestir, (oneself) ceṣṭ 1 A, ghaṭ 1 A, prayut 1 A. udyamaṃ kṛ 8 U, vyavaso 4 P.

Bestow, v. t. 1 P, 3 U. pradā pratipad c., (with dat.) vitṝ 1 P (with loc.).
     (2) prayuj 7 A, 10, nikṣip 6 P; 'b. ing wealth on proper persons' vittasya pātre vyayaḥ 'great care seems to be b. ed on this picture' idamālekhyaṃ prayatnataḥsunipuṇaṃ-nirmitamiti anumīyate; 'b. oneself' sev 1 A, āsthā 1 A, mano niviś c.
     -al, s. dānaṃ pratipādanaṃ.
     -er, s. dātṛ m., pradaḥ in comp.

Bestraught, a. vyagra ciṃtākula; See Anxious.

Bestrew, v. t. āstṝ-stṛ 5-9 U.

Bestride, v. t. pādau pṛthak kṛtvā ā-adhiruh 1 P or adhikram 1 U, 4 P.

Bestud, v. t. anuvyadh 4 P, khac 10.

Bet, s. paṇaḥ pratijñā. -v. t. paṇ 1 A (with gen. of thing staked); śatasya paṇate (S. K.)

Betake, (oneself to) v. t. ādhi 1 U aṃgīkṛ 8 U; araṇyavāsamaṃgīcakāra 'betook himself to forest residence'.

Betel, s. (tree) tāṃbūlī punnāgavallī nāgalatā; 'b. box' tāṃbūlakaraṃkaḥ pūgapātraṃ 'b. nut' pūgaṃ tāṃbūlaṃ; 'b. box bearer' tāṃbūlakaraṃkavāhin.

Bethink, v. t. anudhyai 1 P, vimṛś 6 P; See Think.

Betide, v. t. āpat 1 P, upasthā 1 U, (gen.) See Befall, 'may woe b. him' abhadraṃ tasya bhūyāt.

Betimes, adv. prabhāte prātaḥ pratyūṣe.
     (2) yathāsamayaṃ velāyāṃ yathāvasaraṃ.

Betise, n. maurkhyaṃ mūḍhatā.
     (2) maurkhyavilasitaṃ.

Betoken, v. t. sūc 10, dṛś c., See Indicate.

Betray, v. t. śatrukareṣu ṛ c. (arpayati) viśvāsaghātena ṛ c.
     (2) bhid 7 U; 'b. ed the secret' rahasyaṃ bibheda.
     (3) Indicate, q. v.
     (4) vaṃc 10, See Cheat; 'b themselves' ātmasvarūpaṃ prakaṭayaṃti.
     -er, s. viśvāsaghātakaḥ vaṃcakaḥ.

Betrim, v. t. bhūṣ 10, alaṃkṛ 8 U.

Betroth, v. t. (vācā) dā 3 U, pratipad c., pratiśru 5 P, (dat.).
     -al, s. vāgdānaṃ vākpradānaṃ

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Betrust, See Entrust.

Better, a. śreyas bhadratara garīyas praśastatara sādhīyas; 'b. than' varaṃ-na; 'better death than disgrace (I prefer death to disgrace)' varaṃ mṛtyurna punarapamānaḥ.
     (2) (In health) ex. by viśeṣaḥ; 'I am b. to-day' asti me viśeṣo'dya (S. 3). -adv. varaṃ śreyaḥ bhadrataraṃ adhikataraṃ adhikaṃ.
     (2) (With verbs) ex. by tarāṃ; 'he cooks b. than Rāma' rāmātpacatitarāṃ. -s. śreṣṭhatā pramukhatvaṃ varcasvaṃ; 'get the b. of' abhibhū 1 P, atiric pass., See Excel. -v. t. vṛdh c.; kṛ with (a.).
     -Betters, śreṣṭhāḥ (pl.).

Between, Betwixt, prep. madhye abhyaṃtare aṃtare madhyasthāne; oft. ex. by gen. of nouns; daṃśayoraṃtaraṃ 'distance b. the two countries'; 'b. joy and sorrow (tears)' śokānaṃdamadhyavartinī (Ka. 318).

Beverage, s. pānaṃ peyaṃ pānīyaṃ; 'b. of the Gods' amṛtaṃ.

Bevy, s. gaṇaḥ saṃghaḥ samavāyaḥ.

Bewail, v. t. vilap 1 P, śuc 1 P, See Lament. -ing, s. śokaḥ vilāpaḥ paridevanaṃ.

Beware, v. i. sāvadhāna-apramata-avahita a bhū 1 P.; 'b. of your enemies' śatruviṣaye sāvadhāno bhava; 'b. lest you will be seduced by pleasures' sāvadhāno bhava nocedviṣayaiḥ pralobhyethāḥ; or tathā prayatethā yathānākṣipyase viṣayaiḥ (Ka. 109).

     Bewet, See Weep, Wet.

Bewilder, v. t. ākulīkṛ 8 U, viklavīkṛ vyā-saṃ-muh c., saṃbhram c. (bhramayati) jaḍīkṛ.
     -ed, a. viklava ākulībhūta ā-vyā-kula vimūḍha vihvala saṃbhrāṃta; 'b. what to do' kiṃkartadhyatāmūḍhaḥ pratipattimūḍhaḥ.
     -ment, s. saṃbhramaḥ vaiklavyaṃ saṃmohaḥ vyākulatvaṃ.

Bewitch, v. t. muh c., saṃ-vi-pari- vaśīkṛ 8 U, mad c. (mano madayaṃti ye Mal. 2); maṃtreṇa vaśīkṛ.
     (2) mano hṛ or ākṛṣ 1 P.
     -ing, a. mohana (nī f.), hārin
     -ment, s. mohanaṃ mohaḥ vaśīkaraṇaṃ māyā ākarṣaṇaṃ.

Bewray, See Betray.

Beyond, prep. parataḥ (with abl.) atikramya atītya (with acc.); 'b. the forest is the Kailāsa' tadaraṇyamatikramya kailāsagiriḥ (Ka. 121); 'Oh! Change b. belief' aho viśvāsātikrāṃto (aviśvāsyaḥ) daśāviparyāsaḥ; 'b comprehension' agamya durjñeya durbodha; 'b. expectations' manorathānāmabhūmiḥ (S. 7); gen. ex. by ati pr.; adhikaṃ 'b. measure' atimātraṃ; 'b. human power' atimānuṣaṃ; 'b. this continent' dvīpāṃtare; 'lives b. his means' āyādhikaṃ vyayaṃ karoti. -adv. dūre pāre-raṃ; 'go or pass b.' atikram 1 U, ati-i 2 P.

Bias, s. spṛhā abhilāṣaḥ.
     (2) śīlaṃ bhāvaḥ.
     (3) pakṣapātaḥ pakṣapātitvaṃ.
     (4) protsāhanaṃ pravartana. -v. t. pravṛt c., praṇud 6 P, protsah c.
     (2) sācīkṛ 8 U; duṣ c. (dūṣayati).

Bibber, s. madyapāyin m., surāpaḥ madyapaḥ

Bibliography, s. pustakavidyā.

Bibliomania, s. durlabhapustakasaṃgrahaṇonmādaḥ or -vyagratā.

Bibulous, a. jalaśoṣaka.

Bicentenary, a. dviśatasāṃvatsarika.

Bicker, v. i. kalahaṃ kṛ 8 U, vivad 1 A. vāgyuddha kṛ.
     -ing, s. kalahaḥ vivādaḥ kaliḥ.
     (2) ḍiṃbāhavaḥ.

Bicycle, s. dvicakraṃ vāhanaṃ.

Bid, v. t. ā-vyā-diś 6 P, ājñā c., (jñāpayati).
     (2) mūlyaṃ khyā c. (khyāpayati) or udghuṣ 10.
     (3) nimaṃtr 10 A; 'b. welcome' svāgataṃ vad 1 P, or vyāhṛ 1 P; 'b. adieu or farewell' āmaṃtr 10 A, āpracch 6 A; 'b. defiance' dhṛṣ 5 P, āhve 1 A.
     -der, s. kretṛ m.
     -ding, s. āśā ādeśaḥ śāsanaṃ.
     (2) mūlyakhyāpanaṃ arghaghoṣaṇā.

Bide, v. t. sthā 1 P. vṛt 1 A. -v. t. pratīkṣ 1 A.
     (2) sah 1 A.

Bidental, a. dvidat dvirada.

Biennial, a. dvivārṣika (kā f.), dvivarṣīṇa dvaivarṣika.

Bier, s. śavayānaṃ kaṭaḥ khāṭaḥ -ṭī.

Bifold, a. dviguṇa dvaidha (dhī f.).

Biformed, a. dvirūpa.

Bifurcate, v. t. dvidhā kṛ 8 U, vibhid 7 P or c.
     -ed, a. dvyagra.
     (2) viśleṣita dvidhā kṛta.

Big, a. mahākāya bṛhatkāya (of animate creatures); mahāpramāṇa atipramāṇa sthūla vipula bṛhat pṛthu (thuḥ thvī f.).
     (2) Pregnant q. v.
     (3) saṃkula pūrṇa saṃkīrṇa; ākīrṇa; 'as b. as' parimāṇa parimita mātra in comp, bilvamātra 'b. as Bilwa.'
     -ness, s. sthūlatā vaipulyaṃ &c.
     (2) parimāṇaṃ pramāṇaṃ.

Bigamy, s. (ekakāle) dvipatnīkaraṇa; dvibhartṛkaraṇaṃ.
     -ist, s. dvipatnīkaḥ; dvibhartṛkā.

Bight, s. a (ā) khātaṃ.

Bigotry, s. svamatāsakti f., svamatāgrahaḥ. sanirbaṃdhaṃ svamatālaṃbanaṃ.
     -Bigoted, a.
     Bigot, s. nirbaṃdhaśīla (avicārya) svamatarakṣin nirbaṃdhena svamatāvalaṃbin.

Bijou, s. kṣudra-alaṃkāraḥ-bhūṣaṇaṃ.

Bilbo, See Sword.

Bile, s. pittaṃ māyuḥ.
     -ous, paittika (-kī f.), māyumaya (yī f.).

Bilingual, a. dvibhāṣāvādin.

Bilinguous, a. dvijihva.

Bilk, See Cheat.

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Bill, s. patraṃ lekhaḥ.
     (2) caṃcu (cū) f., tuṃḍaṃ.
     (3) dātraṃ staṃbaghnaḥ. -v. t. See Kiss, or
     -brace; 'b. of fare,' bhojanavastupatrikā.

Billet, s. patraṃ lekhaḥ lekhyaṃ.
     (2) kāṣṭhakhaṃḍaṃ -v. t. sainyāni vas c.

Billion, s. kharvaḥ.

Billow, s. mahorbhi f., kallolaḥ taraṃgaḥ -v. i. taraṃgāyate (D.).
     -y, a. kallolamālākula pracaladūrmimālākula; taraṃgita.

Bimetallic, a. dvidhātuka dvidhātumaya.

Bin, s. kuśūlaḥ dhānyakoṣṭhaḥ.

Binary, a. dviguṇa dvaidha (dhī f.).

Bind, v. t. baṃdh 9 P, (lit. and fig.); ni-saṃ-yam 1 P; 'bound by affection' snehanibaddhaḥ; niyaṃtr 10; 'I am not bound by these rules' nāhamebhirvidhibhirniyaṃtritosmi.
     (2) ānah 4 P, pinah; 'b. together' saṃ-baṃdh saṃśliṣ c.; graṃth 9 P, saṃhṛ 1 P, saṃyuj 7 U, 10; 'b. oneself' pratijñā 9 U, pratiśru 5 P; 'b. by oath' śap c.; 'b. on' ex. by pot. pass., part., or arh 1 P; 'the protection of your wife is b. ing on you' tvayā bhāryāpoṣaṇamavaśyameva kartavyaṃ.
     -ing, s. baṃdhaḥ baṃdhanaṃ veṣṭanaṃ paṭṭaḥ āvaraṇaṃ.
     -Bound, a. baddha nibaddha saṃyata niyaṃtrita ānaddha; 'you are b. to obey my orders' tvayā mamādeśā anuroddhavyā eva ādeśānanuroddhumarhasi; 'where are you b.,' kutra gaṃtuṃ kṛtaniścayosi-kutra gaṃtukāmosi.

Binocular, a. dvinetra dvinayana.

Biography, s. caritaṃ jīvanavṛttāṃtaḥ.
     -er, s. vṛttāṃtalekhakaḥ-ākhyātṛ m., caritanivedakaḥ.

Biology, s. prāṇiśāstraṃ.

Bipartition, s. dvidhākaraṇaṃ.

Biped, s. dvipād m., or dvipadaḥ.

Biplane, s. dvipṛṣṭhaṃ vimānaṃ or ākāśayānaṃ.

Birch, s. bhūrjaḥ mṛdutvacaḥ prativiṣā.
     -en, a. bhūrjamaya (yī f.), bhūrjanirmita.

Bird, s. vihagaḥ vihaṃgaḥ -gamaḥ pakṣin m., khagaḥ śakuṃtaḥ patatrin m., garutmat m., dvijaḥ patrin m., śakuṃtiḥ aṃḍajaḥ pataṃgaḥ śakuniḥ; 'bird's eye view' uccasthānādālokanaṃ sthūladarśanaṃ asūkṣmadṛṣṭiḥ.

Birth, s. janman n., udbhavaḥ saṃbhavaḥ utpatti f., jani f., utpādanaṃ prasūti f.; 'rich from his b.' garbheśvaraḥ; 'high or noble b.' kulaṃ kulīnatā abhijātatā abhijanaḥ kule janma.
     (2) vaṃśaḥ kulaṃ anvayaḥ.
     (3) yoni f., mūlaṃ; 'pride of b.' kulābhimānaḥ; 'blind from b.' jātyaṃdha janmāṃdha januṣāṃdha.
     -day, s. janmadivasaḥ-dinaṃ.
     -place, s. janmasthānaṃ-bhūmi f.
     -right, s. janmato labdhodhikāraḥ; paitṛkaṃ svatvaṃ.

Biscuit, s. apūpaḥ piṣṭakaḥ pūpaḥ.

Bisect, v. t. samāṃśadvayena vibhaj 1 U, dvikhaṃḍīkṛ 8 U, dvidhā chid 7 P.

Bishop, s. dharmādhyakṣaḥ.
     -ric, a. dharmādhikāraḥ.

Bison, s. vanavṛṣabhaḥ.

Bit, s. khalīnaḥ-naṃ kavikā.
     (2) khaṃḍaḥ lavaḥ bhāgaḥ; 'not a b.' na mamāgapi na stokāṃśenāpi; gaṃdhaḥ (kriyāyāḥ gaṃdhamātrasyāpi anupraveśa- iha nopapadyate S. B. 74).
     (3) piṃḍaḥ grāsaḥ. -v. t. khalīnena niyaṃtr 10.

Bitch, s. śunī kukkurī saramā.

Bite, v. t. daṃś 1 P; 'bit off a large piece'. daṃtairmahākhaṃḍaṃ saṃdaṣṭavān-carvitavān; utpad 10, carv 1 P, khād 1 P.
     (2) śītena pīḍ 10.
     (3) adhikṣip 6 P, See Censure. 4 pīḍ 10, ard 1 P, 10. -s. daṃśaḥ daṃśanaṃ.
     (2) daṃtapadaṃ daśanāṃkaḥ.
     -ing, s. daṃśanaṃ; 'b. of conscience' manasonutāpaḥ. -a. daṃśaka.
     (2) pīḍākara (rī f.).

Bitter, a. kaṭu tikta.
     (2) (Touching) marmabhid-chid.
     (3) ugra niṣṭhura paruṣa tīkṣṇa kaṭhora.
     -ly, adv. niṣṭuraṃ paruṣaṃ.
     (2) atyaṃtaṃ.
     (3) pramuktakaṃṭhaṃ (weeping b.).
     -ness, s. kaṭutā śuktatā tīkṣṇatā.
     (2) duḥkhātirekaḥ ugraśokaḥ; 'in b. of soul' durmanāyamānacitta a., samanyunā cetasā.
     (3) kaṭhoratā paruṣatā niṣṭhuratā.
     (4) mātsaryaṃ paiśunyaṃ.

Bitumen, s. śilājatu n., giripuṣpakaṃ gaireyaṃ girijaṃ aśmajaṃ arthyaṃ.

Bivalve, a. dvikoṣa.

Bizarre, a. See Grotesque.

Blab, v. i. rahasyaṃ bhid 7 P.
     -ber, s. rahasyabhedakaḥ.

Black, a. kṛṣṇa śyāma kṛṣṇavarṇa kāla.
     (2) niṣprabha timira asita nīla mecaka.
     (3) (fig.) niṃdya ghora dāruṇa; 'b. deed' apayaśomalinaṃ karma; 'b. guard' durvṛttaḥ durācāraḥ adhamaḥ khalaḥ. -s. kṛṣṇaḥ kṛṣṇavarṇaḥ; 'clothed in b.' nīlavastraḥ.
     -en, v. t. kṛṣṇīkṛ 8 U, śyāmī-nīlīkṛ.
     (2) duṣ c. (dūṣayati) kalaṃkayati (D.), See Stain. -ish, a. īṣatkṛṣṇa ānīla.
     -ness, s. kṛṣṇiman m., śyāmatvaṃ nīlatā kāliman m., tamas m., timiraṃ.
     -smith, s. karmakāraḥ lohakāraḥ ayaskāraḥ.

Bladder, s. mūtrāśayaḥ basti m., f.

Blade, s. (Of a sword) ghārā patraṃ phalaṃ.
     (2) (Of grass) dalaṃ kāṃḍaṃ aṃkuraḥ.
     (3) skaṃdhāsthi n.

Blain, s. sphoṭaḥ vraṇaḥ-ṇaṃ.

Blame, v. t. niṃd 1 P, garh 1, 10 A, upālabh 1 A; doṣaṃ kṣip 6 P, or āruh c. (ropayati), See Censure, 'I am not to b.' nāhamaparādhī na mamāyaṃ doṣaḥ. -s. doṣaḥ aparā-dhaḥ.
     (2) garhā ākṣepaḥ upālaṃbhaḥ niṃdā jugupsā; 'lays the b. on another' anyasmindoṣaṃ kṣipati.
     -able, a. niṃdya niṃdanīya garhaṇīya garhya vācyaḥ 'he is not b. or to blame' sa na doṣāspadaṃ-doṣapātraṃ.
     -er, s. niṃdakaḥ pari-vādakaḥ adhikṣepakaḥ
     -less, a. aniṃdya nirdoṣa niṣkalaṃka viśuddha (pure).
     -lessness, s. aniṃdyatā anavadyatā (aho anavadyatā rūpasya M. 2), avācyatā doṣābhāvaḥ.

Blanch, v. t. śuklīkṛ 8 U, dhavalīkṛ.
     (2) ni-stuṣayati (D.), tvacaṃ niṣkṛṣ or apanī 1 P
     (3) Avoid, q. v.

Bland, a. mṛdu komala masṛṇa saumya ślakṣṇa; 'b. in speech' priyaṃvada
     -ish, v. i. śāṃ(sāṃ)tv 10, cāṭūktibhiḥ tuṣ c., anunī 1 P, upacchaṃd 10.
     -ishment, s. vilāsaḥ vibhramaḥ.
     (2) priyavākyaṃ cāṭūkti f., madhurabhāṣitaṃ upacchaṃdanaṃ anunayaḥ.

Blank, a. śubhra śukla; 'b. with fear' bhayavivarṇaḥ-vivarṇānanaḥ.
     (2) śūnya rikta lekhārahita.
     (3) ekāṃta atyaṃta; 'b. despair' ekāṃtato nairāśyaṃ.
     (4) anuprāsa-yamaka-hīna (verse). -s. lekhāśūnyaṃ patraṃ.
     (2) śūnyatā; riktaṃ śūnyaṃ.

Blanket, s. kaṃbalaḥ ūrṇāyuḥ rallakaḥ

Blare, v. i. uccaiḥ nad s. uccanādaḥ udghoṣaḥ.

Blarney, s. See Flattery.

Blaspheme, v. t. īśvaraṃ niṃd 1 P or avaman 4 A, or abhiśap 1 U.
     -ous, a. īśvaraniṃdaka pāṣaṃḍīya.
     -y, s. pāṣaṃḍatā īśvaraniṃdā.

Blast, s. vātyā vātaḥ vāyuvegaḥ prabhaṃjanaḥ javānilaḥ.
     (2) dhmānaṃ (of horns).
     (3) vināśaḥ kṣayaḥ apāyaḥ. -v. t. vinaś c., vihan 2 P, mlānīkṛ 8 U, viśṝ c., kṣai c. (kṣapayati); 'b. ed by lightning' aśani-vidyut-hata
     -er, s. vināśakaḥ.

Blatant, s. See Noisy.

Blaze, v. i. jval 1 P, pra-ut-- dīp 4 A, saṃut-pra--; 'b. ing' ujjvala pradīpta dedīpyamāna bhāsvara See Bright, 'b. abroad' prakāś c., prakhyā c. (khyāpayati). -s. prabhā arcis f., n., dīpti f., jvālā; "b. of light" raśmi-aṃśu-jālaṃ.

Blazon, v. t. bhūṣ 10, alaṃkṛ 8 U.
     (2) prakhyā c. (khyāpayati) prakāś c., udghuṣ 10.

Bleach, v. t. nirṇij 3 U, dhāv 1 P, 10, dhavalī-kṛ 8 U.
     -ed, a. dhauta nirṇikta.
     -er, s. dhāvakaḥ vastranirṇejakaḥ.

Bleak, a. atiśīta (winter); śiśira haimaṃta (tī f.), himaśīta.
     (2) (fig.) nirānaṃda asubhaga.

Blear-eyed, a. klinnākṣa culla cilla pilla; 'b. eye' cullaḥ &c.

Bleat, v. i. rebh 1 A, meṃmeṃ śabdaṃ kṛ 8 U, u 1 A.
     -ing, s. rebhaṇaṃ meṣarutaṃ urabhranādaḥ.

Bleed, v. t. raktaṃ-rudhiraṃ &c. (blood) muc c. or sru c. or mokṣ 10, with gen. of person or part, bled; 'they b. the wound' kṣate raktamokṣaṇaṃ kurvaṃti. -v. i. raktaṃ-rudhiraṃ-sru 1 P, or muc 6 P, or pravah 1 P; 'his hand b. s' tasya hastādrudhiraṃ stravati; 'b. ing profusely' rudhiraprāgbhāranisyaṃdin (Mal. 5); 'to b. for one's country' svadeśārtha jīvitaṃ tyaj 1 P.
     -er, raktasrāvakaḥ-mocakaḥ.
     -ing, s. raktasrāvaḥ raktamokṣaṇaṃ raktasruti f., rudhirakṣaraṇaṃ.

Blemish, s. doṣaḥ kalaṃkaḥ chidraṃ; 'un-b. ed' niṣkalaṃka nirdoṣa.
     (2) apayaśas m., akīrti f. -v. t. malinayati (D.), kalaṃkayati (D.), duṣ c. (dūṣayati).

Blench, v. i. sahasā saṃkuc 1 P.
     (2) sahasā apasṛ 1 P or apakram 1 U, 4 P or nivṛt 1 A; parāṅmukha (khī v.) bhū 1 P.

Blend, v. t. miśr 10, saṃyuj 10, ekatra kṛ 8 U; 'to be b. ed' saṃkṝ pass.; saṃmil 6 P, ekībhū 1 P.
     -ed, a. saṃmiśra vyāmiśra saṃkīrṇa saṃsṛṣṭa miśrīkṛta.
     (2) ekarūpa ekībhūta.

Bless, v. t. Gen. ex. by Imperative or Benedictive of verb; 'I b. that you may get a son' putraṃ labhasva or lapsīṣṭhāḥ.
     (2) āśās 2 A, āśiṣaṃ dā 3 U; vitṝ 1 P (with loc.); tvayi vitaratu bhadraṃ (U. 3) 'b. you with auspicious good'
     (3) sukhindhanya a. kṛ 8 U, 'was b. ed with a son' sutalābhena kṛtī babhūva.
     -ed, a. dhanya mahābhāga; kalyāṇa (ṇī f.), maṃgala sukhin sukhabhāj; 'of b. memory or name' sugṛhītanāman a. (mnī f.), puṇyaśloka.
     -edness, s. dhanyatā kṛtārthatā.
     (2) paramānaṃdaḥ paramasukhaṃ; paraṃ padaṃ apavargaḥ.
     -ing, s. āśis f., āśīrvādaḥ. āśīrvacanaṃ.
     (2) varaḥ hitaṃ upakāraḥ kuśalaṃ dhanyatvaṃ; lābhaḥ sukhaṃ.

Blight, v. t. viphalīkṛ 8 U. naś c., See Blast; 'schemes of policy b. ed by opposing fate' viguṇavidhiyogānnayāḥ phalairhīnāḥ (Mu. 6). -s. nāśaḥ kṣayaḥ.

Blind, a. aṃdha; 'born b.' janmāṃdhaḥ; 'b. following the b.' aṃdhaparaṃparā; 'b. of one eye' akṣṇā kāṇaḥ.
     (2) ajñāna hatajñāna. -v. t. aṃdhīkṛ 8 U, aṃdhayati (D.); 'b. ed by rage' krodhāṃdhaḥ; 'b. ed by lust' kāmāṃdhaḥ; &c. -s. tiraskariṇī vyavadhānaṃ yavanikā.
     (2) chahnan n., kapaṭaṃ.
     -fold, v. t. vastreṇa nayane pidhā 3 U or baṃbh 9 P or avarudh 7 U: 'b. ed' baddhanetra avaruddhanayana.
     -ly, adv. aṃdhavat asamīkṣya rabhasā sāhasena.
     -ness, s. aṃdhatā.
     (2) ajñānaṃ mohaḥ.

Blink, v. i. nimīl 1 P, nimiṣ 6 P. -s.,
     -ing, nimi (me)ṣaḥ dṛṣṭinipātaḥ nimīlanaṃ.

Bliss, s. paramasukhaṃ sukhātiśayaḥ praharṣaḥ dhanyatā atyaṃtasukhaṃ.
     (2) apavargaḥ; See Beatitude.
     -ful, a. ānaṃdamaya (yī f.), dhanya sānaṃda paramasukhabhāj; sukhāvaha.
     -fully, adv. paramānaṃdapūrvakaṃ sānaṃdaṃ sasukhaṃ.
     -less, a. sukhahīna-rahita nirānaṃda.

Blister, s. tvaksphoṭaḥ śophaḥ; vraṇaḥ-ṇaṃ 'b. on the foot' pādasphoṭaḥ vipādikā.
     (2) sphoṭajananaḥ upanāhaḥ. -v. t. sphoṭaṃ utpad c.

Blithe, Blithesome, a. hṛṣṭa pramudita sānaṃda prasannavadana.
     -ly, adv. saharṣaṃ sānaṃdaṃ hṛṣṭamanasā.
     -ness, s. praharṣaḥ āhlādaḥ ānaṃdaḥ.

Blizzard, s. sahimavātyā himavarṣayutaḥ prabhaṃjanaḥ.

Bloat, v. t. śvi c., āpyai c., pīnīkṛ 8 U. -v. i. sphāy 1 A, śvi 1 P, āpyai 1 A.
     -ed, a. śūna pīna sphīta āpyāyita.
     (2) dṛpta.

Block, s. kāṣṭhaṃ śilā (of stone); 'b. of snow' śilībhūtaṃ himaṃ ghanaṃ himaṃ.
     (2) vadhyaśilākāṣṭhaṃ.
     (3) uparodhaḥ pratyūhaḥ aṃtarāyaḥ.
     (4) piṃḍaḥ bhāraḥ.
     -up, v. t. ni- ava- prati- rudh 7 U, staṃbh 9 P, pratibaṃdh 9 P, āvṛ 5 U, (āvṛtya paṃthānamajasya tasthau R. vii. 31).
     -ade, v. t. rudh 7 U, See Besiege. -s. upa-ava-rodhaḥ pariveṣṭanaṃ.
     -head, s. mṛtpiṃḍabuddhiḥ sthūladhīḥ mūḍhaḥ durbuddhiḥ mūrkhaḥ.

Blood, s. raktaṃ rudhiraṃ śoṇitaṃ lohitaṃ asraṃ asṛj n., 'shed b.' rudhiraṃ pat c.; 'take one's b.' han 2 P.
     (2) gotraṃ vaṃśaḥ kulaṃ; 'of whole b.' sodara sodarya sagarbha; sanābhi; 'of noble b.' kulīna abhijāta; 'of royal b.' rājakulaprasūta.
     (3) (Temper) śīlaṃ; 'not-b. ed' tīvrakopa sulabhakopa; 'b. rising to the cheeks' kopapradīptānanaḥ. -v. t. raktena lip 6 P or aṃj 7 P.
     -less, a. raktahīna.
     (2) raktasrāvaṃ vinā.
     -letter, s. raktasrāvakaḥ rudhiramokṣakaḥ.
     -red, a. rakta-lohitavarṇa.
     -shed, s. raktasrāvaḥ-pātaḥ nṛhatyā.
     -shot, a. raktapūrṇa śoṇitāpluta.
     -thirsty, a. rudhirapriya; jighāṃsu vadhodyata.
     -vessel, s. raktavāhinī nāḍī śirā asṛgvahā dhamanī.
     -y, a. raktamaya (yī f.), raktākta.
     (2) krūra mārātmaka nṛśaṃsa; 'a b. battle it was' tasmin yuddhe mahāraktasrāvo'bhūt.

Bloom, s. See Blossom below; 'b. of youth' yauvanabharaḥ navayauvanaṃ; 'in the b. ing youth' prathame vayasi navayauvane.
     (2) rāgaḥ (kapolarāgaḥ). -v. i. phulla 1 P, vikas 1 P, sphuṭ 6 P,
     (2) vardh 1 A, edh 1 A.

Blossom, s. puṣpaṃ kusumaṃ mukulaḥ-laṃ prasavaḥ -v. i. sphuṭ 6 P, praphull 1 P, bhid pass.; vikas 1 P, mukulaiḥ sannaddha a. bhū.
     -ed, -ing, a. sphuṭita praphulla vikasita bhinna vikaca sphuṭitakusumaḥ smita.

Blot, s. kalaṃkaḥ doṣaḥ lakṣman n., apayaśas n.
     (2) lopaḥ vyāmarṣaḥ. -v. t. malinayati (D.), duṣ c. (dūṣayati) kalaṃkayati (D.), kṛṣṇīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) aspaṣṭīkṛ; 'b. out' vinaś c., ucchid 7 P, vilup c., vyāmṛj c., vyāmṛś c., 'b. ing paper' masīśoṣakaḥ -kaṃ paṃtraṃ.

Blotch, s. kilāsaṃ sidhmaṃ; sphoṭaḥ visphoṭaḥ vraṇaḥ -ṇaṃ sidhman n.; 'having b. es' kilāsin sidhmala. -v. t. malinayati (D.).

Blow, s. ā-abhi-ghātaḥ prahāraḥ; pātanaṃ nirghātaḥ; 'Oh! the hard b. of Fate' ahaha dāruṇo daivanirghātaḥ (U. 2); 'b. with the fist' muṣṭighātaḥ-prahāraḥ; 'to strike ab.' muṣṭinā taḍ 10 or han 2 P or prahṛ 1 P or abhi-ā-han 2 P; yuv 4 A, yuddhārthaṃ saṃmil 6 P.
     (2) sphuṭanaṃ vikāsaḥ phullanaṃ. -v. i. See Blossom; oft by smi 1 A; 'b. n Pātala flower' smitapāṭalaṃ.
     (2) 2 P, vah 1 P, pravah.
     (3) śvas 2 P, uchvas viniśvas. -v. t. ud-han 2 P, ud-dhū 9 U, ut-kṣip 6 P, vah-
     (2) ut- śvi c., sphāy c. (sphāvayati).; 'dust b. n by wind' aniloddhataṃ rajaḥ.
     (3) (As an instrument) dhmā 1 P, mukhamāru tena pūr 10, (snānaśaṃkhānāmāpūryamāṇānāṃ Ka. 16); 'b. hot and cold' nigrahānugrahau (yugapat) prakaṭayati (D.).
     -away, udhan uddhṛ utkṣip.
     -out, nirvā c. (nirvāpayati).
     -up, vi-ut-dhū sahasā unmūl 10.
     -upon, vīj 10.
     -ing, s. vikāsaḥ vyākośaḥ sphuṭatā protphullatā.
     (2) nādaḥ; dhmānaṃ.
     -pipe, s. dhamanī; veṇudhamanī.

Blubber, s. tibhimedas n. -v. i. atirodanāt ucchūnamukha a. (khī f.) bhū.
     -ed. a. ucchūna sphīta.

Bludgeon, s. laguḍaḥ gadā.

Blue, a. nīla śyāma. -s. nīlaḥ nīliman m., nīlavarṇaḥ.
     -ish, a. ānīla iṣannīla.

Bluff, a. sthūla; See Big. 2 rūkṣa paruṣa ugra.

Blunder, s. pramādaḥ skhalitaṃ doṣaḥ. -v. i. pramad 4 P, skhal 1 P, bhram 1, 4 P.
     -er, s. pramādin m., skhalanaśīlaḥ.
     -ing, a. pramādin pramatta anavadhāna adakṣa.
     -ingly, adv. sapra-mādaṃ skhalanapūrvaṃ.

Blunt, a. dhārāhīna atīkṣṇa kuṃṭhita nistejas.
     (2) sthūla ghana; maṃda avidagdha.
     (3) sarala ajihma ṛjuprakṛti.
     (4) rūkṣa paruṣa karkaśa asabhya. -v. t. kuṃṭhīkṛ 8 U, tīkṣṇatāṃ vilup c.; kṛ with (a.); tejo hṛ 1 P.
     (2) nyūnīkṛ śam c. (śamayati).
     -ly, adv. saralatayā; ajihmaṃ; paruṣoktyā sapāruṣyaṃ; avidagdhaṃ
     -ness, s. atīkṣṇatā sthūlatā pāruṣyaṃ &c.

Blur, s. kalaṃkaḥ malaṃ dūṣaṇaṃ -v. t. malinayati (D.). malena lip 6 P

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Blurt, v. t. asamīkṣya-avicārya-vad 1 P.

Blush, v. i. lajjāṃ naṭ 10, hrī 3 P, lajj 6 A, trap 1 A; vrīḍayā-trapayā-adhomukha a. (khī f.) bhū 1 P.
     (2) aruṇībhū lohitāyate (D.). -v. t. aruṇīkṛ 8 U. -s. aruṇiman m., raktiman m., kapolarāgaḥ.
     (2) lajjā vrīḍā trapā hrīḥ; 'put to b.' -hrī c. (hrepayati).
     -ing, a. praphulla vikasita; 'bears l honors' saṃmānarūpāṇi vikasitakusumāni dhārayati saṃmānarūpapuṣpabhareṇānataḥ.
     (2) (Blushful) lajjita savrīḍa satrapa lajjāvanata hrīparigata trapādhomukha (khī f.)

Bluster, v. i. garj 1 P, tumulaṃ-kolāhalaṃ kṛ 8 U, uccaiḥ ārad 1 P, utkruś 1 P.
     (2) vikatth 1 A, ślāgh 1 A.
     (3) tarj 10 A, bharts 10 A.
     -er, s. kalahakāraḥ dāṃbhikaḥ vikatthin; ātmaślāghāparaḥ. -s.,
     -ing, s. garjanaṃ tumulaṃ kolāhalaḥ; uccaiḥ āraṭanaṃ utkrośaḥ.

Boa-constrictor, s. ajagaraḥ śayuḥ vāhasaḥ.

Boar, s. varāhaḥ kiriḥ-raḥ śū(sū)karaḥ kolaḥ ghṛ(gṛ)ṣṭiḥ potrin m., kiṭiḥ daṃṣṭin m., ghoṇin m., stabdharoman m., kroḍaḥ bhūdāraḥ.
     -ish, a vārāha (hī f.).
     (2) asabhya grāmya.

Board, s. phalakaḥ-kaṃ; bhojanāsanaṃ kāṣṭhakhaṃḍaṃ.
     (2) grāsaḥ bhojanaṃ āhāraḥ.
     (3) sabhā pariṣad f., samājaḥ gaṇaḥ vargaḥ.
     (4) naukātalaṃ-pṛṣṭhaṃ; 'to go on b. a ship' potaṃ ā-adhi-ruh 1 P; 'on b.' naukārūḍha a., nautale.
     (5) aṣṭāpadaṃ śāriphalaṃ. -v. t. balāt nāvaṃ āruh 1 P.
     (2) phalakaiḥ āstṛ-stṝ 5, 9 U.
     -er, s. nirūpitamūlyena bhokta m.

Boast, v. i. vikatth 1 A dṛp 4 P, (with instr.) nātmanā dṛpyati; ātmānaṃ ślāgh 1 A, garvaṃ vah 1 P (with gen.); (mudhā yauvanagarvaṃ vahasi M. 4).
     -er, s. ātmaślāghin m., vikatthanaśīlaḥ śūraṃmanyaḥ.
     -ful, a. ātmaṃślāghāpara vikatthana dṛpta garvita ava-lipta.
     -fully, adv. garvaṇa sadarpaṃ vikatthanapūrvaṃ.
     -ing, s. ātmaślāghā ahaṃkārokti f., darpaḥ vikatthanaṃ garvaḥ.
     -ingly, adv. sagarvaṃ sadarpaṃ.

Boat, s. nauḥ tarīḥ taraṇi-ṇī f.; 'a small b,' uḍupaṃ naukā plavaḥ kolaḥ; 'b. man' s. nāvikaḥ potavāhaḥ auḍupikaḥ; 'b. swain' s. mukhyanāvikaḥ karṇadhāraḥ.

Bob, v. t. taḍ 10; See Beat. 2 Crop, q. v. -v. i. itastato luṭh 6 P, 1 A, sphur 6 P, caṃc 1 P.

Bobbin, s. taṃtukīlaḥ kapālanāḍikā.

Bobtail, s. chinnapucchadhārin m. chinnapucchaḥ.

Bode, v. t. śubhāśubhaṃ sūc 10; āvid c., kath 10., prāk śaṃs 1 P, See Predict; 'absence of delay b. s future success' avyākṣepo bhaviṣyaṃtyāḥ kāryasiddherhi lakṣaṇaṃ (R. x. 6); 'b. s evil to the country' janapadasya aniṣṭaśaṃsi-sūcaka aśubhacihnaṃ-lakṣaṇaṃ.
     -ment, s. śubhāśubhalakṣaṇaṃ; pūrvacihnaṃ nimittaṃ.

Bodice, s. kaṃcukaḥ colaḥ kūrpāsakaḥ-kaṃ.

Bodkin, s. sūci-cī
     (2) churikā vedhanikā kṛpāṇikā.

Body, s. śarīraṃ kāyaḥ dehaḥ vigrahaḥ aṃgaṃ vapus n., kalevaraṃ tanu-nū f., gātraṃ; 'dead b.' śavaḥ-vaṃ kuṇapaḥ.
     (2) (Some b.) kaḥ or or kim-api or cit or cana; janaḥ lokaḥ.
     (3) padārthaḥ vastu n.
     (4) samavāyaḥ samūhaḥ saṃghātaḥ vṛṃdaṃ; samājaḥ samudāyaḥ; 'in a b.' sameta a., saṃhata -a., ekatra milita a.
     (5) samāgamaḥ śreṇī.
     (6) kāṃḍaḥ-ḍaṃ skaṃdhaḥ; 'b. of the house' garbhaḥ abhyaṃtaraṃ udaraṃ; b. of troops' sainyadalaṃ; 'b. guard' āsannaparicārakaḥrikā parivāragaṇaḥ.
     -Bodiless, a. a (an) in comp. with (s.); anaṃga &c.
     -Bodily, a. śārīrika-daihika-kāyika (kī f.); gen. (s.) in comp.; 'b. pain' śarīravedanā dehakleśaḥ &c -adv. saśarīraṃ sāṃgaṃ.
     (2) sākalyena.

Bog, s. anūpaḥ kacchabhūḥ paṃkaḥ.
     -Boggy, paṃkila ānūpa (pī f.).

Boggle, v. i. vi-ā-śaṃk 1 A, saṃdih 2 U, vikḷp 1 A.
     -er, s. śaṃkitamatiḥ śaṃkāśīlaḥ

Bogus, a. chādmika.

Bogy, s. piśācaḥ bhūtaḥ.

Boil, v. t. pac 1 P, utkvath 1 P, śrā 2 P. -v. i. kvath pass., tap-pac pass.; 'b. ing with anger' kopaparītamānasaḥ saṃtaptacittaḥ.
     (2) phenāyate (D.). -s. vraṇaḥ-ṇaṃ sphoṭaḥ visphoṭaḥ piṭakaḥ piṭa(ṭi)kā gaṃḍaḥ.
     -ed, a. ukhya pakva sthālīpakva.
     (2) śrāṇa śṛta.
     -er, s. sthālī piṭharaḥ-raṃ; ukhā.

Boisterous, a. garjanakārin; pracaṃḍa utkaṭa; 'b. noise' kolāhalaḥ tumularavaḥ ucairākrośaḥ.
     (2) kalaha-tumula-kārin; 'b. laugh' aṭṭahāsaḥ.
     -ly, adv. pracaṃḍaṃ utkaṭaṃ kolāhalena.
     -ness, s. pracaṃḍatā &c.

Bold, a. śūra sāhasika (kī f.), sāhasapara
     (2) (Of things) sāhasābhāsa sāhasaṃ (iti vacanaṃ sāhasamātraṃ S. B. 79).
     (3) (Rude) dhṛṣṭa nirlajja avinīta.
     (4) pragalbha nirviśaṃka nirbhaya nirbhīka.
     (5) suprakāśa spaṣṭa; 'he made b. to say' sa nirbhayamuvāca; 'to be b.' dhṛṣ 5 P.
     -ly, adv. sāhasena nirbhayaṃ pragalbhaṃ; dhṛṣṭatayā.
     -ness, s. sāhasaṃ śauryaṃ.
     (2) dhṛṣṭatā avinayaḥ.
     (3) pragalbhatā nirbhayatā.

Bole, s. skaṃdhaḥ prakāṃḍaḥ.

Boil, s. nāḍi-ḍī f.; kāṃḍaḥ-ḍaṃ.

Boister, s. upadhānaṃ upabarhaḥ; badhaḥ; ālaṃbaḥ. -v. t. (up) saṃstaṃbh 9 P. samālaṃb 1 A.

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Bolt, s. argalābaṃdhaḥ argalaṃ kālakaṃ kālaḥ-laṃ.
     (2) śūlaḥ-laṃ śakuḥ śaraḥ. -v. t. argalena rudh 7 U or pidhā 3 U or baṃdh 9 P; kīlayati (D.).
     (2) titaunā śudh c. or cal c. -v. i. (away, out) sahasā-alakṣita nirgam-niḥsṛ 1 P, or apakram 1 U, 4 P, or apayā 2 P.

Bolus, s. gulī gulikā.

Bomb, s. agnyastraṃ.
     -ard, v. t. agnyastreṇa ava-mṛd 9 P, or vidu 9 U, 10, or cūrṇ 10.

Bombast, s. darpavacanaṃ atiśayokti f., asāraṃ vākyaṃ niḥsārā uktiḥ.
     -ic, -ical, a. asāra; darpadhmāta.

Bonafide, a. nirvyāja nirvyalīka.
     (2) adv. vastutaḥ tattvataḥ.
     -s, s. nirvyājatā nirvyalīkatā.

Bond, s. baṃdhaḥ baṃdhanaṃ pāśaḥ jālaṃ; (fig. also); nigaḍāḥ (pl.); 'b. of love' premabaṃdhaḥ-pāśaḥ.
     (2) saṃśleṣaḥ saṃhati f., saṃdhiḥ saṃbaṃdhaḥ.
     (3) pratijñāpatraṃ-lekhyaṃ samayapatraṃ.
     (4) samayaḥ niyamaḥ saṃvid f.
     -age, s. vaṃdhanaṃ dāsatvaṃ; 'died in b.' kā gṛhe-dāsāvasthāyāṃ mṛtaḥ; 'bond-maid' dāsī caṭī; 'bondman' dāsaḥ bhṛtyaḥ kiṃkaraḥ.

Bonbon, s. modakaḥ śarkarānvitaṃ drākṣaṃ.

Bone, s. asthi. n.; 'set a b.' truṭitāsthi saṃdhā 3 U.
     -less, a. asthihīna nirasthi.
     -y, a. asthimaya (yī f.).
     (2) asthimat asthipūrṇa.

Bonfire, s. jayasūcakaḥ agniḥ.

Bonhomie, s. saujanyaṃ sujanatā.

Bonmot, s. narmavacanaṃ rasikokti f.

Bonnet, s. strīdhṛtaṃ śiroveṣṭanaṃ śiraskaṃ.

Bonny, a. suṃdara (rī f.); rūpavat See Beautiful, 2 hṛṣṭa suprīta pramudita.
     (3) hṛṣṭapuṣṭa sulalita.

Bonton, s. vinītācāraḥ sujanatā.

Bonus, s. vetanādhikaṃ dānaṃ.

Bonvivant, s. sukhaikavṛtti m.

Booby, s. maṃdabuddhiḥ mūḍhaḥ mūrkhaḥ.

Book, s. pustakaṃ graṃthaḥ; 'part of a b.' adhyāyaḥ parvan n.; 'b. case' graṃthādhāraḥ graṃthakuṭā; 'b. mate' sahādhyāyin m.; 'b. worm' graṃthavācanāsaktaḥ. -v. t. lekhye āruh c.
     -ish, a. pustakapaṭhanāllabdhaḥ; vyava-hāravisaṃvādin avyavahārya.

Boom, s. vātavasanayaṣṭi f.
     (2) naukāśrayadvārāvarodhakaṃ.

Boon, s. varaḥ prasādaḥ anugrahaḥ. -a. hṛṣṭa vi-lāsin udāra pramudita. 'b. companion,' s. sahapāyin m., sahabhojin m.

Boor, s. grāmyaḥ janaḥ grāmyikaḥ vṛṣalaḥ.
     -ish, a. grāmya aśiṣṭa asabhya.

Boot, v. t. or s. See Avail. -s upānah f., pādukā pādatraṃ.
     -less, a. niṣphala vyartha nirarthaka mogha nirguṇa.

Booth, s. paṭamaṃḍapaḥ upakāryā paṭabhavanaṃ.

Booty, s. loptraṃ luṃṭhitaṃ luṃṭhanaṃ.

Borax, s. rasaśodhanaḥ biḍaṃ.

Border, s. paryaṃtaḥ-taṃ prāṃtaḥ parisarabhūmi f., utsaṃgaḥ upāṃtaḥ.
     (2) (Of a garment) aṃcalaḥ daśā.
     (3) samaṃtaḥ sīmā sāmaṃtaṃ.
     (4) tīraṃ kūlaṃ taṭaṃ (of a river); 'b. of a forest' vanāṃtaḥ. -v. i. (on, upon) Ex. by vṛt 1 A, sthā 1 P, with (s.); janasthānaparyaṃtāni dīrghāraṇyāni (U. 2) 'large forests b. ing on Janasthāna'; 'his age b. s on 20' viṃśativarṣavayovasthāṃ spṛśati viṃśati-varṣadeśīyosau.
     (2) kalpa prāya in comp.; 'his condition b. s on poverty' tasya daśā dāridryātkiṃcidūnā dāridryakalpā. -v. t. prāṃtayati (D.), paryaṃtaṃ kṛ 8 U; paryaṃte niviś c.; 'garment b. ed with silk' nirmitakauśeyaprāṃtaṃ vasanaṃ.
     -ing, a. pratyaṃta paryaṃtastha nikaṭastha.

Bore, s. chidraṃ raṃdhraṃ.
     (2) vedhanī.
     (3) suṣiraṃ chidravyāsaḥ.
     (4) velormi f., velātaraṃgaḥ. -v. t. vyath 4 P, chidraṃ kṛ 8 U.
     -er, s. vedhakaḥ.

Boreal, a. udīcīna uttara.

Boreas, s. uttaravāyuḥ.

Borrow, v. t. ṛṇaṃ kṛ 8 U, or prārth 10 A or grah 9 P.
     (2) anyasmād grah or ādā 3 A, or labh 1 A.
     -er, s. ṛṇakartṛ-gṛhītṛ m., ṛṇayācakaḥ.

Bosom, s. vakṣas n., uras n., kroḍaṃ vakṣaḥsthalaṃ.
     (2) garbhaḥ abhyaṃtaraṃ.
     (3) hṛdayaṃ cittaṃ manas n.; 'b. friend' hṛdayaṃgamaḥ sakhā priyasuhṛd.
     (4) stanaḥ kucaḥ vakṣojaḥ.

Boss, s. gaṃḍaḥ.
     (2) niyāmakaḥ.
     -ed, a. gaṃḍānuviddha.

Botany, s. udbhidvidyā auṣadhiśāstraṃ vanaspati-śāstraṃ.
     -ist, s. auṣadhiśāstrajñaḥ.

Botch, s. vraṇaḥ-ṇaṃ sphoṭaḥ.
     (2) chidraṃ doṣaḥ -v. t. jīrṇavastrāṇi siv 4 P, sūcyā saṃdhā 3 U.

Both, pron. a. ubhau ubhe; ubhaya-dvi in comp.; ubhayaṃ dvayaṃ; 'b. sides' ubhayapakṣau; 'on b. sides' ubhayataḥ; 'in b. ways' ubhayathā; 'in b. places' ubhayatra.
     (2) Ex. by ca-ca tathā; 'does b. good and bad' śubhaṃ cāśubhaṃ ca vidadhāti.

Bother, v. t. kliś 9 P, pīḍ 10, bādh 1 A.

Bottle, s. kācakūpī-pātraṃ-bhājanaṃ. -v. t. kācakūpyāṃ niviś c.

Bottom, s. talaṃ adhobhāgaḥ; 'examine it to the b.' āmūlaṃ-talaṃ parīkṣasva tat; 'you are at the b. of this plot' asya kapaṭaprabaṃthasya tvaṃ mūla-pradhāna-kāraṇāṃ tvaṃ pradhānaḥ pravartakaḥ.
     (2) darī upatyakā nimnabhūḥ pādaḥ.
     (3) mūlaṃ śeṣaṃ avaśeṣaṃ. -v. i. (upon) ālaṃb 1 A, mūla in comp.
     -less, a. agādha atalasparśa

Boudoir, s. nepathyagṛhaṃ.

Bouffant, a. nepathya-veśa-ādhmāta.

Bough, s. śākhā viṭapaḥ.

Boulder. s. See 'Rock.'

Bounce, v. i. prapat 1 P, abhi-ut-plu 1 A, satvaraṃ-savegaṃ-dhāv 1 P or palāy 1 A.
     (2) svandhvan 1 P.
     3 Boast, q. v. -s. sphoṭaḥ dhvaniḥ akasmādāghātaḥ.

Bound, s. pluti f., plutaṃ valganaṃ.
     (2) maryādā sīman f., sīmā prāṃtaḥ paryaṃtaḥ aṃtaḥ.
     (3) prati-ghātaḥ utpatanaṃ. -v. t. Ex. by sīmā prāṃta; 'b. ed on the south by the ocean' asya dakṣiṇā sīmā sāgaraḥ; 'b. ed by dales on all sides' darīparigataḥ; See Border. 2 niyam 1 P, nigrah 9 P. -v. i. utplu 1 A, valg 1 P.
     -up, utpat 1 P.
     -less, oe. anaṃta amita niḥsīma niravadhi.
     -dary, s. sīmā sīman f., maryādā paryaṃtaḥ prāṃtaḥ avadhiḥ.

Bounteous, Bountiful, a. vadānya udāra muktahasta dāna-tyāga-śīla.
     -ly, adv. ati-tyāgena udāravat muktahastaṃ.
     -ness, s. audāryaṃ vadānyatā muktahastatā tyāgitā.
     (2) pradānaṃ pāritoṣikaṃ.
     (3) kṛpā anugrahaḥ prasādaḥ.

Bouquet, s. kusumastabakaḥ puṣpagucchaḥ

Bourn, See Boundary.

Bout, s. vāraḥ; 'drinking b.' saṃpīti f.
     (2) kalahaḥ.

Bovine, a. gavya.

Bow, v. i. nam 1 P, praṇam (acc. or dat.); abhivad c., abhivaṃd 1 A prahvībhū; caraṇayoḥ pat 1 P.
     (2) aṃgīkṛ 8 U, abhyupa-i
     (2) P, -gam 1 P; oft by pramāṇaṃ; 'I b. to your decision' āryamiśrāḥ pramāṇaṃ (M. 1) or bhavato nirṇayo me pramāṇaṃ. -v. t. ava-āvi-nam c. (namayati) prahvī-namrīkṛ; 'b. ing the head down' praṇamya śirasā; 'b. ed down with age' jarānabhitakāyaḥ; 'b. ing down the head on the ground' avanitalaniveśitalola-śiras a.; -s. praṇāmaḥ praṇati f., namaskāraḥ.
     (2) dhanus n., cāpaḥ-paṃ kārmukaṃ śarāsanaṃ kodaṃḍaṃ iṣvāsaḥ śarāvāpaḥ; 'b. man' dhanvin m., dhanuṣmat m., dhanurdharaḥ dhanurbhṛt m., dhānuṣkaḥ niṣaṃgin m.; 'b. string' s. jyā maurvī guṇaḥ śiṃjinī; 'b. shot' bāṇagocaraṃ śarapathaḥ-viṣayaḥ. -interj. namaḥ. (with dat.).

Bowels, s. aṃtrāṇi (pl.). 2 (fig.) abhyaṃtaraṃ garbhaḥ

Bower, s. kuṃjaḥ-jaṃ latāmaṃḍapaḥ.
     (2) kuṭīraḥ parṇaśālā. -v. t. pariveṣṭ 1 A, parivṛ 5 U or c.
     -y, a. kuṃjavat latāparicchanna.

Bowl, s. pātraṃ bhājanaṃ śarāvaḥ.
     (2) gulikā.
     (3) viṣaṃ. -v. i. gulikābhiḥ krīḍ 1 P

Box, s. peṭikā samudgakaḥ saṃpuṭaḥ piṭakaḥ maṃjūṣā.
     (2) muṣṭiprahāraḥ-ghātaḥ pāṇighātaḥ. -v. i. muṣṭīmuṣṭi prahṛ 1 P; bāhūbāhavi-yudh 4 A or taḍ 10; mallayuddhaṃ kṛ 8 U. -v. t. muṣṭinā prahṛ or taḍ.
     (2) saṃpuṭake nidhā 3 U.
     -er, s. mallayodhaḥ bāhuyodhin m.
     -ing, s. mallayuddhaṃ bāhuyuddhaṃ bāhūbāhavi ind.

Boy, s. bālaḥ-lakaḥ śiśuḥ kumāraḥ-rakaḥ dārakaḥ.
     -hood, s. bālyaṃ kaumāraṃ; śaiśavaṃ bālabhāvaḥ.
     -ish, a. bāliśa bāleya.
     (2) śiśuyogya; bālasadṛśa (śī f.), bālabhāvasulabha; 'b. nature' bālabhāvaḥ śiśutvaṃ bāliśatā.

Boycot, s. vyavasāyabahiṣkāraḥ -v. t. vyava-sāyādbahiṣkṛ 8 U.

Brabble, See Quarrel.

Brace, s. yugmaṃ yugaṃ yugalaṃ dvayaṃ yugulaṃ.
     (2) baṃdhaḥ-dhanaṃ carmabaṃdhaḥ. -v. t. baṃdh 9 P.
     (2) dṛḍhīkṛ 8 U, saṃstaṃbh 9 P or c., śaktiṃ-balaṃ-vṛdh c.
     -ing, a. śakti-bala-vardhaka.

Bracelet, s. kaṃkaṇaṃ kaṭakaḥ-kaṃ āvāpakaḥ pārihāryaḥ hastasūtraṃ valayaḥ-yaṃ; karabhūṣaṇaṃ; 'marriage b.' vivāhakautukaṃ.

Bracket, s. nāgadaṃtaḥ.
     (2) ardhacaṃdradvayaṃ.

Brackish, a. kṣāra kṣārarasayukta.

Brag, v. i. vikatth- ślāgh 1 A; See Boast. -s. ātmaślāghā vikatthanaṃ vṛthāstuti f.
     -ingly, adv. sāhaṃkāraṃ ātmaślāghāpūrvaṃ.
     -Braggart, (
     Braggadocio) s., a., vikatthanaśīlaḥ ātmaślāghin m., ātmaślāghāparaḥ piṃḍīśūraḥ.

Brahman, s. brāhmaṇaḥ vipraḥ dvijaḥ dvijanman m., agrajanman m., bhūsuraḥ bhūdevaḥ; 'a pseudo b' brāhmaṇabruvaḥ.
     -ical, a. brāhma (hmī f.); brāhmaṇajātīya.

Braid, s. kabarī veṇi-ṇī f., dhammillaḥ keśabaṃdhaḥ-pāśaḥ. -v. i. veṇīkṛ 8 U, veṇīrūpeṇa keśān saṃgraṃth 9 P or rac 10.
     (2) saṃgraṃth ve 1 P, saṃśliṣ c, saṃsiv 4 P.

Braille, s. aṃdhalipi f.

Brain, s mastiṣkaṃ mastikaṃ gordaṃ.
     (2) buddhi f., mati f.,
     -less, a. buddhihīna nirbuddhi.
     -pan, s. kapālaḥ-laṃ śirosthi n.
     -sick, a. mūḍhamati bhrāṃtacitta saṃbhrāṃta.

Brake, s. gulmagahanaṃ kaṃṭakavanaṃ.
     (2) kaṃṭaka khalīnaṃ khalīnaḥ-naṃ.

Bramble, s. kaṃṭakaḥ kaṃṭakagulmaḥ gokṣuraḥ.

Bran, s. tuṣaḥ dhānyatvac f, busa kaḍaṃkaraḥ.

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Branch, s. śākhā viṭapaḥ.
     (2) aṃgaṃ śākhā ekadeśaḥ-bhāgaḥ.
     (3) upanadī alpasarit f.
     (4) apatyaṃ kulasaṃtānaṃ; vaṃśaḥ. -v. i. śākhārūpeṇa vistṝ pass., or bhid pass.; 'the family b. ed into 8 parts' bhinnoṣṭadhā viprasasāra vaṃśaḥ. (R. xvi. 3)
     -y, -ing, a. śākhin śākhāmaya (yī f), śākhāsanātha; vistīrṇa vistārayukta.

Brand, s. alātaṃ ulkā dagdhakāṣṭhaṃ.
     (2) kalaṃkaḥ aṃkaḥ lāṃchanaṃ apakīrticihnaṃ. -v. t. taptalohena aṃk 10 or cihn 10; 'b. ed with disgrace' apayaśoṃkitaḥ upakośamalīmasaḥ.
     -ed, a. taptalohena cihnita duṣkīrticihnāṃkita.
     -new, (Bran new) See Fresh or

Brandish, v. t. pari-bhram c. (bhramayati) vidhū 5, 9 U.

Brandy, s. surā āsavaṃ vāruṇī sīdhu f.

Brangle, s. kalahaḥ vyākrośaḥ.

Brass, s. pittalaṃ ārakūṭaḥ-ṭaṃ rīti-tī f.
     -y, a. pittalamaya (yī f.).
     -Efflorescence, s. rītipuṣpaṃ puṣpaketu puṣpakaṃ kusumāṃjanaṃ.

Brat, s. śiśuḥ bālaḥ baṭuḥ.

Brave, v. t. bharts 10 A, tarj 10 A,
     (2) dhṛṣ 5 P; ā-samā-hve 1 A. -a. vīra śūra vikrāṃta dhīra parākramavat vīrya-vikrama-śālin sāhasika (kī f.); udāra tejasvin 'fortune favours the b.' sāhase śrīḥ prativasati. -s. śūraṃmanyaḥ.
     (2) samāhvānaṃ.
     -ly, adv. sadhairyaṃ nirbhayaṃ savikramaṃ śūra-vīra-vat.
     -ry, s. vīryaṃ śauryaṃ dhairyaṃ parā-vi-kramaḥ sāhasaṃ.
     (2) (
     Bravado) vikatthanaṃ ātmaślāghā.

Bravo, interj. sādhu sādhu sādhu. -s. ghātakaḥ ātatāyin m.

Brawl, s. kaliḥ kalahaḥ vivādaḥ dvaṃdvaṃ viprati-patti f. -v. i. vivad 1 A, kalahaṃ kṛ 8 U, kalahāyate (D).

Brawn, s. śūkaramāṃsaṃ.
     (2) snāyuḥ; bāhuḥ.
     -y, a. māṃsala; dṛḍhāṃga (gī f.); saṃnaddhaśarīra.

Bray, v. t. cītkāraśabdaṃ kṛ 8 U, āraṭ 1 P. -v. t. cūrṇ 10, piṣ 7 P -s.,
     -ing, s. cī(ci)tkāraḥ kharanādaḥ.

Braze, v. t. pittalena saṃdhā 3 U.
     -en, a. pittalamaya (yī f.).
     (2) nirlajja dhṛṣṭa nistrapāvaraṇa. v. t. dhṛṣ 5 P.
     -ier, s. tāmra-kāsyakāraḥ kāmaṃdhamin m.
     (3) aṃgārapātraṃ.

Breach, s. chidraṃ raṃdhraṃ.
     (2) bhaṃgaḥ bhedanaṃ; atikramaḥ laṃghanaṃ; 'b. of promise' pratijñābhaṃgaḥ; ājñābhaṃgaḥ.
     (3) bhedaḥ (suhṛdbhedaḥ); 'b. in a wall' saṃdhiḥ suraṃgā.

Bread, s. apūpaḥ piṣṭakaḥ kāṃdavaṃ.
     (2) annaṃ āhāraḥ.

Breadth, s. See under Broad.

Break, v. t. bhaṃj 7 P (fig. also), khaṃḍ 10.
     (2) kṣud-piṣ 7 P, cūrṇ 10, mṛd 9 P.
     (3) ati-kram 1 U, 4 P, ullaṃgh 1 A, 10, aticar 1 P; vilup c.
     (4) bhid 7 U, vighaṭ c. (ghaṭayati); vidṝ 9 P, 10, sphuṭ c. (as heart); 'b. fast' pāraṇāṃ nirvṛt c., prātarāśaṃ-kalyavartaṃ sev 1 A; 'b. wind' gudaravaṃ kṛ 8 U, pard 1 A; 'b. the way for' apasṛ 1 P, apa-i 2 P, apakram.
     (5) vinaś c., ucchid 7 P. -v. i. bhid-dṝ-bhaṃj- pass., truṭ 6, 4 P, sphuṭ 6 P, (sphuṭati hṛdayaṃ) dal 1 P.
     (2) prabhā 2 P; 'the day broke' uṣāḥ samāghatā prabhātā rajanī dṛṣṭaṃ dinamukhaṃ.
     (3) kṣi pass., avasad 1 P, viśṝ pass., dhvaṃs 1 A, jṛ 4, 9 P. -s. vicchedaḥ nivṛtti f., virāmaḥ bhaṃgaḥ; 'b. of day' prabhātaṃ uṣaḥkālaḥ aruṇodayaḥ; 'the story has suffered a b.' vicchedamāpa kathāprabaṃdhaḥ (Ka. 239).
     -down, cūrṇ 10; (v. i.) See Fail. -in upon, prasahyasahasā-praviś 6 P.
     -into, vinī 1 P, dam c. (damayati).
     -into, (a house) saṃdhiṃ kṛtvā praviś.
     -loose, pramuc vimuc pass.; 'the elephant broke loose from the post' ālānastaṃbhaṃ bhaṃktvā nirjagāma.
     -off, bhaṃj bhaṃgaṃ kṛ 8 U; (v. i.) akasmāt viram 1 P, tyaj 1 P, nivṛt 1 A.
     -open, balāt-sahasā-udghaṭ c. or apavṛ 5 U.
     -out, (v. i.) uddha 1 P, utpad 4 A, prādurbhū udi 2 P.
     (2) nirgam 1 P.
     -through, nirbhaṃj apānud 6 P, niras 4 P; See Dispel. -up, (v. t.) See Break (v. i.) 'the party broke up' sabhyāḥ svaṃ svaṃ sthānaṃ pratijagmuḥ.
     -upon, āhan 2 A; 'the dawn broke upon his eyes' tasyākṣṇoḥ prabhātamāsīt (S. 2).
     -with, vivad 1 A, kalahaṃ kṛ.
     -er, s. bhaṃjakaḥ bhedakaḥ.
     (2) prastara or taṭa-bhagnā ūrmi f., lahari f.
     -fast, s. prātarāśaḥ kalyavartaḥ.
     -water, s. setuḥ dharaṇaḥ.

Breast, s. uras n., kroḍaṃ vakṣas n.
     (2) stanaḥ payodharaḥ vakṣojaḥ kucaḥ (of human beings).
     (3) hṛdayaṃ aṃtaḥkaraṇaṃ cittaṃ manas n.; 'b. high' vakṣodaghna (dhnī f.); 'b. plate' kavacaṃ urastrāṇaṃ; 'b work' vakṣaḥpramāṇaḥ prākāraḥ. 'Make a clean b. of,' See Confess,

Breathe, v. i. śvas 2 P; prāṇ 2 P.
     (2) as 2 P, jīv 1 P, vṛt 1 A.
     (3) ā-pratyā-samāśvas; 'b. deep' dīrgha-sthūlaṃsthūlaṃ niśvas; 'b. freely' ucchvas; 'b. the last' See Die, -v. t. (out) udgṝ 6 P, ava-pra-saṃ-kṝ 6 P.
     (2) pravā 2 P.
     -Breath, s. śvāsaḥ niśvāsaḥ ucchvasitaṃ.
     (2) prāṇāḥ (pl.); prāṇāyāmaḥ 'holding the b.'; asavaḥ (pl.)
     (3) virāmaḥ upaśamaḥ.
     (4) udgāraḥ.
     (5) maṃdānilaḥ mṛduvātaḥ; 'in the same b.' ekāvasare samakālameva.
     -ing, s. śvāsaḥ śvasitaṃ.
     (2) spṛhā icchā; 'b. through nose' nāsikaṃdhamaḥ; 'b. hole' vātāyana gavākṣaḥ.
     -less, a. prāṇahīna nirucchvāsa vicetana.
     (2) mṛta utkrāṃtavāyu
     (3) yaṣṭiprāṇa.

Breech, s. paścādbhāgaḥ nitaṃbaḥ kaṭideśaḥ.
     -es, s. kaṭivastraṃ śāṭakaḥ.

Breed, v. t. jan c. (janayati) utpad c., prasū 2 A.
     (2) puṣ 1, 4, 9 P or c., saṃ c.
     (3) vinī 1 P. -v. i. vṛdh 1 A, prajan-utpad 4 A.
     (2) garbhavatī bhū See Conceive; 'b. ing season' garbhadhāraṇakālaḥ utpattisamayaḥ. -s. vaṃśaḥ kulaṃ jāti f.
     (2) apatyaṃ prajā.
     (3) samutpannaḥ śāvakagaṇaḥ śiśujātaṃ.
     -bred, a. janita; saṃvarddhita; vinīta 'well b.' suvinīta sadācāra; 'ill b.' durvinīta durācāra.
     -er, s. janakaḥ poṣakaḥ vinetṛ m.
     -ing, s. poṣaṇaṃ pālanaṃ saṃvarddhanaṃ.
     (2) śikṣaṇaṃ vinayaḥ.
     (3) sabhyatā suśīlatā; 'of good b.' suvinīta suśīla.
     (4) garbhadhāraṇaṃ garbhādhānaṃ.

Breeze, s. mṛdupavanaḥ maṃdānilaḥ
     (2) vātaḥ anilaḥ See Wind. 3 See 'Coke,' 'Agreeable b.' sukhasparśaḥ- sukhaḥ-vāyuḥ.
     -y, a. vātavat vātairupajīvita.

Breviary, s. saṃhitā saṃgrahaḥ.
     (2) stotrasaṃgrahaḥ.

Brevity, s. kṣepaḥ samāsaḥ saṃhāraḥ saṃgrahaṇaṃ.

Brew, v. t. (yavasuraṃ) pac 1 P or kvath 1 P.
     (2) pracit 10, prakḷp c.
     -age, s. niṣkvāthaḥ.
     -ery, s. yavasurāpacanasthānaṃ.

Bribe, s. utkocaḥ upāyana. -v. t. utkocaṃ dā 3 U, utkocadānena vaśīkṛ C.
     -ry, s. utkocadānaṃ-grahaṇaṃ.
     (2) utkocadānādānāparādhaḥ.

Brick, s. iṣṭakā sudhā; 'burnt b.' pakveṣṭakā; 'b. bit' iṣṭakāśakalaṃ; 'b. kiln' āpākaḥ pacanasthānaṃ; 'b. layer' lepakaḥ sudhājīvin m.; 'b. work' iṣṭakānirmitaṃ.

Bridal, s. vivāhotsavaḥ udvāhakarman n. -a. vaivāhika (kā f.), vivāhayogya.

Bride, s. vadhūḥ navavadhū; pāṇigṛhītā navoḍhā.
     (2) kanyā kumārī.
     -groom, s. varaḥ pariṇetṛ m., parigrahītṛ m., pāṇigrāhakaḥ; 'bride and b.' vadhūvara-rau.
     -maid, s. janyā.

Bridge, s. setuḥ dharaṇaṃ saṃvaraḥ
     (2) āli-lī f., dharaṇaḥ (small); 'make a b.' setuṃ nirmā 3 A, or kṛ 8 U, or baṃdh 9 P; 'fort b.' sakramaḥ; 'b. of the nose' nāsāvaṃśaḥ. -v. t. setunā badh 9 P, savṛ 5 U.

Bridle, s. valgā; raśmiḥ; 'giving the b. to the passions' rāgādhīnaḥ rāgavaśaḥ
     (2) nigrahaḥ saṃyamaḥ -v. t. valgāsanātha a. kṛ raśmibhiḥ yam 1 P.
     (2) nigrah 9 P, ni-saṃ-yam; See Control, 'by un-b. ed tongue' niryaṃtraṇayā vācā.

Brief, a. svalpa acira alpakāla kṣaṇika (kī f.), acirasthāyin saṃkṣipta parimita sahṛta adīrghaṃ saṃkucita; 'to be b.' kiṃ bahunā
     (2) saṃgrahaḥ saṃkṣepaḥ.
     (3) sārapatraṃ.
     -ly, adv. saṃkṣepataḥ saṃkṣepeṇa samāsataḥ samāsena.
     (2) acireṇa āśu kṣipraṃ.
     -ness, s. saṃkṣepaḥ samāsaḥ saṃhāraḥ parimitatā.

Briar, Brier, s. gokṣuraḥ kaṃṭakagulmaḥ.
     -y, a. kaṃṭakāvṛta.

Brig, s. kūpakadvayayutaḥ potaḥ.

Brigade, s. camūḥ vāhinī sainyadalaṃ gulmaḥlmaṃ.
     -ier, s. vāhinīpatiḥ camūpatiḥ.

Brigand, s. dasyuḥ cauraḥ.

Bright, a. ujjvala pradīpta bhāsura rucira tejasvin bhāsvat bhrājamāna prabhāvat dīptimat daidīpyamāna.
     (2) viśada nirmala śuci.
     (3) viśruta.
     -en, v. t. pra-ut-dyut c., pra-ut-dīp c., udbhās c., bhrāj c., virāj c.
     (2) vimalayati (D.), viśadīkṛ 8 U. -v. i. vimalībhū 1 P, prasad 1 P, prasādaṃ gam 1 P, viśadībhū (diśaḥ praseduḥ R. III. 14).
     (2) śubh-dyut 1 A, See Shine. -ly, adv. ujjvalaṃ vimalaṃ tejasā kāṃtyā.
     -ness, s. tejas n., aujjvalya; dyutiḥ ruciḥ kāṃtiḥ prabhā dīptiḥ śobhā (all fem.); bhāsuratvaṃ tejasvitā; 'b of intellect' pradīptā prajñā.

     Brilliant, See Bright.

Brim, s. kaṃṭhaḥ prāṃtaḥ mukhaṃ dhāraḥ karṇaḥ; 'to the b.' āmukhaṃ ākaṃṭhaṃ.
     (2) (of a river) tīraṃ taṭaḥ-ṭa.
     (3) aṃcalaḥ daśā (of a cloth).
     -ful, a. paripūrṇa ākarṇaṃ pūrṇa; ex. by maya (yī f.), nirbhara; 'b. of joy' harṣanirbharaḥ.

Brimstone, s. gaṃdhakaḥ.
     -y, a. gaṃdhakapūrṇaviśiṣṭa.

Brindle, s. citratā citrāṃgatvaṃ śabalatvaṃ.
     -ed, a. śabala citrita kalmāṣita.

Brine, s. lavaṇajalaṃ.
     (2) bāṣpaḥ aśru n., astraṃ.

Bring, v. t. ānī 1 P, ā-upā-hṛ 1 P, āvah 1 P.
     (2) prāp c., āgam c. (gamayati).
     (3) anunī 1 P, ākṛṣ 1 P.
     (4) jan c. (janayati) utpad c.; ex. by prabhū 1 P, jan 4 A; 'poverty b. s one to shame' dāridryād hriyameti (Mr. 1); 'b. to end' samāp c., nirvṛt c., avaso 4 P; 'b. to ruin' naś c., nāśakāraṇaṃ bhū; 'b. word' nivid c., vārtāṃ ākhyā 2 P; 'b. action' abhiyuj 7 A.
     -about, (to pass) sādh 5 P, 10; ghaṭ c., (ghaṭayati) saṃpad c., āvah 1 P; kḷp 1 A, saṃpad 4 A, (with dat.).
     -down, ni-ava-pat c. apakṛṣ- abhibhū
     -forth, See Beget. -forward, upanyas. 4 P, udāhṛ 1 P, upakṣip 6 P, upānī puraskṛ.
     (2) agre-puraḥ-ānī prahṛ c.
     -on, āvah 1 P; or with dat.; 'disgrace b. s on despair' paribhavaḥ nirvedamāvahati nirvedāya (bhavati); oft. by prabhū jan; 's. avarice b. s on anger' lobhāt krodhaḥ prabhavati-jāyate &c.
     -out, prakāś c., prakaṭīkṛ.
     -together, samā-nī samupāhṛ; See Assemble. -under, ānam c. (namayati); 'b. under one's power' vaśaṃ nī dam c. (damayati) abhibhū.
     -up, saṃvṛdh c., poṣaṇaṃ-pālanaṃ-kṛ 8 U (with gen.); puṣ 10.

Brink, s. tīraṃ taṭaḥ-ṭaṃ kūlaṃ.
     (2) prāṃtaḥ aṃtaḥ paryaṃtaḥ; dhārā utsaṃgaḥ parisaraḥ kaṃṭhaḥ.

Brisk, a. capala tvarita kṣipra avilaṃba.
     (2) prabala sasāra tīvra; 'b. shower' dhārāsaṃpātaḥ.
     -ly, adv. satvaraṃ kṣipraṃ āśu.
     -ness, s. tejas n., sāraḥ sattvaṃ.

Bristle, v. i. pulakita -romāṃcita-kaṃṭakita a. bhū 1 P; 'his body b. ing with joy' harṣaromāṃcita-pulakita-tanuḥ; hṛṣ 4 P (of hair). -s. śūkaḥ-kaṃ dṛḍhaloman n.,
     (2) śūkaraloman n.
     -ing, a. hṛṣita pulakita romāṃcita.

Brittle, a. bhaṃgura bhidura sukhabhedya subhaṃga.

Brize, s. daṃśaḥ; gomakṣikā.

Broach, s. śūlaḥ śaṃkuḥ kīlaḥ-laṃ. -v. t. apāvṛ 5 U.
     (2) nivid c., prakāś c., kath 10.
     (3) chidra 10.

Broad, a. vistīrṇa pṛthu vipula vistṛta viśāla pariṇāhavat āyata; '10 yojanas b.' daśayojanamāyatā (nagarī).
     (2) asabhya aślīla garhita; 'b. day-break' suprabhātaṃ; spaṣṭe jāte pratyūṣasi (Ka. 26); 'b. day light' prakharatejasi savitari; 'b. awake' prabuddha unnidra; 'b. breasted' vyūḍhoraskaḥ; viśālavakṣas.
     -ness, Breadth, s. vistāraḥ pariṇāhaḥ āyāmaḥ viśālatā pṛthutā; 'five fingers in b.' paṃcāṃgulaṃ (dāru).

Brocade, s. kārmikavastraṃ.

Brochure, s. laghupustakaṃ.

Brogue, s. prākṛtabhāṣā apabhraṃśaḥ.
     (2) carmapādukā.

Broider, v. t. citr 10, sūcyā vastre puṣpādikaṃ siv 4 P.
     -y, s. sūcikarman n.

Broil, v. i. tap-pac-pass. -v. t. bhrasj 6 P; (fig.) saṃkṣubh c., prakup c., uddīp c. -s. kalahaḥ dvaṃdvaṃ kaliḥ tumulaṃ.

Broker, s. nirūpitamūlyena kāryanirvāhakaḥ.
     -age, s. kāryanirvāhaṇārthaṃ dattaṃ dravyaṃ.

Bronze, s. See Brass.

Brooch, s. vakṣobhūṣaṇaṃ uromaṇiḥ.

Brood, v. i. (lit.) (aṃḍānāṃ) upari-sad 1 P niviś 6 P; (fig.) ni-dhyai 1 P, punaḥ punar āloc 10; ciṃtāvyagra a. bhū. -s. prajā saṃtati f., apatyaṃ.
     (2) samamutpannaḥ śāvakagaṇaḥ apatyajātaṃ.

Brook, s. kusarit f., srotas n., kṣudranadī kṣudra-alpa-sarit. -v. t. sah 1 A, kṣam 1 A, mṛṣ 4 P. 10.

Broom, s. saṃmārjanī śodhanī. 'b. stick-staff' mārjanīdaṃḍaḥ; dīrgha-kṛśa-yaṣṭiḥ.

Broth, s. sūpaḥ yū(jū)ṣaṃ.

Brothel, s. veśaḥ veśyālayaḥ gaṇikāgṛhaṃ.

Brother, s. bhrātṛ m., sodaraḥ sahodaraḥ sodaryaḥ.
     (2) baṃdhuḥ sahakārin m., saṃsargin m.; 'spiritual brethren' ekaguravaḥ.
     -hood, s. bhrātṛbhāvaḥ -tvaṃ saubhrātraṃ.
     (2) sāhacaryaṃ baṃdhutā saṃsargaḥ samājaḥ.
     -ly, a. bhrātrīya bhrātṛsadṛśa (śī f.,); 'b. in law,' s. śyālaḥ devṛ m., devaraḥ (husband's brother.).

Brow, s. kaṭakaḥ utsaṃgaḥ See Edge. 2 bhrūḥ bhrūlatā; 'knit the b. s.' bhrūbhaṃgaṃ kṛ 8 U, bhrūkuṭiṃ baṃdh 9 P, bhrūkuṭiracanāṃ kṛ.
     (3) lalāṭaṃ; vadanaṃ ānanaṃ.
     -beat, v. t. bhrūbhaṃgeṇakaṭākṣeṇa-tarj 10, or nirīkṣ 1 A.
     -Bound, a. kirīṭin.

Brown, a. kapiśa piśaṃga (gī f.), piṃgala kapila śyāva.
     -ish, a. īṣatkapiśa āpiṃgala.
     -ness, s. kapiśaḥ piṃgalavarṇaḥ.

Browse, v. t. ad 2 P, carv 10, laṃgh 1 A, (pallavān laṃghitumāgacchati M. 4), bhakṣ 10, saṃdaṃś 1 P. -s.,
     -ing, s. kisalayaḥ-yaṃ nava-pallavaḥ-vaṃ; navatṛṇaṃ śādvalaṃ.

Bruin, s. ṛkṣaḥ bhallūkaḥ

Bruise, v. t. apakṛ 8 U, kṣaṇ 8 P, prahāreṇa hiṃs 7 P.
     (2) mṛd 9 P, piṣ 7 P. -s. kṣataṃ apakāraḥ prahāraḥ āghātaḥ.
     (2) piccitavraṇaḥ.

Bruit, s. dhvaniḥ.
     (2) vārtā janapravādaḥ. -v. t. khyā c. (khyāpayati) ghuṣ 10.

Brunette, s. śyāmā śyāmavarṇā.

Brunt, s. bhāraḥ; 'b. of battle' raṇadhurā; saṃghaṭṭaḥ prathamākramaḥ; prahāraḥ āghātaḥ.

Brush, s. āgharṣaṇī; lomamayī mārjanī or śodhanī.
     (2) tūlikā śalākā vartikā.
     (3) saṃghaṭṭaḥ samāghātaḥ. -v. t. mṛj 2 P, ghṛṣ 1 P, gharṣaṇena śudh c.
     (2) mṛdu taḍ 10, laghugatyā prahṛ 1 P. -v. i. (by) laghu ghṛṣ.
     (2) apadhāv 1 P, visṛp 1 P.
     -wood, s. gulmaḥ jaṃgalaṃ.
     -y, a. lomaśa.

Brusque, a. avinīta.
     (2) asaṃbaddha.
     (3) anavahita.

Brute, s. paśuḥ tiryas m.
     (2) nṛpaśuḥ durvṛttaḥ krūrācāraḥ. -a. a-vi-cetana ajñāna.
     (2) krūrakarman asabhya
     -al, -ish, a. nṛśaṃsa kūra paśu in comp; Se Cruel
     (2) paśuśīla pāśava (vī f.), paśusadṛśa (śī f.), paśutulya.
     -ally, adv. paśuvat; nirdayaṃ; atikrauryeṇa.

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Bubble, s. budbudaḥ ḍibiṃkā.
     (2) (fig.) asāraṃ vastu māyā vaṃcakaḥ mohaḥ māyājālaṃ. -v. i. budbudāyate (D). -v. t. See Cheat.

Bubby, s. See Breast.

Bubo, s. graṃthi f.

Buck, s. hariṇaḥ mṛgaḥ.
     (2) vastradhāvanārthaṃ jalaṃ.
     (3) subhagaṃmanyaḥ. -v. t. vastra dhāv 1 P.

Bucket, s. araghaṭṭaḥ udaṃcanaṃ ghaṭīyaṃtraṃ.
     (2) pātraṃ droṇī secanī-naṃ.

Buckle, s. kuḍupaḥ gaṃḍakaḥ. -v. t. kuḍupena baṃdh 9 P; 'to be b. ed to' parāyaṇa-āsakta a. bhū 1 P.
     -er, s. phalakaḥ-kaṃ carman n.

Buckram, s. sthūlapaṭṭaṃ-paṭaḥ.

Bud, s. kalikā kaurakaḥ-kaṃ mukulaḥ-laṃ kuḍmalaḥ; jālaṃ kośaḥ-ṣaḥ prarohaḥ aṃkuraḥ pallavaḥvaṃ. -v. t.,
     -ed, See under Blossom.

Budge, v. i. pracal 1 P, apasṛ 1 P, ni-parā-vṛt 1 A, tyaj 1 P.

Budget, s. śāṇapuṭaḥ dṛti f.
     (2) koṣaḥ saṃgrahaḥ saṃcayaḥ.
     (3) āyavyayagaṇanā -patraṃ.

Buff, s. mahiṣacarman n.
     (2) pāṃḍuvarṇaḥ.

Buffalo, s. mahiṣaḥ; 'she-b.' mahiṣī; 'b. milk' māhiṣaṃ payaḥ.

Buffer, s. āghāta-bhaṃjakaḥ or moghīkārakaḥ.

Buffet, s. muṣṭiprahāraḥ karāghātaḥ capeṭikā.
     (2) kuśūlaḥ. -v. t. muṣṭinā taḍ 10 or prahṛ 1 P.

Buffoon, s. vidūṣakaḥ vaihāsikaḥ bhaṃḍaḥ.
     -ery, s. parihāsaḥ hāsyaṃ narman n.

Bug, s. matkuṇaḥ uddaṃśaḥ; 'b. bear' mahābhayāspadaṃ bhayahetuḥ.

Bugle, s. kohalaḥ-lā vyādhaśṛṃgaṃ-viṣāṇaṃ.
     (2) śṛṃga viṣāṇaṃ.

Build, v. t. nirmā 3 A or c. (māpayati) prakḷp c., vidhā 3 U, virac 10; 'b. upon' samālaṃb 1 A, ā-samā-śri 1 U.
     -er, s. nirmātṛ m., vidhāyakaḥ.
     (2) sthapatiḥ śilpin m., dārukarman m.
     -ing, s. nirmāṇaṃ vidhānaṃ.
     (2) bhavanaṃ gṛhaṃ harmyaṃ.

Bulb, s. kaṃdaḥ-daṃ golamūlaṃ.
     -ous, a. kaṃdin kaṃdaviśiṣṭa.
     (2) kaṃdākṛti.

Bulge, v. i. bahirlaṃb 1 A, udarākāreṇa pralaṃb.

Bulk, s. pramāṇaṃ parimāṇaṃ mātrā.
     (2) sthūlatā bṛhattvaṃ.
     (3) pradhāna-adhika-bhāgaḥ bhūyas m.
     -y, a. See Big.

     Bullock, s. vṛṣaḥ vṛṣabhaḥ balīvardaḥ ṛṣabhaḥ anaḍuh m., ukṣan m., kakudmat m.
     (2) vāgdoṣaḥ mahāskhalitaṃ suspaṣṭo vacanavirodhaḥ.

Bullet, s. sīsakagulikā.

Bulletin, s. śarīrasthitijñāpakaṃ patraṃ.

Bullion, s. hiraṇyaṃ; rūpyaṃ.

Bully, s. piṃḍīśūraḥ śūraṃmanya; dāṃbhikaḥ kalahakārin m. -v. t. tarj 10, bharts 10 A; āhve 1 A.

Bulwark, s. vapraḥ-praṃ prākāraḥ.
     (2) āśrayaḥ śaraṇaṃ saṃśrayasthānaṃ ālaṃbaḥ; rakṣaṇasādhanaṃ.

Bum, s. nitaṃbaḥ kaṭiprothaḥ.

Bump, s. sphoṭaḥ gaṃḍaḥ śophaḥ. -v. i. śvi 1 P.
     2 Beat, q. v.

Bumper, s. atipūrṇaṃ pātraṃ; caṣakaḥ; 'b. crops' atipracuraḥ śasyāgamaḥ; 'b. house' janākīrṇaṃ prekṣāgṛhaṃ.

Bumpkin, s. vṛṣalaḥ jānapadaḥ grāmyajanaḥ.

Bumptious, a. sāvalepa avalipta.

Bunch, s. gucchaḥ stabakaḥ.
     (2) piṃḍaḥ gaṃḍaḥ.
     (3) graṃthiḥ śekharaḥ-raṃ.
     (4) poṭṭalī saṃghātaḥ saṃhatadravya. -v. i. (out) piṃḍībhū 1 P.

Bundle, s. bhāraḥ kūrcaḥ poṭalikā gucchaḥ saṃghātaḥ; 'b. of goods' bhāṃḍakaṃ. -v. t. (up) gucchīkṛ 8 U, ekatra samāhṛ 1 P.

Bung, v. t. chidraṃ nirudh 7 U or pidhā 3 U.
     -hole, s. pātracchidraṃ pātradhārā.

Bungalow, s. harmyaṃ.

Bungle, v. i. adakṣatayā kāryaṃ nirvah c., pramad 4 P, skhal 1 P. -s. pramādaḥ skhalitaṃ doṣaḥ.
     -er, s. adakṣaḥ pramādin m., anipuṇaḥ.
     -ingly, adv. sapramādaṃ pramādataḥ adakṣatayā.

Bunter, s. akulīnā strī.

Bunting, s. dhvajapaṭaḥ ketuvasanaṃ. -s. taraṇaḥ plavaḥ.

Buoy, (up) v. t. uttaṃbh 9 P, uddhṛ 1 P, 10, ālaṃb 1 A.
     (2) plu c. -s. taraṇaḥ plavaḥ.
     -ancy, s. laghutā lāghavaṃ plavanaśīlatā.

Burden, s. bhāraḥ bharaḥ dhur f. (rājyadhurā); 'beast of b.' dhuryaḥ dhurīṇaḥ.
     (2) dhruvakaṃ anu-pada.
     (3) pīḍākara a. ( f.), pīḍāhetuḥ bhārabhūta a. -v. t. bhāraṃ nyas 4 P or niviś c.
     -ed, a. bhārākrāṃta āropitabhāra.
     -some, a. durvaha durbhara durudvaha.
     (2) pīḍākara duḥkhāvaha.

Bureau, s. ādhāraḥ.
     (2) lekhanasthānaṃ lekhanasādhanādhāraḥ.

Bureaucratic, a. aniyaṃtritaśāsana.

Burgh, s. nagaraṃ puraṃ.
     -er, Burgess, s. nagarajanaḥ; pāraḥ.
     (2) nagarapratinidhiḥ puraprati-nidhiḥ.
     -ership, s. nagarajanādhikāraḥ paurādhikāra.

Burglar, s. saṃdhicauraḥ gṛhabhaṃgakṛt m., kuḍyacchedin m., saṃdhicchedakaḥ.
     -y, s. bhitticauryaṃ gṛhabhaṃgaḥ.

Burgomaster, s. nagarādhyakṣaḥ.

Burke, v. t. śvāsanirodhena han 2 P or vyāpad c. or mṛ.
     (2) tvaritaṃ saṃpad c.

Burlesque, a. parihāsakara (rī f.), hāsajanana (nī f.), parihāsya. -s. parihāsaḥ bhāṃḍaṃ narman n. -v. t. See Laugh.

Burly, a. See Big.

Burn, v. t. dah 1 P, pluṣ 1 P, jval c. (jvalayati) tap 1 P or c., uṣ 1 P, dīp c. -v. i. jval 1 P, dah pass., tap 4 A, dīp 4 A; 'b. after' utkaṃṭh 1 A, spṛh 10; 'b. out' śam 4 P; 'b. up' nirdah. -s. dāhavraṇaḥ -aṃkaḥ.
     (2) See 'Brook', -er, s. dāhakaḥ tāpakaḥ dīpakaḥ.
     -ing, s. dāhaḥ dahanaṃ ploṣaḥ tāpaḥ jvalanaṃ; 'b. ground' śmaśānaṃ. -a. dāhaka tāpaka.
     (2) caṃḍa prakhara; 'b. glass' sūryakāṃtaḥ sūryopalaḥ.

Burnish, v. t. pramṛj 2 P (pramṛṣṭaṃ cāmīkaraṃ); tij c., pariṣkṛ 8 U.
     -er, s. tejakaḥ dhāvakaḥ.

Burrow, s. bilaṃ vivaraṃ gartaḥ-rtā. -v. i. bilegarte-vas 1 P.

Bursar, s. dhanādhyakṣaḥ koṣādhipatiḥ.
     (2) śiṣyavṛttyupajīvin m.
     -y, s. koṣaḥ dhanāgāraṃ.
     (2) śiṣyavṛtti f.

Burst, v. i. sphur 6 P, dal 1 P, vi-dṝ-śṝ- pass., bhid-bhaṃj pass.; 'b. in pieces' śakalībhū khaṃḍaśo bhid pass.; 'b. into tears' sahasā roditumārebhe sahasā prāvartatāśrudhārā. -v. t. bhid-bhaṃj 7 P, sphuṭ c., dṝ 9 P, 10, śakalīkṛ 8 U, dal c. (dalayati); 'she b. herself' hṛdayasphoṭanena mṛtā. -s. sphoṭanaṃ vidalanaṃ bhaṃgaḥ bhedaḥ 'there was a b. of applause' saṃbhūya praśaṃsāgiraḥ udatiṣṭhan; 'b. of laughter' aṭṭahāsaḥ uccairhāsaḥ.

Burthen, s. See Burden.

Bury, v. t. nikhan 1 P, niguh 1 U, (śmaśāne-bhūmau) nidhā 3 U, sthā c. (sthāpayati) nikṣip 6 P; nir-hṛ 1 P; 'this buried the king into sorrow' etena (vacasā) rājā duḥkhamagno-duḥkhodadhimagna ivababhūva; 'b. the hatchet' kalahādviram 1 P.
     -ing, s. nikhananaṃ śmaśāne sthāpanaṃ; 'b. ground' śmaśānaṃ pretāvāsaḥ paretabhūmi f., pitṛvanaṃ pitṛsadman n.

Bush, s. gulmaḥ-lmaṃ kṣupaḥ staṃbaḥ; 'why do you beat about the b.' aprastutaṃ kimiti anusaṃdhīyate (nirarthakaṃ kimiti vanamāloḍayasi); 'a bird in the hand is worth two in the b.' dhruvāṇi parityajya adhruvaniṣevaṇaṃ neṣṭaṃ adhruvād dhruva varaṃ varaṃ tatkālopanatā tittiriḥ na punardivasāṃtaritā mayūrī or varamadya kapoto na śvo mayūraḥ.
     -y, a. gulmāvṛta nibiḍa; gāḍha avirala.
     (2) ghana sthūla; lomaśa.

Business, s. kāryaṃ arthaḥ kṛtyaṃ karman n., vyavasāyaḥ vyavahāraḥ; vyāpāraḥ; niyogaḥ (duty).
     (2) arthaḥ prayojanaṃ; 'what b. had you to talk with him' tena sahālāpena kiṃ tava kāryamāsīt.
     (3) vṛtti f., jīvikā; 'a man of b.' kāryakuśalaḥ dṛṣṭakarman m.

Buss, See Kiss.

Bust, s. ūrdhvakāyapratimā-pratikṛti f.

Bustle, s. saṃbhramaḥ ākulatvaṃ tvarā vyagratā.
     (2) kolāhalaḥ tumularavaḥ. -v. i. kāryavyāpṛtatvād itastato dhāv 1 P or gam 1 P or ceṣṭ 1 A, or vyavaso 4 P.
     -er, -ing, s., a. capalaprakṛtiḥ vyavasāyin m.

Busy, a. vyāpṛta (with loc.); kāryasamākula; kāryavyagra; 'with what work are you b.' kasminkārye vyāpṛtosi kimāraṃbhastvaṃ; kāryodyukta sodyoga ataṃdrita analasa vyagra. -v. t. vyāpṛ c., kārye niyuj 10 or adhikṛ 8 U.
     -Body, s. parādhikāracarcakaḥ.
     -ly, adv. ataṃdritaṃ sotsāhaṃ manobhiniveśena autsukyena vyagratayā.

But, prep. anya itara ṛte with abl. vinā; vihāya muktvā (acc.). -adv. eva kevalaṃ mātraṃ. -conj. tu punaḥ (not at beginning); in 'not only but' api takes the place of 'but'; na kevalaṃ rūpe śilpepyadvitīyā mālavikā (M. 2); 'b. for' (= if it were not) yadi na; 'all b.' See Almost; 'next b. one' ekāṃtara a.

Butcher, śau (sau) nikaḥ ākheṭakaḥ māṃsikaḥ viśasitṛ m. -v. t. viśas 1 P, niṣūd 10, han 2 P.
     -y, s. vadhaḥ hananaṃ viśasanaṃ.
     (2) śūnā vadhasthānaṃ.

Butler, s. gṛhakarma-dāsaḥ-karaḥ.

Butt, s. lakṣyaṃ śaradhyaṃ.
     (2) upahāsāspadaṃ pari-hāsabhūmi f.
     (3) āśayaḥ abhiprāyaḥ.
     (4) pātraṃ; (surā-) bhājanaṃ-bhāṃḍaṃ. -v. t. śirasā-śṛṃgeṇa-āhan 2 U.
     -end, s. ghanāgraṃ sthūlāgraṃ.

Butter, s. navanītaṃ navoddhṛtaṃ; dadhijaṃ kilāṭaḥ; 'clarified b.' ghṛtaṃ sarpis n., ājyaṃ; 'b. man' navanītavikrayin m.; 'b. milk' (s.) takraṃ ariṣṭaṃ kālaśeyaṃ daṃḍāhataṃ gorasaḥ 'b. of last day's milk' haiyaṃgavīnaṃ. -v. t. navanītena lip 6 P.; (fig.) cāṭūktibhiḥ prasad c. or anunī 1 P.

Butterfly, s. citrapataṃgaḥ.

Buttock, s. nitaṃbaḥ kaṭiprothaḥ jaghanaṃ śroṇiṇī f.

Button, s. gaṃḍaḥ kuḍupaḥ 'b. hole' gaṃḍādhāraḥ. -v. t. gaṃḍena baṃdh 9 P.

Buttress, s. vapraḥ-praṃ ādhārārthaṃ kṛtaḥ prākāraḥ.
     (2) āśrayaḥ ādhāraḥ.

Buxom, a. sānaṃda praphullavadana hṛṣṭa.
     (2) sarasa savilāsa lalita.
     -ly, adv. sānaṃdaṃ sarasaṃ lalitaṃ.
     -ness, s. līlā lālityaṃ vilāsaḥ.

Buy, v. t. krī 9 U; 'b. off' mūlyadānena parikrī.
     -er, s. kretṛ m., krayikaḥ krayin m.

Buzz, v. i. guṃj 1 P, viru 2 P. -s.
     -ing, guṃjitaṃ guṃjāravaḥ kalaravaḥ.

Buzzard, s. śyenakaḥ.
     (2) sthūla-maṃda-dhīḥ.

By, prep. Gen. ex. by instr. of noun; rāmeṇa hataḥ bāṇena hataḥ &c.
     (2) (Near) upa in comp., or samīpe-nikaṭe-pārśve with gen.; 'b. her father' upajanakaṃ pituḥ pārśvesamīpe; 'by this time' anena samayena; day b. day anudivasaṃ-dinaṃ dine dine; 'b. god' īśvaraṃ sākṣīkṛtya-īśvarasamakṣaṃ; 'b. and b.' acirāt; acireṇa kramaśaḥ; śanaiḥ śanaiḥ; 'b. the b.' aparaṃca; 'b. degrees' kramaśaḥ; 'b. hundreds' śataśaḥ; 'one b. one' ekaikaśaḥ ānupūrveṇa; 'b. end' svārthaḥ svahitaṃ;
     (2) gauṇārthaḥ. 'b. oneself' rahasi nibhṛtaṃ rahaḥ. 'b. gone' atīta atikrāṃta gata; 'b.-path' vimargaḥ vipathaḥ upamārgaḥ gūḍhapathaḥ; 'b.-law' upavyavasthā upavidhiḥ; 'b.-name' upādhiḥ; by-product,' s. gauṇa-phalaṃ-utpannaṃ-lābhaḥ. 'b.-stander' pārśvasthaḥ prekṣakaḥ samīpasthaḥ; 'b. word' upahāsāspadaṃ.
     (2) janokti f. ābhāṇakaḥ.

Byre, s. vrajaḥ goṣṭaṃ gośālā.


Cab, s. ekāśvavāhanaṃ-śakaṭaḥ; 'c. man,' See Coachman.

Cabal, s. gūḍhamaṃtraṇā kuvicāraṇā. -v. i. nibhṛtaṃ matr 10 A, kūṭārthaṃ saṃmil 6 P.
     -ler, s. kumaṃtraṇakṛt m., gūḍhamaṃtrin m., bhedakaraḥ.

Cabala, s. gūḍhaśāstraṃ guptavidyā.
     -Cabalist, s. gūḍhaśāstrajñaḥ.
     -ic, a. nigūḍhārtha guptārtha.

Cabbage, s. śākaṃ haritakaṃ.
     (2) s. (sūcikena) muṣitaṃ paṭakhaṃḍaṃ -v. i. (sūcikavat) paṭakhaṃḍaṃ muṣ 9 P.

Cabin, s. kuṭi-ṭī f., śālā koṣṭhaḥ.
     (2) naukābhyaṃtare koṣṭhaḥ.
     (3) veśman n., kuṭīraḥ.
     (4) Tent, q. v.
     -et, s. veśman n., kakṣāṃtaraṃ uparodhakaṃ.
     (2) śiṣṭasabhā dhīsacivasabhā; gūḍhamaṃtraṇaṃ.
     (3) ratnakoṣṭhaḥ.
     (4) samudgakaḥ saṃpuṭaḥ- See Box.

Cable, s. naurajju f.
     (2) vidyutsaṃdeśavāhakaṃ taṃtraṃ.
     -ed, a. rajjubaddha.
     -gram, vidyutsaṃdeśaḥ.

Cachexy, s. doṣatrayaṃ triidoṣaṃ śarīradoṣaḥ.

Cachination, s. aṭṭahāsaḥ prahāsaḥ.

Cackle, Cackling, s. kūjanaṃ haṃsarutaṃ; avyaktaravaḥ.
     (2) jalpitaṃ pralāpaḥ. -v. i. kūj 1 P, avyaktaṃ ru 2 P.
     -er, s. kūjakaḥ.

Cad, s. grāmyajanaḥ asabhyaḥ.

Cadaverous, a. śavatulya śavasavarṇa.

Caddie, s. saṃdeśaharaḥ dūtaḥ.

Cadence, s. pātaḥ cyuti f.
     (2) svaraḥ virāvaḥ nihrādaḥ; svarasaṃkramaḥ svarāvarohaḥ.

Cadet, s. anujaḥ avarajaḥ.
     (2) yuddhakarmādhyāyin m.

Cadge, v. i. chadmanā jīvikāṃ kṛ 8 U.
     (2) ghoṣaṇapūrvaka alpadravyaṃ vikrī 9 U
     (3) See 'Bex.'
     -er, s. āpaṇikaḥ vivadhikaḥ;
     (2) chadmajī- vin m.

Cafe, s. pānagṛhaṃ.

Caesura, s. vicchedaḥ virāmaḥ.

Cage, s. paṃjaraḥ-raṃ piṃjaraṃ- vītaṃsaḥ.
     (2) Prison, q. v. -v. t. paṃjare rudh 7 U o baṃdh 9 P

Cairn, s. upala-pāṣāṇa-rāśiḥ śilāsamuccayaḥ prastaraciti f.

Caitiff, s. khalaḥ śaṭhaḥ durvṛttaḥ; See Wicked.

Cajole, v. t. lal 10, upacchaṃd 10.
     2 Cheat, q. v.
     -ry, s. cāṭukti f.
     (2) vaṃcanaṃ chalaṃ &c.

Cake, s. pūpaḥ piṣṭakaḥ apūpaḥ. -v. i. piṃḍībhū 1 P.

Calamity, s. vipad f., āpad f., vyasanaṃ anarthaḥ upaplavaḥ duḥkhaṃ saṃkaṭaṃ atyāhitaṃ.
     (2) utpātaḥ daivī āpad.
     -ous, a. vipadgrasta vyasanopeta vipadāpanna durgata vidhura.

Calamus, s. vetraḥ veṇuḥ.

Calash, s. kelirathaḥ krīḍāyānaṃ.

Calcareous, a. śārkarīya.
     (2) cūrṇamaya-guṇa.

Calcine, v. t. bhasmīkṛ 8 U.

Calculate, v. t. gaṇ 10, parisaṃ-saṃ-khyā 2 P. saṃkal 10.
     (2) nirūp 10; ciṃt 10, prakḷp c.
     -ed, a. gaṇita saṃkhyeya.
     (2) yukta paryāpta ucita alaṃ with inf.
     -ion, s. gaṇanaṃ-nā saṃkhyānaṃ.
     -or, s. gaṇakaḥ.

Calculous, a. śilā-aśma-maya (yī f.)

Calculus, s. aśmarī mūtrakṛcchraṃ.

Caldron, s. piṭharaḥ-raṃ ukhā kuṃḍaṃ sthālī.

Calefy, v. t. tap 1 P

Calendar, s. paṃjī paṃjikā.

Calends, s. pratipad f.; prathamadivasaḥ.

Calf, s. govatsaḥ vatsaḥ tarṇakaḥ.
     (2) jaṃghāpiṃḍaḥ piṃḍikā.

Calibre, s. chidra; chidravyāsaḥ.
     (2) parimāṇaṃ.
     (3) prakāraḥ jāti f.
     (4) medhā.

Calico, s. citritakārpāsapaṭaḥ.

Caligation, See Darkness.

Caligraphy, s. śobhanalekhanakalā-śilpaṃ.

Calisthenics, s. vyāyāmaḥ.

Calix, s. puṣpagarbhaḥ puṣpakośaḥ.

Call, v. t. hve 1 P, āhve śabdāyati (D.), ākṛ c.
     (2) abhidhā 3 U, ākhyā 2 P, āhve cakṣ 2 A, nāma kṛ 8 U; kṝt 10; 'c. ed her by the name of Parvati' tāṃ pārvatīti nāmnā juhāva (baṃdhujanaḥ) (K. I. 26), tasyāḥ pārvatīti nāma cakāra; vac 2 P, udāhṛ 1 P. brū 2 U.
     (3) ni-ā-maṃtr 10 A; 'c. by name' nāmagrāhamāhve saṃbudh c.; 'c. to mind' smṛ 1 P, manasi kṛ 8 U; 'c. to account' kiṃ kiṃ kṛtamiti pracch 6 P or anuyuj 7 A or anusaṃdhā 3 U; 'c. to witness' sākṣiṇaṃ kṛ tameva (agniṃ) cādhāya vivāhasākṣye (R. VII. 20). -s. āhvānaṃ; pṛcchā; nimaṃtraṇaṃ; saṃbodhanaṃ.
     (2) prayojanaṃ.
     (3) abhigamaḥ; ni-yogaḥ; 'I have many c. s upon me today' mayādya kartavyā bahavo niyogāḥ saṃti.
     -back, pratyādiś 6 P, nivṛt c.; khaṃḍ 10, niras 4 P.
     -for, arh 1 P; 'this matter c. s for consideration' ayamartho vicāraṇāmarhati; or atra vicāraṇayā prayojanaṃ; apekṣ 1 A.
     -forth, protsah c., udyuj 10; prakaṭīkṛ prakāś c.
     -out, paṭh 1 P; utkruś 1 P.
     (2) tārasvareṇa. ucaiḥ āhve ghuṣ 10.
     -upon, on, arth 10 A, yāc 1 A.
     (2) draṣṭuṃ gam 1 P, abhigam.
     -up, (from sleep) prabudh c.
     -ed, a.: āhūta;
     (2) abhihita ukta udāhṛta; gen. ex. by nāma ind., nāman abhidhāna ākhyā abhidhā saṃjñā nāmadheya in comp.; 'a boy c. Rama,' rāmo nāma rāmanāmā rāmasaṃjñaḥ &c. bālaḥ.
     -ing, s. See (s.).
     (2) vṛtti f., jīvanasādhanaṃ upajīvikā; vyavasāyaḥ.

Calligraphy, See Caligraphy.

Callous, a. kaṭhina ghana.
     (2) kaṭhora nirdaya karkaśa; 'c. to contempt' tiraskāramagaṇayan tiraskārānabhijñaḥ.
     (3) nirlajja dhruṣṭa; avinīpta.
     -ness, s. kāṭhinyaṃ nirdayatā &c.
     -Callosity, s. kiṇaḥ tvagdṛḍhatā.

Callow, a. ajātapakṣa pakṣahīna.
     (2) See Inexperienced.

Calm, a. pra-upa-śāṃta niścala prasanna stimita anuttaraṃga akṣubdha niṣkaṃpa nirvāta adhyākula; 'to be c.' śam 4 P, prasad 1 P; 'heart, be c.' hṛdaya prasīda mā uttāmya. -s. nirvātaḥ śāṃti f.; prasādaḥ viśrāmaḥ.
     (2) śāṃtatā stimitatā; ex. by (a.). -v. t. upa-pra-śam c. (śamayati) upa-pari-sāṃtv 10; tuṣ c., prasad c.
     (2) laghūkṛ 8 U, apanī 1 P.
     -ly, adv. niścalaṃ akṣobhaṃ śāṃtyā praśāṃtaṃ.
     -ness, s. pra-upa-śāṃti f., nirvikāratā prasādaḥ avyākulatā asaṃbhramaḥ.
     (2) nirvātatvaṃ akṣobhaḥ stimitatā.

Caloric, s. uṣṇatā tāpaḥ.

Calorific, a. tāpakara (rī f.); tāpajanaka.

Calve, v. i. vatsaṃ sū 2 A; prajan 4 A.

Calumniate, v. t. pari-apa-vad 1 U; nirbharts 10 A, niṃd 1 P, apabhāṣ 1 A; mithyā abhiyuj 7 A, 10; ā-adhi-kṣip 6 P.
     -or, s. parivādarataḥ parivādin m., niṃdakaḥ abhyasūyakaḥ abhiśāpakaḥ piśunaḥ ākṣepakaḥ.
     -Calumny, s. parivādaḥ paiśunyaṃ abhyasūyā alīkapravādaḥ mithyābhiśāpaḥ piśunavacanaṃ ākṣepaḥ niṃdyābhiyogaḥ.
     -ous, a. piśuna kalaṃkamaya (yī f.).
     -ously, adv. sāpavādaṃ parivādena sābhyasūyaṃ.

Calx, s. cūrṇaṃ bhasman n.
     (2) rītipuṣpaṃ.

Calyx, s. See Calix.

Cambric, s. aṃśukaṃ dukūlaṃ.

Camel, s. uṣṭraḥ; kamelakaḥ mayaḥ mahāṃgaḥ 'young c.' karabhaḥ; 'she-c.' uṣṭrī.

Camisado, s. rātriyuddhaṃ.

Camlet, s. ūrṇāvastraṃ.

Camp, s. śibiraṃ niveśanasthānaṃ niveśaḥ.
     (2) sainyanivāsaḥ. -v. t. sainyaṃ niviś c.

Campaign, s. samarabhūmi f., -sthalaṃ.
     (2) yuddhakālaḥ yuddhapravṛtti f.

Camphor, s. karpūraḥ-raṃ ghanasāraḥ sitābhraḥ himavālukā caṃdraḥ somaḥ.
     -ated, a. karpūrasaṃmiśra-saṃsṛṣṭa.

Camus, a. cipiṭa.

Can, v. i. śak 5 P, prabhū 1 P, or samartha-kṣamaśakta a. bhū with inf. of verb; See Able, oft. by īś 2 A; pṛ 10.
     (2) In pass. ex. by pot. pass. part.; 'c. be done' karaṇīya a., kārya &c.; 'I cannot but go' mayāvaśyaṃ gaṃtavyameva. -s. kaṃsaḥ bhājanaṃ dhātupātraṃ caṣakaḥ.

Canal, s. kulyā praṇālī.

Canard, s. aśraddheyā kathā.

Cancel, v. t. ava-vi-lup 6 P or c., vyā-apa-nir-mṛj 2 P; niras 4 P, khaṃḍ 10, nivṛt c.

Cancer, s. karkaṭaḥ karkaḥ.
     (2) kulīraḥ.
     (3) māṃsārbudaṃ; tanuvraṇaḥ visphoṭaḥ.
     -ate, v. i. vraṇībhū 1 P.

Candent, a. See Ho

Candid, a. niṣkapaṭa nirvyāja sarala sphuṭaspaṣṭa-vādin ṛju nirmala śuddhātman nirvyalīka; śuci.
     -ly, adv. niṣkapaṭaṃ; sphuṭaṃ nirvyājaṃ.
     -ness, -Candour, s. niṣkāpaṭyaṃ nirvyājatā; ārjavaṃ saralatā amāyā dākṣiṇyaṃ nirvyalīkatā śaucaṃ.

Candidate, s. arthin m., yācakaḥ prārthakaḥ. padānveṣin m:

Candify, v. t. dhavalīkṛ 8 U, śuklīkṛ.

Candle, s. dīpaḥ dīpikā varti-rtī f.
     -holder, s. dīpahastaḥ-vāhaḥ.
     -stick, s. dīpapādapaḥ dīpaśikhā-vṛkṣaḥ.

Candy, v. t. ghanī-khaṃḍī-sāṃdrī-kṛ 8 U, śyai c. -v. i. śyai 1 A, ghanībhū 1 P. -s. śarkaga sitopalā khaṃḍamodakaḥ.

Cane, s. vetasaḥ vetraḥ veṇuḥ vaṃśaḥ vānīraḥ.
     (2) vetrayaṣṭi f. -daṃḍaḥ; 'sugar-c.' ikṣuḥ; 'seat of c.' vetrāsanaṃ; 'made of c.' vaiṇava (vī f.), vaidala (lī f.). -v. t. vetreṇa taḍ 10 or han 2 P or prahṛ 1 P.

Canine, a. kukkurīya śvan in comp.

Canker, s. vidradhiḥ vraṇaḥ.
     (2) phalanāśī kīṭaḥ.
     (3) kalaṃkaḥ viṣa.
     (3) dūṣaṇaṃ vilayanaṃ vināśaḥ. -v. t. vinaś c., vilī c., duṣ c. (dūṣayati). -v. i. vilī 4 A, duṣ 4 P.

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Cannibal, s. nṛbhuṃj m., piśitāśaḥ -śanaḥ puruṣādaḥ kravyāśin m.
     -ism, s. kravyāśitvaṃ &c.

Cannon, s. guliprakṣepaṇī lohanāḍi-ḍī f.
     -Ball, s. āgneyāstraṃ raṇaguli f.

Canoe, s. laghunaukā uḍupaṃ plavaḥ kolaḥ.

Canon, s. vidhiḥ niyamaḥ; śāstraṃ vyavasthā.
     (2) paurohitadharmaśāstraṃ.
     (3) dharmapustakasaṃhitā.
     (4) (a ravine) jalapravāhaktadarī.
     -ical, a. vaidhika (kī f.), niyamānusārin.
     -ically, adv. vidhivat yathāvidhi -śāstraṃ.
     -ize, v. t. siddhajanamadhye āruh c. (ropayati) or gaṇ 10 or saṃkhyā 2 P.

Canopy, s. vitānaṃ ullocaḥ ācchādanaṃ pidhānaṃ. -v. t. vitānīkṛ 8 U, vitānena ācchad 10.

Canorous, a. susvara madhusvana.

Cant, s. paribhāṣā kalpitasaṃjñā.
     (2) apabhāṣā.
     (3) vākchalaṃ daṃbhokti f., dāṃbhikavacanaṃ.
     (4) prāvaṇyaṃ.
     (5) udghoṣaṇena vikrayaḥ. -v. i. paribhāṣ 1 A.
     (2) dāṃbhikatayā vad 1 P
     (3) ardhavalgitena cal 1 P. v. t. udghoṣaṇena vikrī 9 A. a. utsāhin tejasvin.
     -ation, s. gānaṃ gītaṃ.
     -er, s. ardhavalgitaṃ.
     (2) dāṃbhikaḥ dharmadhvajin m.
     -icle, s. upagānaṃ.

Cantankerous, a. durāgraha durdama āgrahin.

Cantharides, s. visphoṭakīṭakaḥ.

Canthus, s. apāṃgaḥ- gaṃ netraparyaṃtaḥ.

Cantillate, v. t. or v. i. gai 1 P.

Cantle, Cantlet, s. khaṃḍaḥ bhāgaḥ.

Canto, s. sargaḥ parvan n., paricchedaḥ; adhyāyaḥ; skaṃdhaḥ (of different compositions).

Canton, s. cakraṃ bhūbhāgaḥ pradeśaḥ. -v. t. khaṃḍaśo vibhaj 1 P.
     (2) āvāsaṃ kḷp c.
     -ment, s. sainyāvāsaḥ śibiraṃ.

Canty, a. utsāhin tejasvin.

Canvas, s. śaṇavastraṃ śāṇaṃ sthūlapaṭaḥ.
     (2) vātavastraṃ.

Canvass, v. t. Beg, q. v.
     (2) pari-īkṣ 1 A, vicar c., nirūp 10; anusaṃdhā 3 U. -s. sthūlapaṭaḥ śāṇaṃ.
     (2) vātavastraṃ.
     -er, s. prārthakaḥ.

Cap, s. śirastrāṇaṃ śiraskaṃ śirovastraṃ śiroveṣṭanaṃ.
     (2) agre. -v. t. pidhā 3 U; See Cover.
     (2) ati-śī
     (2) A
     (3) agraṃ ācchad. 10 -v. i. abhivādanārthaṃ śirastramunmuc 6 P or avatṝ c. or apanī 1 P.

Capable, a. samartha śakta kṣama yogya ucita; gen. ex. by śakya with inf., or pot. pass. part.; 'c. of being defeated' parājetuṃ śakyaḥ parājetavyaḥ 'Rāma is not c. of such atrocity' nedṛśaṃ nṛśaṃsacaritaṃ rāmeṇa kartuṃ śakyate rāme saṃbhāvyate; 'c. person' pātraṃ guṇavat. 'to be c.' śak 5 P, utsah 1 A, kḷp 1 A (with dat.).
     -Capablity, s. sāmarthyaṃ śakti f., pātratā yogyatā.

Capacious, a. viśāla uru prasṛta; See Broad. 2 vipula pracura.

Capacitate, v. t. upayukta-kṣama a. kṛ 8 U.

Capacity, s. dhāraṇaśakti f., grahaṇasāmarthyaṃ (lit. &c fig.); 'c. for all knowledge' aśeṣavidyāgrahaṇasāmarthyaṃ.
     (2) balaṃ śakti f., sāmarthyaṃ pātratā yogyatā.
     (3) pariṇāmaṃ vi-stāraḥ.
     (4) (Relation) gen. ex. by iti or rūpeṇa; 'he served the king in thec. of a servant' sevakarūpeṇa rājānaṃ siṣeve; avasthā bhāvaḥ vṛtti f., viṣayaḥ; vidheyaviṣaye sabhavānniyuṃkte (Mal. 1) 'employs me in the c. of a servant.'

Cap-a-pie, adv. nakhaśikhāṃtaṃ sarvāṃgaṃ.

Caparison, s. āstaraṇaṃ; aśvasajjā-prasādhanaṃ aśvālaṃkārāḥ (pl.). -v. t. vibhūṣ 10, alaṃkārairbhūṣ.

Capcase, s. samudgakaḥ saṃpuṭaḥ.

Cape, s. bhūśiras n., aṃtarīpaḥ-paṃ.
     (2) skaṃdhaprāvaraṇaṃ grīvāpracchadaḥ.

Caper, s. See Leap.

Capillament, s. keśaraḥ-raṃ kiṃjalkaḥ.

Capillary, a. keśopama; sūkṣma keśa in comp., 'c. attraction' keśākarṣaṇam.

Capital, s. śreṣṭha parama mukhya pradhāna viśiṣṭa variṣṭha uttama utkṛṣṭa; 'c. panishment' uttamasāhasaṃ dehadaṃḍaḥ prāṇadaṃḍaḥ; 'c. crime' vadhārhaṃ pātakaṃ; vadhadaṃḍyaṃ pāpaṃ. -s. rājadhānī.
     (2) mūlaṃ mūladravyaṃ; 'floating or circulating c.' s. parivartin a. mūladravyaṃ. 'fixed c.' sthāyin a. mūladravyaṃ; 'make c out of,' hitaṃ sādh c., hitānukūla a., kṛ. 8 U.
     (3) śīrṣaṃ agraṃ.
     -ist, s. dravyavat m., koṭīśvaraḥ.
     -ly, adv. uttamasāhasena; prāṇadaṃḍena.
     (2) paramaṃ ślāghyaprakāreṇa viśiṣṭatayā.

Capitation, s. ekaikaśaḥ parigaṇanaṃ; mastakasaṃkhyā.

Capitulate, v. i. śatruhaste ātmānaṃ sasamayaṃ sam-ṛ c. (arpayati) śatroradhīna a. bhū vaśaṃ gam 1 P.
     (2) saṃkṣepataḥ likh 6 P or kath 10.
     -ion, s. samayapūrvakaṃ samarpaṇaṃ; vaśībhavanaṃ śatrukarārpaṇaṃ.

Caprice, s. kāmacāraḥ cāpalyaṃ manolaulyaṃ; 'c. of fortune' daivavilasita-vijṛṃbhaṇaṃ; daivasya kāmacāraḥ (Mu. 2).
     -Capricious, a. kāmacārin capala caṃcalaprakṛti lolacala-citta lola asthira svairavṛtta svairin.
     -ly, adv. lolacetasā cāpalyena; kāmataḥ svairaṃ kāmacāreṇa.
     -ness, s. cāpalyaṃ lolatā kāmacāritā &c.

Capricorn, s. makararāśiḥ makaraḥ.

Capsize, See Overturn.

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Capstan, s. cakrayaṃtraṃ.

Capsule, s. bījakoṣaḥ puṭaḥ-ṭaṃ.
     -ar, a. puṭākāra.

Captain, s. sainānīḥ gulmapatiḥ daṃḍanāyakaḥ.
     (2) potādhyakṣaḥ.
     (3) nāyakaḥ netṛ m., mukharaḥ agra-puro-gaḥ.

Captation, s. lokaraṃjanaṃ janaślāghāsevanaṃ.

Caption, s. niroghaḥ āsedhaḥ.

Captious, a. doṣaikadṛś chidrānveṣin vivādaśīla
     (2) bhrāṃtikara (rī f.).
     -ly, adv. vivādecchayaiva chidrānveṣivat.
     -ness, s. chidrānveṣitā; vivādaśīlatā.

Captivate, v. t. muh c., grah 9 P; hṛ 1 P; vilubh c. (eye, ear, &c.); 'c. s the eye' vilobhayati cakṣuḥ.
     (2) dāsīkṛ 8 U, baṃdīkṛ vaśīkṛ dam c. (damayati).
     -ing, a. manohara cittahārin manojña hṛdayagrāhin hārin mohin.
     -ion, s. baṃdī-dāsīkaraṇaṃ &c.

Captive, s. baṃdī baṃdi f.; kārāguptaḥ; 'made c.' (taken prisoner) baṃdīkṛta baṃdīgrāhaṃ gṛhīta.
     (2) dāsaḥ. -a. baṃdīkṛta dāsīkṛta śatruvaśa kārāstha.
     -ity, s. baṃdhanaṃ baṃditvaṃ kārāvāsaḥ.
     (2) dāsatvaṃ dāsabhāvaḥ.

Captor, s. jetṛ m., baṃdīkartṛ m.

Capture, v. t. grah 9 P, baṃdī-dāsī-kṛ 8 U; (a fort) bhaṃj 7 P, laṃgh 10, ākram 1 U, 4 P. -s. grahaḥ grahaṇaṃ; loptraṃ lotraṃ; 'c. of a fort' durgalaṃghanaṃ; 'c. of cattle' gograhaḥ dhenuharaṇaṃ.

Car, s. rathaḥ vāhanaṃ cakrayānaṃ pravahaṇaṃ; 'heavenly c.' vimānaṃ; 'war c.' syaṃdanaḥ.

Caracole, s. tiryakplutaṃ vakra-kuṭila-gati f., -v. i. tiryak plu 1 A, or valg 1 U.

Caravan, s. sārthaḥ saṃghaḥ; 'leader of c.' sārthavāhaḥ.
     -sary, s. pathikāvāsaḥ; pāṃthanivāsasthānaṃ.

Carbuncle, s. visphoṭaḥ; valmīkaṃ.
     (2) padmarāgaḥ.

Carcanet, s. muktāvali f., maṇimālā.

Carcass, s. śavaḥ-vaṃ kuṇapaḥ mṛtaṃ śarīraṃ.

Card, s. patraṃ; krīḍāpatraṃ.
     (2) ūrṇāmārjanī. -v. t. ūrṇāṃ saṃmṛj 2 P or ghṛṣ 1 P.
     -er, s. ūrṇāmārjakaḥ.

Cardamom, s. elā viṣkuṭi-ṭī f., pṛthvīkā caṃdravālā bahulā; 'small c.' upakuṃcikā tutthā koraṃgī tripuṭā truṭi-ṭī f.

Cardiac, a. tejaskara dīpaka agnida. -s. hṛdrogaḥ.

Cardinal, a. pradhāna; See Capital, a.: 'c. point' digbhāgaḥ. -s. dharmādhyakṣaḥ.

Care, s. ciṃtā autsukyaṃ udvegaḥ; See Anxiety. 2 yatnaḥ prayatnaḥ ādaraḥ manoyogaḥ; 'brought up with c.' prayatnasaṃvardhitaḥ sādaraṃ paripālitaḥ.
     (3) sūkṣmatā nipuṇatā; 'searching with c.' nipuṇamanviṣya; 'thinking with c.' sunipuṇaṃ vimṛśya.
     (4) rakṣā; avekṣa; 'leave under the c. of' See Charge. 5 apramādaḥ sāvadhānatā avadhānaṃ; 'have a c. what you do' yatkartavyaṃ tadvimṛśya-samīkṣya-kuruta. -v. i. ava-apa-īkṣ 1 A, ciṃt 10, mano dhā 3 U, oft. ex. by the several nouns above; 'I do not c. now' adhunāhaṃ vītaciṃtaḥ 'I c. very much for your protection' tava rakṣaṇe balavānmamādaraḥ.
     (2) gaṇ 10, (na tṛṇamapi gaṇayati śatruṃ) ādda 6 A (na tyāgamādriyate); īkṣ 1 A, (the sense being clear), na kāmavṛttirvacanīyamīkṣate (K. V. 82) 'a self-willed person c. s not for blame'. -'take c.' rakṣ 1 P, ava-īkṣ 1 A (ślāghyāṃ duhitaramavekṣasva jānakīṃ U. 1), ciṃt 10 (tātastvāṃ ciṃtayiṣyati).
     (2) lal 10; saṃvṛdh c., c. (pālayati) vinī 1 P.
     (3) apramattasāvadhāna a. bhū 1 P, avadhā 3 U, 'let c. be taken of each character' pratipātramādhīyatāṃ yatnaḥ (S. 1), 'do not c. to think' sāvadhānena cetasā na vicārayaṃti iti vicāraṃ nādriyaṃte.
     -ful, a. Anxious, q. v.
     (2) apramatta sāvadhāna abhiyukta avahita dakṣa.
     -fully, adv. sāvadhānaṃ prayatnataḥ apramattaṃ sādaraṃ nipuṇaṃ.
     -less, a. pramatta anavadhāna nirapekṣa niravadhāna asamīkṣyakārin 'to be c. in' pramad 4 P (with abl.), svādhikārātpramattaḥ (Me. 1.).
     -lessly, adv. sapramādaṃ anavadhānena &c.

Career, s. caryā; dhāvanaṃ.
     (2) gati f., kramaḥ calanaṃ caritaṃ; 'c. in life' jīva-loka-yātrā; 'during his c.' tasmin (bhuvaṃ) śāsati. -v. i. vegena dhāv 1 P.

Caress, v. t. parāmṛś 6 P, āliṃg 1 P, pari-rabh 1 A; See Clasp. 2 lal 10. -s. pari-raṃbhaḥ-ṇaṃ lālanaṃ āliṃganaṃ pariṣvaṃgaḥ.

Caret, s. kākapadaṃ haṃsapādākṛti cihnaṃ.

Cargo, s. potabhāraḥ potasthaṃ dravyaṃ-bhāṃḍaṃ.

Caricature, s. hāsajanakaṃ citraṃ hāsyacitraṃ. -v. t. citreṇa hāsyāspadaṃ nī 1 P; hāsyapra-kāreṇa citr 10.
     -ist, s. hāsyapratimākṛt m.

Cariole, Carriole, s. laghuśakaṭaḥ anāvṛta a. yānaṃ.

Carious, s. galita kṣīṇa pūyapūrṇa.
     -Cariosity, s. asthikṣayaḥ-śoṣaḥ.

Cark, v. i. ciṃtākula a. bhū 1 P.

Carle, s. durvṛttaḥ; grāmyaḥ avinītaḥ; See Wicked.

Carminative, a. vāyunāśin agnida agni-vardhaka.

Carmine, s. jatujaraṃgaḥ.

Carnage, s. vadhaḥ viśasanaṃ saṃhāraḥ hatyā.

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Carnal, a. kāyika-śārīrika (kī f.).
     (2) aihika (kī f.).
     (3) viṣayin viṣayāsakta viṣayopasevin 'c. pleasure' viṣayasukha; 'c. desires' viṣayavāsanāḥ; 'c. union' saṃbhogaḥ abhigamaḥ.
     -ity, s. viṣayāsakti f., viṣayopasevā kāmukatā.
     -ly, adv. kāmukavat.

Carnation, s. māṃsavarṇaḥ; lohitavarṇaḥ

Carnival, s. tumulotsavaḥ.

Carnivorous, a. kravyād māṃsabhuj piśitāśana kravyabhojana.

Carnosity, s. gaṃḍaḥ; medograṃthiḥ.

Caroche, s. krīḍārathaḥ cāturaṃ.

Carol, s. harṣa-ānaṃda-gītaṃ.
     (2) stotraṃ bhaktigītaṃ. -v. t. harṣeṇa gai 1 P, upagai stu 2 U.

Carouse, v. i. atipānaṃ kṛ 8 U, pānotsavaṃ kṛ atipānena kṣīv a. bhū 1 P. -s.,
     -al, s. ati-pānaṃ pānotsavaḥ.
     -ver, s. pānarataḥ atipāyin m.

Carp, s. śapharī proṣṭhaḥ-ṣṭhī. -v. i. (at) chidraṃ anviṣ 4 P; doṣaṃ dṛś 1 P or nirūp 10, niṃd 1 P; See Censure. -er, s. chidrānveṣin m., doṣaikadṛś m.
     -ing, s. garhā niṃdā chidrānveṣaḥ.

Carpenter, s. takṣakaḥ sūtradhāraḥ sthakāraḥ sthapatiḥ tvaṣṭṛ m., takṣan m.
     -Carpentry, s. dārukarman n., takṣakakriyā takṣaśilpaṃ.

Carpet, s. kuthaḥ-thā āstaraṇaṃ; 'brought on the c.' prastuta upakṣipta.

Carrion, s. pūtimāṃsaṃ akhādyamāṃsaṃ; kuṇapaḥ.
     -eater, s. kuṇapabhuj m.

Carry, v. t. vah 1 P, 1 P, bhṛ 3 U, hṛ 1 P. 'c. ed a dog on his shoulder' skaṃdhe-dhena śvānamuvāha.
     (2) sādh 5 P or c.; 'c. a fort' durgaṃ laṃgh 1 A, 10 or bhaṃj 7 P, or vaśīkṛ 8 U; 'the enemy c. ed the day' śatravo jayamāpuḥ; 'c. one's point' abhīṣṭaṃ labh 1 A, pratijñāṃ pūr 10, 'c. oneself' ācar 1 P, See Act, 'c. arms' śastrāṇi grah 9 P, sainikavṛttiṃ āsthā 1 A.
     -away, -off, apavah apanī apahṛ; apa-ūh 1 U, apakṛṣ 1 P.
     -on, pravṛt c., praṇīvidhā 3 U, 'c. on war' yuddhaṃ-saṃgrāmaṃ kṛ vigrah 9 P.
     -out, anuṣṭhā 1 P, kṛ 8 U, sādh 5 P or c.
     -through, pāraṃ nī 'c. ing through all difliculties' s. āpadāṃ pāraṃ nayanaṃ.
     -Carriage, s. vāhanaṃ yānaṃ rathaḥ pravahaṇaṃ śakaṭaḥ-ṭaṃ 'closed c.' karṇīrathaḥ pravahaṇaṃ ḍayanaṃ; 'c. road' rathyā; 'c. horse' rathyaḥ.
     (2) ācaraṇaṃ vyavahāraḥ gati f., caritaṃ ceṣṭā.
     (3) nirvāhaḥ praṇayanaṃ.
     -Carrier, s. vāhakaḥ haraḥ in comp.
     (2) bhāṃḍavāhanajīvin m.

Cart, s. śakaṭaḥ-ṭaṃ śākaṣṭikā vāhanaṃ pravahaṇaṃ pānaṃ. -v. t. śakaṭena vah 1 P.
     (2) śakaṭe nidhā 3 U. 'Carter,' 'c. man' śākaṭikaḥ śakaṭavāhaḥ 'c. horse' śakaṭavāhanaḥ; dhuryadhurīṇaḥ; 'c. load' śakaṭaṃ śalāṭaḥ śākaṭo bharaḥ; 'c. rut' śakaṭacihnaṃ-padavī-paddhati f.; 'c. wright' śakaṭakāraḥ. 'To put the c. before the horse,' viparyas 4 P, viparyāsaṃ nī 1 P.

Carte, s. bhojanapatrikā. 'c. blanche,' ani-rdiṣṭasamaya a. patraṃ.

Cartel, s. yuddhāhvānapatraṃ.

Cartilage, s. komalāsthi n.
     -ginous, a. taruṇāsthiviśiṣṭa.

Carto-graphy, s. bhūmyālekhya-kalā-vṛttiḥ f.

Cartoon, s. citritapaṭaḥ vicitramālekhyaṃ hāsyotpādakaṃ citraṃ.

Caruncle, s. gaṃḍaḥ māṃsapiṃḍaḥ.

Carus, s. niḥsaṃjñatā.

Carve, v. t. kṝ 6 P, takṣ 1, 5 P, utkṝ (utkīrṇā iva vāsayaṣṭiṣu V. 3); ullikh 6 P.
     (2) kṛt 6 P, chid 7 P, kḷp c., vibhaj 1 U; 'c. out (a plan)' yuj 10; prakḷp c., pratiyuj 10; ciṃt 10, nirūp 10
     -er, s. takṣakaḥ kāruḥ tvaṣṭṛ m., taṣṭṛ m-,
     (2) pari-kalpakaḥ.

Cascade, s. prapātaḥ prasravaṇaṃ vāripravāhaḥ ni rjharaḥ utsaḥ.

Case, s. avasthā bhāvaḥ daśā sthiti f., vṛtti f.; 'what is the c. with him' kiṃ tasya vṛttaṃ.
     (2) padaṃ.
     (3) arthaḥ.
     (4) kāryaṃ pakṣaḥ.
     (5) puṭaḥ pidhānaṃ koṣaḥ āveṣṭanaṃ.
     (6) bhāṃḍaṃ ādhāraḥ.
     (7) sthānaṃ sthalaṃ. 'In. c.' yadi cet; 'this being the c.' evaṃ sati-gate; 'in this c.' atra atra viṣaye; 'in the c. of' gen. ex. by gen., or viṣaye in comp.; 'in the c. before us,' 'in the present c.' pra-stutaviṣaye prakṛte; 'if such be the c' yadyevaṃ tena hi; 'in both c. s' ubhayayā ubhayapakṣe. -v. t. bhāṃḍe nidhā 3 U or niviś c.,
     (2) pidhā
     (3) U, āvṛ 5 U.

Casement, s. gavākṣaḥ vātāyanaṃ jālaṃ.

Cash, s. ṭaṃkaḥ mudrā nāṇakaṃ.
     -keeper, -ier, s. ṭaṃkādhīśaḥ rakṣakaḥ. 'in c.' sadhana a. 'Out of c,' nirdhana a.

Cashier, v. t. adhikārād bhraṃś c. or cyu c. or nirā-kṛ 8 U or apās 4 P.

Cask, s. bhāṃḍa bhājanaṃ pātraṃ

Casket, s. samudgakaḥ bhāṃḍaṃ maṃjūṣā karaṃḍakaḥ saṃpuṭaḥ-ṭakaḥ.

Casque, s. śirastrāṇaṃ śiraskaṃ.

Cast, v. t. kṣip 6 P. pra vi--; as 4 P, mussṛj 6 P, pat c.
     (2) (about) vigaṇ 10, ākal 10, ciṃt 10 vicar c.
     (3) vilāpya saṃdhā 3 U; 'c. glance' dṛśaṃ kṣip dṛṣṭiṃcakṣuḥ &c. 3 P. (kṛṣṇasāre dadaccakṣuḥ S. 1) 'c. skin' kaṃcukaṃ vimuc; 'c. lots' guṭikāṃ pat c.; 'why c. pearls before swine' kimiṣṭamannaṃ svarasūkarāṇāṃ. -s. kṣepaḥ; pātaḥ.
     (2) mūrti f.; ghaṭanaṃ-nā; 'c. of characters' bhūmikāsaṃvibhāgaḥ.
     -aside, apākṛ 8 U, nirākṛ.
     -away, apās pari-tyaj utkṣip.
     -down, ava-vi-sad 1 P, mlai 1 P; viṣaṇṇa a. bhū 1 P; 'with a face c.' khinna-viṣaṇṇa-vadanaḥ; 'c. look' adhodṛṣṭi f.
     (2) nipat c., adhaḥ kṣip.
     -forth, utsṛj udvam 1 P, udgṝ 6 P.
     -off, vimuc; apa-nir-am.
     -out, apākṛ niḥsṛ c., ni-ṣkas c., pratyādiś 6 P.
     -away, s. tyājyaḥ; apāṃkteyaḥ.
     -ling, s. garbhapatitaḥ garbhacyutaḥ.

Caste, s. varṇaḥ jāti f, kulaṃ; 'of the same c.' savarṇaḥ; 'low c.' hīnavarṇaḥ nīcaḥ nikṛṣṭajātiḥ; 'high c.' uttamavarṇaḥ; 'mixture of c. s' varṇasaṃkaraḥ; 'low c. man' aṃtyajaḥ; 'loss of c.' jātibhraṃśaḥ; 'out of c.' apasadaḥ cāṃḍhālaḥ jātihīnaḥ; 'c. man' sajātīyaḥ.

Castigate, v. t. daṃḍ 10; tah 10.
     -ion, s. kaśāghātaḥ tīvraprahāraḥ; daṃḍaḥ nigrahaḥ.

Castle, s. durgaṃ koṭaḥ 'c. in the air (in Spain), manorājyaṃ.
     -Castellan, s. durgādhipatiḥ
     -Castellated, a. durgākāra.

Castor-oil, s. eraṃḍatailaṃ.

Castrate, v. t. vṛṣaṇau kṛt 6 P or utpaṭ 10 or chid 7 P.
     -ed, a. chinnamuṣka nirvṛṣaṇa.
     -ion, s. muṣka-vṛṣaṇa-chedaḥ puṃstvaharaṇaṃ.

Castrei, s. śyenaḥ.

Casual, a. atarkita aciṃtita ākasmika-āpātika-āgaṃtuka-daivika (kī f.), daivāyatta.
     -ly, adv. aciṃtitaṃ daivāt samāpatyā daivayogāt.
     -ty, s. daivayogaḥ-ghaṭanā saṃgati f. samāpatti f.
     (2) adṛṣṭaṃ ākasmikī āpad.
     -ties, yuddhe hatāḥ.

Casuist, s. dharmādharmavicārakaḥ.
     -ry, s. dharmādharmavicāraṇā.
     (2) vivecanavidyā
     (3) vitaṃḍavādaḥ.

Cat, s. mārjāraḥ biḍālaḥ otuḥ ākhubhuj m. 'c. a (o)' mountain,' vanamārjāraḥ.
     (2) citravyāghraḥ. 'c. eyed' timiradarśin a.
     -ling, s. mārjāraśāvakaḥ; 'c.' s paw maṃdavātaḥ (fig) sukhapratārya; a. 'c. witted' a. sāsūyadṛpta; 'it rained c. s and dogs,' ativṛṣṭirbabhūva. 'cat o' nine-tails' navarajjuyuktā carmayaṣṭi f., or kaśā or tāḍanī.

Cataclysm, s. pṛthvīplāvaḥ bhūtasaṃplavaḥ.
     (2) rājyaparivṛtti f.

Catacomb, s. aṃtarbhaumaṃ śmaśānaṃ.

Catalepsis, s. apasmāraḥ grahāmayaḥ.

Catalepsy, s. apasmāraḥ grahāmayaḥ.

Catalogue, s. parisaṃkhyā parigaṇanā; 'c. of names' nāmāvali-lī f.

Cataplasm, s. pralepaḥ usanāhaḥ.

Catapult, s. gophaṇā.

Cataract, s. nirjharaḥ prapātaḥ prasravaṇaṃ utsaḥ.
     (2) netrapaṭalaṃ maṃthaḥ śukraḥ; kācaḥ.

Catarrh, s. abhiṣyaṃdaḥ.
     (2) śleṣman m., kaphaḥ (variety of c.).
     -al, ous, a. abhiṣyaṃdinkaphin śleṣmala.

Catastrophe, s. pariṇāmaḥ nirvāhaḥ nirvahaṇaṃ.
     (2) āpad f.; See Calamity.

Catch, v. t. dhṛ 1 P, 10, grah 9 P, baṃdh 9 P (in a net &c.).
     (2) parāmṛś 6 P, avalaṃb 1 A.
     (3) pralubh c., ākṛṣ-hṛ 1 P; 'the house caught fire' jvalanamupagataṃ-agni-dīptaṃ-gehaṃ; 'caught cold' śītākulo babhūva pīnasopahataḥ abhiṣyaṃdākulaḥ; 'c. in the act' (red-handed) karmagṛhīta rūpābhiḥ grāhita loptreṇa gṛhītaḥ; 'Sir, you are c.' bho nigṛhīto'si (U. 4); 'c. in his own words' svavacanenaiva gṛhītaḥ-niruttarīkṛtaḥ.
     -at, avalaṃb 1 A, āśri 1 U.
     -up, apahṛ 1 P, apanī 1 P. -s. tālakaṃ.
     (2) lābhaḥ phalaṃ.
     (3) paryāyagītaṃ.
     -er, s. grāhakaḥ jālikaḥ.
     (2) vāgurā jālaṃ.
     -ing, a. saṃparkīya saṃcāraka
     (2) hārin.

Catchpole, s. daṃḍa-yaṣṭi-dharaḥ; rājapuruṣaḥ.

Catechism, s. praśnottaraṃ sapraśnottaraḥ pāṭhaḥ.
     -Catechize, v. t. praśnottaradvāreṇa-krameṇa-adhi-i c. (adhyāpayati) or upadiś 6 P or pracch 6 P.
     -Catechist, -Catechiser, s. praśnottaravidhinā adhyāpakaḥ-pāṭhakaḥ.

Catechu, s. khadirasāraḥ.

Catechumen, s. navaśiṣyaḥ-chātraḥ.

Category, s. padārthaḥ.
     (2) samānavargaḥ adhikaraṇaṃ.
     -ical, a. suvyakta spaṣṭārtha; niyata vyakta.
     -ically, adv. spaṣṭaṃ suvyaktaṃ.

Catenation, s. saṃbaṃdhaḥ anvayaḥ parasparānvayaḥ.
     (2) śṛṃkhalātvaṃ damitā; paraṃparā.

Cater, v. i. bhojanādi pari-upa-kḷp c.

Caterpillar, s. koṣakāraḥ-vāsin m.

Cates, s. svādvannaṃ viśiṣṭānnaṃ.

Catgut, s. purītat nirmitā taṃtrī taṃtu m.

Cathartic, s. recakaṃ recanaṃ udaraśodhanaṃ.

Cathedral, s. mahāmaṃdiraṃ mahatā pūjāśālā.

Catholic, a. sarvasāmānya sādhāraṇa (ṇī f.), sārvalaukika (kī f.).
     -ism, s. sādhāraṇyaṃ sārvalaukikatā

Cattle, s. gāvaḥ (pl); gokulaṃ paśusamūhaḥ gonnajaḥ; 'c. for draught' dhuryaḥ dhurīṇaḥ; 'keeper of c.' gopālaḥ paśupālaḥ

Caudal, s. lāṃgulīya.

Caul, s. śiroveṣṭana
     (2) aṃtrāveṣṭanaṃ.
     (3) garbhaveṣṭanaṃ.

Cauldron, s. See Caldron.

Cause, s. kāraṇaṃ (oft, with loc. of effect, daivaṃ nṛṇāṃ vṛddhau kāraṇaṃ) nidānaṃ bījaṃ hetuḥ nimittaṃ mūlaṃ yoni f.
     (2) kāryaṃ. prayojanaṃ.
     (3) sthānaṃ avasaraḥ padaṃ.
     (4) utpādakaḥ pravartakaḥ.
     (5) arthaḥ pakṣaḥ kāryaṃ; 'material c.' samavāyikāraṇaṃ; upādānakāraṇaṃ prakṛtiḥ; 'efficient (instrumental) c.' nimittakāraṇaṃ; 'primary c.' bījaṃ mūla-kāraṇaṃ. -v. t. Ex. by causal of verbs; 'c. to fall' pātayati; gamayati &c.
     (2) utpad c., jan c. (janayati); kṛ 8 U; oft. ex. by dat. of nouns with or without bhū as; yatastau svalpaduḥkhāya (bhavataḥ) (P. I. 1); See Tend (to); also ex. by saṃbhava janya. ja in comp.; smarajā pīḍā 'torment c. ed by Cupid', &c.
     -al, a. hetuka hetumat. -s. ṇic (of verbs).
     -ation, s. kāraṇatvaṃ hetutā.
     -ative, a. utpādaka janayitṛ.
     -er, s. kārakaḥ utpādakaḥ prava-rtakaḥ.
     -less, a. akāraṇa niṣkāraṇa nirni-mitta and sim. comps.
     -lessly, adv. akāraṇaṃ ahetukaṃ nirnimittaṃ niṣprayojanaṃ.

Causerie, s. vārtā janapravādaḥ.

Causeway, s. setuḥ dharaṇaṃ.

Caustic, a. dāhaka tigma prakhara.
     (2) aruṃtuda marma-spṛś- chid.

Cauterize, v. t. daha c.
     -Cautery, s. dāhaḥ taptalohena māṃsadāhaḥ.

Caution, s. dakṣatā sāvadhānatā apramādaḥ samīkṣā avekṣā avadhānaṃ.
     (2) prātibhāvyaṃ ādhiḥ.
     (3) pratyādeśanaṃ prāk sūcanā or upa-deśaḥ prāk prabodhanaṃ. -v. t. prāk sūc 10; pratyādiś 6 P, prāk prabudh c.; 'c. ed me against the approaching danger' upa-sthitāpadviṣaye sāvadhāno bhava iti māmupādiśat.
     -Cautious, a. sāvadhāna dakṣa apramattaḥ samīkṣyā-vimṛśya-kārin avahita.
     -ly, adv. sāvadhānaṃ avekṣayā &c.
     -ness, s. apramādaḥ dakṣatā.

Cavalcade, s. sādiyātrā aśvārohaśreṇī.

Cavalier, s. aśvārohaḥ sādin m., turagin m.; 'to treat c. ly' avaman 4 A, sāvalepaṃ avajñā 9 U.
     -C. s,
     -Cavalry, s. turagabalaṃ; aśvārohavargaḥ āśvikaṃ sādigaṇaḥ.

Cave, Cavern, s. guhā darī gahvaraṃ kaṃdaraḥrā vivaraḥ-raṃ.

Caveat, s. prāksūcanaṃ; niṣedhaḥ

Cavil, v. i. mithyā niṃd 1 P; doṣaṃ grah 9 P; chidraṃ anviṣ 4 P; mithyā vivad 1 A; mithyā abhiyuj 7 A, 10. -s. vivādaḥ. vāgyuddhaṃ mithyāvivādaḥ vipratipatti f; mithyābhiyogaḥ.
     -ler, s. vivādaśīlaḥ.
     -ling, a. apavādaka doṣagrāhin chidrānveṣin.

Cavity, s. raṃdhraṃ chidraṃ vivaraṃ bilaṃ khātaṃ.
     (2) puṭaḥ-ṭaṃ; khaṃ; 'c. of hands' aṃjalipuṭaḥ.

Cease, v. i. viram 1 P, nivṛt 1 A, viśram 4 P, (with abl.); śam 4 P, pra-upa-; 'this said, he c. ed' ityuktvopaśaśāma; 'c. ed to be opulent' nirdhanobhūt; 'c. to exist' layaṃ-kṣayaṃ-gam 1 P. naś 4 P.
     (3) gam vi-ap-nir-- apayā 2 P. -v. t. (c.) of roots above.
     -ing, -Cessation, s. virāmaḥ upa-pra-śamaḥ nivṛtti f., virati f., vicchedaḥ.
     -less, a anavarata niraṃtara satata nitya; avicchinna.
     -lessly, adv. niraṃtaraṃ anavarataṃ nityaṃ &c.

Cecity, s. aṃdhatā timiraṃ.

Cedar, s. devadāruḥ.

Cede, v. t. utsṛj 6 P, 3 U, vitṝ 1 P, parityaj 1 P.
     (2) abhyupagam 1 P, vaśaṃ yā 2 P.
     -Cession, s. pradānaṃ vitaraṇaṃ visarjanaṃ.

Cedrate, s. See Citron.

Ceiling, s. vitānaṃ aṃtaḥpaṭalaṃ paṭalaṃ aṃtacchādanaṃ.

Celebrate, v. t. praśaṃs 1 P, upagai 2 P, stu 2 U, kṝt 10, prath 10, prakhyā c. (khyāpayati) varṇ 10
     (2) (As a ceremony) yathāvidhi anuṣṭhā 1 P; c. (pālayati) ācar 1 P, abhinaṃd c. (mahotsavana majjanmābhinaṃditavān Ka. 137); nirvṛt c. (pra-sthānakautukaṃ nirvartayituṃ S. 4), nirvah c.
     -ed, a. prathita vi-prakhyāta prasiddha viśruta; labdhavarṇa.
     (2) anuṣṭhita; 'c. in song' upagīta.
     -ion, s. anuṣṭhānaṃ pālanaṃ &c.
     (2) stuti f., varṇanaṃ kīrtanaṃ praśaṃsā.
     -Celebrity, s. yaśas n.; kīrti-khyāti-viśruti-prasiddhi f., pratiṣṭhā.

Celerity, s. vegaḥ javaḥ tvarā.

Celestial, a. divya amartya svargīya divija; 'c. world' svarlokaḥ; dyo f., 'c. damsel' apsaras f.
     (2) (fig.) parama utkṛṣṭa.

Celibacy, s. anudvāhaḥ adāraparigrahaḥ avivāhaḥ; 'he led a life of c.' akṛtadāraḥ sa āyuratyavāhayat.

Cell, s. bilaṃ raṃdhraṃ chidraṃ.
     (2) kuṭī kakṣaḥ-kṣā kuṭīraḥ.
     (3) maṭhaḥ āśramaḥ.
     -Cellular, a. sūkṣmaraṃdhrapūrṇa.

Cellar, s. bhūmigṛhaṃ gupti f.

Celsitude, s. See Height.

Cement, s. lepaḥ sudhā.
     (2) baṃdhanaṃ dṛḍhīkaraṇaṃ saṃdhiḥ. -v. t. saṃśliṣ c., saṃdhā 3 U, saṃyuj 10.
     -ation, s. saṃyogaḥ saṃśleṣaḥ saṃdhānaṃ.

Cemetery, s. śmaśānaṃ paretabhūmi f., pitṛkānanaṃ-vanaṃ pretāvāsaḥ.

Cenotaph, e. caityaṃ.

Cense, v. t. dhūpaṃ arp 10.
     -er, s. dhūpapātraṃbhājanaṃ.

Censor, s. gṛṇadoṣavivecakaḥ pāpāpāpanirṇetṛ m.
     (2) daṃḍapraṇetṛ m., nītiśāstṛ m.
     -sorious, a. doṣaikadṛś apavādaka niṃdaka; doṣadarśin niṃdāśīla.
     -ly, adv. sāpavādaṃ niṃdāpūrvakaṃ.
     -ness, s. niṃdā chidrānveṣitā apavādapriyatā.

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Censure, v. t. niṃd 1 P, upā labh 1 A, nirbharts 10 A, garh 1, 10 A, pari-apa-vad 1 U, dhikkṛ 8 U, tiraskṛ duṣ c. (dūṣayati) ā-adhi-kṣip 6 P; kuts 10. -s. niṃdā upālaṃbhaḥ nirbhartsanā garhaṇaṃ nirvādaḥ vācyatā vacanīyatā apa-parī-vādaḥ ākṣepaḥ.
     -able, a. niṃdya upālabhya garhaṇīya vācya &c.
     -er, s. niṃdakaḥ upālaṃbhakaḥ apa-pari-vādakaḥ ākṣepakaḥ.

Census, s. lokaparigaṇanā janagaṇanā.

Cent, s. śataṃ; '3 per c.' trikaṃ śataṃ; paṃcakaṃ śataṃ vṛddhirdeyā 'interest at 5 per c.'
     -Centenarian, s. śatāyus m.
     -ary, s. śatakaṃ śataṃ. -a. śataka śatya.
     -tennial, a. śatābda śatavarṣa.
     -Centesimal, a. śatatama (mī f.).
     -Centipede, s. śatapadī karṇajalaukas.
     -Centuple, s. śataguṇaḥ.
     -Centuplicate, v. t. śataguṇīkṛ 8 U.
     -Century, s. varṣaśataṃ śatavarṣaṃ.
     (2) śataṃ śatakaṃ.
     -Centurian, s. yodhaśatādhīśaḥ.

Centinel, s. See Sentinel.

Centre, s. madhyaḥ-dhyaṃ madhyabhāgaḥ.
     (2) udaraṃ garbhaḥ.
     (3) keṃdraṃ. -v. t. ekatra kṛ 8 U, samāhṛ 1 P. -v. i. saṃmil 6 P, saṃ-i 2 P, ekatra. samāgam 1 P, ekībhū; 'all eyes were c. ed on him' netravrajāstasminnipetuḥ (R. VI 7); tvayi tu parisamāpta baṃdhukṛtyaṃ prajānām (S. 5); 'is c. ed in you' &c.
     (2) āśri 1 U, ā-ava-laṃb 1 A.
     -Central, -Cen-
     -trical, a. madhya madhyama madhyastha madhyagata madhyavartin.
     -ly, adv. madhye madhyasthāne.
     -Centrifugal, a. madhyotsārin.
     -tripetal, a. madhyagāmin.

Cephalagy, s. śirovedanā.

Cerated, a. sikthalipta sikthamaya (yī f.).

Cerebrum, s. mastiṣkaṃ gordaṃ.
     -Cerebral, a. mastiṣkasaṃbaṃdhin.

Cerecloth, Cerement, s. sikthāktaṃ vastraṃ.

Ceremony, s. vidhiḥ saṃkāraḥ; 'marriage c.' pariṇayavidhiḥ.
     (2) niyamaḥ āhnikācāraḥ nityakarman n., nityakṛtyaṃ; 'c. es of religion' varṇāśramadharmaḥ (as opposed to śāśvatadharmaḥ); 'occasional c' naimittikaṃ karman n.
     (3) śiṣṭācāraḥ sabhyācāravidhiḥ.
     -al, a. vaidhika-naiyamika-vyāvahārika (kī f.). -s. vyavahāraḥ ācāraḥ vidhiḥ niyamaḥ &c.; 'acrificial c' yajñakarman n iṣṭi f.
     -ous, a. atisabhya atyādarayukta atyādṛta atyanunayin.
     -ously, adv. paramādareṇa atipraśrayeṇaṃ sapraśrayaṃ sādaraṃ.
     -ousness, s. atyādaraḥ atisaujanyaṃ atipraśrayaḥ.

Certain, a. Ex. by cit-cana and api with forms of kiṃ.
     (2) niścita dhruva asaṃdigdha asaṃśaya niḥsaṃśaya; avaśya niyata; 'I feel c.' iti me niścayaḥ dṛḍhaṃ manye 'it is c.' nātra saṃśayaḥ nūnaṃ khalu.
     (3) amogha aniṣphala avaṃdhya.
     (4) saviśeṣa viśiṣṭa.
     -ly, adv. (for c.) niyataṃ dhruvaṃ khalu asaṃśayaṃ nūnaṃ nāma; 'oh c.' (as a reply), atha kiṃ ka saṃdehaḥ ko'tra saṃśayaḥ.
     -ness, -ty, -Cer-
     -titude, s. dhruvatvaṃ dhruvaṃ niścayaḥ asaṃśayaḥ nirṇayaḥ niyamaḥ; 'leaves c. es' dhruvāṇi parityajati.

Certes, adv. See Certainly.

Certify, v. t. vijñā c. (jñāpayati).
     (2) pramāṇīkṛ 8 U, sapramāṇaṃ kath 10; dṛḍhīkṛ.
     -tificate, s. pramāṇa nirṇaya-patraṃ āgamaḥ āgamapatraṃ nidarśanapatraṃ.

Cerulean, a. nīla ākāśavarṇa.

Cerumen, s. karṇamalaṃ tokmaṃ.

Cervical, a. graiveya.

Cess, s. karaḥ śulkaṃ rājasvaṃ. -v. t. rājasvaṃ dā c. or grah 9 P.

Cessation. s. See under Cease.

Cession, s. See under Cede.

Cesspool, s. dūṣitajalakuṃḍaṃ.

Chafe, v. t. prakup-krudh-ruṣ 4 P, saṃtap pass., kṣobhaṃ yā 2 P, kṣubh 4 P, 1 A. -v. t. bādh 1 A, prakup c., saṃtap c., kṣubh c.
     (2) nirghṛṣ 1 P, gharṣaṇena tap c. -s. roṣaḥ manyuḥ kṣobhaḥ prakopaḥ.

Chaff, s. tuṣaḥ buṣaṃ-saṃ kaḍaṃgaraḥ.
     -less, a. nistuṣa.
     -y, a. busamaya (yī f.).

Chaffer, v. i. paṇ 1 A, krayavikrayaṃ kṛ. 8 U. vyavahṛ 1 P.

Chagrin, v. t. udvij c., saṃtap c., kliś 9 P, vyath c. (vyathayati). -s. manyuḥ vyathā saṃtāpaḥ kleśaḥ.

Chain, s. śṛṃkhalā-laṃ nigaḍaḥ baṃdhanaṃ (lit. and fig.); 'a golden c.' kanakasūtraṃ.
     (2) paraṃparā paṃkti f., śreṇī mālā; 'c work' śṛṃkhalārūpaṃ viralakarma. -v. t. nigaḍena-śṛṃkhalayā-baṃdh 9 P, nigaḍayati (D.).
     -ed, a. nigaḍita śṛṃkhalānibaddha saṃyata saṃdānita

Chair, s. viṣṭaraḥ āsanaṃ pīṭhaṃ; 'arm c.' āsaṃdī.
     -man, s. adhyakṣaḥ sabhāpatiḥ nāyakaḥ.

Chaise, s. rathaḥ yānaṃ vāhanaṃ.

Chaldron, s. See Caldron.

Chalice, s. pātraṃ bhājanaṃ śarāvaḥ kaṃsaḥ.

Chalk, s. kaṭhinī khaṭi(ḍi)kā śuklaśilādhātuḥ sitopalaḥ; 'red c.' gaireyaṃ śilājatu n. -v. t. (out) nirdiś 6 P, prakḷp c., ciṃt 10, nirūp 10.
     (2) (lit.) kaṭhinīkhaṃḍena likh 6 P.

Challenge, v. t. dhṛṣ 5 P, āhve 1 A, yuddhārthaṃ ākṛ c., pratyarth 10 A, sparv 1 A.
     (2) abhiyuj 7 A, 10, doṣaṃ grah 9 p; niṣidh 1 P. -s. āhvānaṃ samarāhvānaṃ abhigrahaḥ.
     -er, s. samāhvātṛ m., abhiyoktṛ m.

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Chalybeate, a. lohasaṃsṛṣṭa ayoguṇaviśiṣṭa.

Chamber, s. koṣṭhaḥ śālā āgāraṃ āvāsaḥ kakṣaḥ veśman n.; 'bed-c.' śayyāveśman n., śayanāgāraṃ vāsagṛhaṃ; 'inner c.' kakṣāṃtaraṃ uparodhakaṃ; 'upper c.' caṃdraśālā śirāgṛhaṃ.
     -lain, s. kaṃcukin m.; śayanādhikṛtaḥ aṃtaḥpuravartin m., mahattaraḥ; 'female c.' mahattarikā.
     -maid, s. śayanaparicārikā aṃtaḥpuradāsī.

Chameleon, s. kṛkalāsaḥ saraṭaḥ.

Chamois, s. vātapramīḥ. 'C. leather' mṛducarman n.

Champ, v. t. carv 1 P, pari-saṃ-daṃś 1 P.

Champagne, a. sama.
     (2) anāvṛta. -s. anāvṛtasama-bhūmi f.

Champion, s. yodhaḥ vīraḥ vikrāṃtaḥ bhaṭaḥ.
     (2) rakṣakaḥ rakṣitṛ m., goptṛ m.

Chance, s. daivaṃ daivayogaḥ-ghaṭanā-gati f.
     (2) saṃśayaḥ saṃdehapadaṃ-vastu n.; 'try your c.' ātmano daivaparīkṣaṇaṃ kuru; 'to try the c. of a battle' raṇasaṃśaye ātmānaṃ pātayituṃ; 'birth in a noble family is the work of c.' daivāyattaṃ kule janma (Ve. 3); 'depending on c.' daivaparaḥ yadbhaviṣyaḥ; 'by c.' daivāt daivavaśātyogāt akasmāt asamarthitaṃ.
     (3) saṃbhavaḥ.
     (4) avasaraḥ avakāśaḥ. -v. i. daivāt-akasmātāpat 1 P or samāpad 4 A or upasthā 1 U or vṛt 1 A; oft ex by yadṛcchayā daivāt with verbs; 'c ed to see two Kinnaras' kinnaramithunaṃ yadṛcchayādrākṣīt (Ka 119); 'I c. ed to see her' sā daivānmama locanapathaṃ yātā; 'whom I c. ed to see' samāpattidṛṣṭaḥ; 'stand a good c.' upapannaṃ apekṣ 1 A

Chancellor, s. pradhānadharmādhikārin m., adhyakṣaḥ.

Chandelier, s. dīpavṛkṣaḥ dīpādhāraḥ.

Chandler, s. vārtāvahaḥ vi(vai) vadhikaḥ.

Change, s. pari(rī)vartaḥ parivartanaṃ parivṛtti f., viparyayaḥ (pravahaṇaviparyayaḥ); vikāraḥ vikṛti f., vikriyā (of feelings &c.); 'oh, what a c. in the site of the ground' aho anavasthito bhūsaṃniveśaḥ (U. 2); vipariṇāmaḥ viparyāsaḥ vivartaḥ.
     (2) alpārghamudrā.
     (3) śreṣṭhicatvaraṃ.
     (4) vibhedaḥ vaicitryaṃ.
     (5) nivartanaṃ. -v. i. parivṛt 1 A; 'in this c. ing world' parivartini saṃsāre; anyathā anyarūpa a. bhū aṃtara affixed to nouns; 'the colour of the water c. ed in a moment' jalaṃ kṣaṇenaiva varṇāṃtaramupāgamat viparyāsaṃ yā 2 P, viparyas 4 P, vikṛ pass. or vikāraṃ yā. -v. t. parivṛt c., vikṛ 8 U; 'nature can't be c. ed' svabhāvo duratikramaḥ; viparyas c., anyathākṛ; oft. ex. by (s.) with kṛ or anya-bhinna a. kṛ.
     (2) vini-ni-me 1 A, pratidā 1 P, 3 U; 'to be c. ed into' ex. by bhāvena pariṇam 1 U, bhāvamāpad 4 A: 'milk is c. ed into curds' kṣīraṃ dadhibhāvena pariṇamate (S. B. 475); na hi vāyurdadhibhāvamāpadyate (S. B. 476); 'he has c. ed his evil course of life' pāpācaraṇānnivṛttosau; 'c. ing his clothes' veṣaparivartanaṃ vidhāya. 'c. colour.' v. i. hrī; vivarṇa a. bhū 1 P.
     -able,-ful, a. lola capala adhīra asthira; naikabhāvāśraya anitya cala asthāyin.
     -ling, s. kṛtrimaputraḥ putrapratinidhiḥ

Channel, s. srotas n.
     (2) praṇālī kulyā khātaṃ.
     (3) nadīpātraṃ-garbhaḥ.
     (4) saṃkaṭaṃ; saṃkaṭa-saṃkīrṇapathaḥ. -v. i. khan 1 P, kulyāḥ kṛ 8 U.

Chant, v. t. gai 1 P, paṭh 1 P. -s. gītaṃ gānaṃ stotraṃ.
     -er, s. gātṛ m., gāyakaḥ.

Chanticleer, s. kṛkavākuḥ uṣākalaḥ tāmracūḍaḥ.

Chaos, s. saṃkaraḥ saṃkulaṃ saṃkīrṇatā vyastatā.
     -Chaotic, a. saṃkīrṇa saṃkula astāvyasta.

Chap, s. baduḥ māṇavakaḥ.
     (2) gartaḥ chidraṃ raṃdhraṃ; 'c. a' āsyaṃ vadanaṃ. -v. i. (śītavaśāt) vibhid pass., truṭ 4, 6 P, vidṝ pass., sphuṭ 6 P.

Chape, s. baṃdhanī grahaṇī.

Chapel, s. devāyatanaṃ devālayaṃ.

Chaperon, s. (janasamāje) nārīsahacaraḥ.

Chaplain, s. purohitaḥ; kulaguruḥ kulācāryaḥ.

Chaplet, s. See Garland.

Chapman, s. See Pedlar.

Chapter, s. adhyāyaḥ; paricchedaḥ skaṃdhaḥ ullāsaḥ ucchvāsaḥ prakaraṇaṃ (of various compositions).

Char, v. t. aṃgārīkṛ 8 U, īṣad dah 1 P,
     (2) Do. q. v. -s. See 'Chare.'

Character, s. akṣaraṃ varṇaḥ.
     (2) nisargaḥ prakṛti f., svabhāvaḥ.
     (3) śīlaṃ cāritryaṃ saujanyaṃ.
     (4) kīrti f., yaśas n., gauravaṃ; 'he obtained the c. of a dull boy' maṃdamatirasāviti sa vikhyāto babhūva.
     (5) rūpaṃ lakṣaṇaṃ cihnaṃ abhijñānaṃ; 'assuming the c. of an astrologer' kārtāṃtiko nāma bhūtvā.
     (6) guṇaḥ viśeṣaḥ.
     (7) bhūmikā; 'chief c.' pradhānapuruṣaḥ nāyakaḥ.
     -istic, s. svabhāvaḥ lakṣaṇaṃ cihnaṃ viśeṣaḥ viśeṣaṇaṃ viśiṣṭaliṃgaṃ. -a. svabhāvānurūpa svābhāvika (kī f.).
     -ize, v. t. viśiṣ c., saṃlakṣ 10; viśeṣaṇaṃ dā 3 U.
     (2) guṇadoṣavi-vecanaṃ kṛ 8 U.
     -less, a. viśiṣṭaguṇarahita.

Charade, s. sarvatobhadraḥ.

Charcoal, s. aṃgāraḥ-raṃ dagdhakāṣṭhaṃ.

Chare, s. niyukta a. karman n.

Charge, v. t. avaskaṃd 1 P, abhidru 1 P. See Attack. 2 Accuse, q. v.
     (3) ādiś 6 P, śās 2 P, ājñā c. (ājñāpayati).
     (4) mūlyaṃ prārth 10 A; 'you will be c. ed 8 Rupees' aṣṭarūpakaṃ tvayā deyaṃ bhaviṣyati.
     (5) nikṣip 6 P, sam-ṛ c. (arpayati) nyas 4 P; niyuj 7 A, 10; yogyasacive nyastaḥ samasto bharaḥ (Rat. 1) 'a competent minister is c. ed with the whole responsibility.'
     (6) bhāraṃ nyas or niviś c.; 'c. ed with water.' jalapūrṇaḥ- garbhaḥ (meghaḥ). -s. nikṣepaḥ nyāsaḥ; 'give in c. of' haste nikṣip; sam-ṛ c.; ayaṃ janaḥ kasya haste samarpitaḥ eṣā haste vāṃ nikṣepaḥ (S. 4); imāṃ devīhaste nikṣipatā (Rat. 1).
     (2) rakṣaṇaṃ avekṣā gupti f.
     (3) ādeśaḥ ājñā śāsanaṃ
     (4) niyogaḥ adhikāraḥ.
     (5) abhiyogaḥ mithyādoṣaḥ doṣāropaḥ; 'lays a crime to one's c.' kasminnapi doṣamāropayati.
     (6) avaskaṃdaḥ ākramaḥ saṃghaṭṭaḥ abhisaṃpātaḥ.
     (7) bhāraḥ.
     (8) vyayaḥ.
     (9) mūlyaṃ arghaḥ.
     -er, s. yuddhāśvaḥ vārakīraḥ.
     (2) pātraṃ bhājanaṃ.

Chariot, s. rathaḥ syaṃdanaḥ.
     -eer, s. sārathiḥ sūtaḥ savyeṣṭṛ m., ni-yaṃtṛ m.

Charity, s. bhūtānukaṃpā dīnavatsalatā dayālutvaṃ kṛpā.
     (2) dānaṃ bhikṣādānaṃ tyāgaḥ; 'out of c.' puṇyārthe.
     -able, a. dīnavatsala dānaśīla dharmātman daridrapālaka.
     (2) sadaya kṛpālu dayārdra anukaṃpārata.
     (3) anasūyaka paradoṣasahana.
     -ably, adv. sadayaṃ sānukaṃpaṃ; anasūyayā amatsaraṃ.

Chark, v. t. See Char, v. t. s. aṃgāraḥ.

Charlatan, s. chadmavaidyaḥ mithyācikitsakaḥ.
     (2) chadmin m., māyin-kapaṭin m., chādmikaḥ.
     -ical, a. dāṃbhika-chādmika (kī f.).
     -ry, s. mithyācikitsā; chalaṃ chadman n., māyā vaṃcanaṃ.

Charm, s. gāruḍaṃ maṃtraḥ.
     (2) rakṣākaraṃḍaḥ.
     (3) manoramatvaṃ cittākarṣakatvaṃ rāmaṇīyakaṃ manojñatā śobhā kāṃti f., śrīḥ.
     (3) pra-vi-lobhanaṃ. -v. t. maṃtrairvaśīkṛ 8 U, abhicar c.
     (2) pari-vi-muh c., hṛ 1 P; 'I was c. ed by the melody of thy song' tava gītarāgeṇa hṛtosmi (S. 1).
     -er, s. gāruḍikaḥ jāṃgulikaḥ.
     (2) māyin m., mohin m., kuhakakāraḥ.
     (3) priyā mugdhā (of women).
     -ing, a. ramaṇīya ramya manorama subhaga kamanīya cetohara kāṃta hārin.
     -ingly, adv. manoramaṃ subhagaṃ cārutayā.
     -less, a. niḥśrīka kāṃtihīna.

Chart, s. velāpaṭaḥ.

Charter, s. śāsanapatraṃ.

Char-woman, s. dinikāceṭī sairaṃ(ri)dhrī.

Chary, a. parimita sāvadhāna amuktahasta.
     -ly, adv. amuktahastaṃ.

Chase, v. t. anudhāv-anusṛ-anugam 1 P, mṛg 10 A.
     (2) (away) niras 4 P, apānud 6 P, vidhū 5, 9 U, nirākṛ 8 U, vidru c. -s. mṛgayā ākheṭaḥ.
     (2) anusaraṇaṃ anudhāvanaṃ 'gave c.' anvasarat.
     (3) jāṃgalaṃ.
     -er, s. anudhāvakaḥ mṛgayuḥ; 'beast of c.' mṛgaḥ 'wild goose c. nirarthakavyāpāreṣu abhiniveśaḥ maurkhyaṃ.

Chasm, s. raṃdhraṃ bilaṃ vivaraṃ darī gartaḥ.

Chaste, a. (Of a woman) satī kulavadhūḥ kulastrī apāṃsulā pativratā viśuddhaśīlā ekapatnī.
     (2) viśuddha nirmala.
     (3) jiteṃdriya niṣkāma avyabhicārin
     -Chastity, s. satītvaṃ cāritryaṃ pātivratyaṃ.
     (2) viśuddhi f., śucitā.
     (3) iṃdriyanigrahaḥ brahmacaryaṃ jiteṃdriyatvaṃ.

Chastise, Chasten, v. t. daṃḍ 10, anuśās 2 P.
     -er, s. daṃḍapraṇetṛ m., śāstṛ m.
     -ment, s. śāsanaṃ nigrahaḥ daṃḍaḥ.

Chat, v. t. viśrabdhaṃ ālap 1 P or saṃbhāṣ 1 A or saṃlap; vṛthākathāṃ kṛ 8 U. -s. saṃlāpaḥ saṃkathā saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ viśraṃbhālāpaḥ vṛthākathā.

Chateau, s. koṭaḥ.

Chattels, s. asthāvaradravyaṃ vibhavaḥ.

Chatter, s. kilakilārāvaḥ.
     (2) vipralāpaḥ jalpitaṃ vṛthālāpaḥ prajalpaḥ. -v. i. prajalp-pralap 1 P.
     (2) kilakilaravaṃ kṛ 8 U, kūj 1 P; 'with c. ing teeth' daṃtairdaṃtānniṣpīḍya daṃtavīṇāṃ vādayan.
     -er, s. jalpakaḥ vācālaḥ vāvadūkaḥ.

Chaw, v. t. carv 1 P, pari-saṃ-daṃś 1 P.
     -bacon, s. asabhyaḥ grāmyo janaḥ.

Cheap, a. alpamūlya alpārgha sulabha sukhakreya.
     -en, v. t. mūlyaṃ-arghaṃ-nyūnīkṛ 8 U or alpīkṛ; arghataḥ pat c.
     -ly, adv. alpayisā mūlyena alpārgheṇa sulabhaṃ.

Cheat, v. t. vaṃc 10, pratṝ c., vipralabh 1 A, ati-abhi-saṃdhā 3 U; chal 10, śaṭh 10, muh c. -s. vaṃcanaṃ kapaṭaṃ pratāraṇaṃ kaitavaṃ māyā bhramaḥ mohaḥ.
     (2) vaṃcakaḥ dhūrtaḥ pratārakaḥ kitavaḥ kapaṭin m.
     -ing, s. pratāraṇaṃ atisaṃdhānaṃ vaṃcanaṃ &c.

Check, v. t. ni-saṃ-yam 1 P, pratibaṃdh 9 P pratihan 2 P, vār 10; nigrah 9 P, nirudh 7 U, ni-prati-ṣidh 1 P, viṣṭaṃbh 9 P. -s. prati-baṃdhaḥ pratyūhaḥ; saṃrodhaḥ pratiṣedhaḥ nigrahaḥ saṃyamaḥ nivāraṇaṃ nirodhaḥ.

Checkmate, v. t. parābhū 1 P; bhaṃj 7 P; s. parābhavaḥ bhaṃgaḥ.

Cheek, s. kapolaḥ gaṃḍaḥ gallaḥ karaṭaḥ (of elephants); 'broad c. s' gaṃḍabhittī; māṃsalakapolau; 'c. bone' kapolaphalakaḥ.
     -y, a. uddhata dhṛṣṭa.

Cheep, v. i. viru 2 P. kūj 1 P.

Cheer, s. harṣa-(dyotaka) nisvanaḥ jayadhvaniḥ-śabdaḥ.
     (2) sthairyaṃ dhairyaṃ sthiratā; 'be of good c.' or 'c. up' samāśvasihi dhairyaṃ nidhehi hṛdaye.
     (3) āhāraḥ bhojanaṃ. -v. t. āsamā-śvas c. sāṃtv 10.
     (2) prahṛṣ c., mudā ullas c., ānaṃd c.
     (3) protsah c., prer c.
     (4) prasad c., sthirīkṛ 8 U (bhavatībhyāmeva sthirīkartavyā śakuṃtalā S. 4). -v. i. (up) ā-samā-śvas 2 P; hṛṣ 4 P.
     -ful, a. saharṣa praphulla sānaṃda hṛṣṭa prasanna ānaṃdita ullāsita.
     -fulness, s. prasannatā prasādaḥ ullāsaḥ harṣaḥ ānaṃdaḥ āhlādaḥ pramodaḥ.
     -less, a. viṣaṇṇa nirānaṃda.

Cheese, s. kilāṭaḥ dadhijaṃ mathajaṃ; 'c. curds' dadhi n., kṣīrajaṃ.
     -monger, s. dadhijavikrayin m.; 'c. paring,' a. kṛpaṇa kadarya -s. kṛpaṇatā.

Chemise, s, kaṃcukaḥ colaḥ.

Chemistry, s. rasakriyā rasataṃtra-vidyā
     -mist, s. rasajñaḥ rasataṃtravid m.
     works, rasakriyāgāraṃ-śālā.

Cheque, s. dhanapradānalekhaḥ.

Chequer, v. t. citr 10, karburīkṛ 8 U, śabalīkṛ.
     -ed, a. karburita śabala kalmāṣa citra.

Cherish, v. t. lal 10, puṣ 1, 4, 9 P, c. (pālayati) saṃvṛdh c., bhṛ 3 U.
     (2) dhṛ 10, baṃdh 9 P; 'c. ed hatred towards him' tasmin dveṣaṃ babaṃdha.
     (3) bhaj 1 U, upās 2 A, niviś c.; dhyai 1 P; 'c. ing Hari in his heart' hiraṃ manasā dhyāyan.
     (4) Love, q. v.; 'c. those (hearts) that hate thee' vidviṣopyanunaya (Bh. I. 77).
     -er, s. poṣakaḥ saṃvardhakaḥ pālakaḥ.

Cheroot, s. See Cigar.

Chersonese, s. dvīpakalpaḥ-lpaṃ.

Cherub, s. svarga-divya-dūtaḥ.
     -ic, a. divya.

Chess, s. caturaṃgaṃ; 'c. board' aṣṭāpadaṃ śāriphalaṃ; 'c. man' śāraḥ śāriḥ.

Chest, s. See Breast, and
     Box, s.

Chevalier, s. sādin m., aśvārohaḥ mahāvīraḥ.

Chew, v. i. carv 1 P, saṃdaṃś 1 P; 'c. the cud' romaṃthaṃ abhyas
     (4) P, romaṃthāyate (D.).
     -ing, s. romaṃthaḥ carvaṇaṃ.

Chicane, s. kapaṭaṃ chalaṃ vyapadeṣaḥ mithyāpatti f.
     -er, s. mithyāvivādin m.
     -ery, s. vākchalaṃ mithyāvādaḥ pakṣābhāsaḥ anṛtavāc f.

Chicken, s. kukkuṭaśāvaḥ; 'c. hearted' bhīru kātara.

Chick-peas, s. caṇakaḥ

Chide, v. t. nirbharts 10 A, tarj 10A, niṣṭhuramabhidhā 3 U.
     (2) niṃd 1 P; adhikṣip 6 P; See Censure. -v. i. utkruś 1 P; vivad 1 A, vipravad 1 U, kalahaṃ kṛ 8 U.
     -er, s. niṃdakaḥ.

Chief, a. pradhāna agrima mukhya parama uttama pramukha agrya viśiṣṭa; vara-puṃgava-iṃdra-ṛṣabha- in comp. -s. pradhānapuruṣaḥ adhipatiḥ nāyakaḥ īśaḥ agrimaḥ īśvaraḥ purogaḥ adhyakṣaḥ adhiṣṭhātṛ m., mukharaḥ 'military c.' senāpatiḥ senādhyakṣaḥ camūpatiḥ.
     -ly, adv. pra-dhānataḥ viśeṣeṇa-ṣataḥ mukhyaśaḥ-taḥ.
     -tain, s. mukharaḥ nāyakaḥ patiḥ īśvaraḥ.
     (2) gaṇapatiḥ sāmaṃtaḥ.

Chilblain, s. pādasphoṭaḥ kṣataṃ.

Child, s. bālaḥ-lakaḥ śiśuḥ arbhakaḥ dārakaḥ apatyaṃ sūnuḥ putraḥ vatsaḥ -tsā jātaḥ -tā (terms of endearment).
     (2) saṃtānaḥ prajā saṃtati f., apatyaṃ prasūti f.; 'to be with c.' See Pregnant; 'c. bearing' prasavaḥ; beyond c. bearing' vigatārtavā niṣphalā; 'capable of c.' sarajaskā; 'c. bed' prasavāvasthā prasūtikālaḥ; 'c. birth' prasavaḥ jananaṃ
     -hood, s. bālyaṃ śaiśavaṃ kaumāraṃ-rakaṃ bālabhāvaḥ bālāvasthā.
     -ish, a. bāliśa bāleya bālocita bāla in comp.
     -ishly, adv. bāla-śiśu-vat śiśutulyaṃ.
     -less, a. nirapatya asaṃtāna aputra niranvaya nirvaṃśa putrarahita aprajas and sim. comp.; 'a c. woman' vaṃdhyā aśiśvī.
     -like, a. śiśutulya bālānurūpa bālopama; 'c. wife' śaiśave bhāryāpadaṃ prāptā (bālikā); 'c' s play' (krīḍāvat) sukara a. karman n. 'from (of) a c.' āśaiśavāt bālyātprabhṛti; 'secend childhood,' vārdhakye bāliśatā.

Chill, a. śītala śīta śiśira. -s. śaityaṃ śītaṃ himaṃ.
     (2) svedaviṣṭaṃbhaḥ. -v. t. śītīkṛ 8 U, tejohīna a. kṛ utsāhaṃ dhvaṃs c.
     -y, a. īṣacchīta āśiśira. 'To take the c. of' kaduṣṇaṃ kṛ 8 U.

Chime, v. i. saṃvad 1 P, anuguṇa-anurūpa -a. bhū 1 P; 'c. in with', saṃvad 1 P. -v. t. vad c., vāditrāṇi taḍ 10. -s. ekatānaḥ tālaikyaṃ svarasaṃvādaḥ.
     (2) ghaṃṭānādaḥ.

Chimera, s. asaṃbhavakalpanā manorathasṛṣṭi f., śaśaviṣāṇaṃ; vṛthā-mithyā-vāsanā.
     -rical, a. manorathasṛṣṭa kālpanika (kī f.), bhāvanākalpita amūlaka.

Chimney, s. dhūmanirgamaḥ dhūmanālī-raṃdhraṃ.
     (2) culli-llī f., agnikuṃḍaṃ; 'c. piece' culli-śīrṣaṃśilā; 'c. sweeper,' dhūmanālīsaṃmārjakaḥ.

Chin, s. cibukaṃ hanu m., f. 'Up to the c.' ākaṃṭhaṃ (magna a.).

China, China-ware, kaulātakaṃ mṛnmaya a. bhāṃḍaṃ.

China-cloth, s. cīnāṃśukaṃ.

Chine, s. pṛṣṭhaṃ kaśerukā.
     (2) kaṃdaraḥ droṇī.

Chink, s. chidraṃ raṃdhraṃ.
     (2) kvaṇitaṃ rāvaḥ. -v. i. sphuṭ 6 P, vidṝ pass.
     (2) śiṃj 1, 2 A; kvaṇ 1 P, svan 1 P.
     (3) chidrapūr 10.
     -y, a. anekaraṃdhra bahuvivara.

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Chip, s. khaṃḍaḥ-ḍaṃ śakalaḥ-laṃ lavaḥ vidalaṃ taṣṭaṃ. -v. t. takṣ 1, 5 P; khaṃḍīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) See Bet. 'C. axe' takṣaṇī.
     -Chippings, s. taṣṭāni svaṃḍāni.
     -py, a. asvastha asustha.
     (2) khaṃḍapūrṇa. 'C. of the old block,' pitṛsadṛśaḥ.

Chirk, (1) (m), v. i. See Chirp.

Chirognomy, s. sāmudrikaṃ.

     -er, See Writing,

Chiromancer, s. hastarekhāvidyājñaḥ sāmudrikaḥ.

Chiropodist, s. karacaraṇavaidyaḥ.

Chirp, v. i. viru 2 P, kūj 1 P.
     (2) sānaṃdaṃ vaṃd 1 P.
     -ing, s. virāvaḥ kūjitaṃ rutaṃ.
     -or-y, a. ullasita prahṛṣṭa praphullavadana.

Chirrup, See Chirp.

Chirt, v. t. ni-pīḍ 10.

Chisel, s. vraśvanaḥ takṣaṇī ṭaṃkaḥ. -v. t. vraśv 6 P, takṣ 1, 5 P.

Chit, s. See Boy. 2 patraṃ
     -chat, s. jalpanaṃ viśraṃbhālāpaḥ viśraṃbhakathā.

Chivalry, s. śauryaguṇaḥ suvikramaḥ suvīryaṃ pauruṣaṃ dhāman n.
     -ous, a. dhāmavat suvi-krāṃta mahāvīrya.

Choice, s. See under Choose. 'To make a. c. or take one's c.,' vṛ 5 U. 10; vṝ 9 U; abhīṣṭaṃ grah 9 U.

Choir, s. gāyaka-saṃgāyaka-gaṇaḥ gāyakacakraṃ.

Choke, v. t. prati-ni-rudh 7 U, staṃbh 9 P.
     (2) kaṃṭhaṃ saṃpīḍ 10, galaṃ grah 9 P, śvāsāvarodhaṃ kṛ 8 U, śvāsaṃ nirudh
     -ed, a. kaluṣa (kaṃṭhaḥ staṃbhitabāṣpavṛttikaluṣaḥ S. 4); ni-ruddhaśvāsa.

Choler, s. pittaṃ.
     (2) krodhaḥ amarṣaḥ; See Anger. -ic, a. krodhila krodhana caṃḍa kopin; 'c. constitution' pittaprakṛtiḥ kopaśīlatā.

Cholera, s. visū(ṣū)cikā mahāmārī.

Choose, v. t. vṛ 5 U, vṝ 9 U. grah 9 P. (the sense being clear).
     (2) abhilaṣ 1, 4 P, mano baṃdh 9 P; ruc 1 A, iṣ 6 P.
     (3) nirūp 10, niyuj 7 A, 10.
     -Choice, s. varaṇaṃ varaḥ grahaṇaṃ; abhilāṣaḥ manobaṃdhaḥ; 'c. of a husband' svayaṃvaraḥ; 'of one's c.' yathepsitaṃ yathākāmaṃ yatheṣṭaṃ svecchayā.
     (2) uttamabhāgaḥ uttamāṃśaḥ.
     (3) vikalpaḥ; kāmaḥ ruci f.; 'you have no c. in this matter' svarucyā vartituṃ na śaknoṣi. -a. sarvottama viśiṣṭa utkṛṣṭa parama sāra-viśeṣaratna in comp.; 'c. food,' bhojanaviśeṣaḥ viśiṣṭānnaṃ; 'c. girl' strīratnaṃ.
     -less. avikalpa.

Chop, v. t. khaṃḍaśaḥ chid 7 P, kṛt 6 P, śakalīkṛ 8 U; See Cut, -s. khaṃḍaḥ-ḍaṃ śakalaḥ-laṃ 'c. house' pākaśālā.
     -Chops, s. āsyaṃ vadanaṃ.

Chord, s. guṇaḥ taṃtrī.
     (2) jyā jīvā.

Chorion, s. garbhakośaḥ garbhaveṣṭanaṃ.

Chorister, s. gāyakaḥ cāraṇaḥ kinnaraḥ.

Chorus, s. dhruvaḥ-vakaḥ anupadaṃ.
     (2) gāyakagaṇaḥ.

Chouse, v. t. See Cheat.

Chowrie, s. cāmaraṃ romagucchaḥ.

Christen, v. t. nāma kṛ 8 U or 3 U. See Call.

Chromatic, a. varṇasaṃbaṃdhin.
     (2) grāmīṇa.

Chronic, a. kālika (kī f.), dīrghasthāyin avisargin.

Chronicle, s. itihāsaḥ purāvṛttākhyānaṃ vṛttavivaraṇaṃ. -v. t. abhilikh 6 P, vṛttāṃtaṃ likh; yathākramaṃ rac 10.
     -er, s. purāvṛttaracakaḥ itihāsalekhakaḥ.

Chronology, s. kālanirṇayavidyā.
     (2) kālakrameṇa purāvṛttavivaraṇaṃ.
     -ist, s. kālagaṇakaḥjñaḥ purāvṛttaracakaḥ.
     -ical, a. kālānusārin kālakramānusārin; 'in c. order' ānupūrvyeṇa anupūrvaśaḥ; kālānusāreṇa.

Chronometer, s. kālamāpanaṃ ghaṭī yāmanālī.

Chrysalis, s. koṣakāraḥ kośasthaḥ.

Chrysolite, s. caṃdrakāṃtaḥ.

Chrysophilite, s. suvarṇapriyaḥ kanakalubdhaḥ.

Chub-faced, a. sthūlāsya.

Chuck, s. kukkuṭīśāvaḥ.
     -ling, priye vatse vatsajāta (voc.).
     (2) capeṭikā īṣatprahāraḥ laghvāghātaḥ.

Chuckle, v. i. aṃtaḥ vihas 1 P or smi 1 A, ānaṃdaṃ bhaj 1 U. -a. adakṣa grāmya. 'C. head,' grāmyo janaḥ.

Chuff, s. grāmikaḥ sthūla-jaḍa-buddhiḥ asabhyaḥ
     -y, a. grāmya sthūla asabhya.

Chum, s. vayasyaḥ; priyasuhṛd m.

Chump, a. jaḍabuddhi sthūladhī.

Church, s. devatāyatanaṃ devālayaṃ dharmamaṃdiraṃ bhajanagṛhaṃ.
     (2) dharmaḥ
     -y, a. dharmonmatta ati-śraddhāvyagra 'C. yard,' śmaśānaṃ pitṛvanaṃ pretabhūmi f.

Churl, s. grāmyajanaḥ grāmajaḥ vṛṣalaḥ.
     (2) avi-nītaḥ asabhyaḥ; vāmaśīlaḥ.
     (3) kṛpaṇaḥ kadaryaḥ.
     -ish, a. aśiṣṭa aślīla grāmya avinīta asabhya.
     (2) khala kadarya durācāra.
     -ness, s. avinayaḥ asabhyatā &c.

Churn, v. t. math 1 P, maṃth 9 P, (with two acc.); 'the ocean was c. ed for nectar' amṛtamaṃbunidhirmamaṃthe; samā-ā-luḍ 1 P, or c.
     -ing, s. maṃthanaṃ maṃthaḥ; 'c. stick, handle' maṃthanadaṃḍaḥ mathin m., maṃthānaḥ 'c. rope' maṃthanarajju f. 'C. ing stick' maṃthaḥ maṃthadaṃḍaḥ vaiśākhaḥ; 'a pot used for c. ing,' gargarī maṃthanī.

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Chute, s. jalaprapātaḥ.

Chutni, s. upadaṃśaḥ vyaṃjanaṃ.

Chyle, s. annarasaḥ dhātupaḥ.
     -ous, a. annarasamaya (yī. f.).

Cicatrice, Cicatrix, s. sidhman n., rūḍhakṣataṃ.
     -Cicatrize, v. t. kṣataṃ ruh c. or śuṣ c.; 'c. ed' rūḍha śuṣka ropita.
     -ation, s. vraṇaropaṇaṃ vraṇaśoṣaṇaṃ.

Cicerone, s. apūrvavastudarśakaḥ.

Cidavaunt, a. pūrva.

Cigar, Cigarette, s. tamākhunālī.

Cimex, s. matkuṇaḥ raktapaḥ.

Cinch, s. paryā(lyā)ṇabaṃdhaḥ.

Cincture, s. mekhalā raśanā kāṃcī.

Cinder, s. aṃgāraḥ-raṃ bhasman n., agnyucchiṣṭaṃ.

Cinerary, a. bhasmasaṃbaṃdhin.

Cinnabar, s. raktapāradaḥ.

Cinnamon, s. dārugaṃdhaḥ dārusitā sugaṃdhitvac f.

Cinque, s. paṃcakaṃ paṃcan in comp.

Cipher, s. śūnyaṃ biṃduḥ khaṃ.
     (2) akṣaraṃ varṇaḥ.
     (3) bījākṣaraṃ; gūḍhākṣaraṃ.
     (4) aṃkaḥ. -v. t. aṃkavidyāṃ abhyas 4 P or śikṣ 1 A.
     (2) gūḍhākṣarairlikh 6 P.
     -ing, s. aṃkavidyā gaṇanavidyā gaṇitaṃ.

Circle, s. maṃḍalaṃ vṛttaṃ cakraṃ valayaḥ-yaṃ golaḥlaṃ; 'c. of friends' mitracakraṃ-maṃḍalaṃ; 'c. of people' pariṣad f.; 'being in the c. of her friends' sākhīmadhyagatā; tāpasapariṣadābaddhamaṃḍalā pratīkṣate (Ka. 49) 'formed into, or sitting in, a c.' &c.
     (2) paridhiḥ pariṇāhaḥ; 'area of a c.' phalaṃ; 'segment of a c.' vṛttakhaṃḍaṃ. -v. t. parivṛ 5 U, pariveṣṭ 1 A or c, pari-i 2 P. -v. i. cakravat-maṃḍalākāreṇa-parivṛt 1 A or paribhram 1, 4 P.
     -Circular, a. vartula vṛtta maṃḍalākāra cakrākṛti gola.
     -ly, adv. cakravat maṃḍalarūpeṇa.

Circuit, s. paribhramaṇaṃ paryaṭanaṃ; ā-vi-vartaḥ āvṛtti f.
     (2) maṃḍalaṃ paridhiḥ pariṇāhaḥ. -v. i. (to make a c.) paribhram 1, 4 P, pari-i 2 P, parivṛt 1 A.
     -ous, a. vakra kuṭilagāmin atidīrgha.

Circulate, v. t. pracal c., prasṛ c., parivṛt c., pravṛt c.; 'who c. ed false reports all around' samaṃtāt pravṛttabībhatsakiṃvadaṃtīkāḥ (paurajānapadāḥ) (U. 4). -v. i. ā-vi-pari-vṛt 1 A, pracar-cal-1 P, prasṛ 1 P.
     -ion, s. paribhramaṇaṃ parivartanaṃ prasaraḥ pracāraḥ calanaṃ vyāvartaḥ; 'c. of blood' rudhirābhisaraṇaṃ raktavahanaṃ.
     -ing, a. parivartin vyāvartaka.

Circumambient, a. parigata vyāpaka pari-veṣṭaka.

Circumambulate, v. t. pari-i 2 P, paribhram 1, 4 P, parigam 1 P, pradakṣiṇīkṛ 8 U.
     -ion, s. paribhramaṇaṃ paryaṭanaṃ pradakṣiṇā.

Circumcise, v. t. tvacaṃ chid 7 P or kṛt 6 P; 'c. ed man' vaṃḍaḥ-ṭhaḥ duścarman m.

Circumduct, v. t. lup 6 P; See Baffle. -v. t. parivṛt c.
     -ion, s. lopaḥ; moghīkaraṇaṃ.

Circumference, s. paridhiḥ maṃḍalaṃ pariveśaḥṣaḥ pari(rī)ṇāhaḥ; 'c. of a wheel' nemi f., pradhiḥ nīvraḥ.

     -fluous, a. parisyaṃdin parisrata parigalita.
     -Circumfluence, s. yarisravaḥ parisyaṃdanaṃ.

Circumfuse, v. t. pari-samā-pla- c., samākram 1 U, 4 P, vyāp 5 P, vi-aś 5 A.
     -ile, a. vyāpaka.

Circumjacent, a. upāṃtika paryaṃtastha.

Circumlocution, s. vakrokti f., vākyavistaraḥ; atyukti f., atiśayokti f.
     -Circumlocutory, a. vakra bahuvākya savākyavistara.

Circumnavigate, v. t. potena paribhram 1, 4 P, samaṃtataḥ plu 1 A, tṝ 1 P.

Circumrotation, s. cakrāvartaḥ parivartaḥ āvṛtti f.
     -Circumrotatory, a. āvartamāna parivartin.

Circumscribe, v. t. parimā 3 A, saṃ-ni-yam 1 P, saṃvṛ 5 U, saṃkuc c.
     -tion, s. saṃkocaḥ saṃyamaḥ.

Circumspect, a. samīkṣyakārin vimṛśyakārin sāvadhāna avahita apramatta dakṣa.
     -ion, s. samīkṣya-vimṛśya-kāritvaṃ apramādaḥ ava-dhānaṃ dakṣatā.
     -ly, adv. samīkṣya suvimṛśya sāvadhānaṃ.

Circumstance, s. daśā avasthā sthiti f., bhāvaḥ vṛtti f.
     (2) vṛttaṃ vṛttāṃtaḥ; 'c. s as they happened' yathāvṛttaḥ vṛttāṃtaḥ.
     (3) viṣayaḥ vastu n., arthaḥ.
     (4) saṃbaṃdhaḥ; 'under these c. s' evaṃgate-sati; 'in good c. s' sustha-susthita -a.; 'in bad c. s' durgata-durdaśāpanna-duḥsthita a.; 'under any c. s' yadvā tadvā bhavatu; yena kenāpi prakāreṇa; according to c. s' yathāsthitaṃ yathāsaṃbhavaṃ yathāvasaraṃ yathākālaṃ.
     -ed, a. sthita avasthita bhūta stha in comp.
     -Circumstantial, a. savistara vistīrṇa.
     (2) aprakṛta āgaṃtuka (kī f.), āhārya; apratyakṣa (pramāṇaṃ).
     -ly, adv. yathāvṛttaṃ savistara &c.
     -stantiate, v. t. apratyakṣapramāṇena pratipad c.

Circumvallate, v. t. parikhādinā pariveṣṭ 1 A, or uparudh 7 U.
     -ion, s. samaṃtāduparodhanaṃ parikhānirmāṇaṃ.

Circumvent, See Cheat.

Circumvest, v. t. parivye 1 P, paridhā 3 U.

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Circumvolve, v. t. See Revolve.

Circus, s. krīḍāraṃgaḥ krīḍāṃgaṇaṃ krīḍācakraṃ.

Cist, s. kośaḥ puṭaḥ āveṣṭanaṃ.
     (2) samādhi m.
     (3) samādhigataṃ-kośaḥ-puṭaḥ.

Cistern, s. jalakuṃḍaṃ jalāśayaḥ toyādhāraḥ.

Cit, s. nāgarikaḥ pṛthagjanaḥ nāgaraṃjanaḥ.

Citadel, s. durgaṃ koṭaḥ-ṭi f.

Cite, v. t. upanī 1 P, upanyas 4 P, upa-kṣip 6 P, avatṝ c.
     (2) āhve 1 P, abhiyuj 7 A, 10.
     -ation, s. āhvānaṃ abhiyogaḥ.
     (2) avatāraṇaṃ upanyastavākyaṃ avataraṇaṃ.

Citron, s jaṃbīraḥ jaṃbhīraḥ jaṃbhaḥ-bhalaḥ bījapūraḥ phalapūraḥ.

City, s. puraṃ-rī nagaraṃ-rī pattanaṃ pur f.
     -zen, s. pauraḥ puravāsin m., nagarajanaḥ paurajanaḥ pauralokaḥ; 'c. s and villagers' paurajānapadāḥ.
     -like, adv. āryavat nāgarikavṛttyā pauravat.
     -ship, s. pauratvaṃ paurādhikāraḥ.

Civet,-Cat, s. gaṃdhamārjāraḥ.

Civil, s. paura (rī f.).

Civil, a. dakṣiṇa sādara priyaṃvada sānunaya; anukūla; suśīla.
     (2) paura (rī f.), pura in comp.; 'c. war' prakṛtikṣobhaḥ janaprakopaḥ.
     -ity, s. dākṣiṇyaṃ praśrayaḥ ādaraḥ saujanyaṃ anurodhaḥ anuvṛtti f., suśīlatā.
     -ly, adv. sādaraṃ sapraśrayaṃ.
     -Civilize, v. t. vinī 1 P, śiṣṭācārān śikṣ c. or śās 2 P, āryapadavīṃ āruh c. (ropayati) unnam c. (namayati) utkarṣaṃ-unnatiṃ-nī.
     -ation, s. sabhyatā ācāraśiṣṭatā.
     -ed, a. śiṣṭācārāpanna āryavṛtta śiṣṭa sabhya vinīta.

Clack, s. vāvadūkatā atijalpanaṃ.
     (2) kilakilārāvaḥ.
     (3) paruṣadhvani m. -v. i. atibhṛśaṃ jalp 1 P.
     (2) kilakilārāvaṃ kṛ 8 U.
     (3) paruṣaṃ svan 1 P.

Clad, See under Clothe.

Claim, v. t. svīya-ātmīya- a. iti pratipad c. or yāc 1 A or brū 2 U or vac 2 P; 'he c. s that property' taddhanaṃ madīyamiti sa bhāṣate or pratipādayati; 'c. s reverence' saṃmānamarhāmīti pratipādayati; mameti uktvā grah 9 P; abhimānaṃ kṛ 8 U, svatvaṃ jñā c. (jñāpayati) abhiman 4 A.
     (2) (have a c. to) arh 1 P. -s. adhikāraḥ abhiyogaḥ abhimānaḥ svatvapratipādanaṃ prārthanā; 'false c.' mithyābhiyogaḥ; 'laying c. to learning' vidyābhimānaḥ.
     -ant, s. arthin m., abhiyoktṛ m., prārthayitṛ m.

Clam, v. t. sāṃdrīkṛ 8 U; śyānīkṛ.
     (2) yugapat ghaṃṭāravaṃkṛ 8 U. -s. ghaṃṭānādaḥ.
     -my, a. śyāna sāṃdra ghana.

Clamancy, s. āvaśyakatā.

Clamant, a. sotkaṃṭhaṃ-uccaiḥ-ākrośat.

Clamber, v. t. āyāsena adhyāruh 1 P.

Clamour, v. i. ut-ā-kruś 1 P, uccaiḥ ghuṣ 10, āraṭ 1 P. -s. ā-ut-kruśaḥ mahāravaḥ uccairghoṣaḥ janaravaḥ.
     -ous, a. mahāsvana mukhara bahughoṣa ghoṣakara (rī f.).

Clamp, v. t. kīlena saṃyuj 10 or saṃbaṃdh 9 P. -s. iṣṭakārāśiḥ.
     (2) kīlakaḥ.
     (3) pādāghātaḥ.

Clan, s. gaṇaḥ.
     (2) vaṃśaḥ kulaṃ gotraṃ vargaḥ saṃghaḥ śākhā jāti f.

Clandestine, a. nibhṛta rahasya pracchanna gūḍha 'c. marriage' corikāvivāhaḥ.
     -ly, adv. nibhṛtaṃ guptaṃ rahaḥ.

Clang, v. i. kvaṇ-dhvan- 1 P, śiṃj 1, 2 A. -s. śiṃjitaṃ kvaṇitaṃ; tumularavaḥ śastraghoṣaḥ.

Clank, s. śiṃjitaṃ kvaṇitaṃ jhaṃjhanaṃ.

Clap, v. t. karatālaṃ dā 3 U or vaṭ c.
     (2) akasmāt saṃhan 2 P, saṃghaṭṭa c.; nyas 4 P.
     (3) karatālena praśaṃs 1 P.
     (4) (kārāgṛhe) ni-kṣip 6 P; 'c. wings' utkṣip 6 P. -s.
     -ing, s. karatālavādanaṃ tālaḥ.
     (2) praśaṃsāśabdaḥ.
     (3) meghagarjitaṃ-nādaḥ vajranirghoṣaḥ meghastanitaṃ.
     (4) dhvaniḥ; kvaṇitaṃ saṃghātaśabdaḥ.
     -per, s. ghaṃṭāvādakaḥ ghaṃṭātāḍanī.

Clarify, v. t. saṃ-vi-śudh c., vimalīkṛ 8 U, 9 U. -v. t. vimalībhū 1 P, prasad 1 P.

Clarinet, s. veṇuḥ vaṃśaḥ.

Clarion, s. tūryaḥ; kāhalaḥ.

Clash, v. i. virudh 7 U, visaṃvad 1 P, vi-pratipad 4 P, vivad 1 A.
     (2) saṃghaṭṭ 1 A, āhan 2 U. -s. samāghātaḥ saṃghaṭṭaḥ virodhaḥ visaṃvādaḥ nipratipatti f.
     -ing, a. parasparavi-rodhin viruddhārtha visaṃvādin.

Clasp, v. t. āśliṣ 4 P, samā-ā-liṃg P 1, pariṣvaṃj 1 A, parirabh 1 A, upaguh 1 U; āpīḍ 10; 'c. to the bosom' vakṣasā parirabh kroḍīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) kuḍupena baṃdh 9 P or pinah 4 P.
     (3) pariveṣṭ 1 A, parinidhā 3 U: 'c. the hands' hastau samānī 1 P, aṃjaliṃ baṃdh. -s. āśleṣaḥ āliṃganaṃ pariraṃbhaḥ pariṣvaṃgaḥ.
     (2) kuḍupaḥ gaṃḍaḥ.

Class, s. vargaḥ chātrasamūhaḥ sahādhyāyigaṇaḥ
     (2) śreṇi-ṇī f., gaṇaḥ (of verbs); samūhaḥ saṃghaḥ; samāhāraḥ
     (3) jāti f. (kind); 'of the c. of beasts' paśujātīyaḥ.
     (4) varṇaḥ. jātiḥ vargaḥ; 'people of the lower c. es' avaravarṇāḥ aṃtyajātīyāḥ; 'of the same c.' vargyaḥ vargīyaḥ savarṇaḥ. -v. t.
     -ify, v. t. vargakrameṇa vinyas 4 P, yathāvargaṃ rac 10, vargīkṛ 8 U, gaṇīkṛ gaṇaśaḥ vyas.
     -Classical, a. saṃskṛta śreṣṭha prathamavargīya
     Classifler, s. gaṇakāraḥ; vyāsaḥ.

Clatter, v. i. kvaṇ-dhvan 1 P; jhaṇajhaṇāyate. (D)
     (2) pralap-jalp- 1 P. -s. kvaṇitaṃ dhvaniḥ tumularavaḥ.

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Clause, s. padaṃ aṃgaṃ adhikaraṇaṃ.
     (2) vākyaṃ.
     (3) niyamaḥ.

Clavated, a. graṃthila jaṭila.

Claw, s. nakhaḥ-khaṃ nakharaḥ-raṃ. -v. t. nakhaiḥ vidṝ 9 P. 10 or āhan 2 U.

Clay, s. mṛd f., mṛttikā.
     (2) paṃkaḥ jaṃbālaḥ kardamaḥ; 'made of c.' mṛṇmaya (yī f.). -v. t. paṃkena lip 6 P or dih 2 U.
     -ish, a. paṃkila kārdama (mī f.).

Clean, a. śuci pavitra vi-pari-śuddha vimala nirmala dhauta (vāsaḥ).
     (2) vimalātman nirdoṣa anagha.
     (3) ślakṣṇa masṛṇa. 'To have c. hands,' nirdoṣa a. bhū 1 P; nirāgas a. as 2 P; 'to make a c. breast of,' pāpāni nivid c. or khyā c;, 'to show a c pair of heels,' palāy 1 A. -v. t. See Cleanse, below. -adv. sākalyena aśeṣeṇa āmūlaṃ sarvāṃśena.
     -ly, a nirmala pavitradeha. -adv. śuci nirmalaṃ.
     -liness, s śaucaṃ śuddhi f., nirmalatā.
     -ness, s. śucitā pavitratvaṃ nirmalatā &c.

Cleanse, v. t. śudh c., 9 U.
     (2) prakṣal 10, pra-saṃ-mṛj 2 P or c., dhāv 1 P, 10, nir-ava-nij 3 U, pavitrīkṛ 8 U.
     -er, s. śodhakaḥ pāvakaḥ.

Clear, a. vi-nir-a-mala; prasanna śuddha accha viśada svaccha.
     (2) spaṣṭa suprakāśa parisphuṭa vyakta.
     (3) (fig.) viśada niściṃta niṣkāluṣya niḥsaṃdeha; oft. by nir-a- pr.; 'c. sky' anabhraṃ-nirabhraṃ-nabhaḥ; 'c. from debt' anṛṇa ṛṇamukta; 'c. forest' niṣkaṃṭakaṃ-asaṃbādhaṃvanaṃ; 'a c. sum' abhagna niravaśeṣa niruddhāra. -v. t. 'make c.' viśadīkṛ 8 U, vivṛ 5 U, vyākhyā 2 P.
     (2) śudh c., prasad c., vimalīkṛ mṛj 2 P.
     (3) muc 6 P or c.; by nir pr.; 'c. ed the forest of its thorns' araṇyaṃ niṣkaṃṭakaṃ cakāra; niḥkṣatriyāṃ pṛthvīṃ cakāra &c.; 'c. from obstacles' vighnānapanī 1 P, nirvighna a. kṛ; 'c. a doubt' (śaṃkāṃ) chid 7 P, niras 4 P, apanī; 'c. debt' (ṛṇaṃ) śudh c., apākṛ; nistṝ c.; 'c. oneself' ātmānaṃ nirdoṣaṃ kṛ; 'c. up a business &c.' samāp c., saṃpūr 10, niḥ-śeṣīkṛ; 'c. the throat' utkāsanaṃ kṛ; 'c. the way,' mārgaṃ akhilī kṛ 8 U.
     (4) doṣāt muc c.
     (5) laṃgh 1 A, 10; atikram 1 U; ati-i 2 P. nistṛ 1 P.
     (6) lābhaṃ-kalāṃtaraṃprāp 5 P.
     (7) deyaṃ apākṛ 8 U. 'c. out' nirgam 1 P. -v. i. (up) prasad 1 P, prasādaṃ gam 1 P or grah 9 P, nirabhrībhū (as sky); diśaḥ praseduḥ (R. III. 14), gaṃgā rodhaḥpatanakaluṣā gṛhṇatīva prasādaṃ (V. 1).
     -ly, adv. vyaktaṃ spaṣṭaṃ sphuṭaṃ.
     (2) prasannaṃ viśadaṃ.
     (3) bhinnārthaṃ spaṣṭārthaṃ.
     -ness, s. prasādaḥ vaiśadyaṃ vaimalyaṃ svacchatā śuddhi f.
     (2) spaṣṭatā vyaktatā sphuṭatā

Cleave, v. i. saṃj pass., ā-vi-saṃ-anu- lag 1 P. saṃlagnībhū.
     (2) vidṝ pass., dal 1 P, sphuṭ 6 P. -v. t. vidṝ 9 P, 10; vi-nir-bhid 7 P, dal c. (dalayati) vipaṭ 10.
     -er, s. bhedakaḥ.
     (2) māṃsacchedikā.
     -Cloven, a. vidīrṇa sphuṭita vibhinna; 'c. hoofed' dviśapha.

Cleft, s. darī bhaṃgaḥ saṃdhiḥ chidraṃ raṃdhraṃ.

Clement, Clemency, See Kind-ness.

Clench, Clinch. v. t. (the list) muṣṭiṃ baṃdh 9 P; 'a blow with the fist c. ed' muṣṭiprahāraḥ-saṃghātaḥ.
     (2) baddhamuṣṭinā saṃgrah 9 P or pīḍ 10.
     (3) dṛḍhīkṛ 8 U, sthirīkṛ.

Clergy, s. purohitavargaḥ dharmādhyāpakavargaḥ.
     -man, s. purohitaḥ dharmaśāsakaḥ dharmapravakta m.
     -Clerical, a. yājakīya dhamorpadeśaviṣaya.
     (2) lekhakasaṃbaṃdhin.

Clerk, s. lipikāraḥ lekhakaḥ kāyasthaḥ.
     (2) purohitaḥ dharmādhyāpakaḥ.
     (3) pāṃḍitaḥ kṛtavidyaḥ vidvas m.
     -ship, s. kāyasthakarman n.

Clever, a. catura dakṣa vicakṣaṇa vidagdha paṭu matimat nipuṇa kuśala pravīṇa viśārada peśalamati.
     -ly, adv. caturaṃ sapāṭavaṃ.
     -ness, s. cāturyaṃ vaicakṣaṇyaṃ pāṭavaṃ naipuṇyaṃ buddhimattā matiprakarṣaḥ.

Clew, Clue, s. sūtrakoṣaḥ.
     (2) sūtraṃ saṃdhānaṃ mārgadarśakaḥ.

Click, s. kvaṇat a. dhvani m.

Client, s. āśritaḥ adhīnaḥ pakṣyaḥ śrāvakaḥ.
     -ele, s. anusaṃghāta.

Cliff, s. prapātaḥ bhṛguḥ ataṭaḥ.

Clift, s. See 'Cleft'.

Climate, Clime, s. prakṛti f.
     (2) deśaḥ pradeśaḥ diś f.

Climax, s. parakāṣṭhā parākoṭi f., atibhūmi f.; 'anxiety reaching its c.' atibhūmiṃ gatena raṇaraṇakena (U. 1); 'the jealousy of her love reached its c.' dūrārūḍhaḥ praṇayo'sahanaḥ (V 4); sāraḥ (a figure), uttarottara utkarṣaḥ.

Climb, v. t. ā-adhi-ruh 1 P, adhikram 1 U, 4 P. -v. i. upari gam 1 P.
     -er, s. ā-adhirohin m., āroḍhṛ m.
     (2) (plant) vratati-tī f., vallarī valli-lī f.

Clinch, s. śleṣaḥ dvyarthavākyaṃ.

Cling, v. i. saṃj 1 P, ā-pra-sa- sajj 1 U; (nivasane kaḥ sajjati S. 4), lag 1 P, saṃpari-; 'c.-ing to my neck at the time of going' gamanasamaye kaṃṭhe lagnā (Mal. 2), ā-ava-laṃb 1 A, anubaṃdh 9 P; 'c. to hope' āśāṃ na tyaj 1 P, āśāmavalaṃb.

Clinic, s. rugṇaḥ vyādhigrastaḥ.
     (2) rugṇaśayyopāṃte vidyārthināṃ cikitsopadeśaḥ -a.
     -cal, a. śayyāgata śayanagrasta.

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Clink, v. i. śiṃj 1, 2 A. viru 2 P, kvaṇ 1 P. -s. śiṃjitaṃ kvaṇitaṃ kiṃkiṇīśabdaḥ.
     (2) nādaḥ śabdaḥ.

Clip, v. t. chid 7 P; See Cut. 2 dṛḍhaṃ pari-ṣvaṃj 1 A, upaguh 1 U.
     (3) saṃhṛ 1 P, hras c., saṃkṣip 6 P.
     -per, s. vaṃcakaḥ.
     (2) muṃḍin m.
     -ping, s. khaṃḍaḥ vidalaṃ taṣṭaṃ.

Clique, s. gaṇaḥ saṃghaḥ.
     -ism, saṃghaśīlatā.

Cloak, s. kaṃcukaḥ prāvāraḥ-rakaḥ avaguṃṭhanaṃ.
     (2) (Pretext, disguise), kapaṭaveṣaḥ vyājaṃ chadman n., miṣaṃ. -v. t. prāvṛ 5 U, ācchad 10, avaguṃṭh 10.

Clock, s. ghaṭī ghaṭikā yāmanālī.
     -maker, s. ghaṭīkāraḥ.
     -work, s. ghaṭīkarman n.

Clod, s. loṣṭhaḥ-ṣṭha mṛtkhaḍaḥ mṛtpiṃḍaḥ.
     (2) piṃḍaḥ; 'c.-pated'. 'c. poll' jaḍaḥ mṛtpiṃḍabuddhiḥ sthūlamatiḥ.
     (3) bhūmi f. 'c. hopper,' kṛṣīvalaḥ grāmyaḥ maṃdadhīḥ. -v. t. loṣṭhaiḥ prahṛ 1 P.
     -dy, a. loṣṭhapūrṇa-maya (yī f.).

Clog, v. t. upa-ni-rudh 7 U, pratibaṃdh 9 P, staṃbh 9 P.
     (2) nigaḍena baṃdh 9 P, śṛṃkhalayati (D.). -s. pāśaḥ nigaḍaḥ baṃdhanaṃ śṛṃkhalā.
     (2) vighnaḥ pratyūhaḥ aṃtarāyaḥ.
     -gy, a. pratirodhin vighnakara (rī f.).

Cloister, s. maṭhaḥ vihāraḥ.
     -al, a. viviktasevin.
     -er, s. muniḥ maṭhavāsin m., saṃnyāsin m.

Close, v. t. api-pi-dhā 3 U, saṃvṛ 5 U; āni-mīl 1 P or c. (eyes &c.); nimimīla narottamapriyā (R. VII. 37,) 'c. ed her eyes in death.'
     (2) nirvṛt c., saṃpad c., samāp c., avaso 4 P.
     (3) āveṣṭ 1 A or c., ācchad 10. prāvṛ avaguṃṭh 10; 'c. hands' hastau baṃdh 9 P; pāṇipuṭaṃ kṛ; 'c. in' pariveṣṭ 1 A, parivṛ 5 U; 'c. a bargain,' samayaṃ kṛ 8 U; 'with c. ed doors,' guptaṃ rahasi. -v. i. saṃmil 6 P. saṃgam 1 A. saṃyuj pass.
     (2) nimīl 1 P, mukulībhū 1 P (lotuses &c.).
     (3) avasita-samāpta -a. bhū nivṛt 1 A, niṣpadsamāp -pass.
     -round, samaṃtataḥ pariveṣṭ 1 A or c., parivṛ 5 U or c.
     -with, See Agree.
     (2) saṃghaṭṭ 1 A; bāhūbāhavi yudh 4 A. -s. avasānaṃ atyayaḥ pariṇāmaḥ aṃtaḥ virāmaḥ kṣayaḥ.
     (2) niṣpatti f., siddhi f., samāpti f., 'c. of day' dinātyayaḥ sāyāhnaḥ. -a. pihita saṃvṛta nimīlita.
     (2) baddha samaṃtato niruddha (prisoner &c.).
     (3) gāḍha aśithila dṛḍha ghana; 'c. fisted' amuktahastaḥ baddhamuṣṭiḥ.
     (4) avirala sāṃdra nibiḍa gahana niraṃtara.
     (5) āsanna samīpastha nikaṭavartin samīpa ni-kaṭa.
     (6) vivikta gupta.
     (7) āsakta abhini-viṣṭa ekāgra; 'c. application to Śāstras' śāstrābhiniveśaḥ.
     (8) nirvāta abhrita; 'it is c. to-day' nirvātaṃ-abhritaṃ-nabhaḥ.
     (9) saṃkaṭa saṃkucita avistṛta saṃbādha; 'c. fight' raṇasaṃkulaṃ tumulayuddhaṃ.
     (10) dṛḍhasauhṛda suparicita.
     (11) kṛpaṇa.
     (12) (concise) saṃkṣipta. -adv. aṃtikaṃ samīpe-paṃ niraṃtaraṃ; nikaṭe; 'c. to the ear' karṇāṃtikaṃ 'c. by' anatidūre nātidūraṃ.
     -ly, adv. nibhṛtaṃ guptaṃ rahasi.
     (2) niraṃtaraṃ aviralaṃ sannikṛṣṭaṃ.
     (3) prayatnataḥ manobhiniveśena cittāsaktyā.
     (4) gāḍhaṃ dṛḍhaṃ &c.
     -ness, s. samīpatā sannikarṣaḥ sannidhiḥ.
     (2) rahas n., gupti f.
     (3) ghanatā &c.
     (4) nirvātatā &c.

Closet, s. koṣṭhaḥ kuṭi-ṭī f., nibhṛtāgāraṃ veśman n. -v. t. kuṭyāṃ gup 1 P or niviś c.

Closure, s. pidhānaṃ veṣṭanaṃ prāvaraṇaṃ.

Clot, s. piṃḍaḥ ghanatā guṭikā gulmaḥ; 'c. of blood' ghanaśoṇitaṃ; 'c. of hair' jaṭā -v. t. sāṃdrībhū ghanībhū piṃḍībhū jaṭ 1 P, śyai 1 A.
     -ted, -ty, a. piṃḍībhūta ghanībhūta śyāna.

Cloth, s. vastraṃ vāsas n., vasanaṃ celaḥ-laṃ paṭaḥ paridhānaṃ aṃbaraṃ; 'fine c.' aṃśukaṃ; 'old, taltered, c. es' karpaṭaḥ jīrṇavastraṃ cīraṃ; 'unbleached c. anāhataṃ niṣpravāṇi taṃtrakaṃ navāṃbaraṃ.
     -Clothe, v. t. (oneself vāsaḥ &c. paridhā 3 U or grah 9 P; vas 2 A; 'c. ing herself' gṛhītavasanā.
     (2) (vastreṇa) ācchad 10, paricchad saṃvye 1 P; vas c., paridhā c. (dhāpayati) veṣṭ 1 A.
     -ed, Clad, a. (in) vasāna paridadhat (s.) in comp.
     (2) saṃvīta āvṛta ācchāditaṃ pari-cchanna; savāsas anagna.
     -ier, s. paṭakāraḥ vastranirmānṛ m.
     -ing, s. paridhānaṃ ācchādanaṃ paricchadaḥ vāsas n., vasanaṃ; 'food and c.' grāsācchādanaṃ.

Cloud, s. meghaḥ ghanaḥ abhraṃ jīmūtaḥ stanayitnuḥ balāhakaḥ mudiraḥ dhūmayoniḥ and combinations of words for 'water' (q. v.) with 'giving' or 'bearing,' jaladaḥ toyavāhaḥ payodharaḥ jalamuc vāridaḥ &c.; 'c. capped' abhrāṃliha abhraṃkaṣa-likha'
     (2) (fig.) śaśaviṣāṇaṃ khapuṣpaṃ.
     (3) aspaṣṭīkṛt m.
     (4) paṭalaṃ.
     (5) durnimittaṃ. -v. t. pracchad 10, āvṛ 5 U.
     (2) timireṇa ācchad.
     (3) malinayati (D) (yaśaḥ).
     -ed, a. meghāvṛta abhrita abhrācchādita; tamovṛta durdinagrasta.
     -less, a. nirabhra amegha &c.
     -y, a. sābhra meghākīrṇa samegha; 'it is c. weather to-day' durdinamadya.
     (2) tamovṛta timirācchanna aṃdhakārayukta.

Clough, s. kaṃdaraḥ-rā dari-rī f.

Clout, s. cīraṃ karpaṭaḥ kaṃthā.
     (2) prahāraḥ āghātaḥ. -v. t. jīrṇavastrāṇi saṃdhā-samādhā 3 U.
     (2) prahṛ 1 P, āhan 2 P.
     -erly, a. grāmya.

Clove, s. (Tree) lavaṃgavṛkṣaḥ.
     (2) (Spice) lavaṃgaṃ devakusumaṃ.

Clover, s. triparṇaṃ tripatraṃ.

[Page 62]

Clown, s. grāmyaḥ grāmikaḥ kṛṣīvalaḥ vṛṣalaḥ jānapadaḥ pṛthagjanaḥ asabhyo janaḥ.
     -ish, a. aśīṣṭa grāmya asamya grāmīṇa.
     -ishly, adv. grāmyavat aśiṣṭaṃ.

Cloy, v. t. udvij c.; piṃḍakharjurerudvejitasya (S. 2) 'c. ed with eating dates;' atitṛptiṃ jan c. (janayati).

Club, s. yaṣṭi f., laguḍaḥ gadā parighaḥ; 'armed with a c.' yāṣṭīkaḥ yaṣṭidharaḥ.
     (2) gaṇaḥ samājaḥ melakaḥ.
     (3) paṃkti f., sahabhojināṃ saṃsargaḥ.
     (4) aṃśaḥ bhāgaḥ; 'c. foot' sthūlacaraṇaḥ. -v. t. yaṣṭyā prahṛ 1 P.
     (2) gucchaṃ kṛ 8 U, saṃci 5 U, mil 6 P.
     (3) vyayaṃ vibhaj c.

Clue, See Clew.

Clump, s. gucchaḥ saṃcayaḥ ṣaṃḍaḥ. nicayaḥ gulmaḥ staṃbaḥ. -v. i. jaḍagatyā gam 1 P.
     (2) samūhaṃ rac 10.

Clumsy, a. acatura adakṣa akuśala asuṃdara grāmya sthūla.
     -ly, adv. adakṣaṃ dākṣyaṃ vinā acaturaṃ apāṭavaṃ.
     -ness, s. acāturyaṃ apāṭavaṃ &c.

Cluster, s. gulmaḥ gucchaḥ staṃbaḥ stabakaḥ.
     (2) saṃghaḥ gaṇaḥ samūhaḥ nivahaḥ oghaḥ cayaḥ samudāyaḥ. -v. i. ekatra mil 6 P, ekībhū 1 P, piṃḍībhū. -v. t. saṃci 5 U, ekīkṛ 8 U, piṃḍīkṛ samāhṛ 1 P.

Clutch, v. t. grah 9 P, dhṛ 1 P, 10; ākram 1 U, 4 P.
     (2) muṣṭiṃ baṃdh 9 P. -s., grahaḥ grahaṇaṃ; muṣṭibaṃdhaḥ.
     (2) hastaḥ pāṇiḥ nakhaṃ; 'rescued from the c. es of death' mṛtyumukhānmuktaḥ.

Clutter, s. kolāhalaḥ tumularavaḥ. -v. i. kolāhalaṃ kṛ 3 U.
     (2) saṃkula a. bhū 1 P.

Coacervate, See Collect.

Coach, s rathaḥ pravahaṇaṃ yānaṃ vāhanaṃ śakaṭaḥṭikā; 'travels by c.' rathena saṃcarati; 'a c. and four' caturaśvaṃ yānaṃ; 'c. box' sūtāsanaṃ 'c. ful' pūrṇarathaḥ śākaṭaṃ; 'c, horse' rathyaḥ; 'c. house' rathaśālā; 'c. maker' rathakāraḥ; 'c. man' sūtaḥ sārathiḥ yaṃtṛ m.

Co-act, v. i. saha kṛ 8 U.
     -ion, s. pramāthaḥ. balātkāraḥ.
     -lve, a. pamāthin balānvita sabala.

Co-adjacent, a. See Adjacent.

Co-adjutant, a. mithaḥsahāyaḥ sahakārin m.

Co-adjutor, s. sahāyaḥ sahakārin m.

Coagulate, v. i. ghanībhū 1 P, śyai 1 A. -v. t. śyai c., ghanīkṛ 8 U, saṃhan 2 P.
     -ion, s. śīnatā saṃhati f., ghanībhāvaḥ śyānatvaṃ.

Coal, s. khanijāṃgāraḥ -raṃ; 'c. black' aṃgārasavarṇa ati-kṛṣṇa. -v. i. khanijāṃgārān upakḷp c., 'c. field,' s. khanijāṃgārakṣetraṃ 'c. gas,' s. khanijāṃgāravāyuḥ m. 'c. mine,' 'pit,' aṃgārakhani (nī) f. '-c. ing station,' aṃgārabharaṇasthānaṃ.

Coalesce, v. i. saṃmil 6 P, saṃgam 1 A; ekībhū saṃyuj-saṃdhā-saṃśliṣ pass.
     -ence, s. saṃmilanaṃ.
     -ent, a. ekībhavat saṃmilat
     -Coalition, s. saṃyogaḥ saṃśleṣaḥ melanaṃ. saṃdhiḥ.

Coalise, v-i. saṃdhiṃ kṛ 8 U.

Coarse, a. sthūla (cloth &c.); ghana nīraṃdhra; avirala nibiḍasyūta.
     (2) asabhya aślīla grāmya aśiṣṭa.
     (3) avācya nīca nikṛṣṭa garhya; 'c. food' maṃdāhāraḥ.
     -en, v. t. sthūlī-ghanī-kṛ 8 U.
     -ish, a. īṣat-sthūla-ghana.
     -ness, s. sthūlatā grāmyatā aślīlatā &c.

Coast, s. tīraṃ taṭaḥ-ṭaṃ velā.
     (2) sīmā.
     (3) deśaḥ pradeśaḥ. -v. i. upatīraṃ nāvā saṃcar 1 P, naukāṃ vah c.
     -ing, a. upatīraṃ saṃcarat.
     -line, s. tīrarekhā.
     -ward, adv. abhitīraṃ.
     -wise, adv. anutīraṃ.

Coat, s. kaṃcukaḥ uttarīyaṃ prācāraḥ-rakaḥ nicolaḥ. 'To turn one's c.,' v. i. pakṣāṃtaraṃmatāṃtaraṃ-kṛ 8 U. 'c. of mail', See Armour; 'c. of arms,' s. kulacihnaṃ.
     (2) paṭalaṃ ācchādanaṃ puṭaṃ āveṣṭanaṃ.
     (3) lo(ro)man n. (of animals). -v. t. ācchad 10, avaguṃṭh 10, ā-saṃ-veṣṭ 1 A or c.
     (2) anuvyadh 4 P; vi-lip 6 P, chur 10.
     -ing, s. paṭalaṃ puṭaṃ ācchādanaṃ āveṣṭanaṃ.
     (2) lepaḥ churaṇaṃ.
     (3) kaṃcukavastraṃ.

Coax, v. t. cāṭūktyā sāṃtv 10, anunī 1 P, upacchaṃd 10, lal 10.
     -er, s. cāṭukāraḥ.
     -ing, s. cāṭuvacanaṃ cāṭu m. n., upacchaṃdanaṃ.

Cobble, v. t. jīrṇapādukāḥ sūcyā samādhā-saṃdhā 3 U.
     (2) apāṭavaṃ kiṃcitkarma kṛ 8 U.
     -er, s. pādukāsaṃdhātṛ m.: anipuṇaḥ śilpī.

Cobra, s. nāgaḥ phaṇin n., See Snake.

Cobweb, s jālaṃ sūtrajālaṃ.
     (2) saṃtānaḥ; 'c. of speech' vāgjālaṃ.

Cock, s. kukkuṭaḥ śikhin m., tāmracūḍaḥ nakhāyudhaḥ kṛkavākuḥ; 'c.' s comb' śikhā cūḍā; (fig.) veṣābhimānin m., 'c.-sparrow' caṭakaḥ.
     (2) praṇālī jalayaṃtraṃ.
     (3) puṃgavaḥ mukharaḥ nāyakaḥ.
     (4) tṛṇotkaraḥ; 'wosihen c.' vāyudhvajaḥ-jñāpakaḥ; 'c. and bull story' mṛṣāvṛthā-kathā; 'c. crowing' kukkuṭaravaḥ; prabhātakālaḥ; 'c. tight,' 'c. m v b' prāṇidyūtaṃ tāmracūḍayuddhaṃ; samāhvayaḥ; 'c. pit' kukkuṭayuddhasthānaṃ.
     -Cocky, a. svāyatta svāvalaṃbin. svataṃtra. -v. t. unnam c. (namayati) utkṣip 6 P. ucchri 1 U. -v. i. salīlaṃ car-cal 1 P.
     (2) dṛp 4 P.

Cockatrice, s. ajagaraḥ.

Cock-boat, s. upa-kṣudra-naukā

Cocker, v. t. See Fondle.

[Page 63]

Cockle, s. śukti f.

Cockloft, s. caṃdraśālā śirogṛhaṃ.

Cockney, s. nagara-pura-vāsin m.; prākṛtajanaḥ.

Cock-swain, s. kṣudranaukāpatiḥ.

Cocoa-nut, s. nārikelaḥ-raḥ kauśikaphalaṃ; (tree) tṛṇadrumaḥ śiraḥphalaḥ nālikeraḥ-laḥ nāri(ḍi)keraḥ-keliḥ nārīkelaḥ-lī lāṃgalī.

Cocoon, s. kośaḥ-ṣaḥ.

Coction, See Decoction.

Cod, s. bījakoṣaḥ puṭaḥ.

Coddle, v. t. īṣat-śanaiḥ pac 1 P or kvath 1 P.
     (2) nipuṇaṃ saṃvṛdh c. or puṣ 1, 1 P, 10. -s. strīprakṛti m., straiṇaḥ.

Code, s. saṃhitā; 'c. of laws' dharma-smṛtiśāstraṃ smṛti f.

Codicil, s. mṛtyupatrasya anubaṃdhaḥ or upalekhyaṃ.

Coefficacy, s. sahakāritā saṃyogitā.

Coefficient, s. mānaṃ guṇaḥ.

Coemption, s. akhilavastukrayaḥ.

Co-equal, a. samānapadastha sa-saha-dharman samānabhāva
     -ity, samānāvasthā; tulyabhāgaḥ sahadharmaḥ tulyapadatvaṃ.

Coerce, v. t. saṃ-ni-yam 1 P, nirudh 7 U, nigrah 9 P, niyaṃtr 10; See Compel, also.
     -lon, s. nigrahaḥ saṃyamaḥ; niyaṃtraṇaṃ.
     -ive, a. niyāmaka; pratirodhin.

Coetaneous, Co-eval, a. sama-eka-kālīna; samāna-tulya-vayaska savayas. -s. vayasyaḥ sa-tulya-vayas m.

Co-exist, v. i. samaṃ-ekatra vṛt 1 A or bhū 1 P, eka-kāle bhū or jīv 1 P.
     -ence, s. ekakālāvasthānaṃ sahavartanaṃ sahajīvanaṃ.
     -ent, a. sahavartin-jīvin.

Co-extend, v. i samaṃ vistṝ pass. or vyāp 5 P.
     -Co-extension, s. abhivyāpti f.; samavistāraḥ.

Coffee, s. kāphī nāma phalaṃ or bījaṃ or peyaṃ.

Coffer, s. dhanabhāṃḍaṃ koṣaḥ-śaḥ mudrādhāraḥ.

Coffin, s. śavādhāraḥ śavabhājanaṃ. -v. t. śava-bhājane nidhā 3 U.

Cog, v. t.
     Flatter, q. v.; 'c. a die' kaṭākṣa kṛ 8 U; 'c a wheel' nemiṃ sadaṃtāṃ kṛ.
     (2) cakraṃ staṃbh c. -s nemidaṃtaḥ.

Cogent, a. balavat prabalaḥ niruttara.
     -ly, adv. niruttaraṃ
     -Cogency, s. balaṃ sāmarthyaṃ prabhāvaḥ śakti f.

Cogglestone, s. cūrṇakhaṃḍaḥ.

Cogitate, v. t. ciṃt 10. dhyai 1 P. vicar c., vimṛś 6 P. āloc 1; vitark 10.
     -ion, s. ciṃtā vicāraḥ ālocanaṃ vimarśaḥ vitarkaḥ.
     -ive, a. ciṃtanakṣama
     (2) ciṃtanapara.
     -able, a. ciṃtyaṃ manogocara.

Cognate, a. sajāti ekajātīya sagotra saṃbaṃdhin tulya-samāna-prabhava. -s. sanābhi m., jñāti m.
     -ion, s. baṃdhutā jñāti-bhāvaḥ saṃbaṃdhaḥ sajātīyatvaṃ.

Cognition, s. jñānaṃ prajñānaṃ.

Cognis(z)e, v. t. abhijñā 9 U.
     -able, jñeya bodhya.
     (2) vicārya anusaṃdheya.

Cognizance, s. vicāraṇaṃ anusaṃdhānaṃ carcā anuyogaḥ.
     (2) cihnaṃ lakṣaṇaṃ saṃjñā liṃgaṃ 'take c. of' anusaṃdhā 3 U, vicar c., anuyuj 7 A, jñā 9 U, avekṣ 1 A. 'To have c. of,' abhijñā 9 U.

Cognomen, s. upa-kula-nāman n.

Cohabit, v. i. saṃvas 1 P; abhigam 1 P. (with another's wife), saṃbhogaṃ kṛ 8 U.

Coheir, s. sahadāyabhāj m.

Cohere, v. i. saṃsaṃj-saṃyuj-saṃhan-saṃśliṣ- pass.
     (2) yuj pass.
     -ence, s. saṃsakti f., saṃśleṣaḥ saṃyogaḥ.
     (2) saṃbaṃdhaḥ saṃgati f., anvayaḥ saṃdarbhaḥ avirodhaḥ.
     -ent, a. saṃsakta saṃśliṣṭa saṃhata saṃlagna.
     (2) saṃgata aviruddha saṃbaddha anurūpa sānvaya.
     -Cohesion, s. saṃsakti f., saṃyogaḥ saṃśleṣaḥ saṃlagnatā.
     -Cohesive, a. sāṃdra saṃlagnaśīla snigdha.

Cohobate, v. t. punaḥ saṃdhā 3 U.

Cohort, s. sainyadalaṃ-gulmaṃ.

Coif, s. mukuṭaḥ śirastraṃ śiroveṣṭanaṃ.

Coil, s. maṃḍalaṃ vyāvartanaṃ āveṣṭanaṃ; guṇaḥ (of a rope).
     (2) tumulaṃ vyastatā; 'mortal c.' naśvaradehaḥ. -v. t. maṃḍalīkṛ 8 U, vartulīkṛ puṭīkṛ; vyāvṛt c., ā-pariveṣṭ c.

Coin, s mudrā nāṇakaṃ ṭaṃkaḥ; 'copper c.' paṇaḥ; 'I paid him in his own c.' yathaiva sa mayi vyavāharattathaivāhaṃ tasminnācaraṃ. -v. t. mudrayati (D), mudrayā aṃk 10.
     (2) sṛj 6 P, kḷp c., nirmā 3 A.
     -age, s. mudrā; kalpanā. sṛṣṭi f.
     -er, s. mudrākāraḥ kalpakaḥ.

Coincide, v. i. ekībhū 1 P, saṃgam 1 A, saṃsannipat 1 P: saṃdhā-saṃyuj -pass.
     (2) saṃman 4 A. ekacittībhū; See Agree 3 anurūpa a. bhū yuj a s. anuvṛt 1 A saṃvad 1 P, tulya-samāna-. bhū.
     -ence, s. saṃnipātaḥ saṃgamaḥ; saṃyogaḥ.
     (2) saṃmati f., aikamatyaṃ saṃdhiḥ ekacittatā
     (3) saṃvādaḥ anurūpatā ānuguṇyaṃ.
     (4) devayogaḥ-ghaṭanaṃ; 'be an unlucky c.' durdaivāt
     -ent, a. saṃpāptin.
     (2) samakālīna.
     (3) aviruddha anurūpa saṃvādin.

Coinstantaneous, a. samakālīna.

Coir, s. nārikelatvaktaṃtu m.

Coition, s maithunaṃ surataṃ ratikriyā.

Coke, s. ardhadagdhāṃgārocchiṣṭaṃ.

Colaborator(teur), s saha-kārin-kṛt m.

Colander, s. cālanī śodhanī titauḥ.

Colation, s. śodhanaṃ cālanaṃ.

Cold, a. śīta śiśira hima śītala tuṣāra adharma; 'c. rayed' (moon) himāṃśuḥ śītakaraḥ &c.; 'c. season' himāgamaḥ śiśiraḥ śītakālaḥ.
     (2) (fig.) anādarayukta virakta niḥsneha nirutsāha udāsīna; 'gave me a c. welcome' nirutsāhaṃ svāgataṃ māṃ vyājahāra matsaṃbhāvanāyāṃ tena audāsīnyaṃ darśitaṃ; 'in c. blood' prakopanaṃ vinā; pūrvasaṃkalpena; 'c. blooded or hearted,' a. nirdaya niṣṭhura; 'to take or catch c.,' v. i. śītākula a. bhū 1 P, 'to give the c. shoulder to,' anādaraṃ dṛś c.
     (2) nirākṛ 8 U. -s. śītaṃ śaityaṃ; śiśiraḥ himaḥ.
     (2) pratiśyāyaḥ; 'suffering from c.' śītārta.
     -ly, adv. śītaṃ śaityena.
     (2) nirutsāhaṃ viraktaṃ udāsīnatayā.
     -ness, s. śītatā himatā śaityaṃ.
     (2) anādaraḥ niḥsnehatā virāgaḥ virakti f., audāsīnyaṃ.

Colic, s. śūlaḥ-laṃ udara-jaṭhara-vyathā-śūlaṃ. -a. udaravyathājanaka.

Collapse, v. i. kṣayaṃ-layaṃ-gam 1 P, avasad 1 P.
     (2) saṃhṛ-śṝ. pass.; saṃkuc 1 P; saṃ-sanni-pat 1 P. -s. saṃkocaḥ.
     (2) saṃhāraḥ kṣayaḥ layaḥ avasādaḥ.
     (3) sannipātaḥ śaktipātaḥ layaḥ.

Collar, s. graivaṃ-vayaṃ kaṃṭhabhūṣaṇaṃ mālā.
     (2) kaṃṭhapāśaḥ. -v. t. graiveye-graive-dhṛ 1 P.
     -bone, s. grīvāsthi n., jatru n.

Collate, v. t. samavalok 10, parīkṣ 1 A; upamā 3 A, saṃśudh c.
     (2) vṛttiṃ pradā 3 U.
     -ion, s. saṃparīkṣaṇaṃ saṃśodhanaṃ upamānaṃ.
     (2) kalyavartaḥ prātarbhakṣyaḥ phalādisaṃbhāraḥ prātarāśaḥ.
     (3) vṛttipratipādanaṃ.

Collateral, a. ānuṣāṃgika-prāsaṃgika (kī f.) asarala.
     (2) bhinnaśākha upaloma.
     (3) samānodakaṃ sapiṃḍa.
     (4) pārśvāpārśvigata. -s. samakālīnaḥ.
     (2) sapīṃḍaḥ
     -ly, adv. pārśvāpārśvi; asaralaṃ vakraṃ prasaṃgataḥ.

Colleague, s. sahāyaḥ sahakārin m., samānavyāpāraḥ ekaviṣayin m.

Collect, v. t. ci 5 U, ava-vi-saṃ-ni-- samānī 1 P, saṃgrah 9 P, samāhṛ 1 P, saṃbhṛ 3 U, samākṣip 6 P, piṃḍīkṛ 8 U, rāśīkṛ ekatra kṛ.
     (2) anumā 3 A, ūh 1 A, avagam 1 P; 'c. ed his mind into itself' cittaṃ samādadhau; 'c. oneself' saṃjñāṃ-cetanāṃ-labh 1 A or ā-prati-pad 4 P, cetaḥ-manaḥ-samādhā 3 U. -v. i. saṃmil 6 P, samāgam 1 P; See Assemble, -ion, s. gaṇaḥ saṃghaḥ samavāyaḥ nivahaḥ cayaḥ samūhaḥ oghaḥ samuccayaḥ samāhāraḥ samudāyaḥ vṛṃdaṃ.
     -ive, a. samaveta saṃhṛta samāhūta gaṇībhūta samavāyin ekīkṛta.
     -ively, adv. ekībhūya saṃbhūya; saṃghaśaḥ sākalyena.
     -or, s. saṃgrāhakaḥ saṃcetṛ m.
     (2) karagrāhakaḥ.

College, s. vidyālayaḥ-yaṃ pāṭhaśālā.
     (2) maṭhaḥ vihāraḥ.
     (3) gaṇaḥ samājaḥ janasamūhaḥ.
     -legian, s. vidyārthin m., chātraḥ; vidyālayapraviṣṭaḥ.

Collet, See Collar

Collide, v. i. saṃ-samā-han 2 U, saṃghaṭṭ 1 A or c.; saṃmṛd 9 P.
     -Collision, s. saṃghaṭṭaḥ samāghātaḥ pratighātaḥ saṃmardaḥ saṃgharṣaṇaṃ.

Colligation, s. saṃbaṃdhaḥ.

Collimation, s. saṃdhānaṃ.

Collinear, a. samarekhāsthita.

Collocate, v. t. saṃ-prati-sthā c. (sthāpayati) nidhā 3 U, nyas 4 P, niviś c.
     (2) niyuj 7 A, 10.
     -ion, s. sthāpanaṃ niveśanaṃ.

Collocution, s. saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ kathāprasaṃgaḥ kathāyogaḥ saṃvādaḥ saṃkathā.

Collogue, See Flatter.

Colonnade, s. samānāṃtarastaṃbhapaṃkti f.

Collop, s. māṃsakhaṃḍaḥ-lavaḥ.

Colloquy, s. saṃlāpaḥ saṃkathā saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ saṃvādaḥ.
     -al, a. ālāpaviṣaya bhāṣaṇaprayukta; 'c. style' saṃlāpocitā bhāṣāsaraṇiḥ.

Collude, v. i. pakṣapātaṃ-kūṭaṃ kṛ 8 U; vac 10- kūṭa-yogaṃ kṛ.
     -Collusion, s. pakṣapātaḥ kūṭasaṃvid f.; pratāraṇā śāṭhyaṃ kapaṭaṃ.

Colly, s. aṃgāramalaṃ-kiṭṭaṃ. -v. t. aṃgāreṇa kṛṣṇīkṛ 8 U.
     -ed, a. aṃgāramalina malīmasa kṛṣṇa.
     -er, s. aṃgārakhanakaḥ-vikretṛ m.
     -y, s. aṃgārotpattisthānaṃ.

Collyrium, s. aṃjanaṃ kajjalaṃ netraraṃjanaṃ.

Colon, s. dvibiṃduḥ.
     (2) mahadaṃtraṃ.

Colonel, s. gulmapatiḥ sainyadalādhyakṣaḥ vāhinī patiḥ.

Colony, s. adhiniveśaḥ; vāsitaḥ pradeśaḥ.
     (2) gaṇaḥ saṃghaḥ; See Collection. -ist, s. adhivāsin m., adhiniveśin m.
     -ize, v. t. adhivas 1 P, adhiniviś 6 P, adhyās 2 A, (with acc.).

Colossus, s. bṛhatpratimā bhīmavigrahā mūrtiḥ.
     -Colossal, a. bṛhatkāya atimānuṣākāra bhīmavigraha.

Colour, s. varṇaḥ rāgaḥ raṃgaḥ
     (2) varṇakaḥ-kā lepaḥ; 'change c.' vivarṇībhū; 'ruddy c. ed face' lohitānanaṃ; 'without c.' pāṃḍu vivarṇa.
     (3) apa-vyapa-deśaḥ chadman n., chalaṃ vyājaḥ.
     (4) patākā dhvajaḥ ketuḥ. 'C. blind,' a. varṇavivekākṣama 'to come off with flying c. s.' vijayin a. bhū 1 P, patākāṃ uddhunvat a. āgam 1 P; kāryasiddhiṃprakaṭ 10, 'to come out in one's true c. s.' svabhāvaṃ prakaṭ 10; 'fast c.' sthāyin a. varṇaḥ; to fight under false c. s,' svahetugopanāya vyājaṃ puraskṛ 8 U; 'to give c.' ucitatvaṃ āruh c.; 'high c.' tāmravarṇaḥ; 'to lone c.' vivarṇa a. bhū 1 P, naṣṭasauṃdarya a. bhū 1 P.; 'off c.' naṣṭaprakarṣaḥ; 'to paint in bright c. s. bhūṣ 10, atiśayoktyā vad 1 P; 'to show one's c. s,' svarūpaṃsvabhāvaṃ-āsthā 1 P; 'to stick to one's c.' s. svapakṣaṃ-svamataṃ-dṛḍhaṃ avalaṃb 1 A; 'under c. of' (in comp.) ex. by vyājena or chadmanā; 'without c.' nirvyājaṃ. -v. t. raṃj c., varṇ 10, citr 10.
     (2) vyapa-apa-diś 6 P, ācchad 10, śam c. (śamayati).
     (3) satyavadābhās c., satyābhāsa a. kṛ 8 U, satyasannibha a. kṛ. -v. i. raṃj pass.
     (2) lajjāyā aruṇavadana a. bhū vrīḍita a. bhū lajj 6 A.
     -ing, s. raṃjanaṃ; 'art of c.' citrakarman n., ālekhyakaraṇaṃ ālekhyavidyā.
     (2) varṇanaṃ; alaṃkāraḥ.
     -lst, s. varṇin m., raṃjakaḥ.
     -less, a. avarṇa vivarṇa varṇahīna.
     -Colorate, a. sarāga rāgayukta.
     -Colorific, a. varṇada.

Colt, s. aśvaśāvaḥ kiśoraḥ.
     (2) capalaḥ pramattaḥ.
     -ish, a. capala tarala caṃcala lola.

Colter, s. haladaṃtaḥ phāladaṃtaḥ.

Columbarium, Columbary, s. kapotāgāraṃ viṭaṃkaḥ
     -Columbine, a. kapotasadṛśa kapotīya.

Column, s. staṃbhaḥ yūpaḥ sthāṇuḥ sthūṇā.
     (2) sūcivyūhaḥ; sainyabhāgaḥ.
     (3) patrabhāgaḥ dhārā; 'c. of smoke' dhūmarāśiḥ dhūmotpīḍaḥ.

Coma, s. atinidrā.
     -tose, a. atinidrātura.

Comate, s. sahāyaḥ sahavāsin m.

Comb, s. prasādhanī kaṃkataḥ-tikā keśamārjanī.
     (2) kukkuṭacūḍā-śikhā.
     (3) darī. -v. t. prasādh c., mṛj 2 P, vijaṭīkṛ 8 U.
     -maker, s. kaṃkatakṛt m.

Combat, s yuddhaṃ saṃgrāmaḥ samaraṃ; See Battle; 'single c.' dvaṃdvayuddhaṃ; 'hand-to-hand-c.' bāhūbāhavi bāhuyuddhaṃ; 'mingled c.' (melee) tumulaṃ raṇasaṃkulaṃ. -v. t. yudh 4 A, vigrah 9 P, vivad 1 A. -v. t. pratiyudh pra-tirudh 7 U, pratibaṃdh 9 P.
     (2) khaṃḍ 10, niras 4 P, nirākṛ 8 U; 'c. one's passions' saṃyam 1 P, nigrah 9 P.
     -ant, s. yodhaḥ yoddhṛ m., bhaṭaḥ; vīraḥ.
     -ive, a. kalahapriya.

Combine, v. t. saṃyuj 7 U, 10, saṃśliṣ c., saṃdhā 3 U, saṃmiśr 10, ekīkṛ 8 U. -v. i. mil 6 P, saṃbhū 1 P, saṃgam 1 A; saṃhata-samaveta a. bhū ekībhū; saṃyuj-saṃdhā-saṃhan-saṃsṛj- pass.; 'all things c. ed to ruin him' sarvameva tasya nāśāyākalpata; 'having c. ed' saṃbhūya militvā.
     -ation, s. saṃhati f., saṃyogaḥ saṃsargaḥ saṃdhiḥ saṃghātaḥ saṃgaḥ sahāyatā saṃśleṣaḥ vyatikaraḥ samavāyaḥ; (of letters) saṃdhiḥ; 'working by c.' saṃbhūya samutthānaṃ; 'in c. with his brothers' bhrātṛsaṃghātavān (rājā).

Combustible, a. dāhya dāhagrāhaka; jvalanārha dahanaśīla.
     (2) (fig.) śīghrakopin krodhila. -s. dāhyaḥ padārthaḥ.

Combustion, s. dāhaḥ dahanaṃ jvalanaṃ ploṣaḥ.

Come, v. i. āgam 1 P, āyā 2 P, ā-i 2 P; upasthā 1 U, āvraj 1 P, ā-abhi-pad 4 A: 'c. what may' yadbhāvi tadbhavatu; 'c. harm, c. good' yadbhāvi tadbhavatu śubhamaśubhaṃ vā.
     -about, saṃvṛt 1 A, saṃbhū āpat 1 P; 'c. across,' See Meet. -back, nivṛt pratyāgam.
     -at, or by, See Get. -down, avatṝ 1 P, avaruh 1 P, avapat 1 P.
     -down upon, (sahasā-rabhasā) avaskaṃd 1 P, āpat 1 P, abhidru 1 P, ākram 1 U, 4 P. 'c. down with' deyaṃ dā 3 U.
     -forth, nirgam niḥsṛ 1 P, 'c. in' vaśī bhū 1 P; vaśaṃ-gam 1 P.
     -into, praviś 6 P; 'c. into trouble' vi-padābhibhū āpadgrasta a. bhū.
     -near, See Approach. -of, See Arise. -off, out, niṣkram; nirgam udi 2 P; 'came out successful' jayī babhūva.
     (2) pravṛt saṃpad nivṛt avaso pass. 'c. out' prasiddhiṃ gam.
     -over, āśri 1 U. 'c. round,' prakṛtiṃ āpad.
     -short, nyūnībhū.
     -to, sakāśaṃ āgam-yā-i prāp 5 P, prakṛtimāpad 4 A, See Amount; 'c. to a head' pākaṃ vraj 1 P; sapūya a. bhū; 'c. to blows' anyonyaṃ prahartuṃ ārabh 1 A. 'c. to life' ujjīv 1 P; 'came to nothing' tasya ko'pi pariṇāmo nāsīt niṣphalaṃ-nirguṇaṃbabhūva; 'c. to pass,' āpat samāpad saṃvṛt; 'c. to oneself' prakṛtimāpad 4 A, saṃjñāṃcetanāṃ-labh 1 A or pratipad prakṛtau sthā; 'c. to terms,' saṃdhiṃ kṛ 8 U. 'c. under' samā- viś 6 P.
     -up to, samupāgam samāyā samupasṛ-sṛp.
     -up with, āsad c., prāp.
     -upon, ā-samā-pat upasthā ākram.
     -ing, s. āgamanaṃ. -a. (to come) āgāmin; 'on the c. Monday' āgāmini somavāsare; bhāvin. uttara; 'time to c.' uttarakālaḥ; 'c. generations' s. putrapautrāḥ; uttarakālīnā janāḥ.

Comedy, s. bhāṇaḥ prahasanaṃ harṣapradhānaṃ nāṭakaṃ.
     -ian, s. naṭaḥ kuśīlavaḥ nartakaḥ vaihāsikaḥ.
     (2) prahasanakṛt m.

Comely, a. cāru suṃdara (rī f.). surūpa; See Beautiful. -ness, s. sauṃdaryaṃ; See Beauty.

Comestible, s. See 'Eatable'.

Comet, s. dhūmaketuḥ ketuḥ utpātaḥ ulkā.

Comfit, Comfiture, s. miṣṭānnaṃ modakaḥ.

Comfort, v. t. samā-ā-śvas c., sāṃtv 10.
     (2) saṃtuṣ c., ānaṃd c., hṛṣ c., sukhaṃ dā 3 U, sukhin -a. kṛ 8 U; 'c. yourself' samāśvasihi. -s. āśvāsanaṃ sāṃtvanaṃ; saṃtoṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) sukhaṃ susthatā saukhyaṃ svāsthyaṃ nirvṛti f.
     -able, a. sukhakara (rī f.), sukhada; sukhaśayitaṃ praṣṭuṃ (S. 4) 'to ask whether she had a c. alcep.'
     (2) āśvāsaka śāṃtida kleśāpaha klamavinodaka.
     -ably, adv. sukhaṃ yathāsukhaṃ; nikāmaṃ; I can't sleep c. even at night' rātrāvapi nikāmaṃ śayitavyaṃ nāsti (S. 2).
     -er, s. āśvāsakaḥ saṃtoṣadaḥ śokāpahartṛ m., sāṃtvavādaḥ.
     (2) aurṇaṃ kaṃṭhāvaguṃṭhanaṃ.
     -less, a. nirānaṃda sukharahita saṃtoṣahīna

Comic, Comical, a. hāsajanaka hāsakara (rī f.), hāsyotpādaka.
     (2) aparūpa asaṃgata
     -ity, -alness, s. hāsyatā kautukaṃ; apa-rūpatā.

Comity, s. See Civility.

Comma, s. svalpavirāmaḥ.

Command, v. t. ājñā c. (ājñāpayati) ādiś 6 P, vyā-saṃ-samā-- vidhā 3 U, śās 2 P, niyuj 7 A, 10.
     (2) adhiṣṭhā 1 P, adhyās 2 A; īś 2 A, prabhū (with gen.); 'Rākshasas c. ed by 2 chieftains' nāyakābhyāmadhiṣṭhitā rākṣasāḥ.
     (3) niyam 1 P, nigrah 9 P; See Control.
     (4) ātmavaśaṃ nī 1 P, svāyattīkṛ 8 U.
     (5) avalok 10; 'sitting at a window c. ing (the view of) a well' dīrghikāvalokanagavākṣagatā (M. 1); 'good forms c. respect' ākṛtiviśeṣeṣvādaraḥ padaṃ karoti (M. 1); padaṃ hi sarvatra guṇairnidhīyate (R. III. 62) 'c. notice or attention.' -s. ādeśaḥ nideśaḥ śāsanaṃ niyogaḥ.
     (2) adhikāraḥ prabhutvaṃ ādhipatyaṃ adhiṣṭhātṛtvaṃ; 'has Rākshasas under his c.' tasyādeśamanuvartamānā rākṣasāḥ or sa rākṣasānāmadhipatiḥ-nāyakaḥ-adhiṣṭhātā; 'at c.' vaśesthita a. 'under one's c.' vaśīkṛta svādhīna; 'to the c. of the army' saināpatye; 'bring under one's c.' ātmavaśaṃ nī svādhīna a. kṛ; 'though I have no c. over language' tanuvāgvibhavopi san (R-I. 9); 'who has perfect c. over language' yaṃ vāgvaśyevānuvartate (U. 1).
     -er, s. ājñāpakaḥ ādeṣṭṛ m.
     (2) patiḥ adhyakṣaḥ nāyakaḥ nīḥ in comp.; c. of an army camūpatiḥ senānīḥ senādhyakṣaḥ.
     -in-chief, senāpatiḥ senādhyakṣaḥ.
     -ment, s. ājñā vidhiḥ sūtraṃ.
     (2) codanā śāstra-dharma. ājñā.

Commemorate, v. t. smaraṇārthaṃ utsavaṃ kṛ 8 U. or ācar 1 P; saṃkṝt 10, saṃsmṛ c., varṇ 10.
     -ion, s. utsavakaraṇaṃ smaraṇotsavaḥ; 'in c. of' smaraṇārthaṃ samuddiśya.
     -ive, a. smāraka smaraṇakṛt.

Commence, v. ā-prā-rabh 1 A, pra-upa-kram 1 A, pravṛt 1 A, vyavaso 4 P.
     (2) anuṣṭhā 1 P, prastu 2 U.
     -ment, s. āraṃbhaḥ upakramaḥ prastāvaḥ mukhaṃ ādi m.
     (2) āmukhaṃ prastāvanā (in dramas)
     (3) anuṣṭhānaṃ pravṛtti f., pravartanaṃ; 'from the c.' āmūlāt āditaḥ.

Commend, v. t. praśaṃs 1 P, stu 2 U, ślāgh 1 A, kat 10, varṇ 10.
     (2) sam-ṛ c. (arpayati) haste nikṣip 6 P, adhīna a. kṛ 8 U; 'thy speech does not c. itself to me' tvadvaco nābhinaṃdāmi (S. 2).
     -able, a. praśasya ślāghya stutya.
     -ation, s. ślāghā praśaṃsā stuti f.
     -atory, a. ślāghāsūcaka praśaṃsākara (rī f.), stutidyotaka.
     -er, s. praśaṃsakaḥ stāvakaḥ.

Commensurate, v. t. anurūpa-anuguṇa- a. kṛ 8 U.
     (2) apavṛt c. -a.,
     -Commensurable, a. anurūpa anuguṇa sadṛśa (śī f.), sama tulya.
     (2) sāpavarta.

Comment, v. i. vyākṛ 8 U, vyācakṣ 2 A, vivṛ 5 U, bhāṣyaṃ likh 6 P.
     (2) nirūp 10, carcāṃ kṛ parīkṣ 1 A, anusaṃdhā 3 U.
     -ary, a. ṭīkā vyākhyā vṛtti f., bhāṣyaṃ.
     (2) nirūpaṇaṃ parīkṣaṇaṃ carcā.
     -ator, -er, s. bhāṣyakṛt-kāraḥ vyākhyātṛ m., ṭīkākāraḥ-kṛt.

Commentitious, a. kṛtrima kalpita.

Commerce, s. vāṇijyaṃ krayavikrayaḥ nigamaḥ.
     (2) vyavahāraḥ saṃgamaḥ-ti f., saṃsargaḥ. -v. i. vāṇijyaṃ kṛ 8 U, paṇ 1 A, vyavahṛ 1 P.
     -ial, a. vāṇijya-viṣayaka-saṃbaṃdhin; 'c. people' vāṇijyaparāyaṇā narāḥ.

Commination, s. See Curse, Threat.

Commingle, v. t. sayuj 7 U, 10, saṃmiśr 10, ekīkṛ 8 U, saṃkṝ 6 P; See Unite.

Comminute, v. t. cūrṇ 10, viṣ 7 P, kṣud 7 U.
     -ion, s. cūrṇanaṃ peṣaṇaṃ kṣodaḥ.

Commiserate, v. t. day 1 A, (with gen.), anukaṃp 1 A.
     -ion, s. dayā anukaṃpā karuṇā.
     -ive, Commiserable, a. karuṇātmaka anukaṃpāśīla sadaya dayārdra.

Commissary, s. sainyānāṃ bhojanādi pari-kalpakaḥ
     (2) See Deputy. -Commisariat, s. sainyānāṃ bhojanādyadhikāraḥ.
     (2) sainyānāṃ bhojanādyadhikṛtaḥ.

Commit, v. t. kṛ 8 U, ācar 1 P, anuṣṭhā 1 P, vi-dhā 3 U
     (2) (Entrust) c. (arpayati) nyas 4 P, nikṣip 6 P.
     (3) niyuj 7 A, 10, samādiś 6 P, pratipad c.; 'c. to memory' kaṃṭhastha a. kṛ; abhyas 4 U; 'c. to prison,' kārāgāre praviś c., āsidh 1 P; 'c. to writing' ābhilikh 6 P, lekhyaṃ-patraṃ āruh c. (patramāropya dīyatāṃ pratyavekṣitaṃ karma S. 6), patre niviś c. (patre niveśitamudāharaṇaṃ priyāyāḥ V. 2), patre ṛ c.
     -tal, ācaraṇaṃ karaṇaṃ anuṣṭhānaṃ.
     -tee, s. kāryasaṃpādakā sabhā niyuktajanāḥ.
     -ment, s. āsedhaḥ nirodhaḥ kārāpraveśanaṃ.
     -Commission, s. ācaraṇaṃ karaṇaṃ.
     (2) samarpaṇaṃ nikṣepaḥ nyāsaḥ.
     (3) niyogaḥ vyāpāraḥ adhikāraḥ.
     (4) ājñā-śāsana-patraṃ ādeśaḥ.
     (5) parārthaṃ-vikrayaḥ.
     (6) niyuktajanāḥ; 'c. in the army' senāyāṃ padaṃ. -v. t. niyuj 7 A, 10, ādiś 6 P, adhikṛ 8 U.
     -er, s. niyogin m., adhikārin m.

Commix,-ture, See Mix,-ture.

Commode, s. strīmastakābharaṇaṃ.

Commodious, a. ucita upayukta yogya.
     (2) sopakaraṇa yathāyukta-yogya.
     -ly, adv. yuktaṃ yogyaṃ.
     -ness, s. yogyatā aucityaṃ &c.

Commodity, s. paṇyaṃ dravyaṃ krayavastu n., bhāṃḍaṃ.

Common, a. sādhāraṇa (ṇī f.), sāmānya sarvīya sārvalaukika (kī f.).
     (2) prākṛta grāmya; 'c. man' prākṛtaḥ pṛthagjanaḥ vṛṣalaḥ.
     (3) prasiddha vyāvahārika (kī f.), bahuśaḥ kṛtadṛṣṭa.
     (4) bahusvāmika.
     (5) sulabha; 'c. report' janapravādaḥ; 'c. food' gaṇānnaṃ sahabhojanaṃ; 'c. road' pracāraḥ; 'in c.' sāmānyena; 'who have made c. cause with us' asmābhiḥ sahaikakāryāṇāṃ (Mu. 2). -s. pracāraḥ sarvasādhāraṇaṃ kṣetraṃ.
     -alty, s. prajā lokāḥ avaravarṇāḥ.
     -law, s. deśācāraḥ deśavyavahāraḥ-vidhiḥ.
     -ly, adv. sāmānyataḥ prāyaḥ sādhāraṇyena bahuśaḥ.
     -place, a. prāsiddha prākṛta.
     -wealth, s. prajādhīnaṃ rājyataṃtraṃ prajāprabhutvaṃ; 'c. (of ants)' samūhaḥ svataṃtro gaṇaḥ.

Commorancy, s. vāsaḥ vasati f.

Commotion, s. kṣobhaḥ viplavaḥ prakopaḥ kalahaḥ.

Commune, v. i. saṃbhāṣ 1 A, saṃmaṃtr 10 A, saṃvad 1 P; vyavahṛ 1 P; vyāsādayo devādibhiḥ pratyakṣaṃ vyavaharaṃti (S. B. 313) 'c. directly with Gods.' -s.,
     -ion, s. saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ; saṃvādaḥ.
     (2) vyavahāraḥ.
     (3) saṃsargaḥ saṃgaḥ saṃgamaḥ.
     -ity, s. samājaḥ janasamūhaḥ prajājanaḥ janatā gaṇaḥ.
     (2) sāmānyaṃ sādhāraṇyaṃ; aikayaṃ sāmyaṃ.

Communicate, v. t. kath 10, nivid c., ākhyā 2 P, ācakṣ 2 A. (with dat. of person), vivṛ 5 U, prakāś c., vad 1 P, vijñā c (jñāpayati) saṃdiś 6 P.
     (2) vitṝ 1 P (with loc.), 3 U, pratipad c. (with dat.) -v. i. saṃgam 1 A, samāgam saṃyuj pass; 'c. ing with Sindhu' siṃdhunadena saṃgata-saṃgacchamāna.
     (2) saṃlap 1 P. saṃvad 1 P, saṃbhāṣ 1 A; vyavahṛ 1 P.
     (3) saṃcar 1 P.
     -ion, s. kathanaṃ nivedanaṃ vijñāpanaṃ; saṃdeśaḥ lekhaḥ lekhyaṃ.
     (2) dānaṃ vitaraṇaṃ.
     (3) saṃgamaḥ; saṃsargaḥ saṃvyavahāraḥ.
     (4) saṃkathā saṃlāpaḥ saṃvādaḥ.
     (5) sāmānyapathaḥ.
     (6) saṃcāraḥ.
     -ive, a. saṃpradāna-saṃvadi-śīla; 'not c.' mitavāk vāgyata.

Commute, v. i. parivṛt c., vinime 1 A, viparyas 4 P, or c., pratidā 3 U.
     -ation, s. parivartanaṃ vinimayaḥ.
     (2) vikriyā vi-pariṇāmaḥ viparyayaḥ; 'c. of a curse' ucchāpaḥ.

Compact, a. susaṃhata nibiḍa ghana sāṃdra dṛḍha anaṃtara avirala. -s. niyamaḥ samayaḥ saṃvid f., abhyupagamaḥ pratiśravaḥ; 'a written c.' niyamapatraṃ; 'make a c.' saṃvidamabhyupagam 1 P. pratiśru 5 P. -v. t. saṃhan 2 P, saṃdhā 3 U, saṃśliṣ c., ghanīkṛ 8 U
     -ly, adv. dṛḍhaṃ nibiḍaṃ ghanaṃ.
     -ness, s saṃhati f. nibiḍatā &c.

Companion, s. sakhi m., sahacaraḥ mitraṃ vayasyaḥ sahāyaḥ; sajus m.; 'with Madhu for a c.' madhusahāyaḥ madhudvitīyaḥ; 'c. of the king' (in love matters) narmasuhṛd-sacivaḥ; 'c. of youth' bālasahacaraḥ; 'c. at school' sahādhyāyin m., 'c. in arms' sahayoddhṛ m. 'c. in joy and sorrow' samaduḥkhasukhaḥ;
     -ship, s. sāhacaryaṃ sāhāyyaṃ saṃsargaḥ saṃgati f.

Company, s. sāhacaryaṃ saṃgati f., samāgamaḥ saṃsargaḥ saṃvāsaḥ sahavasati f.
     (2) janasamūhaḥ pariṣad f., samājaḥ; dalaṃ vṛṃdaṃ gaṇaḥ paṃkti f., vargaḥ; 'c. of soldiers; sainyadalaṃ-gulmaḥ 'c. of traders' śreṇī naigamāḥ; 'not admissible into c.' apāṃkteyaḥ; 'keep or bear c. with' saha vas-car -1 P, saṃgamanuvraj 1 P, See Associate.

Compare, v. t. tul 10 (tulayati) upamā 3 A; 'c. ed with the moon' śaśāṃkena tulitaṃ; samīkṛ 8 U, sadṛśīkṛ.
     (2) ekatra parīkṣ 1 A, saṃpradhṛ 10.
     -Comparative, a. ānuṣaṃgika (kī f.), tulanayā nirṇīta upamājanya; oft. by apekṣayā in comp.
     -ly, adv. 'as c. ed with' tulanayā aupamyena upamānena apekṣayā; 'I like mango as c. ed with a Jambu fruit' jaṃbuphalādjaṃbuphalāpekṣayā āmraṃ me'dhikataraṃ rocate; 'the merits of Rama c.' anyāpekṣayā rāmasya guṇāḥ.
     -Comparison, s. tulā tulanā upamā-mānaṃ sādṛśyaṃ aupamyaṃ; 'without c.' atula anupama; 'standard of c.' upamānaṃ; 'subject of c.' upabheyaṃ.

Compartment, s. śālā koṣṭhaḥ kakṣaḥ-kṣā.
     (2) chedaḥ bhāgaḥ aṃśaḥ.

Compass, s. viṣayaḥ gocaraṃ; 'within the c. of the eye' nayanagocarastha.
     (2) maṃḍalaṃ pāridhiḥ pariṇāhaḥ vistāraḥ parimāṇaṃ paryaṃtaḥ.
     (3) parimitatā anatikramaḥ
     (4) diṅnirṇayayaṃtraṃ. -v. t. parigam 1 P, pari-i 2 P, pariveṣṭ 1 A, or c., parivṛ 5 U.
     (2) adhigam 1 P, labh 1 A, See Get. 3 ghaṭ c. (ghaṭayati) sādh 5 P or c., saṃpad c., niṣpad c.

Compassion, s. dayā anukaṃpā kṛpā ghṛṇā karuṇā anukrośaḥ; 'feel or have c. for' anukaṃp 1 A, abhyupapad 4 A, dayāṃ kṛ or dṛś c. (loc.), day 1 A, (gen.).
     -ate, a. sadaya karuṇārdra sānukaṃpa sānukrośa kṛpālu dayālu sakaruṇa dayāśīlā.
     -ately, adv. sadayaṃ sānukaṃpaṃ kṛpayā.

Compaternity, s. dharmapitṛtvaṃ.

Compatible, a. anuguṇa anurūpa aviruddha upayukta; See Consistent. -Compati-
     -bility, s. avirodhaḥ yogyatā anurūpatā avisaṃvādaḥ.

Compatriot, s. svadeśajaḥ ekadeśanivāsin m.

Compeer, s. vayasyaḥ samānapadasthaḥ.

Compel, v. t. Ex. by causal, of verbs with balād balena or eva; 'I shall c. you to go' tvāṃ gamayiṣyāmyeva or balād gamayiṣyāmi; 'c. s payment' balād dāpayati &c.; 'c. s me to ask' balādanicchaṃtamapi māṃ praśnakarmaṇi niyojayati (Ka. 134); sometimes ex. by avaśyaṃ with pot. pass. part; 'you will be c. ed to stay here' tvayātrāvaśyaṃ sthātavyaṃ; or by prer c., pravṛt c.
     -Compulsory, a. avaśya-ka 'it is not c. on you to go' gamanaṃ na te'vaśyakaṃ.
     (2) balavat balin.
     -ly, adv. balāt avaśyaṃ balena anicchat a. (tī-ntī f.)
     -Compulsion, s. balātkāraḥ prasabhaṃ sāhasaṃ balaṃ; 'by c.' balāt balena prasabhaṃ prasahya haṭhāt.

Compend, Compendium, s. saṃkṣepaḥ saṃgrahaḥ saṃhāraḥ sāraḥ.
     -Compendious, a. saṃkṣipta saṃgṛhīta avistīrṇa parimita sārabhūta.
     -ly, adv. saṃkṣepeṇa saṃkṣepataḥ samāsataḥ avistareṇa.
     -ness, s. saṃkṣepaḥ avi-staraḥ.

Compensate, v. t. parituṣ c., niṣkṛtiṃ dā 3 U, pratyupakṛ 8 U, (of persons); apākṛ śudh c., nistṝ c,
     -ion, s. pratiphalaṃ niṣkṛti f., nistāraḥ pāritoṣikaṃ.
     -lve, a. kṣati-hāni-pūraka.

Compete, v. i. spardh 1 A, saṃvṛṣ 1 P, viji desid. (jigīṣate); oft. ex. by ahamahamikā ahamahamikayā praṇāmalālasāḥ (Ka. 81) 'c. ing with one another to salute first.'
     -ence, -ency, s. yogyatā sāmarthyaṃ śakti f., aucityaṃ kāryakṣamatā.
     (2) vṛtyucitaṃ dravyaṃ; 'bare c.' grāsācchādanamātraṃ.
     -ent, a. yogya ucita samartha śakta kṣama paryāpta kāryakṣama kāryanirvāhakṣama.
     (2) parimita anadhika.
     -ition, s. spardhā ahamahamikā saṃgharṣaḥ vijigīṣā.
     -itor, s. pratispardhin m., pratyarthin m., pratipakṣaḥ pratiyogin m.

Compile, v. t. saṃkal 1 P, 10 (kalayati) saṃ-samā-hṛ 1 P, āloḍ 10, saṃgrah 6 P. uddhṛtya samāhṛ
     -ation, s. saṃkalanaṃ saṃgrahaḥ. sāraḥ.
     -er, s. samāhartṛ m., saṃgrahītṛ m., vyāsaḥ saṃkalayitṛ m.

     -cy, s. prasādaḥ saṃtoṣaḥ prīti f.
     (2) saujanyaṃ anuvṛtti f., dākṣiṇyaṃ.
     -placent, a. prasanna susaṃtuṣṭa suprīta.
     (2) suśīla dakṣiṇa.
     -ly, adv. prasādena prītyā sānaṃdaṃ.

Complain, v. i. Ex. by verbs of 'telling' gen. with saśokaṃ savilāpaṃ; ā-adhi-kṣip 6 P; 'c. ed of her brother's rudeness to her father' bhrāturavinayamadhikṛtya pitrekathayat or bhrāturavinayācaraṇaṃ pitre nyavedayat; 'c. ed to me of partiality' pakṣapātamadhikṛtya māṃ savilāpaṃ vijñāpayāmāsaḥ; 'how can I do what you c. of' yattvaṃ mayyāropayasi tatkathamahaṃ kuryāṃ.
     (2) vilap 1 P, śuc 1 P, paridev 1 A, ākraṃd 1 P, ākruś 1 P.
     (3) abhiyuj 7 A; 10, rājakule nivid c. (in law).
     (4) pīḍ pass., anubhū 1 P; 'has been c. ing of ill-health' āmayapīḍitaḥ.
     -ant, s. abhiyoktṛ m., arthin m., abhiyogin m., vādin m., piśunaḥ.
     -er, s. pari-devakaḥ vilāpin m.
     -Complaint, s. abhiyogaḥ.
     (2) vijñāpanā (savilāpā); duḥkhani-vedanaṃ vilapanaṃ paridevanaṃ; 'breathed out this doleful c.' imāni paridevitākṣarāṇi sakaruṇamudīrayāmāsa.
     (3) vyādhiḥ pīḍā rogaḥ āmayaḥ.
     (4) vilapanaviṣayaḥ.

Complaisance, s. dākṣiṇyaṃ anuvṛtti f., anunayaḥ praśrayaḥ anurodhaḥ.
     -Complaisant, a. dakṣiṇa anunayin anurodhin anukūla sapraśraya.
     -ly, adv. sānunayaṃ sānurodhaṃ.

Complement, s. pūraṇaṃ paripūrakaṃ.
     (2) koṭi f.
     (3) pūrṇatā sāmagryaṃ.

Complete, v. i. samāp o., saṃpad c., sādh c.; avaso c. (sādhayati) nirvah c., saṃpṝ c. (pūrayati) or saṃpūr 10, nivṛt. c. -a. saṃpūrṇa samāpta avasita siddha saṃpanna nirvṛtta.
     (2) saṃpūrṇa nikhila akhila samasta samagra aśeṣa anyūna
     (3) pakva pariṇata; 'c. army' sāṃgabalaṃ.
     -ion, s. samāpanaṃ nirvartanaṃ saṃpādanaṃ.
     (2) siddhi f., samāpti f., nirvṛtti f.
     (3) pariṇāmaḥ paripākaḥ.
     (4) pūraṇaṃ paripūrakaṃ.
     -ly, adv.- saṃpūrṇaṃ; niḥśeṣaṃ paryāptaṃ niravaśeṣaṃ aśeṣataḥ sarvathā.
     (2) āmūlaṃ kārtsnyena.
     -ness, s. saṃpūṇatā niḥśeṣatā.

Complex, a. saṃkīrṇa miśrita viṣama saṃmiśra miśra saṃkula.
     (2) nānārthaka asarala bahvartha.
     -ity, s. saṃkaraḥ miśratā saṃkulatā.

Complexion, s. varṇaḥ mukharāgaḥ; 'of a pale c.' vivarṇa a., pāṃḍuvadana a.
     (2) ākāraḥ svarūpaṃ.
     (3) prakṛti f., śarīrabhāvaḥ.
     -al, a. prakṛtisaṃbaṃdhin.

Complicate, v. t. saṃmiśr 10, saṃkīrṇa-saṃkula -a. kṛ 8 U. pra-saṃ-kṝ 6 P, saṃkarī-saṃkulī. kṛ.
     -ion, s. saṃkulīkaraṇaṃ saṃkīrṇatā saṃmiśratā.

Complice, s. pāpasahāyaḥ.
     -ity, s. pāpasahāyatā sahakāritā.

Compliment, s. abhinaṃdanavacas n., namaskāraḥ; 'presents c. s' abhinaṃdya bravīti; 'give my c. s to Chyavana' cyavanāya māṃ praṇipātaya (V. 5), madīyo namaskāro vācyaḥ; śvaśrūjanaṃ sarvaṃ vijñāpaya prāpitamatpraṇāmaḥ (R. xiv 60).
     (2) praśrayavāc f., cāṭūkti f., praśaṃsā ślāghā praśaṃsokti f.; 'high c.' uccairvādaḥ; stuti f. -v. t. See Praise 2 madhuragirā-cāṭūktyā sāṃtv 10.
     -ary, a. upacāra in comp., 'c. saying' upacārapadaṃ; priyavādin stutimaya (yī f.); 'c. present' upāyanaṃ.
     -er, s. priyavādin m., cāṭukāraḥ.

Complot, v. i. gūḍhaṃ-maṃtr 10 A, kūṭasaṃvidaṃ kṛ 8 U. -s. gūḍha-ku-maṃtraṇā kūṭasāhityaṃ.
     -ter, s. kūṭasahāya.

Comply, v. i. anuvidhā 3 U, anurudh 4 A, anuvṛt 1 A.
     (2) anu-saṃ-man 4 A, anujñā 9 U, svīkṛ 8 U, prati-pari-grah 9 P, pratīṣ 6 P, abhyupagam 1 P; kriyatāmasyāḥ praṇayapari-grahaḥ (Ka. 145) 'c. with her request.'
     -ance, s. anuvṛtti f., anuvidhāyitvaṃ anu-rodhaḥ anusāraḥ.
     (2) svīkāraḥ saṃmati f., abhyupa-gamaḥ parigrahaḥ; 'in c. with your orders' tvacchāsanānurodhāt-nusāreṇa.
     -ant, a. anu-vidhāyin anuvṛtti-kuśala-śīla anurodhin vacane sthita.
     -er, s. anurodhin m., pari-grahin m.

Component, a. or s. ghaṭaka sādhaka racaka; 'c. part' ghaṭakāvayavaḥ aṃgaṃ bhāgaḥ sādhanaṃ.

Comport, v. i.
     Behave, q. v.
     (2) yuj-upa-pad-pass.
     -able, a. yogya ucita.
     -ment, s. ācāraḥ vyavahāraḥ ceṣṭitaṃ.

Compose, v. t. (of books &c.) praṇī 1 P, virac 10, baṃdh 9 P, nibaṃdh saṃgraṃth 9 P.
     (2) vinyas 4 P, saṃdhā 3 U, saṃkḷp c., saṃvidhā nirmā 3 A.
     (3) ghaṭ c. (ghaṭayati) nirmā kḷp c.; or gen. ex. by ātmaka rūpa maya (yī f.) in comp.; 'the body c. ed of 5 elements' paṃcabhirnirmito dehaḥ paṃcabhūtātmako dehaḥ.
     (4) (Calm) sthirīkṛ 8 U, śam c. (śamayati) prasad c., saṃstaṃbh c., paryavasthā (sthāpayati); 'does not yet c. (collect) himself' nādyāpi paryavasthāpayatyātmānaṃ (U. 3).
     (5) (a dispute &c.) saṃdhā 3 U, praśam c. (praśamayasi vivādaṃ S. 5).
     -ed, a. śāṃta prasanna avyākula anudvigna sthirīkṛta samāhita.
     (2) viracita nirmita nibaddha; 'c. in verse, or music' śloka-svara-baddha; 'c. of' ghaṭita ātmaka-(tmikā f.), rūpa in comp.
     -edly, adv. asaṃbhramaṃ praśāṃtacetasā niru- dvegaṃ.
     -er, s. racakaḥ praṇetṛ m., nibaṃddhṛ m.
     -ition, s. racanā praṇayanaṃ nirmāṇaṃ nibaṃdhanaṃ.
     (2) vinyāsaḥ saṃdhānaṃ praśamanaṃ.
     (3) samasanaṃ miśraṇaṃ saṃyogaḥ saṃdhiḥ saṃghātaḥ.
     (4) graṃthaḥ pra-ni-baṃdhaḥ.
     -ure, s. sthairyaṃ śamaḥ prasādaḥ asaṃbhramaḥ akṣobhaḥ.
     (2) saṃdhānaṃ saṃyogaḥ miśraṇaṃ nirmāṇaṃ.

Compotation, s. sahapānaṃ saṃpīti f.

Compound, v. t. saṃyuj 10, saṃmiśr 10, saṃdhā 3 U, samas 4 P, saṃśliṣ c.
     (2) (a dispute) saṃdhā samādhā c., praśam c. (śamayati). -v. i. ṛṇaśodhanena ānṛṇyaṃ gam 1 P; 'was glad to c. for his escape with the less of it' tannāśenāpi muktirabhavaditi hṛṣṭo babhūva. -a.,
     -ed, a. saṃyukta yaugika (kī f.), saṃsṛṣṭa saṃmiśra sāmāsika sādhita; 'c. word' samāsaḥ. -s. miśraṇaṃ saṃkaraḥ; miśritadravyaṃ yogaḥ.
     (2) parisarabhūmi f., prāṃgaṇaṃ (naṃ).
     -er, s. miśraṇakṛt-samādhātṛ m.; 'c. of medicines' auṣadhayogavid m.

Comprehend, v. t. budh 1 P, vid 2 P, jñā 9 U, grah 9 P, parigrah upalabh 1 A, ava-gam 1 P, ūh 1 A; vibhū c., avadhṛ 10.
     (2) vyāp 5 P, aṃtargaṇ 10, aṃtarbhū c., parigrah 9 P, ākal 10, samāviś c.
     -hensible, a. grāhya vedya avadhāraṇīya vi-bhāvya dhīgamya; 'easily c.' subodha; 'not c.' durbodha durgraha durgama durjñeya.
     -sion, s. grahaṇaṃ bodhaḥ.
     (2) dhī f., mati f., buddhi f., avadhāraṇā medhā; 'power of c.' grahaṇasāmarthyaṃ ākalanaśakti f.
     (3) pratisaṃhāraḥ vyāpti f., samāveśaḥ aṃtarbhāva.
     -hensive, a. vyāpaka bahuvistīrṇa vyāpin bahugraha.
     (2) sākṣepika (kī f.).
     -ly, adv. samāsataḥ saṃkṣepeṇa.
     (2) vyāpakatvena.
     -ness, s.- vyāpakatvaṃ.
     (2) saṃkṣepaḥ samastatā.

Compress, v. t. saṃvṛ 5 U, saṃkuc 1 P, saṃhan 2 P, saṃpīḍ 10, saṃhṛ 1 P.
     -able, a. saṃkocanīya.
     -ibility, s. saṃkocakṣamatā saṃharaṇīyatā.
     -ion, s. saṃkocaḥ- canaṃ saṃhati f., saṃpīḍanaṃ; saṃvaraṇaṃ.

Comprise, v. t. vyāp 5 P, aṃtargaṇ 10, pari-grah 9 P, samāviś c., aṃtarbhū c.; 'to be c. ed in' aṃtargam 1 P, aṃtarbhū 1 P, or by ātmaka garbha in comp.

Comprobation, s. pramāṇaṃ sākṣyaṃ saṃmati f.

Compromise, v. t. āpuṣ 10.
     (2) saṃśaye pat c., saṃśayastha a. kṛ 8 U. -s. āpoṣaḥ-ṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) madhyasthāvalaṃbananiyamaḥ.

Comprovincial, a. ekadeśīya ekadeśaja.

Comptrol, v. t. adhiṣṭhā 1 P, paryava-īkṣ 1 A.
     -ler, s. kāryādhikṛtaḥ paryavekṣakaḥ kāryadraṣṭṛ m.

     -sory, See under Compel.

Compunction, s. anuśayaḥ anutāpaḥ paścāttāpaḥ.
     -Compunctious, a. anuśayārta anutāpin.

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Compute, v. t. gaṇ 10, saṃ-parisaṃ-khyā 2 P, saṃkal 10.
     -ation, s. gaṇanaṃ-nā saṃkhyānaṃ.
     -er, s. gaṇakaḥ.

Comrade, See Companion,

Con, v. t. adhī 2 A, abhyas 4 U.

Concatenate, v. t. (avicchedaṃ) saṃyuj 10, saṃśliṣ c., anubaṃdh 9 P, saṃdhā 3 U.
     -ion, s. avicchedasaṃyogaḥ niraṃtaraḥ saṃśleṣaḥ anu-baṃdhaḥ.
     (3) mālā paraṃparā śreṇī paṃkti f.

Concave, a. puṭākāra uttāna udarākāra.
     -ity, s. uttānatā puṭaḥ garbhaḥ.

Conceal, v. t. guh 1 U, pracchad 10, apavṛ 5 U or c., aṃtardhā 3 U; pidhā 3 U, saṃvṛ ni-apa-hnu 2 A (feelings &c.); gup 1 P or 10; 'c. oneself' 'to be c. ed' aṃtari 2 P; 'c. ing the body (oneself) behind a bush' viṭapāṃtaritavigrahaḥ (Ka. 152); 4 A (māturnilīyate kṛṣṇaḥ S. K.).
     -ed, a. gūḍha pracchanna nibhṛta gupta nilīna.
     -ment, s. gūhanaṃ pracchādanaṃ ni-apa-hnavaḥ gopanaṃ saṃvaraṇaṃ; 'in c.' nibhṛtaṃ rahaḥ guptaṃ channaṃ.

Concede, v. t. anuman 4 A, pradā 3 U, anujñā 9 U, vitṝ 1 P; 'c. ed the point to him' tasyābhipretamanvamanyata.
     (2) aṃgīkṛ 8 U, abhyupagam 1 P, pratipad 4 A.
     -cession, s. pradānaṃ vitaraṇaṃ; tyāgaḥ.
     (2) kṣamā.
     (3) aṃgīkāraḥ pratipatti f., abhyupagamaḥ.

Conceive, v. i. garbhaṃ dhṛ 1 P, 10 or āṃdhā 3 U, garbhavatī-āpannasattvā-sasattvā-aṃtarvatnī bhū 1 P. -v. t. vibhū c., budh 1 P, avadhṛ 10, avagam 1 P, grah 9 P, āloc 10, jñā 9 U.
     (2) man 4 A, ciṃt 10, dhyai 1 A.
     (3) saṃbhū c., kḷp c. (narapatau bhūṣaṇavikrayaṃ ko nāma saṃbhāvayet Mu. 5).
     (4) dhṛ vah 1 P; See Bear; 'I c. no hatred against you' tvayi me dveṣabuddhirnāsti na tubhyamasūyāmi.
     -Conception, s. garbhādhānaṃ garbhadhāraṇaṃ.
     (2) vibhāvanā bodhaḥ grahaṇaṃ avadhāraṇaṃ.
     (3) vicāraḥ kalpanā bhāvanā buddhi f., mati f., saṃkalpaḥ.
     -Conceit, s. abhimānaḥ avalepaḥ darpaḥ ahaṃkāraḥ garvaḥ; 'self-c.' svābhimānaḥ.
     (2) kalpanā bhāvanā ciṃtā vicāraḥ.
     (3) mati f., buddhi f., gataṃ.
     -ed, a. dṛpta avalipta abhimānin uddhata ātmamānin sagarva; 'c. of learning' paṃḍitaṃmanyaḥ.
     -edly, adv. sābhimānaṃ sagarvaṃ.
     -edness, s. mānitā ahaṃkāraḥ sagarvatā.

Concentre, v. t. ekīkṛ 8 U, See below; 'c. ed all in self' ātmaparāyaṇaḥ ātmanyeva niviṣṭacetovṛttiḥ.

Concentrate, v. t. samāhṛ 1 P, samupaci 5 U, ekīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) samādhā 3 U (as mind); ananyamanaska-ekāgra -a. bhū; 'my affections are c. ed in her' sā me snehasyaikāyanībhūtā (M. 2).
     -ed, a. ekatāna ananyavṛtti ekāgra ekāyana ekasarga ekāgrya ekāyanagata.
     -ion, s. ekīkaraṇaṃ ekatrasamāharaṇaṃ.
     (2) ekāgratā samādhiḥ ananyamanaskatā.

Concentric,-cal, a. eka-samāna-keṃdra.

     -ment, s. arthaḥ vyāpāraḥ viṣayaḥ kāryaṃ saṃbaṃdhaḥ.
     (2) ciṃtā udvegaḥ autsukyaṃ.
     (3) gauravaṃ gurutā māhātmyaṃ.
     (4) avekṣā praṇayaḥ anurāgaḥ manoyogaḥ manobhiniveśaḥ.
     (5) carcā vyāpāraḥ vicāraḥ. -v. t. saṃbaṃdh 9 P, uddiś 6 P, āśri 1 U; 'this does not c. you.' nāyaṃ tava vyāpāraḥ.
     (2) avekṣ 1 A.
     (3) Afflict, q. v.
     (4) (Oneself about) vyāpṛ 6 A, ātmānaṃ vyāpṛ c., vyāpṛta a. bhū carcāṃ kṛ; 'I am not c. ed in the least in this business' anena karmaṇā na me kopi saṃbaṃdhaḥ.
     -ing, prep. saṃbaṃdhin -viṣaya in comp.; uddiśya adhikṛtya āśritya.

Concert, s. ekatānaḥ-laḥ saṃgītaṃ; 'c. hall' saṃgītaśālā.
     (2) saṃpradhāraṇā samaṃtraṇaṃ kāryavi-marśaḥ saṃvādaḥ.
     (3) sahakāritā saṃbhūyakāritvaṃ cittaikyaṃ ekabhāvaḥ. -v. t. saṃmaṃtr 10 A, saṃpradhṛ 10, kāryāṇi ciṃt 10 or vimṛś 6 P, saṃvad 1 P.
     (2) saṃbhūya-ekatra-kṛ 8. U.
     (3) ghaṭ c. (ghaṭayati) kḷp c., ciṃt 10; 'well c. ed plan' sughaṭitaḥ-suciṃtitaḥ-prayogaḥ.

Conch, s. śaṃkhaḥ kaṃbuḥ daraṃ.

Conciliate, v. t. anuraṃj c., ārādh 10, prasad c., tuṣ c., lal 10, sāṃtv 10.
     (2) saṃdhā 3 U, anunī 1 P.
     -ion, s. anuraṃjanaṃ sāṃtvanaṃ prasādanaṃ.
     (2) sāman n., saṃdhānaṃ.
     -or, s. anu-raṃjakaḥ.
     (2) saṃdhānakartṛ m., madhyasthaḥ.
     -ory, a. ārādhaka sāman in comp.; sāmopacārāḥ 'c. means'.

Concise, a. saṃkṣipta saṃhṛta sāmāsika (kī f.).
     -ly, adv. saṃkṣepeṇa saṃkṣepataḥ avistareṇa samāsataḥ; 'a c. worded message' laghusaṃdeśapadā sarasvatī (R. VIII. 77).
     -ness, s. saṃkṣiptatā saṃhāraḥ avistaraḥ.
     -Concision, s. kartanaṃ chedanaṃ ucchedaḥ.

Concitation, s. uttejanaṃ protsāhanaṃ utthāpanaṃ.

Conclave, s. samājaḥ sabhā pariṣad f.
     (2) gūḍhasabhā-samājaḥ.
     (3) kakṣāṃtaraṃ.

Conclude, v. t. samāp c., nirvṛt c., avaso 4 P, niṣpad c., saṃpad c., sādh c., saṃpūr 10.
     (2) anumā 3 A, vibhū c., ūh 1 A, tark 10.
     (3) nirṇī 1 P, niści 5 U, avadhṛ 10, vyavaso 4 P; 'c. a treaty' saṃdhiṃ kṛ 8 U or vidhā 3 U. -v. i. viram 1 P, nivṛt 1 A; pra-upa-śam 4 P; 'when he had c. ed' vacasyavasite tasya.
     -Conclusion, s. samāpti f., niṣpādanaṃ siddhi f., niṣpatti f., nivṛtti f.
     (2) avasānaṃ aṃtaḥ pariṇāmaḥ upasaṃhāraḥ.
     (3) anumānaṃ ūhanaṃ anumiti f.
     (4) nirṇayaḥ ava-dhāraṇaṃ phalaṃ uttaraṃ.
     (5) siddhāṃtaḥ rāddhāṃtaḥ uttarapakṣaḥ nigamanaṃ (in logic).
     -Conclusive, a. akhaṃḍya anirasya niruttara samartha.
     (2) nirṇāyaka saṃśayacchedin niścāyaka.
     -ly, adv. saniścayaṃ niścitaṃ saṃśayaccheditayā.

Concoct, v. t. pac-kvath 1 P, tap c.
     (2) ciṃt 10, ghaṭ c. (ghaṭayati) prakḷp c., nirūp 10.
     -ion, s. kvāthaḥ.
     (2) pākaḥ pācanaṃ.
     -ive, a. pācaka.

Concomitant, a. ānuṣaṃgika (kī f.), samavāyin sameta samanvita; sahavartin sahakārin. -s. sahacārin m., sahavartin m., saṃgin m.
     -ly, adv. samavetaṃ sahitaṃ saha saṃbhūya.
     -Concomitance, s. saṃyogaḥ samanvayaḥ anuṣaṃgaḥ samavāyaḥ.

Concord, s. aikyaṃ ekatā; cittaikyaṃ avisaṃvādaḥ avipratipatti f., avirodhaḥ; 'c. of hearts' aikyaṃ hṛdayayoḥ ekacittatā.
     (2) prīti f., praṇayaḥ saṃdhiḥ.
     (3) samayaḥ saṃvid f., niyamaḥ.
     (4) anuṣaṃgaḥ anvayaḥ samanvayaḥ.
     (5) tālaikyaṃ svaraikatā.
     -ance, s. ekatā sādṛśyaṃ aikyaṃ.
     -ant, a. anurūpa anuguṇa sadṛśa (śī f.), aviruddha saṃvādin.

Concourse, s. saṃdhiḥ saṃgamaḥ.
     (2) (of people) (jana-) samūhaḥ saṃghātaḥ nivahaḥ oghaḥ gaṇaḥ.

Concrement, s. piṃḍaḥ rāśiḥ ghanatā saṃhati f., saṃghātaḥ.

Concrete, v. t. rāśīkṛ 8 U. piṃḍīkṛ ekīkṛ ghanīkṛ saṃhan 2 P. -v. i. rāśībhū 1 P, piṃḍībhū ghanībhū saṃhan pass. -s. piṃḍaḥ oghaḥ ghanacayaḥ.
     (2) ghanadravyaṃ śyānadravyaṃ. -a. ghana rāśībhūta saṃhata śyāna piṃḍībhūta.
     (2) avivikta akevala samaveta anvita.
     -ion, s. ghanīkaraṇaṃ; saṃhati f., saṃghātaḥ
     (2) piṃḍaḥ loṣṭhaḥ saṃhatadravyaṃ.

Concubine, s. upapatnī upastrī gaṇikā vārastrī veśyā; 'c. shut up' avarodhastrī.
     -age, s. upastrīgamanaṃ veśyāsevā.

Concupiscence, s. kāmaḥ abhilāṣa; ratābhiruci f.
     -Concupiscient, a. kāmuka kāmin ratārthin.

Concur, v. i. ekatra mil 6 P, saṃgam 1 A, saṃbhū 1: P, saṃpat 1 P, samāgam 1 P.
     (2) saṃbhūya-ekībhūya-kṛ 8 U,
     (3) saṃman 4 A, tathā man; abhyupagam ekacittībhū; See Agree.-rence, s. saṃ-anu-mati f., saṃmataṃ icchā.
     (2) mataikyaṃ ekacittatā.
     -rent, a. ekacitta saṃpratipanna saṃvādin.
     (2) anuṣaṃgin saṃbhūya-saha-kārin.
     -rently, adv. saṃmatipūrvaṃ anumatyā.
     (2) samameva yugapat.

Concussion, s. saṃghaṭṭaḥ vikaṃpaḥ vidhuvanaṃ saṃkṣobhaḥ.

Condemn, v. t.
     Censure, q. v.
     (2) daṃḍ 10, daṃḍaṃ ādiś 6 P or kṛ. 8 U; 'c. to death' vadhadaṃḍamādiś; 'he was c. ed to be hanged' śūlamāropyatāmasāviti daṃḍa ādiṣṭaḥ.
     (3) aparādhin a. sthā c. (sthāpayati) aparādhaṃ nirṇī 1 P; 'c. to pay' c. (dāpayati).
     -ation, s. daṃḍanaṃ daṃḍājñā.
     (2) aparādhanirṇayaḥ.
     (3) niṃdā garhā dūṣaṇaṃ.
     -atory, a. niṃdaka apavādaka.
     -er, s. daṃḍapraṇetṛ m. niṃdakaḥ.

Condense, v. t. saṃhan 2 P, ghanīkṛ 8 U, sāṃdrīkṛ śyai c.
     (2) saṃkṣip 6 P. -v. i. sāṃdrīghanī-bhū saṃhan pass., śyai 1 A. -a.
     -ed, a. ghana sāṃdra nibiḍa śyāna; saṃkṣipta.
     (2) sthūla avirala.
     -ation, s. ghanīkaraṇaṃ.
     -ity, s. ghanatā nibiḍatā &c.

Condescend, v. i. prasad 1 P, arh 1 P; (followed by inf.); See Please; 'the king c. -ed to speak; with his servant' prasanno bhūtvā dakṣiṇatayā gauravaṃabhimānaṃ-apāsya bhṛtyena sahābhāṣata; 'c. to look at me' mayi dṛṣṭiprasādaṃ kuru.
     (2) anuvṛt 1 A. anuman 4 A, anujñā 9 U
     -ing, a. prasādābhimukha (khī f.), prasanna astagarva tyaktagaurava.
     -ingly, adv. agarvaṃ prasannatayā namratayā.
     -Condescension, s. prasādaḥ dākṣiṇyaṃ darpatyāgaḥ gauravatyāgaḥ namratā.

Condign, a. yathārha anurūpa samucita yogya
     -ly, adv. yathārhaṃ yathocitaṃ.
     -ness, s. yogyatā aucityaṃ.

Condiment, s. vyaṃjanaṃ upaskaraḥ.

Condisciple, s. satīrthaḥ (-rthyaḥ) ekaguruḥ.

Condition, s. daśā avasthā bhāvaḥ sthiti f., vṛtti f., gati f., 'in this c.' evaṃvidha a., evaṃbhūta a.; oft. ex. by tva & tā affixed; daridratā durgatatvaṃ &c.
     (2) samayaḥ niyamaḥ pratijñā abhisaṃghiḥ; saṃketaḥ; 'on this c.' anena samayena.
     (3) arthaḥ āspadaṃ padaṃ; adhikāraḥ bhāvaḥ.
     (4) guṇaḥ upādhiḥ viśeṣaṇaṃ prakṛti f.
     -al, a. samayayukta sopādhika (kī f.), saniyama niyata; saṃketārtha.
     -ally, adv. samayapūrvakaṃ sapratijñaṃ samayapuraḥsaraṃ.
     -ed, a. sthita vartin stha in comp.; 'well c.' susthita sustha.

Condole, v. i. samaduḥkha a. bhū 1 P, (anyaṃ) anuśuc 1 P, śokārtaṃ samaduḥkhena sāṃtrv 10.
     -ence, s. samaduḥkhatā anuśocanaṃ; śokaḥ saṃparidevanaṃ.
     -er, s samaduḥkhabhāgin m.

Condone, v. t. kṣam 1 A, praśudh c., pramṛj 2 P.
     -ation, s. kṣamā aparādhakṣamā pramārjanaṃ.

Conduce, v. i. (to) āvah 1 P; (mahadapi rājyaṃ na me saukhyamāvahati P. I. 1), bhū with dat., kḷp 1 A. saṃpad 4 A, (dat.).
     (2) vṛdh c., saṃpad c., utpad c., pravṛt c.
     -ive, a. āvaha kara (rī f.), janaka in comp.; 'c, to happiness' sukhāvaha hitakara &c.

Conduct, v. t. 1 P, prāp c. (nanu māṃ prāpaya patyuraṃtikaṃ K. IV. 32), gam c. (gamayati) vah 1 P.
     (2) vidhā 3 U, nirvah c., pravṛt c., praṇī.
     (3) (oneself) vṛt 1 A. vyavahṛ 1 P, ācar 1 P, See Act; 'c. oneself properly' sadācāreṇa vṛt sadācāraṃ pratipad 4 A; 'well c. ed' sādhuvṛtta sadācāra.
     (4) pari-anu-car 1 P, anuyā 2 P, mārgaṃ dṛś c. or ādiś 6 P. -s. nirvāhaṇaṃ nirvāhaḥ praṇayanaṃ.
     (2) vṛtti f., vṛttaṃ ācāraḥ vyavahāraḥ karman n., caritaṃ ceṣṭitaṃ ācaraṇaṃ.
     (3) paricaraḥ mārgadarśakaḥ.
     -or, s. nāyakaḥ agragaḥ netṛ m., agraṇīḥ (of heat &c.) pravāhakaḥ.
     (2) nirvāhakaḥ praṇetṛ m.

Conduit, s. praṇālī jalanirgamaḥ.
     (2) kulyā.

Cone, s. sūci-cī f., śikhā.
     (2) śaṃkuḥ.
     -Conical, a. sūcyākāra śaṃkvākṛti.

Confabulate, See Converse.

Confect, v. t. upaskṛ 8 U, svādu a. kṛ.
     -ion, s. upaskaraḥ miṣṭānnaṃ modakaḥ.
     -ionery, s. modakavikrayasthānaṃ modakakriyāsthānaṃ
     -ioner, s. āpūpikaḥ bhakṣyaṃkāraḥ

Confederate, v. t. saṃdhā 3 U, saṃyuj 7 U, 10, ekatra kṛ 8 U. -v. i. saṃghaṭṭ 1 A, saṃyuj pass., saṃdhiṃ kṛ. -a. saṃdhibaddha suśliṣṭa kṛtasaṃdhi saṃyukta saṃghātavat. -s. sahāyaḥ sahakārin m., sahayogin m.
     -ion, s. saṃdhānaṃ; saṃyojanaṃ.
     -Confederacy, s. saṃdhiḥsāhityaṃ saṃghātaḥ saṃyogaḥ.

Confer, v. t. (upon) vitṝ 1 P (with loc.). pratipad c., 3 U, 1 P (with dat.); 'I shall c. upon you 100 grants of land' tvāṃ śāsanaśatena yojayiṣyāmi (P. I. 1).
     (2) āvah 1 P, dā utpad c.
     (3) Compare, q. v.; 'c. a favour' prasādaṃ kṛ 8 U, anugrah 9 P; 'c. -ing pleasure, sukhada sukhāvaha. -c. i. saṃbhāṣ 1 A, saṃlap 1 P, saṃvad 1 P.
     (2) saṃmaṃtr 10 A, saṃciṃt 10, vicar c.
     -ence, s. saṃvādaḥ; saṃkathā saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) maṃtraṇaṃ.
     (3) upamānaṃ.
     (4) melakaḥ samājaḥ.
     -rer, s. dātṛ m., da or prada in comp.

Confess, v. t. svīkṛ 8 U, aṃgīkṛ pratipad 4 A, abhyupagam 1 P, abhyupa-i 2 P.
     (2) vidhṛ 5 U, sūc 10, prakāś c., khyā c. (khyāpayati).
     (3) (ācāryāya-gurave) pāpāni nivid c. or kath 10.
     -edly, adv. asaṃśayaṃ vyaktaṃ prati-pattipūrvakaṃ.
     -ion, s. aṃgīkāraḥ saṃpratipatti f., abhyupagamaḥ grahaṇaṃ.
     (2) khyāpanaṃ prakāśanaṃ.
     (3) pāpanivedanaṃ.
     -or, s. svīkartṛ m.; khyāpakaḥ.

Confide, v. i. viśvas 2 P, prati-i 2 P, śraddhā 3 U; 'she was made to c. in a false man' asatyasaṃdhe jane padaṃ kāritā (S. 4). -v. t. nikṣip 6 P, nyas 4 P (with loc.), sam-ṛ c. (arpayati); 'have you kept the secret c. ed to you' api rakṣyate rahasyanikṣepaḥ (V. 2).
     -ant, s. vi-śvāsa-viśraṃbha-bhūmi f., sakhi m., vayasyaḥ.
     (2) (of a woman) sakhī vayasyā āli-lī f.
     -ence, s. viśvāsaḥ viśraṃbhaḥ pratyayaḥ; śraddhā.
     (2) niścayaḥ dṛḍhapratyayaḥ dṛḍhajñānaṃ asaṃśayaḥ; 'enter into c.' viśvāsaṃ gam 1 P or vraj 1 P; 'raising of c.' viśvāsopagamaḥ; 'inspire with c.' viśvāsaṃ nī 1 P; vi-śvas c.; 'take into c.' viśraṃbhasthāne man 4 A; 'self-c.' pragalbhatā prāgalbhyaṃ dhṛṣṭatā 'an object of c.' viśvāsabhūmiḥ viśraṃbhasthānaṃ -bhājanaṃ.
     -ent, a. viśvāsin viśvāsapratipannaviśvasta jātapratyaya viśrabdha.
     (2) niścita asaṃdeha chinnasaṃśaya; 'he is c. of success' jayaṃ niścitaṃ (dhruvaṃ) manyate.
     (3) pragalbha dhṛṣṭa nirviśaṃka sāhasin.
     -ential, a. viśvasta viśrabdha; āpta (āptajanaḥ); 'c. talk' viśraṃbhālāpaḥ; 'c. matter' viśvāsakāryaṃ.
     (2) gupta aprakāśya saṃvaraṇīya.
     -entially, adv. viśrabdhaṃ; guptaṃ
     -ing, a. viśvāsāpanna viśvāsabhāj viśvasta jātapratyaya viśrabdha avi-śaṃkamāna niḥśaṃka.
     -ingly, adv. viśrabdhaṃ sapratyayaṃ nirviśaṃkaṃ niḥsaṃdehaṃ.

Configuration, s. ākāraḥ rūpaṃ mūrti f., vigrahaḥ ākṛti f.

Confine, s. sīmā paryaṃtaḥ prāṃtaḥ samaṃtaḥ pari-sarabhūmi f. -v. t. paryaṃte-nikaṭe-sthā 1 P or vṛt 1 A. -v. t. ni-ava-rudh 7 U, āsidh 1 P, ni-saṃ-yam 1 P, nigrah 9 P, baṃdh 9 P, nibaṃdh.
     (2) (oneself to) na vyati-i 2 P or ullaṃgh 1 A, 10, nāticar 1 P.
     (3) saṃhṛ 1 P, saṃkuc 1 P.
     -ed, a. saṃyata niruddha nibaddha.
     (2) saṃkaṭa saṃkucita; 'c. in the bowels' baddhakoṣṭhaḥ; 'c. to bed' śayanagrasta; (of a woman) prāptaprasavakālā.
     -ment, s. saṃyamaḥ nirodhaḥ nigrahaḥ baṃdhanaṃ kārāgṛhaṃ; 'c. of bowels' viḍgrahaḥ ānāhaḥ malāvarodhaḥ; 'c. of a woman' prasavakālaḥ prasavāvasthā.

Confirm, v. t. dṛḍhīkṛ 8 U, draḍhayati (D.), saṃstaṃbh c.
     (2) sthirīkṛ dṛḍhapramāṇaṃ dā 3 U, pramāṇīkṛ susthira-dṛḍha- a. kṛ.
     -ation, s. dṛḍhīkaraṇaṃ saṃstaṃbhanaṃ satyāpanaṃ pramāṇīkaraṇaṃ.
     -ed, a. dṛḍhīkṛta pramāṇīkṛta sthirīkṛta.
     (2) dṛḍha sthira rūḍha prarūḍha; 'a c. fool' pratini-viṣṭamūrkhaḥ 'c. friendship' prarūḍhaḥ saṃsargaḥ rūḍhasauhṛdaṃ.

Confiscate, v. t. sarvasvaṃ apahṛ 1 P or ācchid 7 P or daṃḍ 10, niḥsva a. kṛ 8 U; 'let his property be c. ed' asya sarvasvaharaṇamādiśyatāṃ.
     -ed, a. rājāpahṛta; hṛtasarvasva niḥsvīkṛta.
     -ion, s. sarvasvaharaṇaṃ sarvasvadaṃḍaḥ sarvasvāpahāraḥ.

Conflagration, s. dāhaḥ jvalanaṃ dīpanaṃ; 'forestc.' dāvānalaḥ davaḥ dāvaḥ araṇyavahni m.

Conflict, s. virodhaḥ (smṛtyorvirodhaḥ); dvaṃdvaṃ kalahaḥ vairaṃ; vipratipatti f., visaṃvādaḥ.
     (2) yuddhaṃ saṃgrāmaḥ vigrahaḥ.
     (3) saṃghaṭṭaḥ samāghātaḥ abhisaṃpātaḥ. -v. i. yudh 4 A, vivad 1 A, vigrah 9 P; 'mutually c. ing Śāstras parasparaṃ vivadamānānāṃ śāstrāṇāṃ (11. 1); vi-pratipad 4 A, parasparaṃ virudh pass., visaṃvad 1 P.
     -ing, a. vipratipanna viruddha parasparavirodhin visaṃvādin.

Confluence, Conflux, s. saṃgamaḥ saṃbhedaḥ toyavyatikaraḥ veṇi f.
     (2) saṃyogaḥ samāgamaḥ saṃmilanaṃ.
     3 Concourse, q. v.
     -Confluent, a. saṃmelaka saṃpravāhaka.

Conform, v. i. (to) anuvṛt 1 A, anusṛ 1 P, anurudh 4 A, pramāṇīkṛ 8 U, (iti sujanacaritaṃ pramāṇīkuru M. 3), anuvidhā 3 U.
     (2) yuj pass., sadṛśa-tulya a. bhū upapad 4 A, saṃvad 1 P. -v. t. anurūpa-sadṛśa a. (śī f.) kṛ samīkṛ.
     -able, a. anurūpa-sadṛśa tulya anuguṇa samāna saṃvādin.
     (2) anuvidhāyin anurodhin anukūla.
     (3) yogya upapanna.
     -ably, adv. anusāreṇa-sārataḥ anurodhāt anurūpaṃ yathā in comp.
     -ity, s. anurodhaḥ anuvṛtti f.
     (2) anurūpatā ānuguṇyaṃ sādṛśyaṃ anusāraḥ; 'in c. with' anusāreṇa anurūpaṃ &c.
     (3) yogyatā yuktatā.
     -ist, s. dharmānusārin m., pravṛttadharmānuvartin m.

Confound, v. t. bhrāṃtyā man 4 A; 'c. s falsehood with truth' satyamanṛtamiti bhrāṃtyā manyate; oft. by saṃdih 2 U; dhūpairjālāviniḥsṛtaivaḍabhayaḥ saṃdigdhapārāvatāḥ (V. 3) 'the pigeons c. ed with volumes of incense' &c.; See Mistake. 2 ākulīkṛ 8 U, muh c., vi-saṃ-kṣubh c., saṃbhram c. (bhramayati).
     (3) saṃkṝ 6 P, vikṣip 6 P, saṃmiśr 10, saṃkulīkṛ.
     (4) vilup c., vinaś c.; 'c. by argument' niruttarīkṛ.
     -ed, a. mohita ākula saṃbhrāṃta vihasta vyagra vi-kṣipta.
     (2) saṃkīrṇa saṃmiśrita saṃkula.
     (3) daivopahata; luptajñāna.
     -er, s. mohakaḥ mohanaḥ.
     -ing, a. bhrāṃtijanaka saṃdehotpādaka mohin.

Confraternity, s. saubhrātraṃ; bhrātṛtvaṃ sāhityaṃ.

Confrere, s. See Colleague.

Confront, v. t. abhimukhī-saṃmukhīkṛ 8 U, abhimukhayati (D.), samakṣaṃ upānī 1 P.
     (2) saṃmukhībhū 1 P, saṃ-abhi-mukhaṃ sthā 1 P or gam 1 P or vṛt 1 A.
     3 Compare, q. v.
     -ation, s. saṃmukhasthāpanaṃ; saṃmukhāgamanaṃ.

Confuse, v. t. vi-saṃ-bhram c., ākulīkṛ 8 U, muh c. See Confound; 'to be c. ed' muh 4 P, ākulībhū.
     -ed, a. mohita saṃbhrāṃta ākula.
     (2) aspaṣṭa avyakta kramahīna.
     -edly, adv. saṃkulaṃ akrameṇa sasaṃbhramaṃ. saṃkīrṇatayā. astavyastaṃ.
     (2) aspaṣṭaṃ saṃdigdhatayā.
     -fusion, s. saṃbhramaḥ vaiklavyaṃ vyākulatva vyagratā viplavaḥ mohaḥ.
     (2) vailakṣyaṃ vrīḍā lajjā.
     (3) saṃkaraḥ saṃkṣobhaḥ vyatikaraḥ saṃkulaṃ.
     (4) akramaḥ aspaṣṭatā kramabhaṃgaḥ astavyastatā.
     (5) vināśaḥ nigrahaḥ lopaḥ.

Confute, v. t. khaṃḍ 10, pratyākṣip 6 P, niras 4 U, pratyākhyā 2 P, nirā-apā-kṛ 8 U; ni-ruttarīkṛ (of persons).
     -ation, s. khaṃḍanaṃ nirākaraṇaṃ nirasanaṃ pratyākhyānaṃ.

Conge, s. praṇāmaḥ namaskāraḥ.
     (2) āmaṃtraṇaṃ anujñāgrahaṇaṃ āpracchanaṃ.

Congeal, v. t. ghanīkṛ 8 U, saṃhan 2 P, śyai c., piṃḍīkṛ; saṃci 5 U. -v. i. ghanībhū 1 P, śyai 1 A, piṃḍībhū saṃhan pass., śītībhū.
     -Congelation, s. śītībhāvaḥ saṃhati f., ghanībhāvaḥ ghanīkaraṇaṃ.

Congener, s. sajāti m., sajātīyaḥ.

Congenial, a. ekajātīya sajāti.
     (2) samānaśīla ekasvabhāva sadharman.
     (3) sukhāvaha hitakara (rī f.), anurūpa anuguṇa anukūla sadṛśa (śī f.); 'c. to health' ārogyāvaha svāsthyakara.
     -ity, s. samānaśīlatā sadharmatā sajātitvaṃ.
     (2) ānurūpyaṃ ānuguṇyaṃ.

Congenital, a. sahaja sahajāta.

Congenite, a. sahaja ekakālotpanna.

Conger, s. jalavyālaḥ.

Congeries, s. rāśiḥ saṃcayaḥ oghaḥ puṃjaḥ stomaḥ.

Congest, v. t. rāśīkṛ 8 U, saṃci 5 U, piṃḍīkṛ ghanīkṛ.
     -ion, s. (of blood) raktāvaṣṭaṃbhaḥ asṛkcayaḥ raktasaṃcayaḥ.
     (2) atibāhulyaṃupacayaḥ.

Conglobate, a. ekapiṃḍībhūta. -v. t. golīkṛ 8 U, ekapiṃḍīkṛ.

Conglomerate, v. t. rāśīkṛ 8 U, saṃci 5 U, saṃbhṛ 3 U, ekapiṃḍīkṛ samākṣip 6 P.
     -ion, s. samupacayanaṃ ekīkaraṇaṃ.
     (2) ekarāśiḥ ekapiṃḍaḥ.

Conglutinate, v. t. saṃyuj 10, saṃśliṣ c., saṃdhā 3 U; saṃruh c. (ropayati) (of wounds). -v. i. pass. of roots above.
     -ion, s. saṃyogaḥ saṃdhiḥ saṃdhānaṃ.
     (2) saṃropaṇaṃ.

Congratulate, v. t. abhinaṃd 1 P or c., (tāpasībhirabhinaṃdyamānā S. 4); gen. ex. by diṣṭyā with vṛdh 1 A or c., (citrarathahaṃsau diṣṭyā vardhayituṃ Ka. 365); diṣṭyā sutamukhadarśanena āyuṣmānvardhate (S. 7) 'you are to be c. ed upon seeing your son's face', or 'I c. you upon seeing' &c.
     -ion, s. dhanyavādaḥ abhinaṃdanaṃ diṣṭyā vardhanaṃ
     -ory, a. abhinaṃdaka dhanyavādasūcaka.

Congregate, v. t. samāci 5 U, samāhṛ 1 P; See Collect. -v. i. saṃmil 6 P, saṃ-i 2 P; See Assemble. -ion, s. sabhā pariṣad f., saṃsad f., samājaḥ.
     (2) samavāyaḥ nivahaḥ gaṇaḥ samāhāraḥ samudāyaḥ.
     -ional, a. sāmājika (kī f.), sabhya.

Congress, s. sabhā pariṣad f., saṃsad f., melakaḥ samājaḥ sadas f. n.
     (2) saṃghaṭṭaḥ samāghātaḥ.

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Congruous, a. yogya ucita saṃgata aviruddha anuguṇa anurūpa sadṛśa (śī f.), saṃbaddha.
     -ly, adv. yuktaṃ anurūpaṃ saṃgataṃ.
     Congruence, s. saṃgatatā anurūpatā yuktatā sādṛśyaṃ; oft. ex. by kva-kva; 'what c. is there between this (youthful), age and this restraint of passions' kvedaṃ vayaḥ kveyamiṃdriyāṇāmupaśāṃtiḥ (Ka. 135)

Conjecture, v. t. tark 10, anumā 3 A, 2 P, ūh 1 A, utprekṣ 1 A, (kimutprekṣase kutastyoyamiti U. 4). -s. tarkaḥ vitarkaḥ ūhaḥhanaṃ anumānaṃ; 'your c. is clear (you have rightly c, ed)' prasannaḥ-upapannaḥ-te tarkaḥ.
     -al, a. ānumānika (kī f.).
     -ally, adv. anumānena savitarkaṃ anumānapūrvakaṃ.

Conjoin, v. t. saṃyuj 7 U, 10, saṃśliṣ c., saṃdhā 3 U; 'c. ed in bonds of friendship' mitrabhāvena vartamānāḥ parasparānuraktāḥ. -v. i. saṃyuj-saṃśliṣ-saṃdhā- pass.
     -ed, Conjoint, a. saṃhata saṃyukta saṃśliṣṭa saṃbaddha.
     -ly, adv. samaṃ sahitaṃ saṃhata a., saṃbhūya.

Conjugal, a. vaivāhika (kī f.); oft. ex. by daṃpatī; 'c. love' daṃpatyoḥ prema; 'c. fidelity' avyabhicāraḥ; satītvaṃ pātivratya.

Conjugate, v. t. rūpāṇi ākhyā 2 P. -a. saṃyukta.
     -ion, s. gaṇaḥ; '1st c.' bhvādigaṇaḥ.
     (2) saṃyogaḥ.

Conjunct, a. saṃyukta saṃśliṣṭa; 'a c. consonant' saṃyogaḥ yogaḥ.
     -ion, s. saṃyogaḥ yogaḥ saṃśleṣaḥ saṃsargaḥ samāgamaḥ saṃgamaḥ; saṃgaḥ
     (2) samuccayaḥ; 'c. of planets' saṃgamaḥ; 'lunar c.' amāvāsyā amā.
     -ive, a. saṃyukta saṃśliṣṭa yaugika (kī. f.).
     -ure, s. yogaḥ saṃyogaḥ saṃdhiḥ.
     (2) avasaraḥ samayaḥ pra-stāvaḥ.

Conjure, v. t. muh c., maṃtraivaśaṃ nī 1 P; māyāṃ kṛ 8 U, abhicar 1 P.
     (2) saśapathaṃ ādiś 6 P, śap c.; 'I c. thee by my life (soul)' śāpitāsi mama jīvitena (Mal. 8); abhyarth 10 A, saśapathaṃ saṃbudh c.
     (3) (in mind) anu-saṃ-smṛ 1 P; ciṃt 10. -v. t. saśāpathaṃ aikamatyaṃ-kūṭaṃ-kṛ 8 U, saṃśap 1 U.
     -ation, s. māyā iṃdrajālaṃ kuhakaḥ maṃtraḥ.
     (2) śāpanaṃ.
     (3) saśapathaḥ saṃkalpaḥ saṃśapanaṃ.
     -er, s. iṃdra-aiṃdra-jālikaḥ māyin m., āhituṃḍikaḥ kuhakakṛt m., kuhakājīvaḥ.

Connate, a. sahaja ekakālotpanna sahajāta.

Connatural, a. sahaja; ekasvabhāva.

Connect, v. i. saṃ-anu-baṃdh 9 P. saṃyuj 7 U, 10, saṃśliṣ c., saṃdhā 3 U, vyatiṣaṃj 1 P, saṃnah 4 P, saṃyu 2 P.
     -ed, a. saṃyukta saṃbaddha anvita sānvaya.
     (2) aviccheda avirata avi-cchinna 'a c. narrative' kathāprabaṃdhaḥ.
     -ion, s. saṃyogaḥ anuṣaṃgaḥ saṃsargaḥ saṃgaḥ; 'in c. with' anubadhya uddiśya ādhikṛtya.
     (2) saṃbaṃdha saṃparkaḥ anvayaḥ saṃdarbhaḥ samanvayaḥ.
     (3) baṃdhuḥ bāṃdhavaḥ jñātiḥ; 'to have c. with' saṃgam 1 A, abhigam 1 P.

Connive, v. i. (at) kāmataḥ upekṣ 1 A, jñānaṃ nihnu 2 A.
     (2) kṣam 1 A, sah 1 A.
     (3) akṣi saṃkuc 1 P.
     -ance, s. upekṣā jñānāpahnavaḥ kāmataḥ upekṣā.
     (2) kṣamā.
     (3) akṣisaṃkocanaṃ.

Connoisseur, s. guṇajñaḥ parīkṣakaḥ abhijñaḥ.

Connubial, a. vaivāhika (kī f.); daṃpatī in comp.; 'c. love' daṃpatīsnehaḥ.

Conquer, v. t. ji 1 P. vi-parā-ji 1 A, abhiparābhū 1 P.
     (2) nigrah 9 P, ni-saṃ-yam 1 P, dam c. (damayati) vaśīkṛ 8 U, svāyattīkṛ; 'one who has c. ed his passions' jiteṃdriyaḥ saṃyateṃdriyaḥ vaśī dāṃtaḥ saṃyamī.
     -able, a. jeya abhibhavanīya.
     -or, s. jetṛ m., vijetṛ jayin m., jit in comp.; vi-śvajit 'c. of the world'
     -Conquest, s. jayaḥ vijayaḥ vaśīkaraṇaṃ abhibhavaḥ jayanaṃ svāyattīkaraṇaṃ.
     (2) jitapradeśaḥ.

Consanguineous, a. ekaśarīra ekapiṃḍa sapiṃḍa sagotra.
     -Consanguinity, s. sagotratā sapiṃḍatā; ekaśarīrānvayaḥ saṃbaṃdhitvaṃ.

Conscience, s. sadasadvicāraśakti f., saṃjñānaṃ; oft. ex. by manas n., aṃtaḥkaraṇaṃ; 'biting of c.' paścāttāpaḥ manastāpaḥ.
     -tious, a. nirvyāja amāya śuddhamati nyāyaparāyaṇa ṛjuprakṛti.
     (2) puṇyātman puṇyaśīla nyāyavartin.
     -ly, adv śuddhamanasā nirvyājaṃ śuddhabhāvena.
     -ness, s. matiśuddhi f.; śucitā puṇyaśīlatvaṃ.

Conscionable, a. nyāyya yogya yathārtha
     -Conscionably, adv. yathārthaṃ dharmataḥ nyāyena.

Conscious, a. Ex. by jña vid or abhijña in comp. or by verbs for 'know' q. v. 'not c. of pain' vedanānabhijña; 'I am perfectly c. of my defects' svadoṣān dṛḍhaṃ khalu jāne.
     (2) sacetana satarka jñānin. pratibodhavat; 'to be c. of' jñā 9 P; vibhū c., (nātmānamapi vibhāvayati S. 4), cit 10 A; See Know. -ly, -adv. jñānāt buddhipūrvaṃ jñānataḥ kāmataḥ.
     -ness, s. jñānaṃ upa-labdhi f., cetanā caitanyaṃ saṃjñā vedanaṃ anu-bhavaḥ bodhaḥ pratibodhaḥ.

Conscript, s. navayoddhṛ m. -a. likhitanāman.

Consecrate, v. t. (an idol) pratiṣṭhā c. (prati-ṣṭhāpayati); pavitrīkṛ 8 U, saṃskṛ abhi-anu-maṃtr 10 A, (vāmadevānumaṃtrito'śvaḥ U. 2.).
     (2) abhiṣic 6 P, prokṣ 1 P.
     (3) upa-pra-vini-yuj 7 A, 10, nikṣip 6 P, vi-ut-sṛj 6 P, upakḷp c. -a.,
     -ed, saṃskṛta pratiṣṭhāpita vi-niyojita upakalpita.
     -er, s. saṃskartṛ m., pratiṣṭhāpakaḥ.
     -ion, s. saṃskāraḥ pratiṣṭhāpanaṃ.
     (2) utsargaḥ viniyogaḥ upayogaḥ.

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Consecution, s. kramaḥ anukramaḥ prabaṃdhaḥ a nvayaḥ paraṃparā śreṇī mālā.
     -Consecutlve, a. kramāgata anupūrva; avirata niraṃtara saprabaṃdha saṃtata.
     -ly, adv. krameṇa yathākramaṃ yathāpurvaṃ; avirataṃ avicchedaṃ.
     -ness, s. ānupūrvyaṃ avicchedaḥ prabaṃdhaḥ saṃtatatā.

Consensus, s. bahujanasaṃmati f.

Consent, v. i. saṃ-anu-man 4 A, anumud 1 A, anujñā 9 U; grah 9 P, svīkṛ 8 U; See Agree. -s. saṃmati f. -taṃ anujñā anumodanaṃ.
     (2) mataikyaṃ ekacittatā aikyaṃ.
     (3) icchā kāmaḥ; 'against one's c.' anicchayā saṃmativyatirekeṇa balāt balena; 'c. in writing' saṃmatipatraṃ; 'take the c. of' anuman c., (bhūyopi sakhījanamanumānayiṣyāmi S. 3).
     -ient, a. ekamata ekacitta saṃmata.
     -ingly, adv. saṃmatyā; kāmataḥ saṃmatipūrvaṃ.

Consentaneous, a. See Fit.

Consequence, s. phalaṃ pariṇāmaḥ udarkaḥ uttaraṃ uttaraphalaṃ.
     (2) gaurava mahiman m., gurutā prati-ṣṭhā prabhāvaḥ; 'of no c.' nirarthaka yatkiṃcana.
     (3) siddhi f.; kāryaṃ prayojanaṃ nimittaṃ.
     (4) anu-mānaṃ ūhanaṃ abhyūhaḥ; 'in c. of this' ataḥ asmātkāraṇāt asmāddhetoḥ anena hetunā; 'as a c. of thy efforts' tava yatnasāmarthyāt; 'immediate c.' sāṃdṛṣṭikaṃ; 'necessary c.' kāryavaśaḥ 'visible c.' dṛṣṭārthaḥ.
     -sequent, a. ānuṣaṃgika (kī f.), anuvartin; oft. ex. by phalaṃ; 'c. upon his coming' tadāgamanaphalaṃ. -s. anuṣaṃgaḥ phalaṃ pariṇāmaḥ.
     -ial, a. ānuṣaṃgika anuvartin.
     (2) mānin sagarva; See Arrogant. -ly, adv. iti hetoḥ ataḥ tannimittena tadanusāreṇa; tadarthaṃ iti anena hetunā asmātkaraṇāt.

Conserve, v. t. saṃrakṣ 1 P, c. (pālayati.), saṃdhṛ 10, gup 1 P.
     (2) saṃdhā 3 U, upaskṛ 8 U, -s. miṣṭaṃ modakaḥ saṃdhitaṃ upaskaraḥ vyaṃjanaṃ.
     -ation, s. rakṣā saṃrakṣaṇaṃ pālanaṃ gupti f., kṣemaḥ.
     -etive, a. saṃrakṣaka pālaka.
     (2) navavi-dveṣin sthitipālaka.
     -ator, s. rakṣakaḥ pālakaḥ.
     -atory, s. rakṣāsthānaṃ ādhāraḥ rakṣaṇasthānaṃ-śālā.

Consider, v. t. vicar c., vimṛś 6 P, āsamā-paryā-loc 10, vi-saṃ-ciṃt 10, samīkṣ 1 A, (na dharmavṛddheṣu vayaḥ samīkṣyate K. v. 16); dhyai 1 P, saṃdṛś 1 A, avadhṛ 10, avekṣ
     (2) man 4 A, saṃbhū c., tark 10, samarth 10, vigaṇ 10, ākal 10, (sparśamapi pāvanamākalayaṃti Ka. 108)
     (3) parīkṣ nirūp 10, avekṣ anusaṃdhā 3 U, vi-vic 3, 7 U.
     (4) pūj 10, arc 10, man c., pratyupakṛ; saṃ pari-tuṣ c.
     -able, a. astoka guru analpa pracura bhūri mahat.
     (2) mānya ārya pūjya.
     -ably, adv. atīva bhūri ati-su- -pr., bhṛśaṃ analpaṃ atyaṃtaṃ.
     -ate, a. samīkṣya-vimṛśya-kārin.
     (2) kṛtāvadhāna; ādṛta dattādara apramatta avahita.
     -ately, adv. samīkṣya vimṛśya avekṣayā apramattaṃ avadhānataḥ sāvadhānaṃ.
     -ation, s. vicāraḥ vicāraṇā ālocanā vimarśaḥ samīkṣā ciṃtā.
     (2) vivecanaṃ nirūpaṇaṃ carcā parīkṣaṇaṃ.
     (3) ādaraḥ apekṣā avekṣā.
     (4) kāraṇaṃ nimittaṃ hetuḥ.
     (5) gauravaṃ gurutā pratiṣṭhā.
     (6) pūjā saṃbhāvanā ādaraḥ.
     (7) pratiphalaṃ pāritoṣikaṃ; 'in c. of' apekṣayā in comp., samīkṣya ālocya vicārya prathamamiti prekṣya bhagavataikoparādho marṣayitavyaḥ (S. 4) 'in c. of its being the first' &c.

Consign, v. t. nikṣip 6 P, nyas 4 U, 3 U, 1 P, c. (arpayati) pratipad c., 'c. to the flames' agnisātkṛ 8 U.
     (2) upa-pra viniyuj 7 A, 10
     -ment, s. arpaṇaṃ nyasanaṃ pratipādanaṃ

Consist, v. i. (of, in) Ex. by rūpa ātmaka maya (yī f.) in comp.; Ojas c. s in abundance of compounds' samāsabhūyastvarūpaṃ-stvaṃ nāma ojaḥ; 'body's ornament c. s in true knowledge' satyajñānātmakaṃ śarīrabhūṣaṇaṃ; See Compose.
     (2) saṃvṛt 1 A, saṃsthā-saṃbhū 1 P.
     -ence, s. ghanatā sāṃdratā śyānatā.
     (2) sthiratā dṛḍhatā.
     (3) avirodhaḥ ānurūpyaṃ.
     -ency, s. saṃgatatā saṃvādaḥ avirodhaḥ ānurūpyaṃ.
     (2) sthiratā acāpalyaṃ
     -ent, a. aviruddha sadṛśa (śī f.), yogya anurūpa saṃvādin; 'his conduct is c. with his words' tasyācaraṇaṃ (karma) vacasā na vivadate vacaso na viruddhaṃ vacasā na visaṃvadati; 'in -c.' visaṃvādin viruddha; (parārthamudyamabhṛtaḥ) svārthāvirodhena (Bh. I. 74) 'c. ly with their own interests.'
     (2) sthira acapala alola.
     (3) dṛḍha ghana sāṃdra śyāna.
     -ently, adv. aviruddhaṃ avirodhena anusārataḥ.
     -ing, a. Ex. by maya (yī f.), ātmaka (ātmikā f.) in comp.; 'c. for the most part' ex. by bhūyiṣṭha affixed; 'assembly c. of learned men' abhirūpabhūyiṣṭhā pariṣad (S. 1).

Consistory, s. purohitasabhā.

Consociate, See Associate.

Console, v. t. ā-samā-śvas c., sāṃ(śāṃ)tv 10, vinud c., abhyupapad 4 A, (ratimabhyupa-pattumāturāṃ K. IV. 25).
     (2) śokamapahṛ 1 P, sustha-prakṛtistha -a. kṛ 8 U.
     -ation, s. āśvāsaḥ-sanaṃ sāṃtvanaṃ vinodanaṃ samāśvāsanaṃ.
     -atory, a. sāṃtvanaśīla āśvāsin śokāpahāraka śāṃtida sukhāvaha.
     -er, s. āśvāsakaḥ vinodakaḥ.

Consolidate, v. t. saṃhan 2 P, ekīkṛ 8 U, ghanīkṛ saṃsthā c. (sthāpayati). -v. i. ghanībhū sthirībhū saṃhan pass.
     -ion, s. ghanīkaraṇaṃ- bhavanaṃ saṃhati f., saṃsthāpanaṃ samāharaṇaṃ ekīkaraṇaṃ.

Consonant, s. vyaṃjanaṃ; 'conjunct c.' saṃyogaḥ yogaḥ. -a. aviruddha anusārin anurūpa yogya anuguṇa.
     -ly, adv. anusāreṇa anurūpaṃ.
     -Consonance, s. avirodhaḥ anusāraḥ anurodhaḥ ānurūpyaṃ.

Consonous, a. ekatāla ekasvara.

Consort, s. Husband or wife, q. v.
     (2) sahavāsin m., saṃgin m -v. i. saha vas or car 1 P; saṃgam 1 A, saṃyuj pass.; 'well c. ed' susaṃgata.
     -ion, s. sāhityaṃ sāhacaryaṃ saṃsargaḥ.

Conspectus, s. sārapatraṃ saṃkṣiptalekhaḥ.

Conspicuous, a. vyakta suprakāśa suspaṣṭa puraḥsphurat (tī-ntī f.), pratyakṣa.
     (2) utkṛṣṭa niratiśaya pramukha viśiṣṭa.
     -ly, adv, spaṣṭaṃ vyaktaṃ; viśiṣṭatayā
     -ness, s. vyaktatā spaṣṭatā viśiṣṭatā utkṛṣṭatā.

Conspire, v. i. upajap 1 P, kūṭaṃ rac 10. kusāhityaṃ kṛ 8 U. kūṭārthaṃ saṃśap 1 U.
     (2) saṃmil 6 P, anukūla a. bhū; 'all things c.-ed to make him happy' sarvaṃ tasya sukhāyākalpata-abhavat.
     -acy, s. upajāpaḥ kapaṭaprabaṃdhaḥ kusāhityaṃ kumaṃtraṇā; 'c. against the king' rājadrohaḥ drohaḥ.
     -ator, s. upa-jāpakaḥ kusaṃsargin m.: saṃśaptakaḥ śapathabaddhaḥ.
     (2) rājadrohin m.
     (3) viśvāsaghātakaḥ.

Constable, s. daṃḍa-yaṣṭi-dharaḥ; rājapuruṣaḥ.

Constant, a. sthira dṛḍha acala niścala.
     (2) śāśvata (tī f.), satata prasakta avirata anavarata nitya sanātana (nī f.), niraṃtara; 'c. wife' satī pativratā.
     -ly, adv. satataṃ anavarataṃ avirataṃ abhīkṣṇaṃ nityaṃ aniśaṃ ajasraṃ sarvadā sarvakālaṃ.
     -Constancy, s. sthairyaṃ sthiratā niścalatā dṛḍhatā.
     (2) abhini-veśaḥ nirbaṃdhaḥ.
     (3) sātatyaṃ avirāmaḥ nairaṃtaryaṃ.
     (4) dṛḍhā bhaktiḥ dṛḍhasauhṛdaṃ.

Constellation, s. rāśiḥ rāśinakṣatraṃ; tārāsamūhaḥ bhagaṇaḥ.

Consternation, s. saṃtrāsaḥ bhīti f., vyākulatvaṃ sādhvasaṃ udvegaḥ saṃbhramaḥ.

Constipate, v. t. avarudh 7 U, avaṣṭaṃbh 9 P, baṃdh 9 P, pinah 4 P
     (2) nibiḍīkṛ 8 U.
     -ion, s. malāvarodhaḥ malāvaṣṭaṃbhaḥ viḍgrahaḥ gudagrahaḥ; baddhakoṣṭhaḥ.

Constitute, v. t. rac 10, nirmā 3 A, vidhā 3 U; gen. ex. by ātmaka rūpa maya (yī f.), in comp., or by bhū 1 P, asū 2 P; 'we c. thy army' tava sainyaṃ vayaṃ smaḥ; 'what c. s greatness' māhimā kena jāyate; See Compose. 2 saṃsthā c. (sthāpayati) pratiṣṭhā c.; niyuj 7 A. 10, samādiś 6 P.
     -ion, s. racanā ghaṭanā nirmāṇaṃ.
     (2) avasthā daśā rūpaṃ vṛtti f.; bhāvaḥ.
     (3) vyavasthā; vidhiyaṃtraṇaṃ niyamaḥ.
     (4) rājanīti f., rājyavyavasthā.
     (5) prakṛti f., svabhāvaḥ śarīrāvasthā; janmaprakṛti-svabhāvaḥ; 'of a sickly c.' janmarogin aśakta prakṛtidurbala.
     -ional, a. vidhyanusārin vyavasthānurūpa.
     (2) prakṛti in comp.
     -ionally, adv. vidhyanusāreṇa vyava-sthānupūrvaṃ.
     -Constituent, a. ghaṭaka racaka; 'c. parts' ghaṭakāvayavāḥ ghaṭakāḥ aṃgāni.
     (2) vāstava (vī f.), sārabhūta; 'c. members of a state' rājyāṃgāni. -s. Ex. by a.
     (2) niyojakaḥ.

Constrain, v. t. balātkṛ c., pravṛt c., prer c.; gen. ex. by causal of verbs; See Compel. 2 ni-ava-rudh 7 U, niyaṃtr 10, ni-saṃ-yam 1 P; 'c. ed silence' balāddhṛtaṃ maunaṃ; 'c. ed to be silent' niyaṃtritavāk yaṃtritakatha.
     -Constraint, s. balaṃ balātkāraḥ; 'by c.' balāt balena anicchat a., prasahya.
     (2) avaśyakatā.
     (3) yaṃtraṇā nirodhaḥ avarodhaḥ: 'c. of modesty' hrīyaṃtraṇā.

Constrict, v. t. saṃkuc 1 P, ākuṃc c., saṃhṛ 1 P.
     -ion, s. saṃkocaḥ. ākuṃcanaṃ saṃharaṇaṃ.

Constringe, v. t. See Constrict.

Construct, v. t. nirmā 3 A, 2 P, or c. (māpayati) rac 10, vidhā 3 U, ghaṭ c. (ghaṭayati) prakḷp c., kṛ 8 U.
     -ion, s. racanā nirmāṇaṃ vidhānaṃ &c.
     (2) anvayaḥ saṃbaṃdhaḥ padayojanā-naṃ.
     (3) arthaḥ āśayaḥ; 'do not put a bad c. upon his words' tasya vacasi durāśayaṃ mā kalpaya-āropaya.
     -ive, a. nirmātṛ prakalpaka nirmāṇa or vidhāna in comp.; nirmāṇacāturyaṃ 'c. skill' &c.

Construe, v. t. anvayaṃ kath 10, arthaṃ vyākhyā 2 P, yuj 10; tatparatayaiva vedāṃtavākyāni yojayaṃti (S. B. 91) 'c. as refferring to it'; 'to be c. ed' saṃbaṃdh pass., (idaṃ padamevaṃ na saṃbadhyate).

Constupration, s. kanyādūṣaṇaṃ dharṣaṇaṃ balātkārābhigamaḥ.

Consubstantlal, a. ekaśarīra ekamūrti.

Consult, v. saṃmaṃtr 10 A, saṃvad 1 P or c., saṃbhāṣ 1 A.
     (2) vimṛś 6 P, ciṃt 10, vicar c.; 'you must c. public good also' janahitamapi tāvat tvayā manasi kāryameva-avekṣaṇīyaṃ; 'do not c. your private good' svahitaparāyaṇo mā bhūḥ; 'let astrologers be c. ed' sāṃvatsarikaiḥ saṃvādyatām; 'you have given this order, having c. ed (with) my very heart' mama hṛdayena saha saṃmaṃtryādiṣṭavānasi (Mu. 1); 'c. with oneself' manasā vicar c., ātmagataṃ ciṃt.
     (3) nirūp 10, samīkṣ 1 A, ā-paryā-loc 10; 'in c.-ing a horoscope' janmapatrikāṃ vimṛśan patrikāvalokanena śubhāśubhaṃ paryālocayan.
     -ation, s. maṃtraṇā-ṇaṃ vicāraṇaṃ; vimarśaḥ vicāraḥ; ālocanaṃ saṃvādaḥ; 'private c.' gūḍhamaṃtraṇaṃ.
     -ative, a. saṃmaṃtrya; maṃtraṇayogya.

Consume, v. t. kṣai c. (kṣapayati) vinaś c.; 'c. by fire' nirdah 1 P.
     (2) upayuj 7 A; 10, upayujya-upabhujya-niravaśeṣīkṛ 8 U. -v. i. kṣi pass., naś 4 P, avasad 1 P, parihā pass.
     -er, s. nāśakaḥ; viniyojakaḥ.
     -Consumption, s. kṣayaḥ śoṣaḥ yakṣman m.
     (2) nāśaḥ kṣayaḥ avasādaḥ.
     (3) upayogaḥ upa-bhogaḥ vyayaḥ viniyogaḥ.
     -Consumptive, a. kṣayin-kṣayarogin.

Consummate, v. t. samāp c.; See Complete. -a. saṃpūrṇa nikhila anyūna.
     (2) parama utkṛṣṭa agraṇīḥ; 'a c. rogue' śaṭhāgraṇīḥ.
     -ion, s. samāpanaṃ niṣpatti f., siddhi f.
     (2) utkarṣaḥ paramā gatiḥ.

Contact, s. saṃ- sparśaḥ saṃparkaḥ saṃsargaḥ saṃyogaḥ āsaṃgaḥ vyatikaraḥ parāmarśaḥ; 'in close bodily c.' aṃgāṃgi ind.

Contagion, s. sparśaḥ sparśasaṃcāraḥ.
     -gious, a. sparśajanya sparśasaṃcārin saṃsparśaja saṃparkīya; 'a c. disease' mārī.

Contain, v. t. dhṛ 1 P, 10, ādā 3 A, pari-grah 9 P, dhā 3 U, bhṛ 3 U; 'c. ing' ex. by dhara-dhārin-bhṛt in comp.; 'c. ing water' toyabhṛt; oft. ex. by garbha pūrṇa ātmaka in comp.; aṃbugarbhaḥ meghaḥ śukagarbhakoṭaraṃ; amṛtapūrṇaṃ pātraṃ &c.
     (2) nivār 10, saṃyam 1 P, nigrah 9 P; 'he could not c. his great joy' guruḥ praharṣaḥ prababhūva nātmani (R. III. 17).
     -ed, a. dhṛta aṃtargata aṃtarbhūta aṃtargaṇita; vartin stha in comp.
     -er, s. ādhāraḥ dhārin-bhṛt in comp.; 'the relation between c. and contained' ādhārādheyabhāvaḥ.

Contaminate, v. t. duṣ c. (dūṣayati) lip 6 P, kalaṃkayati-malinayati (D.).
     -ed, a. bhraṣṭa dūṣita kalaṃkita apavitra.
     -ion, s. dūṣaṇaṃ kalaṃkaḥ; aśaucaṃ bhraṣṭatā bhraṃśakāraṇaṃ.

Contemn, v. t. avaman 4 A, avajñā 9 U, avadhīr 10 A, tiraskṛ 8 U, avagaṇ 10, na ādṛ 6 A, upekṣ 1 A, laghūkṛ tṛṇāya man paribhū 1 P.
     -er, s. avamaṃtṛ m., tiraskartṛ m.
     -Contempt, s. avajñā avamānaḥ-mānanā avadhīraṇā tiraskāraḥ avagaṇanā anādaraḥ paribhavaḥ upekṣā avahelanaṃ-nā.
     -ible, a. avamaṃtavya tiraskārya.
     (2) kṣudra nikṛṣṭa nīca; 'to make oneself c.' ātmānaṃ tiraskārāspadaṃ kṛ avajñābhājanaṃ bhū.
     -uous, a. ava-mānin upekṣaka paribhāvin paribhāvuka (kī f.); sāvajña sāvamāna.
     -uously, adv. sāvajñaṃ sāvamānaṃ upekṣayā satiraskāraṃ.

Contemplate, v. ciṃt 10; dhyai 1 P; manasā vicar c., vimṛś 6 P.
     (2) nirūp 10, nirvarṇa 10, avekṣ 1 A, saṃdṛś 1 A, āloc 10. ālok 1 A, 10.
     (3) saṃkḷp c., bhū c.
     -ion s. dhyānaṃ ciṃtā bhāvanā ālocanaṃ vicāraṇā vimarśaḥ; 'to be or have in c.' abhipra-i 2 P, uddiś 6 P.
     -ive, a. dhyānapara ciṃtāśīla & sim. comp.; bhāvitātman; ciṃtāviṣṭa samādhistha.
     -or, s. dhyātṛ m.

Contemporary, a. or s. samakālīna ekakālīna samānakālaḥ.

Contend, v. i. saṃyat 1 A, vigrah 9 P, kalahāyate (D.), virudh 7 U, pratikṛ 8 U, vivad 1 A, yudh 4 A, spardh 1 A.
     (2) vāgyuddhaṃ kṛ pratyavasthā 1 A, (atrāpare pratyavatiṣṭhaṃte S. B. 57).
     (3) yat-ceṣṭ 1 A.
     -er, s. vipakṣaḥ prati- yoddhṛ m., vivādin m., pratiyogin m., pratipakṣaḥ.
     -ing, a. virodhin; vivadamāna kalahaśīla.
     -Contention, s. vivādaḥ vi-grahaḥ kalahaḥ kaliḥ vipratipatti f., vāgyuddha vipralāpaḥ; 'point (bone) of c.' vivādaviṣayaḥ-vastu n.
     (2) saṃgharṣaḥ spardhā.
     -tious, a. kalahapriya vivādin virodhin kalaha-vivādaśīla.

Content, a. saṃ- pari-tuṣṭa tṛpta niḥspṛha vi-tṛṣṇa prīta praśāṃta hṛṣṭa; 'to be c.' tuṣ 4 P, tṛp 4 P, saṃpari--; 'is c. with even little' svalpakenāpi tuṣyati; 'poor and c. is rich and rich enough' saṃtoṣa eva puruṣasya paraṃ nidhānaṃ. -v. t. tuṣ c., tṛp c., saṃ-pari-- naṃd c., prī 9 P; 'c. s. the eyes' kṛtārthayati cakṣuḥ. -s.
     -ment, s. saṃ-pari-toṣaḥ tṛpti f., prīti f., aspṛhā vitṛṣṇā dhṛti f., kāma nivṛtti f.; 'water to the heart's c.' prakāmajalaṃ.
     (2) (c. s) ghanaphalaṃ (golasya); pūrakaṃ aṃtarmataṃ; 'c. s of a letter' lekhārthaḥ; 'if so, I shall know its c. s' tena hyasya gṛhītārthā bhavāmi (V. 2); 'table of c. s' sūcīpatraṃ anukramaṇikā.
     -ed, a. tuṣṭa tṛpta prīta &c.; 'keep c.' anuraṃj c., prī 9 P.
     -edly, adv prītyā saṃtoṣeṇa tuṣṭyā.

Conterminous, a. sīmāvāsin samīpanikaṭa-vartin paryaṃtastha.

Conterraneous, a. ekadeśaja sadeśaja.

Contest, v. i. yudh 4 A, vivad 1 A. -v. t. pratikūlayati (D.), prati-vi-rudh 7 U; See Contend. -s. kalahaḥ kaliḥ vivādaḥ vāgyuddhaṃ vipralāpaḥ vipratipatti f., 'subject of c.' vādabījaṃ vivādāspadaṃ vādaviṣayaḥ.
     -ed, a. vādagrasta vādaviṣayībhūta; 'un-c. possession' aparavojjhito bhogaḥ (V. M. 11).

Context, s. anvayaḥ- saṃdarbhaḥ saṃbaṃdhaḥ prakaraṇaṃ (S. B.); prājñasyahi prakaraṇaṃ vartate &c. -a. saṃśliṣṭa saṃdhita saṃyukta.
     -ure, s. saṃsthiti f., vinyāsaḥ.

Contiguity, s. sannikarṣaḥ sannidhiḥ sanni-dhānaṃ samīpatā naikaṭyaṃ.
     -Contiguous, a. sannikṛṣṭa samīpa sannihita saṃlagna āsanna samīpastha samīpa-nikaṭa-vartin; 'c. ground' paryaṃtabhūmi f., parisaraḥ.
     -ly, adv. samīpaṃ-pe saṃnikṛṣṭaṃ parisare.

Continent, a. jiteṃdriya saṃyata saṃyamin yatamaithuna urdhvaretas nivṛttakāma vaśin dāṃta.
     (2) parimita. -s. varṣaḥ-rṣaṃ; 'c. of India' bharatavarṣaḥ; mahādvīpaḥ-paṃ.
     -al, a. mahādvīpīya vaṣīya.
     -Continence, s. saṃyamaḥ iṃdriyanigrahaḥ damaḥ jiteṃdriyatvaṃ vaśitvaṃ.

Contingency, s. daivayogaḥ-ghaṭanaṃ daivaṃ yadṛcchā
     (2) atarkitopanataḥ vṛttāṃtaḥ; oft. ex. by words for 'doubtful' q. v.
     -tingent, a. aniścita saṃdigdha daivāyatta daivavaśa āgaṃtuka-āpātika (kī f.); atarkitopanata asamarthitopanata. -s. bhāmaḥ aṃśaḥ.
     (2) sainyadalaṃ.
     -ly, adv. daivāt daivavaśāt yadṛcchayā atarkitaṃ.

Continue, v. t. pravṛt c., prasaṃj c., prastu 2 U or c., nirvah c.
     (2) pratan 8 U, dīrghīkṛ 8 U. -v. i. pravṛt 1 A; gen. ex. by āsū 2 A, sthā 1 P, with present part. or not 'cease' q. v.; 'he c. ed to quarrel' kalahaṃ kurvannāsta kalahaṃ kurvanna vyaramat.
     -ous, a. prasakta niraṃtara avirata avi-cchinna saṃtata satata nitya sanātana aśrāṃta; 'a c. story' kathāprabaṃdhaḥ.
     -ally, -ously, adv. nityaṃ sarvadā satataṃ anavarataṃ avi-śrāṃtaṃ &c.
     -ance, -ation, -ity, s. prabaṃdhaḥ prasakti f., avirāmaḥ avicchedaḥ sātatyaṃ saṃtānaṃ anubaṃdhaḥ; 'c. of sorrow' śokānubaṃdhaḥ; 'c. in life' sthiti f., avasthānaṃ jīvitaṃ; 'continuation (of a story)' śeṣaḥ uttarabhāgaḥ-khaṃḍaḥ. pariśeṣaḥ; śreṇī anukramaḥ.
     -ator, s. pravartakaḥ nirvāhakaḥ uttarasādhakaḥ.

Contort, v. t. ākuṃc c., vakrīkṛ 8 U, kuṭilīkṛ; 'having the features c. ed' vikṛtākāraḥ.
     -ion, s. ākuṃcanaṃ vakratā vairūpyaṃ vikṛti f.

Contour, s. ākāraḥ rūpaṃ.
     (2) pari(rī)ṇāhaḥ paridhiḥ; 'covering the c. s of the breasts' stanayugapariṇāhācchādin (S 1).

Contraband, a. ni-prati-ṣiddha; dharmaviruddha.

Contract, v. t. saṃkuc 1 P. saṃkocanī 1 P, ākuṃc c.; saṃhṛ 1 P, samākṛṣ 1 P, saṃkṣip 6 P, saṃpīḍ 10 -hras 'the body being c. ed through fear' bhayasaṃpiṃḍitāṃgatvāt (Ka. 34); 'c. ing the eye' akṣisaṃkocena.
     (2) adhigam 1 P, upagam; 'I c. ed friendship with him' tena saha mitratvaṃ upagataḥ sakhyamabadhnāṃ; 'c. acquaintance' paricayaṃ kṛ; 'c, debt' ṛṇaṃ kṛ ṛṇagrasta a. bhū; 'c. a disease' vyādhinā abhibhū pass.; 'c. marriage' vivāhaṃ kṛ dārānpari-grah 9 P. -v. i. ā-saṃ-kuc pass., saṃkocaṃ yā-i-gam saṃhṛ-saṃpīḍ-saṃkṣip pass.
     (2) samayaṃ kṛ 8 U, paṇaṃ-saṃvidaṃkṛ pratipad 4 A, saṃvid 2 P. -s. samaya saṃvid f., niyamaḥ paṇaḥ abhyupagamaḥ; 'written c.' niyamapatraṃ; 'a sale c.' krayapatraṃ; 'marriage c.' vāgdānaṃ vāgniścayaḥ.
     -ed, a. ākuṃcita saṃkṣipta saṃhṛta. saṃpiṃḍita.
     (2) saṃkaṭa nirāyata saṃbādha.
     -ion, s. saṃkocaḥcanaṃ ākuṃcanaṃ samākarṣaḥ saṃpīḍanaṃ saṃvṛtti f.
     (2) saṃkṣepaḥ-paṇaṃ.
     -or, s. kṛtasaṃvid m., niyamakṛt m., paṇakartṛ m.

Contradict, v. t. virudh 7 U, prati-ni-ṣid 1 P, pratyākhyā 2 P, parāhan 2 P, pratīpāyate (D.); 'c. oneself' vipravad 1 U, visaṃvad 1 P.
     -ion, s. virodhaḥ pratiṣedhaḥ pratyākhyānaṃ vipakṣatā pratibaṃdhaḥ pratikūlatā.
     (2) prativādaḥ vacanavirodhaḥ.
     (3) vipralāpaḥ. virodhokti f.
     (4) asaṃgati f., visaṃvādaḥ viruddhatā.
     -ory, a. viruddha virodhin viparīta viruddhārtha pratīpa visaṃvādin; parasparaviruddha-virodhin.
     (2) parasparaparāhata saṃkula kliṣṭa.

Contradistinguish, v. t. viruddhaguṇaiḥ vi-śiṣ 7 P, or c.
     -Contradistinction, s. viparītatā vyatirekaḥ vipakṣatā.

Contraposition, s. saṃmukhasthiti f.; pratiṣṭhāpanaṃ.

Contrary, a. (in direction) saṃmukhāgata pratīpa; gen. ex. by prati pr.; 'c. wind' prativātaḥ pratīpapavanaḥ.
     (2) pratikulaṃ virodhin prati-vi-loma pratīpa viparīta viruddha vipakṣa vairin; oft. by itara in comp.; 'the c. of true' satyetara. -s. viparyayaḥ viparītaṃ viparyāsaḥ vyatikramaḥ.
     (2) pratipakṣaḥ 'c. -wise,' 'on the c.' pratyuta punaḥ paraṃtu; 'to the c.' viparītatayā. -adv.
     -ly, -adv. viparītaṃ viruddhaṃ pratikūlaṃ; 'c. to usage' ācāravi-ruddhaṃ &c.
     -Contrariety, s. vaiparītyaṃ virodhaḥ viparyayaḥ pratikūlatā vipakṣatā vyatyayaḥ vyatikramaḥ.

Contrast, v. t. aṃtaraṃ-bhedaṃ-dṛś c. or varṇ 10, parasparaviparyayeṇa upamā 3 A. -v. i. viparyas 4 P; virudh pass., viruddha a. bhū 1 P. -s. aṃtaraṃ bhedaḥ viśeṣaḥ; oft. by kva-kva; kva kaṃdamūlaphalāśī śāṃto munijanaḥ kvāyaṃ rāgaprāyaḥ prapaṃcaḥ (Ka. 151);
     (2) virodhaḥ pratipakṣatā vyatirekaḥ vyatyayaḥ vailakṣaṇyaṃ.

Contravallation, s. parikhā pratikūpaḥ.

Contravene, v. t. prati-vi-rudh 7 U, vyāhan
     (2) P, niṣidh 1 P; See Oppose, -Con-
     -travention, s. vyāghātaḥ niṣedhaḥ vi-prati-rodhaḥ pratibaṃdhaḥ.

Contretemps, s. upaplavaḥ vyasanaṃ aṃtarāyaḥ pratyūhaḥ.

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Contribute, v. t. svaṃ svaṃ aṃśaṃ dā 3 U.
     (2) (to) upakṛ 8 U, pravṛdh c., kḷp 1 A, (with dat.); See Conduce. -ary, a. ekarājādhīna.
     (2) pravardhakaḥ poṣakaḥ.
     -ion, s. aṃśabhāga-dānaṃ.
     (2) aṃśaḥ bhāgaḥ dattāṃśaḥ uddhāraḥ.
     -or, s. aṃśadātṛ m.
     (2) sāhāyyakārin m., upakartṛ m., pravardhakaḥ.

Contrite, a. anuśokārta anuśayapīḍita jātānutāpa.
     -ion, s. paścāttāpaḥ anuśayaḥ anu-tāpaḥ.
     -ly, adv. sānuśayaṃ.

Contrive, v. t. ciṃt 10, niści 5 U, nirṇī 1 P, udbhū c., kḷp c., yuj 7 U, 10, nirūp 10, ghaṭ c. (ghaṭayati) saṃpradhṛ 10, vidhā 3 U. -v. i. upāyaṃ ciṃt upāyaṃ yuj.
     -ance, s. upāyaḥ prayukti f., sādhanaṃ kalpanā yojanā apa-vyapa-deśaḥ upāyaciṃtanaṃ kḷpti f.
     -er, s. upāyajñaḥ upāyaciṃtakaḥ.

Control, v. t. yam 1 P, saṃ-ni-- dam c. (damayati) vaśaṃ nī 1 P, ji 1 P, āvṛ 5 U, vaśīkṛ 8 U, ni-vini-grah 9 P, (passions &c.); nirudh 7 U.
     (2) śās 2 P, īś 2 A, (gen.); kathaṃcidīśā manasāṃ babhūvuḥ (K. III. 34); 'could hardly c. their; mind'; niyaṃtr 10; 'un-c. ed speech' aniyaṃtritā vāṇī; 'un-c. ed weeping' nirargalāḥ pralāpāḥ; 'with passions c. ed' jiteṃdriyaḥ saṃyamī vaśī. -s. saṃyamaḥ nigrahaḥ nirodhaḥ niyaṃtraṇā damanaṃ 'self-c.' ātmasaṃyamaḥ nigrahaḥ iṃdriyajayaḥ vaśitvaṃ.
     (2) adhikāraḥ vaśaḥ prabhutvaṃ; 'under the king's c.' rājādhīna nṛpāyatta; 'mental c.' aṃtaryamanaṃ manodaṃḍaḥ.
     -ler, s. śāstṛ m., adhyakṣaḥ adhikārin m., adhiṣṭhātṛ m., īśaḥ prabhuḥ.

Controversy, s. vādaḥ vicāraḥ vivādaḥ vādānuvādaḥ vipratipatti f., vitarkaḥ vādayuddhaṃ hetuvādaḥ.
     -al, a. vivādasaṃbaṃdhin vitarkin (s.) in comp.
     -alist, s. vādin m., tarkin m., tārkikaḥ.

Controvert, v. t. pratyākhyā 2 P, adharīkṛ 8 U, niras 4 U, nirākṛ khaṃḍ 10.
     (2) vivad 1 A, vicar c.
     -ed, a. vādagrasta vivādaviṣayībhūta.
     -ist, s. vādin m., naiyāyikaḥ vivādakṛt m., tārkikaḥ.

Contumacious, a. dhṛṣṭa durvinīta; dṛpta sagarva.
     (2) pratīpa pratikūla duḥśīla.
     -ly, adv. sadarpaṃ dhṛṣṭatayā.
     -Contumacy, s. dhṛṣṭatā durvinītatā; pratīpatā duḥśīlatā.

Contumely, s. avajñā niṣṭhura-paruṣa-vacanaṃ niṣṭhuratā niṃdā tiraskāraḥ avamānanā.
     -ous, a. paruṣa. niṣṭhura niṃdaka avamānin.
     (2) sāvajña.

Contuse, v. t. mṛd 9 P, kṣud 7 U, piṣ 7 P, kṣaṇ 8 P, cūrṇ 10.
     -ion, s. mardanaṃ niṣpeṣaḥ kṣataṃ.

Conundrum, s. prahelikā pravahlikā.

Convalescence, s. svāsthyaṃ nirāmayaḥ rogopaśamaḥ prakṛtilābhaḥ.
     -Convalescent, a. ni-rāmaya vītaroga prakṛtistha nīruja.

Convene, v. t. samāhve 1 P, sāhvānaṃ ekatra kṛ 8 U, samānī 1 P; See Assemble. -v. i. saṃmil 6 P, saṃ-i 2 P, ekatra bhū.

Convenience, s. sukhaṃ sopakāratvaṃ susthatā.
     (2) yogyatā pātratā; ucitasādhanaṃ.
     (3) avasaraḥ avakāśaḥ; 'in c. ed by the shutting of the lotus' aṃbhojavinimīlanaduḥsthitaḥ (Rat. 2); 'when it suits your c.' yathāvasaraṃ avasaraṃ prāpya kāryāṃtarāṃtarāyamaṃtareṇa.
     -Convenient, a. sukhakāraka; ucita anukūla upayukta; 'c. building' ucitasādhanayuktaṃ bhavanaṃ; upapanna yathākāma yathāruci yathocita.
     -ly, adv. yuktaṃ yathāsukhaṃ yathāvakāśaṃ yathāvasaraṃ; 'when may I c. ly see you' anyakāryātipātamaṃtareṇa-kāryāṃtarāvirodhena-bhavān kadā mayā draṣṭavyaḥ.

Convent, s. maṭhaḥ vihāraḥ.

Conventicle, s. sabhā samājaḥ melakaḥ.
     (2) gūḍhasabhā.

Convention, s. samayaḥ saṃvid f., niyamaḥ saṃketaḥ.
     (2) sabhā saṃsad f.
     (3) rūḍhi f., lokasaṃmati f., ācāraḥ.
     -al, a. laukika (kī f.), lokasaṃmata nirūḍha rūḍha sāṃketika (kī f.); 'c. usage' janarūḍhiḥ lokācāraḥ.
     -alism, s. rūḍhi f., ācāravidhi m.

Converge, n. v. saṃni-ni-pat 1 P, ekasthānaṃekakeṃdraṃ-pratiyā 2 P, (with loc.), paṃthānaḥ siddhihetavastvayyeva nipataṃti (R. x. 26); 'c. to thee alone.'
     -ence, s. samavāyaḥ saṃnipātaḥ.
     -ent, a. ekakeṃdrābhimukha (khī f.), saṃnipātin.

Converse, v. i. saṃ-ā-lap 1 P, saṃbhāṣ 1 A, saṃvad 1 P, saṃvac 2 P.
     (2) saṃsargaṃ kṛ 8 U, saṃvas 1 P, saṃgam 1 A, saṃvyavahṛ 1 P. -s. saṃlāpaḥ saṃkathā saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ saṃvādaḥ.
     (2) saṃsargaḥ vyavahāraḥ saṃgamaḥ.
     (3) viparyayaḥ viparītaṃ vyatyāsaḥ vyatikramaḥ.
     -ant, a. nipuṇa catura kuśala vicakṣaṇa abhijña; kovida jña vid in comp.; paṭu viśārada; 'c. with law' smṛtijñaḥ; 'not c. with love matters' anabhyaṃtare āvāṃ madanagatasya vṛttāṃtasya (S. 3).
     -ance, -ancy, s. naipuṇyaṃ pāṭavaṃ cāturyaṃ vidagdhatā &c.
     -ation, s. ā-saṃ-lāpaḥ; saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ saṃkathā saṃvādaḥ; kathāyogaḥ viśraṃbhālāpaḥ.
     (2) ācāraḥ vyavahāraḥ vṛtti f.
     -ly, adv. viparyayeṇa vyatikrameṇa vyatyayena pratīpaṃ.

Convert, v. t. vikṛ 8 U, anyathā kṛ parivṛt c.; oft. ex. by sāt; 'c. to ashes' bhasmasātkṛ; See Reduce. 2 svadharmaṃ-pakṣaṃmataṃ tyaj c. 'to be c. ed' paradharmaṃpakṣaṃ-mataṃ-grah 9 P, svadharmaṃ &c. tyaj 1 P.
     (3) pra-upa-vini-yuj 7 A, 10.
     (4) pāpād viram c. (ramayati) or nivṛt c., kumārgaṃ tyaj c. -v. i. anyathā bhū 1 P, bhāvāṃtaraṃ yā 2 P or prāpa 5 P.
     (2) svadharmaṃ-pakṣaṃ-mataṃ-tyaj 1 P, paradharmaṃ &c. grah 9 P, or āśri 1 U or avalaṃb 1 A or svīkṛ.
     (3) pāpādviram 1 P or nivṛt 1 A -s. paradharmāśritaḥ: parapakṣa-mata-avalaṃbin m., svadharma-pakṣa-mata-tyāgin m.
     -Conversion, s. vikāraḥ; vikriyā vikṛti f., parivartaḥ viparyayaḥ bhāvāṃtaraprāpaṇaṃ; 'c. to ashes' bhasmasātkaraṇaṃ bhasmībhavanaṃ.
     (2) paradharmāśrayaḥ paradharma-pakṣa-mata-avalaṃbanaṃ svadharma- &c. tyāgaḥ.
     (3) pāpanivṛtti f., kumārgatyāgaḥ.

Convex, a. nyubja kūrmapṛṣṭhākāra ābhogavat.
     -ity, s. nyubjatā ābhogaḥ.

Convey, v. t. vah-nī-hṛ- 1 P, gam c. (gamayati) prāp c saṃcar c.
     (2) c. (arpayati) dā 3 U.
     (3) (sense) gam c., pratipad c., dyut c.
     -ance, s. yānaṃ pravahaṇaṃ vāhanaṃ rathaḥ.
     (2) nayanaṃ prāpaṇaṃ samarpaṇaṃ; 'deed of c.' samarpaṇapatraṃ krayalekhyaṃ.
     -er, s. vāhakaḥ vāhin in comp.

Convict, v. t. aparādhaṃ nirṇī 1 P, aparādhin a. sthā c. (sthāpayati) ādhṛṣ c. -s., -a.,
     -ed, a. nirṇītāparādhaḥ niścitadoṣaḥ ādharṣitaḥ dṛṣṭadoṣaḥ.
     -ion, s. aparādhasthāpanaṃ aparādhanirṇayaḥ doṣaniścayaḥ ādharṣaṇaṃ.

Convince, v. t. prati-i c., pratītiṃ kṛ 8 U, urīkartuṃ ānī 1 P, abhijñā c. (jñāpayati); 'he was c. ed of his mistake' svabhramamuddiśya tasya pratītiḥ samajani or ayaṃ bhrama evāsīditi tasya niścayo jātaḥ; tāḥ svacāritryamuddiśya pratyāyayatu maithilī (R. xv. 73) 'c. them of her purity.'
     (2) saṃdehaṃ ni-rākṛ or niras 4 U or apamud 6 P.
     -ed, a. jātaniścaya-pratyaya chinna-saṃśaya; 'I am c. that' &c. iti me niścayaḥ ityasaṃdehapadaṃ.
     -ing, a. nirṇāyaka pratyayajanaka saṃśayacchedin niścāyaka.
     -Conviction, s. viśvāsaḥ pratyayaḥ niścayaḥ nirṇayaḥ dṛḍhapratyayaḥ dṛḍhaṃ mataṃ.

Convivial, a utsavasaṃbaṃdhin autsavika (kī f.); 'a c. party' tulyabhojanaṃ sa(saṃ)pīti f.

Convoke, v. t. samāhve 1 P, samāhṛ 1 P, āhvānena ekatra kṛ 8 U.
     -Convocation, s samāhvānaṃ samāhvānavidhiḥ.
     (2) sabhā samājaḥ saṃsad f.

Convolve, v. t. ā-samā-vṛt c.

Convoy, v. t. rakṣaṇārthaṃ anuvraj anugam 1 P, anu-pari saṃ-saha-car 1 P. -s. pathi rakṣakaḥ sahacaraḥ pari-anu-caraḥ

Convulse, v. t. saṃ-vi-kṣubh c., kaṃp c.
     (2) ākṛṣ 1 P, ākuṃc c., apa-tan c., vi-ākṣip 6 P.
     -ion, s. saṃ-vi-kṣobhaḥ kaṃpaḥ.
     (2) ākṣepaḥ apatānakaḥ ākarṣaḥ.
     -ive, a. ākarṣaka ākṣepakara (rī f.), vikṣepin; 'c. speech' gadgadavāc f., gadgadaṃ 'in a c. fit' ākṣepābhibhūta.

Cony, s. śaśaḥ śaśakaḥ.

Coo, v. t. kūj 1 P, ku 2 P, 1 A, vi ra 2 P.

Cook, v. t. pac 1 P, śrā 2 P, or c. (śrāpayati) śrī 9 P; 'c. food' annaṃ saṃskṛ 8 U, sidh c (sādhayati) siddha a. kṛ; 'c. ing pot' pākapātraṃ sthālī; 'c. ed food' odanaḥ-naṃ siddhaudanaḥ siddhamannaṃ. -s. pācakaḥ sūpakāraḥ ballavaḥ sūdaḥ.
     -ed, a. pakva siddha śṛta śrāṇa.
     -ery, pākakalāvidyā; pākasiddhi-niṣpatti f.
     (2) pacanaṃ pākaḥ.
     -room, s. pākaśālā mahānasaḥ-saṃ.

Cool, a. śītala śīta śiśira śītasparśa ārdra (fig.) sukha mṛdu sukhasparśa komala; anuṣṇa atigma (rays).
     (2) praśāṃta anudvega dhīra avyagra asaṃbhrāṃta avyākula
     (3) vītarāga; See Cold. -s. śītaṃ śītalatā; 'in the c. of evening' praśāṃte-anuṣṇe saṃdhyāsamaye. -v. i. śītalīkṛ 8 U, ārdrayati (D.), nirvā c. (vāpayati) ārdrīkṛ tāpaṃ hṛ 1 P; anyādṛśa eva tedya nirvāpayati śarīrasparśaḥ (Mal. 6); śarīranirvāpaṇāya (S. 3).
     (2) (down) pra-upa-śam c. (śamayati) viram c.
     (3) śithilīkṛ śithilayati (D.). -v. i. śītalībhū 1 P, śītībhū śītalāyate (D.);
     (2) śithilībhū śithilāyate (D.). 'she will not let her love for you c. down' na setogatamanurāgaṃ śithilayati (V. 2).
     (3) pra-upa-śam 4 P, piram 1 P
     -ing, a. tāpahara nirvāpaka śāṃtida śītala sukhada.
     -ly, adv. asaṃbhramaṃ śāṃtacetasā avyagraṃ śāṃtaṃ nirudvegaṃ.
     (2) prakopanaṃ vinā buddhipuraḥsaraṃ.
     -nass, s. śītalatā ārdratā; 'c. of affection' virāgaḥ virakti f., anurāgaśithilatā.

Coop, s. bhājanaṃ kāṣṭhabhāṃḍaṃ.
     (2) vītaṃsaḥ paṃjaraḥ-raṃ -v. t. (up) (paṃjare) nirudh 7 U, baṃdh 9 P, saṃyam 1 P, niyaṃtr 10.

Co-operate, v. i. saṃbhūya kṛ 8 U, sāhāyyaṃdā 3 U, anyena sārdhaṃ prayat 1 A or vyavaso 4 P, or ceṣṭ 1 A
     -ion, s. sahakāritā sahodyogaḥ sāhāyyaṃ sabhūya vyavasāyaḥ.
     -ive, a. sahakārin sahodyogin.
     -or, s. sahakārin m., saṃbhūyakārin m. sahodyogin m.

Co-ordinate, v. i. saṃvad 1 P. -v. t. kramaśaḥ saṃnidhā 3 U. -a. sajātīya.

Coparcener, s. samāṃśin m., saṃsṛṣṭaḥ-ṣṭin m., aṃśaharaḥ rikthādhikārin m., dāyādaḥ
     -Coparcenary, s. saṃsṛṣṭi f., saṃsṛṣṭitā samāṃśitā.

Copartner, s. samāṃśin m. aṃśabhāj m., saṃbhūyakārin m.
     -ship, s. samāṃśitā; saṃbhūya samutthānaṃ.

Cope, v. i. (with) yudh 4 A, vigrah 9 P, virudh 7 U, abhipat 1 P (with acc.); yaṃtā gajasyābhyapatadgajasthaṃ (R. VII. 37).
     (2) spardh 1 A, saṃghṛṣ 1 P, abhibhū 1 P; See Compete. -s. śirastrāṇaṃ mastakācchādanaṃ.

Coping, s. prākāraśīrṣaṃ-śṛṃgaṃ.

Copious, a. pracura bhūyiṣṭha bahu vipula prabhūta puṣkala bhūri bahula.
     -ly, adv. bahu bhūri bahuśaḥ pracuraṃ ati-su-pr.
     -ness, s. bāhulyaṃ prācuryaṃ vipulatā &c.

Copper, s. tāmraṃ tāmrakaṃ śulbaṃ dvyaṣṭaṃ variṣṭaṃ uduṃbaraṃ; 'c. coin' paṇaḥ; 'c. plate' tāmrapatraṃ-paṭṭaṃ-paṭaḥ; 'c. smith' tāmrakāraḥ tāmrikaḥ tāmrakuṭṭakaḥ śaulbikaḥ.
     -y, a. tāmra (mrī f.), tāmramaya (yī f.).

Copperas, s. tutthaṃ malīmasaṃ.

Coppice, Copse, s. gulmāvṛtaṃ sthānaṃ jaṃgalaṃ tarugahanaṃ.

Copulate, v. i. maithunaṃ-saṃgaṃ-kṛ 8 U, abhigam 1 P, saṃgam 1 A. -v. t. saṃyuj 7 P, 10, saṃdhā 3 U.
     -ion, s. maithunaṃ surataṃ saṃbhogaḥ vyavāyaḥ ratikriyā.
     (2) saṃsargaḥ saṃparkaḥ saṃyogaḥ.
     -ive, a. saṃyoga-saṃsarga-kārin.
     (2) ubhayānvayin.

Copy, s. pratilekhaḥ pratilipi f., hastalekhaḥ lipi f.
     (2) mūlaṃ.
     (3) ekagraṃthaḥ ekapustakaṃ.
     (4) anu-karaṇaṃ; 'c. right' mudraṇasvāmitvaṃ-svatvaṃ mudraṇādhikāraḥ. -v. t. pratilipiṃ kṛ 8 U, likh 6 P.
     (2) anukṛ (with gen.).
     -er, -ist, s. lipika(kā)raḥ lekhakaḥ akṣaracaṇaḥ akṣaracaṃcuḥ.
     (2) anukārin m.
     (3) śabdacoraḥ.

Coquet, v. i. vilas 1 P, vibhram 1, 4 P, hāvaṃ-vilāsaṃ-kṛ 8 U, lalitābhinayaṃ kṛ.
     -ry, s. vilāsaḥ vibhramaḥ hāvaḥ līlā lalitābhinayaḥ.
     -Coquette, s. vilāsinī vi-lāsavatī kāminī līlāvatī.

Coral, s. vidrumaḥ pravālaḥ.

Corban, s. īśvarārpaṇaṃ utsargaḥ.

Cord, s. rajju f., dāman n., pāśaḥ śulbaṃ guṇaḥ sūtraṃ vaṭī. -v. t. rajjvā baṃdh 9 P, or yaṃtr 10.
     -age, s. rajjvādisāmagrī.
     -ed, a. pāśarajju-baddha.

Cordial, a. dīpaka agnivarddhaka; dhātupoṣaka.
     (2) dṛḍhasauhṛda gāḍhaparicaya suśīla (of persons) dṛḍha gāḍha ghana. -s. agnivardhanaṃ; rucakaṃ dīpakaṃnaṃ.
     -ity, s. sauhārdaṃ suśīlatā saujanyaṃ mitrabhāvaḥ maitryaṃ sakhyaṃ.
     -ly, adv. sauhārdena suśīlavat.

Cordon, s. āgamanirgamapratibaṃdhaḥ.

Core, s. aṃtaraṃ garbhaḥ aṃtarbhāgaḥ hṛdayaṃ.

Coriander, s. dhānī dhāneyaḥ.
     (2) (seed) chatrā dhānyakaṃ vitunnakaṃ kustuṃbarī n.

Cork, s. pidhānaṃ kūpīchidrapidhānaṃ.

Cormorant, s. ghasmaraḥ audarikaḥ kukṣiṃbhariḥ gṛdhnuḥ.

Corn, s. dhānyaṃ; 'growing c.' śasyaṃ.
     (2) kiṇaḥ kadaraḥ.
     (3) annaṃ āhāraḥ jīvanasādhanaṃ; 'c. mill' dhānyapeṣaṇī.
     -y, a. śṛṃgavat.

Cornea, s. śuklamaṃḍalaṃ.

Corner, s. koṇaḥ; astraḥ; 'c. of the eye' apāṃgaḥ-gaṃ nayanopāṃtaḥ; 'c. of the mouth' sūkkan n.
     (2) viviktasthānaṃ nirjanadeśaḥ; 'c. stone' pradhāna-koṇa-prastaraḥ; 'c. wise' koṇākoṇi asrāstri.

Cornet, s. āśvikanāyakaḥ.
     (2) āveṣṭanaṃ kośaḥ-ṣaḥ.

Cornice, s. prākāraśīrṣaṃ-śṛṃgaṃ.

Cornuted, a. (man) baṃdhakībhāryaḥ.

Corollary, s. anumānaṃ; apavāhaḥ upasiddhāṃtaḥ upalakṣyaḥ.

Corona, s. ravimabhitaḥ-tejomaṃḍalaṃ-mukuṭākāraṃ.

Coronal, s. mukuṭaṃ kirīṭaḥ.

Coronation, s. abhiṣekaḥ rājyābhiṣekaḥ.

Coroner, s. apamṛtyukrāraṇanirūpakaḥ.

Coronet, s. mukuṭaṃ kirīṭaḥ.

Corporal, a. kāyika-śārīrika-daihika (kī f.), śārīra (rī f.); 'c. punishment' deha-śarīra-daṃḍaḥ. -s. senādhikṛtaḥ puruṣaḥ.
     -ity, s. dehavattvaṃ śarīravattā.
     -ly, adv. śarīreṇa dehataḥ.

Corporate, a. kṛtasaṃsarga saṃbhūyakārin saṃghātavat saṃsṛṣṭa.
     -ion, s. 'a c. body' śreṇiṇī f., samājaḥ.

Corporeal, a. dehin śarīrin vapuṣmat sadeha saśarīra.

Corps, s. anīkraṃ sainyadalaṃ-gulmaḥ daṃḍaḥ.

Corpse, s. śavaḥ-vaṃ kuṇapaḥ pretaṃ mṛtaśarīraṃ.

Corpulent, a. sthūla sthūlakāya pīna pīvara medasvin māṃsala; 'having a c. belly' tuṃdin tuṃdavat tuṃdila bṛhatkukṣi picaṃḍila.
     -Corpulence, s. pīnatā sthūlatā medasvitā pṛthūdaratā.

Corpuscle, s. aṇuḥ kaṇaḥ lavaḥ leśaḥ.

Correct, v. t. vi-pari-saṃ-śudh c., nirdoṣa a. kṛ 8 U, pratisamā-samā-dhā 3 U; 'instantly c. ing himself' sapadi svavacaḥ samādadhat; pramṛj 2 P; 'c. one's bad conduct' pāpānnivṛt 1 A, kumārgaṃ tyaj 1 P.
     (2) anuśās 2 P, daṃḍ 10.
     (3) pratikṛ apā-nirā-kṛ. -a. śuddha nirdoṣa abhrāṃta.
     (2) satya tathya yathārtha avitatha yathātatha; 'c. in conduct' sādhuvṛtta nirdoṣācaraṇa.
     -ion, s. śodhanaṃ śuddhi f., samādhānaṃ.
     (2) śāsanaṃ daṃḍaḥ-ḍanaṃ nigrahaḥ.
     -ive, a. śodhaka.
     (2) pratikāraka apaha-hara-in comp. -s. pratikāraḥ samādhānaṃ.
     -ly, adv. śuddhaṃ nirdoṣaṃ.
     (2) satyaṃ yathātathaṃ yathāvat sādhu.
     -ness, s. śuddhi f., śuddhatvaṃ-tā ni-rdoṣatā; satyatā tathyatā yathārthatā.
     -or, s. śodhakaḥ pratikartṛ m.
     (2) śāstṛ-śāsitṛ m.; daṃḍapraṇetṛ m.
     -Corrigible, a. śodhanīya; daṃḍanīya; samādheya.

Correlation, s. parasparasaṃbaṃdhaḥ anyonyānvayaḥ vyatikaraḥ.
     -Correlative, a. parasparasaṃbaddha itaretarasaṃbaṃdhin.

Correspond, v. i. (with) patreṇa saṃvādaṃ kṛ 8 U, patralekhanena saṃvad 1 P or vyavahṛ 1 P.
     (2) (to) saṃvaṭ 1 P, anurūpa-sadṛśa (śī f.) a. bhū 1 P; yuj-upapad-pass.; See Resemble; 'his face c. s to that of Sītā' asya mukhaṃ sītāyā mukhena saṃvadati (U. 4).
     -ence, s. patrasaṃvādaḥ patravinimayaḥ.
     (2) saṃvādaḥ anurūpatā sādṛśyaṃ.
     (3) saṃbaṃdhaḥ saṃsargaḥ saṃparkaḥ.
     -ent, a. anurūpa yukta sadṛśa tulya saṃgata saṃvādim. -s. patreṇa saṃvādin m.
     (2) niyogin m., pratipuruṣaḥ.
     -ing, a. anurūpa yukta sadṛśa.

Corridor, s. gūḍha-channa-pathaḥ.

Corrigendum, s. śuddhipatraṃ.

Corrival, s. pratipakṣaḥ pratispardhin m., pratiyo gin m.
     -ry, s. pratispardhā saṃgharṣaḥ prati-yogitā.

Corroborate, v. t. dṛḍhīkṛ 8 U, samarth 10, draḍhayati (D.), pramāṇīkṛ pramāṇaṃ dā 3 U, upodval 10.
     -ion, s. dṛḍhīkaraṇaṃ pramāṇīkaraṇaṃ samarthanaṃ upodvalanaṃ pramāṇaṃ.

Corrode, v. t. kṣi 5 P or c., kramaśaḥ-lavaśaḥkhād 1 P or naś c. or vilī c.
     -ent, a. nāśaka kṣayakara (rī f.).
     -Corrosion, s. kramaśo vilayanaṃ or nāśanaṃ kṣayaḥ.
     -Corrosive, a. vilayana nāśaka.
     (2) tīvra tigma prakhara aruṃtuda marmaspṛś.

Corrugate, v. t. (tvacaṃ-carma) saṃkuc 1 P; ākuṃc c., saṃhṛ 1 P
     -ion, s. tvagākuṃcanaṃ carmasaṃkocaḥ; saṃkocanaṃ.

Corrupt, v. t. dūṣ c. (dūṣayati) bhraṃś c., naś c., vikṛ 8 U or c., malinayati (D.), kaluṣayati (D.), avapat c.; 'the mind is c. ed in youth' yauvanāraṃbhe kāluṣyamupa-yāti buddhiḥ (Ka. 103); 'c. a woman' duṣ c., cāritryaṃ naś c., satītvād bhraṃś c., dhṛṣ 10.
     (2) pūtīkṛ.
     (3) utkocaṃ dā 3 U, utkocadānena vaśī-anukūlī-kṛ. -v. i. duṣ 4 P, pūtībhū 1 P. -a. dūṣita kaluṣa patita duṣṭa bhraṣṭa kaluṣita.
     (2) duṣṭamati durācāra pāpacetas aṃtarduṣṭa durātman durāśaya pāpabuddhi.
     (3) pūti pūtigaṃdhi durgaṃdha.
     -ion, s. dūṣaṇaṃ pātanaṃ śīlabhraṃśanaṃ.
     (2) utkocagrāhitvaṃ dhanabhedyatvaṃ.
     (3) duṣṭatā daurātmyaṃ bhraṣṭatā aṃtarduṣṭatā daurjanyaṃ.
     (4) apabhraṃśaḥ apaśabdaḥ apabhraṣṭaśabdaḥ.
     (5) pūti f., pūtatā durgaṃdhaḥ.
     -er, -ive, a. dūṣaka nāśaka.
     -ly, adv. duṣṭaṃ duṣṭatayā; sadoṣaṃ.

Corsair, s. samuṃdrayidasyuḥ.

Corse, s. See Corpse.

Corset, s. colaḥ-lī kūrpāsakaḥ kaṃcukaḥ.

Corslet, s. vakṣastrāṇaṃ kavacaḥ-caṃ.

Cortege, s. parivāraḥ.

Cortical, a. tvaṅmaya (yī f.), tvāca (cī f.).

Coruscate, v. i. sphur 6 P, dyut 1 A; See Shine. -ion, s. sphuraṇaṃ sphuritaṃ.
     -cant, a. ujjvala bhāsura.

Cosine, s. jyā.

Cosmetic, a. kāṃtivardhaka śobhājanana (nī f.), śobhāprada. -s. aṃgarāgaḥ.

Cosmical, a. jagatsaṃbaṃdhin.

Cosmogony, s. viśvotpatti f., jagatsṛṣṭi f.

Cosmography, s. jagadvivaraṇaṃ-varṇanaṃ.

     -politan, s. viśvasthāmayin m., sarvatravāsin m., jaganmitraṃ.

Cosmos, s. jagat n., viśvaṃ.

Cost, s. mūlyaṃ arghaḥ arhā.
     (2) vyayaḥ; 'even at the c. of one's life' prāṇavyayenāpi; 'high c.' bahumūlyaṃ; oft. by instr. of noun, (ātmānaṃ satataṃ rakṣeddārairapi dhanairapi).
     (3) dhanavyayaḥ. -v. t. mūlyena grah 9 U or krī 9 U; 'what does it c.' kiyatā mūlyena vikrīyate tat; 'the house c. me 1000 Rs.' sahasrarūpakeṇa mayā gṛhaṃ krītaṃ; 'the marriage ceremony c. me much' bahudhanavyayena niṣpādito vivāhavidhiḥ; 'his obstinacy c. him dear' durāgrahāttasya atyahitamabhavat; vyayena sādh 10; 'will c. the lives of' prāṇanāśaṃ-vyayaṃ-āvahet.
     -ly, a. mahārgha mahārha bahumūlya.

Costermonger, s. phalavikretṛ m.

Costive, a. ānaddha baddhakoṣṭha avaruddhamala viḍgrahin.
     -ness, s. malāvarodhaḥ malāvaṣṭaṃbhaḥ ānāhaḥ viḍ-guda-grahaḥ.

Costume, s. veśaḥ nepathyaṃ; See Dress.

Cosufferer, s. samaduḥkhaḥ samaduḥkhabhāj m.

Cosy, a. sukhāvaha hitakara susthita.

Cot, s. khaṭvā maṃcaḥ paryaṃkaḥ.
     (2) dolā preṃkhā.
     Cottage, q. v.

Cote, s. vrajaḥ śālā.

Coterie, s. ekaviṣayajanasaṃsargaḥ-gaṇaḥ.

Cotquean, e. strīkarmavyāpṛtaḥ.

Cottage, s. uṭajaḥ-jaṃ parṇakuṭi-ṭī f., parṇaśālā kāyamānaṃ kuṭīraḥ; 'c. girl' uṭajanivāsinī bālikā.
     -er, Cotter, Cottier, s. kuṭīrasthaḥ uṭajavāsin m.; grāmīṇaḥ.

Cotton, s. kārpāsaḥ tūlaḥ picuḥ piculaḥ. 'made of c.' kārpāsa a.; 'c. cloth' talāṃbaraṃ phālaṃ kārpāsaṃ bādaraṃ; 'c. plant kārpāsī.
     -ly, a. tūlasaṃbaṃdhin kārpāsika (kī f.), (s.) in comp.

Couch, s. śayanaṃ śayyā paryaṃkaḥ khaṭvā maṃcaḥ; See Bed. -v. i. śī 2 A, saṃviś 6 P.
     (2) adhaḥpat 1 P, ni-pat. -v. t. śī c., saṃ-ni-viś c.
     (2) parigrah 9 P, samāviś c.
     (3) ācchad 10, graṃth 9 P; 'c. ed in sweet words' madhuravāggrathitaḥ (lekhaḥ); 'c. fellow' sahaśāyin.
     -ant, a. śaya śāyin.

Cough, s. kāsaḥ kāśaḥ utkāsaḥ kṣavathuḥ; 'suffering from c.' kāsin. -v. i. kās 1 A, kṣu 2 P.
     -er, s. utkāsi(śi)n m.

Coulter, s. phāladaṃtaḥ kṛṃtatraṃ.

Council, s. sabhā saṃsad f., sadas f., n.; 'c. room' (chamber of c.) maṃtraṇasabhā maṃtragṛhaṃ.
     -lor, s. sabhāsad m., sadasyaḥ &c.

Counsel, s. maṃtraṇā vicāraḥ-raṇā vivecanaṃ vimarśaḥ ciṃtanaṃ.
     (2) upadeśaḥ maṃtraḥ maṃtritaṃ anuśāsanaṃ.
     (3) upāyaḥ.
     4 Barrister, q. v. -v. t. upadiś 6 P, maṃtr 10, anuśās 2 P.
     -lor, s. maṃtrin m., sacivaḥ amātyaḥ dhīsacivaḥ.
     (2) upadeśakaḥ upadeṣṭṛ m., buddhisahāyaḥ.
     -lorship, s. sācivyaṃ maṃtripadaṃ.

Count, v. t. gaṇ 10 (lit. and fig.); saṃkal 10, saṃkhyā 2 P.
     (2) man 4 A. -v. i. mangaṇ-pass.; 'c. on, upon' avalaṃb 1 A, āśri 1 U, viśvas 2 P, prati-i 2 P; 'I do c. upon your help' tvaṃ sāhāyyaṃ kariṣyasīti gaṇayāmyeva; 'c. ing upon your promise' tava vacanamavalaṃbya tvadvacanapratyayāt. -s. gaṇanaṃ gaṇanā saṃkhyā-khyānaṃ.
     (2) abhiyogaviṣayaḥ bhāṣāpādaḥ.
     -less, a. asaṃkhya agaṇya saṃkhyātīta anaṃta gaṇanātīta.

Countenance, s. mukhaṃ ānanaṃ vadanaṃ āsyaṃ vaktraṃ.
     (2) ākāraḥ ākṛti f., rūpaṃ.
     (3) āśrayaḥ anugrahaḥ sāhāyyaṃ upakāraḥ.
     (4) ānukūlyaṃ anumodanaṃ. -v. t. anugrah 9 P, upakṛ 8 U, sāhāyyaṃ dā 3 U, ānukūlyaṃ dṛś c.; anuman 4 A, anumud 1 A; See Encourage also.
     -er, s. upakārakaḥ sahāyaḥ anugrahītṛ m., anumodakaḥ.

Counter, s. gaṇanāphalakaḥ.
     (2) (gaṇanārthaṃ) mudrā kākiṇī kapardaḥ-rdikā. -adv. pratikūlaṃ vi-ruddhaṃ viparītaṃ pratilomaṃ; gen. by prati pr.; 'c. design' pratyupāyaḥ; 'c. poison' prati-viṣaṃ.

Counteract, v. t. moghī-niṣphalī-kṛ 8 U, nivār 10, pratikṛ pratihan 2 P, prati-vi-rudh 7 U.
     -ion, s. pratikriyā prati(tī)kāraḥ pratiyogaḥ prati-vyā-ghātaḥ.

Counterbalance, v. t. tulayā dhṛ 1 P, tulyabhāra a. kṛ 8 U, samīkṛ pratitul 10.

Counterblast, s. virodhaḥ pratirodhaḥ.

Counterbuff, v. t. prati-abhi-han 2 P. -s. pratighātaḥ.

Counterchange, v. t. parasparaṃ parivṛt c., vini-me 1 A. -s. parivartaḥ vinimayaḥ vyati-karaḥ.

Countercheck, s. pratibaṃdhaḥ pratirodhaḥ.

Countercurrent, s. pratipravāhaḥ-srotas n.

Counterevidence, s. viruddhasākṣyaṃ prati-kūlapramāṇaṃ.

Counterfeit, a. kṛtrima kṛtaka kapaṭin chādmika (kī f.); gen. ex. by. kapaṭa chadma kūṭa in comp.; 'c. seal' kapaṭamudrā; kūṭaśāsanaṃ chadmaveśaḥ &c. -v. t. chadma-kapaṭaṃ-kṛ 8 U, anukṛ; kṛ with kapaṭa-kūṭa in comp.; 'c. a seal' kapaṭamudrāṃ kṛ; 'c. a document' kūṭalekhaṃ kṛ; 'c. ing sleep' prasuptalakṣaṇaḥ lakṣasuptaḥ mithyāsuptaḥ; See Feign. 2 vipra-labh 1 A; See Cheat. -s. kūṭaṃ kapaṭaṃ chadman n., vyājaḥ.
     (2) kūṭalekhaḥ.
     -er, s. kūṭakṛt m., kūṭalekhyakāraḥ.
     (2) vaṃcakaḥ pratārakaḥ.
     -ly, adv. sakapaṭaṃ sakūṭaṃ mithyā chadmanā.

Countermand, v. t. pratyādiś 6 P, viparītājñāṃ dā 3 U. -s. pratyādeśaḥ viparītājñā.

Countermarch, v. i. pratiyā 2 P, pratīpaṃ yā. -s. pratiyānaṃ pratīpayātrā.

Countermark, s. pratilakṣaṇaṃ praticihnaṃ.

Countermine, s. pratisuraṃgā. -v. t. pratisuraṃgāṃ kṛ 8 U.

Counterpane, s. śayanāstaraṇaṃ śayyāpracchadaḥ.

Counterpart, s. pratirūpaṃ pratimā pratibiṃbaṃ pratimūrti f.; (aho ceṣṭāpratirūpikā kāmino manovṛttiḥ S. 1).

Counterples, s. pratyuttaraṃ; pratyabhiyogaḥ.

     Countervail, v. t. See Counterbalance. -s. tulyabhāratā samatolanaṃ.

Country, s. pra- deśaḥ viṣayaḥ rāṣṭraṃ; diś f., āśā.
     (2) grāmaḥ janapadaḥ (opposed to nagaraṃ puraṃ); 'c. folk' jānapadāḥ grāmyāḥ; 'c. life' jānapadavṛttiḥ grāmavasatiḥ; 'native c.' janmabhūmi f., svadeśaḥ; 'c. man' svadeśīyaḥ ekadeśasthaḥ deśabaṃdhuḥ; jānapadaḥ grāmyajanaḥ grāmīṇaḥ; 'c. parson' jānapadācāryaḥ grāmaguruḥ.

County, s. deśabhāgaḥ maṃḍalaṃ cakraṃ.

Couple, s. yugmaṃ yugalaṃ yamakaṃ yugaṃ dvayaṃ dvi-tayaṃ; 'c. of animals' mithunaṃ dvaṃdvaṃ; 'a married c.' vadhūvarau daṃpatī jāyāpatī. -v. t. saṃyuj 7 U, 10, saṃśliṣ c., saṃgam c. (gamayati) yoktrayati (D.). -v. i. maithunaṃ kṛ 8 U, strīpuruṣavat saṃgam 1 A or saṃmil 6 P.

Couplet, s. ślokaḥ; paṃktidvayaṃ; 'a c. formed by two verses' yugmakaṃ.

Courage, s. dhairyaṃ śauryaṃ vikramaḥ parākramaḥ vīryaṃ utsāhaḥ pauruṣaṃ tejas n., dhāman n., pratāpaḥ.
     (2) nirbhīkatā dhṛṣṭatā sāhasaṃ; 'lose c.' dhairyahīna a. bhū 1 P, sattvātparibhraṃś 1 A, 4 P; 'do not lose c.' dhairyaṃ nidhehi hṛdaye (Mal. 5); 'take c.' ā-samā-śvas 2 P; 'summon c.' dhairyaṃ āsthā 1 A, dhairyaṃ avalaṃb 1 A or avaṣṭaṃbh 9 P, dhairyāvaṣṭaṃbhaṃ kṛ 8 U; 'inspire c.' ā-samā-śvas c.
     -ous, a. śūra vīra vikrāṃta dhīra.
     (2) abhīru dhṛṣṭa sāhasika (kī f.).
     -ously, adv. savīryaṃ savikramaṃ vīra-śūra-vat.
     -ousness, See (s.).

Courier, s. vārtāharaḥ; dūtaḥ vaivadhikaḥ.

Course, s. gati f., prasaraḥ pra- kramaḥ.
     (2) rayaḥ pravāhaḥ (of water &c.).
     (3) mārgaḥ pathin m., padavi (vī f.)
     (4) vyavahāraḥ vṛtti f., ācaraṇaṃ caritraṃ.
     (5) kramaḥ anukramaḥ ānupūrvyaṃ paraṃparā.
     (6) rajas n., puṣpaṃ ārtavaṃ (of women).
     (7) vidhiḥ prakāraḥ rīti f.; 'the law must have its c.' yathāśāstramasya ni-rṇayena bhavitavyameva; 'in c. of conversation' kathāprasaṃgena kathāyogena; 'in c. of time' kālakrameṇa gacchatā kālena dineṣu gacchatsu gacchati kāle; 'a woman in c.' rajasvalā ṛtumatī malinī puṣpavatī; 'of c.' avaśyameva niyataṃ nūnaṃ khalu nāma with eva; 'c. of an arrow' bāṇagocaraḥ śarapathaḥ; 'c. of study' adhyayanakramaḥ-mārgaḥ; 'mathematical c.' gaṇitādhyayanakramaḥ; 'c. of acting' kriyāvidhiḥ anuṣṭhānaṃ; 'proper c. of conduct' sumārgaḥ; 'there being no other c.' gatyaṃtarābhāvāt; 'having no other c. open,' ananyagatika a.; 'race c.' caryābhūmiḥ; 'in the c. of' madhye aṃtare; 'a house in the c. of erection' nirmīyamāṇa bhavanaṃ; 'the c. of nature' sṛṣṭikramaḥ.
     -er, s. javanaḥ javin m., vārakīraḥ.

Court, s. catvaraḥ-raṃ aṃganaṃ-ṇaṃ prāṃgaṇaṃ ajiraṃ.
     (2) rājakulaṃ rājasabhā āsthānī-naṃ (assembly room); rājagṛhaṃ-maṃdiraṃ.
     (3) anunayaḥ anuvṛtti f., ārādhanaṃ; bhajanaṃ dākṣiṇyaṃ.
     (4) (Judge) adhikaraṇikaḥ akṣadarśakaḥ dharmādhikārin m.; (Judges) dharmādhyakṣāḥ prāḍvivākāḥ (pl.); 'c. of justice' adhikaraṇaṃ vyavahāramaṃḍapaḥ nyāya-dharma-sabhā.
     (5) rājaparijanaḥ-paribarhaḥ-parivāraḥ; 'c. favour' rājaprasādaḥ rājānugrahaḥ; 'c. minion' rājavallabhaḥ-priyaḥ; 'c-yard' aṃganaṃ catvaraṃ ajiraṃ prakoṣṭhaḥ prāṃgaṇaṃ gṛhāṃgaṇaṃ. -v. t. ārādh 10 anunī 1 P, anuraṃj c., bhaj 1 A.
     (2) yāc 1 A, pra-abhi-arth 10 A.
     (3) vivāhārthaṃ prārth or sev 1 A.
     -eous, a. dakṣiṇa vinīta savinaya sujana sapraśraya sānunaya sabhya priyaṃvada; 'c. words' sūnṛtā bāṇī.
     -eously, adv. sapraśrayaṃ dakṣiṇatayā sānunayaṃ vinayena.
     -esy, s. dākṣiṇyaṃ vinayaḥ praśrayaḥ saujanyaṃ anurodhaḥ anuvartanaṃ; 'a title of c.' upacārapadaṃ.
     (2) praṇāmaḥ āmaṃtraṇaṃ āpracchanaṃ.
     -ier, s. rājabhṛtyaḥ rājavallabhaḥ rājasabhāsad m., sabhikaḥ sabhyaḥ.
     -like, a. śiṣṭa śiṣṭācāra sabhya.
     -ly, a. sujana śiṣṭa sabhya dakṣiṇa suśīla.
     -ship, s. ārādhanaṃ anuraṃjanaṃ anunayaḥ prasādanaṃ.
     (2) stryupāsanā vivāhārthaṃ prārthanā.

Courtezan, s. gaṇikā veśyā paṇyastrī paṇyāṃganā vārastrī-yoṣit; baṃdhakī puṃścalī.

Cousin, s. pitṛvyaputraḥ (trī f.), mātulaputraḥ (trī f.), pitṛṣvaseyaḥ (yī f.), mātṛṣvaseyaḥ (yī f.), according to different relations.
     (2) jñātiḥ bāṃdhavaḥ.

Cove, s. vaṃkaḥ khātaṃ.

Covenant, s. samayaḥ niyamaḥ saṃvid. f., paṇaḥ. -v. i. See Contract. -er, s. niyamabaddhaḥ sāmayikaḥ.

Cover, v. t. pra-samā-ā-cchad 10, prā-saṃ-ā-vṛ 5 U, sthag 10, pidhā 3 U, niguh 1 U, vyavadhā 3 U, avaguṃṭh 10.
     (2) ā- stṛ 5 U, stṝ 9 U, vyāp 5 P, āveṣṭa 1 A or c., ni-ā-ci 5 U; 'a c. ed path' channa-gūḍha-pathaḥ. -s. āvaraṇaṃ ācchādanaṃ puṭaṃ vyavadhānaṃ veṣṭanaṃ avaguṃṭhanaṃ pidhānaṃ.
     (2) kośaḥ-ṣaḥ veṣṭanaṃ.
     (3) prāvāraḥ pracchadapaṭaḥ ācchādanavastraṃ.
     (4) apa-vyapa-deśaḥ chadman n., vyājaḥ chalaṃ māyā kapaṭaṃ; 'c. of a well' vi(vī)nāhaḥ; 'c. of a carriage,' rathagopanaṃ-āvaraṇaṃ.
     -ing, s. ācchādanaṃ āvaraṇaṃ &c.
     (2) tiraskariṇī vyavadhānaṃ.
     (3) paridhānaṃ prāvāraḥ vāsas n., ācchādanavastraṃ.
     (4) aṃtardhā vyavadhā aṃtardhiḥ; apavāraṇaṃ tirodhānaṃ.
     -let, s. uttaracchadaḥ śayyāpracchadapaṭaḥ.

Covert, a. gūḍha pracchanna gupta; 'a c. expression' vyaṃgyokti f.
     (2) nirvāta. -s. gahanaṃ gahvaraṃ.
     (2) saṃśrayaḥ āśrayasthānaṃ.

Covet, v. t. lubh 4 U, gṛdh 4 P, spṛh 10 (with dat.); kam 10 A, abhilaṣ 1, 4 P, atimātraṃ iṣ 6 P.
     -ous, a. lubdha lolupa gṛdhnu abhilāṣin īpsu atṛpta satṛṣṇa.
     (2) (Of wealth) dhanalubdha dhanārthin arthapara dhanaparāyaṇa.
     -ousiy, adv. salobhaṃ lobhena.
     -ousness, s. lobhaḥ lipsā tṛṣṇā lālasā spṛhā abhilāṣaḥ atispṛhā laulyaṃ.
     (2) dhanalobhaḥ arthatṛṣṇā.

Covey, s. pakṣigaṇaḥ; śāvakasamūhaḥ.

Covin, s. kūṭasamayaḥ-saṃvid f.

Cow, s. go f., dhenu f.; māheyī saurabheyī usrā; śṛṃgiṇī arjunī rohiṇī; ekahāyanī dvihāyanī trihāyaṇī caturhāyaṇī 'a c. one year old, 2 years old, and so on'; 'barren c.' vaśā vaṃdhyā; 'mild one' acaṃḍī sukarā; 'bringing forth many calves' bahusūtiḥ; pareṣṭukā; 'producing calves every year' samāṃsamīnā; 'an excellent c.' gomatallikā gotallajaḥ; 'c. dung' gomayaḥ-yaṃ śakṛt n.; 'c. herd' gopaḥ ābhīraḥ gopālaḥ; 'c. house or pen' vrajaḥ goṣṭhaṃ gośālā. -v. t. bhī c., tras c.

Coward, s. kāpuruṣaḥ bhīruḥ aśūraḥ kātaraḥ klībaḥ bhītaḥ śauryahīnaḥ; 'a boasting c.' geheśūraḥ gehenardin m.
     -ice, s. bhīrutā kātaryaṃ apauruṣaṃ kāpuruṣatvaṃ avīryaṃ avikramaḥ klībatā.
     -ly, a. bhīru nirvīrya kātara; See (s.). -adv. sakātaryaṃ bhīruvat kāpuruṣavat.

Cower, v. i. avanatakāya-praṇataśarīra -a. bhū 1 P. prahvībhū nibhṛtaṃ-alakṣitaṃ yā 2 P or gam 1 P, kāyamavanamayya gam.

Cowl, s. phaṇākṛti śiroveṣṭanaṃ.

Cowrie, s. kākinī-ṇī kapardikā varāṭakaḥ.

Coxcomb, s. daṃbhin m., dāṃbhikaḥ ātmābhimānin m., ātmavikatthanaḥ dṛptaḥ.
     (2) cūḍā śikhā.
     -ry, s. daṃbhaḥ ātmābhimānaḥ darpaḥ garvaḥ.

Coy, a. apragalbha salajja lajjāvat vinīta savrīḍa śālīna.
     (2) alpabhāṣin mitavāc. -v. i. lajj 6 A, trap 1 A, hrī 3 P.
     -ly, adv. lajjayā savrīḍaṃ satrapaṃ salajjaṃ.
     -ness, s. lajjā vrīḍā trapā; aprāgalbhyaṃ.

Cozen, v. t. vaṃc 10; See Cheat. -age, s. pratāraṇā vaṃcanaṃ; māyā bhramaḥ mohaḥ.
     -er, s. vaṃcakaḥ kitavaḥ māyin m.

Crab, s. kulīraḥ karkaṭaḥ-ṭakaḥ.

Crabbed, a. karkaśa paruṣa niṣṭhura.
     (2) vāmaśīla pratīpa duḥśīla.
     (3) viṣama durjñeya gūḍha nigūḍhārtha.
     -ness, s. niṣṭhuratā pratīpatā vaiṣamyaṃ duḥśīlaṃ.

Crack, v. t. bhaṃj 7 P, khaṃḍ 10, vidṝ 9 P, 10, sphuṭ c., bhid 7 P; 'c. a joke' pari-hāsaṃ kṛ.
     (2) (akasmāt) dhvan c., āsphal 10, svan c. -v. i. sphuṭ 6 P, vidal 1 P, bhaṃjbhid-dṝ pass; 'a c. ed sound' apasvaraḥ visvaraḥ.
     (2) vikatth 1 A.
     (3) mahāraveṇa svankvaṇ-dhvan 1 P, sahasā mahāravaṃ kṛ 8 U. -s. chidraṃ raṃdhraṃ saṃdhiḥ bhaṃgaḥ.
     (2) sphoṭanaṃ bhedanaṃ.
     (3) virāvaḥ dhvaniḥ kvaṇitaṃ; 'c. brained' vātula unmatta bhrāṃtacitta.

Crackle, v. i. svan-raṭ 1 P, paṭapaṭāyate (D.). -s. svanitaṃ raṭitaṃ paṭapaṭaśabdaḥ.

Cradle, s. dolā preṃkhā preṃkholanaṃ; (śiśu) khaṭvā; 'from the c.' āśaiśavāt; 'a child in the c.' stanaṃdhayaḥ śiśuḥ.
     (2) (fig.) nivāsabhūmi f., āvāsaḥ. -v. t. dolāyāṃ śī c., dolāmāropya cal c.

Craft, s. kalā śilpa; kauśalaṃ.
     (2) vyāpāraḥ vṛtti f., vyavasāyaḥ.
     (3) cāturyaṃ kauśalaṃ vaidagdhyaṃ; hastakauśalaṃ naipuṇyaṃ.
     (4) śāṭhyatā dhūrtatā kauṭilyaṃ kapaṭaṃ.
     (5) nauḥ tarīḥ; 'c. s man' śilpin m., kāruḥ karmakāraḥ.
     -y, a. dhūrta śaṭha kuṭila vijihma kitava kapaṭin.
     (2) catura vidagdha.
     -ily, adv. chalena sakaitavaṃ dhūrtatayā; caturaṃ vidagdhatayā.

Crag, s. śṛṃgaṃ kūṭaḥ-ṭaṃ śikharaḥ-raṃ.
     -ged, -gy, a. viṣama atyasama śṛṃgin.

Cram, v. t. prakṣip 6 P, balād niviś c.
     (2) atibhojanena tṛp c. or saṃtuṣ c.
     (3) atibhṛśaṃ pṝ c. or pūr 10; svastivāyanamodakaiḥ kukṣiṃ pūrayitvā (M. 4) 'having c. ed the belly' &c.; 'c. ed with food' atitṛptaḥ.
     (4) ākṝ 6 P, nirudh 7 U, saṃbādh 1 A; 'c.-ed with people' janākīrṇa janasaṃkulasaṃbādha.
     (5) (fig.) arthahīnaṃ paṭh 1 P.

Cramp, v. t. saṃkuc 1 P, staṃbh 9 P or c, ni-prati-rudh 7 U, saṃbādh 1 A.
     (2) (aṃgaṃ) ā kṛṣ 1 P, udveṣṭ c., upahan 2 P.
     (3) kīl 10; 'we are much c. ed in this place' atīva duḥsthitā vayamatra. -s. staṃbhaḥ saṃkocaḥ canaṃ nirodhaḥ saṃkṣepaḥ.
     (2) udveṣṭanaṃ vyāsaḥ ākṣepaḥ gātropaghātaḥ; 'a c. in the calf of the leg' piṃḍikodveṣṭanaṃ.
     (3) kīlaḥ lohagrahaṇī baṃdhanakīlaḥ (c. iron).

Crane, s. bakaḥ kahvaḥ sārasaḥ; balākā bisakaṃṭhikā (female c.).
     (2) bhārottolanayaṃtraṃ.

Cranium, See Skull.

Crank, s. vakramārgaḥ.
     (2) vakrokti f., vakrabhāṣitaṃ.

Cranny, s. chidraṃ raṃdhraṃ saṃdhiḥ.

Crash, s. mahāśabdaḥ mahāninādaḥ kolāhalaḥ mahāravaḥ. -v. t. bhaṃj 7 P, bhid 7 P, mṛd 9 P, piṣ 7 P. -v. i. (paruṣaraveṇa) dhvansvan 1 P, paruṣaṃ ru 2 P.

Crass, a. sthūla ghana asūkṣma.

Cratch, s. gavādanī droṇi-ṇī f.

Crater, s. āgneyagirimukhaṃ.

Craunch, v. t. carv 1 P, saṃdaṃś 1 P.

Cravat, s. graiveyakaṃ grīvāveṣṭanaṃ.

Crave, v. t. (savinayaṃ) yāc 1 A, pra-abhi-arth 10 A; 'c. favour' prasad c., anunī.
     (2) vāṃch 1 P, iṣ 6 P, abhilaṣ 1, 4 P, labh desid. (lipsate); See Wish. -ing, s. lālasā spṛhā abhilāṣaḥ atikāṃkṣā autsukyaṃ utkaṃṭhā tṛṣṇā; 'c. for food' bubhukṣā; 'c. for drink' pipāsā tṛṣṇā.

Craven, s. (c. hearted) kāpuruṣaḥ bhīruḥ; See Coward.

Craw, s. pakṣijaṭharaḥ pakvāśayaḥ.

Crawl, v. i. sṛp 1 P, vi-pra-saṃ- urasā gam 1 P, maṃdagatyā cal 1 P. -s. gupti f.; potodaraṃ.

Crayon, s. vartikā tūlikā.

Craze, v. t. bhaṃj 7 P, khaṃḍ 10; See Break.
     (2) cūrṇ 10, niṣpiṣ 7 P.
     (3) jñānaṃ han 2 P, vātulīkṛ 8 U, muh c., saṃbhrama c. (bhramayati).
     -ed, -Crazy, a. vātula buddhivikala hatajñāna unmatta bhrāṃtacitta.
     (2) jīrṇa jarjara jarjarībhūta.
     -edness, s. buddhivaikalyaṃ vātulatā unmādaḥ cittabhramaḥ.
     (2) jīrṇatā.

Creak, v. i. karkaśaśabdaṃ kṛ 8 U, paruṣaṃ viru 2 P or svan 1 P. -8. karkaśaśabdaḥ-dhvaniḥ.

Cream, s. śaraḥ kṣīrajaṃ śārkaraḥ-rakaḥ kṣīramaṃḍaṃ.
     (2) uttamāṃśaḥ sāraḥ-raṃ sārāṃśaḥ. -v. i. śaraṃ baṃdh 9 P, phenāyate (D.). -v. t. śaraṃ apanī 1 P.
     -y, a. śaramaya (yī f.), śaropama.

Crease, s. vali f., vastrabhaṃgaḥ puṭacihnaṃ.

Create, v. t. sṛj 6 P, nirmā 3 A, jan c., (janayati) utpad c., kṛ 8 U, vidhā 3 U, pra-saṃ-kḷp c.
     (2) pade-adhikāre-niyuj 7 A, 10 or abhiṣic 6 P; 'a thing c. ed' bhūtaṃ.
     -ion, s. sargaḥ jananaṃ sṛṣṭi f., nirmāṇaṃ vi-dhānaṃ prakalpanaṃ bhāvanā; 'a c. of the mind' mānasī sṛṣṭiḥ manaḥkalpitaṃ.
     (2) utpannaṃ bhūtaṃ.
     (3) viśvaṃ nikhilajagat n., sṛṣṭi f., sarvabhūtāni.
     -ive, a. janaka kalpaka utpādaka nirmāṇaracanā in comp.; 'c. genins' nirmāṇaśaktiḥ.
     -or, s. sraṣṭṛ m., nirmātṛ m., utpādakaḥ janakaḥ.
     (2) brahman m., ātmabhūḥ parameṣṭhin m., pitāmahaḥ vidhātṛ m., viśvasṛj m, dhātṛ m., prajāpati m., jagatkartṛ m., sraṣṭṛ m., vidhi m., vedhas m., svayaṃbhūḥ caturānanaḥ viriṃci m., kamalayoni m., abjabhūḥ.
     -ure, s. bhūtaṃ jaṃtuḥ jīvin-prāṇin m., dehin m.
     (2) priyaḥ vatsaḥ jātaḥ.
     (3) āśritaḥ upajīvin m., labdhodayaḥ; 'he is your c.' sa tvatto labdhodayaḥ tvaṃdupajīvī.

Credence, s. viśvāsaḥ pratyayaḥ pramāṇaṃ; 'worthy of c.' viśvāsya pramāṇaṃ; 'to give c.' viśvas-pratī 2 P.

Credentials, s. viśvāsapatraṃ pratyayapatraṃ.

Credible, a. viśvasanīya śraddheya viśvāsya prāmāṇika (kī f.).
     -Credibility, s. viśvāsyatā viśvāsapātratā prāmāṇyaṃ.
     -dibly. adv. sapramāṇaṃ śraddheyatayā viśvasanīyatayā.

Credit, s. viśvāsaḥ pratyayaḥ viśraṃbhaḥ; 'worthy of c.' viśraṃbhabhājanaṃ viśvāsapātraṃ.
     (2) praśaṃsā ślāghā kīrti-khyāti f., pratiṣṭhā yaśas n., stuti f, stavaḥ.
     (3) (in commerce) viśvāsaḥ; kālikā; 'buying on c.' uddhāraḥ-
     (4) prāmāṇyaṃ viśvāsyatā. -v. t viśvaspratī 2 P, satya a. man 4 A.
     (2) pramāṇīkṛ 8 U.
     -able, a. ślāghya praśasya kīrti-gaurava-kara (rī f.), stutya.
     -ably, adv. ślāghyaprakāreṇa stutyarhaṃ; sagauravaṃ.
     -or, s. uttamarṇaḥ ṛṇadātṛ m., dhanikaḥ.

Credulous, a. śraddhālu viśvāsaśīla viśvāsin viśraṃbhapravaṇa aśaṃkin.
     -ness, -Cre-
     dulity, s. viśvāsaṃśīlatā; aśaṃkā śraddhālutā.

Creed, s. dharmaḥ.
     (2) svīkṛtamataṃ-pakṣaḥ.

Creek, s. vaṃkaḥ vakraṃ khātaṃ.
     -y, a. vaṃkavat vakra.

Creep, v. i. sṛp 1 P, vi-saṃ pra- maṃdagatyā calmaṃdaṃ prasṛ 1 P.
     (2) alakṣitaṃ praviś 6 P.
     (3) śanaiḥ pravṛt 1 A.
     -er, s. latā vallī vallarī vratati-tī f.; 'a branching c.' vīrudh f., gulminī ulapaḥ pratāninī.
     (2) sarpin-urogāmin m.
     -ing, s. visarpaḥ-rpaṇaṃ visaraḥ.
     -ingly, adv. sarpavat maṃdagatyā; śanaiḥ śanaiḥ.

Cremate, v. t. See Burn. -tion, s. dāhaḥ dahanaṃ.

Crepitate, See Crack.

Crepuscle, -scular, See Evening.

Crescent, s. ardhacaṃdraḥ ardheṃduḥ caṃdrārdhaṃ. -a. 'c. -shaped' ardhacaṃdrākāra.
     (2) vardhamāna vardhin.

Cresset, s. ākāśadīpaḥ.

Crest, s. cūḍā śikhā śekharaḥ mauliḥ; mukuṭaṃ kirīṭaḥ.
     (2) (Of a cock) cūḍā śikhā.
     (3) śikharaḥ-raṃ mūrdhan m. (of mountains); 'c. fallen' bhagna bhagnadarpa āttamāna viṣaṇṇa; 'c. jewel' cūḍāmaṇiḥ śiroratnaṃ-maṇiḥ śikhāmaṇiḥ.
     -ed, a. śikhin cūḍāvat.
     (2) avataṃsita kirīṭin.

Cretaceous, a. kaṭhinīsaṃsṛṣṭa kaṭhinīdharman.

Crevice, s. raṃdhraṃ chidraṃ vivaraṃ bilaṃ saṃdhiḥ gartaḥ-rtā.

Crew, s. nāvikāḥ potavāhāḥ (pl.), nāvikagaṇaḥ.
     (2) gaṇaḥ saṃghaḥ janasamūhaḥ.

Crib, s. gavādanī droṇi-ṇī f.
     (2) goṣṭhaṃ vrajaḥ.
     (3) śiśudolā. -v. t.
     Confine, q. v.

Cribble, s. cālanī śodhanī titau m.

Crick, s. karkaśaśabdaḥ.
     (2) manyāstaṃbhaḥ.

Cricket, s. jhillikā bhṛṃgārī jhīrukā cīrī.
     (2) gulikākrīḍā.

Crime, s. aparādhaḥ pāpaṃ doṣaḥ pātakaṃ pāpakarman n., duritaṃ; 'a heinous c.' ghora-mahāpātakaṃ.
     -Criminal, a. or s. aparādhin pāpin sapāpa pātakin kṛtāparādha pāpakarman n, sadoṣa duṣkṛtin; daṃḍya doṣagrasta; 'c. act' pāpakriyā; 'c. law' daṃḍavidhiḥśāsanaṃ.
     -ly, adv. sāparādhaṃ sadoṣaṃ.
     (2) daṃḍavidhinyāyena daṃḍavidhivat.
     -ity, s. sapāpatā aparādhitā sadoṣatvaṃ.
     -Criminate, v. t. doṣīkṛ 8 U, sāparādha-sadoṣa a. kṛ doṣeṇa lip 6 P.
     (2) abhiśaṃs 1 P, abhiyuj 7 A, 10.
     -ion, s. abhiyogaḥ doṣīkaraṇaṃ doṣāropaṇaṃ abhiśaṃsanaṃ.
     -ory, a. abhiśaṃsaka; sadoṣa.

Crimp. a. bhaṃgura bhidura.
     (2) asaṃgata viruddha ayukta. -v. t.
     -Crimple, saṃkuc 1 P, pu- ṭīkṛ 1 U, cūṇ 10.

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Crimsen, a. śoṇa rakta aruṇa lohita. -s. śoṇaḥ raktiman m., raktavarṇaḥ aruṇiman m., lohitaḥ; 'covered with c.' aruṇita pāṭalita. -v. t. aruṇīkṛ 8 U, aruṇayati-śoṇayati-lohitayati (D.).

Crincum, s. vali f., puṭaḥ; saṃkocaḥ.

Cringe, v. i. aṃjaliṃ baṃdh 9 P; sāṣṭāṃgapātaṃ praṇam 1 P or anunī 1 P; 'c. at the feet' adhaścaraṇāvapātaṃ kṛ 8 U (Bh. 1. 31). -s.,
     -ing, s. aṃjalikarman n., aṣṭāṃgapātaḥ; śvavṛtti f. -v. t. See Contract.

Crinigerous, a.
     romavat, romopama.

Crinkle, s. vali f., puṭaḥ bhaṃgaḥ -v. i. puṭībhū 1 P, vyāvṛt 1 A. -v. t. puṭīkṛ 8 U, vyāvṛt c.

Cripple, a. or s. paṃgu (gū f.), vikala vikalāṃga (gī f.); pādavikala; gatihīna; śroṇa. -v. t. vikalayati (D.), vikalīkṛ 8 U, vyaṃgīkṛ.
     (2) (fig.) durbalīkṛ.
     -ness, s. paṃgutā aṃgavaikalyaṃ.

Crisis, s. saṃkaṭaṃ saṃkaṭavelā. saṃdehasamayaḥ; śubhāśubhalagnaṃ.
     (2) vyādhisīmā.
     -Critical, a. saṃdigdha 'c. time' kāryasaṃkaṭaṃ saṃkaṭasamayaḥ kāryanirvahaṇakālaḥ; 'at c. times' upasthiteṣu durgeṣu.

Crisp, a. ākuṃcita baṃdhura bhaṃgavat.
     (2) bhaṃgura bhidura bhidelima. -v. t. (keśān) rac 10, bhaṃgurīkṛ 8 U, ākuṃc c.; 'c. ing-iron, -pin' keśayamanakīlaḥ; 'c. ed tresses' cūrṇakuṃtalāḥ valībhṛtaḥ alakāḥ.
     -ature, s. ākuṃcanaṃ (keśānāṃ).

Criterion, s. lakṣaṇaṃ cihnaṃ liṃgaṃ saṃjñā.
     (2) nikaṣaḥ.

Critic, s. guṇadoṣavicārakaḥ-nirūpakaḥ guṇāguṇajñaḥ; vijñaḥ guṇagrāhin m., guṇadoṣavivecakaḥ.
     (2) (cavilling c.) doṣaikadṛś-chidrānveṣin m.
     -al, a. guṇadoṣavicārayukta guṇāguṇajña; guṇadoṣagrāhin guṇadoṣavivecaka.
     (2) doṣadarśin chidrānveṣin.
     -ally, adv. sūkṣmaṃ sūkṣmatayā nipuṇaṃ.
     (2) guṇadoṣaparīkṣayā.
     (3) saṃkaṭasamaye.
     -ise, v. t. guṇadoṣavicāraṃ. vivecanaṃkṛ 8 U, guṇadoṣān nirūp 10 or parīkṣ 1 A or vi-vic 3, 7 U.
     (2) chidrāṇi anviṣ 4 P, or dṛś 1 P.
     -ism, Critique, s. guṇāguṇaparīkṣā guṇadoṣavivecanaṃ-parīkṣaṇaṃ-nirūpaṇaṃ.
     (2) chidrānveṣaṇaṃ.

Croak, v. i. āraṭ 1 P, viru 2 P.
     (2) (As a crow) kai 1 P, dhvāṃkṣ 1 P. -s. āraṭanaṃ; bhekaravaḥ; kākaravaḥ.

Croceous, a. kuṃkumākta gaura (rī f.).

Crock, s. kiṭṭaṃ kajjalaṃ.
     (2) bhāṃḍaṃ.
     (3) jaranmeṣī.
     (4) jaradaśvaḥ. -v. t. kṛṣṇīkṛ 8 U, kajjalena lip 6 P.
     -ery, s. mṛdbhāṃḍāni (pl.); kaulālakaṃ; mārtikaṃ.

Crocodile, s. nakraḥ kuṃbhīraḥ makaraḥ grāhaḥ avahāraḥ (a kind of c.).

Croft, s. vāṭikā; vāṭaḥ vṛtti f.

Crone, s. sthavirā jaratī vṛddhā jaraṭhā.

Crony, s. ciramitraṃ priyamitraṃ-suhṛd m.

Crook, s. daṃḍaḥ; kuṃcitāgrayaṣṭi f.; ākarṣaṇī; 'by hook or c.' yena kena prakāreṇa; yathākathaṃcit; 'c. back' kubjaḥ nyubjaḥ gaḍulaḥraḥ. -v. t. ākuṃc c., vakrīkṛ 8 U, kuṭilīkṛ nam c.
     -ed, a. vakra kuṭila jihma arāla nāmita ākuṃcita bhugna nyubja; 'c. bodied' vikṛtākāraḥ; 'c. armed' kuṃpaḥ ku(kū)ṇiḥ vikaraḥ; 'c. nature' vakrabhāvaḥ kauṭilyaṃ; 'c. minded' kuṭilamati jihnacetas pratīpa anṛjuprakṛti; 'c. with age' jarānatakāya jarāpariṇata.
     -edly, adv. vakraṃ kuṭilaṃ kuṭilagatyā jihmaṃ sāci tiryak; 'going c.' jihmagaḥ kuṭilamatiḥ.
     -edness, s. vakratā kuṭilatā jihmatā.
     (2) virūpatā vikṛti f.

Crop, s. śasyaṃ śasyasaṃgrahaḥ kṛṣiphalaṃ; 'c. s' śasyakṣetrāṇi.
     (2) agraṃ śikhā. -v. t. (śasyaṃ) car 1 P. ad 2 P, bhakṣ 10, carv 1 P.
     (2) chid 7 P, 9 U, śasyaṃ lū or saṃgrah 9 P. -v. i. (up) āvirbhū 1 P, prādurbhū sahasā udgam 1 P; 'c. eared' chinnakarṇāgra lūnakarṇa; 'c. ful' paripūrṇodara atitṛpta.

Crore, s. koṭi-ṭī f.

Cross, v. t. tṝ 1 P, (lit. and fig.), saṃut- laṃgh ut- 1 A, 10, ati-i 2 P, atikram 1 U, 4 P, ākram; 'these thoughts c. ed my mind' ete saṃkalpā mama prādurāsan or āsīt-sama bhūt-me manasi (Ka.); 'he c. ed my sight' mama darśanapathamāgataḥ (S. 3), nayanaviṣayamavatīrṇaḥ.
     (2) vi-prati-rudh 7 U, vyāhan 2 U, pratibaṃdh 9 P. 3 vyati-as 4 U; 'with the arms c. ed' vyatyastabhujaḥ stanavinihitahastasvastikābhirvadhūbhiḥ. (Mal. 4); 'c. legged' vyatyastapādaḥ; 'to c. the legs' vyatyastapādābhyāṃ ās 2 A. 4 (in love) khaṃḍ 10; khaṃḍitā nārī 'c. ed or defeated in love'. -s. krūśaḥ.
     (2) śūlaḥ-laṃ.
     (3) pratirodhaḥ vighnaḥ pratyūhaḥ vyāghātaḥ pratibaṃdhaḥ.
     (4) vyastarekhādvayaṃ svastikacihnaṃ svastikaṃ. -a. vyatyasta tiraścīna sācisthita.
     (2) vi-prati-loma viruddha vāma pratīpa pratikūla.
     (3) duḥśīla piśuna durātman vakrasvabhāva jihmaprakṛti vāmaśīla; 'c road' upapathaḥ upamārgaḥ; catuṣpathaṃ śṛṃgāṭakaṃ; 'c. examine' vividhaṃ parīkṣ 1 A or anuyuj 7 A; 'c. grained' pratīpa viloma viruddha; 'to be c.' pratīpaṃ gam 1 P, pratīpāyate (D.); 'c. multiplication' vajrābhyāsaḥ; 'c. threads' pūraṇaṃ.
     -ly, adv. tiryak vyatyastaṃ sāci.
     (2) pratīpaṃ pratikūlaṃ viruddhaṃ.
     (3) piśunatayā.
     -ness, s. vakratā anṛjutā jihmasvabhāvaḥ paiśunyaṃ.

Crotch, s. aṃkuśaḥ ākarṣaṇī baḍiśaḥ.

Crotchet, s. kāmacāraḥ laharī manolaulyaṃ svairitā.

Crouch, v. i. pat 1 P (pādayoḥ); pādayorlī 4 A, namrībhū 1 P, kāyaṃ nam c.
     (2) cāṭūktyā anunī 1 P or prasaṭ c.; See Cringe.

Crow, s. kākaḥ vāyasaḥ dhvāṃkṣaḥ maukuliḥ; 'carrion c.' kuṇapabhuj dagdhakākaḥ; 'c. bar, lohadaṃḍaḥ. -v. i. viru 2 P, nad 1 P.
     (2) vi-katth 1 A; See Boast.

Crowd, s. samūhaḥ saṃghaḥ vṛṃdaṃ gaṇaḥ; See Col-
     -lection; 'c. of people' janasaṃmardaḥ saṃkulaṃ janaughaḥ lokasaṃghaḥ bahujanamelakaḥ. -v. i. 'to be c. ed' saṃ-ā-kṝ pass., paripṝ pass., saṃkula-samākula -a. bhū 1 P, 'house c. ed with people' janākīrṇaṃ-janasaṃkulaṃ gṛhaṃ; 'the place was very much c. ed' tasmin sthāne mahān janasaṃmarda āsīt. -v. t. ā-saṃ-kṝ 6 P. paripṝ c. or pūr 10, vyāp 5 P, saṃkulīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) saṃmṛd 9 P, saṃbādh 1 A, saṃkulīkṛ.

Crown, s. mukuṭaṃ kirīṭaḥ-ṭaṃ.
     (2) rājyaṃ rājapadaṃ rājatvaṃ; 'placed the c. on' rājapadamāropitaḥ rājyebhiṣiktaḥ.
     (3) rājan m., śāsitṛ m.
     (4) (Of the head) cūḍā śikhā mauliḥ.
     (5) agraṃ śikhā śikharaṃ śīrṣakaṃ śiras n., śṛṃgaṃ agrabhāgaḥ.
     (6) sraj f., mālā.
     (7) rūpyamudrā -v. t. rājye abhiṣic 6 P, mukuṭaṃ paridhā c. (dhāpayati).
     (2) saṃpad c., samāp c., niṣpad c.; 'c.- ed kings' mūrdhāvasiktāḥ-mūrdhābhiṣiktāḥ-rājānaḥ; 'to c. all' idaṃ ca tatra viśiṣṭatamaṃ jātaṃ; 'to be c. ed' phal 1 P, saphalībhū; 'his efforts were c. ed with success' sarve'sya prayatnāḥ saphalatāṃ yayuḥ-phalitāḥ.

Crucial, a. sūkṣma nipuṇa.

Crucible, s. mu(mū)ṣā-ṣī taijasāvartanī.

Crude, a. apakva apariṇata asiddha asaṃskṛta āma.
     (2) ajīrṇa.
     (3) asaṃpūrṇa asamāpta; apūrṇakāla ākālika (kī f.); 'c. form' prātipadikaṃ asiddhaṃ rūpaṃ.
     -ly, adv. apūrṇakāle.
     -ness. s. apakvatā āmatā apākaḥ apariṇāmaḥ.

Cruel. a. nṛśaṃsa krūra niṣṭhura niṣkaruṇa nirdaya nirghṛṇa kaṭhinahṛdaya krūrakarman.
     -ly, adv. niṣkaruṇaṃ nirdayaṃ niṣṭhuraṃ &c.
     -ness, s. nṛśaṃsatā niṣṭuratā nirdayatvaṃ krūratā nirghṛṇatā; 'c. to animals' prāṇihiṃsā.

Cruise, s. samudre paribhramaṇaṃ paryaṭanaṃ. -v. i. pari-bhram 1, 4 P, itastato bhram.

Crum, Crumb, s. khaṃḍaḥ lavaḥ śakalaḥ-laṃ.
     (2) ucchiṣṭaṃ annaśeṣaḥ piṣṭakaśakalaṃ.
     -Crummy, a. komala mṛdu.

Crumble, v. i. cūrṇībhū 1 P, viśṝ pass., śakalībhū; pat desid. (pipatiṣati).
     (2) vinaś 4 P, kṣi pass., avasad 1 P, -v. t. cūrṇ 10, kṣud 7 U, niṣpiṣ 7 P, mṛd 9 P, śakalīkṛ 8 U; khaṃḍaśo vidṝ 10. 2 vinaś c., avasad c.
     -ing, a. jīrṇa avasanna viśīrṇa.

Crump, a. kubja nyubja vakra.

Crumple, v. t. saṃkuc 1 P, saṃpuṭ 10; See Contract.
     (2) cūrṇ 10, saṃmṛd 9 P.

Crunch, v. t. daṃtairniṣpiṣ 7 P.

Crupper, s. pucchabaṃdhaḥ.

Cruse, s. mṛdbhāṃḍaṃ.

Cruset, s. See Crucible.

Crush, v. t. saṃmṛd 9 P or c., saṃpīḍ 10, niṣpiṣ 7 P, kṣud 7 U, maṃth 9 P, nirdal 1 P, 10 cūrṇ 10; 'c. under the foot' pādatalena-pādāghātena-mṛd pādabhareṇa ākram 1 U, 4 P.
     (2) vidhvaṃs c., vinaś c, ucchid 7 P. -s. mardanaṃ niṣpeṣaḥ.
     (2) janasaṃmardaḥ saṃkulaṃ.
     -ing, a. pramāthin; 'c. defeat' sarvanāśakaraḥ parājayaḥ.

Crust, s. tvac f., bāhyapaṭalaṃ valkaṃ vāhyaveṣṭanaṃ.
     (2) ghanabhāgaḥ bāhyabhāgaḥ. -v. t. ghanapaṭalena veṣṭ c. or āvṛ 5 U or ācchad 10, bāhyataḥ ghanīkṛ 8 U. -v. i. ghanapaṭalaṃ baṃdh 9 P, ghanībhū; saṃhatībhū.
     -aceous, a. kava-cin valkavat paṭalavat.
     -y, a. ghanapaṭalayukta sapaṭala.
     (2) pratīpa paruṣa niṣṭhura piśuna.

Crutch, s. avalaṃbanārthaṃ daṃḍaḥ; ādhāradaṃḍaḥ.

Cry, v. i. śuc 1 P, vilap 1 P, rud 2 P, pari-dev 1 A, 10, bāṣpaṃ muc-visṛj 6 P, or pat c.
     (2) (of crows &c.) vāś 4 A, viru 2 P; nad 1 P, ras 1 P.
     (3) vi-ud-ghuṣ 10, prakāś c., prakhyā c. (khyāpayati); 'c. ing in the wilderness' araṇyaruditaṃ.
     (4) tārasvareṇa-uccaiḥ vad 1 P, or bhāṣ 1 A, āvi-kruś 1 P, ā- kraṃd 1 P. -s. kraṃdanaṃ ruditaṃ rodanaṃ ākrośaḥ vilāpaḥ paridevanaṃ.
     (2) dhvaniḥ svanaḥ śvaraḥ śabdaḥ nādaḥ; 'c. of distress' ārtanādaḥ karuṇāsvanaḥ; rutaṃ vi-rāvaḥ; (gen. of animals).
     (3) utkrośaḥ ghoṣaṇaṃ uccairghoṣaḥ kolāhalaḥ.
     -down, apa-vad 1 P, avagaṇ 10, avaman 4 A, apalap.
     -out, utkruś uccaiḥ-tārasvareṇa-ghus.
     -up, praśaṃs 1 P, kṛt 10.
     -er, s. ghoṣakaḥ prakāśakaḥ ghoṣaṇākṛt m.

Crypt, s. guhāgṛhaṃ.

Crystal, s. sphaṭikaḥ sitopalaḥ sitamaṇiḥ sphaṭikāśman m. -a. 'c. like' sphaṭikābha; vimala svaccha.
     -lize, v. t. sphaṭikarūpeṇa ghanīkṛ 8 U or ghanībhū.

Cub, s. śāvaḥ-vakaḥ potaḥ kalabhaḥ vatsaḥ śiśuḥ kiśoraḥ-rakaḥ.

Cube, s. ghanaḥ; 'c. root' ghanamūlaṃ ghanapadaṃ.
     -Cubical, a. ghanākāraḥ 'c. contents' ghanaphalaṃ

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Cubit, s. hastaḥ kiṣkuḥ; aratni m., f. (with the last finger stretched).

Cuckold, s. baṃdhakībhāryaḥ; jāriṇīpatiḥ and sim. comp.; 'c. maker' See Adulterer.

Cuckoo, s. kokilaḥ pikaḥ parabhṛtaḥ puṃskokilaḥ (male c.); 'female c.' anya-parapuṣṭā or bhṛtā kokilā.

Cucumber, s. carmaṭikā carmaṭaḥ karkaṭī urvāru f., i(ī)rvāru-lu f.

Cud, s. carvyaḥ āhāraḥ.

Cuddle, v. i. aṃke-nikaṭe svap
     (2) P or śī 2 A.

Cudgel, s. laguḍaḥ yaṣṭi f., daṃḍaḥ kāṣṭhaṃ gadā; 'c. -play' gadāyuddhaṃ daṃḍādaṃḍi. -v. t. laguḍena prahṛ 1 P or āhan 2 U or taḍ 10; 'giving a sound c. ing' laguḍaprahāraiḥ jarjarīkṛtya; 'c. your memory' smṛtiṃ prabodhaya tāvat.

Cue, s. saṃjñā iṃgitaṃ sūcanā; sūtraṃ.
     (2) aṃcalaḥ.
     (3) chaṃdaḥ bhāvaḥ.

Cuff, s. muṣṭiprahāraḥ muṣṭyāghātaḥ.
     (2) pippalāṃ- calaḥ. -v. t. muṣṭinā-pāṇinā-taḍ 10 or prahṛ 1 P or āhan 2 U; muṣṭīmuṣṭi yudh 4 A.

Cuirass, s. kavacaḥ-caṃ urastrāṇaṃ.
     (2) kūrpāsaḥ; nicolakaḥ.

Cuish, s. ūruvāṇaṃ ūruvarman n.

Cuisine, s. pākaśālā pākapaddhati f.

Culinary, a. pāka in comp.; 'c. skill' pākasiddhijñānaṃ.

Cull, v. t. udhṛ 1 P, vṛ 5 U; samā-hṛ; ekatra kṛ 8 U: 'c. passages' cūrṇikāṃ kṛ.

Cullion, s. jālmaḥ dhūrtaḥ śaṭhaḥ.

Cully, s. vaiśyājitaḥ; sukhapratāryaḥ.

Culm, s. nālaṃ kāṃḍaṃ.

Culminate, v. i. uccasthānaṃ prāp 5 P; 'the sun is c. ing' nabhaso madhyamadhyāste raviḥ; (fig.) parāṃ koṭiṃ-kāṣṭhāṃ-gam 1 P, atibhūmiṃ gam; pātābhimukhībhū kṣayiṣṇu a. bhū.
     -ion, s. parā koṭiḥ parā kāṣṭhā.

Culpable, a. sadoṣa sāparādha niṃdārha doṣin aparāddha vācya niṃdya dūṣaṇīya.
     -ness, Culpability, s. sadoṣatā aparā-dhitā vācyatā.

Culprit, s. See Criminal.

Cult. s. See Creed.

Cultivate, v. t. kṛṣ 1 P, (land &c.)
     (2) vṛdh c., upa-pra-ci 5 U, pari-anu-śīl 10, abhyas 4 P, āsev 1 A, anuṣṭhā 1 P, bhaj 1 U; 'c. friendship with the good' satāṃ maitrīṃ pracinu-abhyasya.
     -ion, Culture, s. kṛṣi f., karṣaṇaṃ kṛṣikarman n.
     (2) anu-śīlanaṃ abhivṛddhi f., saṃvardhanaṃ prabodhanaṃ.
     (3) unnati f., utkarṣaḥ; 'c. of the mind' pra-bodhaḥ prabuddhatā; 'men of c.' prabuddhamanasaḥsaṃskāravaṃtaḥ-janāḥ vyutpannāḥ 'c. of learning' vidyābhivṛddhiḥ jñānonnatiḥ. &c.
     -or, s. kṛṣīvalaḥ karṣakaḥ kṣetrin m.
     (2) anuṣṭhāyin m. pariśīlayitṛ m, saṃvardhakaḥ.

Culver, See Dove.

Culvert, s. pracchannaḥ jala-pravāhaḥ-nirgamaḥ.

Cumber, v. t. bādh 1 A, kliś 9 P; kaṣṭaṃduḥkhaṃ-āvah 1 P, atibhāro bhū 1 P. -s. kleśaḥ kaṃṭakaḥ śalyaṃ atibhāraḥ.
     Cumbrous, s. kaṣṭa-duḥkha-kara (rī f.), kleśaprada atibhārabhūta.
     -Cumbrance, s. atibhāraḥ śalyabhūtaḥ bhārabhūtaḥ.
     (2) uparodhaḥ pratibaṃdhaḥ pratyūhaḥ.

Cumin, s. jīrakaḥ jaraṇaḥ kaṇā ajājī; 'black c.' suṣavī kāravī pṛthvī; pṛthuḥ kālā upakuṃcikā.

Cumulate, See Accumulate.

Cunning, a. vidagdha dhūrta catura.
     (2) māyin vaṃcanaśīla vipralaṃbhaka kapaṭin. -s. vidagdhatā dhūrtatā. cāturyaṃ naipuṇyaṃ paṭutā.
     (2) kapaṭaṃ māyā vaṃcanaṃ śāṭhyaṃ vyājaḥ kaitavaṃ chalaṃ.
     -ly, adv. cāturyeṇa vidagdhatayā dhūrtatayā savyājaṃ.

Cup, s. pātraṃ caṣakaḥ-kaṃ bhājanaṃ kācapātraṃ.
     (2) puṭaḥ kośaḥ-ṣaḥ; 'fond of the c.' pānāsaktaḥ; 'taste the c. of misery, duḥkhabhāg bhū. -v. i. ācūṣaṇa-yaṃtreṇa raktaṃ muc c. or mokṣ 10 'c. -board' laghukoṣṭhaḥ; 'c. -ing glass' raktacūṣaṇayaṃtraṃ 'dry c.-ing' ghaṭikayā or alabvā ācūṣaṇaṃ.

Cupid, s. madanaḥ smaraḥ kāmaḥ anaṃgaḥ kaṃdarpaḥ manmathaḥ manasijaḥ kusumabāṇaḥ paṃcaśaraḥ māraḥ pradyumnaḥ mīnaketanaḥ kusumeṣuḥ makaradhvajaḥ puṣpadhanvā ātmabhūḥ ananyajaḥ; cittajanman and sim. comp.
     -ity, s. lobhaḥ gṛdhnutā atilobhaḥ-spṛhā lālasā atitṛṣṇā lābhalipsā.
     (2) kāmukatā.

Cupola, s. toraṇaśṛṃgaṃ prāsādaśīrṣaṃ.

Cur, s. śunakaḥ; See Dog. -rish, a. śvaśīla duṣṭa.

Curate, s. upayojakaḥ purohitapratinidhiḥ.

Curator, s. avekṣakaḥ adhikārin m., adhyakṣaḥ; 'c. of a depot' graṃthaśālādhikārī.

Curb, v. t. āvṛ 5 U. saṃ-ni-yam 1 P, niyaṃtr 10, pra-ni-grah 9 P, ava-ni-rudh 7 U. saṃhṛ 1 P; 'c. the horses' pragṛhyaṃtāṃ vājinaḥ (S. 1); See Control also. -s. mukhayaṃtraṇaṃ mukhaśṛṃkhalā-laḥ.
     (2) yaṃtraṇaṃ saṃyamaḥ ni-rodhaḥ &c.

Curd, v. i. dadhirūpeṇa ghanībhū śyai 1 A. -v. t. ghanīkṛ 8 U, śyai c., saṃhan 2 P. -s. dadhi n.; payasyaṃ drapsaḥ-saṃ.
     -y, a. dadhimaya (yī f.)
     (2) ghanībhūta śyāna saṃhata.

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Curdle, v. i. See Curd, -ed, See Curdy.

Cure, v. t. (disease) kit desid, (cikitsati-te); pra-upa-śam c. (śamayati) sādh c., pratikṛ 8 U, samādhā 3 U. (persons) susthaprakṛtistha-nīroga a. kṛ; gen. ex. by. nir-gata-vīta in comp.; 'Rama was c. ed of his fever' rāmo jvaropaśamanānnīrogaḥ kṛtaḥ prakṛtisthaḥ saṃjātaḥ; 'c. ed of wounds' nirvraṇaḥ kṛtaḥ; nirviṣaḥ; &c. -s. cikitsā upaśamaḥ prati(tī) kāraḥ rogopaśamaḥ.
     (2) susthatā svāsthyaṃ.
     (3) bheṣajaṃ auṣadhaṃ.
     -able, a. sādhya; 'inc. by physicians' bhiṣajāmasādhyaṃ (R. VIII. 93); śamanīya prati-kārya.
     -ative, a. rogahara rogaghna (ghnī f.), vyādhiśamaka śāṃtida.
     -er, s. cikitsakaḥ
     -less, a. asādhya durupacāra.

Curiosity, s. kutūhalaṃ kautūhalaṃ jijñāsā kautukaṃ kutukaṃ; oft. ex. by desid. nouns; 'c. to see' didṛkṣā.
     (2) (Object of c.) apūrvavastu n. durlabhadravyaṃ utkṛṣṭadravyaṃ.
     -Curious, a. kutūhalin jijñāsu kautukākrāṃtacitta kutukāviṣṭa sakautuka; 'my heart is c. to know' jijñāsākrāṃtahṛdayosmi oft. by desid.; 'c. to ascertain' upa-lipsuḥ.
     (2) apūrva adṛṣṭapūrva adbhuta citta duṣprāpa durlabha; darśanīya.
     (3) sūkṣma vijña; ni-puṇa vicakṣaṇa sūkṣmadarśin.
     -ly, adv. kutūhalena; sūkṣmaṃ adbhutaṃ citraṃ.

Curl, s. cūrṇakuṃtalaḥ alakaḥ kuralaḥ; 'hair thick with c s.' kuṃtalākīrṇāḥ śiroruhāḥ.
     (2) taraṃgaḥ ūrmi f. -v. t. (keśān) ākuṃc c. vyāvṛt c., rac 10.
     (2) taraṃgayati (D) -v. i. jimhīmū vakrībhū ākuṃc pass., vyāvṛt 1A.
     (2) taraṃgāyate (D).
     -ed, -ing, a. kuṭila arāla kuṃcita; 'c. mass of smoke' dhūmasyotpīḍaḥ (U. 3).

Curmudgeon, See Miser.

Currant, s. śuṣkadrākṣaṃ.

Current, a. pracalita pracala sarvasaṃmata; 'languages c. in India' bharatakhaṃḍe pracalitā bhāṣāḥ.
     (2) vartamāna vidyamāna; 'c. year' vartamānasaṃvatsaraḥ; 'c. report' janapravādaḥ; 'c. moment' āpātaḥ. āpātaramyā viṣayāḥ (KI. XI. 12).
     (3) sarvasādhāraṇa lokaprasiddhaviśruta -s. srotas n., pravāhaḥ rayaḥ vegaḥ dhārā oghaḥ; 'c. of opinion' sādhāraṇamataughaḥ.
     -ly, adv. sādhāraṇataḥ sāmānyataḥ laukikatayā; 'c. known' lokaprāsiddha-
     -Currency, s. pracalanaṃ pracāraḥ prasaraṇaṃ; 'to gain c.' pracalita a. bhū prasṛ 1 P. vyavahṛ 'c. pass.,' sarvasaṃmata a. bhū; 'a report gained c. iti janapravādaḥ prasṛtaḥ
     (2) pravāhaḥ prasaraḥ
     (3) sukhoccāryatā.
     (4) pracalita mudrā.

Curriculum, s. adhyayanakramaḥ-mārgaḥ.

Currier, s. carmakāraḥ pādūkṛt m.

Curry, v. t. (favour) aticāṭūktyā prasādaṃ saṃpad c. or ārādh 10.
     (2) (a horse) aśvadehaṃ mṛj 2 P.
     (3) (leather) pariṣkṛ 8 U, śudh c.
     4 Beat, q. v.; 'c. comb' aśvadehamārjanī.

Curse, v. t. śap 1 U, abhiśaṃs 1 P, śāpaṃ dā
     (3) U (with dat.), ākruś 1 P; garh 1, 10 A. -s. śāpaḥ abhiśāpaḥ ākrośaḥ.
     (2) kaṃṭakaḥ ādhiḥ; 'a c. to the family' kulasyādhiḥ kulāṃgāraḥ kulapāṃsulaḥ; 'a c. on thy folly' dhik tvāṃ mūḍha.
     -ed, a. śapta- ākruṣṭa; See Accursed.

Cursory, a. kṣipra asūkṣma tvarita anipuṇa anavahita sthūla; 'even at a c. glance' sthūladṛṣṭyāpi.
     -ly, adv. śīghraṃ sthūladṛṣṭyā anipuṇaṃ.

Curt, a. -hrasva saṃkṣipta.
     -ly, adv. saṃkṣepeṇa.
     -ness, s. saṃkṣepaḥ saṃhāraḥ saṃkṣiptatā.

Curtail, v. t. hras c., saṃkṣip 6 P; saṃhṛ. 1 P; avacchid 7 P, alpīkṛ 8 U.

Curtain s. ja(ya)vanikā tiraskariṇī vyavadhānaṃ āvaraṇapaṭaḥ; 'behind the c.' nepathye; 'c. lecuture' śayyānuśāsanaṃ; 'bed c.' maśaharī maśakaharī. -v. t. āvaraṇena pracchad 10, vyavadhā 3 U.

Curtsy See Courtesy under

Curtsey See Courtesy under

Curve, v. t. nam c., ava-ā-nam c., ākuṃc c., vakrīkṛ 8 U, kuṭilīkṛ āvṛj 10. -s. nati f., āvarjanaṃ vakratā ākuṃcanaṃ aṃcanaṃ.
     (2) vakrarekhā. -a. ānata vakra kuṭila ābhugna jimha; See Crooked. -ated, a. ābhugna vakra &c.
     -ation, s. ākuṃcanaṃ āvarjanaṃ vakrīkaraṇaṃ.
     -ature, s. vakratā vakriman m., kuṭilatā ānati f. vakrībhāvaḥ.

Curvet, v. i. plu 1 A, valg 1 P. -s. plutaṃ valganaṃ.

Cushion, s. upadhānaṃ upabarhaḥ pīṭhopadhānaṃ.

Cusp, s. ardheṃduśikhā ardhacaṃdrāgraṃ.
     -ated, a. sūcyagra niśitāgra.

Custody, s. rakṣā avekṣaṇaṃ rakṣaṇaṃ pālanaṃ gupti f.; See Charge. 2 nirodhaḥ baṃdhanaṃ kārānirodhaḥ āsedhaḥ.

Custom, s. ācāraḥ saṃpradāyaḥ vyavahāraḥ rīti f., anusāraḥ kramaḥ karaḥ śulkaṃ rājasva; 'c. house' śulkasthānaṃ; 'the officer of c. s' śaulkikaḥ.
     -ary, a. ācārika-vyāvahārika (kī f.), pracalita lokasiddha laukika (kī f.); gen. by ācāra in comp.; 'to take flowers as is c.' ācārapuṣpagrahaṇārthaṃ (M. 4); ācāralājāḥ; &c.
     -arily, adv. yathāvyavahāraṃ saṃpradāyānusāreṇa prāyaśaḥ yathācāraṃ.
     -er, s. grāhakaḥ kretṛ m., nityakrayin m.

Cut, v. t. 9 U, chid 7 P, kṛt 6. P, do 4 P, vraśc 6 P, cho 4 P,
     (2) bhid 7 U; khaṃḍ 10; 'c. ing to the quick' marmacchid-bhid marmāṇi kṛṃtat; 'c. a hole through,' vyadh 4 P, nirbhid samutkṝ 6 P; 'c. a figure' pratiṣṭhāṃ-kīrtiṃ-labh 1 A; 'c. short' saṃhṛ 1 P, saṃkṣip 6 P; nyūnīkṛ 8 U; 'to c. the matter short' kiṃbahunā; 'c. ing short my speech' madvacanamākṣipya; 'c. to, or in, pieces' khaṃḍaśaḥ-lavaśaḥ-chid. -v. i. udbhid pass., utpaṭ 4 A, sphuṭ 6 P. -s. chedaḥ prahāraḥ āghātaḥ.
     (2) kulyā khātaṃ.
     (3) khaṃḍaḥ-ḍaṃ bhāgaḥ dalaṃ lavaḥ leśaḥ.
     (4) saralamārgaḥ avi-mārgaḥ.
     (5) rīti f., rūpaṃ mārgaḥ paddhati f. 'c.-purse' graṃthibhedakaḥ coraḥ; 'c.-throat' kaṃṭhacchedakaḥ; prāṇaghātakaḥ ghātakaḥ; (a.) mārātmaka vadhodyata.
     -down, avacchid kartitvā nipat c.
     -off, nikṛt vyavacchida.
     (2) ucchid unmūl 10. vinaś c.
     (3) vilup c., apanī 1 P,
     (4) vicchid ava-ni-rudh 7 U, khaṃḍ 10, nivār 10.
     -out, utkṛt c.
     (2) pari-saṃ-kḷp c. (manasā); nirūp 10, ciṃt 10, yuj 10.
     (3) atikram 1 U, 4 P, atiśī 2 A; See Excel. -ter, s. chedakaḥ chettṛ m., chid in comp.; 'wood-c.' kāṣṭhacchid.
     -ting, s. chedanaṃ kartanaṃ &c.
     (2) khaṃḍaḥ-ḍaṃ śakalaḥ-laṃ dalaṃ. -a. tīvra tīkṣṇa marmabhedin marmaspṛśchid aruṃtuda.

Cutaneous, a. tvāca (cī f.), tvaksaṃbaṃdhin tvac in comp.; 'c. disease' tvagrogaḥ.

Cuticle, s. bāhyatvac f., bāhyacarman n.

Cutlass, s. khaṅgaḥ kṛpāṇī.

Cutler, s. churikākāraḥ śastrakāraḥ.

Cycle, s. cakraṃ ā-pari-vṛtti f., paryāyaḥ; kālacakraṃ.

Cyclone, s. cakravātaḥ vātāvartaḥ.

Cyclope(oe)dia,: s. See Encyclop-

Cygnet, s. haṃsaśāvakaḥ bālahaṃsaḥ.

Cylinder, s. golaḥ vartulaṃ.
     -Cylindrical, a. vartula golākāra.

Cymbal, s. jhallakaṃ jhallarī.

Cynic, s. manuṣyadveṣin m.
     -al, a. sadāvakra kuṭilaśīla durātman vakrabhāva niṃdāśīla.

Cynosure, s. dhruvaḥ; jyotīrathaḥ.


Dab, v. t. siktadravyeṇa laghu taḍ 10. -s. laghvāghātaḥ niṣekaḥ.
     (2) laghupiṃḍaḥ
     (3) kṣiptapaṃkaḥ.

Dabble, v. t. sic 6 P, prokṣ 1 P, lip 6 P. -v. i. jale-paṃke-krīḍ 1 P; 'd. ing in books' pallavāgrāhi pāṃḍityaṃ (H. 1), śāstracuṃbanaṃ.
     -er, s. jalakrīḍaḥ; śāstracuṃbakaḥ.

Dacoit, s. dasyu m.
     -y, s. dasyukarman n.

Dagger, s. kṛpāṇaḥ churikā kartarī asiputrikā; 'at d. s drawn' sadābaddhavaira a.

Daggle, v. t. malena duṣ c. (dūṣayati) paṃkena lip 6 P.

Daily, See under Day.

Dainty, a. svādu rucira surasa miṣṭa.
     (2) lalita komala mṛdu sūkṣma.
     (3) ativinīta atisabhya. -s. miṣṭa-viśiṣṭa-bhojanaṃ svādvannaṃ bhojanaviśeṣaḥ.
     -ly, adv. svādutayā lalitaṃ komalaṃ.
     -ness, s. svādutā; komalatā lālityaṃ vilāsaḥ vibhramaḥ.

Dairy, s. dugdhaśālā dadhimaṃthanagṛhaṃ; 'd. maid' gopakanyā ābhīrī godohinī.

Dais, s. savitānaṃ uccāsanaṃ.

Dale, s. darī kaṃdaraḥ; upatyakā.

Dally, v. i. vilas 1 P, vibhram 1, 4 P, krīḍ 1 P, ram 1 A. vihṛ 1 P.
     2 Delay, q. v.
     -ance, s. vilāsaḥ vibhramaḥ krīḍā vihāraḥ kāmaceṣṭā.

Dam, s. setuḥ jalāvaraṇaṃ dharaṇaḥ.
     (2) (paśūnāṃ) mātṛ f., jananī aṃbā prasūḥ. -v. t. (up) (setunā) jalaṃ nirudh 7 U or saṃstaṃbh 9 P.

Damage, s. hāni f., apakāraḥ apāyaḥ nāśaḥ dhvaṃsaḥ.
     (2) (of things in use) kṣayaḥ kṣati f., upakṣayaḥ apacayaḥ.
     (3) niṣkṛti f., pratiphalaṃ kṣatipūraṇaṃ. -v. t. ni-apa-kṛ 8 U, kṣi c., naś c., duṣ c. (dūṣayati).
     (2) hiṃs 7 P, kṣaṇ 8 P.

Damask, s. citradukūlaṃ. -v. t.
     Variegate, q. v.

Dame, s. āryā bhavatī (in addressing).
     (2) strī gṛhiṇī 'old d.' vṛddhā strī puraṃdhrī.

Damn, v. t. daṃḍ 10; See Condemn. 2 narakadaṃḍaṃ ādiś 6 P, naraka nipat c.
     (3) garh 1, 10 A; See Censure. -able, a. garhya niṃdya.
     (2) narakadaṃḍārha.
     -ation, s. nirayanaraka-vāsaḥ; narakadaṃḍaḥ narakayātanā vinipātaḥ anaṃtadaṃḍaḥ-yātanā.

Damp, s. klinna stimita ārdra jalasikta unna; 'to be d.' klid 4 P.
     (2) viṣaṇṇa mlāna avasanna bhagnotsāha. -s. kledaḥ jalāvasekaḥ stemaḥ.
     (2) bāṣpaḥ dhūmaḥ.
     (3) viṣādaḥ mlānatā utsāhabhaṃgaḥ. -v. t. klid c., uṃd 7 P. ārdrīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) bhaṃj 7 P, khaṃḍ 10, dhvaṃs c., bhagnāśa a. kṛ bhaṃgaṃ-dhvaṃsaṃ-kṛ; 'do not d. his energy' tasyotsāhabhaṃgaṃ mā kṛthāḥ; 'd. ed by defeat' parājayena bhagnotsāhaḥ.
     -ish, a. āklinna īṣadārdra.
     -ness, s. ārdratā klinnatā.

Damsel, s. kanyā bālā kumārī bālikā yuvati (tī) f. 'd. 's child' kānīnaḥ (nī f.); 'celestial d.' apsaras f., svargastrī-yoṣit f.

Dance, v. i. nṛt 4 P, naṭ 1 P; 'who always d. s attendance' yaḥ aharniśamupa-racitāṃjaliḥ (adhidaivatamiva) stauti (Ka. 109); or merely sāṃjali upasthā 1 A or upās 2 A. -v. t. nṛt c., saṃcal c. -s. nṛtyaṃ lāsyaṃ tāṃḍavaṃ nāṭyaṃ pādanyāsaḥ.
     -er, s. naṭaḥ nartakaḥ kuśīlavaḥ śailūṣaḥ; 'male d. in a female dress' bhra (bhru or bhrū) kuṃsaḥ (śaḥ).
     -ing, s. nāṭyaṃ nṛtyaṃ; 'd. girl' nartakī 'd. house-school' nṛtyaśālā; 'd. master' nāṭyācāryaḥ.

Dandle, v. t. aṃke nidhāya lal 10.

Dandri(u)ff, s. majjā; dāruṇaṃ.

Dandy, s. suvasanaḥ subhagaṃmanyaḥ; dāṃbhikaḥ.

Danger, s. bhayaṃ bhīti f., śaṃkā saṃdehaḥ saṃśayaḥ.
     (2) āpad-vipad f., apāyaḥ anarthaḥ vyasanaṃ saṃkaṭaṃ durgaṃ kṛcchraṃ kaṣṭaḥ-ṣṭaṃ; 'd. to life' jīvitasaṃśayaḥ; 'the hour of d.' āpatsamayaḥ; 'money is in d. of being lost' dravyāpaharaṇasya bhayaṃ vartate; 'without any d.' akutobhaya a.; 'brought into d.' saṃśayita; 'attended with d.' saṃdigdha saṃśayadolārūḍha. -v. t. saṃśaye pat c., saṃśayastha a. kṛ 8 U.
     -ous, a. saṃkaṭa saṃbādha viṣama.
     (2) bhayāvaha bhayaṃkara bhītiprada bhayahetuka; oft by (s.) in comp.
     (3) saṃdigdha śaṃkākrāṃta saṃśayāpanna vipajjanakaḥ.; 'a d. man' aviśvāsyaḥ ghātukaḥ.
     -ously, adv. bhayapūrvakaṃ; 'my brother is d. ill' mama bhrātā jīvitasaṃśaye vartate.

Dangle, v. i. lul 1 P, luṭh 6 P, caṃc 1 P, laṃb 1 A; 'd. ing at the feet' pādalagna caraṇalola.

Dank, a. See Damp.

Dapple, v. t. citr 10, karburīkṛ 8 U. kalmāṣayati
     (D.). -ed, a. citra karbura kalmāṣita śabala.

Dare, v. i. dhṛṣ 5 P, utsah 1 A; sāhasaṃ kṛ 8 U, śak 5 P. -v. t. āhve 1 A, dhṛṣ c. -s. āhvānaṃ yodhasaṃrāvaḥ.
     -ing, s. sāhasaṃ dhārṣṭyaṃ dhairyaṃ pragalbhatā nirbhīkatā. -a. sāhasika (kī f.), nirviśaṃka dhṛṣṭa śūra pragalbha nirbhaya.
     -ingly, adv. dhṛṣṭaṃ sāhasena; pragalbhaṃ nirbhayaṃ.
     -ingness, s. sāhasaṃ dhṛṣṭatā &c.

Dark, a. aṃdhakāramaya (yī f.) timirāvṛta tamovṛta tāmasa (sī f.), tamasvin niṣprabha sati-mira sāṃdhakāra.
     (2) kṛṣṇa śyāma nīla.
     (3) aspaṣṭa gūḍha durbodha.
     (4) pāpa duṣṭa khala garhya niṃdya; 'd. in soul tamovṛtti pāpātman; 'd. thoughts' pāpasaṃkalpāḥ. s.,
     -ness, s. aṃdhakāraḥ tamas n., tamisrā-sraṃ dhvāṃtaṃ timiraṃ; 'quality of (tendency to) d.' tamoguṇaḥ; 'slight d.' avatamasaṃ; 'pitchy (blinding) d.' aṃdhatamaḥ sūcibhedyaṃ tamaḥ; 'in the d.' rajanītimire; 'all-pervading d.' saṃtamasaṃ.
     (2) gūḍhaṃ; rahasyaṃ; 'I am still in the d. about the matter' tasyārthasyāhamadyāpyanabhijñaḥ na kimapi vedmi.
     -en, v. t. aṃdhakārayati (
     D.), timireṇa āvṛ 5 U, timireṇa ācchad 10.
     (2) (fig.) kaluṣayati-kalaṃkayati (
     D.), duṣ c. (dūṣayati); 'face d. ed with fury' kopakaluṣitānanaṃ. -v. i. aṃdhībhū 1 P.
     -ish, a. īṣatkṛṣṇa ānīla.
     -ly, adv. sāṃdhakāraṃ aspaṣṭaṃ avyaktaṃ gūḍhaṃ.
     -some, a. niṣprabha tamovṛta.

Darling, a. priya priyatama dayita; ex. by jāta tāta. -s. snehapātraṃ vatsaḥ jātaḥ dayitaḥ.

Darn, s. vastrasaṃdhiḥ. -v. t. jīrṇavastrāṇi siv 4 P, or saṃdhā 3 U.

Dart, s. astraṃ śalyaṃ śaṃkuḥ.
     (2) bāṇaḥ; See Arrow, -v. t. muc-kṣip 6 P, as 4 P, pat c., visṛj 6 P, (with loc.). -v. i. javena-sahasā-savegaṃ-utthā 1 P, or palāy 1 A.
     (2) sahasā udi 2 P or āvirbhū 1 P.
     (3) sphur 6 P, vilas 1 P; 'd. on' rabhasā-javena pracal 1 P or āpat 1 P or abhidru 1 P.

Dash, v. t. rabhasā prakṣip 6 P or pat c., āpratyā-han 2 U; 'd. ed her head against a rock' prastaraṃ tasyāḥ śiraḥ ājaghne.
     (2) mṛd 9 P, prabhaṃj 7 P, khaṃḍaśaḥ kṛ 8 U, cūrṇ 10, vidṝ 10; 'the ship was d. ed to pieces' potaḥ khaṃḍaśo bhagnaḥ-sahasradhā vi-dīrṇaḥ (pratighātena) śakalīkṛtaḥ.
     (3) avakṝ 6 P; ukṣ 1 P, sic 6 P.
     (4) saṃmiśr 10.
     (5) vinaś c., vyāmṛj 2 P or c., vilup c. -v. i. (against) āpat 1 P, ā-samā-han.
     (2) śakalībhū 1 P, vidṝ-prabhaṃj pass.; 'd. off' javena palāy 1 A or apasṛ 1 P. -s. saṃghaṭṭaḥ samāghātaḥ abhighātaḥ niṣpeṣaḥ saṃmardaḥ.
     (2) prahāraḥ āghātaḥ ākramaḥ.
     (3) prāgalbhyaṃ dhīratā utsāhaḥ.

Dastard, -ly, See Coward,-ly

Data, s. svīkṛtāni tattvāni; upanyāsaḥ.

Date, s. kharjūraḥ-rī.
     (2) kālaḥ tithi m: f.; kālāvadhiḥ lekhanadivasaḥ-tithiḥ-dinaṃ; 'out of d.' vyavahārātikrāṃtaṃ. -v. t. dinaṃ-tithiṃlikh 6 P. -v. i. (from) ārabh 1 A (with abl.); viśiṣṭakālādārabhya pravṛt 1 A.

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Daub, v. t. lip 6 P, aṃ 7. P, dih 2 U. -s. lepaḥ vilepanaṃ.
     (2) kucitraṃ kadālekhyaṃ.
     -er, s. lepakaḥ.
     (2) akuśalacitrakaraḥ.
     -y, a. śyāna sāṃdra

Daughter, s. kanyā duhitṛ f., tanayā putrikā ātmajā sutā putrī naṃdinī; of ex. by Patronymics; 'd. of Parvata' pārvatī; 'd, of Janaka' jānakī; 'd.-in-law' snuṣā vadhūḥ.

Daunt, v. t. tras c., bhī c., utsāhaṃ-dhairyaṃ-bhaṃj 7 P, bhagnāśa a. kṛ 8 U, dhairyaṃ skhal c.
     -less, (und.-ed), a. nirbhīka nirbhaya ajātaśaṃka abhīta askhalitadhairya.
     -lessness, s. abhayaṃ viśaṃkatā.

Daw, s. droṇakākaḥ.

Dawdle, v. vilaṃb 1 A; kālaṃ hṛ 1 P or kṣip 6 P.

Dawn, s. uṣas f., n., pratyūṣaḥ prabhātaṃ vibhātaṃ dinamukhaṃ aruṇodayaḥ; 'it is d.' prabhātā rajanī.
     (2) udayaḥ; 'd. of liberty' svātaṃtryodayaḥ; 'belonging to the d.' uṣasya prabhātīya (s.) in comp. -v. i. āvirbhū 1 P, udbhid pass., udgam 1 P, prabhā 2 P; 'before the day d. ed' aprabhātāyāṃ śarvaryāṃ; 'the day d. ed' prabhātā rajanī.

Day, s. dinaṃ divasaḥ vāsaraḥ ahan n., vāraḥ 'a lunar d.' tithi m. f., 'd. by d.' dine dine anudivasaṃ pratyahaṃ; 'by d.' divā; 'the next d.' paredyuḥ 'the d. before' pūrvedyuḥ; 'another d.' anyedyuḥ; 'the other d.' aciraṃ; 'd. and night' aharniśaṃ ahorātraḥ; rātriṃdivaṃ naktaṃdivaṃ; 'all d. long' aharniśaṃ rātriṃdivaṃ divā-niśaṃ-rātraṃ; 'till this d.' adya yāvat; 'the d. after to-morrow' paraśvaḥ; 'he gained the d. tasmin dine sa viyajī babhūva; 'd. break' See Dawn; 'd. labour' vrātaṃ dainikaṃ karma; 'd. labourer' vrātīnaḥ; 'd. light' sūryaprakāśaḥ dinajyotis n.; 'd. star' prabhātanakṣatraṃ; 'd. time' dinakālaḥ dinasamayaḥ; 'being in the d.' divātana (nī f.); 'during d.' divā.
     -Daily, a. dainika-pratyahika-āhnika (kī f.), dainaṃdina (nī f.) 'd. business' āhrikaṃ nityakarman n. -adv. prati in comp. with 'day'; pratyahaṃ pratidinaṃ; dine dine aharahaḥ. &c.

Daze, v. t. See Stun.

Dazzle, v. t. (the eye) cakṣuṣaḥ tejaḥ prati-han 2 P (Ka. 43); netraṃ pratihan.
     -ing, a. duṣprekṣya durnirīkṣya; 'of d. splendour' prabhāviśeṣodayadurnirīkṣyaḥ (R. VI. 5); nevapratighātin (vijitya netrapratighātinīṃ prabhāṃ K. v. 20).

Dead, See under Die.

Deaf, s. badhira śrotravikala akarṇa eḍa; 'd. and dumb' eḍamūkaḥ.
     -en, v. t. badhirayati (D.), karṇaṃ upahan 2 P, badhirīkṛ 8 U; 'd. ing all directions with cries of alas' hāhāninādenadiśo badhirayaṃtaḥ.
     -ly, adv. badhiravat; aśrutipūrvaṃ.
     -ness, s. badhiratā eḍatā śravaṇākṣamatā.

Deal, s. bāhulyaṃ prācuryaṃ; 'a good d. of' bahu pracura bhūri vipula; 'a good d. of corn' bahudhānyaṃ; 'a good d.' (adv.) atyaṃtaṃ bahu bhṛśaṃ gāḍhaṃ ati or su pr.; sutapta atikṛśa &c.
     (2) devadāru n. -v. t. vibhaj 1 U, parikḷp c., pṛthak pṛthag vinyas 4 U.
     (2) vikṝ 6 U, vyas 4 P; 'd. blows' muṣṭinā prahṛ 1 P; āghātaṃ-prahāraṃ-kṛ 8 U. -v. i. (in) paṇ 1 A, vyāpṛ 6 A; krayavikrayaṃ kṛ vyavahṛ 1 P; 'he does not d. in missiles' nāsya vyavahārostreṣu (U. 5).
     -with, ācar 1 P, vṛt 1 A, vyavahṛ.
     (2) pratikṛ 8 U; nirudh 7 U; spardh 1 A; See Contend. 3 vidhā 3U, vaśīkṛ vinī 1 P; 'easy to d.' vi-dheyaḥ vaśyaḥ.
     -er, s. vaṇij m., āpaṇikaḥ vipaṇin m., krayavikrayin m.
     (2) vyavahārinvyāpārin-vyavasāyin m.; 'd. in wood' kāṣṭhavyavahārakaḥ.
     -ing, s. vāṇijyaṃ nigamaḥ vipaṇaḥ krayavikrayaḥ.
     (2) vyavahāraḥ vyavasāyaḥ ācaraṇaṃ vyāpāraḥ ceṣṭitaṃ kriyā karman n., vṛtti f., vartanaṃ.
     (3) saṃvyavahāraḥ saṃsargaḥ saṃgamaḥ.

Dear, a. bahumūlya mahārgha-rha mahāmūlya.
     (2) priya dayita vallabha abhimata iṣṭa kāṃta abhīpsita; 'd. friend' hṛdayaṃgamaḥ sakhā; 'as d. as one's life' prāṇapriyasama.
     (3) (As a term of endearment) dayita kāṃta jāta vatsa priya; 'd. Jānaki' priye jānaki; vatsa rāma &c. -adv.,
     -ly, bahumūlyena mahārgheṇa.
     (2) atyaṃtaṃ; supriyaṃ suprītyā ati-su- pr.
     (3) aho bata hā haṃta ahaha.
     -ness, s. priyatā abhīṣṭatā prīti f.
     (2) bahumūlyaṃ mahārghatā mahārghaḥ.

Dearth, s. durbhikṣaṃ duṣkālaḥ; 'd. felt' nīvākaḥ prayāmaḥ.
     (2) abhāvaḥ aprāpti f., virahaḥ durlabhatā.

Death, See under Die.

Debar, v. t. ni-prati-ṣidh 1 P, nivār 10, ni-rudh 7 U.
     (2) nirākṛ 8 U, niras 4 U.

Debark, v. i. uttṝ 1 P, naukāyā avatṝ. -v. t. avatṝ c.

Debase, v. t. Ex. by kṛ 8 U, with
     Base, q. v.; apakṛṣ 1 P, svapadāt pat c. or bhraṃś c. or cyu c.; laghūkṛ avajñā 9 P.
     -ment, s. apakarṣaḥ abhibhavaḥ padacyāvanaṃ laghūkaraṇaṃ avamānanā avajñā.
     (2) apa-ni-kṛṣṭatā adhogati f., nīcasthiti f.

Debate, s. vi-vādaḥ vādaprativādaḥ vādayuddhaṃ vicāraḥ vitarkaḥ hetuvādaḥ. -v. t. vicar c., vitark 10; See Argue. -v. i. vivad 1 A, vipralap 1 P, vākkalahaṃ-vādayuddhaṃ-kṛ 8 U.
     -er, s. vādin m., vitarkin-vivādakṛt-hetuvādin m.
     -ful, a. vādapriya vivādaśīla vādārthin.

Debauch, v. t. duṣ c. (dūṣayati) naś c., satpathāt cyu c. or bhraṃś c.; 'd. a girl.' (kanyāṃ) duṣ c., dhṛṣ c., satītvād bhraṃś c., kṣatayoniṃ kṛ. -s. kāmāveśaḥ; viṣayopabhogaḥ viṣayanirati f.
     -er, s. viṣayin m., viṣayāsaktaḥ kāmāsaktaḥ viṣayopabhogarataḥ.
     (2) durācāraḥ duṣṭacaritaḥ khaṃḍitavṛttaḥ.
     -er, s. dūṣakaḥ nāśakaḥ.
     -ery, s. viṣayāsakti f., kāmāsaktatā viṣayopabhogaḥ vyasanaṃ viṣayitvaṃ.

Debenture, s. pratijñāpatraṃ niyamalekhaḥ.

Debilitate, v. t. tejo hṛ 1 P or naś c.; kṣai c. (kṣapayati) durbhalīkṛ 8 U, kṣīṇīkṛ.
     -ed, a. durbala kṣīṇa kṛśa aśakta kṣāma.
     -lity, s. daurbalyaṃ śaktihīnatā kṣāmatā kārśyaṃ tejohāni f., śaktikṣayaḥ śaktipātaḥ aśaktatā.

Debit, v. t. deyadhanabhāge likh 6 P.

Debonair, a. sabhya śiṣṭa suśīla suvinīta ārya.
     -ly, adv. sabhyavat suvinītaṃ.

Debt, s. ṛṇaṃ; 'pay off or discharge a d.' ṛṇaṃ dā 3 U or śudh c., anṛṇatāṃ-ānṛṇyaṃ gam 1 P; 'he paid off the d. of his master by his life' svāsubhirbharturānṛṇyaṃ gataḥ (M. 5); 'discharge of d.' ṛṇaśodhanaṃ-nistāraḥ ṛṇamokṣaḥ; 'involved in d.' ṛṇagrasta ṛṇin; 'run into or incur d.' ṛṇaṃ kṛ ṛṇaṃ grah 9 P; 'free from d.' anṛṇa.
     -or, s. ṛṇin m., adhamarṇaḥ.

Decade, s. daśakaṃ; 'd. of year' daśavarṣaṃ.

Decadence, s. kṣayaḥ avapātaḥ avasādaḥ.

Decadency, s. kṣayaḥ avapātaḥ avasādaḥ.

Decagon, s. daśāsraṃ daśabhujaḥ.

Decamp, v. i. kaṭakaṃ-śibiraṃ-tyaj 1P, kaṭakaniveśād apasṛ 1 P or apakram 1 U, 4 P, sahasā palāy 1 A or apakram.
     -ment, s. kaṭakatyāgaḥ apasaraṇaṃ palāyanaṃ; apagamanaṃ.

Decant, v. t. kācapātre snu c. or nikṣip 6 P,
     -er, kācapātraṃ kūpī.

Decapitate, See Behead.

Decay, v. i. kṣi pass., kṣayaṃ-layaṃ-yā-i 2 P, jṝ 4 P, śṝ pass., hras 1 P, avasad 1 P; gal 1 P, naś 4 P, pralī 4 A, kṣai-mlai-glai 1 P, dhvaṃs 1 A; 'with d.- ed leaves' praparṇaḥ-śīrṇaparṇaḥ- (vṛkṣaḥ). -v. t. Causal of roots above. -s. kṣayaḥ avasādaḥ jīrṇatā hrāsaḥ pralayaḥ; nāśaḥ apacayaḥ; kṣāmatā glāni f.
     -ing, a. kṣayin kṣīyamāṇa viśīryamāṇa.

Decease, v. i. mṛ 6 A, uparam 1 P; See Die. -s. maraṇaṃ mṛtyuḥ nidhanaṃ tanutyāgaḥ uparamaḥ saṃsthānaṃ.
     -ed, a.
     Dead, q. v.

Deceive, v. t. vaṃc 10, pratṝ c., pralubh c., bhram c. (bhramayati) muh c.; See Cheat; 'you are much d. ed (in thinking so)' mahābhramoyaṃ tava.
     -er, s. vaṃcakaḥ pratārakaḥ kitavaḥ māyin m., dhūrtaḥ śaṭhaḥ.
     -Deception, s. pratāraṇā kapaṭaṃ chadman n., chalaṃ vaṃcanaṃ-nā kaitavaṃ māyā vipralaṃbhaḥ kūṭaṃ atisaṃdhānaṃ upadhiḥ.
     (2) mohaḥ bhramaḥ.
     -Deceptive, a. kapaṭapara vaṃcaka dhūrta vaṃcanaśīla kapaṭin māyin chādmika śaṭha kitava.
     (2) bhramakārin mohin bhrāṃtijanaka mohotpādaka.
     -fully, adv. savyājaṃ chadmanā māyayā sakapaṭaṃ chalena.

December, s. sahasyaḥ mārgaśīrṣapauṣau.

Decennial, a. daśavārṣika (kī f.), daśavarṣīya-ṇa daśavarṣasthāyin.

Decent, a. vinīta savinaya samaryāda śiṣṭa sabhya.
     (2) yukta ucita yogya upapanna śiṣṭācārānurūpa sādhusaṃmata.
     -ly, adv. savinayaṃ sabhyatayā; yuktaṃ yathātathaṃ yathocitaṃ.
     -Decence, -cy, s. vinayaḥ sabhyatā maryādā lajjā śālīnatā.
     (2) aucityaṃ yuktatā upa-patti f., yathārthatā.

Decharm, v. t. maṃtraṃ pratikṛ 8 U.

Decide, v. nirṇī 1 P, vyavaso 4 P, niści 5 U, paricchid 7 P, ava-saṃpra-dhṛ 10; 'd. a case' kāryaṃ nirṇī vyavahāraṃ dṛś 1 P or avekṣ 1 A; 'perplexed so as not being able to d.' aparicchedākulaṃ (S. 5).
     (2) niṣpad c., sādh c.
     -ed, a. niścita dhruva dṛḍha sthira; sthiro niścayaḥ; 'd. or firm resolution'; asaṃdigdha niyata vyavasthāpita.
     -edly, adv. asaṃśayaṃ nūnaṃ niyataṃ; See Certainly. -er, s. nirṇetṛ m., niścāyakaḥ; pramāṇapuruṣaḥ
     -Decision, s. nirṇayaḥ niścayaḥ vyavasāyaḥ saṃpradhāraṇaṃ paricchedaḥ.
     (2) (Final result) nirṇayaḥ; niṣpatti f.
     -Decisive, a. saṃśayacchid nirṇāyaka asaṃdigdha niścayakārin niścāyaka; 'said in a d. ly stern tone' paricchedaniṣṭhuramāha sma (Ka. 277).
     -ly, adv. saniścayaṃ asaṃdigdhaṃ sanirṇayaṃ; dṛḍhaṃ sthiratayā.

Deciduous, a. pātuka patanaśīla kṣayin asthāyin.
     -ness, s. avapātaḥ vidhvaṃsaḥ patanaśīlatā.
     (2) asthāyitvaṃ.

Decimal, a. daśaka daśaguṇita. -s. daśāṃśaḥ.
     -Decimate, v. t. daśamāṃśaṃ grah 9 P, daśamaṃ puruṣaṃ udhṛ 1 P.

Decipher, v. t. (a letter &c.) nir-anu-vac c., (gūḍhākṣarāṇi) vyākhyā 2 P, spaṣṭīkṛ 8 U, vyā-kṛ viśadīkṛ.
     -er, s. vyākhyātṛ m., vivaraṇakṛt m.
     -ing, s. vyākhyānaṃ spaṣṭīkaraṇaṃ.

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Deck, v. t. alaṃ-kṛ 8 U, bhūṣ 10, maṃḍ 10; See Adorn.
     (2) ācchad 10, āstṝ 9 U. -s. nautalaṃ naukāpṛṣṭhaṃ.

Declaim, v. i. (against) apabhāṣ 1 A, niṃd 1 P, ākṣip 6 P; See Abuse. 2 sālaṃkāraṃ brū 2 U, vāktāṃḍavaṃ kṛ 8 U.
     Declamator, s. vākpaṭuḥ vāgīśaḥ.
     (2) nirbhartsakaḥ niṃdakaḥ.
     -Declamation, s. sālaṃkāraṃ vacanaṃ śabdapāṃḍityaṃ; vākcāturyaṃ vāktāṃḍavaṃ.

Declare, v. t. vad 1 P, kath 10, khyā 2 P, ā-pra-khyā c. (khyāpayati) pra-kāś c., prakaṭīkṛ 8 U, ud-ghuṣ 10, ni-ā-vid c., abhidhā 3 U.
     (2) udīr c., uccar c., kṝt 10, smṛ 1 P, (in scriptures). -v. i. svamataṃabhiprāyaṃ-nivid c. or jñā c.; 'd. for' ava-laṃb 1 A, āśri 1 U; 'the army d. ed against its king' svarājānaṃ parityajya pratipakṣaṃ samālaṃbata sainyaṃ.
     -ation, s. prakhyāpanaṃ prakāśanaṃ ākhyānaṃ jñāpanaṃ kīrtanaṃ. nivedanaṃ.
     (2) ukti f., vacanaṃ bhāṣaṇaṃ pratijñā upa-nyāsaḥ.
     -atory, a. khyāpaka jñāpaka nivedaka vācaka sūcaka abhidhāyaka.
     -edly, adv. spaṣṭaṃ vyaktaṃ pratijñāpūrvakaṃ.

Decline, v. i. kṣayaṃ -hrāsaṃ-yā-i 2 P, or gam 1 P, avasad 1 P, kṣi pass,; sraṃs 1 A, dhvaṃs 1 A, apaci-viśṝ pass.
     (2) tyaj 1 P, vical 1 P, nivṛt 1 A, bhraṃś 1 A, 4 P.
     (3) pariṇam 1 P, ā-ava-nam astaṃ gam 1 P, astamavalaṃb 1 A, anena samayena pariṇato divasaḥ (Ka. 47) 'the sun had d. ed' &c. -v. t. pratyākhyā 2 P, pratyācakṣ 2 A, pratyādiś 6 P, apākṛ 8 U, parivraj 10.
     (2) ā-ava-nam c. (namayati) apakṛṣ 1 P, āvṛj.
     (3) śabdarūpāṇi ākhyā or kath 10. -s. hrāsaḥ kṣayaḥ pariṇati f., pātaḥ avasādaḥ dhvaṃsaḥ apacayaḥ astaḥ; 'in the d. of life' in d.-ing years' paścime vayasi pariṇatavayasi.
     (2) dehakṣayaḥ kṣayarogaḥ.
     -ation, s. bhraṃśaḥ kṣayaḥ cyuti f., &c.
     (2) vakratā avanamanaṃ āvarjanaṃ.
     (3) krāṃti f. apagamaḥ.
     -Declension, s. vibhaktirūpāṇi śabdavikāraḥ.
     (2) kṣayaḥ.

Declivity, s. avasarpiṇī bhūmiḥ utsaṃgaḥ.
     -ous, Declivous, a. pravaṇa avasarpin.

Decoct, v. t. kvath 1 P, pac 1 P.
     -ion, s. kvāthaḥ kaṣāyaḥ-yaṃ niryāsaḥ.

Decollation, s. śīrṣacchedaḥ.

Decompose, v. t. pṛthak kṛ 8 U; vyā-kṛ vi-lī c., vidru c.
     -ition, s. pṛthakkaraṇaṃ vyākaraṇaṃ viśleṣaḥ vilayaḥ.

Decompound, v. t. punarmiśr 10.
     2 Decom-
     -pose, q. v.

Decorate, v. t. bhūṣ 10, prasādh c., alaṃkṛ 8 U, maṃḍ 10.
     -ion, s. prasādhanaṃ maṃḍanaṃ bhūṣaṇaṃ alaṃkāraḥ pariṣkāraḥ ābharaṇaṃ
     (2) ākalpaḥ veṣaḥ nepathyaṃ prati (pari) karman n.
     -or, s. prasādhakaḥ vibhūṣakaḥ.

Decorous, a. vinīta savinaya; yukta ucita; See Decent, -Decorum, s. vinayaḥ maryādā sabhyatā śiṣṭācāraḥ surīti f., saujanyaṃ.
     (2) yuktatā aucityaṃ.

Decorticate, v. t. tvacaṃ niṣkṛṣ 1 P, nistvacīkṛ 8 U, nirvalkayati (D.)

Decoy, v. t. kapaṭena ākṛṣ 1 P, vi- muh c., pralubh c., pratṝ c.; See Cheat. 2 pāśe baṃdh -grah 9 P.

Decrease, v. i. parikṣi Pass., hrāsaṃ gam 1 P, or yā-i 2 P, avasad 1 P, hras 1 P, alpībhū 1 P, nyūnībhū apaci pass. -v. t. hras c., alpīkṛ 8 U, nyūnīkṛ laghayati (D.), ūn 10, apaci 5 U. -s.,
     -Decrement, s. hrāsaḥ kṣayaḥ apacayaḥ avasādaḥ nyūnatā-tvaṃ alpatvaṃ.

Decree, v. t. ādiś 6 P, ājñā c. (jñāpayati) śās 2 P.
     (2) c. (dāpayati) prakḷp c., vidhā 3 U, dātuṃ nirṇī 1 P. -v. i. vyavasthādvāreṇa nirṇī śāsanaṃ kṛ vyavasthāṃvidhiṃ-kṛ; vicar c., tīr 10. -s. vyavasthā śāsanapatraṃ vyavasthāpatraṃ vidhiḥ rājājñā; āni-deśaḥ; ājñā śāsanaṃ.

Decrepit, a. jarākrāṃta jarātura jīrṇa jarāpariṇata.
     -ude, (d. age,), s. jarā vārdhakyaṃ jīrṇāvasthā jarāvasthā.

Decrescent, a. kṣayin kṣīyamāṇa kṣayiṣṇu.

Decretal, s. vidhisaṃhitā. -a. śāsanapatranirdiṣṭa.

Decry, v. t. apa-pari-vad 1 U, niṃd 1 P, ākṣip 6 P, apalap 1 P.
     -al, s. parivādaḥ ākṣepaḥ apalapanaṃ.

Decumbent, a. śayāna saṃviṣṭa niṣaṇṇa upaviṣṭa.

Decumbence, s. śayanaṃ śayyopaveśanaṃ.

Decuple, a. daśaguṇa.

Dedicate, v. t. utsṛj 6 P, nikṣip 6 P, pra-vi-ni-yuj 7 A, 10,
     (2) pratiṣṭhā c. (-ṣṭhāpayati) saṃskṛ 8 U, upakḷp c.; (books) sam-ṛ c. (arpayati) nivid c.,
     -ion, s. utsargaḥ viniyogaḥ pratiṣṭhā saṃskāraḥ; samarpaṇaṃ nivedanaṃ.

Deduce, v. t. anumā 2 P, 3 A, ūh 1 A, apavah 1 P, nirṇī 1 P, upalakṣ 10.
     -ible, a. ānumānika (kī f.), ūhanīya.
     -Deduction, s. anumānaṃ anumiti f., ūhanaṃ ūhā apavāhaḥ
     -Deductive, a. ānumānika (kī f.).
     -ly, adv. anumānena.

Deduct, v. t. viyuj 10, avacchid 7 P, udhṛ 1 P, vyavakal 10, ūn 10.
     -ion, s viyojanaṃ uddhāraḥ vyavakalanaṃ uddhṛtāṃśaḥ.

Deed, s. karman n., kāryaṃ kriyā kṛtyaṃ ceṣṭitaṃ
     (2) lekhapramāṇaṃ likhitaṃ; 'sale d.' vikrayapatraṃ; 'title d.' āgamaḥ.
     (3) tatvaṃ arthaḥ vastu n.

Deem, v. t. man 4 A, gaṇ 10, avagam 1 P, saṃbhū c.

Deep, a. gabhīra gaṃbhīra agādha gahana gāḍha.
     (2) (of sound) maṃdra dhīra gaṃbhīra māṃsala ghana.
     (3) (of colours) ghana; 'd. red' ghanāruṇa surakta.
     (4) nimna nīca.
     (5) gahana durbodha nigūḍhārtha agamya.
     (6) gabhīrabuddhi dūradṛṣṭi vidagdha; 'd. darkness' aṃdhaṃ-ghoraṃ-tamaḥ saṃtamasaṃ; 'she is d. in love,' dūragatamanmathā sā (S. 3); 'd. sigh' dīrghaniśvāsaḥ; 'd. love' dṛḍhabaddhaṃ prema gāḍhānurāgaḥ; 'water knee-d.' jānudaghnaṃ-mātraṃ-dvayasaṃ jalaṃ. -s.
     Sea, q. v.; 'd. of night' niśīthaḥ; ghorarātri f.
     -en, v. t. gaṃbhīrīkṛ 8 U, ghanīkṛ vṛdh c.
     -ly, adv. gāḍhaṃ ghanaṃ dīrghaṃ; atyaṃtaṃ atīva nitarāṃ nirbharaṃ bhṛśaṃ; 'sighing d.' dīrghaṃ niśvasya; 'd. sorry' śokamagna ati-duḥkhita; 'd. rooted' baddhamūla.
     -Depth, s. gāṃbhīryaṃ gāḍhatā ghanatā agādhatā; 'd. of meaning' arthatogauravaṃ (Mal. 1) arthagauravaṃ.
     (2) udaraṃ gabhīrasthānaṃ; 'the d. of lower regions' pātālodaraṃ.
     (3) vedhaḥ vedhanaṃ.
     (4) madhyaṃ.

Deer, s. mṛgaḥ hariṇaḥ kuraṃgaḥ kuraṃgamaḥ vātāyuḥ ajinayoniḥ; pṛṣat m., kṛṣṇasāraḥ ruruḥ śaṃbaraḥ rauhiṣaḥ vātapramīḥ (varieties of d.)

Deface, v. t. vinaś c., ucchid 7 P, vilup 6 P, or c., vyā-apa-mṛj 2 P.
     (2) vikṛ 8 U, virūp 10, duṣ c. (dūṣayati).
     -er, s. dūṣakaḥ vināśakaḥ
     -ment, s. lopaḥ ucchedaḥ dūṣaṇaṃ nāśanaṃ.

De facto, adv. vastutaḥ paramārthataḥ.

Defalcate, v. t. nyūnīkṛ 8 U, hras c., ava-cchid 7 P, ūn 10.
     -ion, s. hrāsaḥ ava-cchedaḥ nyūnatā apacayaḥ.

Defame, v. t. pari-apa-vad 1U, apabhāṣ 1A, ākṣip 6 P, guṇān-apalap 1 P, abhiśaṃs 1 P.
     -ation, s. pari-apa-vādaḥ ākṣepaḥ apabhāṣaṇaṃ niṃdā abhiśaṃsanaṃ.
     -atory, a. parivādaka guṇāpavādaka akīrtikara (rī f.), ākṣepagarbha.
     -er, s. parivādin m., guṇāpavādakaḥ ākṣepakaḥ niṃdakaḥ.

Default, s. aparādhaḥ doṣaḥ; vyatikramaḥ ananu-ṣṭhānaṃ lopaḥ.
     (2) abhāvaḥ asaṃbhavaḥ aprāptiḥ f., 'in d. of fine' adatte daṃḍe daṃḍadānābhāve.
     -er, s. aparādhin m., niyama-laṃghinvyatikrāmin m.

Defeasance, s. lopaḥ vyatikramaḥ niyamabhaṃgaḥlopaḥ.

Defeasible, a. lopanīya.

Defeat, v. t. parā-ji 1 A, parā-pari-bhū 1 U, ji 1 P, bhaṃj 7 P; vi-dru c., parāhan 2 P, (d. completely.
     (2) moghīkṛ 8 U, vyāhan 2 P, vihan; See Baffle. -s. parājayaḥ paribhavaḥ parābhavaḥ abhibhavaḥ bhaṃgaḥ.
     (2) vyāghātaḥ bhaṃgaḥ pradhvaṃsaḥ.

Defecate, v. t. malaṃ hṛ 1 P, śudh c., nirmalīkṛ 8 U. -a. nirmala śodhita hṛtamala.
     -ion, s. śodhanaṃ malaharaṇaṃ.

Defect, s. vikāraḥ doṣaḥ chidraṃ vakalyaṃ nyūnatā; 'bodily d.' aṃgavikāraḥ vyaṃgatā.
     (2) abhāvaḥ virahaḥ.
     -ive, a. vikāravat doṣayukta sadoṣa vikala; aṃgahīna
     (2) asaṃpūrṇa asamagra aparyāpta nyūna.

Defection, s. tyāgaḥ utsargaḥ bhraṃśaḥ cyuti f.

Defend, v. t. rakṣ 1 P, 2 P, trai 1 A, paritrai pā c. (pālayati) (with abl.); See Protect. 2 (In law) uttaraṃ dā 3 U, pakṣaṃ samarth 10.
     -ant, s. pratyarthin m., prativādin m., abhiyuktaḥ.
     -er, s. rakṣakaḥ goptṛ m., trātṛ-rakṣitṛ m., pālakaḥ paḥ in comp.
     -Defensive, a. rakṣaka pālaka ni-vāraka ātmarakṣaka. -s. ātmarakṣā svapari-trāṇaṃ śatrunivāraṇaṃ.
     -Defence, s. rakṣā gupti f., rakṣaṇaṃ trāṇaṃ pālanaṃ.
     (2) uttaraṃ pratyuttaraṃ; vyapadeśaḥ.
     -less, a. aśaraṇa arakṣita anāśraya anātha.
     (2) nirāyudha śastrahīna.

Defer, v. t. vilaṃb c., vyākṣip 6 P.
     (2) (anyasmin) nikṣip 6 P, nyas 4 P, sam-ṛ c. (arpayati). -v. i. vilaṃb 1 A, kālaṃ kṣip or hṛ 1 P, cira(rā)yati (D.)
     (2) (to) anuvṛt 1 A, anupā c. (pālayati) ādṛ 6 A, sādaraṃ āśri 1 U, anurudh 4 A.
     -ence, s. anurodhaḥ anuvartanaṃ bahumānaḥ ādaraḥ praśrayaḥ.
     (2) namratā vinayaḥ vaśatā.
     -ring, s. kālayāpanaṃ kālaharaṇaṃ vilaṃbaḥ vyākṣepaḥ.

Deficient, a. nyūna ūna asaṃpūrṇa vikala; often ex. by alpa-hīna-rahita in comp.; 'd. in water' alpajala; 'd. in intellect' alpadhī buddhihīna; 'd. in any organ' hīnāṃga vikaleṃdriya vikalāṃga apogaṃḍa po(pau)gaṃḍa.
     -Deficience, -cy, s. nyūnatā hīnatā alpatā abhāvaḥ virahaḥ vaikalyaṃ apūrṇatā.
     (2) doṣaḥ chidraṃ.

Defile, v. t. duṣ c. (dūṣayati) malinīkṛ 8 U, malinayati-kaluṣayati-āvilayati (D.); 'd. a virgin' kumārīṃ duṣ c., ādhṛṣ c.; 'a d. ed virgin' kṣatayoniḥ. -v. i. daṃḍavyūhena prayā 2 P or apasṛ 1 P. -s. saṃbādhapathaḥ saṃkaṭamārgaḥ durmārgaḥ saṃcāraḥ.
     -er, s. dūṣakaḥ.
     -ment, s. dūṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) mālinyaṃ kalaṃkaḥ.

Define, v. t. lakṣaṇaṃ vyākhyā 2 P; upa lakṣ 10, paricchid 7 P, nirūp 10, nirvac 2 P.
     (2) nirdiś 6 P, nirṇī 1 P, niści 5 U. nirdhṛ 10.
     (3) cihn 10, parimā 3 A.
     -er, s. lakṣaṇavyākhyātṛ m., nirvaktṛ m.
     -ite, a. niyata nirṇīta niścita nirdiṣṭa; 'without any d. subject' anirdiṣṭakāraṇaṃ.
     (2) pari-mita samaryāda sāvadhika.
     -itely, adv. ni-yataṃ vyaktaṃ sanirṇayaṃ saparicchedaṃ.
     -tion, s. vyākhyā paricchedaḥ lakṣaṇaṃ nirvacanaṃ nirdeśaḥ; 'my anguish transcends d.' mama vikāraḥ paricchedātītaḥ (Mal. 1).
     -itive, a. niyata nirṇāyaka sthira; avaśyaka.

Deflagration, s. dāhaḥ dāhanaṃ jvalanaṃ.

Deflect, v. i. bhraṃś 1 A, 4 P, cyu 1 A, vi-cal 1 P, apa-vyā-vṛt 1 A. -v. t. vyāvṛt c.
     -ion, s. bhraṃśaḥ cyuti f., vicalanaṃ vimārgagamanaṃ.
     (2) utkramaḥ bhreṣaḥ.

Deflour, Deflower, v. t. cāritryaṃ naś c. or hṛ 1 P, dhṛṣ c., kṣatayoniṃ kṛ 8 U, duṣ c. (dūṣayati); 'a virgin d. ed' kṣatā kṣatayoniḥ.
     (2) śobhāṃ hṛ or naś c.
     -er, s. kumārīdūṣakaḥ satītvanāśakaḥ.

Defluxion, s. nisyaṃdaḥ kṣaraṇaṃ sravaṇaṃ.

Defoliation, s. patrāpagamaḥ parṇamokṣaḥ.
     (2) patracyutisamayaḥ.

Deform, v. t. virūp 10, vikṛ 8 U, vyaṃgīkṛ virūpīkṛ.
     -ed, a. virūpa vikṛta pogaṃḍa ku-apa-rūpa vikṛtāṃga-vyaṃga (gī f.); 'd. features' vikṛtākāraḥ.
     -ity, s. vairūpyaṃ virūpatā kurūpatā vyaṃgatā vikṛti f.

Defraud, v. t. vaṃc 10, pratṝ c.; See Cheat.
     (2) chalena-kapaṭena-apahṛ 1 P.
     -ation, s. kapa-ṭāpaharaṇaṃ.
     -er, s. vaṃcakaḥ pratārakaḥ.

Defray, v. t. (Expenses) 3 U, apākṛ 8 U, śudh c.; dhanavyayaṃ-vyayaśodhanaṃ-svīkṛ 8 U; 'to be d.-ed' śudh 4 P; ekasya mūlyena vyayaḥ śudhyati sarvā vyayaśuddhiḥ saṃpadyate (P. v. 8).
     -er, s. vyayaśodhakaḥ.
     -ing, -ment, s. vyayaśodhanaṃ-śuddhi f.

Deft, a, vinīta dakṣa catura vidagdha.

Defunct, a. mṛta vipanna; See Dead. 2 (fig.) tyaktavyāpāra niśceṣṭa.
     -ion, s. maraṇaṃ mṛtyuḥ dehatyāgaḥ.

Defy, v. t. tṛṇīkṛ 8 U, avajñā 9 U, avaman 4 A, anādṛ 6 A, laghūkṛ tṛṇāya man paribhū 1 P, avagaṇ 10; 'I d. a king' rājeti kiyatī-kā mama mātrā; 'I d. you to find a mistake in my writing' mama lekhe skhalitaṃ kathaṃ tvaṃ darśayasīti prekṣe tāvat; 'a disease which d. ed medical skill' vaidyayatnaparibhāvinaṃ gadaṃ (R. XIX. 53).
     (2) yuddhārthaṃ āhve 1 A, abhiyuj 7 A, dhṛṣ 5 P.
     -ance, s. samāhvānaṃ yuddhāhvānaṃ yodhasaṃrāvaḥ.
     (2) ava-jñā avagaṇanā; 'in d. of' avamatya tṛṇīkṛtyaṃ anādṛtya; ex. by gen. or loc. abs.
     -ant, a. uddhata sadarpa sāvajña; avamānin; 'in a d. tone' uddhataṃ sadarpaṃ sāvajñaṃ.
     -er, s. samāhvātṛ m., abhiyoktṛ m.

Degenerate, v. i. (kulācārāt) cyu 1 A, bhraṃś 1 A, 4 P, duṣ 4 P. -a. kṣīṇapuṇya- naṣṭadharman paribhraṣṭa apakṛṣṭa kulācārabhraṣṭa.
     -ness, -Degeneracy, s. kṣīṇapuṇyatvaṃ kulācārabhraṃśaḥ kulamaryādātikramaḥ.
     (2) apakarṣaḥ nīcāvasthā apakṛṣṭadaśā.

Deglutition, s. nigaraṇaṃ grasanaṃ.

Degrade, v. t. (padāt or adhikārāt) apa-kṛp 1 P, bhraṃś c., cyu c., avaruh c. (ropayati) nīcapadaṃ prāp c.
     (2) avaman c., laghūkṛ 8 U, mūlyaṃ laghayati (D.) or hras c., 'd.-ed from office' adhikārabhraṣṭa padabhraṣṭa bhraṣṭādhikāra padāvaropita.
     -ation, s. pada-adhikārabhraṃśaḥ apakarṣaḥ padacyuti f., padalopaḥ.
     (2) avamānanā laghūkaraṇaṃ mānabhaṃgaḥ.
     (3) apakṛṣṭatā adhogati f., nīcāvasthā apakṛṣṭasthiti f.
     -ing, a. lāghavakārin ayaśaskara (rī f.).

Degree, s. padaṃ sthānaṃ padavi-vī f., āspadaṃ.
     (2) daśā sthiti f., avasthā.
     (3) upādhiḥ upa-padaṃ.
     (4) kulaṃ vaṃśaḥ anvayaḥ.
     (5) pramāṇaṃ parimāṇaṃ.
     (6) gaṇaḥ vargaḥ.
     (7) bhāgaḥ aṃśaḥ.
     (8) koṭi f., kāṣṭhā; 'the highest d.' parākoṭiḥ-kāṣṭhā atibhūmiḥ.
     (9) kramaḥ anukramaḥ āvṛt f., pari-pāṭi-ṭī f., ānupūrvyaṃ-rvī paryāyaḥ tāratamyabhāvaḥ; 'in the hightest d.' niratiśayaṃ ekāṃtataḥ; 'in some d.' kiṃcit kiyatāpyaṃśena īṣat; 'not in any d.' na kenāpyaṃśena; 'by d. s' krameṇa kramaśaḥ śanaiḥśanaiḥ pratipadaṃ.

Deify, v. t. devatvamāruh c. (āropayati) devaṃ kṛ 8 U. 'to be deified' devībhū 1 P, devatvaṃ i 2 P, devatvamāpad 4 A.
     -Deiform, a. devākāra devarūpa.
     -Deification, s. īśvarasāyujyaṃ brahmaṇi layaḥ devatvaprāpti f.
     (2) devatvaṃ devakaraṇaṃ.

Deign, v. arh 1 P, prasad 1 P, with inf., 'd. to took at me' mayi dṛṣṭiprasādaṃ kuru; See Please.
     (2) prasādapūrvaṃ dā 3 U, anugrah 9 P
     (3) anujñā 9 U, anuman 4 A.

Deism, s. īśvaravādaḥ āstikyaṃ.
     -Deist, s. āstikaḥ īśvaravādin m.

Deity, s. devatā daivataṃ devaḥ; See God.

Deject, v. t. viṣad c., nirvid c., viṣādaṃ utpad c., mlānīkṛ dhairyaṃ tyaj c.
     -ed, a. viṣaṇṇa nirviṇṇa viṣādāpanna avasanna dīna mlāna khinna; 'd. in mind' dīnamanas durmanāyamāna udvigna vimanas dhairyacyuta; 'to be b. d.' viṣad 1 P, viṣādaṃ gam 1 P, durmanāyate (D.), dhairyaṃ tyaj 1 P.
     -edly, adv. saviṣādaṃ sodvegaṃ viṣaṇṇaṃ.
     -edness, -ion, s. viṣādaḥ vaimanasyaṃ nirvedaḥ avasādaḥ udvegaḥ viṣaṇṇatā dīnatā mlāni f., glāni f., khedaḥ daurmanasyaṃ.

Dejecture, s. avaskaraḥ purīṣaṃ.

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Delate, v. t. vah 1 P, ānī 1 P.
     2 Accuse, q. v.

Delay, v. t. vilaṃb c., vyākṣip 6 P, atipat c.
     (2) nirudh 7 U, dhṛ 1. P, viṣṭaṃbh 9 P. -v. i. vilaṃb 1 A, cira(rā)yati (D.), kālaṃ yā c. (yāpayati) or kṣip 6 P or hṛ 1 P; 'why d. then' tataḥ kiṃ vilaṃbyate (U. 1).
     (2) vikḷp c., vicar c. -s. vilaṃbaḥ vyākṣepaḥ kālātipātaḥ kālayāpanaṃ kālaharaṇaṃ kālakṣepaḥ.
     (2) āghātaḥ aṃtarāyaḥ vilaṃbaṃ hetuḥ.
     (3) dīrghasūtratā; 'without d;' avilaṃbitaṃ avilaṃbaṃ avilaṃbena aciraṃ-rāt-reṇa; 'd. is dangerous' dīrghasūtrī vinaśyati.
     -er, s. kālakṣepakaḥ.

Delectable, a. ramya kamanīya manojña āhlādaka manorama-hara rucira.
     -Delectation, s. ānaṃdaḥ āhlādaḥ pramodaḥ harṣaḥ.

Delegate, v. t. niyuj 7 A, 10, vyādiś 6 P; prer c., (with acc. of person); nyas 4 P, nikṣip 6 P, c. (arpayati) pratipad c. -s. pratinidhiḥ niyogin m., ni-yojyaḥ pratipuruṣaḥ adhikṛtaḥ puruṣaḥ.
     -ion, s. niyojanaṃ preraṇaṃ nikṣepaḥ &c.

Delete, v. t. apa-vyā-mṛj 2 P, vilup c, vinaś c., ucchid 7 P.
     -ion, s. vyāmarṣaḥ lopaḥ ucchedaḥ.
     -Deleterious, a. vināśaka ghātin hiṃsra ghātuka.

Delf, s. mṛdbhāṃḍaṃ; mṛṇmayadravyaṃ kaulālakaṃ.

Deliberate, v. i. vicar c., ciṃt 10, vimṛś 6 P, saṃmaṃtr 10 A, vikḷp c.; See Con-
     -sider. -a. kāmataḥ-vicārapūrvakaṃ-kṛta vimṛśyakṛta.
     (2) vimṛśyakārin svavahita asāhasika apramatta.
     -ion, s. vicāraḥ-raṇaṃ-raṇā ciṃtā maṃtraṇaṃ-ṇā vimarśaḥ samīkṣā vitarkaḥ vivecanaṃ carcā.
     -ive, a. vicāraśīla vicārin vimarśin.
     -ly, adv. jānat with api or eva buddhipuraḥsara kāmataḥ vicārapūrvakaṃ
     (2) vi-mṛśya samīkṣya avadhānena asahasā apramattaṃ.
     -ness, s. samīkṣya-vimṛśya-kāritvaṃ apramādaḥ sāvadhānatā avekṣā

Delicate, a. madhura svādu miṣṭa.
     (2) lalita cāru śobhana.
     (3) (Soft) mṛdu komala sukumāra tanu ślakṣṇa laghu pratanu virala paripelava; 'd. of person' komalāṃga (gī f.), mṛduśarīra; 'a d. woman' tanvī tanvaṃgī pelavāṃgī.
     (4) viśiṣṭa utkṛṣṭa uttama.
     (5) sabhya vinīta śiṣṭa 'of a d. constitution' pra-kṛtikomala janmarogin.
     -ly, adv. lalitaṃ sukumāraṃ; mṛdutayā.
     -Delicacy, s. mādhuryaṃ svādutā saurasyaṃ.
     (2) lālityaṃ lāvaṇyaṃ.
     (3) saukumārya mārdavaṃ pelavatā tanutā.
     (4) ādaraḥ. -vinayaḥ śiṣṭācāraḥ suśīlatā saujanyaṃ.
     (5) pra-kṛtidurbalatā.
     (6) svādvannaṃ bhojanaviśeṣaḥ vi-śiṣṭānnaṃ

Delicious, s. svādu miṣṭa rucikara (rī f.), madhura surasa āsvādavat.
     (2) (of beauty &c.) manorama-hara madhura kamanīya ramaṇīya hārin cittākarṣin.
     -ly, adv. svādu madhuraṃ manoramaṃ.
     -ness, s. svādutā mādhuryaṃ ramyatā. &c.

Delight, s. āhlādaḥ ā-pra-modaḥ sukhaṃ harṣaḥ prīti f., pra-saṃ-madaḥ ullāsaḥ śarman ānaṃdaḥ saṃtoṣaḥ tṛpti f., mud-dā f.; 'takes no d. in sports' nābhinaṃdati kelikalāḥ (Mal. 3); 'thrill of d.' pulakaḥ romāṃcaḥ; 'thrilling with d.' ānaṃdapulakitatanuḥ.
     (2) ānaṃdanaṃ ānaṃdadaḥ harṣakaraḥ ānaṃdahetuḥ. -v. i. 'to be d. ed' mud 1 A, hṛṣ 4 P, ānaṃd 1 P, hlād 1 A, ram 1 A, prī 4 A, saṃ-pari-tuṣ 4 P, ullas 1 P -v. t. sukhayati (D.); causal of roots above.
     -ed, a. sānaṃda prīta saharṣa mudānvitta hṛṣṭa āhlanna ānaṃdita pramudita sollāsa āhlādita ullasita sāhlāda.
     -ful, a. pramodin prāmodika (kī f.), ānaṃdaprada harṣajanana (nī f.), āhlādaka ānaṃdaka sukhada; rucira kāṃta ramya ramaṇīya manohara-rama.
     -fully, adv. sānaṃdaṃ saharṣaṃ sāhlādaṃ; ramyaṃ kāṃtaṃ.

Delimit, v. t. maryādī kṛ 8 U.

Delineate, v. t. varṇ 10; See Describe. 2 ālikh 6 P, citraṃ 10, citre niviś c.
     -ed, a. citralikhita citragata ālikhita varṇita.
     -ion, s. ālekhanaṃ varṇanaṃ.
     (2) ālekhyaṃ citraṃ citrāraṃbhaḥ.

Delinquency, s. doṣaḥ-aparādhaḥ pāpaṃ duṣkarman n., pāpacaritaṃ apakriyā duṣkṛti f.
     -Delinquent, s. pāpin-pāpakṛt-aparādhin m., sadoṣaḥ kṛtāparādhaḥ.

Deliquesce, v. i. dravībhū 1 P, vilī 9 P.

Deliquium, s. vilayanaṃ dravaḥ.

Delirium, s. cittabhramaḥ caitanyanāśaḥ jñānabhrāṃti f.
     -Dellrious, a. bhrāṃtacitta naṣṭacetana caitanyarahita.

Deliver, v. t. muc c., vi-pra-mokṣ 10, ud-hṛdhṛ 1 P, nistṝ c., rakṣ 1 P, pari-trai 1 A.
     (2) samaṛ c (arpayati) nyas 4 P, pratipad c., pra-dā 3 U, 1 P, saṃkram c., āruh c. (ropayati) haste nikṣip 6 P, hastaṃ prāp c., hastagata-gāmin a. kṛ 8 U, (tasya vasudhāmapi hastagāminīmakarot R. viii. 1); 'shall d. it into his hand (to him)' imaṃ asya hastaṃ prāpayiṣyāmi (S. 3); 'd. ed charge of office' svādhikāraṃ anyahaste nyakṣipat.
     (3) ud-īr c., uccar c. udāhṛ 1 P, vyāhṛ vad 1 P.
     (4) (Of a message) nivid. c., kath 10, ākhyā 2 P, ācakṣ 2 A, śaṃs 1 P.
     (5) (Give back) utsṛj 6 P, prati-dā niryat c., (hastanyāsaṃ niryātaya V. 5); 'd. a woman' prasavaṃ kṛ c., c.; 'to be d. ed of' prasū 2 A, jan c. (janayati) utpad c.; 'was d. ed of a son' sā putraṃ prāsūta.
     -ance, s. mocanaṃ mokṣaḥ mukti f., uddhāraḥ paritrāṇaṃ rakṣaṇaṃ nistāraṇaṃ mokṣaṇaṃ vimuktiḥ-mocana.
     -er, s. mocakaḥ rakṣakaḥ trātṛ m., muktidātṛ m., tārakaḥ uddhartṛ m.
     (2) nivedakaḥ ākhyāyakaḥ
     -y, s. mukti f.; See Deliverance, above.
     (2) arpaṇaṃ nikṣepaṇaṃ pratipādanaṃ saṃkrāmaṇaṃ nyasanaṃ pradānaṃ.
     (3) uccāraṇaṃ udīraṇaṃ vyāhāraḥ-haraṇaṃ; 'a fluent d.' askhalitabhāṣaṇaṃ apratihatabhāṣaṇaughaḥ-vāksaraṇiḥ
     (4) nivedanaṃ vijñāpanaṃ vijñapti f., kathanaṃ
     (5) utsargaḥ niryātanaṃ vitaraṇaṃ.
     (6) prasavaḥ prasūti f., garbhamocanaṃ; 'd bed' ariṣṭaśayyā 'a woman near her d.' āsanna-prāpta-prasavā; 'place of d.' ariṣṭaṃ sūtikāgṛhaṃ.

Dell, s. darī guhā kaṃdaraḥ.

Delude, v. t. muh c., vaṃc 10, pralubh c., ākṛṣ 1 P. vi-saṃ-bhram c. (bhramayati); See Cheat also.
     -er, s. mohakaḥ vaṃcakaḥ pratārakaḥ māyin m.
     -Delusion, s. mohaḥ bhramaḥ ābhāsaḥ māyā matibhramaḥ iṃdrajālaṃ vivartaḥ; 'the world is all a d.' viśvamidaṃ māyāmayaṃ asāraṃ vivarta eva.
     (2) vaṃcanaṃ pratāraṇā pralobhanaṃ kapaṭaṃ.
     -Delusive,-Delusory, a. māyāmaya (yī f.), asāra māyin mohaka aiṃdrajālika (kī f.), mohin moha-bhrāṃti-janaka.

Deluge, s. āplāvaḥ saṃplavaḥ jalapralayaḥ bhūtasaṃplavaḥ toyaviplavaḥ 'universal d.' pralayaḥ mahāsaṃplavaḥ saṃvartaḥ kṣayaḥ kalpāṃtaḥ.
     (2) dhārāsaṃpātaḥ vāripūraḥ aviraladhārāsāraḥ ati vṛṣṭiḥ f.
     (3) utpātaḥ ākasmikī āpad -v. t. pla v., ā-saṃ- nimasj c. (majjayati).

Delve, v. t. khan 1 P, ni-ava-; urvīṃ bhid 7 P. -s. khātaṃ vivaraṃ bilaṃ gartā-rtaḥ.
     -er, s. khanakaḥ khanitṛ m.

Demagogue, s prākṛtajananāyakaḥ prajānāyakaḥ.

Demain, Demesne, s. svādhīnā bhūmiḥ.

Demand, v. t. pracch 6 P, anuyuj 7 A, jñā deside. (jijñāsate), 'd. ed his name' kiṃ tava nāmeti papraccha; 'd. a boon' varaṃ vṛvṝ- 5, 9 U.
     2 Claim, q. v.
     (3) arh 1 P, oft. by pot. pass. part.; 'Oh Goddess, Godāvari the matter d. s thy care (attention)' bhagavati godāvari tatra tvayā sāvadhānayā bhavitavyaṃ (U. 3) ayamarthovekṣāmarhati 'd s consideration'; 'this offence d. a an atonement of serious expense' bhūridravyavyayenāyaṃ doṣaḥ pramārṣṭuṃ śakyaḥ bhūridhanavyayasādhyaprāyaścittaḥ doṣaḥ. -s. praśnaḥ anuyogaḥ pṛcchā jijñāsā.
     (2) abhiyogaḥ prārthanā yācanā; 'on d.' dātuṃ pṛṣṭaḥ san.
     -ant,-er, s. prārthayitṛ m., yācitṛ m., abhiyoktṛ m., arthin m.

Demarkation, s. sīmā-maryādā-paricchedaḥ.

Demean (oneself), v. i. vṛttiṃ anuṣṭhā 1 P, ceṣṭ 1 A, vṛt 1 A, vyavahṛ 1 P; See Act. -our, s. vṛtti f., ācaraṇaṃ ācāraḥ ceṣṭitaṃ vyavahāraḥ.

Dementate, v. t. unmad c. saṃjñāṃ apahṛ 1 P. -a. unmatta naṣṭasaṃjña mūḍhacitta.

Demerit, s. aguṇaḥ doṣaḥ nyūnatā.

Demi, ardha sāmi ind. in comp.

Demi-god, s. naradevaḥ vidyādharaḥ yakṣaḥ gaṃdharvaḥ upadevatā devayoniḥ

Demi-man, s. ardhapuruṣaḥ-naraḥ kinnaraḥ.

Demise, s. mṛtyuḥ maraṇaṃ uparati f.
     (2) samarpaṇaṃ vidhivat pradānaṃ. -v. t. mṛtyupatreṇa pradā 3 U.

Demission, s. avapātaḥ avasādanaṃ apakarṣaṇaṃ.

Demobilize, v. t. See 'Disband.'

Democracy, s. prajāprabhutvaṃ prajāsattātmakaṃ rājyaṃ prajātaṃtraṃ.
     -Democrat, s. prajātaṃtravādin m., prajāpakṣānukūlaḥ prajāprabhutvānugrāhakaḥ prajāpakṣāvalaṃbin m.
     -tical, a. sārvalaukika (kī f.), prajātaṃtrīya.

Demolish, v. t. vinaś c., ucchid 7 P, avasad c., dhvaṃs c.; pra-vi--; unmūl 10, utpad 10.
     -er, s. vināśakaḥ ucchedakaḥ.
     -Demolition, s. vināśaḥ ucchedaḥ pra-vi-dhvaṃsaḥ unmūlanaṃ utpāṭanaṃ avasādanaṃ.

Demon, s. dānavaḥ asuraḥ rakṣas n., rākṣasaḥ daityaḥ danujaḥ daiteyaḥ suradviṭ; bhūtaḥ piśācaḥ rātri(triṃ)caraḥ niśācaraḥ yātudhānaḥ.
     -iac, s. bhūtāviṣṭaḥ vetālopahataḥ. -a.,
     -iacal, a. rākṣasa (sī f.), paiśāca (cī f.), āsura (rī f.), (s.) in comp.
     -ology, s. bhūtapiśāca-vidyā.

Demonstrate, v. t. sādh c., sidh c. (sādhayati) pradṛś c., pratipad c., upapad c., pra-māṇayati (D.); nirṇī 1 P, nirdiś 6 P.
     -ion, s. sādhanaṃ siddhi f., upapatti f., prati-pādanaṃ.
     (2) nirṇayaḥ; prāmāṇyaṃ siddhāṃtaḥ; 'ocular d.' pratyakṣapramāṇaṃ-cākṣuṣajñānaṃ-pramāṇaṃ.
     -ive, a. darśaka nirdeśaka nirṇāyaka pratipādaka siddhāṃtakaraṇa.
     -ively, adv. siddhipūrvaṃ sapramāṇaṃ suvyaktaṃ sopapattikaṃ.
     -or, s. nirdeśakaḥ pratipādakaḥ pradarśakaḥ.

Demoralize, v. t. dharmād-ācārād-bhraṃś c. or cyu c., ācāraṃ duṣ c. (dūṣayati) bhraṣṭīkṛ 8 U, durvṛtta a. kṛ
     -ation, s. ācārabhraṣṭatā dharmacyuti f., dharma-ācāra-viplavaḥ apakarṣaḥ.

Demulcent, a. śāmaka śāṃtida.
     (2) snigdha cikkaṇa.

Demur, v. i. śaṃk 1 A, vi-ā-; vicar c., vikḷp c., vilaṃb 1 A, manasā dolāyate (D.); savitarkaṃ vyākṣip c. -s. āśaṃkāsaṃdehaḥ vitarkaḥ vicāraṇaṃ vikalpaḥ; 'without d.' avicāritaṃ avilaṃbaṃ.

Demure, a. vinīta atinamra gaṃbhīra dhīra śāṃta salajja savrīḍa avanata; 'with d. looks' savrīḍavadana.
     -ly, adv. salajjaṃ savrīḍaṃ dhīraṃ savinayaṃ.
     -ness, s. vinayaḥ namratā gāṃbhīryaṃ trapā lajjā vrīḍā -hrīḥ.

Den, s. bilaṃ vivaraṃ guhā gahvaraṃ kaṃdaraḥ kuharaṃ.

Dengue, s. saṃdhikasaṃnipāta

Denizen, s. ni-vāsin m., okas in comp.; 'd. s of heaven' divaukasaḥ &c.
     (2) pauraḥ nāgaraḥ nagarajanaḥ svataṃtrajanaḥ.

Denominate, v. t. vad-bhaṇ-gad āhve 1 P, vyapadiś 6 P, abhidhā 3 U, vac 2 P, khyā 2 P; See Call also.
     -ion, s. nāman n., abhidhānaṃ saṃjñā ākhyā.
     -ive, a. abhidhāyin ākhyāyaka; (in grammar) nāmadhātuḥ.
     -or, s. nāmakṛt-nāmadātṛ m.
     (2) haraḥ hāraḥ chedaḥ; 'of the same d.' samaccheda; 'reduced to the same d.' savarṇita.

Denote, v. t. nirdiś 6 P, sūc 10, upalakṣ 10, vac 2 P, abhidhā 3 U, dyut c., gam c. (gamayati); oft. ex. by artha in comp.; See Mean; 'the word kṣetra here d. s body' atra kṣetraśabdaḥ śarīrārthe-rthaḥ.
     -ation, s. nirdeśaḥ; sūcanaṃ; abhidhā-dhānaṃ upalakṣaṇaṃ-ṇā.
     -ing, -ative, a. sūcaka darśaka vācaka abhidhāyaka gamaka.

Denouement, s. kāryaṃ nirvahaṇaṃ niṣṭhā.

Denounce, v. t. (amaṃgalaṃ or aniṣṭaṃ) pra-kāś c. khyā c., (khyāpayati) ā-ni-vid c., kath 10.
     (2) prakāśaṃ tarj 10 A, bharts 10A, abhiśap 1 U, abhiśaṃs 1 P, niṃd 1 P, garh 1, 10 A, ākruś 1 P.
     -er, s. ani-ṣṭāvedakaḥ.
     (2) adhikṣepakaḥ niṃdakaḥ.
     Denunciation, s. aniṣṭakhyāpanaṃ-prakāśanaṃ.
     (2) nirbhartsanā-naṃ ākrośaḥ abhiśaṃsanaṃ niṃdā garhā.

Denovean adv. punar bhūyaḥ.

Denovo adv. punar bhūyaḥ.

Dense, a. ghana nibiḍa sāṃdra avirala niraṃtara anaṃtara gāḍha gahana.
     (2) susaṃhata dṛḍha pīvara.
     -ity, s. ghanatā sāṃdratā ānaṃtaryaṃ; pīvaratā.

Dent, s. prahāra-āghāta-cihnaṃ.

Dental, a. daṃtya; 'a d. letter' daṃtyaṃ.

Dented, Dentated, a. daṃtura bhaṃgura anu-krakaca.

Dentifrice, s. daṃtaśodhanaṃ-dhāvanaṃ.

Dentist, s. daṃtavaidyaḥ-cikitsakaḥ.

Dentition, s. daṃtodbhedaḥ daṃtavṛddhi f.

Denude, Denudate, v. t. nagnīkṛ 8 U, vivastrīkṛ vivastrayati (D). vastraṃ apahṛ 1 P, śūnyīkṛ; nir in comp.; 'a tree d. ed.' of leaves' niṣpatro or niṣpatrīkṛtoḥ vṛkṣaḥ.

Deny, v. t. apalap 1 P, apavad 1 P, na svīkṛ-aṃgī-kṛ 8 U, niṣidh 1 P, pratyākhyā 2 P, ni-apa-hnu 2 A, pratyādiś 6 P.
     -al, s. apa-ni-hnavaḥ pratyādeśaḥ niṣedhaḥ asvīkāraḥ pra-tyākhyānaṃ apalāpaḥ; 'self d.' ātmasaṃyamaḥ ātmanigrahaḥ.
     -er, s. ni-hnotṛ m., apalāpin m., pratyādeśakaḥ.

Deobstruct, v. t. nirvighnīkṛ 8 U, vighnān hṛ or apanī 1 P.

Deodand, s. devopahāraḥ.

Deodorize v. t. durgaṃdhaṃ hṛ or apanī 1 P.

Depaint, See Paint.

Depart, v. i. prasthā 1 A, prayā 2 P, vi-nir-gam 1 P, apakram 1 U, 4 P, apayā apa-i 2 P, apagam apasṛ-sṛp 1 P, 'whose life has d. ed' vi-gata-jīvitaḥ.
     (2) pra-i dehaṃ utsṛj 6 P, vipad 4 A, mṛ 6 A, saṃsthā 1 A; See Die. -v. t. tyaj 1 P, 3 P, utsṛj
     -ed, a. apagata vyapeta; 'not d.' from the meaning' arthādanapeta arthya.
     (2) preta mṛta divaṃgata saṃsthita vipanna.
     -ment, s. bhāgaḥ vicchedaḥ pra-vi-bhāgaḥ.
     (2) viṣayaḥ prakaraṇaṃ aṃgaṃ.
     (3) adhikāraḥ niyogaḥ karman n., vyāpāraḥ.
     (4) deśaḥ viṣayaḥ maṃḍalaṃ.
     -ure, s. apagamaḥ apayānaṃ prasthānaṃ prayāṇaṃ apasaraṇaṃ apasṛti f., nirgamaḥ apakramaḥ.
     (2) dehatyāgaḥ saṃsthiti f., maraṇaṃ uparati f.

Depend, v. i. avalaṃb 1 A., pralaṃb.
     (2) ava-ālaṃb āśri 1 U, saṃśri; nibaṃdhana taṃtra adhīna āyatta vaśa in comp.; 'every thing d. s on fate' sarvaṃ daivādhīnaṃ-yattaṃ; mama prāṇāstvadāśānibaṃdhanāḥ (M. 4); oft. by apekṣ 1 A. vyapekṣ; See below.
     (3) anu-upa-jīv 1 P.
     (4) (rely) viśvas 2 P (with loc); sam-ṛ c. (arpayati.); 'I d. upon you alone' tvayyeva me viśvāsaḥ; 'd. upon it, I shall starve myself to death' mayā prāyopaveśanaṃ kṛtaṃ viddhi (P. IV. 1); 'd. upon it' asaṃśayaṃ niyataṃ nūnaṃ khalu.
     (5) saṃbaṃdh- pra-anu-saṃj pass., samanu-i 2 P.
     -ance, -ence, s. avalaṃbanaṃ āśrayaḥ saṃśrayaḥ niṣṭhā taṃtratā nibaṃdhanaṃ adhīnatā; 'mutual d.' parasparanibaṃdhanaṃ anyonyāśrayaḥ.
     (2) parādhīnatā paravaśatā paravattā pārataṃtryaṃ parāyattatvaṃ.
     (3) viśvāsaḥ pratyayaḥ.
     (4) saṃbaṃdhaḥ anuṣaṃgaḥ samanvayaḥ saṃparkaḥ.
     -ency, s. āyattatā adhīnatā &c.
     (2) adhīnaḥ pradeśaḥ anyataṃtraṃ rājyaṃ.
     -ant, -ent, a. pralaṃba.
     (2) adhīna āyatta āśrita avalaṃbin vaśa saṃbaddha nighnataṃtra in comp.
     (3) (d. on another) parāśrita parādhīna parataṃtra parāyatta paravaśa paravat; 'd. on a cause' nimittasavyapekṣaḥ (Mal. -s. upa-anu-jīvin m., āśritaḥ parā-yatto janaḥ bhṛtyaḥ parivāraḥ.

Depict, v. t. ālikh 6 P, varṇ 10, nirdiś 6 P.

Depilation, s. lo(ro)maharaṇaṃ ullaṃcanaṃ.
     -Depilatory, a. keśanāśaka lomaharin.

Depilous, a. akeśa ro(lo)mahīna.

Deplete, v. t. śūnyīkṛ 8 U, ric c. niḥ- śiṣ c.
     -ion, s. avakṣayaḥ niḥśeṣatā ri ktatā śūnyatvaṃ śūnyīkaraṇaṃ.

Deplore, v. t. śuc 1 P, vilap 1 P, paridev 1 A, paridiv 10 A; See Lament. -ably, adv. śocyaprakāreṇa śocanīyaṃ.
     -er, s. pari-devakaḥ anuśocakaḥ.

Deploy, v. t. vistṝ 9 U (sainyavyūhān).

Deplume, v. t. pakṣān utpaṭ 10 or ud-hṛ 1 P, niṣpakṣīkṛ 8 U.
     -ation, s. pakṣotpāṭanaṃ.

Depone, v. i. saśapathaṃ vad 1 P or kath 10, śapathapūrvaṃ upakṣip 6 P or upanyas 4 U.
     -ent, s. sākṣin m.
     (2) akartari kriyā.

Depopulate, v. t. nirjanīkṛ 8 U, vijanīkṛ naraśūnya a. kṛ; upapīḍ 10, bādh 1 A, samucchid 7 P.
     -ion, s. nirjanīkaraṇaṃ.
     (2) upa-plavaḥ ucchedaḥ upapīḍanaṃ bādhā.
     -or, s. ucchedakaḥ upapīḍakaḥ viplavakārin m.

Deport, v. t. pravraj c., niḥ-pra-vi-vas c., deśāṃtaraṃ gam c. (gamayati). -v. i. (oneself) ācar-vyavahṛ 1 P, vṛt 1 A; See Act. -
     ation, s. pra-vi-vāsanaṃ pravrājanaṃ.
     -ment, s. vṛtti f., ācaraṇaṃ ceṣṭitaṃ vyavahāraḥ vṛttaṃ.

Depose, v. t. (rājyāt or adhikārāt) ava-ruh c. (ropayati) bhraṃś c., pat c., cyu c. -v. i. sākṣyaṃ dā 3 U, vad 1 P, vac 2 P, kath 10.
     -ition, s. sākṣyaṃ sākṣyadānaṃ.
     (2) (Deposal) rājyabhraṃśaḥ-cyuti f., rājyāvaropaṇaṃ adhikāracyutiḥ-bhraṃśaḥ.

Deposit, v. t. nikṣip 6 P, nyas 4 P, nidhā 3 U, ādhā ṛ c. (arpayati) ādhīkṛ 8 U. -s. nyāsaḥ nikṣepaḥ ādhiḥ upanidhiḥ.
     (2) kiṭṭaṃ śeṣaḥ khalaṃ kāluṣyaṃ malaḥ-laṃ.
     -ary, s. nikṣepagrāhakaḥ nyāsadhārin m.
     (2) viśvāsasthānaṃ-pātraṃ-bhūmi f.
     -or, s. nikṣepin m., nyāsakartṛ m.
     -ory, s. ādhāraḥ āśayaḥ nidhānaṃ nidhiḥ bhājanaṃ āgāraṃ saṃgrahasthānaṃ.

Depot, s. āgāraṃ śālā sthānaṃ ālayaḥ 'book-d.' pustakālayaḥ graṃthaśālā; 'mllitary d.' yuddhasāmagryāgāraṃ.

Deprave, v. t. duṣ c. (dūṣayati) bhraṃś c. malinīkṛ 8 U, kaluṣayati (D.)
     -ed, a. durācāra bhraṣṭa duṣṭa khaṃḍitavṛtta durātman pāpacetas durvṛtta bhraṣṭaśīla kaluṣācāra.
     -edness, -ity, s. duṣṭatā bhraṣṭatā duṣṭabhāvatā daurātmyaṃ durācāratā daurjanyaṃ kāluṣyaṃ durvṛttatā.

Deprecate, v. t. (prārthanāpūrvakaṃ) nivār 10, vyāvṛt c., mā bhūditi yāc 1 A.
     (2) anu-śuc 1 P,
     -ion, s. nivāraṇārthaṃ prārthanāstavaḥ.
     -ive, -atory, a. aniṣṭanivāraka.

Depreciate, v. t. arghataḥ pat c, avaman 4 A, laghūkṛ 8 U, laghu man mūlyaṃ nyūnīkṛ avakṣip 6 P, apalap 1 P, apakṛṣ 1 P.
     -ion, s. laghūkaraṇaṃ avamānanā apakarṣaḥ apalāpaḥ.

Depredate, v. t. apahṛ 1 P, luṃṭ-ṭh 1 P, 10, upapla 1 A, upadratya grah 9 P.
     -ion, s. upa-plavaḥ apaharaṇaṃ luṃṭhanaṃ loptragrahaṇaṃ.
     -or, s viplavakārin m., apahārakaḥ.

Deprehend, See Apprehend.

Depress, v. t. avanam c. (namayati) pat c., apakṛṣ 1 P, avapīḍ 10, nimnīkṛ 8 U, avasad c., bhraṃś c., avagāh 1 A.
     (2) viṣādaṃ nī 1 P, viṣad c., viṣaṇṇīkṛ; 'd. ed behind' paścādavagāḍhāṃ (S. 3); 'd. ed in spirits' viṣaṇṇa mlāna muktāvayava khinna citta See Dejected. -ion, s. pātaḥ ava-namanaṃ apakarṣaḥ-rṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) viṣādaḥ khinnatā avasādaḥ udvegaḥ daurmanasyaṃ mlāni f., 'd. of spirits' sattvabhraṃśaḥ.

Deprive, v. t. apanī 1 P, apahṛ 1 P, (with gen. of person); bhraṃś c., cyu c. (with abl.); viyuj 7 A, 10, vinākṛ 8 U, (with instr. of the object deprived).
     -ation, s. haraṇaṃ apacayaḥ kṣayaḥ lopaḥ hāni f., nāśaḥ.
     -ed, a. hṛta apahṛta hīna viyukta bhraṣṭa virahita vinākṛta (gen. in comp.); vīta-lupta nir in comp.; 'd. of wealth' nirdhana luptavitta; 'd. of authority' bhraṣṭādhikāra padabhraṣṭa; 'to be d.' pass.; parihā viyuj pass.

Depure, Dupurate, See Purify.

Depute, v. t. niyuj 7 A, 10, prer c., preṣ c., prahi 5 P, samādiś 6 P (of a person); nikṣip 6 P, nyas 4 P, (of business).
     -ation, s. niyojanaṃ preraṇaṃ preṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) ni-yuktāḥ-samādiṣṭāḥ (pl.), niyogigaṇaḥ niyuktajanāḥ.
     -y, s. pratinidhiḥ pratihastaḥ-stakaḥ niyogin m.; niyuktaḥ pratipuruṣaḥ.

Deracinate, See Eradicate.

Derail, v. lohamārgāt niḥsṛ 1 P, or c.

Derange, v. t. viparyas 4 U, vikṣip 6 P, kramaṃ-vyavasthāṃ-bhaṃj 7 P, or upahan 2 P, vi-kṣubh c., saṃkṝ 6 P, ākulīkṛ 8 U.
     -ed, a. vyasta anavasthita magnakrama avyavasthita vikṣipta saṃkīrṇa; 'd. in mind' unmatta bhrāṃtacitta.
     -ment, s. vyutkramaḥ prakramabhaṃgaḥ avyavasthā vyastatā akramaḥ. visūtratā vailakṣaṇyaṃ; 'd. of mind' matibhramaḥ cittaviplavaḥ mativiparyāsaḥ.

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Derelict, a tyakta utsṛṣṭha parityakta
     -ion, s. tyāgaḥ utsargaḥ upekṣā

Deride, v. t. vi-upa-ava-has 1 P, upahāsāspadī kṛ 8 U, avajñā 9 U, bharts 10 A. garh 1, 10 A; 'to be d ed' upahāsyatāṃ gam 1 P, upahāsāspadaṃ bhū 1 P, 'are d. ed by all' sarvajanasyopahāsyatāmupayāṃti (Ka 108)
     -er, s. upahāsakaḥ avakṣepakaḥ
     -ingly, adv. avahāsena upahāsapūrvaṃ- sopahāsaṃ
     -Derision, s. upa-ava-hāsaḥ ava-mānanā dhikkāraḥ avajñā garhaṇaṃ nirbhartsanaṃ.
     -Derisive, a. sopahāsa avahāsagarbha ava-hāsin; upahāsya; garhya.

Derive, v. t. niṣkṛṣ 1 P, ud-bhū c., jan c. (janayati). utpad c.,
     (2) prāp 5 P, labh 1 A,
     Ge, i. V.)
     (3) vyutpad c. nirvac 2 P 10, vyutpattim vad 1 P.
     -ed, a. utpanna udbhūta; oft. ex. by pra- bhava-mūla-udbhava-ja in comp.; 'the race d. ed from the Sun' sūryaprabhavo vaṃśaḥ; 'to be d. ed' utpad 4 A. prabhū 1 P, jan 4 A, ud-bhū nirgam 1 P.
     -acion, s. vyutpatti f., nirvacanaṃ śabdotpatti f., śabdayoni f.
     (2) prabhavaḥ udbhavaḥ. yoni f., mūlaṃ nirgamaḥ.
     -ative, a. vyutpanna; yaugika (kī f.); 'd. suffixes' taddhitapratyayāḥ. -s. sādhitaḥ śabdaḥ vyutpannaḥ śabdaḥ.

Dermis, s. See Skin.

Derogate, v. t. alpīkṛ 8 U, nyūnīkṛ laghayati (D.); See Depreclate. -ion, s. laghūkaraṇaṃ apamānaḥ gauravanyūnatā avamānanā lāghavaṃ.
     -ory, a. ananurūpa akīrtikara lāghavakārin asadṛśa (śī f.); ayaśaskara (rī f.).

Dervise, s. saṃnyāsin m. (mahaṃmadīyaḥ).

Descant, v. i. savistaraṃ vyākhyā 2 P. vi-vṛ 5 U, vistareṇa varṇ 10.
     (2) gai 1 P, varṇ 10. -s. vacanaṃ vādaḥ pravādaḥ bhāṣitaṃ.
     (2) gītaṃ

Descend, v. i. avatṝ-avaruh-avapat 1 P, nipat cyu 1 A bhraṃś 1 A, 4 P.
     (2) ā-abhi-gam 1 P, praviś 6 P.
     (3) (upon) abhidru 1 P, abhidhāv 1 P, ākram 1 U, 4 P; See Attack.
     (4) (from) utpad 4 A, pra-ud-bhū 1 P, jan 4A: See Derive. vaṃśa-kula-krameṇa āgam 1 P, or 2 P, paraṃparayā prāp pass.; 'd. into details' savistaraṃ varṇ 10, vistaraśaḥ vad 1 P, prapaṃcayati (D.) -v. t. Causal of roots (1) above.
     -ant, s. vaṃśyaḥ vaṃśajaḥ apatyaṃ saṃtati f. prasūti f, saṃtānaḥ; 'd. s.' putrapautrāḥ kulasaṃtatiḥ vaṃśaḥ anvayaḥ kulaṃ; 'male d.' putrasaṃtānaḥ.
     -ed, a. avatīrṇa adhogata; 'lineally d.' kulakramāgata vaṃśaparaṃparāprāpta kamāyāta pitṛprāpta; 'to be d.' utpad. jan prabhū 1 P; gen. by derivative affixes; 'd. from Puru' pauravaḥ
     -ent, a. ava-rohin adhogāmin.
     -Descent, s. avataraṇaṃ avapātaḥ avarohaḥ-haṇaṃ avatāraḥ.
     (2) ākramaḥ avaskaṃdaḥ abhidravaṇaṃ.
     (3) janman n., utpatti- f., vaṃśaḥ udbhavaḥ kulaṃ; 'of noble d.' kulīna kulotpanna mahākulaprasūta abhijāta abhijanavat
     (4) saṃtati f., anvayaḥ āvali-lī f., saṃtānaḥ naṃ.
     (5) vaṃśakramāgamaḥ anvayāgamaḥ.
     (6) avasarpiṇī bhūmiḥ pravaṇasthānaṃ.

Descension, s. avapātaḥ adhogamanaṃ adhaḥpatanaṃ.

Describe, v. l. varṇ 10, nirdiś 6 P, vi-vṛ 5 U, kṝt 10, kath 10 nirūp 10, vac. 2 P, vyākhyā 2 P; 'her splendour can't be d. ed' 'tasyāḥ śrīrvacanānāmaviṣayā
     (2) (Draw) likh 6 P.
     -Description, s. varṇanaṃ-nā nirdeśaḥ vyākhyānaṃ kathanaṃ nirūpaṇaṃ vivaraṇaṃ.
     -Descriptive, a. nirdeśaka vācaka abhidhāyin nirdeśin.
     (2) varṇanapara.

Descry, v. t. dūrād ālok 1 A, 10 or dṛś 1 P, or īkṣ 1 A, nirvarṇ 10, ālakṣ 10.
     (2) jñā 9 U, avagam 1 P; See Know.

Desecrate, v. t. duṣ c. (dūṣayati) apavitrīkṛ 8 U, puṇyatvaṃ lup c., saṃskārahīna a. kṛ
     -ion, s. dūṣaṇaṃ saṃskāradūṣaṇaṃ apavitrīkaraṇaṃ.

Desert, s. maruḥ marusthalaṃ-lī vālukāpradeśaḥ dhanvan m.
     (2) guṇaḥ puṇyaṃ yogyatā pātratvaṃ puṇyāpuṇyaṃ arhatvaṃ -a. nirjana nirmānuṣa (ṣī f.), vanya khila nirjala śūnya āraṇyaka. -v. t. tyaj 1 P, 3 P, ut-vi-sṛj 6 P, rah 10. (rahayati) apavyadh 4 P, -v. t. senāṃ tyaktvā palāy A.
     -er, s. tyāgin senātyāgin m., parāvartakaḥ raṇapa-rāṅmukhaḥ palāyin m.
     -ion, s. tyāgaḥ utsargaḥ; senātyāgaḥ nirgamanaṃ apakramaṇaṃ.
     -less, c. nirguṇa anarha ayukta apātra.

Deserve, v. t. arh 1 P, arha-ucita-yogya a. in comp.; oft. by pot. pass. part.
     -ed, a. yogya ucita arha.
     -edly, adv. ucitaṃ yogyaṃ nyāyataḥ.
     -er, -ing, a. arhat guṇavat arha ucita yogya pātra; 'd. of' ex. by pot. pass. part. 'd. of pity' anukaṃpya &c. -s. guṇaḥ pātratā yogyatā arhatvaṃ.

Deshabille, See Dishabille.

Desiccate, v. t. śuṣ c., ācam 1 P, -v. i. śuṣ 4 P,
     -ion, s. śoṣaṇaṃ pariśoṣaḥ.
     -ive, a śoṣaka.
     -Dessicants, s. vraṇaśoṣakāḥ.

Desiderate, See Desire. -ive, a. icchārthaka sannaṃta.
     -Desideratum, s. abhīṣṭavastvabhāvaḥ.

Design, v. t. pari-saṃ-kḷp c., anusaṃdhā 3 U, vyavaso 4 P, abhi-pra-i 2 P, uddiś 6 P; ciṃt 10, ghaṭ c. (ghaṭayati) manaḥ-matiṃ-kṛ 8 U.
     (2) pra-vini-yuj 7 A, 10.
     (3) ālikh 6 P, sūtrapātaṃ kṛ. -s. abhiprāyaḥ arthaḥ ākāṃkṣā uddeśaḥ saṃkalpaḥ āśayaḥ hetuḥ cikīrṣitaṃ prayojana kāryaṃ.
     (2) upāyaḥ ciṃtā kalpanā ghaṭanā vidhānaṃ vyavasāyaḥ.
     (3) ālikhanaṃ sūtrapātaḥ saṃskāraḥ.
     -edly, adv. kāmataḥ yathākāmaṃ icchātaḥ buddhipuraḥsaraṃ.
     -er, s. citrakaḥ parikalpakaḥ.
     (2) ālekhakaḥ sūtrapātakaḥ.
     -ing, a. upajāpin māyin chalin vaṃcanaśīla pratāraka vidagdha kapaṭapaṭu dhūrta.
     -less, a. nirarthaka niṣprayojana.

Designate, v. t. upa -lakṣ 10; apa-vyapa-diś 6 P, nirdiś sūc 10, dyut c., abhidhā 3 U, nirvac 2 P, gam c. (gamayati).
     (2) niyuj 7 A, 10, pari-saṃ-kḷp c.
     -ing, s. lakṣaṇaṃ upalakṣaṇaṃ cihnaṃ viśeṣaṇaṃ abhidhānaṃ saṃjñā ākhyā nāman n.

Desire, v. t. iṣ 6 P, vāṃch 1 P, kam 10 A, spṛh 10 (with dat.), ih 1 A, ākāṃkṣ 1 U, abhilaṣ 1. 4 P oft. ex. by desid. of roots.
     (2) arth 10A. yāc 1A, vṛ 5U. -s. icchā abhilāṣaḥ kāmaḥ īhā ākāṃkṣā samīhitaṃ āśā iṣṭaṃ īpsitaṃ manorathaḥ spṛhā abhīṣṭaṃ; 'according to one's d.' yathākāmaṃ yatheṣṭaṃ svecchātaḥ svacchaṃdaṃ svarucyā; 'ardent d.' lālasā autsukyaṃ utkaṃṭhā lobhaḥ tṛṣṇā.
     -able, a. spṛhaṇīya kāmya.
     (2) iṣṭa praśasta śreyas.
     -ous, a. sa spṛha vāṃchin icchu īpsu; oft. by desid. forms, 'd. to speak.' vivakṣuḥ; 'd. to take' jighṛkṣuḥ or by kāma or manas in comp. with inf; 'd. to take' ādātukāmaḥ-manāḥ.

Desist, v. i. viram P. nivṛt 1 A, viśram 4 P, (with abl.) See Cease. -ance, s. virāmaḥ nivṛtti f., viśrāmaḥ.

Desk, s. likhanaphalakaḥ lekhanādhāraḥ.

Desolate, a. nirmānuṣa (ṣī f.), nirjana śūnya vivikta vasatihīna vijana.
     (2) ucchinna jīrṇa uddhvasta utsanna.
     (3) asahāya nirāśraya agatika anātha. -v. t. ucchid 7 P, ava-sad c., nirjanīkṛ 8 U; upapīḍ 10, śūnyīkṛ prabādh 1 A.
     -ion, s. ucchedaḥ avasādanaṃ vasatināśaḥ nirjanīkaraṇaṃ.
     (2) śūnyatā ni-rjanatvaṃ viviktatā.

Despair, v. i. nirāś a. bhū 1 P, āśāṃ hā 3 P, nairāśyaṃ gam-vraj 1 P, viṣad 1 P, bhagnāśa a. bhū; 'd. ed. of seicess' jayaviṣaye nirāśobhūt. -s. nairāśyaṃ nirāśatā āśāhīnatā vaiklavyaṃ viṣādaḥ; 'being in d.' tyaktāśa gatāśa.
     -Desperate, a nirāśa āśātīta tyaktāśa āśāhīna.
     (2) jīvitanirapekṣa ātatāyin nirbhaya sāhasika (kī f.)
     (3) niṣpratīkāra ugra saṃrabdha sāhasadyotaka atyaṃta; 'a d. act' sāhasaṃ ātatāyitā.
     -ly, adv. jīvitanirapekṣaṃ prasahya ugraṃ unmattavata
     (2) ati-su pr.; atyaṃtaṃ bhṛśaṃ.
     -ness, sāhasikatā unmādaḥ saraṃbhaḥ jīvitanirapekṣatā.

Despatch, v. t. (satvaraṃ) preṣ c., prahi 5 P. prasthā c. (sthāpayati) visṛj 6 P.
     (2) śīghraṃ jhaṭiti saṃpad c. tvar c. (tvarayati) āśu saṃvidhā 3 U.
     (3) han 2 U. vyāpad c.; See Kill. -s. tvarā śīghratā śīghrakāritvaṃ. adīrghasūtratā.
     (2) patraṃ rājalekhaḥ-lekhyaṃ vācikapatraṃ.
     (3) dhāvakaḥ prajavin m., vārtāharaḥ dūtaḥ.
     -ful, a. tvarāśīla śīghrakārin avilaṃbin adīrghasūtra.

Desperado, s. sāhasikaḥ prasahyacauraḥ sāhasin m., ātatāyin m., vadhodyataḥ.

Despise, v. t. avajñā 9 U, tiraskṛ 8 U, avaman 4 A, paribhū 1 P, avadhīr 10; See Contemn. -er, s. avamaṃtṛ m., avajñātṛ m., niṃdakaḥ.
     -ingly, adv sāvajñaṃ sāvamānaṃ.
     -Despleable, a. avamānya avajñeya garhya niṃdya nīca nikṛṣṭa adhama tuccha kutsita kṣudra.

Despite, s. dveṣaḥ jugupsā mātsaryaṃ īrṣyā abhyasūyā asūyā.
     (2) pratirodhaḥ pratikāraḥ; 'in d. of' (prep.) anādṛtya avagaṇayya or gen. abs.; 'd. the (preserce of the) teacher' paśyatopi guroḥ; See 'in spite of' under
     Splte. -ful, a. dveṣin sāsūya abhyasūyaka matsarin drohabuddhi.
     -fully, adv. sadveṣaṃ sadrohaṃ īrṣyayā.
     -ness, s. mātsaryaṃ asūyā daurjanyaṃ drohaḥ drohabuddhi f.

Despoil, v. t. hṛ 1 P, apahṛ; See Deprive; 'd. ed of everything' hṛtasarvasva.
     -er, s. apahārakaḥ.
     -Despoliation, s. apaharaṇaṃ.

Despond, v. i. nirvid 4 A, nairāśyaṃ-nirvedaṃviṣādaṃ-gam 1 P or āpad 4 A, viṣad 1 P, āśāṃ tyaj 1 P, aṃgāni muc 6 P.
     -ency, s. nirvedaḥ viṣādaḥ nairāśyaṃ udvegaḥ avasādaḥ viṣaṇṇatā.
     -ent, -ing, a. nirviṇṇa viṣaṇṇa nirāśa tyaktāśa mlāna; udvigna; 'do not take a d. view' mā bhavānaṃgāni muṃcatu (V. 2).
     -ingly, adv. saviṣādaṃ sanirvedaṃ.

Despot, s. prajāpīḍakaḥ lokopaplavakaḥ
     (2) adhīśvaraḥ samrāj m., sārvabhaumaḥ cakravartin m.
     -ic, -ical, a. svataṃtra niṣpratibaṃdha aniyaṃtraṇa aniyata niyaṃtraṇa.
     -ically, adv. svairaṃ svecchātaḥ kāmacāreṇa.
     -ism, s. prajāpīḍanaṃ niṣṭhuraśāsanaṃ prajopaplavaḥ svecchācāritvaṃ svecchāprabhutvaṃ; niryaṃtraṇārājyasaraṇiḥ f.

Despumate, v. i. utsic pass., phenāyate (D.)

Dessert. v. t. (bhojanāṃte) phalāhāraḥ.

Destine, v. t. (
     Destinate) nirūp. 10, pari-pra-kḷp c., nirdiś 6. P, niyuj 7 A. 10, samupasthā 1 U, (na jāne bhoktāraṃ kamiha samupasthāsyati vidhiḥ S. 2); oft. ex. by pot. pass. part., with or without avaśyaṃ nūnaṃ; 'he is d. ed to be a king' anenāvaśyaṃ rājñā bhavitavyaṃ; 'man is d. ed to die' manuṣyā naśvarāḥ; 'who is able to avoid what is d. ed for him' likhitamapi lalāṭe projjhituṃ kaḥ samarthaḥ; tathā bhavitavyatayā ca tasya tasya vastunaḥ (Ka. 143) 'every thing being d. ed to occur' &c.
     -ation, s. īpsitaṃ sthānaṃ iṣṭaḥ pradeśaḥ ni-rūpita-nirdiṣṭa-sthānaṃ.
     (2) upayogaḥ prayojanaṃ uddeśaḥ; arthaḥ abhiprāyaḥ.
     -y, s. daivaṃ bhavi-tavyatā niyati f., bhāgyaṃ bhāgadheyaṃ; vidhātṛ m., vidhi; diṣṭaṃ adṛṣṭaṃ prāktanaṃ.

Destitute, a. nirdhana arthahīna nirāśraya durgata aśaraṇa dīna akiṃcana duḥsthita.
     (2) (of) hīna rahita varjita śūnya viyukta hṛta vihīna parihīṇa with instr. or in comp.; gen. by nir-a-vi- in comp.; 'd. of courage' dhairyahīna-śūnya &c.; nirutsāha 'd. of energy'; 'd. of hands and feet' apāṇipāda.
     -ion, s. dainyaṃ dhanābhāvaḥ akiṃcanatvaṃ dāridryaṃ nirāśrayatā.
     (2) hīnatvaṃ rāhityaṃ śūnyatvaṃ abhāvaḥ virahaḥ viyogaḥ.

Destroy, v. t. naś c., pra-vi-; ava-ut-sad c., dhvaṃs c., pra-vi-; vilup c., kṣai c. (kṣapa-yati) kṣi 5 P or c., saṃhṛ 1 P, ut-nir-dal c., ucchid 7 P, pratihan 2 P.
     (2) (persons, &c.) han 2 P, niṣūd 10, vyāpad c., mṛ c.; 'to be d. ed' vi- naś 4 P, dhvaṃs 1 A, kṣayaṃ yā-i 2 P, or gam 1 P. pra-vi-lī 4 A.
     -er, s. nāśakaḥ haṃtṛ m., niṣūdanaḥ ghātin m., aṃtakaḥ dhvaṃsakaḥ han-apaha in comp; 'd. of Vritra' vṛtrahā vṛtraniṣūdanaḥ; 'd. of every thing' kṛtāṃtaḥ.
     -Destructible, a. naśvara vidhvaṃsin bhaṃgura kṣayin.
     -Destruction, s. nāśaḥ vi-nāśaḥ praṇāśaḥ; pra- vi- dhvaṃsaḥ kṣayaḥ ucchedaḥ saṃhāraḥ; uddalanaṃ utpāṭanaṃ.
     (2) niṣūdanaṃ ghātaḥ vadhaḥ; 'd. of the. whole world' pralayaḥ pratyavahāraḥ kalpāṃtaḥ saṃvartaḥ.
     -Destructive, a. vināśin kṣayakara (rī f.), ghātin aṃtakara ghātuka apaha-ghna (ghnī f.) in comp.: 'd. to life' jīvitāpaha prāṇahara nidhanakārin.

Desuetude, s. virati f., nivṛtti f., vicchedaḥ virāmaḥ pravṛttivicchedaḥ.

Desultory, a. asatata ucchṛṃkhala asthira lola aniyata caṃcala anavasthita avyavasthita.

Detach, v. t. viśliṣ c., vibhid 7 P, vi-cchid 7 P, viyuj 7 A, 10, pṛthak kṛ 8 U; See Separate. -ed, a. viyukta vibhikṣa vicchinna; asaṃsakta asaṃlagna gatasaṃga viśliṣṭa asaṃgata.
     -ment, s. vibhāgaḥ viyogaḥ vicchedaḥ viśleṣaḥ vibhedaḥ.
     (2) sainyadalaṃ gulmaḥ-lmaṃ.

Detail, s. vistaraḥ vistāraḥ; vāgvistaraḥ pra-paṃcaḥ.
     (2) vṛttāṃtākhyānaṃ; 'in d.' or 'd. ed' savistara (a.), vistareṇa vistarataḥ-śaḥ savistaraṃ. -v. t. savistaraṃ-vistareṇa-varṇ 10 or ākhyā 2 P. or kath 10, prapaṃcayati (D.)

Detain, v. t. dhṛ 1 P, nirudh 7 U; jāmātṛyajñena vayaṃ niruddhāḥ (U. 1) 'd. ed by reason of' &c.
     (2) nivār 10, nigrah 9 P.
     (3) (In custody) āsidh 1 P, baṃdh 9 P, nirudh.
     -tion, s. dharaṇaṃ nigrahaḥ saṃrodhaḥ nirodhaḥ.
     (2) āsedhaḥ prati-ni-rodhaḥ baṃdhanaṃ balātkāreṇa dharaṇaṃ.

Detect, v. t. nirūp 10, jñā 9 U, anusaṃdhā 3 U, adhi-ava-gam 1 P; dṛś 1 P, upalabh 1 A, āsad c.
     (2) dhṛ 1 P, prakāś c., vyaṃj 7 P; 'd. ed in a crime' dṛṣṭadoṣa; nirṇītāparādha.
     -ion, s. jñānaṃ nirūpaṇaṃ anusaṃdhānaṃ upalaṃbhaḥ avagamanaṃ.
     -ive, a. (Officer) caraḥ cāraḥ praṇidhiḥ apasarpaḥ; See Spy

Deter, v. t. (sabhayaṃ) nivṛt c., nivār 10, viram c. (ramayati) bhī c., nirudh 7 U; See Prevent. -ment, s. nivartanaṃ nivāraṇaṃ.

Deterge, v. t. śudh c., malaṃ apanī 1 P, pari-mṛj 2 P.
     -ent, a. śodhana (nī f.), pari-mārjaka.

Deteriorate, v. i. kṣi-hā pass., hras 1 P, kṣayaṃ gam 1 P; duṣ 4 P, bhraṃś 4 P, I A, apa-kṛṣ pass. -v. t. apakṛṣ 1 P, duṣ c. (dūṣayati) vikṛ 8 U, hras c.
     -ion, s. kṣayaḥ apacayaḥ vikāraḥ vikṛti f., hrāsaḥ bhraṣṭatā.
     (2) apakarṣaḥ dūṣaṇaṃ.

Determine, v. t. niści 5 U, sthā c. (sthāpayati) saṃkḷp c., nirūp 10, nirṇī 1 P, nir-ava-dhṛ 10, nirdiś 6 P, lakṣ 10, pari-cchid 7 P.
     (2) nirūp anusaṃdhā 3 U, nirṇī (a dispute &c.). -v. i. vyava-ava-so 4 P, niścayaṃ kṛ 8 U; 'd. ed to go' gamane kṛtasaṃkalpa gaṃtuṃ vyavasita.
     -ate, a. sthira dṛḍha nirdhārita niścita nirṇīta niyata siddha vyavasthita.
     (2) niścāyaka nirṇāyaka.
     (3) (of persons) kṛtaniścaya dṛḍhasaṃkalpa vyavasita.
     -ately, adv. saniścayaṃ sanirṇayaṃ nūnaṃ.
     -ation, s. niścayaḥ nirṇayaḥ saṃkalpaḥ ni-rdhāraṇaṃ vyavasāyaḥ vicāraḥ nirūpaṇaṃ pari-cchedaḥ avadhāraṇaṃ-ṇā.
     (2) abhiniveśaḥ adhyavasāyaḥ nirbaṃdhaḥ.
     -ative, a. nirṇāyaka ni-rdhāraka.
     -ed, a. niścita nirṇīta siddha niyata vyavasthita paricchinna avadhārita.
     (2) (of persons) sthiraniścaya dṛḍha-kṛtasaṃkalpa abhiniviṣṭa kṛtaniścaya.
     -edly, adv. sthiracetasā dṛḍhaṃ dṛḍhaniścayena.
     -er, s. nirṇayakṛt m., nirṇetṛ m.

Detest, v. t. vidviṣ 2 U, garh 1, 10 A, gup desid. (jugupsate) (with abl.); See Abhor. -able, a. jugupsita garhita niṃdya garhaṇīya vidveṣya.
     -ation, s. garhā jugupsā ghṛṇā vidveṣaḥ.
     -er, s. dveṣin m., vidveṣṭṛ m.

Dethrone, v. t. rājyād bhraṃś c. or cyu c. or avapat c. or avaruh c. (ropayati).
     -ment, s. rājyabhraṃśaḥ-cyuti f.

Detonate, v. i. sahasā stan 1 P or dhvan 1 P,
     -ion, s. stanitaṃ ākasmikadhvaniḥ m.

Detort, See Pervert.

Detract, v. apakṛṣ-apanī 1 P.
     (2) apalap 1 P, apavad-bhāṣ 1 A, adhikṣip 6 P, niṃd 1 P, asūyati (D.) (with dat.); mūlyaṃ nyūnīkṛ 8 U; laghūkṛ; See Depreci-
     -ate. -ion, s. apakarṣaḥ laghūkaraṇaṃ hrāsaḥ.
     (2) asūyā apa-pari-vādaḥ ākṣepaḥ guṇaniṃdā paiśunyaṃ paradoṣāviṣkaraṇaṃ mātsaryaṃ.
     -or, s. apavādakaḥ adhikṣepakaḥ niṃdakaḥ asūyakaḥ parivādarataḥ.
     -ory, a. apavādin niṃdaka abhyasūyaka; piśuna.

Detriment, s. hāni f., apakāraḥ kṣati f., nāśaḥ apāyaḥ bādhā virodhaḥ.
     -al, a. hāni-kara (kī f.), virodhin apāyakāraka.

Detrude, v. t. avapat c, adhaḥ kṣip 6 P, bhraṃś c.
     -Detrusion, s. avapātanaṃ.

Detruncate, v. t. avacchid 7 P, nikṛt 6 P, vi-lū 9 U.
     -ion, s. avacchedaḥ nikartanaṃ.

Deuce, s. dvayaṃ dvikaṃ.
     (2) piśācaḥ bhūtaḥ.

Devastate, v. t. ucchid 7 P, ut-ava-sad c.; upapīḍ 10, vi-upa-plu 1 A, prabādh 1 A, nirjanīkṛ 8 U.
     -ion, s. ucchedaḥ upaplavaḥ prabādhanaṃ vināśaḥ nirjanīkaraṇaṃ.

Develop, v. t. puṣ 1, 4, 9 P, pra-upa-ci 5 U, pra-saṃ-vṛdh c.; 'she d. ed her lovely limbs' pupoṣa lāvaṇyamayān viśeṣān (K. 1. 25); also pracīyamānāvayavā (R. III. 7) upacitāṃgī.
     (2) vikas c., vistṝ c., udbhid c.; tasya (kāryopakṣepasya) vistāramicchan (Mu. 4) 'wishing to d. it.' -v. i. pra-upa-ci pass., udbhid pass., kramaśaḥ vikas 1 P, krameṇa pra-saṃ-vṛdh 1 A.
     -ment, s. pra-cayaḥ upacayaḥ saṃvardhanaṃ; vistāraḥ vikāsaḥ udbhedaḥ.

Devergence, See Divergence.

Deviate, v. i. ati-vyati-i 2 P, atikram 1 U, 4 P, ati-vyabhi-car 1 P; 'did not d. even an inch from the beaten path' kṣuṇṇādvartmano rekhāmātramapi na vyatīyuḥ (R. I. 17); apa-yā-i 2 P, cal 1 P, pra-vi--; cyu 1 A, bhraṃś 4 P, 1 A, (with abl.).
     -ion, s. atikramaḥ vicalanaṃ cyuti f., bhreṣaḥ bhraṃśaḥ vyabhicāraḥ tyāgaḥ; 'd. from the right path' utpathayānaṃ vimārgagamanaṃ.

Device, s. upāyaḥ yukti f., prayogaḥ kalpanā sādhanaṃ.
     (2) apa-vyapa-deśaḥ chalaṃ māyā chadman n., kaitavaṃ vyājaḥ.
     (3) lakṣaṇaṃ cihnaṃ aṃkaḥ.
     (4) nirmāṇaśakti f., kalpanācāturyaṃ.

Devil, s. bhūtaḥ vetālaḥ piśācaḥ; 'I shall not raise a d. for my own destruction' nāhamātmavināśāya vetālotthāpanaṃ kariṣyāmi.

Devious, a. vakra kuṭila jihma.
     (2) maryādātikrāmin vyabhicārin.

Devise, v. ciṃt 10, upa-saṃ-kḷp c., nirūp 10, yuj 7 U, 10, ā-paryā-loc 10. ghaṭ c.
     (2) icchāpatreṇa pradā 3 U. -s. icchāpatreṇa rikthadānaṃ.
     -er, s. dhanādhikārin m.
     -er, s. upāyajñaḥ parikalpakaḥ prayojakaḥ.

Devoid, (of), a. See Destitute (of).

Devoir, s. svakartavyaṃ kartavyatā dharmaḥ.
     (2) satkāraḥ ādaraḥ pūjā saṃmānaḥ.

Devolve, v. t. nikṣip 6 P, nyas 4 P, saṃkram c., sam-ṛ c. (arpayati) āruh (ropayati) 'having d. ed their property upon their sons' putrasaṃkrāṃtalakṣmīkāḥ (U. 1); guṇavatsutaropitaśriyaḥ (R. VIII. 11).
     (2) prapat c., prasṛ-pravah c. -v. i. āgam 1 P, āyā 2 P, pat 1 P, saṃkram 1 U, 4 P; nyas nikṣip-samṛ c. pass.; 'after his death the kingdom d. ed upon his eldest son' mṛte tasmiṃstasya jyeṣṭhaputro rājapadabhāgbabhūva.
     (2) adhaḥ pat 1 P, avapat.
     -Devolution, s. nikṣepaṇaṃ samarpaṇaṃ saṃkrāmaṇaṃ.

Devote, v. t. pra-vini-yuj 7 A, 10, sam-ṛ c. (arpayati) nikṣip 6 P, utsṛj 6 P, saṃ-upa-kḷp c.
     (2) (Oneself to) āsaṃjanuraṃj -pass., manaḥ yuj or baṃdh 9 P or abhiniviś c., āsakta-abhiniviṣṭa a. bhū (all with loc.); bhaj 1 U, āsev 1 A.
     (3) nāśāya kḷp c; See Doom. -ed, a. sakta ā-pra-vyā-sakta; ni- rata abhiniviṣṭa samāhita para-tatpara-parāyaṇa in comp.
     (2) bhakta dṛḍhabhakti anurakta anurāgin; 'd. to the king' rājaniṣṭha nṛpāsaktacitta; 'a d. wife' ekapatnī pativratā sādhvī satī 'a d. husband' bhāryānirataḥ patnīsevin m. 'a d. friend' sthiraprema mitraṃ rūḍhasakhyaḥ suhṛd
     -edly, adv. cittaikāgratayā bhaktyā ni-ṣṭhyā abhiniviṣṭaṃ manobhiniveśena manoyogena susamāhitaṃ.
     -edness, s āsakti f., bhakti f., abhiniveśaḥ parāyaṇatā.
     -oe, s. tāpasaḥ yatiḥ yogin m., tapasvin m., muniḥ vratin m.
     (2) bhaktajanaḥ praṇayijanaḥ: upāsakaḥ bhaktaḥ.
     -ion, s. abhiyogaḥ abhiniveśaḥ anurāgaḥ sevā upāsanā prasakti f., āsakti f., bhaktiḥ nirati f, parāyaṇatā.
     (2) niyamaḥ  dharmakriyā tapas n., īśvarabhakti f. sevā; 'self-d.' ātmotsargaḥ-parityāgaḥ; 'd. to a husband' pātivratyaṃ patisevā; 'to perform d. s.' tapaścar 1 P or tap 4 A, tapa-syati (D.)
     -ional, a. dharmapara dharmaniṣṭha bhajanaśīla.
     (2) dharmakriyāviṣayaka tapomaya (yī f.).

Devour, v. t. bhakṣa 10 ad 2 P, khād 1 P, gras 1 A. gṝ 6 P.
     (2) upayuj 10, upayogena vinaś c.
     -er, s. bhakṣakaḥ khādakaḥ.

Devout, a. dhārmika dharma-parāyaṇaśīla dharmaniṣṭha dharmātman bhakta īśvaranirata puṇyaśīla prayatātman puṇyātman
     -ly, adv. bhaktyā bhaktipūrvakaṃ bhaktipuraḥsara śraddhānvitaṃ.
     -ness, s. dhārmikatā dharmātmatā īśvaraniṣṭhatā bhakti f.

Dew, s. nīhāraḥ avaśyāyaḥ tuṣāraḥ prāleyaṃ hima-rātri-kha-jalaṃ. -v. t. nīhāreṇa sic 6 P or prokṣ 1 P 'd drop' tuṣārakaṇaḥ-biṃduḥśīkaraḥ and sim. comps.
     -y, a tuṣāramaya (yī f), avaśyāyāvasikta; tuṣārakaṇopama.

Dexterous, a. kuśala nipuṇa paṭu dakṣa laghuhasta karadakṣa.
     -ly, adv. nipuṇaṃ dakṣatayā sapāṭavaṃ hastalāghavena.
     -Dexterity, s. dakṣatā paṭutā naipuṇyaṃ hastakauśalaṃ hastalāghavaṃ.

Dextral, a. dakṣiṇa apasavya dakṣiṇapārśvastha.

Diabetes, s. madhumehaḥ pramehaḥ bahumūtrarogaḥ.

Diabolical, a. paiśāca (cī f.), piśācopama.
     (2) ghora dāruṇa pāpiṣṭha atighora-pāpa atiniṃdya.

Diacoustics, s. dhvanividyā.

Diadem, s. mukuṭaṃ kirīṭaḥ-ṭaṃ mauliḥ uṣṇīṣaḥ-ṣaṃ śiroveṣṭanaṃ 'd. ed' kirīṭin kirīṭadhārin.

Diagnosis, s. roganirṇayaḥ nirūpaṇaṃ roganidānaṃ mīmāṃsā cikitsā.

Diagnostic, s. rāgalakṣaṇaṃ-cihnaṃ.

Diagonal, s. karṇaḥ śruti f.
     -ly, adv. koṇākoṇi karṇākarṇi.

Diagram, s. citraṃ.

Dial, s. śaṃkuyaṃtraṃ sūryaghaṭī.

Dialect, s. prākṛtabhāṣā bhāṣā (as opposed to saṃskṛta).
     (2) bhāṣaṇaṃ vacanaṃ ukti. f.

Dialectic, s. tarkaḥ nyāyaḥ hetuvidyā ānvīkṣikī vidyā.
     -al, a. tārkika (kī f.). nyāyin.
     -ian, s. tārkikaḥ naiyāyikaḥ nyāyavid m.

Dialogue, s. saṃlāpaḥ saṃvādaḥ saṃkathā saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ praśnottaraṃ kathopakathataṃ.
     -Dialogist, s. saṃvādakaḥ uttarapratyuttaradāyakaḥ.

Diameter, s vyāsaḥ viṣkaṃbhaḥ.
     -cally, adv. viparītaṃ pratikūlaṃ atyaṃtaṃ ekāṃtataḥ.

Diamond, s. vajraḥ-jraṃ hīraṃ hīrakaḥ; 'd. cutter' hīrakāraḥ-mārjakaḥ.

Diapason, s. svarāṣṭakaṃ svaragrāmaḥ.

Diaper, s citritaṃ kṣaumaṃ. -v. i. kṣaumaṃ citr 10 or karburīkṛ &c.

Diaphanic, a. svaccha viśada; See Clear.

Diaphoretic, a svedana (nī f.), svedajanaka dharmotpādaka; 'd. medicine' svedanaṃ.

Diaphragm, s. śarīramadhyadeśaḥ.

Diarrhoea, a. atisāraḥ pravāhikā; grahaṇī- ruj f.

Diary, s. dinapatrikā dainikavṛttapustakaṃ.

Diatribe, s. adhikṣepaḥ kutsātmako lekhaḥ.

Dibble, s. laghukhanitraṃ.

Dice, s. plural of
     Die, s. q. v.

Dictate, v. t. ājñāpūrvakaṃ kath 10, ādiś 6 P, ājñā c. (jñāpayati).
     (2) sūc. 10, protsah c., pracud 10, prer c.; 'd. ed by good motives' sadāśayaprerita. -s. ājñā ādeśaḥ śāsanaṃ.
     (2) codanaṃ-nā preraṇaṃ-ṇā.
     -ion, protsāhanaṃ.
     (2) ājñāpanaṃ ājñāpūrvakaṃ kathanaṃ.
     -or, s. ekādhipatiḥ ananyādhīnaḥ śāstā aniyaṃtraṇaḥ prabhuḥ
     (2) ādeśakaḥ śāsitṛ m.
     -orial, a. avalipta; See Arrogant.

Diction, s. bhāṣā vāṇī vāksaraṇi f., vacovinyāsaḥ.

Dictionary, s. kośaḥ-ṣaḥ śabdasaṃgrahaḥ; abhidhānaṃ.

Dictum, s. vacanaṃ ādeśaḥ vidhiḥ niyamā.

     -al, a. upadeśapara prabodhaka.

Die, s. akṣaḥ pāśakaḥ devanaḥ; 'a loaded d.' kūṭākṣaḥ.
     -Dice, (pl) akṣāḥ &c. -v. i. akṣaiḥ div 4 P, glah 1 P.
     -er, s. akṣadhūrtaḥ akṣadevin m. dhūrtaḥ kitavaḥ.
     -ing, s. dyūtaṃ akṣakrīḍā; 'd board' aṣṭāpadaṃ śāriphalaṃ; 'd. box' akṣādhāraḥ; 'the die is cast' kṛtaṃ daivādhīnaṃ (apratividheyaṃ) karma adhunā yadbhāvi tadbhavatu.

Die, v. i. mṛ 6 A. prāṇān-asūn-jīvitaṃ tyaj 1 P or utsṛj 6 P or 3 P, paṃcatvaṃ yā 2 P or gam 1 P, uparam 1 P; parāsu-gatāsu- a. bhū 1 P, dehaṃ-tanuṃ tyaj pra-i 2 P, vipad 4 A, saṃsthā 1 A, pramī pass.
     (2) vinaś 4 P, pralī 4 A, dhvaṃs 1 A kṣi pass., avasad 1 P.
     (3) mlai 1 P, viśṝ pass.
     -Dead, a. mṛta uparata saṃsthita preta pareta parāsu gatāsu vipanna gataprāṇa vicetana prāṇahīna pramīta.
     (2) niścala niśceṣṭa jaḍa nistejas niḥsattva asāra niṣphala.
     (3) supta stabdha (as of limbs); 'd. body' śavaṃ mṛtaśarīraṃ; kuṇapaḥ. 'd. language' apracalitā bhāṣā; 'd. sleep' ghora-gāḍha-nidrā; 'd. loss' paripūrṇāsakalā hāniḥ; d. letter' luptārthaṃ vacanaṃ 'd. soul' nirabhimānaḥ ātmā. -s. (Of night) madhyarātraḥ niśīthaḥ ardharātraḥ.
     (2) madhyaṃ; See Depth. -en, v. t. durbalīkṛ. 8 U, śithilīkṛ tejo hṛ 1 P, naś c., mlānīkṛ. -v. i. mlai 1 P, śīthilībhū.
     -ly, a. prāṇāpahāraka jīvitāpaha mārātmaka ni-dhanakārin prāṇāṃtaka prāṇahārin prāṇanāśaka jīvitaghna (ghnī f.).
     (2) aśāmya. 'd. enmity' āmaraṇāṃtikaṃ vairaṃ aśāmyaṃ vairaṃ. 'd. poison' hālā(la)halaṃ viṣaṃ. -adv. mṛtavat; prāṇāṃtikaṃ; 'd. wounded' bhinnamarman; 'd. pale' pretasavarṇa.
     -ness, s. daurbalyaṃ niḥsattvatā jaḍatvaṃ staṃbhaḥ; vaikalyaṃ virakti f., śithilatā.
     -Death, s. maraṇaṃ mṛtyuḥ uparamaḥ nidhanaḥ-naṃ aṃtaḥ paṃcatvaṃ-tā saṃsthiti f., kāladharmaḥ diṣṭāṃtaḥ pralayaḥ atyayaḥ nāśaḥ prāṇanāśaḥ tanutyāgaḥ &c.
     (2) yamaḥ kālaḥ kṛtāṃtaḥ.
     (3) vadhaḥ ghātaḥ vyāpādanaṃ; 'he was pelted to d.' saloṣṭhaghātaṃ hataḥ; 'he was sentenced to d.' tasya prāṇadaṃḍa ādiṣṭaḥ; 'to put to d.' han 2 P, vyāpad c., vadhaṃ ādiś 6 P; 'a violent d.' apamṛtyuḥ; apaghātaḥ; 'angel of d.' yamadūtaḥ; 'd. by fasting' prāyaḥ prāyopaveśanaṃ; 'd. bed' mṛtyu śayyā.
     -less, a. amara anaśvara amartya cirasthāyin.

Diet, s. āhāraḥ annaṃ bhojanaṃ bhakṣyaṃ.
     (2) pathyaṃ pathyānnaṃ pathyāśitvaṃ.
     (3) rājasabhā śiṣṭasabhā. -v. t. pu c., bhṛ 3 U.
     (2) pathyaṃ nirdiś 6 P.

Differ, v. i. bhid pass., pra-vi--; viśiṣ pass., (na kāraṇātsvādvibhide kumāraḥ R. v. 35): gen. ex. by (s.) 'they two do not d. na tayorbhedaḥ viśeṣaḥ &c.
     (2) anyathā man 4 A, na saṃman vivad 1 A, bhinnamata a. bhū vipratipad 4 A, (evaṃ hi vipratipannāḥ prāṇeyattāṃ prati śrutayaḥ S. B. 702); 'I d. from you' mama mataṃ tvanmatādbhinnaṃ.
     (3) vi-prati-rudh pass.
     -ence, s. bhedaḥ viśeṣaḥ aṃtaraṃ (with gen.).
     (2) pārthakyaṃ itaratvaṃ bhinnatvaṃ vyatirekaḥ; 'that makes no d.' tena na kopi viśeṣo jāyate.
     (3) virodhaḥ vaiparityaṃ viparyayaḥ vailakṣaṇyaṃ.
     (4) vipratipatti f., matibhedaḥ visaṃvādaḥ vaimatyaṃ kaliḥ kalahaḥ' vivādaḥ.
     (5) asāmyaṃ asādṛśyaṃ; 'd. in quantity' vaiṣamyaṃ.
     -ent, a. bhinna vi-pabhinna itara-anya-para -pron. a., vyatirikta viparīta pṛthak viśiṣṭa (with ab.); aṃtara in comp.; 'she-is world. from my body (myself)' avyatirikteyamasmaccharīrāt (Ka. 151); 'a d. sense' arthāṃtaraṃ.
     (2) asadṛśa (śī f.), asamāna viṣama asama.
     (3) vividha nānāprakāra nānā in comp.; tattat pron. a., 'd. Sāstras' tāni tāni śāstrāṇi; 'in a d. way' anyathā bhinnapra-kāreṇa.
     -ential, a. bhedakara (rī f.), viśeṣa- ka.
     -ently, adv. anyathā itarathā bhinnarūpeṇa; anyaprakāreṇa pṛthak.

Difficult, a. asukara duścara kaṭhina duṣkara duḥsādhya kaṣṭa.
     (2) gahana viṣama durbodha asugama kaṣṭajñeya gūḍhārtha durjñeya.
     (3) (With inf.) ex. by dur duḥkha kaṣṭa in comp.; 'd. to get duṣprāpa durāpa kaṣṭasādhya; durāroha duḥkhachedya &c.; 'a d. case' saśalyorthaḥ; 'a d. road' durgasaṃcā (ca)raḥ saṃkramaḥ; 'a d. place' viṣamasthānaṃ durgaṃ durgamasthalaṃ.
     -ly, adv. duḥkhena kaṣṭena kṛcchreṇa kaṣṭaṃ āyāsena dur pr.
     -y, s. asaukaryaṃ vaiṣamya kaṭhinatā duṣkara- tvaṃ kaṣṭatā duḥsādhyatā.
     (2) āyāsaḥ vaiklavyaṃ virodhaḥ.
     (3) kṛcchraṃ saṃkaṭaṃ vighnaḥ āyāsaḥ durgaṃ duḥkhaṃ virodhaḥ kleśaḥ bādhā kaṣṭaḥ ṣṭaṃ.
     (4) viṣamapadaṃ asubodhaṃ-durbodhaṃ padaṃ asugamaṃ sthānaṃ; 'without d.' anāyāsena sukhaṃ; 'with d.' kathamapi kathaṃ kathamapi kathaṃcit duḥkhena kṛcchreṇa; 'a commentary explaining the d. es' viṣamapadavimarśinī ṭīkā; 'beset with d. es' saśalya saṃkaṭaka;' overcoming d. es' durgalaṃghanaṃ.

Diffidence, s. aviśvāsaḥ apratyayaḥ ā- -śaṃkā.
     (2) (In oneself) apragalbhatā vinayaḥ hrīḥ lajjā.
     -Difflilent, a. aviśvāsin śaṃkāśīla apratyaya sāśaṃka; 'the mind feels d. of itself' ātmyanyapratyayaṃ cetaḥ (S. 1).
     (2) apragalbha adhṛṣṭa vinīta hrīmat lajjāvat.
     -ly, adv. apragalbhaṃ sāśaṃkaṃ lajjayā savinayaṃ.

Diffract, v. t. viyuj 7 A. 10, viśliṣ c.

Diffuse, v. t. prasṛ c., vi-pari-stṝ c., visṛp c., pracar c. vikṝ 6 P, tan 8 U, abhi-pra-vṛdh c.
     (2) pra-sru c., vidru c., prakṣip P.
     (3) (Itself) vyāp 5 P, visṛ-visṛp 1 P vistṝ pass., vyaś 5 A, sarvatra gam 1 P. or praviś 6 P. -a. vitata savistara vistṛta asaṃkṣipta vistīrṇa saprapaṃca.
     -ly, adv. savistaraṃ vistareṇa vistaraśaḥ prapaṃcena asaṃkṣepataḥ asamāsena.
     -ion, s. prasāraḥ pra-vi-saraḥ vistāraḥ abhivṛddhi f., vitati f., pracāraṇaṃ prasaraṇaṃ-
     -ive, a. vi-pra-sārin vyāpaka vyāpin prasaraṇaśīla.
     -iveness, s. vistāraḥ vi-stṛti f., vyāpakatvaṃ.
     (2) vāgvistāraḥ prapaṃcaḥ vākyavistaraḥ.

Dig, v. t. khan 1 P; 'd. down' (bhūmiṃ) avadṛ 10, bhid 7 U; 'd. in' nikhan.
     (2) nirbhid chid 10, vyadh 4 P.
     -ger, s. khanakaḥ khanitṛ m.

Digest, v. t. (jaṭhare) jṛ c. (jarayati) pac 1 P, paripākaṃ nī 1 P, pariṇam c. (ṇamayati) dah 1 P,
     (2) krameṇa-yathākramaṃ-vinyas 4 U or rac 10 or graṃth 9 P or likh 6 P.
     (3) manasā vicar c. or ciṃt 10.
     (4) Suffer, q. v. -v. i. jṝ 4 P, pac pass., pariṇam 1 P.
     -er, s. pācakaṃ jāraṇaṃ agnivardhanaṃ rocanaṃ rocakaṃ.
     -ion, s. pākaḥ; vi-pari-pākaḥ pacanaṃ pariṇāmaḥ.
     (2) jaṭharāgniḥ jaṭharānalaḥ agniḥ; 'slowness of d.' agnimādyaṃ; 'having a good d.' pradīptāgniḥ.
     -ive, a. pācana (nī f.), pācaka agnivardhaka paripākin.

Dight, See Adorn.

Digit, s. kalā lekhā rekhā.
     (2) aṃkaḥ.

Dignity, s. mahiman m., māhātmyaṃ audāryaṃ.
     (2) anubhāvaḥ pratāpaḥ tejas n., prauḍhi f., prauḍhatvaṃ-tā.
     (3) pratiṣṭhā gauravaṃ padaṃ utkṛṣṭa-paramapadaṃ utkarṣaḥ unnati f., ābhijātyaṃ pratipatti f., ojasvitā uccatvaṃ kulīnatā; 'd. of style' ojas n.
     (4) mānaḥ abhimānaḥ garvaḥ darpaḥ; 'd. of expression' prauḍhatvaṃ vacasāṃ.
     -Dignify, v. t. saṃman c., satkṛ 8 U, pūj 10.
     (2) utkṛṣṭapade niyuj 7 A, 10, paramapadaṃ prāp c., utkarṣaṃ nī 1 P.
     -ed, a. mahānubhāva anubhāvavat ga(gaṃ)bhīra ojasvin prauḍha mahāpratāpa; 'd. in mien' gaṃbhīrākṛti.
     (2) mānin mahāśaya maheccha.
     (3) utkṛṣṭapadaniyukta pratipattimat paramapadārūḍha.
     -Dignitary, s. mānyajanaḥ śiṣṭajanaḥ kulīnapuruṣaḥ.

Digress, v. i. prastutaṃ na anusaṃdhā 3 U, aprastutaṃ vad-bhaṇ 1 P or vac 2 P, prakṛtaṃ-kathāyogaṃ tyaj 1 P; 'you are d. ing' na tvayā prastutamanusaṃdhīyate.
     (2) utkram 1 U, 4 P, vi-cal 1 P, pracyu 1 A, bhraṃś 1 A, 4 P; See Devlate. -ion, s. prakṛtatyāgaḥ aprastutānusaṃdhānaṃ; prasaṃgaḥ prāsaṃgikaṃ vacanaṃ; 'enough of d.' alaṃ prāsaṃgikena or prasaṃgena prakṛtamevāmusaṃdhīyatāṃ.
     (2) utkramaḥ vicalanaṃ bhraṃśaḥ cyuti f., tyāgaḥ.
     -ive, a. ananvita aprastuta aprakṛta asaṃgata asaṃbaddha.

Dike, s. setuḥ setubaṃdhaḥ piṃḍalaḥ dharaṇaḥ kūlakaḥka.
     (2) kulyā parikhā khātaṃ praṇālaḥ-lī.

Dilacerate, See Tear.

Dilapidate, v. t. jṝ 4 P, vinaś 4 P, kṣi-ucchid -pass., avasad 1 P, -v. t. ucchid 7 P, avasad c., pradhvaṃs c. kṣi c., vinaś c.; See Destroy. -ion, s. kṣayaḥ dhvaṃsaḥ nāśaḥ ucchedaḥ avasādaḥ.

Dilate, v. t. vistṝ c., vitan 8 U, pra-vi-sṛ c., dīrghīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) (upon) prapaṃcayati (D.), savistaraṃ vivṛ 5 U, or ghyācakṣ 2 A, ati-vivṛ. -v. i. vitan-vistṝ-vivṛ pass., āyatībhū dīrghībhū.
     -ed, a. vitata vyāyata; utphulla vikasita.
     -ion, s. vistāraḥ vitati f. vistaraṇaṃ vivṛti f.; vikāsaḥ-sanaṃ. utphullatā.

Dilatory, a. dīrghasūtrin dīrghasūtra vilaṃbin maṃda maṃthara cirakriya akṣiprakārin.
     -ly, adv. savilaṃbaṃ maṃdaṃmaṃdaṃ kālakṣepeṇa.
     -ness, s. dīrghasūtratā vilaṃbaḥ kālakṣepaḥ māṃdyaṃ kāryajaḍatā.

Dilemma, s. ubhayasaṃbhavaḥ vikalpaḥ.

Diligent, a. udyogin vyavasāyin udyukta sodyoga udyamin analasa abhiniviṣṭa udyama-vyavasāya-para udyogatatpara.
     (2) (of things), anavarata satata nityapravṛtta pra- ā-sakta abhyasta prasita avicchinna.
     -ly, adv. prayatnataḥ sodyogaṃ sodyamaṃ; anavarataṃ prasaktaṃ.
     -Diligence, s. udyamaḥ adhyava-vyava-sāyaḥ udyogaḥ abhiyogaḥ abhiniveśaḥ prayatnaḥ abhyāsaḥ prasakti f., utsāhaḥ.
     (2) sātatyaṃ avicchedaḥ avirāmaḥ nairaṃtaryaṃ.

Dill, s. sāleyaḥ madhurikā.

Dilute, v. t. jalena miśr 10, or saṃsṛj 6 P, vilī c., tanūkṛ 8 U, kṣīṇīkṛ; miśraṇena śaktiṃ tanūkṛ
     -ion, s. jalasaṃsargaḥ jalamiśraṇaṃ; tanūkaraṇaṃ.
     -Diluent, s. vilayanaṃ tanūkaraṇaṃ.

Dim, a. maṃdadyuti maṃdaprabha malinakāṃti malina niṣprabha nistejas satimira.
     (2) aprakāśa avyakta aspaṣṭa durāloka durdṛṣṭa; 'seeing d. -ly' hatadṛṣṭi aspaṣṭadṛś; 'of d. understanding' maṃdamati jaḍa-sthūla-dhībuddhi &c. -v. t. aṃdhīkṛ 8 U, aspaṣṭīkṛ kaluṣīkṛ niṣprabhīkṛ malinayati (D.).
     -ly, adv. aspaṣṭaṃ avyaktaṃ niṣprabhaṃ malinaṃ.
     -ness s. timiraṃ aspaṣṭatā tejohāni f., durālokatā mālinyaṃ aspaṣṭatā.
     (2) sthūlamatitā buddhimāṃdyaṃ.

Dimension, s. pramāṇaṃ parimāṇaṃ mātrā mānaṃ vistāraḥ.

Diminish, v. t., v. i. See Decrease.
     -Diminution, s. nyūnīkaraṇaṃ hrāsaḥ kṣayaḥ apacayaḥ avasādaṃ hāni f.
     -Diminutive, a. alpakāya kṣudra alpa stoka sūkṣma laghu.
     (2) alpārtha (pratyayaḥ); 'kan is a d. termination' alpārthe kan.

Dimity, s. dṛḍhaṃ kārpāsavastraṃ.

Dimple, s. kapolabhaṃgaḥ gaṃḍataraṃgaḥ; kapolormi f. ūrmi f., bhaṃguratā daṃturatā bhaṃgaḥ taraṃgaḥ
     -Dimpiy, a. bhaṃgura ūrmimat daṃtura.

Din, s. kalakalaḥ ninādaḥ kolāhalaḥ tumularavaḥ niḥ-svanaḥ uccaghoṣaḥ tumulaṃ. -v. t. (śravaṇapuṭaṃ) jarjarīkṛ 8 U, karṇau upahan 2 P or jarjarayati (D.); See Stun.

Dine, v. i. bhuj 7 A, āhāraṃ-bhojanaṃ-sev 1 A, or nirvṛt c., śarīrasthitiṃ kṛ 8 U or kḷp c. -v. t. bhuj c., c.
     -Dinner, s. bhojanaṃ āhāraḥ aśanaṃ; See Food.
     (2) utsavaḥ jagdhi f., bhojanotsavaḥ.

Ding, v. t. śabdāyate (D.), nad-svan-kvaṇ 1 P; 'ding dong' ghaṃṭānādaḥ-śabdaḥ; kiṃkiṇīravaḥ-śabdaḥ-nādaḥ satatanādaḥ.

Dingle, See Dale.

Dingy, See Black.

Dint, s. prahāraḥ āghātaḥ abhighātaḥ.
     (2) balaṃ prabhāvaḥ sāmarthyaṃ; 'by d. of' balena prabhāveṇa sāmarthyāt yogena. -v. t. prahāreṇa aṃk 10 or cihn 10.

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Diocesan, s. pradhānadharmādhyakṣaḥ.

Diorthesis, s. vakrāṃgacikitsā.

Dip, v. i. ni- masj 6 P, (with loc.); ava-vi-gāh 1 A, pra-ni-viś 6 P, āplu 1 A, (acc.).
     (2) vyāpṛ 6 A, vyāpṛta a. bhū. -v. t. avagāh c., masj c. (majjayati) praviś c.
     (2) sic 6 P, klid c., ārdrīkṛ 8 U; 'd. in a business' īṣad vyāpṛ or pravṛt 1 A; 'd. into books' cuṃb 1 P; alpaśaḥ adhi-i 2 A. -s. nimajjanaṃ avagāhaḥ praveśaḥ.
     (2) ava-pātaḥ namratā ānati f.

Diphtheria, s. māṃsasaṃtānikā.

Diphthong, s. svaradvayaṃ saṃyuktasvaraḥ saṃdhyakṣaraṃ.

Diploma, s. padavī adhikāra-dāyakaṃ patraṃ.

Diplomacy, s. sāman n., nīti f., dautyakarman n.
     (2) rājadūtamaṃḍalaṃ-samūhaḥ.
     -tical, a. dūtakāryaviṣaya.
     -Diplomatist, s. sāmaprayogajñaḥ. rājanītikuśalaḥ dautyakāryanipuṇaḥ sāmakuśalaḥ.

Dipsomania, s. madyāsakti f.

Dire, -ful, a. dāruṇa ghora ugra tīvra.
     (2) bhīṣaṇa krūra bhayānaka raudra.
     -ness, s. dāruṇatvaṃ ghoratā raudratā.

Direct, v. t. saṃdhā 3 U, lakṣyīkṛ 8 U, uddiś 6 P, prer c., adhikṛtya kṣip 6 P, (a missile &c.); 'd. attention or mind' mano niyuj 7 A, 10, manaḥ samādhā or baṃdh 9 P or āsaṃj c. or nikṣip.
     (2) śās
     (2) P, viniyam 1 P, praṇī 1 P, nirvah c., adhiṣṭhā 1 P, avekṣ 1 A.
     (3) ā-nir-upa-diś pradṛś c.
     (4) niyuj ādiś ājñā c. (jñāpayati) pracud 10.
     (5) vidhā 3 U, pra-yuj.
     (6) (A letter &c.) See Address. -a. ṛju avakra sarala akuṭila aviloma ajihma anuloma; 'd. descendants' anulomāḥ anulomavaṃśajāḥ.
     (2) kramāgata aviprakṛṣṭa.
     (3) vyakta spaṣṭa saspaṣṭa-vyakta pratyakṣa sākṣāt ind.
     -ion, s. śāsanaṃ niyogaḥ nirdeśaḥ ājñā ādeśaḥ.
     (2) saṃdhānaṃ uddeśaḥ preraṇaṃ.
     (3) praṇayanaṃ praśāsanaṃ viniyamanaṃ adhiṣṭhātṛtvaṃ adhiṣṭhānaṃ avekṣā-kṣaṇaṃ.
     (4) diś f., diśā āśā kāṣṭhā kakubh f., harit f.
     -dress q. v.
     -ive, a. nirdeśaka sūcaka.
     -ly, adv. sapadyeva sadyaḥ acirāt tatkṣaṇaṃ-ṇāt avilaṃbitaṃ śīghraṃ āśu.
     (2) spaṣṭaṃ pratyakṣaṃ suvyaktaṃ agūḍhatayā bhinnārthaṃ.
     (3) anulomaṃ saralatayā.
     -or, s. śāsitṛ-adhiṣṭhātṛ m., anuśāsakaḥ adhyakṣaḥ adhikārin m., avekṣakaḥ nirvāhakaḥ.
     -Ory, s. vidhisaṃhitā.
     (2) nāmadhāmasūcakaṃ pustakaṃ.

Direption, s. apaharaṇaṃ apahāraḥ luṃṭhanaṃ.

Dirge, s. karuṇagītaṃ karuṇarasasaṃgītaṃ.

Dirigible, a. niyamya.

Dirigie, s. See Baloon.

Dirk, See Dagger.

Dirt, s. malaḥ-laṃ paṃkaḥ kardamaḥ jaṃbālaḥ-laṃ kalkaṃ kiṭṭaṃ.
     -y, a. malina samala malīmasa paṃkila kaluṣa āvila maladūṣita sakardama.
     (2) nīca kutsita khala garhya. -v. t. malena-paṃkena-duṣ c. (dūṣayati) or lip 6 P. malinīkṛ 8 U, malinayati-āvilayati. (D.).

Diruption, See Eruption.

Disable, v. t. anupayukta a. kṛ 8 U, vihastīkṛ (rujā vihastacaraṇāṃ devīṃ M. 4); aśakta-asamartha a. kṛ.
     (2) avasad c., vikalīkṛ upahan 2 P, durbalīkṛ.
     -Disability, s. aśakti f., asāmarthyaṃ akṣamatā ayogyatā; anupayogaḥ.

Disabuse, v. t. bhramaṃ niras 4 U or ucchid 7 P or apanī 1 P, or hṛ 1 P or apākṛ 8 U, bhrāṃtermuc 6 P.

Disaccustom, v. t. abhyāsaṃ lup c.

Disadvantage, s. ahitaṃ alābhaḥ apakāraḥ anarthaḥ aniṣṭaṃ apāyaḥ hāni f., pīḍā bādhā; 'at a d.' viṣamāvastha a., asamavastha a.
     -ous, a. ahitakara (rī f.), pratikūla ahita anupakāraka virodhin apāyāvaha kṣatikāraka.
     -ously, adv. ahitaṃ aniṣṭaṃ sāpakāraṃ.

Disaffect, v. t. viraṃj c., aparāgaṃ utpad c., upajap 1 P.
     -ed, a. vi-apa-rakta vipriya asaṃtuṣṭa aprīta ananurakta.
     -ion, s. virāgaḥ asaṃtoṣaḥ virakti f., abhakti f.

Disaffirmance, s. pratyākhyānaṃ pratyādeśaḥ pratyāvartanaṃ.

Disagree, v. i. na saṃman 4 A, vivad 1 A, bhid pass., virudh pass., asadṛśībhū; See Differ. -able, a. anabhimata apriya aniṣṭa ahita aprītikara (rī f.), arucira anāhlādaka.
     (2) viruddha pratikūla.
     -ment, s. visaṃvādaḥ vivādaḥ bhedaḥ vipratipatti f., vi-mati f.; See Difference.

Disallow, v. t. na anujñā 9 U, niṣidh 1 P, niṃd 1 P
     (2) pratyākhyā 2 P, pratyādiś 6 P; See Deny, -ance, s. pratyākhyānaṃ niṣedhaḥ; nivāraṇaṃ nirasanaṃ.

Disanimate, See Discourage.

Disannul, See Abolish.

Disappear, v. i. aṃtar-tiraḥ-dhā pass., aṃtari 2 P, tirobhū 1 P, adṛśya a. bhū.
     (2) naś 4 P, kṣayaṃ-nāśaṃ-yā 2 P, pra vi-lī 4 A, pra-vi-dhvaṃs 1 A; 'the pigeons having d. ed' cakṣurviṣayātikrāṃteṣu nayanapathātīteṣu-adṛṣṭigocareṣu-kapoteṣu.
     -ance, s. aṃtardhānaṃ tirodhānaṃ adarśanaṃ; nāśaḥ layaḥ &c.; better ex. by (v. i.).

Disappoint, v. i. āśāṃ bhaṃj 7 P or prati-vi-han 2 P or viphalīkṛ or moghīkṛ 8 U or khaṇḍ 10; vipralabh 1 A; 'he was d. ed in his request' tasya yācñā moghī babhūva sa bhagnāśo babhūva; 'd. ed in love' khaṃḍitapraṇaya khaṃḍita.
     -ed, a. bhagnāśa moghāśa bhagnodyama akṛtārtha pratihata manohata pratibaddha.
     -ment, s. āśābhaṃgaḥ praṇayavaiphalyaṃ viphalīkaraṇaṃ nairāśyaṃ vipralaṃbhaḥ.

Disapprove, v. t. niṃd 1 P, garh 1, 10 A, na praśaṃs 1 P; not
     approve q. v.
     -approbation, s. niṃdā asaṃmati f., virāgaḥ aprīti f., vimati f., anabhinaṃdanaṃ.

Disarm, v. t. astrāṇi apahṛ 1 P or apanī 1 P, nirāyudhīkṛ 8 U, niḥśastrīkṛ
     (2) (fig.) śam c. (śamayati) sāṃtv 10.
     -ed, a. ni-rāyudha niḥśastra; 'd. of anger' śāṃtaroṣa kṣīṇamanyu.

Disarrange, v. t. kramaṃ bhaṃj 7 P, vyas 4 U, saṃkṝ 6 P, saṃkulīkṛ 8 U.
     -ment, s. akramaḥ kramabhaṃgaḥ vyastatā.

Disarray, v. t. apanah 4 P, ucchad 10, vi-vastrīkṛ 8 U.
     (2) kramaṃ bhaṃj 7 P. -s. vyūhabhaṃgaḥ piṃjalaḥ samutpiṃjaḥ.

Disaster, s. āpad-vipad f., vyasanaṃ upa-plavaḥ vipatti f., upadravaḥ atyāhitaṃ anarthaḥ. -v. t. pīḍ 10, bādh 1 A, upapla 1 A, upadru 1 P.
     -Disastrous, a. vipadyukta durbhāgya duraṃta; anarthāvaha dāruṇa ghora.

     -al See Deny, Denial.

Disband, v. t. yuddhavyāpārād muc 6 P or c. sainyabhaṃgaṃ kṛ 8 U.
     (2) muc vimokṣ 10. -v. i. yuddhavyāpārān muc 6 P.

Disbark, v. t. naukāyāḥ avatṝ c.

Disbelieve, v. t. Not
     believe q. v.
     -er, s. nāstikaḥ aviśvāsin m.
     -belief, s. apratyayaḥ aviśvāsaḥ.

Disbend, See Relax.

Disbranch, v. t. niḥśākhīkṛ 8 U, śākhāṃ lū 9 U.

Disburden, v. t. bhāraṃ avatṝ c. or apanī 1 P, nirbhāra-riktabhāra -a. kṛ 8U; 'd. one's mind' manogataṃ anyasmai ākhyā 2 P; 'the afflicted should d. their grief' kartavyāni duḥkhitairduḥkhanirvāpaṇāni (U. 3).

Disburse, v. t. vyay 10 P (vyayayati) ut-sṛj 6 P, vi-niyuj 7 A, 10, vyayīkṛ 8 U.
     -ment, s. vyayaḥ utsargaḥ viniyogaḥ tyāgaḥ; receipt and d.' āyavyayau.

Disc, s. See Disk.

Discard, v. t. apās 4 U, avadhū 5, 9 U, apakṣip 6 P, nirākṛ 8 U, avasṛj 6 P, apahā 3 P; niḥsṛ c., apanud 6 P.

Discern, v. t. vi-vic 3, 7 P, vicar c., paricchid 7 P, nirṇī 1 P, parīkṣ 1 A.
     (2) nirvarṇ 10, dṛś 1 P, īkṣ 1 A, ālok 1 A, 10, ālakṣ 10, vibhū c.
     -er, s. vivecakaḥ īkṣitṛ m.
     -ible, a. dṛśya dṛṣṭigocaraḥ vibhāvya pratyakṣa.
     -ing, a. sūkṣmadarśin dīrgha-dūra-dṛṣṭi vivekin pariṇāmadarśin vi-cāraśīla.
     -ingly, adv. savivekaṃ savi-cāraṃ saparicchedaṃ.
     -ment, s. vivekaḥ vivecanaṃ paricchedaḥ vicāraḥ-raṇā parīkṣā dūradṛṣṭi f., avabodhaḥ vijñāna.

Discerption, s. vyavacchedaḥ vibhedanaṃ vidāraṇaṃ.

Discharge, v. t. (A load &c.) bhāraṃ avatṝ c. or apanī 1 P.
     (2) ud-gṝ 6 P, udīr c., pramuc 6 P, uccar 10, utsṛj 6 P, prasnu c., udvam 1 P.
     (3) (Arrow &c.) muc as 4 P, visṛj kṣip 6 P, prer c. nipat c.; 'd. a gun' lohanāḍīsthaṃ āgneyaṃ cūrṇaṃ jval c. 4 (adhikārāt or padāt) niḥsṛ c, apa-kṛṣ 1 P, avaruh c. (ropayati) niṣkas c., nirākṛ 8 U, apās 4 U, cyu c., bhraś c.
     (5) (Duty) kṛ anuṣṭhā 1 P, vidhā 3 U, niṣpad-saṃpad c., nirvah c., ācar 1 P.
     (6) (Debt) (ṛṇaṃ) śudh c., niryat 10. ni-rākṛ nistṝ c., vinī ānṛṇyaṃ gam 1 P.
     (7) muc mokṣ 10, visṛj 8 (As a river) avatṝ 1 P, dru 1 P; sāgaraṃ varjayitvā kutra vā mahānadyavatarati (S. 3) 'will d. itself &c.' -v. i. muc pass.; sru 1 P. -s. bhārāvataraṇaṃ.
     (2) udgārā prasrāvaḥ visargaḥ udvamanaṃ uccāraṇaṃ udīraṇaṃ.
     (3) kṣepaṇaṃ mokṣaḥ.
     (4) avaropaṇaṃ adhikārabhraṃśanaṃ padacyuti f. -bhraṃśaḥ.
     (5) anuṣṭhānaṃ nirvāhaḥ vidhānaṃ saṃpādanaṃ.
     (6) ānṛṇyaṃ ṛṇaśodhanaṃ-nistāraḥ.
     (7) sokṣaḥ mukti f., mocanaṃ.

Disciple, s. śiṣyaḥ chātraḥ aṃtevāsin m., vidyārthin m.

Discipline, v. t. vinī 1 P, śikṣ c., śās 2 P, adhi-i c. (adhyāpayati).
     (2) niyam 1 P, viniyam śās daṃḍ 10, dam c. (damayati).
     (3) vyāyam; abhyas; 4 U. -s. vinayaḥ anuśāsanaṃ śikṣā-kṣaṇaṃ adhyāpanaṃ abhyāsaḥ
     (2) niyamaḥ vyavasthā vidhiḥ śāsanaṃ nīti f.
     (3) daṃḍaḥ nigrahaḥ damanaṃ śiṣṭi f., viniyamaḥmanaṃ; 'military d.' yuddhābhyāsaḥ yuddha-raṇaśikṣā; 'd. in arms' śastrābhyāsaḥ.

     -er, See Deny, Denier.

Disclose, v. t. vivṛ 5 U, prakāś c., vyaṃj 7 P, prakaṭīkṛ 8 U, spaṣṭīkṛ bhid 7 P or c., nivid c., khyā c, (khyāpayati); 'd. ing secrets' rahasyabhedaḥ.
     -ure, s. vivṛti f., prakāśanaṃ nivedanaṃ bhedaḥ.

Discolour, v. t. varṇāṃtaraṃ grah c., kaluṣī-malinīkṛ 8 U, vivarṇ 10. kṛṣṇīkṛ.
     -ation, s. vaivarṇyaṃ kāluṣyaṃ mālinyaṃ.

Discomfit, v. t. vi-pra dhvaṃs c., vyūhaṃ bhaj or bhid 7 P (as an army); parāji 1 A, vidru c.; See Defeat, Baffle. -ure, s. bhaṃgaḥ vyasanaṃ parājayaḥ parābhavaḥ.

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Discomfort, v. t. pīḍ 10, vyath c., bādh 1 A; See Afflict. -s. asvāsthyaṃ duḥkhaṃ pīḍā vyathā kleśaḥ bādhā.

Discommend, See Censure.

Discompose, v. t. kṣubh c., vyāmuh c., saṃbhram c. (bhramayati) ākulīkṛ 8 U, bādh 1 A.
     -ed, a. ākulita kṣubdha vyākula kātara vyākulacitta anavasthita vyagra bhrāṃta pāriplava viklavacitta.
     -ure, s. kṣobhaḥ ākulatvaṃ vyagratā vaiklavyaṃ udvegaḥ asvāsthyaṃ asthiratā.

Disconcert, v. t. khaṃḍ 10, moghīkṛ 8 U, prati-vyā-han 2 P; See Baffle.
     Discompose, q. v.

Disconformity, s. virodhaḥ viruddhatā asādṛśyaṃ asaṃgati f., visaṃvādaḥ vipratipatti f.

Disconnect, See Separate. -ion, s. viśleṣaḥ asaṃgati f., viyogaḥ.

Disconsolate, a. khinna viṣaṇṇa dīna udvigna mlāna; See Dejected.
     -ly, adv. saviṣādaṃ sakhedaṃ sodvegaṃ.

Discontent, a. asaṃtuṣṭa atṛpta. -s. asaṃtoṣaḥ atṛpti f., apa-vi-rāgaḥ virakti f., aprīti f. -v. t. asaṃtoṣaṃ utpad c. or jan c.

Discontinue, v. t. tyaj 1 P, vicchid 7 P, viram c. (ramayati) nivṛt c., ujjh 6 P, vi-lup c. -v. i. vi-upa-ram 1 P, nivṛt 1 A, (with abl.); See Cease. -ance,
     -ation, s. vicchedaḥ virāmaḥ nivṛtti f.; upaśamaḥ bhaṃgaḥ aṃtarāyaḥ.

Discord, v. i. visaṃvad 1 P, vibhid-na yujvirudh pass -s.,
     -ance, s. bhedaḥ; bhinnatā visaṃvādaḥ matabhedaḥ virodhaḥ vinati f., vaimatyaṃ vaiparītyaṃ vailakṣaṇyaṃ; 'd. of sound' svaravirodhaḥ apasvaraḥ
     -ant, a. viṣama pratikūla viruddha visaṃvādin parasparaviruddha vibhinna asaṃgata viparīta; 'd. sound' vi-svaraḥ apasvaraḥ karkaśadhvaniḥ.

Discount, v. t. bhāgaṃ ud-hṛ 1 P. -s. uddhāraḥ uddhṛtabhāgaḥ

Discountenance, v. t. na anugrah 9 P, na upakṛ 8 U, na anumud 1 A.

Discourage, v. t. utsāhabhaṃgaṃ kṛ 8 U, ava-vi-sad c., viṣādaṃ jan c., viṣaṇṇīkṛ dhairyaṃ dhvaṃs c., manaḥ or āśāḥ bhaṃj 7 P.
     2 Deter, q. v.
     -ed, a. bhagnotsāha hatāśa bhagnodyama vi-ṣaṇṇa avasanna khinna nirutsāha manohata pratibaddha bhagnāśa dhairyacyuta skhalita dhairya.
     -ing, a. viṣādajanaka dhairyadhvaṃsin.
     -ment, s. dhairyadhvaṃsaḥ utsāhabhaṃgaḥ āśā-udyama-bhaṃgaḥ; vi- ṣādaḥ avasādaḥ khinnatā dhairya-cyuti f. skhalanaṃ.

Discourse, v. i. saṃvad 1 P, saṃbhāv 1 A, samālap 1 P.
     (2) bhāṣ 1 A, vad-gad 1 P, adhikṛtya vac 2 P. -s. saṃvādaḥ saṃbhāṣaṇaṃ saṃkathā saṃlāpaḥ.
     (2) vacanaṃ bhāṣaṇaṃ ukti f., vacas n.; See Converse. -ation. -er. s. vādin m. vaktṛ m.
     -ive, a. tārkika (kī f.), ūhin tarkaviṣaya.

Discourteous, a. asabhya aśiṣṭa avinīta duḥśīla anārya.
     -ness, -Discourtesy, s. avinayaḥ anāryatā asabhyatā maryādātikramaḥ aśiṣṭācāraḥ.

Discover, v. t. vivṛ 5 U, dṛś c., prakāś c., āviṣkṛ 8 U, spaṣṭīkṛ vyaktīkṛ prakaṭīkṛ vyaṃj 7 P, jñā c (jñāpayati) āni-vid c.
     (2) nirup. 10, jñā 9 U, upalabh 1 A, nirṇī 1 P.
     (3) samā-ā-sad c., prāp 5 P, vid 6 U, dṛś 1 P, adhigam 1 P, i-yā 2 P.
     -er, s. nirṇetṛ-adhigaṃtṛ m., ni-rūpakaḥ.
     -y, s. prakāśanaṃ vivaraṇaṃ.
     (2) jñānaṃ avagamaḥ darśanaṃ nirṇayaḥ upalabdhi f., samāsādanaṃ nirūpaṇaṃ prāpti f.

Discredit, v. t. na viśvas 2 P. na prati-i 2 P, aviśvāsya a. man 4 A, prāmāṇyaṃ laghayati (D.).
     (2) kalaṃkayati (D.), akīrti āvah 1 P. duṣ c. (dūṣayati) malinīkṛ 8 U, malinayati (D.). -s. apayaśas n., apakīrti f., dūṣaṇaṃ kalaṃkaḥ apratiṣṭhā akīrti f.; 'bring d. on' duṣ c. malinayati; (yadā medhāvinī śiṣyopadeśaṃ malinayati (M. 1).
     -able, a. akīrtikara-ayaśaskara (rī f.), garhita kalaṃkakara dūṣaṇīya garhya niṃdya.

Discreet, a. samīkṣya-vimṛśya-kārin vicakṣaṇa svavahita vicāraśīla sāvadhāna dīrghadūra-dṛṣṭi.
     (2) (Of acts.) sādhu śreyas.
     -ly, adv. vimṛśya samīkṣya vicārya.
     tion, s. vivekaḥ vimṛśyakāritvaṃ samīkṣaṇaṃ vicakṣaṇatā vicāraḥ vijñatā.
     (2) svātaṃtryaṃ svādhīnatā 'having reached the years of d.' prāptavyavahāradaśa.
     (3) vikalpaḥ kāmaḥ. ruci f., chaṃdaḥ; 'at d.' vinā samayena; 'this matter is left to your d.' yathā bhavānucitaṃ manyate tathā kriyatāṃ; svarucyākāmataḥ-vartatāṃ bhavān; 'at one's own d.' svacchaṃdaṃ svecchayā svarucyā kāmataḥ.
     -ally, adv. svecchānusāreṇa yathākāmaṃ.
     -ary, a. svādhīna vaikalpika-yādṛcchika (kī f.), svecchānuvartin.

Discrepant, a. vibhinna viruddha viparīta avi-saṃgata visaṃvādin virodhin pratikūla.
     -Discrepance, -cy, s. vibhedaḥ virodhaḥ vipratipatti f, asaṃgati f., visaṃvādaḥ vailakṣaṇyaṃ vaiparītyaṃ.

Discrete, a. vibhinna vivikta.
     (2) avadhāraṇārthaka.

Discriminate, v. t. vi-vic 3; 7 P, vi-śiṣ 7 P or c., paricchid 7 P, vijñā 9 U, vij 3 U, vicar c.
     (2) lakṣ 10, parīkṣ 1 A, saṃ-ava-īkṣ
     -ion, s. vivekaḥ paricchedaḥ vijñānaṃ vicāraṇaṃ-ṇā; viśeṣaḥ avadhāraṇā; 'd. of proper and improper' pātrāpātravicāraṇā; 'd. of right and wrong' sadasadvivekaḥ.
     -ive, a. viśeṣajña guṇadoṣavid vivekin paricchedaka.

Discursive, a. nānāviṣaya anekaprasaṃga; asthira caṃcala anavasthita.
     (2) tārkika (kī f.), ūhin.

Discus, s. cakraṃ.

Discuss, v. t. vicar c., paryāloc 10, vi-tark 10, vimṛś 6 P, parīkṣ 1 A, nirūp 10, anusaṃdhā 3 U, 'd. in detail, at length, exhaustively' prapaṃcayati (D.), prapaṃcaṃ kṛ 8 U, savistaraṃ-vistareṇa-varṇ 10. -v. i. vi-vad 1 A, vāde vyāpṛ 6 A.
     -ion, s. vicāraḥraṇā vitarkaḥ parīkṣā nirūpaṇaṃ vimarśaḥ vādavivādaḥ paryālocanaṃ; 'to turn to the subject under d.' prakṛtaṃ-prastutaṃ-anusṛ 1 P or anuvṛt 1 A or anusaṃdhā; 'subject under d.' prastāvaḥ prastuta-prakṛta-viṣayaḥ prastutaṃ prakṛtaṃ; 'result of d.' mathitārthaḥ.

Discussive, Discutient, a. śothaghna (ghnī f.), śothahṛt duṣṭadhātunāśaka.

Disdain, v. t. avaman 4 A, avajñā 9 U, avagaṇ 10, tiraskṛ 8 U; See Contemn. -s. auddhatyaṃ sāvajñāvalepaḥ avamānaḥ-nanā avahelanā; See Contempt. -ful, a. sāvajña sāvalepa avamānin; uddhata avalipta sāvamāna.

Disease, s. rogaḥ gadaḥ vyādhi m., āmayaḥ upatāpaḥ rujā ruj f., vikāraḥ pīḍā kleśaḥ asvāsthyaṃ. -v. t. rogeṇa vyath c. or pīḍ 10 or kliś 9 P.
     -ed, a. vyādhigrasta. rogopasṛṣṭa rogārta saroga saruja sāmaya ātura vikṛta asvastha.

Disembark, v. i. potāt-naukāyāḥ avatṝ 1 P, or ava-ruh 1 P. -v. t. avatṝ-ruh c.
     -ation, s. avarohaṇaṃ uttaraṇaṃ.

Disedge, See Blunt.

Disembarrass, See Clear.

Disembitter, v. t. tiktatvaṃ-kaṭutvaṃ-apanī 1 P, madhurīkṛ 8 U, surasa a. kṛ.

Disembody, v. t. See Disband. 2 dehabaṃdhānmuc c.
     -ed, a. aśarīra dehahīna kāyahīna and sim. comps.

Disembogue, v. i. nirgam-nisṛ 1 P, samudraṃ avatṝ 1 P or praviś 6 P or prasra-dra 1 P (of a river.). -v. t. salilaṃ sāgare nirgam c., &c.

Disemploy, See Discharge.

Disenable, See Disable.

Disembroil, v. t. udvegāt-saṃbhramād-muc c. or udhṛ 1 P.

Disenchant, v. t. pratikṛ 8 U, maṃtravaśād udhṛ 1 P.

Disencumber, v. t. pratibaṃdhān apanī 1 P or apanud 6 P; nirvighnīkṛ 8 U, niṣpratyūha a. kṛ.

Disengage, v. t. viyuj 7 A, 10, viśliṣ c.
     (2) muc 6 P or c., mokṣ 10, ud-hṛ 1 P; 'd. the mind' mano nivṛt c. -v. i. muc pass., nivṛt 1 A, viśram 4 P; ātmānaṃ nivṛt c.
     -ed, a. mukta uddhata uttīrṇa.
     (2) labdhakṣaṇa prāptāvakāśa prāptāvasara avyāpṛta kāryarahita-śūnya kāryavirata nirvyāpāra.
     -ment, s. mokṣaṇaṃ &c.
     (2) avasaraḥ kṣaṇaḥ; avakāśaḥ.

Disentangle, v. t.
     Disengage, q. v.
     (2) viyuj 7 A, 10, viśliṣ c.

Disenthral, v. t. dāsyāt muc 6 P, or c. or mokṣ 10.

Disentrance, s. mūrcchanātprabudh c.

Disesteem, v. t. avaman 4 A, avajñā 9 U; See Contemn. -s. anādaraḥ avamānaḥ avajñā upekṣā.

Disfavour, v. t. na anugrah 9 P, na upakṛ 8 U, na anumud 1 A. -s. akṛpā ananugrahaḥ aprasādaḥ anupakāraḥ parāṅmukhatā virakti f., apa-vi-rāgaḥ aprīti f., asaṃtoṣaḥ.

Disfigure, v. t. virūp 10, virūpīkṛ 8 U, vikṛ 8 U, vyaṃgayati (D.), vikalīkṛ vi-prakṛ c., (rūpaṃ prasādhanairviprakāryate S. 4).
     -ed, a. vi-ku-apa-rūpa vikṛtākāra vikṛta vyaṃga (gī f.).
     -ment, s. virūpatā vaikalyaṃ vyaṃgatā viprakāraḥ.

Disfranchise, v. t. pāratvaṃ-paurādhikāraṃ-hṛ 1 P or vilup c.

Disgorge, v. t. ud-gṝ 6 P, udvam 1 P, vi-cchard 10.
     -ment, s. udgāraḥ udvamanaṃ vamathuḥ pracchardikā.

Disgrace, s. apamānaḥ ava-vi-mānanā pari-abhi-bhavaḥ nikṛti f., a-apa-kīrti f., a-apa-yaśas n., kalaṃkaḥ dūṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) kalaṃkāspadaṃ. avamānahetuḥ; 'a d. to the family' kulāṃgāraḥ kulapāṃsulaḥ. -v. t. apa-ava-man c., kalaṃkayati (D.), akīrtiṃ-ayaśaḥ-kṛ; pari-abhi-bhū 1 P, duṣ c. (dūṣayati) garh 1, 10 A, sāvajñaṃ nirbharts 10 A.
     2 Degrade, q. v.
     -ful, a. ayaśaskara (rī f.,), kalaṃkakara (rī f.); garhita apamānahetuka; lajjākara (rī f.), avamānajanaka; niṃdya dūṣaṇīya.
     -fully. adv. garhitaṃ; lajjākaraṃ sāpamānaṃ.
     -jous, a. aprasanna ananukūla.

Disguise, v. t. kapaṭaveśena-veśāṃtareṇa-guh 1 U or ācchad 10, 'd. ed as' veṣa-rūpa-dhārin in comp.; 'd ed as ascetics' tapasvi-vyaṃjanopetāḥ tāpasacchadmanā tāpasarūpadhāriṇaḥ &c.
     (2) (Oneself) veṣāṃtaraṃ-veṣaparivartanaṃ kṛ 8 U or vidhā 3 U, anyaveṣaṃ paridhā 3 U, veṣaṃ parivṛt c.; 'd. ing himself differently' veṣāṃtaraṃ vidhāya parihitānyaveṣaḥ; 'd. ed himself with a lion's skin siṃhamarcaparicchannaḥ babhūva.
     (2) apa-ni-hnu 2A, gup 1P, 10, guh; See Conceal. -s. kapaṭa-chadma-veṣaḥ veṣāṃtaraṃ ākāragopanaṃ; viḍaṃbanaṃ abhinayaḥ.
     (2) chadman n., chalaṃ vyājaḥ apra-vyapa-deśaḥ lakṣaṃ.
     -ed, a. kapaṭa-chadma-veṣin kapaṭaveṣa kapaṭarūpa; rūpaveṣa &c., in comp.; 'd. praise' vyājastuti f.

Disgust, v. t. udvegaṃ-nirvedaṃ-utpad c., arucimutpad c., udvij c.; nirvid c. -s. jugupsā udvegaḥ ghṛṇā nirvedaḥ; aruci f., virakti f., bībhatsaṃ; 'in d.' sanirvedaṃ.
     -ful, a. vībhatsa arucira kutsita garhya udvegakara (rī f.), jugupsāvaha; 'to be d. ed with' udvij 6 A (with abl.); nirvid pass., nirviṇṇa a. bhū (with instr.), badh - desid. (bībhatsate) (with abl.).

Dish, s. śarāvaḥ pātraṃ bhājanaṃ.
     (2) bhojanaṃ; āhāraviśeṣaḥ.

Dishabille, a. vivastra kucela akṛtābharaṇa. -s. laghuvāsas n.

Dishearten, See Discourage.

Dishevel, v. t. pra-vi-kṛ 6 P, sraṃs 1 A.
     -ed, a. pra-vi-kīrṇa paryākula srasta; 'having d.: hair' mukta-srasta-keśa.

Dishonest, a. aśuci asarala anṛju savyāja jihma kuṭila kāpaṭika (kī f.), chādmika (kī f.), śaṭha dhūrta savyalīka; 'a d. woman' asatī bhraṣṭā vyabhicāriṇī.
     -ly, adv. anyāyena kapaṭena kuṭilaṃ dhūrtatayā savyājaṃ chalena.
     -y, s. aśucitvaṃ kāpaṭyaṃ kauṭilyaṃ māyā &c.

Dishonour, v. t.
     Disgrace, q. v.
     (2) ava-man 4 A, avajñā 9 U, avadhīr 10, anādṛ 6 A; See Contemn; 'd. a maiden' duṣ c. (dūṣayati) satītvād bhraṃś c. -s. apamānaḥ anādaraḥ ayaśas n., akīrti f., kalaṃkaḥ apratiṣṭhā.
     -able, a. anārya kalaṃkakara (rī f.); See Disgraceful.

Dishumour, s. svabhāvavakratā vakraśīlatā prakṛtikarkaśatvaṃ pratīpatā.

Disillusion, v. t. mohaṃ or bhramaṃ niras 4 P.

Disincline, v. t. viraṃj c., virāgaṃ jan c.; or utpad c.
     -ation, s. aspṛhā nirīhatvaṃ vi-rāgaḥ virakti f., dveṣaḥ anīhā vimukhatā anicchā aruci f., aprīti f.
     -ed, a. vi-rakta vi-parāṅ-mukha (khī f.), anicchu ni-rīha niḥspṛha.

Disinfect, v. t. śudh 4 P, nirdoṣaṃ kṛ 8 U.
     -ant, a. viṣaghna.

Disingenuous, a. anudāra adakṣiṇa asarala; See Dishonest.

     Disherit, v. t. rikthādhikārād bhraṃś c., paitṛkaṃ dhanaṃ lup c.
     -ed, a. anadhikāra paitṛkadhanahīna.
     -ing, s. paitṛkarikthacchedaḥlopaḥ.

Disintegrate, v. t. viyuj 10, saṃhatiṃ bhid 7 P, viśliṣ c.; See Separate. -ion, s. viyogaḥ viśleṣaḥ saṃhatibhedaḥ.

Disinter, v. t. (śavaṃ) utkhan 1 P.

Disinterested, a. niḥspṛha udāsīna nirmama niṣkāma muktasaṃga niḥsaṃga upakṣapātin ni-rīha ātmahitanirapekṣa niṣkāraṇa; 'a d. friend' niṣkāraṇo baṃdhuḥ.
     -ly, adv. nirmamaṃ svārthanirapekṣaṃ niḥspṛhaṃ.
     -ness, s. nirīhatā niḥsaṃgatā.

     Disjoint, v. See Separate. 2 (Disjoint) visaṃdhā 3 U, saṃdhiṃ bhaṃj 7 P, or truṭ c.
     (3) vyavacchid 7 P, avakṛt 6 P.
     -ed, a. asaṃśliṣṭa asaṃhata asaṃgata asaṃbaddha ananvita asaṃlagna.

Disjunct, a. viyukta viśliṣṭa asaṃlagna vi-bhinna.
     -ion, s. viyogaḥ; viśleṣaḥ vibhedaḥ asaṃgatatā asaṃdhānaṃ.
     -ive, a. viyogin.

Disk, s. biṃbaṃ maṃḍalaṃ pariveṣaḥ paridhiḥ.
     (2) cakraṃ.

Dislike, s. aruci f., virāgaḥ virakti f., vimukhatā dveṣaḥ; See Disinclination. -v. t. dviṣ 2 U, viraj pass. (with loc.), na ruc 1 A, na abhinaṃd 1 P, na iṣ 6 P.
     -ed, a. apriya aniṣṭa vidviṣṭa anīpsita.

Disliken, v. t. asamīkṛ 8 U, atulyīkṛ.

Dislocate, v. t. saṃdheḥ cal c. or cyu c., saṃdhiṃ truṭ c. or bhaṃj 7 P, visaṃdhā 3 U.
     -ion, s. saṃdhitroṭanaṃ saṃdhibhaṃgaḥ visaṃdhānaṃ saṃdhicyuti f.

Dislodge, v. t. apa-niḥ-sṛ c., niras 4 P, niṣkas c.; See Drive. 2 vi-pra-vas c., ni-rvas c., gṛhādbahiṣkṛ 8 U. -v. i. apasṛ 1 P, sthānāṃtaraṃ gam 1 P, sthānāṃtare niviś 6 P.

Disloyal, a. bhaktihīna rājadrohin rājāpathyakārin arājaniṣṭha apa-vi-rakta asaṃtuṣṭa.
     -ly, adv. bhaktihīnatayā rājadroheṇa apa-rāgeṇa.
     -ty, s. rājadrohaḥ abhakti f., apa-vi-rāgaḥ rājāpathyakāritā asaṃtoṣaḥ.

Dismal, a. udāsīna aprasanna saśoka sakheda nirānaṃda nirullāsa.
     (2) ugra dāruṇa ghora raudra (drī f.), bhairava (vī f.), bhayaprada bhayānakaṃ.
     -ly, adv. ugraṃ bhayānakaṃ.
     -ness, s. dāruṇatā ugratā; audāsīnyaṃ.

Dismantle, v. t. vastraṃ apahṛ 1 P, vivastrīkṛ 8 U,
     (2) upakaraṇādikaṃ hṛ upaskarādi apanī 1 P.

Dismask, v. t. kapaṭaveśaṃ avatṝ c.

Dismast, v. t. kūpakaṃ bhaṃj 7 P.

Dismay, s. saṃ- trāsaḥ sādhvasaṃ bhayaṃ bhīti f., udvegaḥ savismayaḥ trāsaḥ ākulatvaṃ; kātaryaṃ; 'filled with d.' paryākula saṃbhrāṃtacitta -v. t. saṃtras c., vismayaṃ-sādhvasaṃ utpad c., bhayena upahan 2 P, udvij c.; See Daunt.

Dismember, v. t. aṃgāni vighaṭ c. (ghaṭayati) or pṛthak kṛ 8 U, avayavaśaḥ chid 7 P; vi-bhaj 1 U, viśliṣ c., viyuj 7 A, 10.
     -ment, s. aṃgavyavacchedaḥ avayavaśaḥ vi-bhāgaḥ viśleṣaḥ; bhaṃgaḥ.

Dismiss, v. t. visṛj 6 P or c., prasthā c. (sthāpayati) saṃpreṣ c., gaṃtuṃ anujñā 9 U or ādiś 6 P.
     (2) (From office &c.) adhikārāt-padāt cyu c. or bhraṃś c. or avaruh c., See Discharge; 'd. ed from office' adhikāracyuta-bhraṣṭa bhraṣṭādhikāra.
     (3) apās 4 P, 3 P, utsṛj apanī 1 P, apanud 6 P, tyaj 1 P, dūrīkṛ 8 U, nirā-apā-kṛ muc 6 P; 'd. all anxiety' sarvathā vītaciṃto bhava autsukyamapākuru.
     (4) pratyākhyā 2 P, pratyādiś 6 P.
     -ion, -al, s. prasthāpanaṃ visarjanaṃ.
     (2) padād avaropaṇaṃ; adhikārabhraṃśaḥ-cyuti f., padahāni f.
     (3) nirākaraṇaṃ; pratyādeśaḥ tyāgaḥ &c.

Dismount, v. i. (aśvāt-aśvapṛṣṭhāt) avatṝavaruh 1 P. -v. t. Causal of roots above.

Disobey, v. t. (Orders) bhaṃj 7 P, ullaṃgh 1 A, 10, atikram 1 U, 4 P, aticar 1 P; pratīpaṃ gam 1 P, na anuṣṭhā 1 P, na anu-vṛt 1 A, na anurudh 4 A; (persons) ājñāṃ bhaṃj &c.; 'he was never d. ed' tasyājñā kadāpi nollaṃghitā &c.
     -dience, s. ājñābhaṃgaḥ ājñālaṃghanaṃ śāsanavyatikramaḥ ananuṣṭhānaṃ pratīpācaraṇaṃ ananu-rodhaḥ.
     -Disobedient, a. pratīpācāra nideśalaṃghin avidhāyin ananuvartin avaśa pra-tīpa; not 'obedient' q. v.

Disoblige, v. t. apriyaṃ ācar 1 P, aparādh 4, 5 P (with gen. or loc.), asaṃtoṣaṃ utpad c., pratikūlaṃ-vipriyaṃ ācar or anuṣṭhā 1 P.
     -ation, apriyaṃ aparādhaḥ vipriyaṃ.
     -ing, a. ananurodhin ananukūla asaṃtoṣakara (rī f.).

Disorder, s. ākulatvaṃ tumulaṃ viplavaḥ vaiklavyaṃ saṃbhramaḥ paryākulatā.
     (2) akramaḥ kramabhaṃgaḥ avyavasthā vyastatā saṃkaraḥ saṃkṣobhaḥ vyati-kramaḥ.
     (3) rogaḥ pīḍā vyādhiḥ āmayaḥ asvāsthyaṃ; 'd. of the stomach' jaṭharāmayaḥ annavikāraḥ; 'd. in the army' samutpiṃjaḥ piṃjalaḥ atyaṃtamākulaṃ. -v. i. ākulīkṛ 8 U, vyas 4 U, vyāmuh c., saṃbhram c. (bhramayati).
     (2) paryas saṃkṣubh c., kramaṃ bhaṃj 7 P, saṃkarīkṛ 8 U, saṃkulīkṛ.
     (3) pīḍ 10, vyath c., asvastha a. kṛ.
     -ed, a. viparyasta bhagnakrama vyasta vyatyasta saṃkula saṃkīrṇa avyava-sthita; 'd. in mind' ākula saṃbhrāṃta vyagramūḍha-citta.
     (2) asvastha pīḍita ātura vyādhyupasṛṣṭa rugṇa rujārta.
     -ly, a. avyavasthita; See above.
     (2) anavasthita niyamaviruddha avaśa aniyata uddāma ucchṛṃkhala avidheya. -adv. akramaṃ kramabhaṃgena; sasaṃbhramaṃ.
     (2) avi-dhitaḥ vidhi-niyama-viruddhaṃ.

Disorganize, See Disorder.

Disown, v. t. pratyākhyā 2 P, pratyācakṣ 2 A; See Deny.

Disparage, v. t. paribhū 1P, upekṣ 1 A, apa-kṛṣ 1 P, avajñā 9. U; See Contemn.
     (2) mūlyaṃ nyūnīkṛ 8 U, avaman 4 A, laghūkṛ apa-lap 1 P; See Depreciate.
     (3) ayogyavi-vāhe saṃbaṃdh 9 P. ayogyasaṃyogena apakṛṣ.
     -ment, s. avajñā tiraskāraḥ avamānanā paribhavaḥ upekṣā; abhyasūyā parīvādaḥ guṇāpakarṣaḥ guṇāpalāpaḥ.
     (2) ayogyasaṃbaṃdhaḥ.
     -er, s. niṃdakaḥ avamānin m.

Disparity, s. asāmyaṃ viṣamatā vaiṣamyaṃ bhedaḥ asamānatā asaṃgatatā asaṃgati f.

Dispart, v. t. vibhaj 1 U, dvidhā bhid 7 P, viyuj 7 A, 10.

Dispassion, s. virāgaḥ praśāṃti f., akrodhaḥ; nirīhatā audāsīnyaṃ niḥsaṃgatā.
     -ate, a. vītarāga śāṃta asaṃbhrāṃta udāsīna akrodhana nirīha niḥsaṃga virakta muktasaṃga samacitta apakṣapātin.
     -ately, adv. śāṃtacetasā samabuddhyā asaṃbhramaṃ apakṣapātena.

Dispatch, See Despatch.

Dispel, v. t. apa-parā-nud 6 P, nir-apa-as 4 U, nirākṛ 8 U, prati-apa-niḥ-sṛ c., apanī 1P, apa-ūh 1 U, apākṛ ucchid 7 P, hṛ 1 P, naś c., vibhid 7 P, vi-pra-dhvaṃs c., ava-ut-sad c., han 2 P, (gen. in comps).

Dispensary, s. auṣadhaśālā rogacikitsāsthānaṃ.

Dispense, v. t. vidhā 3 U, praṇī 1 P, nirvah c., pravṛt c.; 'd. er of laws' rājaśāsanānāṃ pravartayitā.
     (2) vibhaj 1 U, pṛthak pṛthag vinyas 4 U, or vidhā or vitṝ 1 P, pari-kḷp c.
     (3) (with) Ex. by na kāryaṃ or na prayojanaṃ; 'I d. with your services' tava sevayā na me kimapi kāryaṃ-prayojanaṃ; upekṣ 1 A, tyaj 1 P, avasṛj 6 P.
     -ation, s. vibhajanaṃ vibhāgaḥ praṇayanaṃ vitaraṇaṃ bhāgakalpanaṃ parikalpanaṃ.
     (2) vyavasthābhaṃgānujñā niyamalaṃghanānumati f.
     (3) īśvarasya nareṇa saṃvyavahāraḥ.
     -ator, s. vibhajakaḥ vibhāgakalpakaḥ.
     -er, s. pravartakaḥ praṇetā nirvāhakaḥ.

Dispeople, v. t. nirjanīkṛ 8 U.

Disperse, v. t. apa-vi-kṝ 6 P, vikṣip 6 P, itastataḥ vidru c. or gam c.; vi-pra-sṛ c., paryas 4 U, diśi diśi gam c.; See Dispel. -v. i. apa-sṛ 1 U or vidru 1 P; See Break up. -er, s. vidrāvayitṛ m., ucchedakaḥ; apahaḥ nāśakaḥ haraḥ in comp.
     -ion, s. vidrāvaṇaṃ vikṣepaḥ vikiraṇaṃ.

Disspirit, See Discourage.

Displace, v. t. (svasthānāt) vical c., apa-niḥ-sṛ c., niras 4 U, bhraṃś c., cyu c., nirākṛ 8 U, apās.
     2 Discharge, q. v.
     -ment, s. sthānanāśaḥ-bhraṃśaḥ svasthānātcalanaṃ-cyuti f.

Displant, v. t. unmūl 10, ucchid 7 P, utpaṭ 10.
     (2) nirvas c., sthānād bhraṃś c. or niras 4 U.

Display, v. t. dṛś c., prakāś c., vyaṃj 7 P, vivṛ 5 U, āviṣkṛ 8 U, prakaṭīkṛ sphuṭīkṛ.
     (2) vitan 8 U, vistṝ c., prasṛ c., vikas c., vilas c.; 'd. itself ud-vi-jṛṃbh 1 A. -s. udbhāsaḥ vikāsaḥ prakāśanaṃ darśanaṃ vyakti f., vivaraṇaṃ āviṣkaraṇaṃ vijṛṃbhaṇaṃ vijṛṃbhitaṃ vilāsaḥ vilasitaṃ; 'd. of genius' mativilāsaḥ; 'd. of ignorance' ajñānavijṛṃbhita.

Displease, v. t. vipriyaṃ-aniṣṭaṃ-kṛ 8 U, asaṃtoṣaṃ-kopaṃ-jan c., pratikūlaṃ ācar 1 P, kup c., ruṣ c., aparādh 4, 5 P (with gen. or loc.), vi-apa-raṃj c.
     -ed, a. asaṃtuṣṭa jātāmarṣa kṛtaroṣa aprasanna ruṣṭa kupita apa-vi-rakta.
     -ing, a. apriya asaṃtoṣajanaka kopāvaha.
     -ure, s. asaṃtoṣaḥ krodhaḥ aprasādaḥ apa-vi-rāgaḥ See Anger.

Displode, See Explode.

Displume, v. t. pakṣān ud-hṛ 1 P or utpaṭ 10.

Disport, v. See Amuse, Play. -s. vihāraḥ krīḍā keli f., vilāsaḥ.

Dispose, v. t. vinyas 4 U,: rac 10, saṃvidhā 3 U, viniyuj 7 A, 10, vyūh 1 U, krameṇa sthā c. (sthāpayati).
     (2) vini-pra-yuj nikṣip 6 P, 3 P, vitṝ 1 P.
     (3) pra-upa-kḷp c.
     (4) pra-vṛt c., prayuj 10, protsah c.
     -of, vini-upa-pra-yuj; 'how have you d. ed of my money' mama dravyasya kathaṃ tvayā viniyogaḥ kṛtaḥ; 'd. of goods' vikrī 9 A; 'd. of time' kṣai c. (kṣapayati) nī 1 P, c.; ed of a girl' (vivāhe) dā vitṝ pratipad c.
     (2) (Perform) samāp c., avaso 4 P.
     -al, s. vinyāsaḥ racanā vyavasthāpanaṃ pari-pāṭi-ṭī f.
     (2) viniyamaḥ.
     (3) samarpaṇa vitaraṇaṃ viniyogaḥ parikalpanaṃ pravibhāgaḥ.
     (4) adhikāraḥ vaśaḥ-śaṃ adhīnatā āyattatā; 'I am at your d.' ahaṃ tvadadhīnosmi; 'this matter is at your d.' ayamarthastvadāyattaḥ atra bhavān prabhavati; 'divine d.' parameśvarecchā niyatiḥ.
     -ed. a. vinyasta vyavasthita racita.
     (2) (Inclined) ex. by śīla in comp., or kāma with inf.; 'd. to quarrel' kalahaśīla kalahakāma; 'd. to fall' pātuka patayālu; 'd. to go' gaṃtukāma; 'well. d.' susvabhāva snigdha sasneha.
     -er, s. pradātṛ m., viniyogakṛt m.
     (2) viniyaṃtṛ m.; adhiṣṭhātṛ m., śāsitṛ m.
     -ition, s.
     Disposal, q. v.
     (2) bhāvaḥ svabhāvaḥ śīlaḥ-laṃ prakṛti f; 'good d.' sadbhāvaḥ sādhuśīlatvaṃ saujanyaṃ suśīlaṃ.
     (3) pravṛtti f., pravaṇatā śīlatā-ālutā in comp.
     -ure, s. adhikāraḥ śakti f., vini-yogasāmarthyaṃ.
     (2) avasthānaṃ.

Dispossess, v. t. adhikārāt-svatvād-bhraṃś c. or nirākṛ 8 U, svatvaṃ hṛ 1 P; 'd. ed of one's right' hṛtādhikāra adhikārabhraṣṭa.

Dispraise, See Censure.

Dispread, v. t. nānādikṣu vidru c., bahudhā vi-kṣip 6 P.

Disproportion, s. vaiṣamyaṃ asamatā ananu-rūpatā asaṃgatatā ayogyatā. -v. t. ayuktaṃ saṃbaṃdh 9 P or saṃyuj 7 U, 10.
     -ed, -ate, a. viṣama annanurūpa asama ayogya atulyaguṇa atulya anupayukta asaṃgata asaṃvādin
     -ately, adv. ananurūpaṃ asamaṃ ayuktaṃ.
     -ateness, s. vaiṣamyaṃ; See (s.)

Disprove, v. t. pratyākhyā 2 P, nirākṛ 8 U, niras 4 U, khaṃḍ 10, bādh 1 A; See Confute. -Disproof, s. khaṃḍanaṃ nirasanaṃ bādhaḥ-dhā nirākaraṇaṃ pratyākhyānaṃ.
     (2) anirṇayaḥ aniścayaḥ apramāṇaṃ.

Dispute, v. vivad 1 A, kalahāyate (D.), vipratipad 4 A, vipralap 1 P, vitark 10; 'what are you d. ing about' kimartham vi-vadadhve kiṃ vaḥ vivādavastu.
     (2) vicar c.; gurorājñā avicāryā 'not to be d. ed' vikḷp c. -s. vivādaḥ kalahaḥ vādaḥ; vipralāpaḥ vipratipatti f, vitarkaḥ vāgyuddhaṃ vādayuddhaṃ vitaṃḍā; 'subject under d.' vivādavastu vivādāspadaṃ; 'it is a d. ed point' vādagrastorthaḥ
     -ant, -er, s. tarkin m., vivādin m., hetuvādin m., naiyāyikaḥ; tārkikaḥ 'a d. might ask' ex. by nanu (followed by atrocyate or ucyate) or atra kaścit pratyavatiṣṭheta.
     -ation, s. vādaḥ tarkaḥ; See (s.).
     -atious, a. kalahaśīla vādapriya vivādārthin kalahapriya-kāma.

Disqualify, v. t. akṣama-ayogya a. kṛ 8 U, apātrīkṛ.
     -ication, s. nirguṇaḥ pratyūhaḥ apātratā akṣamatā.

Disquiet, v. t. ākulīkṛ 8 U, bādh 1 A, saṃpīḍ 10, kṣubh c., udvij c., muh c. -s.
     -ness, -ude, s. ciṃtā udvegaḥ ākulatvaṃ vyagratā saṃbhramaḥ bādhā autsukyaṃ vaiklavyaṃ kṣobhaḥ vyāmohaḥ anirvṛti f.
     -ed, a. udvi-gna anirvṛta kṣubdha ākula vyagra mūḍha saṃbhrāṃta.

Disquisition, s. vicāraḥ parīkṣā vivecanaṃ vimarśaḥ nirūpaṇaṃ.

Disregard, v. t. upekṣ 1 A, avadhīr 10, avajñā 9 U, avaman 4 A, avagaṇ 10, tiraskṛ 8 U, dhikkṛ na śru 5 P, na ādṛ 6 A, na apekṣ 1 A. -s. upekṣā anādaraḥ avadhīraṇā avajñā anapekṣā anavadhānaṃ nirapekṣatā.
     -ful, a. nirapekṣa anavadhāna maṃdādara upekṣaka avamānin.
     -fully, adv. nirapekṣaṃ upekṣayā anapekṣya.

Disrelish, s. aruci f., virāgaḥ virakti f., vimukhatā aprīti f., vidveṣaḥ. -v. t. vidviṣ 2 U, na ruc 1 A.

     -ation, s. a-apa-kīrti f., ayaśas n., apratiṣṭhā vācyatā apamānaḥ.
     -able, a. akīrtikara (rī f.), anārya garhita ayaśaskara kalaṃkakara niṃdya dūṣaṇīya.

Disrespect, v. t. na ād 6 A, avaman 4 A, upekṣ 1 A, avajñā 9U, avagaṇ 10, na man c.; See Contemn. -s. avajñā anādaraḥ avamānaḥ avadhīraṇa-raṇā upekṣā paribhavaḥ tiraskāraḥ.
     -ful, a. sāvajña upekṣaka paribhāvin avamānin.

Disrobe, v. t. vivasanīkṛ 8 U, vastraṃ apakṛṣ 1 P, vivastrayati (D.).

Disrupt, v. t. bhaṃj 7 P. vidṝ 10, bhid 7 P.
     -ion, s. bhaṃgaḥ vidāraṇaṃ bhedaḥ.

Dissatisfy, v. t. asaṃtoṣaṃ-atṛptiṃ-utpad c. or jan c. (janayati); na saṃtuṣ c., na tṛp c.; apa-vi-raṃj c.
     -ed, a atṛpta virakta vituṣṭa asaṃtuṣṭa aparakta.
     -Dissatisfaction, s. atṛpti f., asaṃtoṣaḥ virakti f., apa-vi-rāgaḥ.

Dissect, v. t. (aṃgāni) vyavacchid 7 P, nikṛt 6 P, pṛthak kṛ 8 U.
     (2) sūkṣmaṃ vicar c. or parīkṣ 1 A.
     -ion, s. vyavacchedaḥ aṃgacchedaḥ
     (2) sūkṣmaparīkṣaṇaṃ.
     -or, s. vyavacchedakaḥ.

Dissemble, v. t. apa-vyapa-diś 6 P, ni-apa-hnu 2 A; See Conceal. -er, s. chādmikaḥ dāṃbhikaḥ vyapadeśakaḥ chadma kapaṭa-veśin m.
     -ing, s. apahnavaḥ pratāraṇā gopanaṃ apalāpaḥ chadman n., daṃbhaḥ kapaṭaṃ.

Disseminate, v. t. vi-pra-kṝ 6 P, prasṛ c., vistṝ c., pracar c., nivap 1 P.
     -ion, s. pra-sāraḥ prasaraṇaṃ vistāraḥ pracāraṇaṃ.
     -or, s. pracārakaḥ prasārakaḥ

Dissent, v. i. vivad 1 A, visaṃvad 1 P, na saṃman 4 A, anyathā man anyamata a. bhū. -s. vaimatyaṃ f., asaṃmati f., matibhedaḥ vimatiḥ f, vi-saṃvādaḥ virodhaḥ vipratipatti f.
     -er, s. bhinnamatāvalaṃbin m.
     (2) sādhāraṇadharmavirodhin m.
     -ient, a. vimata bhinnamata asaṃvādin; 'without one d. voice', sarveṣāmaikamatyena.

Dissension, s. bhedaḥ kalahaḥ kaliḥ virodhaḥ vipratipratti f. vivādaḥ; 'seeds of d.' kalahabījaṃ; 'sowing d' upajāpaḥ bhedaḥ; 'a sower of d.' upajāpakaḥ bhedakaḥ; 'family d. s' gṛhacchidraṃ-raṃdhraṃ aṃtarbhedaḥ.

Dissertation, s. vivaraṇaṃ vacanaṃ prabaṃdhaḥ nibandhaḥ.

Disserve, v. t. apakṛ 8 U, na upakṛ hiṃs 7 P.
     -ice, s. apakāraḥ kṣati f., apāyaḥ hāni f.

Dissever, v. i. viyuj 7 A, 10, vicchid 7 P, viśliṣ c.

Dissident, a. vimata bhinnamata.

Dissimilar, a. bhinna asadṛśa (śī f.), viruddha asama vijātīya viṣama.
     -ity, s. asādṛśyaṃ bhedaḥ vaiṣamyaṃ aṃtaraṃ vijātīyatvaṃ.

Dissimulation, s. chalaṃ kapaṭaṃ chadman n., māyā; See Pretext.

Dissipate, v. t. vi-pra-kṝ 6 P, vikṣip 6 P, apās 4 P; See Dispel.
     (2) vyay 10 P (vyayayati) apaci 5 U, kṣai c (kṣapayati).
     -ed, a. prakīrṇa nirdhūta apāsta.
     (2) durācāra vyasanāsakta naṣṭacaritra bhraṣṭaśīla durvṛtta khaṃḍitavṛtta.
     -ion, s. vikiraṇaṃ.
     (2) dhanavyayaḥ dravyotsargaḥ apavyayaḥ.
     (3) vyasanitā bhraṣṭaśīlatā durvṛttatā.

Dissociate, See Separate.

Dissolve, v. t. vilī c., vidru c.
     (2) bhid 7 P or c., viyuj 7 A, 10, bhaṃj 7 P, vinaś c., vilup c., ucchid 7 P; vighaṭ c.; 'd. a meeting' sabhāṃ visṛj 6 P or c.; 'd. friendship' sauhṛdaṃ bhid or truṭ c. or vighaṭ c.; 'd. a compound' samāsaṃ vigrah 9 P. -v. i. 4 A, vi-pra- (lavaṇaṃ jale vilīyate); vidru 1 P, gal 1 P, kṣar 1 P. dravībhū 1 P.
     -able, -Dissoluble, a. vi-drāvya kṣaraṇaśīla vilayanaśīla.
     -ent, a. vilayana (nī f.), vidrāvaka.
     -Dissolute, a. tarala anavasthita uddāma ucchṛṃkhala niryaṃtraṇa.
     (2) durācāra bhraṣṭaśīla bhogāsakta vyasanin durvṛtta viṣayin kāmuka viṣayanirata iṃdriyasukhanirata-tatpara.
     -ly, adv. kāmukavat vi-ṣayāsaktyā.
     -ness, s. viṣayāsakti f., durvṛttatā bhogāsakti f.
     -Dissolution, s. vilayanaṃ dravīkaraṇaṃ-bhavanaṃ.
     (2) pralayaḥ nāśaḥ kṣayaḥ vidhvaṃsaḥ ucchedaḥ.
     (3) bhaṃgaḥ viyogaḥ nivṛtti f., vigrahaḥ vicchedaḥ vighaṭanaṃ.

Dissonance, See Discord.

Dissuade, v. t. nivār 10, nivṛt c., vyāvṛt c., (neyamasmād vyavasāyācchakyate vyāvartayituṃ Ka. 172); niyam 1 P, (sutāṃ śaśāka menā na niyaṃtumudyamāt K. v. 5); ni-prati-ṣidh 1 P, (u meti mātrā tapaso niṣiddhā K. I. 26); pratyādiś 6 P.
     -er, s. nivārakaḥ nivartayitṛ m., niṣedhakaḥ pratyādeṣṭṛ m.
     -Dissuasion, s. nivartanaṃ niyamanaṃ pratyādeśaḥ niṣedhaḥ-dhanaṃ nivāraṇaṃ.
     -Dissuasive, a. vyāvartaka niṣedhaka pratyādeśaka. -s. nivṛttihetuḥ.

Dissyllable, s. dvyakṣaraṃ dvyakṣaraḥ śabdaḥ.

Distaff, s. tarku m. f., tarkuṭī.

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Distance, s. (Space) adhvan m., bhūmi f.; 'by what d. separated' kiyatādhvanā vicchinna.
     (2) aṃtaraṃ aṃtarālaṃ vyavadhānaṃ.
     (3) vi-prakarṣaḥ dūratā asānnidhyaṃ dūraṃ; 'from a d.' dūrāt ārāt; 'at a d.' dūre-raṃ durataḥ; 'at the d. of a mile' ardhakrośamātrāyāṃ (Ka. 74).
     (4) durāsadatvaṃ anālāpaḥ durdharṣatā saṃvṛtaśīlatvaṃ. -v. t. dūrīkṛ 8 U, apasṛ c.
     Excel, q. v.
     -Distant, a. dūrastha aṃtaravartin dūra viprakṛṣṭa asannikṛṣṭa davīyas; 'a d. relation' viprakṛṣṭo bāṃdhavaḥ.
     (2) durāsada; durdharṣa; agamya; anālāpin.

Distaste, s. aruci f., virakti f., virāgaḥ vitṛṣṇā aprīti f., ananurāgaḥ vidveṣaḥ. -v. t. na ruc 1 A (with dat.).
     -ful, a. asvādu arucikara (rī f.), apriya aniṣṭa.

Distemper, s.
     Disease, q. v.
     (2) vyathā kleśaḥ bādhā tāpaḥ anirvṛti f.
     (3) duḥśīlaṃ kusvabhāvaḥ asadbhāvaḥ; durdaśā. -v. t. pīḍ 10, bādh 1 A, kliś 9 P, upahan 2 P.
     -ed, a. vyādhigrasta ātura rugṇa pīḍita ārta ākula.

Distend, v. t. vitan 8 U, vistṝ c., śvi c., ādhmā 1 P, sphāy c. (sphāvayati); 'd. ed with wind' vātapūrita vātocchūna mārutādhmāta.
     -Distension, s. vistāraḥ sphīti f., ādhmānaṃ pūraṇaṃ.

Distich, s. ślokaḥ dvicaraṇaṃ; dvipadaṃ.

Distil, v. i. kṣar 1 P, sru 1 P, syaṃd 1 A, cyut-ścyut- 1 P. -v. t. sru c., syaṃd c., sṛjmuc- 6 P, avapat c.
     (2) (Spirit) saṃdhā 3 U, niṣkṛṣ 1 P, ā-abhi-su 5 P.
     -lation, s. kṣaraṇaṃ dravaṇaṃ nisyaṃdaḥ dravaḥ sravaḥ.
     (2) abhiṣavaḥ madyasaṃdhānaṃ madyaniṣkarṣaḥ.
     -er, s. śauṃḍikaḥ surājīvin m., surākāraḥ.
     -lery, s. saṃdhānī madyaniṣkarṣaśālā śuṃḍā.

Distinguish, v. t. vi-vic 3, 7 P or c., paricchid 7 P, vibhid 7 P, viśiṣ 7 P or c., vibhaj 1 U, viśeṣaṃ kath 10.
     (2) vibhū c., lakṣ 10, vijñā 9 U, abhi-jñā.
     (3) (Oneself) utkarṣaṃ-kīrti-pratiṣṭhāṃ-labh 1 A, vikhyāta a. bhū 1 P.
     -ed, a. vivikta paricchinna; vi-bhinna.
     (2) lakṣita cihnita vijñāta.
     (3) viśiṣṭa viśruta prasiddha; viśeṣa in comp.; atithiviśeṣaḥ 'a d. guest'; 'men are d. from the lower animals by knowledge' narāṇāṃ tiraścāṃ ca pratibodha eva viśeṣaḥ.
     -Distinct, a. bhinna vivikta viśiṣṭa vyatirikta pṛthagvidha anya-itara- (pron. a.), pṛthak ind.
     (2) spaṣṭa parisphuṭa vyakta suprakāśa.
     -ion, s. viśeṣaḥ bhedaḥ pra-vi-bhedaḥ aṃtaraṃ pṛthaktvaṃ bhinnatā.
     (2) paricchedaḥ vivekaḥ vivecanaṃ vicāraḥ-raṇā.
     (3) pratiṣṭhā gauravaṃ varṇaḥ khyāti f., viśiṣṭatā utkarṣaḥ pramukhatvaṃ paramapadaṃ.
     -ive, a. viśeṣaka saviśeṣa paricchedaka; 'a d. mark' viśeṣacihnaṃ viśiṣṭaliṃgaṃ
     -ively, adv. saviśeṣaṃ viśeṣeṇa pṛthak pṛthak.
     -ly, adv. pṛthak vibhinnaṃ.
     (2) vyaktaṃ suspaṣṭaṃ spaṣṭārthaṃ bhinnārthaṃ parisphuṭaṃ.
     -ness, s. bhinnatā.
     (2) vyakti f., spaṣṭatā bhinnārthatvaṃ.

Distort, v. t. ākuṃc c., sācīkṛ 8 U, vakrīkṛ.
     (2) virūp 10, vi-kṛ vyaṃgīkṛ kadākārīkṛ.
     (3) parivṛt c., duṣ c. (dūṣayati).
     -ion, s. sācīkaraṇaṃ vakratā parivartanaṃ.
     (2) virūpakaraṇa vikṛti f., ākuṃcanaṃ vairūpyaṃ vyaṃgatā kurūpatā.

Distract, v. t. ākulīkṛ 8 U, vyāmuh c., saṃbhram (bhramayati) unmad c., vikṣip 6 P, apa-vi-kṛṣ 1 P, saṃkṣubh c.
     (2) vidṝ 10, khaṃḍ 10, vibhid 7 P, vidal c. (dalayati).
     -ed, a. vikṣipta mohita vyagra vidhura ākula mūḍha vihvala saṃkṣubdha bhrāṃta unmatta; 'of a d. mind' bhrāṃtacitta vātula; 'to be d.' muh 4 P, unmad 4 P.
     -edly, adv. mūḍhacetasā vyagraṃ unmattavat sasaṃbhramaṃ.
     -ion, s. bhramaḥ ākulatvaṃ vihvalatā vyā-mohaḥ kṣobhaḥ vyagratā unmādaḥ.
     (2) vibhedaḥ vidāraṇaṃ.

Distrain, v. t. ṛṇahetoḥ baṃdh 9 P or nirudh 7 U.

Distraught, a. See Distracted.

Distress, s. duḥkhaṃ śokaḥ kleśaḥ kaṣṭaṃ pīḍā durgati f., vaiklavyaṃ ārti f.
     (2) āpad f., vipad f., vyasanaṃ vi-upa-plavaḥ; 'cry of d.' ārtaravaḥ-kraṃditaṃ. -v. t. pīḍ 10, vyath c., kliś 9 P., bādh 1 A, duḥkhayati (D.), saṃtap c., khid c.
     -ed, a. vyathita ārta duḥkhita pīḍita kaṣṭāpanna kṛcchragata durgata vipanna vidhura dīna kleśabhāj.
     -ful, -ing, a. śokāvaha kaṣṭaprāya kleśada pīḍā-kleśa-kara (rī f.); duḥkha-maya (yī f.), khedaka.

Distribute, v. t. vibhaj 1 U, vaṃṭ 10, vi-aṃś 10, vibhāgaśaḥ dā 3 P or parikḷp c., yathābhāgaṃ visṛj 6 P or vinyas 4 U or nikṣip 6 P; 'd. food' annaṃ pariviṣ 10,
     -er, s. vibhāgakalpakaḥ vibhaktṛ m., aṃśadaḥ; 'd. of food' pariveṣṭṛ m.
     -ion, s. vibhāgaḥ saṃpravibhāgaḥ vibhāgakalpanā vyaṃśanaṃ vaṃṭanaṃ.

District, s. deśavibhāgaḥ prāṃtaḥ maṃḍalaṃ cakraṃ pradeśaḥ.

Distrust, v. t. ā-pari-śaṃk 1 A, na viśvas or prati-i 2 P. -s. aviśvāsaḥ apratyayaḥ āśaṃkā.
     -ful, a. sāśaṃka śaṃkāśīla apratyayin aviśvāsin.
     -fully, adv. sāśaṃkaṃ aviśvāsena.

Disturb, v. t. ākulīkṛ 8 U, dhū 5, 9 U. aparudh 7 U, kṣubh c., bādh 1 A; See Agitate.
     (2) bhaṃj 7 P, pratibaṃdh 9 P, bhid 7 P, vihan 2 P, vicchid 7 P; 'd. sleep' nidrābhaṃgaṃ kṛ; 'd. studies' adhyayanavighnamācar 1 P; 'able to d. penance' tapo bhedāyālaṃ.
     (3) (Mind) vyāmuh c, ākulīkṛ ākulayati (D.), saṃbhram c., vi-kṛ.
     -ance, s. kṣobhaḥ saṃ-vi-kṣobhaḥ viplavaḥ vimardaḥ pīḍā.
     (2) pratibaṃdhaḥ pratyūdaḥ aṃtarāyaḥ vighnaḥ vicchedaḥ bhaṃgaḥ bādhā bhedaḥ; 'd. of concentration' samādhibhedaḥ; 'popular d.' prakṛtikṣobhaḥ-kopaḥ; 'cause of d.' vikārahetuḥ.
     (3) mohaḥ ākulatā vyagratā vaiklavyaṃ saṃbhramaḥ.
     -er, s. kṣobhakṛt m., vighnakaraḥ.

Disunite, v. t. viyuj 7 A, 10 viśliṣ c.; See Separate. -v. t. viyuj-viśliṣvibhid pass.
     -Disunion, s. viyogaḥ viśleṣaḥ vibhedaḥ vicchedaḥ.

     Disusage, s. avyavahāraḥ vilopaḥ virāmaḥ; vyavahāranivṛtti f., apracāraḥ ācāralopaḥ; 'fallen into d.' vilupta luptavyavahāra. -v. t. vyavahārād viram c. or nivṛt c.

Ditch, s. parikhā khātaṃ gartā-rtaḥ upakulyā praṇālaḥ-lī pratikūpaḥ. -v. t. parikhan 1 P, gartāṃ kṛ 8 U.
     -er, s. khātakāraḥ ākhanikaḥ.

Ditto, adv. tathā; 'says d.' tathaiva mamābhiprāya iti vadati. -a. pūrvokta prāg likhita prāgukta.

Ditty, s. gītaṃ gīti f., gītikā gānaṃ gānakhaṃḍaḥ.

Diuretic, a. mūtravardhaka.

     Diurnal, a. āhnika-dainika (kī f.), dainaṃdina (nī f.); See Daily.

Diuturnal, a. cirakālika(kī f.) cirasthāyin.

Divagation, s. See Digression, utpathavimārga-gamanaṃ.

Divan, s. śiṣṭasabhā.
     (2) iṃdrakaṃ maṃcayuktaḥ pra-koṣṭhaḥ āsthānaṃ-nī.
     (3) maṃcaḥ.

Divaricate, v. i. dvidhā bhū 1 P, dvikhaṃḍībhū dvidhā vibhid pass. -v. t. dvidhā kṛ 8 U, dvidhā bhid 7 P.

Dive, v. i. vi-ava-gāh 1 A, nimasj 6 P, praviś 6 P, plu 1 A; 'd. ing into books' graṃthaparāyaṇa graṃthamagna-niviṣṭa.
     -er, s. vigāhakaḥ nimaṃktṛ m.; 'river d.' nadīṣṇaḥ jalevāhaḥ.

Diverge, v. i. (ekakeṃdrād) vical 1 P, cyu 1 A, vyutkram 1 U, 4 P, bhraṃś 1 A, 4 P; See Deviate, also.
     2 Differ, q. v.
     -ence, s. vicalanaṃ cyuti f., keṃdrāpasaraṇaṃ bhreṣaḥ bhraṃśaḥ.
     (2) bhedaḥ virodhaḥ.
     -ent, a. keṃdravicala.
     (2) vibhinna viruddha.

Diverse, (
     Divers), a. aneka vividha nānārūpa-prakāra-vidha nānā ind.
     (2) bhinna itara-anya- (pron. a.), asama viparīta pṛthak ind.; 'd. coloured' nānāvarṇa citra karbura kalmāṣita.
     -ity, s. pṛthaktvaṃ nānāvidhatvaṃ bhinnatā nānātvaṃ vibhedaḥ asādṛśyaṃ asāmyaṃ vaiṣamyaṃ.
     (2) vaicitryaṃ vicitratā.
     -ly. adv. anekadhā nānāvidhaṃ nānārūpeṇa nānā.
     -Diversify, v. t. citr 10, nānārūpa a. kṛ 8 U, śabalīkṛ; See Variegate. -ed, a. karburita nānāprakāra śabala kalmāṣita citra citrita.
     -ication, s. vicitratā vividhatvaṃ vibhedaḥ.

Divert, v. t. vinud c., raṃj c., naṃd c., ram c. (ramayati); 'd. oneself' vi-hṛ 1 P, krīḍ 1 P.
     (2) vyā-vṛt c., ā-vi-kṛṣ 1 P, bhraṃś c., saṃcar c., saṃkram c., ākṣip 6 P, pra-vi-cal c., cyu c.; 'I shall d. his thoughts' evaṃ tāvadākṣipāmi (Mal. 9), anyataḥ saṃcārayāmi (U. 1.).
     -ing, a. vinodaka hāsajanaka narmaprāya krīḍāpara.
     -Diversion, s. vinodaḥ-danaṃ vihāraḥ krīḍā vilāsaḥ keli f., khelā vibhramaḥ.
     (2) manoraṃjanaṃ manovinodanaṃ.
     (3) vikarṣaṇaṃ bhraṃśanaṃ cyāvanaṃ ākṣepaṇaṃ.

Divest, v. t. hṛ 1 P, apanī 1 P; See Deprive. 2 vivastrīkṛ 8 U, ucchad 10, vastraṃ apanī or utkṛṣ 1 P.
     -ure, s. apa-haraṇaṃ; vivastrīkaraṇaṃ.

Divide, v. t. vibhid 7 P, vicchid 7 P; vi-yuj 7 A, 10, viśliṣ c., pṛthak kṛ 8 U, śakalīkṛ.
     (2) pra-saṃ- vibhaj 1 U, parikḷp c.; 'd. ed in half ardhe vicchinnaṃ (S. 1); 'd. into 2, 3, parts' &c. dvidhā-tridhā- kṛ; dravyāṇāmavayavaśo vibhajyamānānāṃ (S. B. 533) 'when d. ed into parts' &c.
     (3) (In Math.) bhaj vibhaj hṛ 1 P; 'd. ing by the remainder' śeṣeṇa hṛtvā-vibhajya. -v. i. viśliṣ 4 P, vibhid-vicchid pass., dvidhā bhū 1 P.
     (2) dal 1 P, sphuṭ 6 P; 'they were d. ed in opinion' te bhinnatā āsan dvaidhībhūtāḥ; 'a house d. ed against itself' aṃtarbhedākulaṃ gṛhaṃ.
     -er, s. vibhedakaḥ vicchedakaḥ vibhāgakalpakaḥ.
     -Dividend, s. bhāgaḥ aṃśaḥ uddhāraḥ lābhaḥ.
     (2) bhājyaḥ.
     -Divisor, s. haraḥ hāraḥ bhājakaḥ ha(hā)rakaḥ.
     -Division, s. vicchedaḥ vibhedaḥ khaṃḍanaṃ pṛthakkaraṇaṃ viyogaḥ viśleṣaḥ dalanaṃ.
     (2) bhinnatā vibhaktatā.
     (3) vibhāgaḥ aṃśanaṃ vibhāga-parikalpanaṃ uddhāraḥ.
     (4) bhāgaḥ khaṃḍaḥ ekadeśaḥ vibhāgaḥ.
     (5) bhāgaharaḥ haraṇaṃ bhājanaṃ; 'd. of an army' gulmaṃ dalaṃ.
     -Divisible, a. vibhājya vicchedya vibhedya.

Divine, a. divya daiva (vī f.), deva (vī f.), aiśvara (rī f.), amānuṣa (ṣī f), apārthiva (vī f.),
     (2) īśvaratulya. -s. purohitaḥ dharmopadeśakaḥ śrotriyaḥ. -v. t. lakṣaṇāni or śakunāni parīkṣ 1 A, śubhāśubhaṃ āloc 10 or kath 10 or pradṛś c.
     (2) (Guess) ūh 1 A, anumā 3 A, 2 P, avagam 1 P, tark 10.
     -ation, s. śakunaparīkṣaṇaṃ lakṣaṇaparīkṣaṇaṃ bhaviṣyasūcanaṃ.
     (2) anumānaṃ tarkaḥ.
     -er, s. daivajñaḥ śakunaparīkṣakaḥ nimittajñaḥ.
     (2) anumātṛ m.
     -ity, s. daivatvaṃ divyatā devatānubhāvaḥ.
     (2) devatā; See God. 3 paramārthavidyā śrutividyā īśvaraviṣayaṃ śāstraṃ.
     -ly, adv. devavat divyarūpeṇa.

Divorce, v. t. tyaj 1 P, nirākṛ 8 U, niras 4 U; vivāhaṃ lup c. or bhid 7 P. -s.,
     -ment, s. tyāgaḥ nirākaraṇaṃ vivāhalopaḥ pratyādeśaḥ; vivāhocchedaḥ.

Divulge, v. t. prakāś c., pra-khyā c. (khyāpayati) vi-vṛ 5 U, bhid 7 P or c.
     -er, s. prakāśakaḥ bhedakaḥ.
     -ing, s. prakāśanaṃ vivaraṇaṃ bhedaḥ.

Divulsion, s. vivaraṇaṃ utpāṭanaṃ.

Dizzy, a. bhramin ghūrṇamāna.
     (2) bhramakāraka bhramakara (rī f.), bhramotpādaka
     (3) capala pramatta anavahita.
     -ness, s. ghūrṇanaṃ ghūrṇi f., bhra (bhrā) maraṃ bhramaḥ bhrami f.,

Do, v. t. kṛ 8 U, vidhā
     (3) U, saṃpad c, anuṣṭhā 1 P, nirvṛt c., ācar 1 P, nirvah c., pra-ṇī 1 P, pratipad 4 A, (kimadhunā prati-patsye).
     (2) jan c., (janayati) utpad c., sādh c.; 'd. one's best' yathāśakti kṛ
     (3) (Standing for verb) ex. by the verb or by circum.; 'speak as you are accustomed to d.' yathābhyastamabhidhīyatāṃ (U. 1).
     (4) (As emphatic) ex. by eva nūnaṃ khalu kila; ājagāma kila tiṣṭhatyeva &c. -v. i. ācar 1 P, vyavahṛ 1 P, vṛt 1 A; 'd. unto others' anyeṣu vyavahara vartasva.
     (2) bhū 1 P, as 2 P, svastha-kuśalin- a. bhū; 'how do you d.' api kuśalaṃ bhavataḥ kaste vṛttāṃtaḥ; 'asks you how you d.' tvāṃ sukhaṃ-kuśalaṃ pṛcchati; 'd. well' susthita a bhū; devīṃ sukha praṣṭumāgatā (M. 4) 'to ask if she was d. ing well &c.'
     (3) (At the end of a speech); 'I have done' avasitavacanosmi; sādhayāmi; 'this carelessness will not d.' īdṛśaṃ pramāditvaṃ na mayā kṣaṃtavyaṃ or na te hitāya kalpsyate; 'that will d. now' alamalaṃ vi-rama ityalaṃ; 'this will d. as water for washing the feet' idaṃ pādodakaṃ bhaviṣyati (S. 1); 'it will d. just as well for you' evamapi tava samīhitaṃ siddhameva.
     -away, vinaś c., lup c.; 'd. away with' alaṃ kṛtaṃ (with instr.); 'have done with your importunity' alaṃ nirbaṃdhena.
     Kill, q. v.; apahṛ 1 P (life &c.).
     -with, Ex. by kiṃ kiṃ kāryaṃ or prayojanaṃ with instr.; 'what can you d. with such a servant' īdṛśena bhṛtyena kiṃ tava kāryaṃ 'what have we to d. with watching the movements of our master' kimasmākaṃ svāmiceṣṭānirūpaṇena (H. 2).
     (2) pra-upa-yuj 10, vyāpṛ c.
     -without, Dispense with, q. v.
     -er, s.; kartṛ m., kārakaḥ-karaḥ-kāraḥ kṛt- in comp.; saṃpādakaḥ nirvartayitṛ m., nirvāhakaḥ.
     -ing, s. karaṇaṃ vidhānaṃ saṃpādanaṃ; 'of one's own d.' ātmakṛta svayaṃkṛta.
     (2) (D. s) caritaṃ ceṣṭitaṃ kāryaṃ vyāpāraḥ.
     (3) vyavahāraḥ ācāraḥ pravṛtti f.

Docile, a. vineya anuvidhāyin vidheya vaśya adhīna āyatta śikṣya.
     -Docility, s. vine-yatā vaśyatā.

Dock, s. chinnapucchaṃ.
     (2) naukāgāraṃ nāvāśayaḥ. -v. t. (pucchaṃ) chid 7 P, 9 U, kṛt 6 P.

Docket, s. sūcipatraṃ arthināmāvalī.
     (2) aṃkapaṭaḥ aṃkapatraṃ.

Doctor, s. bhiṣaj m., vaidyaḥ cikitsakaḥ; agadaṃkāraḥ jīvadaḥ rogahārin m.
     (2) paṃḍitaḥ vyutpannaḥ śāstrajñaḥ ex. by ācārya in comp.
     (3) śikṣakaḥ ācāryaḥ guruḥ. -v. t.
     Treat, q. v.
     -ship, s. ācāryapadaṃ gurupadaṃ.

Doctrine, s. mataṃ.
     (2) tattvaṃ nyāyaḥ.
     (3) pathin m., patha in comp.; mārgaḥ.
     (4) (System) vādaḥ; 'd. of evolution' pariṇāmavādaḥ; pradhānakāraṇaḍādaḥ anīśvaravādaḥ &c.; 'received d. s' saṃpradāyaḥ āmnāyaḥ.

Document, s. lekhyaṃ lekhaḥ patraṃ patrakaṃ lekhyapatraṃ.
     -ary a. (s.) in comp.; 'd. evidence' lekhyapramāṇaṃ.

Dodecagon, s. dvādaśāsraṃ dvādaśakoṇaḥ.

Dodge, v. t. vaṃc 10, pretṝ c.; See Cheat. -v. t. chalena apakram 1 U, 4 P, viparivṛt 1 A. -s. chalaṃ kapaṭopāyaḥ śāṭhyaṃ kapaṭaṃ.

Doe, s. mṛgī hariṇī eṇī pṛṣatī kurarī.

Doff, v. t. (vastraṃ) apanī 1 P, avatṝ c., unmuc 6 P.

Dog, s. śvan m. kukkaraḥ sārameyaḥ śunakaḥ; kauleyakaḥ bhaṣakaḥ mṛgadaṃśakaḥ; 'd. -cheap' atisvalpamūlya; 'd. dass' atyuṣṇakālaḥ; 'mad d.' alarkaḥ; 'go to the d. s' vinaś 4 P, parikṣi pass.; 'hunting d.' viśvakadruḥ. -v. t. (kukkuravat) anusṛ 1 P paścāt dhāv 1 P, anviṣ 4 P. anusṛtya pīḍ 10.
     -gish, a. śvaśīla śvavṛtti śvabhāva.

Dogged, a. kaṭhina niṣṭhura vakrabhāva.
     (2) prati-niviṣṭa sāgraha nirbaṃdhapara.

Doggerel, a. viṣama; 'd. verses' kukāvyaṃ.

Dogma, s mataṃ tattvaṃ niyamaḥ vyavasthā vidhiḥ ādeśaḥ.
     -tic, -tical, a. svamatābhimānin. nideśaka; vaidhika (kī f.).
     -ally, adv. dṛḍhaniścayapūrvaṃ sadharṣaṃ sāhasena sanirbaṃdhaṃ -
     tism, s svamatābhimānaḥ sadharṣaṃ svamatāvalaṃbanaṃ dṛḍhokti f.
     -tize, v. t. sadharṣaṃ-sagarvaṃsvamataṃ saṃsthā c. (sthāpayati) or vad 1 P.

Dole, s. aṃśaḥ bhāgaḥ vibhāgaḥ chedaḥ uddhāraḥ.
     (2) pāritoṣikaṃ. -v. t. vibhaj 1 U, vibhāgaśaḥ dā 3 U, vitṝ 1 P, ut-sṛj 6 P.
     -ful, -some, a saśoka duḥkhapūrṇa sakaruṇa śokākula udvigna vidhura ākula vihvala ārta.
     -fully, adv. saśokaṃ saduḥkhaṃ saviṣādaṃ.
     -fulness, s. śokaḥ duḥkhaṃ viṣādaḥ khedaḥ udvegaḥ paridevanaṃ.

Doll, s. śālabhaṃjikā pāṃcālikā pāṃcālī kuruṃṭī putrikā; 'ivory d.' daṃtapāṃcālikā.

Dolour, s. śokaḥ kleśaḥ khedaḥ ārti f.
     -ous, a. saśoka śokārta udvigna ākula vidhura.
     -ific, a. pīḍā-vyathā-kara (rī f.).

Dolphin, s. sthūlamīnaḥ matsyabhedaḥ.

Dolt, s. sthūla-maṃda-buddhiḥ mūḍhaḥ mūrkhaḥ jaḍaḥ.
     -ish, a. mūḍha sthūla-mati-dhī.
     -ishly, adv. mūḍhavat sthūlavat.

Domain, s. rāṣṭraṃ viṣayaḥ pradeśaḥ.
     (2) rājyaṃ svāmitvaṃ.
     (3) rikthaṃ svabhūmi f.

Dome, s. ardhagolākṛti śṛṃgaṃ-śikharaṃ.

Domestic, a. grāmya grāma-gṛha -in comp.; grāmasiṃhaḥ 'd. lion'; 'd. pigeon' gṛhakapotaḥ.
     (2) gṛhaja gṛhya gṛhajāta gṛha in comp.; 'd. quarrels' gṛhakalahāḥ gṛhacchidrāṇi; 'd. duties' kulācāraḥ; 'd. dissension' aṃtarbhedaḥ.
     (3) gṛhapriya gṛhavāsāsakta.
     (4) deśīya deśa in comp. -s. gṛhadāsaḥ kiṃkaraḥ preṣyaḥ bhṛtyaḥ sevakaḥ paricaraḥ.
     (2) gṛhavāsin m.
     -ate, v. t. vinī 1 P, dam c. (damayati) gṛhe puṣ c. or saṃvṛdh c.
     -ated, a. gṛhapuṣṭa dāṃta grāmya.

Domicile, s. gṛhaṃ ā-ni-vāsaḥ ālayaḥ vasati f.
     -ed, a. kṛtāvāsa kṛtādhiṣṭhāna.

Dominant, a. prabala pradhāna prakṛṣṭa śreṣṭha pra-bhaviṣṇu sātiśaya varīyas.

Dominate, v. i. śās 2 P; prabhū 1 P, īś 2 A (with gen.), adhiṣṭhā 1 P, adhyās 2 A.
     (2) atiric pass.; prakṛṣṭa a. bhū.
     -ion, śāsanaṃ prabhutvaṃ ādhipatyaṃ rājyaṃ adhikāraḥ.

Domineer, v. t. sagarvaṃ śās 2 P, or īś 2 A (with gen.), kadarth 10, pīḍ 10, upaplu 1 A.
     -ing 2 a. uddhata avalipta atidṛpta utsikta madoddhata.

Dominical, a., s. bhaṭṭārakavāsaraḥ.

Dominie, s. See Tutor.

Dominion, s. adhikāraḥ aiśvaryaṃ prabhutvaṃ śāsanaṃ ādhipatyaṃ.
     (2) rājyaṃ viṣayaḥ deśaḥ rāṣṭraṃ.

Domino, s. dīrghaprāvāraḥ.
     (2) śalākā.

Don, s. sujanaḥ āryaḥ śiṣṭajanaḥ.

Donary, s. dharmārthaṃ dattaṃ-dānaṃ.

Donation, s. dānaṃ upāyanaṃ vitaraṇaṃ upahāraḥ tyāgaḥ viśrāṇanaṃ; See Gift.

Donor, s. dātṛ m., dāyin m.; tyāgaśīlaḥ
     -Donee, s. pratigrahitṛ m.

Donkey, s. kharaḥ rāsabhaḥ gardabhaḥ cakrīvat m., bāleyaḥ.

Doodle, s. alpabuddhiḥ jaḍaḥ durmatiḥ maṃdaḥ.

Doom, v. t. daṃḍ 10, daṃḍājñāṃ kṛ 8 U.
     (2) ni-kṣip 6 P, sam-ṛ c. (arpayati).
     (3) nirdiś 6 P, saṃ-pra-kḷp c.; 'how he was d. ed to die' kathaṃ tasyāṃto bhaviṣyati.
     (4) nirṇī 1 P, niści 5 U, vicar c.; 'he is d. ed to death' asya vadho niścitaḥ vadhadaṃḍaḥ ājñaptaḥ; 'his fate is d. ed' aparihāryo'sya nāśaḥ. -s. daṃḍājñā daṃḍanaṃ daṃḍaḥ.
     (2) nirṇayaḥ niścayaḥ vicāraḥ-raṇā.
     (3) niyati f., bhavitavyatā diṣṭaṃ vidhiḥ m.; See Fate.
     (4) aṃtaḥ nāśaḥ kṣayaḥ layaḥ.
     -Doomsday, s. vi-cāradivasaḥ.

Door, s. dvāraṃ (fig. also); dvār f, prati(tī)hāraḥ; 'leaf of a d.' kapāṭaḥ-ṭaṃ-ṭī araraḥraṃ-rī.
     (2) mukhaṃ praveśaḥ; 'from d. to d.' gṛhād gṛhaṃ; 'in d. s' gṛhe gṛhasthita a.; 'out of d. s' gṛhādbahiḥ sthānāṃtaragata a.; 'principal d.' mahā-siṃha-dvāraṃ; 'next d.' anaṃtara a., prātiveśika a., nikaṭastha kalpa in comp., īṣadūna; 'private d.' pracchannadvāraṃ; aṃtardvāraṃ; 'd. keeper' dvāḥsthaḥ dvārapālaḥ dvārarakṣakaḥ pratīhāraḥ dauvārikaḥ; 'd. sill' dvārapiṃḍī dehali-lī f., gṛhāvagrahaṇī.

Dope, v. t. unmad c., uddīp 10. -s. unmādakaṃ dravyaṃ.
     -y, a. unmādita uddīpita.

Dormant, a. nidrita śayita supta.
     (2) alakṣita pracchanna gupta nilīna gūḍha.

Dormitory, s. śayyā-śayana-gṛhaṃ nidrāśālā śayanāgāraṃ.

Dorsal, a. pṛṣṭhasaṃbaṃdhin.

Dose, s. mātrā; 'in one d.' ekayaiva mātrayā.

Dot, s. biṃduḥ śūnyaṃ khaṃ. -v. t. biṃdunā aṃk 10 or cihn 10.

Dote, (upon), v. i. atyaṃtaṃ abhilaṣ 1, 4 P, bhṛśaṃ snih 4 P (with loc.).
     (2) vṛddhatvād muh 4 P, bāliśabuddhi a. bhū 1 P.
     -age, s. atyaṃtānurāgaḥ atipreman m., n.
     (2) buddhivaikalyaṃ buddhilopaḥ-bhraṃśaḥ bāliśatā matikṣīṇatā jarāvaiklavyaṃ.
     (3) jarā jarāvasthā.
     -ard, s. kṣīṇabuddhiḥ hatajñānaḥ ativṛddhaḥ bāliśaḥ.
     -ing, a. atyanurakta.
     -ingly, adv. sātisnehaṃ anurāgātirekeṇa.

Double, a. dviguṇa dvaidha (dhī f.), dviprakāra; dvi in comp., ubhaya (pron. a.).
     2 Deceit-
     -ful, q. v.; 'having a d. meaning' dvyartha (vākyaṃ); 'd. meaning' dvyarthatā; 'd. dealing' dvaidhībhāvaḥ śāṭhyaṃ kapaṭaṃ chalaṃmāyā; 'd. -tongued' dvijihva anṛtavācvādin. -s. dviguṇaṃ dvikaṃ.
     (2) chalaṃ kapaṭaṃ māyā.
     (3) viparivartanaṃ. -v. t. dviguṇīkṛ 8 U, guṇīkṛ dviguṇayati (D.).
     (2) puṭīkṛ puṭayati (D.); 'd. the fist' muṣṭiṃ baṃdh 9 P. -v. i. dviguṇībhū 1 P.
     (2) vipari-vṛt 1 A.
     (3) māyāṃchalaṃ-kṛ.
     -ness, s. dvaiguṇyaṃ dvitvaṃ ubhayatvaṃ.
     -Doubly, adv. dviḥ dviguṇaṃ dvidhā dvividhaṃ ubhayataḥ-thā.

Doublet, s. urovastraṃ uraḥparidhānaṃ.

Doubt, v. i. ā-vi-śaṃk 1 A, vikḷp 1 A, saṃdih 2 U, saṃśī 2 A, vicar c., manasā dolāyate (D.). -v. t. na viśvas or na prati-i 2 P, āśaṃk. -s. saṃśayaḥ saṃśīti f, saṃdehaḥ śaṃkā vitarkaḥ āśaṃkā vikalpaḥ; 'my mind is still in d.' manastu me saṃśayameva gāhate; 'without any d.', 'undoubtedly' asaṃdehaṃ asaṃśayaṃ nirāśaṃkaṃ niḥsaṃśayaṃ saṃdehaṃ vinā; atra kaḥ saṃdehaḥ (in replies).
     (2) asthairyaṃ anirṇayaḥ āṃdolanaṃ cittavibhramaḥ.
     (3) śaṃkā aviśvāsaḥ apratyayaḥ.
     (4) kṛcchraṃ viṣamaṃ bādhā śalyaṃ viṣamapadaṃ; 'case of d.' saṃdehapadaṃ; 'in d.' saśaṃka-saṃdehānvita-dolāyamāna- a.
     -ful, a. saṃdigdha śaṃkanīya sāśaṃka śaṃkānvita saṃśayāpanna sasaṃśaya; saṃśayita saṃdehākula saṃśayāvṛta vikalpya; saṃdehapadaṃ śaṃkāsthānaṃ.
     (2) saṃdigdhārtha aspaṣṭa; 'to make d.' saṃdih c.
     -fully, -ingly, adv. sasaṃdehaṃ sāśaṃkaṃ savikalpaṃ.
     -less, a. nirāśaṃka niḥsaṃdeha asaṃśaya. -adv.,
     -lessly, niḥ-saṃśayaṃ asaṃśayaṃ vinā saṃdehena niḥśaṃkaṃ.

Douceur, s. pāritoṣikaṃ upāyanaṃ utkocaḥ.
     (2) saujanyaṃ suśīlatā sadbhāvaḥ.

Dough, s. guṃḍikā jalasaṃsṛṣṭāḥ saktavaḥ.

Doughty, a. śūra vīra; See Brave.

Dour, a. durdama pratīpa kaṭhina.

Douse, v. t. jale nimasj c. (majjayati).
     (2) nirvā c. (vāpayati).

Dove, s. kapotaḥ pārāvataḥ kalaravaḥ; 'female d.' kapotikā; 'd. -cot or house' kapotapālikā viṭaṃkaḥ-kaṃ; 'd. tail' kāṣṭhasaṃdhiḥ dārusīvanaṃ.

Dowager, s. vidhavā gatabhartṛkā.

Dowdy, s. virūpiṇī; durvasanā.

     Dowry, s. śulkaṃ yautakaṃ yutakaṃ vāhanikaṃ; strīdhanaṃ.
     -ed, a. yautakavatī śulkinī.
     -less, a. yautaka-śulka-hīna.

Dowlas, s. sthūlavastraṃ sthūlapaṭṭaṃ.

Down, s. komalaroman n.
     (2) tūlaṃ komalapakṣaḥ; 'd. of goose' haṃsatūlaṃ; tṛṇaloman n. (of plants).
     (3) nirvanaparvataḥ.
     (4) nimnaṃ nimnapradeśaḥ; the road having ups and d. s' natonnatabhūmibhāgo mārgaḥ; 'ups and d. s' pātotpātāḥ; 'there are ups and d. s in our condition (in life) as in the course of the wheel' nīcairgacchatyupari ca daśā cakranemikrameṇa (Me. 112). -prep  adhaḥ adhastāt (with gen.); gen. ex. by anu in comp.; 'd. the current' anurayaṃ; 'd to' yāvat (with acc.), paryaṃtaṃ in comp.; 'd. to the present day' adya yāvat. -adv. adhaḥ adhastāt nīcaiḥ nīce; gen. ex. by ava-ni-adhaḥ pr. to roots; 'bent d.' avanata nīcaiḥ praṇata; to come d.' ava-ni-pat 1 P; 'd. with the tyrant' nipātyatāṃ-ucchedyatāṃ-asau prajāpīḍakaḥ; 'd. cast' adhomukha (khī f.), ava-natadṛṣṭi viṣaṇṇa adhodṛṣṭi dīnavadana mlāna khinna; 'd. -fall' vini-apa-pātaḥ vināśaḥ kṣayaḥ ucchedaḥ vidhvaṃsaḥ layaḥ; 'd. -hearted' khinna-dīna-cetas mlāna viṣaṇṇa; 'd. -hill' pravaṇabhūmi f., upatyakā; 'd. lying' prāptaprasavakālā; (s.) śayanasamayaḥ; 'd. right' avakra akuṭila spaṣṭa suvyakta asaṃdigdha pra-tyakṣa; (adv.) avakraṃ akuṭilaṃ saralaṃ adhodhaḥ; vyaktaṃ pratyakṣaṃ suspaṣṭaṃ bhinnārthaṃ sarvataḥ sākalyena su-ati pr.
     -ward, a. pravaṇa patanaśīla adhastana (nī f.), adhogāmin patayālu pātuka. -adv. (downwards) ava pr., adhaḥ avāk adhastāt.
     -y, a. mṛdulomavat.
     (2) mṛdu komala sukumāra sukhasparśa.

Dowse, s. capeṭikā talaprahāraḥ capeṭāghātaḥ. -v. t.
     Dip, q. v.

Doxology, s. īśa-stuti f. -stavanaṃ.

Doyne, s. gurujanaḥ jyeṣṭhaḥ śreṣṭhaḥ netṛ m., dhurīṇaḥ.

Doze, v. i. nidrā 2 P, svap 2 P.
     -ing, -y, a. nidrālasa nidrāśīla.

Dozen, a., s. dvādaśan dvādaśasaṃkhyāka.

Drab, a. kapiśa kapila. -s. kapiśavastraṃ.
     (2) kulaṭā baṃdhakī vyabhicāriṇī puṃścalī.

Drabble, v. t. paṃkena lip 6 P or dih 2 U.

Draff, s. ucchiṣṭaṃ śeṣaṃ bhutkāvaśeṣaṃ malaṃ kiṭṭaṃ.
     -ish, -y, a. malina asāra phalgu.

Draft, v. t. likh 6 P. -s. See Draught
     2, 3, 4.

Drag, v. t. ākṛṣ 1 P, hṛ 1 P; 'd. away, off' apa-ava-kṛṣ; 'd. out' niṣkṛṣ nirhṛ utpaṭ 10; 'd. s on his life' kathamapikṛcchreṇa-prāṇadhāraṇāṃ karoti jīvitamativāhayati. -v. i. kṛṣ pass.
     (2) vilaṃb 1 A, cira(rā)yati (D.). -s. rathaḥ cakrayānaṃ kelirathaḥ.
     (2) ākarṣaṇī; 'd. -net' ākarṣakajālaṃ-pāśaḥ.

Draggle, v. i. paṃke luṭh c. pass. loṭhyamānatvād malinībhū 1 P. -v. t. paṃkena duṣ (dūṣayati); 'd. tail' (a.) malinavasana apariṣkṛta.

Dragon, s. nāgaḥ vyālaḥ pannagaḥ sapakṣo nāgaḥ.

Dragoon, s. aśvārohaḥ sādin m.

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Drain, s. nirgamaḥ recanaṃ; (for water) jalanirgamaḥ parī (ri)vāhaḥ praṇālaḥ-lī praṇālikā jalocchvāsaḥ. -v. t. (kramaśaḥ) nirgam c. (gamayati) apavah c., niḥsṛ c., sru c.
     (2) śuṣ c., ā-pā 1 P, kṣai c. (kṣapayati) ric c., riktīkṛ 8 U.

Drake, s. haṃsaḥ kādaṃbaḥ kalahaṃsaḥ.

Dram, s. alpabhāgaḥ mātrā.
     (2) surā vāruṇī madirā.

Drama, s. nāṭakaṃ; 'science of d.' nāṭyaṃ.
     -Dramatic, -al, a. nāṭakīya nāṭakaviṣaya.
     -ally, adv. nāṭakarūpeṇa prayogataḥ.
     -matist, s. nāṭakānāṃ praṇetṛ m., nāṭakakāraḥ.

Drap, s. vastraṃ vasanaṃ celaḥ-laṃ; See Cloth.
     -er, s. vastra-paṭa-vikrayin m.
     -ery, s. vastravyavahāraḥ
     (2) vastraṃ paṭaḥ vāsas n.
     (3) pracchadapaṭaḥ paricchadaḥ.

Drastic, a. amogha balavat prabhaviṣṇu anati-kramaṇīya.

Draught, s. pānaṃ; 'a d. of water' gaṃḍūṣamātraṃ jalaṃ.
     (2) saṃgrahaḥ sāraḥ.
     (3) ālekhanaṃ citrāraṃbhaḥ pāṃḍulekhyaṃ.
     (4) citraṃ ālekhyaṃ prati-mā-mānaṃ.
     (5) pari(rī)vāhaḥ jalanirgamaḥ jalocchvāsaḥ praṇālaḥ-lī.
     (6) ākarṣaṇaṃ; 'a d. horse' rathyaḥ śākaṭaḥ śākaṭīnaḥ; 'd. board' aṣṭāpadaṃ śāriphalaṃ; aṣṭāpadakrīḍā śārikrīḍā; 'a piece at d.' śā(sā)riḥ nayaḥ śā(sā)raḥ; jatuputrakaḥ; 'moving a piece at d.' pari(rī)ṇāyaḥ.
     -Draughtsman, s. lekhakaḥ citrakaraḥ.

Draw, v. t. kṛṣ 1 P, ā-samā-kṛṣ vah 1 P, 1 P; 'a carriage d. n by horses' aśvoḍhaḥ rathaḥ.
     (2) niṣkṛṣ saṃhṛ 1 P, (prajābhyo dhanaṃ saṃharati) nirduh 2 U,
     (3) ā-abhilikh 6 P, varṇ 10.
     (4) (Water) ud-aṃc 1 U, puryudaṃc.
     (5) sru c., mokṣ 10.
     (6) samākṛṣ lubh c., 'd. n by merits' guṇalubdha.
     (7) anunī 1 P, ārādh c.
     (8) labh 1 A, grah 9 P, ādā 3 A; 'the day is fast d. ing to a close' pariṇataprāyamahaḥ; 'd. curtains' javanikāṃ saṃvṛ 5 U; 'd. a sword' khaḍgaṃ koṣād niḥsṛ c. or ākṛṣ; 'd. in air' prāṇ 2 P, śvas 2 P; 'd. the breast' ni-pā 1 P, dhe 1 P. -v. i. kṛṣ-ākṛṣ -pass. saṃkocaṃ-i-yā 2 P.
     (3) pūyaṃ-pākaṃ jan c. (janayati) or utpaṭ c.
     -away, apakṛṣ apanī apahṛ.
     -back, pratyāhṛ pratisaṃhṛ pratyānī.
     (2) (v. i.) apakram 1 U, 4 P, apasṛ 1 P, apayā 2 P, parā-ni-vṛt 1 A, palāy 1 A.
     -down, utpaṭ c., jan c., āvah 1 P; 'you have d. n down ruin upon yourself with your own hands' tvayā svahastenāṃgārāḥ karṣitāḥ (P. 1. 3).
     -in, saṃhṛ vikṛṣ pratyāhṛ; 'd. in the reins' pragṛhyaṃtāṃ raśmayaḥ.
     -near, pratyāsad 1 P; upasṛp 1 P, upāgam 1 P, upasthā 1 U; See Ap-
     -proach; (pratyāsīdati snānasamayaḥ Ka. 47).
     -off, apa-vi-kṛṣ apahṛ apanī; 'd. off the cloud' nivāryatāṃ jaladaḥ (Mr. 5.).
     (2) sru c., muc 6 P or c. (as liquids).
     (3) (v. i.) apasṛ 1 P; See Drawback. -on, ānī ākṛṣ.
     (2) utpaṭ c., āvah 1 P.
     (3) (v. i.) upasthā upāgam pratyāsad.
     -out, niṣkṛṣ nirhṛ saṃ-hṛ nirduh.
     (2) tan 8 U, vi-stṝ c., dīrghīkṛ 8 U, vitatīkṛ.
     (3) nirgam c. (gamayati) ud-bhū c.
     (4) (Army) vyūhena rac 10, sainyaṃ vyūh 1 U.
     -together, samākṛṣ saṃgrah samānī.
     -up, utkṛṣ udhṛ-dhṛ 1 P, uttul 10.
     (2) likh 6 P, virac 10, nibaṃdh 9 P.
     (3) unnam c. (namayati); The goat drew himself up' aja uttasthau śanairvapurudanamayat.
     -Drawback, s. pratyūhaḥ aṃtarāyaḥ.
     (2) hāni f., apacayaḥ apāyaḥ.
     (3) uddhāraḥ; 'd. -bridge' jaṃgama-cala-setuḥ.
     -er, s. karṣakaḥ.
     (2) calasamudgakaḥ saṃpuṭaḥ ni-ṣkarṣaṇī; 'd. s' jaṃghāvāraḥ.
     -ing, s. ākarṣaḥrṣaṇaṃ.
     (2) citraṃ ālekhyaṃ pratirūpaṃ; citraphalakaḥ pratimānaṃ.
     (3) citrakarman n., citravidyā; 'd. room' darśanagṛhaṃ sabhājanakoṣṭhaḥ.

Drawl, v. i. cireṇa-maṃdaṃ maṃdaṃ-vākyāni uccar c. or udāhṛ 1 P.
     -ing, s. maṃdoccāraṇaṃ.

     -man, See Cart, -man

Dread, s. bhīti f., trāsaḥ bhaya sādhvasaṃ. -v. t. bhī 3 P, tras 1, 4 P, udvij 6 A, (with abl.).
     -ed, a. bhayahetuḥ trāsasthānaṃ. -a.,
     -ful, a. dāruṇa bhayaprada bhīma bhayaṃkara (rī f.), trāsāvaha bhīṣaṇa bhayānaka ghora ugra bhairava (vī f.), raudra (drī f.).
     -fully, adv. dāruṇaṃ ugraṃ bhīmaṃ.
     -less, a. nirbhaya trāsahīna.
     -naught, s. yuddhanaukā.

Dream, s. svapnaḥ svāpaḥ svapnadarśanaṃ.
     (2) svapnasṛṣṭi f., mithyāvāsanā asaṃbhavakalpanā ābhāsaḥ vṛthāvāsanā; 'bad d.' duḥsvapnaḥ; 'speak in a d.' utsvapnāyate (D.). -v. t. svapne dṛś 1 P. -v. i. svapnaṃ dṛś svapnāyate (D.).
     (2) ciṃt 10, bhū c., manasā kḷp c., citte ākal 10 (kalayati)
     (3) vṛthāvāsanāṃ kṛ 8 U, asaṃbhavakalpanāṃ kṛ.
     -er, s. svapnadarśin m.
     (2) durvāsanākṛt m., asaṃbhavakalpanākṛt m.
     (3) unmattaḥ.
     -y, a. svapnopama svapnavat ind.; asāra

Dreary, a. ghora nirjana śūnya jīrṇa.
     (2) nirānaṃda durāloka dudarśanaṃ niṣprabha.
     -ness, s. nirjanatvaṃ ghoratā śūnyatvaṃ.

Dredge, v. t. ākṛṣ 1 P. -s. ākarṣaṇī.

Dregs, s. khalaṃ malaḥ-laṃ ucchiṣṭaṃ śeṣaṃ kiṭṭaṃ avakaraḥ saṃkaraḥ asāraḥ; 'he belongs to the d. of society' nīca-adhama-tamoyaṃ puruṣaḥ.
     -Dreggist, a. malina samala.

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Drench, v. t. klid c., prokṣ 1 P, sic 6 P, jalena plu c or snā c. (snā-sna-payati); 'd. ed with sweat' svedasalilasnāta. -s. pānaṃ peyaṃ.

Dress, s. veśaḥ-ṣaḥ nepathyaṃ vastraṃ paricchadaḥ vāsas n., vasanaṃ paridhānaṃ.
     (2) ākalpaḥ pari-karman n., ābharaṇaṃ prasādhanaṃ bhūṣaṇaṃ alaṃkāraḥ saṃskāraḥ pariṣkāraḥ maṃḍanavidhiḥ. -v. t. pra-sādh e., alaṃkṛ 8 U, pariṣkṛ maṃḍ 10, bhūṣ 10; prā-vṛ 5 U, vastreṇa ācchad 10 or pari-veṣṭ c., saṃvye 1 P, vastraṃ paridhā c. (dhāpayati).
     (2) (Oneself) vas 2 A, vastraṃ paridhā 3 U,
     (3) upakḷp c., saṃskṛ vidhā 3 U, sajjīkṛ; 'd. food' (annaṃ) pac 1 P, śrā c. (śrapayati) saṃskṛ śrī 9 U, siddhīkṛ; 'd. hair' keśān rac 10 or vinyas 4 P; 'd. leather' carma pariṣkṛ; 'd. wounds' kṣataṃ nirṇij 3 U or prakṣal 10.
     -ed, a. pari-cchanna vastraveṣṭita saveśa saṃvīta prāvṛta pra-sādhita maṃḍita bhūṣita alaṃkṛta savāsas vastrānvita kṛtanepathya kṛtaparikarman racitaveṣa-ākalpaḥ; 'well d.' suveśa 'd. as' ex. by veśa-vāsas in comp.; 'd. as a sage' muniveśaḥ muniveṣadhārī; 'd. in black' nīlāṃbara.
     (2) pakva siddha saṃskṛta śrāṇa śrapita śṛta; 'half d.' āpakva
     (3) nirṇikta.
     -er, s. prasādhakaḥ ācchādakaḥ ākalpakaḥ.
     (2) annaphalakaḥ.
     -ing, s. vastraparidhānaṃ nepathyavidhānaṃaṃgasaṃskāraḥ parikarman n.
     (2) pākaniṣpatti f., annasaṃskāraḥ pākasiddhi f.
     (3) vilepaḥ-panaṃ upanāhaḥ; 'd. room' nepathyaṃ prasādhanāgāraṃ vastraparidhānasthānaṃ.

Drib, v. t. avacchid 7 P, uddhṛ 1 P, anyāyena svāyattīkṛ or ātmasātkṛ 8 U.

Dribble, v. i. kaṇaśaḥ syaṃd 1 A, biṃdukrameṇa pat 1 P, śanaiḥ kṣar 1 P or sru 1 P or gal 1 P. -v. t. kaṇaśaḥ sru c. or gal c.
     -Dribblet, s. kaṇaḥ lavaḥ leśaḥ kaṇikā alpabhāgaḥ 'in d. s' biṃdukrameṇa; kaṇaśaḥ alpālpaṃ.

Drift, s. bhāvaḥ tātparyaṃ āśayaḥ abhiprāyaḥ uddeśaḥ pravṛtti f., ākāṃkṣā.
     (2) vegaḥ rayaḥ.
     (3) rāśiḥ saṃcayaḥ puṃjaḥ nikaraḥ; 'd. of snow' himasaṃhati f., himānī.
     (4) saṃpātaḥ varṣaḥ. -v. i. pravah 1 P, jalasrotasā nī-vah pass.
     (2) viplu 1 A, (viplaveteha nauriva H. 3).
     (3) vāyuvegena puṃjībhū 1 P. -v. t. pravah c., prer c., pracud 10, praṇud 6 P or c.
     (2) saṃpat c., rāśīkṛ 8 U, saṃhan 2 P, puṃjīkṛ.

Drill, s. vedhanī-nikā ā-sphoṭanī.
     (2) vyāyāmaḥ astraśikṣā śastrābhyāsaḥ. -v. t. vyadh 4 P, chidr 10, samutkṝ 6 P.
     (2) yuddhavidyāṃ śikṣ c.; śastrābhyāsaṃ kṛ c., raṇaśikṣāṃ dā 3 U.

Drink, v. t. 1 P; 'd. up' ācam 1 P, āpā śuṣ c. -s. pānaṃ pānīyaṃ payas n., peyaṃ.
     (2) surā madyaṃ. -v. i. jalaṃ pā or sev 1 A; 'd. together' saṃ-pā sapītiṃ kṛ 8 U; 'd. (to) the health of' svāsthyāya or śubhaṃ bhūyāditi prārthanāpūrvakaṃ pā.
     -er, s. pātṛ m., pāyin m., pānarataḥ pānāsaktaḥ.
     -ing, s. pānaṃ ācamanaṃ pīti f.; 'd. vessel' pānapātraṃ-bhājanaṃ caṣakaḥ sarakaḥ; 'd. together' sapīti f., tulyapānaṃ.
     -Drunk, Drunken, a. matta kṣīva samada madonmatta upoḍhamada madodagra; 'to be d.' mad 4 P; 'to make d.' mad c.
     (2) sikta klinna.
     -ard, s. pānarataḥ pānāsaktaḥ pānaśauṃḍaḥ madhupaḥ madyapaḥ.
     -enness, s. madaḥ mattatā kṣīvatā unmādaḥ.

Drip, v. i. kaṇaśaḥ-biṃdukrameṇa-kṣar-gal-sru 1 P or syaṃd 1 A; 'd. ing garment' jalani-syaṃdi vastraṃ. -v. i. kaṇaśaḥ sru c. or gal c. -s. paṭalaprāṃtaḥ-taṃ valīkaḥ-kaṃ nīdhraṃ.
     -ping, s. kṣaraṇaṃ sravaṇaṃ galanaṃ syaṃdanaṃ nisyaṃdaḥ.
     (2) māṃsavasā māṃsasnehaḥ-rasaḥ; 'd. pan' rasadhāriṇī.

Drive, v. t. car-l c., nud 6 P or c., pra-ṇud; prer c.; (fig.) pravṛt c., protsah c., uttij c., udyuj 10.
     (2) vah c., kṛṣ 1 P, 1 P, pra-cud 10 (fig. also); 'd. n to do this rash act' cāpalāya pracoditaḥ (R. I. 9); 'd. a nail' kīlaṃ praviś c. -v. i. rathena gam-cal-car 1 P.
     (2) saṃ-apa-vah pass., cal c. pass., nud-kṛṣ-nī pass.; 'a sharp d. ing shower' aviralavāridhārāsaṃpātaḥ (U. 6) paṭudhārāsāraḥ (V. 4).
     (3) āpat 1 P, abhidru 1 P, saṃghaṭṭ 1 A. -s. rathena saṃcaraṇaṃ or vihāraḥ.
     -at, uddiś 6 P, abhi-pra-i 2 P; adhikṛtya-uddiśya-vad 1 P; 'what are you d. ing at' kimuddiśya bhavānbhāṣate.
     -away, -off, nir-ap-as 4 U, apavah c, nir-apa-sṛ c., nirā apā-kṛ 8 U, apānud nirdhū 5, 9 U; hṛ 1 P, apa-pari-hṛ apa-ūh 1 U.
     -out, nirvas c., niṣkas c., bahiṣkṛ nirgam c., vivas c., ni-apa-sṛ c.
     -er, s. prerakaḥ vāhakaḥ.
     (2) yaṃtṛ m., rathavāhakaḥ prājitṛ m., sūtaḥ niyaṃtṛ m., kṣattṛ m., sārathiḥ savyeṣṭṛ m., dakṣiṇasthaḥ.
     -ing, s. preraṇaṃ pracodanaṃ nirākaraṇaṃ &c.
     -Drove, s. kadaṃbakaṃ yūthaṃ gaṇaḥ kulaṃ saṃghaḥ.
     (2) paśusamūhaḥ.

Drivel, s. lālā sṛṇi(ṇī)kā syaṃdinī drāvikā. -v. i. lālāṃ pat c. or niḥsṛ c. or sru c.
     (2) buddhivikala a. bhū 1 P, jaḍībhū hatajñāna a. bhū.
     -ler, s. lālāsrāvakaḥ.
     (2) mūrkhaḥ bāliśaḥ jaḍaḥ mūḍhaḥ hatajñānaḥ.

Drizzle, v. i. maṃdaṃ maṃdaṃ vṛṣ 1 P, śīkarāyate (D.). -v. t. śīkaraṃ vṛṣ.
     -ing, s. śīkaravarṣaḥ-pātaḥ (a d. shower).
     -Drizzly, a. śīkarayukta tuṣāraviśiṣṭa.

Droll, s. bhaṃḍaḥ vaihāsikaḥ vidūṣakaḥ. -a. hāsakara (rī f.), upahāsya vinodin asaṃbaddha. -v. i. parihāsaṃ utpad c.
     -ery, s. parihāsaḥ hāsyaṃ vihāsaḥ vinodaḥ narmālāpaḥ.

Dromedary, s. kramelaḥ-lakaḥ ekakakud m.

Drone, s. (
     dronish) alasaḥ nirudyogaḥ; ālasyaśīlaḥ taṃdrāluḥ nirutsāhaḥ.

Droop, v. t. avanam c. (namayati); namnākṛ 8 U; See Bend. -v. i. ava-vi-sad 1 P, mlai 1 P, glai 1 P, sraṃs 1 A, gal 1 P, klam 1, 4 P; dhvaṃs 1 A, kṣi-muc- pass., śithilībhū 1 P, ava-ā-nam 1 P. 'let not your spirits d. (flag)' mā bhavānaṃgāni muṃcatu (V. 2); 'I slept with d. ing limbs' muktairavayavairaśayiṣi (D. K. II. 2); the vine is d. ing with its load' phalabhārānamitā drākṣālatā; 'the whole frame d. s down' sraṃsate dehabaṃdhaḥ (U. 3).
     -ing, a. avasanna mlāna klāṃta srasta śithila sraṃsin.
     (2) ā-ava-nata āvarjita namrībhūta namita.

Drop, s. biṃdu m., pṛṣat n. lavaḥ vipruṣ f., pṛṣataḥ kaṇikā kaṇaḥ śīkaraḥ; 'd. by d.' biṃdukrameṇa kaṇaśaḥ; 'small d. s make a pool' jalabiṃdunipātena kramaśaḥ pūryate ghaṭaḥ. (H. 2).
     (2) karṇāvataṃsaḥ; lolakaḥ kuṃḍalaṃ. -v. t. kaṇaśaḥ sru c. or pat c. or syaṃd c.; 'd. ing rut' madaṃ kṣaraṃtaḥ madanisyaṃdinaḥ (gajāḥ) 'd. ing. nectar' amṛtasrut sudhāsyaṃdin.
     (2) ava- ni pat c., sraṃs c., bhraṃś c., cyu c., muc 6 P, visṛj 6 P, niviś c.
     (3) saṃ-hṛ 1 P, apās 4 P, tyaj 1 P, nivṛt 1 A, (with abl.); 'I shall d. congratulatory lines regarding you in my letters' madīyeṣu lekheṣu tvāmuddiśya sabhājanākṣarāṇi pātayiṣyāmi (M. 5); 'let this matter (story) be d. ed' saṃhriyatāmiyaṃ kathā (Ka. 169). -v. i. sru 1 P, cyut-ścyut 1 P. kṣar 1 P, gal 1 P, syaṃd 1 A.
     (2) sraṃs-cyu  1 A bhraṃś 1 A, 4 P; ni- pat 'd. ing on his knees' jānubhyāmavanau gatvā kṣititalani-hitajānuḥ.
     (3) ni- ava- pat 1 P, avasad 1 P, mūrch 1 P, See Droop; 'I feel ready to d.' avasannaprāyāṇi me gātrāṇi sīdaṃti me aṃgāni.
     (4) (in) sahasā-atarkitaṃgam 1 P or āgam.

Dropsy, s. (generally) śophaḥ śothaḥ.
     (2) jalodaraṃ jaṭharāmayaḥ udarī; 'dropsied honour' kevalaṃ sthūlaḥ-mahāpramāṇaḥ-mānaḥ.

Dross, s. maṃḍūraṃ siṃhāṇaṃ (naṃ) lohamalaṃ siṃghāṇaṃ.
     (2) malaṃ khalaṃ kiṭṭaṃ; See Dregs. -y, a. samala.

Drought, s. avagra(grā)haḥ anāvṛṣṭi f., avarṣaṇaṃ jalaśoṣaḥ vṛṣṭivighātaḥ varṣānirodhaḥ.
     -y, a. jalaśūnya śuṣka nirudaka nirvṛṣṭi.

Drove, s. See under Drive.

Drown, v. t. plu c.; ā saṃ-pari plu c.
     (2) jale nimasj c., (majjayati) or praviś c.
     (3) jalamajjanena vyāpad c. or mṛ c.
     (4) tirodhā 3 U, tirayati (D.) 'd. s my voice with his cries' kekābhistirayati me vacanaṃ (Mal. 9) -v. i. 'to be d. ed' ni-masj 6 P. ni-majjanena mṛ 6 A, or naś 4 P or vyāpad 4 A; 'd. ed in the sea' payorāśau nimagna; 'd. ed in reflection' ciṃtāmagna.
     -ing, s. majjanaṃ āplāvaḥ plāvanaṃ.

Drowse, v. i. ni-drā 2 P, svap 2 P, svap desid. (suṣupsati).
     -Drowsy, a. nidrālu taṃdrila nidrālasa nidrāśīla alasa.
     -ness, s. taṃdrā nidrālutvaṃ ālasyaṃ nidrā nidrāśīlatvaṃ śayālutā.

Drub, v. t. vetreṇa taḍ 10 or pra-hṛ 1 P,

Drudge, v. i. avirataṃ-atikleśena-āyas 1, 4 P or pariśramaṃ kṛ 8 U, śarīrāyāsena vrātaṃ kṛ. -s. vrātīnaḥ aviratāyāsin m., ati-kleśena nikṛṣṭakarmakārin m., hīnavṛtti m.
     -ry, s. aviratāyāsaḥ śarīrakleśaḥ nityaśramaḥ nityakleśaḥ nikṛṣṭakarmābhiyogaḥ vrātaṃ.

Drug, s. auṣadhaṃ bheṣajaṃ agadaḥ bhaiṣajyaṃ jāyu m. -v. t. auṣadhādinā miśr 10 or saṃsṛj 6 P.
     -Druggist, s. auṣadhavikrayin m., bheṣajakāraḥ.

Drugget, s. sthūlapaṭaḥ sthūlaśāṭakaḥ varāśi m.

Drum, s. paṭahaḥ m., duṃdubhi m. ḍiṃḍimaḥ bherī ānakaḥ.
     (2) karṇodaraṃ karṇaduṃdubhi m. -v. i. paṭahaṃ taḍ 10.
     (2) spaṃd 1 A.
     -mer, s. paṭahatāḍakaḥ.
     -Drumstick, s. koṇaḥ śārikā.

Dry, (up) v. i. śuṣ 4 P, śoṣaṃ yā 2 P or gam 1 P, āśyai 1 A, nīrasībhū 1 P, śuṣkībhū. -v. t. śuṣ c., śoṣaṃ nī 1 P, āśyai c., rasaṃ apanī or hṛ 1 P, śuṣ